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Full Version: "Say WHAT?" - Iditotic Things Our Dates Have Told Us
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Y'know what, Epi? Because you didn't outright tell this chick to back the fuck off initially, she probably doesn't know that you are not down with her attentions. Some people, particularly INTENSE people like this gal, do NOT pick up on the subtle social cues of "Dear cod, BACK THE FUCK UP!" They think you just "fell out of touch", not that iy was a decision on your part to nip the bud.

She's gonna be drama no matter what. Either bite the bullet or resign yourself to having to fuck with this bitch until she gets tired of you. Sometimes you just gotta woman it up & cut a gal loose. I think it'll be good for ya.
epi, you shouldn't worry about potential harm to your 'friendship' or her feelings, as she seems to be too selfish to consider yours. i agree with AP that a 'fuck off' is in order. any reasonable mutual aquaintances would understand and likely back you up in case of confrontation.
This isn't from a date but paraphrased from a recent conversation with an old university friend - I think it started with him commenting on a good-looking make friend who'd recently got married to an (apparently) less attractive woman.

Me: Well, I think you can have objective standards of beauty (subject to cultural variation), but sexual attraction is completely subjective. I bet your friend fancies the pants off his wife.
Him: No, It's objective and we all have the same taste. All men know which women are hotter - we just settle for what we can get.
Me: Ignoring lads mags, that's certainly not been true in my experience.
Him (with pitying look): Well, your experience is based on what you've been told by men who are sleeping with you or trying to sleep with you. Obviously they're going to tell you what you want to hear.
Me: And your experience of other men is based on what, conversations in the pub? Do you really think that's more reliable than, say, three long-term relationships?
Him: Yes. Because they have no reason to lie to me.

And he was so smug! And called me naive!

The sad thing is I've never known him to have a girlfriend and would lay good money that he's still a virgin.

Oh geez, it boggles my mind that some people really think this way.
Persi, Wow. I think, if anything, his comments reflect WAY more about him. Such as, how much he has lied to women about how he feels for them.
I know! One the one hand I felt really sorry for him - I think he also thinks that because he's short, no woman will ever find him attractive unless he becomes very successful and earns lots of money (which is why he works so hard). On the other hand, I was just so cross that he completely dismissed everything I've learned about sex and relationships and men as meaningless - I hate that he tarnished all those experiences.

Ah, I probably won't hang with him again. Such a numpty - the truth is so much better than the version of reality he believes in!

On a less annoying note, I have this gem from a co-worker:

"I don't care if you have sex with a thousand men - if you ever sleep with one woman, then you're a lesbian and I was right all along!"
QUOTE(Persiflager @ May 12 2010, 10:03 AM) *
Him: No, It's objective and we all have the same taste. All men know which women are hotter - we just settle for what we can get.

persiflager, my roommate actually was starting to get to know a guy who said this exact thing, pretty much. that there is a universal standard of what is attractive and what is not. this guy, too, i might add, is a lawyer, very successful, and single. he also told her that she made decisions based on her emotions (how horrible!) and that the only emotion he felt on a daily basis was anger. what a terrible way to live! he also advocated beating his future children, and said that she, a middle school teacher, shouldn't provide her students with tissues; that way the poor ones could easily be identified by their snotty noses!

needless to say, after this conversation, she did not see him again. *shudders*
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