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Tutorial for making your own laundry soap. It's darn easy and the savings is astronomical!
Please let me know if anything isn't clear and I'll fix it.
Thanks for the recipe, pepper! You are amazingly crafty. I have a craft crush on you. smile.gif
I hope a ton of people will be thinking about me every time they put on their nice clean clothes. (or take off the dirty ones, heh)
Thanks Pepper! We have two jugs to get through but I'm going to do this the next time we run out.
Oh, I hope you will! It really is as easy as it seems. I can't believe it took me so long to finally try it out but once I did I never went back. How did I afford that pricey soap before? For less than $20 I've got enough raw material to make laundry soap for the next 2 years at least!
I hope to high heaven that this senate bill isn't for real. It's looking to make it against the law to grow, eat, share or sell your own produce. WTF, that's only slightly terrifying.
Pepper, the articles I found online really freaked me out. So, I did some online tracking and found this article which makes S 510 Bill available to read.

I found out that Sen. Durbin is the sponsor of the Food and Safety Bill. If memory serves me, I think Sen Durbin's reasons for working on this act is to make the FDA responsible to protect Americans from the outbreak of salmonella, etc, especially after the movie Food Inc.
That was very difficult to read and the summary too general. How to decifer these things? Gah.

Protect people from salmonella on veggies or from dirty meat handling? There is a BIG difference. Dealing with it at the source, contamination from farm feces run off and improper food handling, or using it as an excuse to irradiate the hell out of everything including fresh produce.

They tried to slip one by us here in Canada recently, a reclassification of natural health products as controlled substances for our "protection". I don't have to wonder too hard who's behind that action. Thankfully people made enough noise about that it's been tabled for now.
I've heard rumors of this bill, but can never pin down details either. The whole thing frightens me. Off to read those links next...

and Pepper, as a belated reply to your laundry soap tutorial. THANK YOU! I've wanted to try for a while, and the pics were what I needed to get motivated!

A quick question, if you don't mind: what brand of laundry bar soap do you recommend? I know that Fels-Naptha is pretty common, but just read in one of the amazon reviews that it isn't recommended for regular use, since it contains stoddard solvent, a "skin and eye irritant ", which is worrisome as the boy has super-sensitive skin.

I found some handmade lye laundry soap bars on etsy, anybody know if that might work?
I've used sunlight, linda, and one from the dollar store so I think any old kind will do. If you aren't sure, try it as it's supposed to be used (to spot treat or hand wash something) and see how you like it and if it bugs the boy's skin.
Borax can be an irritant for the truly sensitive I've heard, I used this soap with baby clothes without issue though so... how bad can it be?
Has anyone used soapnuts as their laundry detergent? I'm considering using soapnuts as an alternative to commercial laundry detergent and wanted some feedback.

QUOTE(stargazer @ Aug 17 2010, 04:40 PM) *
Has anyone used soapnuts as their laundry detergent? I'm considering using soapnuts as an alternative to commercial laundry detergent and wanted some feedback.


I know turbo does, and maybe tart, too.
my county is offerring discounted rain barrels. has anyone used this to water shrubs, wash cars, etc? how decent is the water pressure?
Star, I'm curious too. I've seen them at a local organic store recently and we're almost out of regular detergent. As much as it will bug paperboy to try something "alt" (at least when it comes to laundry), I think I'll grab a bag and try them out.

Nick, my mom picked some up last year and she loves them. She keeps one right beside our veggie garden, attaches the hose to the nozzle and it works well. Not the highest water pressure, since it depends how full the barrel is but good for watering the garden. I don't know if it would really work for washing a car. I would think the barrel would empty pretty fast doing something like that.
I'd get a rain barrel in a hot second if I could find one at a reasonable price! I've heard nothing but good things about them. If the tap is at the bottom the pressure from all the water above is pretty heavy, they are supposed to work well. You can have your down spout empty into the barrel too.
I have been using this style of string bag for my groceries for a couple years. They are awesome & can be had much cheaper elsewhere, I just wanted to give them a shout out! Ultra sturdy & they can hold up to forty pounds, which is good because my grocer uses cheap bags that they won't put more than five items in. I'm like, "Keep putting shit in there! FORTY pounds, bitches!"
Those bags are awesome...I understand that Europeans all use those same bags. I like to make some of my own, of coures, but I can't possibly knit 5 cotton bags for $30.

I made a bunch of lovely cleaners these past weeks...I've always used borax, baking soda, vinegar, etc. to do the cleaning...but when they are scented with a fir pine or cedar essential oil, they are fantastic. The best trick ever...I took some baking soda and scented it with tea tree oil, cedar and pine and put some in the bottom of the cat litter really helps with cat smells and eventually the platic litter box will absorb some of the oil's scent. Much nicer than cat funk.
(cross-posted in Bloody grrrls thread)

Has anyone tried re-usable pads? I love my Diva cup, but need a bit of back-up on heavy days.

I looked at Party In My Pants and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

Ooh, I have green string bags for my veggies too! And it means I get my food cheap, as the grocer insists on knocking off a few pennies to offset the 'weight of the bag'.
I have a sewing machine, so it's easiest to make my own...BUT I have seen some fantastic sets on Etsy. The women who sell them generally use them themselves and can answer any questions you'd have before you make the commitment to buy.

I've never looked at Party in my sounds like a fun site.
I bought some for that exact reason, Persi. I got them from Lunapads 8 years ago and I don't have to use them very often but I really like them. They're easy to clean and a lot more comfortable then plasticy pads.

Koffee, I like the tea tree oil idea. I've never thought of that but I have a bottle of it in the cupboard. We use the same kind of things to clean.
Nice recipe!
Those reusable grocery bags look great. Googling now for a suitable crochet pattern to make some myself. I've also crocheted up a bunch of cotton face cloths. They're the best thing for scrubbing dishes and make nice gifts as well. My favourite patterns for them are from Lion Brand Yarns. The patterns are all free, you just have to sign up with an email address (no spam ever). That said, any crocheted square will work as a face cloth.
hmm, i'm a little confused. sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates and sulfites: bad for the environment, or just bad for skin and hair? dr. bronner's sal suds appear to be largely SLS; i just cleaned my whole kitchen with it and got really impressive results, but i thought that stuff was bad to just dump outside? or am i just getting it confused with petroleum based cleaners?
SLS has gotten a well-deserved bad rep for irritating the skin/hair(And supposed links to cancer, but really, according to most studies everything will give you fucking cancer!), but it's fine for cleaning & isn't going to cause two-headed kittens. You are a-okay!

And out of curiosity, why are you just dumping shit outside? Isn't that what sinks are for? And I KNOW people are dumping way nastier shit than Dr. Bronner's down the sink.
heh, well, i mopped the kitchen floor with it, and it was still so sudsy i slopped it on the porch and steps and swept off all the pollen and berry-based bird poop that is so prolific here this time of year. plus, i've heard that soap suds can be good for plants, although i'm sure it depends on the type of suds and the type of plants. thanks for the knowledge!
QUOTE(stargazer @ Aug 17 2010, 05:40 PM) *
Has anyone used soapnuts as their laundry detergent? I'm considering using soapnuts as an alternative to commercial laundry detergent and wanted some feedback.


This may be too late in getting to you, but I wanted to add this note nonetheless. I use soap nuts for my laundry and love them. The brand I use is Hope that helps!
I know what you mean, but it is not really hard... you should do it
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