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Full Version: Celebrities Who Should Let Me Screw Them
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My mom watches House. I like to pretend she has a mini-crush on Hugh Laurie.

I'm surprised that it's the same guy who played the nerdy bespectacled meek dad in Stuart Little.

I like Philip Seymour Hoffman. When I worked at a movie theater as a teen, there were guys 30 years old who were a little chubby and really funny and cool to be around, and they made feel cool even though I lived a nerdy existence. PSH reminds me of those guys.
I just saw a huge poster of Juanes on the beer cooler at the Circle K. I think Juanes should have hot, dripping, monkey sex with me - he is so effing sexy. Have you guys ever seen him? He is a Colombian rock star. Hot hot hottt.

I think his website is Check it out so you can ogle at his Latin sexxxiness.
I just recently saw, "Domino." The actor who plays Choco (Edgar Ramirez) YUMMY!

Awwwwww... the PSH love. I want to lick his freckled body.
Gary Oldman. I looooove him.
(Greenbean, I read that as "Gary Coleman"...)
haha! I was the one who started this thread ages ago! Good to see it's still around. Anyhow, my celebrity crushes:
Jude Law (I'd be his nanny any day!)
Alan Cummings
Crispin Glover
Hal Sparks
O' Johnny Jewel, what a nice tongue you have.
Count me in the Hugh Laurie fan club. Every episode of House makes me want to ravage him even more!
Yeah...Jake Gyllenhaal, Nick Stahl, mmmmmm.

*brings self back to reality, and being "freshly 40...*
Russell Crowe circa 1996-97. Once he got popular he got not hot.
Lewis Black is the sexiest man on earth. That is all.
ap-Russell Crowe when he was in Virtuosity was HOT (and then he just got weird)

Mariska Hargitay.
Vincent D'Onofrio.
come to think of it, maybe I just have a cop fetish....
Sixelcat, dude, I totally have an email coming your way. I've been a slack motherfucker lately. LOVEGARDEN!

You get some booty in Virtuosity! I also love the purple suit.
I never thought I would say this after watching American Psycho, or the Machinist...But Christian Bale is f*cking hot!!!! I saw him on TV speaking with his super hot Welsh accent, and going on about how great his wife is and how a man can go really far with a great woman like that in his life... and needless to say the man melted my heart...
ohmy ginger kitty, i know what you mean. i thought it was over when i saw bale running around naked with a chainsaw... didn't think i could look at him the same way again, but after batman, i was good to go :-)
k, now that World Cup is on i think I would like to introduce you to my new boyfriends. Yummy Yummy and Yummy...

Three hotties: he just cut off his hair the ever classic
and I know this is a bad photo, but watch him when he plays

*sigh* I've always loved 'em tall blonde and brooding
Stephen Colbert.
Oh..Oh...Ville Valo...I can't even explain what I'd do to his beautiful Green Eyed Self.
anna k
brett, you'd enjoy these:

Down in the Basement
Dancing Muchachos
Thank you Anna!

Funny, funny stuff. smile.gif
I just found out my Secret Lovah, Gale Harold, is going to be in a new series (on Fox, I think?) called "Vanished" - I am reassured that I don't have to pine away for him any longer. Of course, it will probably get cancelled, and then I'll have to return to my fainting couch. unsure.gif
Paul Dinello. Those LIPS...

Joaquin Pheonix
yummy yummy!!!
Anyone who can play Johnny Cash rules!!!
and those eyebrows....sigh
Ed Kowacyzk- lead singer of Live... another quasi monobrowed hottie
ok, it's really hot in here now... tongue.gif
anna k
Joaquin creeps me out, but can be cool in interviews when he's relaxed and joking around.

yup, still wanna be jon stewart's baby's mama.
Orlando Bloom AND Johnny Depp.... at the same time is ok, as long as they are dressed as pirates wub.gif
Joaquin Phoenix = *rowr*
Viggo Mortensen. Shit, that scene on the stairs in A History of Violence!!
Sassygrrl, that movie had some DAMN HAWT sex scenes!!!

For me, that guy in The Punisher makes my cheek flush every time!
John Krasinski a.k.a. Jim Halpert on The Office.


I have been fantisizing about the Rock for the last two days... good grief!
What???? No Adrian Grenier yet? Guess he's all mine.....hehe wub.gif [color=#330033][font=Georgia]

....and apparently I have not yet mastered the font/colour thing....sorry
Yep, after considerable contemplation of the matter, I definitely want to boink Joaquin Phoenix.
Since renting Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (go rent it!), Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr again....wub.gif
Henry Rollins sould let me screw him
chris cornell. (the classic)

brandon flowers. (the protege)

carina round. (the girlie crush)
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Aug 19 2006, 05:22 AM) *

Yep, after considerable contemplation of the matter, I definitely want to boink Joaquin Phoenix.

The only time I've seen him looking hot hot is in "Quills" and that's when he was wearing the priest outfit. Am I going to hell??

now would be the time to post the sexy priest calendar
amen on henry rollins.
Joaquin is MINE, bitches. Back up off my man or I'll cut you. mad.gif
OMG, Catlady, I sooooo want to get one of those calendars. Mamma mia!
Hot damn, that calender rocks.

Nick Stahl. Just watching the second season of Carnivale. Yummy.....
Sorry to break it to you, jem, but he sure wasn't YOUR man last night. Three times over. biggrin.gif

anna k
I have girlie crushes on Drew Barrymore, Rose McGowan, Winona Ryder, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Henry is hot. Acts in bad movies, but super cool.

I liked Robert Downey, Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker as a couple. They looked so 80's and cute together.
anna, I think Winona Ryder and Jennifer Jason Leigh are hot too!

Anyway, I came in here to say Adrain Brody! He is so dreamy!,%20Adrien
Ginger, Brody is mine!!! I want him to kiss me how he kissed Hally Berry, which was fuckin amazing. Wasn't she wiping spit off her lips?

Have girlie crush on Clea Duvall and Winona Ryder. Hell, the whole cast of Heathers when I think about it.
Crazyoldcatlady--WTF is that calendar?

Oh. My. Gobs of delicious-looking-but-you-can't-do-anything-but-look-you-bitches MEN!!

I want one. Of the....calendars. Yeah...the...calendars.

Wonder how many hails I'll have to do over these impure thoughts? ohmy.gif rolleyes.gif laugh.gif
Sassygrrl, maybe we can work out a sharing Brody schedule, so we don't have to fight for him! I adore how he totally stole that kiss for Hally Berry.
Ginger, we'll have to work out a schedule...heh. smile.gif I loved how he stole the kiss from Halle. My ex was going to go all Brody on me on our wedding day...heh. Ah well.
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