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Full Version: bust needs a new game / tell your day's tale in haiku! / watch sad goats climb rocks
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My land lady is
A Nazi I must keep up
Appearances. Blah!

My therapist is
Balding. I wonder if he
Is gay. It matters not.

Spring is new and young
Crocuses are popping up.
Smiling mockingly.

Ipod earbuds are
broken. Yay! I can buy the
pink ones at Fred Meyer.
It's snowing again
I love this place but dear maude
I'm ready for spring
I perform Monday
I must be off book by then
If not, I will fail

I hate acting class
I will never do it again
I don't want more pain

I had a bad dream
All my woes sat on my chest
I woke up gasping

Wing blowing quite hard
So glad today hair not done
Yuck, futility!

Night light in my room
Burnt out. I am an adult
Still afraid of darkness
Currently empty
Needing my lover inside
Help me clear my mind

Never time for us
Life always gets in the way
I'm all his tonight

Need my dominate
I'm wanting rope on my skin
Craving his hard cock

My head on his thigh
His smell intoxicating
I'll drift off to sleep

brand new haircut, yay
cute bobs do flatter my face
must return to boy!
Last exam today -
Surprise! You were wrong, sucka!
It's on Saturday!

Lapsang souchong tea--
Coworkers and I like it
But I want a beer.
long day at office
with followup argument
with boy at dinner

I forgot the sun.
After months of cold, I basked.
I forgot sunburns.

I bought an orchid
for my dad's 65th birthday
- now I can't come home


work's mind numbingly numb mind
sunshine spills from parting clouds
the weekend starts in a hot bath


waiting for the friction to smooth
shivers and goose pimples follow your voice
i don't want to argue anymore
Finals are over
Now I look forward to a
Bad soul sucking job

I must explain to
my mom: good grades don't earn them-
selves Full time work? NO!
Pear Cardamom Cake
Muffins Scones Cinnamon Rolls
Mother's Day Baking

New job as the boss
Want to get things done faster
Must let trainees learn
Nuts knock on my door
My home goes silent, stillness
I keep my money
ah! when beloved busties
come home - happy dance!

future still unclear -
fuck it dude, let's just drive north
blue ridge mountain, high.

but really, w(hat)t(he)f(uck)?
is your phone finger broken?
just please, no whammies...

ips error
double posted that just now
ok, fj out!
burned my arm
toilet overflowed,
my house hates me
car missing, towed or stolen?
bus fare can't be that much.
oh my aching dogs
dilemma on government
the narrow ally or is it decade?
circular walk in chinese town

unfamiliar fruit, the strands
of material wash over my face
pink floats by in pieces that land at my feet

Siding his garage
why did he choose concrete board?
Oh, my aching arms


I signed the consent
She is to be cremated
Soon the time will come
Fluorescent big store
Smile from old man in wheelchair
Fresh fish on sale now!

Thinking of Treehug
Does one hug a treehugger?
Support from AP
Thank you, AP.

Kitchenaide mixer
pineapple upside down cake
needed an excuse

No prob, Tree. I kinda know where you are at. You need to holla, holla. 24/7.

Warm tears track my lips
Faint salty forces compel
So it comes to this
Thirty people in
a fifteen passenger van,
These are my in laws

Saturday Kip will
Be married and I will be
a bridesmaid in blue

Fiesta foods! Yes!
I bought a Mocahete
Bannanas bewere
Classes are over.
Final exams tomorrow
Peace for me to work.

I fixed the freezer.
It doesn't stay cold enough
What is wrong with it?

The compressor's small
Many BTUs too small.
Wimpy compressor.

Why did they send me
This very small compressor
When I needed more?

A wrong conversion
Tecumseh, not Embraco
BTUs not right

The woman called me
"Where is my lab equipment?"
"Working on it, Ma'am."
played apples to apples with
Irine, German is her first language
she still did very well

yesterday Kip hitched
today I have a hang over
mazeltov y'all
picking up slack for
dan. He didn't want to fix
this one. Overtime.

new job tomorrow
off to daycare, my dear 'roo.
this will hurt me more.

should sleep soon but won't.
instead i'll sit and <refresh>.
to walmart with Kip
and Toya to buy furniture
then spudnuts for all YUM!
to the country merc
so many chocolates! I bought
two of each kind yum!

cramps? Why? I have an
IUD. Nothing pills won't
handle. Kick in soon!

Matted cat, scissors needed.
cat falls asleep while I snip
such a nice kitty cat.

Sister plays cloverstock
She totally rocked it! Yeah!
Does she have groupies?
You are an asshole
Can't give me enough credit
To check YOUR pockets.

You always blame me.
Maybe sometimes, you are wrong.
A little paper.

And then you stomp off
You couldn't check your pocket
I. Didn't. Have. It.

I didn't lose it.
It is safe in YOUR pocket.
You are so cut off.

You will receive no
Oral gratification
Until you eat crow.

Chickens home to roost
I don't trust him not to cheat
Because I sure would
up, up, crack of dawn
oatmeal, jam, mangoes, coffee
first day of new job
Legs still hurt form belly
Dance, thats what I get for not
Dancing for five months

Need to go to the
Bathroom ouch! crawling down the
Hall. Boo's worried.

I will not let my
Dancing languish any more
I must practice more
love all the busties.
your posts bring fun to my life.
until next time...thanks.
Here's a prediction:
Clean the office, slave away...
That's an intern's life rolleyes.gif

email clouds my mind
with lust and bus smog
limping my way to work

Tomorrow will babysit
Sophi hates to poop I wonder
what would Freud say huh?

Feeling so queasy
So tired of feeling this way
Wondering, it's worth it?
Done BUST for the week.
Toodles, ladies of the Lounge!
Play nice while I'm gone.
smell of deep red lipstick
the swoosh of pitchblack eyeliner
there's a pinup in the mirror!


shook by aftershocks of impact
swarmed by thoughts of canes
deep breaths and sharp pain
Dig, screen, scrape some dirt
Look for artifacts--see none
Repeat the first line.

i want to be home
snuggled up nice in my bed
warm pug bodies near

my period sucks
please goddess make the cramps stop
pass my damn shotgun

me want mac and cheese
me want hotdogs with ketchup
me want chocolate milk

unigraphics sucks
ansys workbench sucks also
gd&t sucks

these haikus are fun
they make me feel much better
i might fill the page

pandora music
really rocks my day all day
thank goddess for rock

finite element
analysis workshop is
tomorrow kill me

okay that last one
was a stretch but i don't care
i am strange person

ew, yuck, ass hat, bitch
poo poo, doo doo, hee hee haw
i am leaving now
QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Jun 19 2008, 04:28 AM) *
my period sucks
please goddess make the cramps stop
pass my damn shotgun

me want mac and cheese
me want hotdogs with ketchup
me want chocolate milk

ew, yuck, ass hat, bitch
poo poo, doo doo, hee hee haw
i am leaving now

uh... my 3 new favorite poems...

hehehe laugh.gif
my job is sucking my
soul out of my eye balls
ten weeks till school starts

the other shoe drops
along with my heart
how many shoes left?

things were not so great
we had a big discussion
now things are better

there's lots of pressure
to marry and have children
maybe not for us

let us do our thing
we do what we do for us
it makes us happy

quick on a side note
don't get the vanilla way
i like to feel more

hitachi and rope
paddle and his hand hit hard
makes me his good girl

bratting out is fun
but i should try to submit
it keeps peace at home

wish i had a sub
friend who understood my way
someone to share with

maybe this should go
in the flogging thread instead
hope no one minds this

I don't mind L
BDSM Haiku's are
Fun, not for Grandma
Partner trying hard
to give up his addiction.
Doesn't like himself.

Friend in Uganda
lost her newborn baby girl:
Fucked up mystery.

Writing report cards.
On holiday in a week.
Can I make it through?

Pints on Sunday night
Not a good means of coping.
Hangover to boot.
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