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I'm just popping in to express my disgust over the way the rents here in San Francisco have gone up in just a year. I spent the day looking at apartments that I looked at a year ago that have gone up in price by 200.00 at least... It's disgusting.
Can anyone help me out with the culinary schools in your area? Are they legit? Decent? Worth it? I prefer to learn vegetarian cuisines....Thanks!
Hello Bay Area busties. Can you help with this? I have a dear friend and co-worker moving with her girlfriend and four cats to San Francisco in August. She cannot find housing that is remotely affordable as she will be a graduate student. Can anyone think of an sources she should try? I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks!
Has she looked in Oakland?
Affordable Bay Area housing and four cats? I hate to sound pessimistic, but there's no such thing as affordable housing here... I have only 2 cats and it's almost impossible to find a decent place that will take them. Oakland would probably be her best bet, i agree.
sorry ventre, i don't know anything about culinary schools.

kittenb- i live in oakland (in the piedmont ave. area), and really like it. i pay $850 a month for my one bedroom (i share it with my boyfriend), but i locked in that deal almost two years ago, and now apartments in my building are being rented for $975. you can find pretty good deals (700-900 for a one bedroom) in the temescal or lake merrit areas of oakland, which are both cute and have shops and restraunts and stuff, but can be a bit sketchier crime-wise. if she's going to work or go to school in SF, be sure that she asks how close the apartment is to a BART station or transbay bus stop.

there are a lot of cool things to do in SF, but i, personally, wouldn't live there. it's too expensive and crowded and stressful. the eastbay is just urban enough for me, but friendlier and easier to get around.

craigslist can be gold for finding an apartment. you can search by neighborhood and price, and even use cats as a search limiter. i would try there first. hope she finds something!
The San Francisco SPCA has a list of rentals that are pet friendly but they probably won't be cheap. You never know though.
Thanks everyone. I'll pass this stuff on.
altargrrrl - would you mind PM'ing me the phone number of your rental agency? Thanks!
i agree altargrrrl... i work in san francisco-but i couldn't imagine paying san francisco rents. i'm in between temescel and piedmont, found my place on craigslist last year, it is $850 a month...there are a lot of deals around here.
Do you have a car? How's the commute? I'm seriously thinking of moving out of the city to maybe Berkeley.
saktii- i do have a car, but i take bart to work. i don't mind the commute-it takes me about 20 min each way, costs $2.95 each way. i work 9-5, so there is pretty much a train every 5 minutes. i guess it really depends on if you live/work near a bart station. the only thing i don't like is if we go out at night in the city- we are sometimes limited (my car needs a lot of work done and i don't like to drive it over the bridge) beacause you have to either catch the last train home,or take a $40 cab ride.
resurrecting the bay area busties thread to see if anyone wants to go to hardly strictly bluegrass festival with me. i was probably going to go on saturday oct. 7th. it's free and in golden gate park. it's in the daytime, so i should be safe going by myself, but it's always more fun to have other people with you at these kinds of things.
Altar, I would totally be into that! Any other takers?

Thanks for resurecting the thread, BTW. I thought we didn't have one anymore, and I didn't want to start a new one unless I had something good to post.
cool! we should make more specific meetup plans by pm next week. anyone else want to come? if some other place and time would be more convenient for a larger bustie gathering, that would be cool, too.

yeah, resurrecting the thread was quite a feat. i almost just started a new one, but eventually figured it out. you have to use advance search funtions.
Ah... ya learn something new every day. I didn't know we could resurect threads!

Yes, let's PM next week.
hey flanker ji- are we still on for saturday?

does anyone else want to come?
I'd love to get together sometime .. I really enjoyed the last one I went to, which was several years ago now. I'm always looking for new people to meet and spend time with.

Count me in from the South Bay ... but willing to drive. smile.gif

We met in Berkeley at a restaurant that I can't recall the name of now ...

One of the busties drove from Santa Cruz and picked me up and then we drove up there and met up with the others. We walked around and then went back to another Bustie's apartment and kicked around for a bit.

I'm so awful with names that I don't remember any of their names .. bad Tracey! :/

Hey bay area busties, anyone out there interested in doing a meet-up sometime? I'm in the north bay, but I'm willing to drive anywhere in the bay area if need be.
hi! i'm new on the forums, but i've been reading ust for quite awhile! anyways, i just moved to san francisco, and would be down to meet a few new people, so let me know if there is a get together!
I'm in the North Bay. Would love to meet Busties, can drive (but can't really parallel park & if I do manage it, it's a lucky accident).

Given the stuff I've been posting about lately in the Gross & Letters threads, though, maybe people would prefer to wait to meet me until I'm sure I'm cured? The MD says staph is only contagious through "intimate" contact & it took about 6 weeks of living in the mother-in-law's place before I developed any problems, but I know darned well it's psychologically icky.

Yeah, on second thought, maybe I'll sit on the sidelines until later in the year. Hope y'all have an excellent time. & I hope you do have another meetup later.
I'd be up for a meetup. It's always nice to meet new peeps! I'm in San Jose and willing to drive pretty much anywhere.
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