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Full Version: The Sunday Night Six Show: Six Feet Under -Season 4
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anyone watching the repeats on HBO? they've just started season three, kathy bates has befriended ruth, nate and lisa are recently married, brenda's being a fucking loony bitch (how i best loved her!), david and keith are back together & struggling, claire's in art school ... i'm just once more floored by how superbly this show was written.

however, i cry nearly every episode because it's over and spoiler alert in white: i know how the last episode ended and i miss them so.
Hey--I need some help figuring out how Nate's first wife died (Julie?). I watched all but Season 4 (can't find it) and am confused in season five!
I was going to reply but I'm not sure if we're using spoilers in here or not and I do'nt know how to make text white, so I'll just say that his first wife's name is Lisa. The last episode of season 4 explains what happened to Lisa.
steppe child, here's how lisa died

(clearly, this is a SPOILER for people who have not watched that season)

Have you seen the episode where Nate confronts Lisa's sister's husband? It turns out that he and Lisa were having an affair and he killed her, though it's not clear why. Immediately after confessing, he shoots himself and dies. It was a bizarre plot twist.

I wasn't clear on whether her death was an accident or it happened the way you described it.

I thought he was involved, or knew about how she died, but I didn't think he actually killed her. I thought he killed himself because his wife found out about the affair.

I never show the show on Showtime when it happening. I've watched the whole thing via Netflix. I have two episodes left in the series. I'm going to miss watching it.
disclaimer: i'm just going to assume it's okay to post spoilers for all to see, unless someone objects at some point.

lunasol, bizzare plot twist indeed! especially watching lisa now, in the beginning of their marriage, being so holier-than-thou over-the-top righteous with nate. god, she's so granola-head infuriating! the affair was completely out of character for her. i also don't remember if the b-i-l killed her or if she killed herself?
That's what I was unclear on. Nate kept getting flashes of her walking into the ocean and, while I don't think suicide was in her character, I prefer to think she died that way instead of being murdered by her b.i.l.
I always thought it was very clear that BIL killed her because she was going to tell her sister. I saw the episode (again) not that long ago and I never doubted that's what happened. I also thought that the affair had happened in the past, but she had broken it off since Nate and her had been together but BIL wanted to start things up again. Then Lisa said no, and that she was going to tell Barb so he killed her.
I agree with Erinjane on this one. Why else would Hoyt (BIL) have killed himself?

I always thought the flashes that Nate had of Lisa in the ocean was his way of imagining her death.

Yes--Lisa is the name! Thanks for filling me in--hope to find a bootleg copy of Season 4 soon.
oh, did hoyt not confess? my memory was of him confessing, but i saw that episode about a year ago.

lisa WAS infuriating, but, jeez, so was nate. the two of them were soooo horrible together. at the same time, that was one of the amazing things about the show: how the characters could be both endearing and infuriating at the same time.
One more question: who is the guy in the red hooded sweatshirt that David keeps seeing? What does he represent?

(sorry for being dense.)

I also wanted to say that I like the show because the characters look like real people and not supermodels.
did anyone else here think the season finale was ridiculously overdone? maybe it's because i was under the influence when i watched it, but i just remember it going from major plot climax to major plot climax with no style or smoothness or subtlety at all, like some corny soap opera. and i remember an unusually high occurrence of cheesy lines, too. i remember thinking that whole final episode sucked.

and i've noticed that sfu has the annoying habit of introducing an important event and then dropping it and never addressing it again. like the severed foot in the first season - not only do the fishers lose a piece of one of their bodies, but someone found it while walking their dog. and the foot is never addressed again. no investigation, no lawsuit, nothing. and also when lisa's brother-in-law confesses to murdering lisa, and then he sees that his wife overheard, and shoots himself on the spot, in front of her and nate. and it's never mentioned again. i mean, come on. and again, when lisa's family discovered that nate stole lisa's body and buried her in an unmarked grave and gave them some old unclaimed ashes, passing them off as lisa's. that is majory illegal, and there's no way those characters wouldn't have taken legal action over that. and yet it's never addressed afterward - they find out the truth, and that's it. end of story.

it just always struck me as totally sloppy and strange for such a well-written show. is there any reason for this that i'm not aware of?
I really loved the series finale. I thought it was a high drama episode what with the recent death and Claire leaving. I really thought they ended it wonderfully.

The stuff they introduce then never go back to, I never felt that it was important to go back to. Especially with Hoyt's death, because it happened at the end of season 4, and then when season 5 began it was months later, so why would they still be talking about it?

I thought that they did go back to the foot. I thought Keith was helping with 'making it disapear', although it's been ages since I've seen the first season.
I'm catching up on Season 5. Is there any reason this thread shows Season 4 in its title? Anyway, can I say I'm shocked at what's been added to this favorite show of mine?
(spoiler alert)

Clair in a temp job dating a lawyer, the Mother pushing George out, only, before he's pushed out of the family his daughter gets a "little close" with Nate? The adoption for Keith and David, although seems a positive maybe, I'm not so sure of either...and then there's Rico's family problems. It's not all that bad, but, I was definitely excited for somethings else. Anyway, I'm still happy I get to see some more episodes (I'm on episode 6 in the 5th season) It's nice to see my favorite characters anyway. I'll be finished in 2 weeks, I'm doing it Netflix style.
doxy, i'm gonna just let you ride out the season, i don't want to spoil anything for you.

however, i just wanted to say that one of the things i always really liked about SFU is the sometimes random nature of the plot points. that would annoy me on some shows, but i thing it worked on SFU because they always maintained character consistency.
You're exactly right about what's said in the bottom paragraph. And, I even knew that when writing my complaint as well as before when thinking it. The show has always done well with that, I guess I'm just worried that it's over and everything's so scattered and at a time where I've gone over a year since seeing SFU and so I'm not adjusted anymore.
But, I needed the reassurance and so thanks, Lunasol...I'm ready for Netflix to deliver the remaining episodes now.

Subject Change: every time Maggie smiles I hurt for her to be true and directing her smiles my way. Where is she from?
I just bought season 1. It's been ages since I've seen the first season and I've been talking about buying them for ages so today I finally did it.

Lunasol, re-watching it's really neat how true it is how consistent the characters stayed. And how the way they are in the first season really reflects how they ended up in the last season.

(soooo obsessed.)
I plan on starting to buy the seasons as well. I haven't seen them in ages. I'm just waiting for them to go on sale again. I don't know why HBO has such high prices for their DVDs? I didn't see the last two seasons, but indeed to rent them(I didn't have cable for a while).
I ended up getting the set for $60 cause I found it used at a local store. Still a crazy price, but better then $90.
Yeah, they want like $80 at bestbuy. I'm going to have to find it used somewhere. I plan to eventually get the whole series.
O/T, but do y'all remember when VHS tapes of movies were listed at $90? Like, in the late eighties/early nineties? That's what the SFU prics remind me of.

And to atone for the OT-ness, where the hell are all the actors from this show and why don't they have millions of movies coming out?
I agree lunasol. I can't believe that Peter Krause hasn't been in anything else. I think that Michael C. Hall does broadway still though.

I just discovered there's at least 1 episode I haven't seen and that makes me happy. :P
Changing subjects again--what happened to the woman that Keith and David got pregnant?
Rachel Griffiths is filming a new series with Calista Flockhart called "Brothers and Sisters", but you would think that they would have all moved on to other things.

Also, I don't understand why the dvds are so expensive for you all... I'm contemplating buying some (if not all) just now as there's an offer on one site where I can buy each season for £17.99 (approx $35) which is really good although at normal price still cheaper than these crazy prices quoted!
Steppe, I think it ended up she wasn't actually pregnant. She thought she was then came back a few days later and said she was wrong, that she'd had the same symptoms and just assumed she was without taking a test. Since there agreement was whichever happened first, the pregnancy or adoption, the adoption ended up happening first.
at first i was gonna say that she decided to keep the baby, but then i was like "no, that's what happened on sex and the city!" got my HBO shows starting with "s" mixed up! haha.
also: i looked lauren ambrose up on imdb and she has two films in post-production and one that she's filming right now. so she's clearly working. yay - i love her!
i forgot if we were doing spoiler alerts in here, so please skip over this post if you haven't watched the last season:

i wasn't going to watch the last season repeats, but i find myself drawn to them. so frickin sad. nate's funeral last night ripped me to shreds just like it did the first time. yet, it was worth it for my favorite claire line ever:

david (when claire sits down at the service): you could've dressed.
claire: nooooo, i couldn't.
david: we all dressed.
claire: then you all WIN!

i so fucking miss this show. :-(
That is a good one, Mando.

I caught the last half hour of the finale last night. It's been a while since I've seen it. That closing sequence is so great. I cry from the time Claire tries to take a picture but Nate tells her "you can't take a picture of this. It's already gone" and then when she looks in the sideview and Nate is jogging but falls back as she drives away... sobfest.

I think this is one of the best shows ever.
Yeah, I remember when I taped it the first time and was watching it a few times over. From that part on I was bawling like a baby. I also love that quote of Nate's so much. I need to get the rest of the seasons bad.

My grandma is in the hospital and on Tuesday it looked like she might die, so at midnight me and my two brothers sat around watching my SFU dvd because it really was comforting. Luckily it looks like she's gonna pull through for now. One of those 'wait and see' things.
(((erinjane))) thinking all good thoughts for gramma.

mermaidgirl, i was acutely aware of the finale being rebroadcast last night. both at 8 pm and 11 pm. but i ... just ... couldn't. *weep*
Sweet! I found the third and fourth seasons at my fav indie movie store for $38 used!!! Yahoo! Guess what I'm buying this weekend? :-)

Damn. I just re-watched the first season, and plan on watching the second season next week via Netflix. I bought the third season, and plan on buying all of them eventually. I still haven't seen the 4th or 5th seasons, as I didn't have HBO at the time. :-(

Just don't like that insane $90 sticker price! Although, OZ and Carnivale are that price too... I guess HBO thinks they can get away with it.

I so love Jeremy Sisto again...and Peter Krause as usual. I am so Brenda in my current relationship.
Not really SFU, but it sounds interesting nonetheless. Michael C Hall's next gig:
So glad people are still posting to this thread! I watched series 5 in a big lump (during the World Cup while the mister was away) and it was amazing. I know the finale was OTT but I thought it was appropriate even so. Certainly it haunted me for days afterwards.

Peter Krause played an absolute asshole in We Don't Live Here Anymore btw.

*edited (belatedly) to remove spoilers. Sorry!*
Finishing watching Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5 courtesy on Netflix. I've even got my boyfriend hooked on it now. He borrowed the first season from me. I'm getting them from used. smile.gif

Glad to see Michael C Hall is doing that show. Now, I wish I had showtime!
Wow. That's all I can say. I just saw the season finale, and was crying from scene one.... total sobfest. So great.
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