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I haven't used it, knotty, I wasn't aware that they charged to register. That sucks. I'm not sure what the success rate is, but maybe you could find a massage forum (go to google, search for "massage forum" [with or without quotation marks]) and ask if anyone's used that site, or if they have any other ideas for getting your name out there. I'm not trying to get rid of of you, there's just a very limited number of MT's on this site-you're of course welcome to continue posting here : )
Hi humanist-
I hadn't thought of you as anything but helpful. However being the ridiculous skeptic that I am, I am not sure how to interpret the last lines of your post. Though they are most likely innocuous.
Oh of course they are innocuous-I just meant that you might want to try a forum that is only for massage-like, or There aren't very many MT's on BUST, where as there are hundreds or thousands of massage therapists and bodyworkers on those sites, so you'll probably be able to get even more suggestions than the ones I gave. It's great that we have a massage thread on this forum, because there might be an issue that we specifically want a feminist's opinion on, and I've certainly gotten general insight into massage as well-but there aren't very many of us. I just wanted to assure you that I'm not trying to pass you off onto another forum-there's no reason for that-you've been nothing but cordial.
lets blame it on pms;) Thank you for your help!
thanks for the advice ten, i've been trying to be more patient and proactive, but it's really hard!! i'll just keep trying.
i was also wondering if any of you guys have run into friends/family friends etc. that ask for free massages? i feel bad turning them down, but this is what i do to make a living and if i give someone my services for free, others will expect me to do it and i really just cannot afford to do that. any tips for dealing w this without seeming rude/greedy?
I live two states away from my family and I have the most touch phobic friends, ever. Honest to goddess, I cannot give this shit away some days.
However, there is someone who reads my blog who really wants me to give him a massage. After politily refusing and referring him to the AMTA "Find A Therapist" function, I finally had to lay it down in no uncertain terms, that no, my answer would not change and he needed to stop asking me.
My advice, be stern but polite and consistent. Explain that it is your job, not your hobby and you hope they can respect that.
you're welcome, Knotty!

everytime some jackass asks me for a (assumingly) free massage, i just laugh and say "cross my palm with silver". that usually gets my point across, and with humor!
I am a new massage therapist (bout 3 mths now) and the hamate area of both hands are really hurting. Why is this and what can I do to make them feel better?
Hi soothingtouch, welcome to the Lounge! Please make sure to introduce yourself in the Newbie thread so you will get a response to your post. Thanks!
already reported to mods
soothingtocuh - the first place to look for improvement is your body mechanics. Are you standing in such a way that your energy is coming from way down in your feet or are you just using your hands for strength? Be sure to warm up and stretch before a work day and then do some cooling down stretches at the end of the day. Icing your wrists is essential, should be done even if you are not feeling pain. My favs were the ice wraps that could be used to wrap around a wine bottle. They are flexible and cold. Put the cold directly on your skin, no towel between, just bear through the discomfort. The more uncomfortable it feels, the more your wrists need the ice.
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