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Full Version: Celebrities Who Should Let Me Screw Them
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QUOTE(bunnyb @ Oct 31 2006, 12:11 AM) *

James McAvoy. Although I draw the line at Mr Tumnus as that's plain wrong.

Bunnyb, I second that totally. Especially as Steve in Shameless, ooh yeah! I heard he just got married to Anne-Marie Duff though, sigh.

I want a John Frusciante/Anthony Keidis sandwich....
I knew that they were together but I didn't know they married! he's so down to earth and plain yummy. I can't wait to see Last King of Scotland and may go see Starter for Ten too.
I read within the last week or so that they got married. I think they did a bit of a flit and just told everyone when it was over. I wish more people would get married like that! I'm chuffed for them though, cos Anne-Marie seems cool too, and they're both really talented!

In fact, just googled it, here's the scoop...
Well you came and you gave without taking
but I sent you away, oh Szmanda
well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
I need you today, oh Szmanda

Don't I wish...
*giggle, snort* @ AP.

Eric Mabius.

Natalie Maines.
Natalie Maines?! I lurv you doodle.
anna k
As a blonde Olivia Wilde has more of a skanky-hot girl look, but as a brunette in this photo I think she's stunning.
William Petersen, so soft, so rotund, so bowlegged. It'd be like riding a barrel made from marshmallow. I'd give him cause to sing "Who Are You" when I was done.

And the tall, fine, stout woman from that English housecleaning show. Aggie, I think, is the lovely's name. Ah, if she'd wear those rubber gloves!
Wait? Who's William Petersen and why would he be singing Who Are You by the beloved Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? tongue.gif

Speaking of Smallville, I looooooooove John Schneider and his Bo Duke ass!! He still looks hot as an old guy. *drool*
pink, how can you not know? Doodle and Auralpoison and I love him! He plays Grissom in CSI hence the Who are YOu.

Jason Dohring who plays Logan in Veronica Mars. I am lusting big time for him.
I've only watched CSI once, so I'm not familiar with the show, really.
QUOTE(speedy @ Nov 22 2006, 01:50 PM) *

William Petersen, so soft, so rotund, so bowlegged. It'd be like riding a barrel made from marshmallow. I'd give him cause to sing "Who Are You" when I was done.

Hells yeah! More cushion for the pushin', baby! I likes me the idear. 'cept when I got through with him he'd be speakin' in tongues. ROWR!
Hi, I'm new but I'm getting in on this action...
Yuefie, you and I have some seriously similar taste...Adrian Grenier AND Dave Grohl...I am getting in line now. Have you heard the new Foo Fighters cd yet?

[Off to make a CSI sandwitch]
I had the hots for Joaquin Phoenix before....but I just saw Quills for the first time, and holy mother of all living things, what is it about that man that he can make even a tortured priest seem so damned sexy?
Daniel Craig, I'm just lusting after him! He brought the sexy back to Bond! wink.gif
Posting this in the old thread and the new thread...

Vin Diesel

Please!! 20 minutes, just 20 minutes alone with him on the floor! I don’t even need a bed. I’d do him on concrete!

hottie 1

hottie 2

hottie 3

hottie 4

Also, I’m not a fan of the thug look but Channing Tatum does it for me as well!

2nd hottie 1

2nd hottie 2

If I think of anyone else I’ll post them but these are my hot pair right now.
Do the royal princes count as celebrities? I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I find them both humpable. Prince "jawbone" William and his ragamuffin red headed brother Harry. If I could I would take them both on. Such a perv.
nick swardson. why is teh funny so hott?
I second the Swardson love!
Lauren Freaking Ambrose.

Pink. All night. And again!

Kupono Aweau from SYTYCD. I'd fuck him even though we're both gay. I'm sure he'd understand.
kevin smith.

i'm watching chasing amy again, and i want to fuck his wit.
Jack White to tackle my tough man fantasies. Mathieu Amalric because he's beautiful. And Michael Cera because he brings out my inner squealing teenage girl!
Jason Behr:


Wentworth Miller:


Norman Reedus (on the left)

Also, Gerard Butler, George Eads, New Zealand All Blacks rugby player Dan Carter.

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