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Full Version: bust needs a new game / tell your day's tale in haiku! / watch sad goats climb rocks
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you are crazy chick
we can't be friends anymore
it's not good for me

you need to get help
you need medication too
you need therapy

you are too selfish
you don't care about others
it's all about you

this has been coming
it's been on my mind weeks now
i'm sorry to say

email i sent was
harsh and unkind yet needed
you need wake up call

you are going to
mess things up beyond repair
then fall down broken

this time i just can't
be the one to pick you up
you are on your own

it's been eight years now
i've tried to be a good friend
i just can't help you

wish you best of luck
i hope you find happiness
let's end this quickly

my back hurts so much
but my heart is the problem
can my job distract?

~ LL Lysa
I'm not voting for
John McCain, nothing you can say
will convince me ever
bored at work all day
rummy with two of my most faves
snuggled with my love

tomorrow :
pick up kid at one
swedish home furnishings, WOO!
yum dinner for two
alarm, 5 a.m.
oatmeal with pears, and coffee
saw him off to work
wow! oatmeal with pears?
that sounds so freaking awsome
I want that right now!

writing a poem
to tell mr. pug that i'll
love him forever

great portions last night
body rocking orgasms
mr. pug's my king

vacation is soon
can't wait to sleep in daily
and make love nightly

i heart haiku thread
gets my creative juices
flowing which is good

watch sad goats climb rocks
funny always makes me laugh
unsure smile's cute unsure.gif

love my bust dot com
you ladies so fucking rock
must return to work dry.gif

My day off with boo
went to therapy and made
pretzels with my love
One hour of work left.
Desk is incredibly clean.
Holidays ahoy!

Two weeks of nothing?
No, I am doing study,
Going to Melbourne!

My back is aching
But the prospect of couch time
Sweetens agony.

dressed incognito for electrolysis
my name misunderstood, now noah
sk8r boy redux for a moment


missing lost busties
reminiscing key clicks
why cant we kill trolls?

job sent me home early
not enough work that's okay I'll
start the weekend early
double freaking post
I'll just write another
haiku, it's all good
tomorrow morning
seeing a chiropractor
no back cancer, plz sad.gif
Lecturer couldn't
work the freaking computer.
Wasted an hour.

Which then meant that he
rushed the only decent bit
and cut the good stuff.

Sometimes I wonder
must genius always entail
such ineptitude?
Back still feels funny
But it's not the "ha ha" kind
I want to go home
Fuck! kidney stone cod
damn it must take horse pills for
pain and miss shopping
Dug a hole today
Boss was nice and brought ice cream
We don't find a lot

Oil change and wash
Go in search of dinner and
Find coworkers there.

Ditch annoying girl
Instant karma with rainstorm
--Sleater-Kinney rocks!
Woke up at 2:40
Hair looked like a magical,
crazy, cat lady
Stupid, itchy rash,
Don't scratch. try to ignore it
It's not going well.

sausage hot dog, then
mojitos, i had 3, with
sex and the city
I'm back at BUST Mag
The boy's back from his trip too
Ruining my liiiiiife
Life sucks ass right now
And I killed the haiku thread
I want happy pills
i want my voice back
what will i have for breakfast
i have to pee now
GD kidney stone
had to leave work early. How
will I pay rent now?
Red peppers, burnt tongue
Theories of Learning exam
So glad it's over

Must finish chapter
(procrastination city)
I'd rather watch Weeds

Vanilla, oatmeal
Almonds, banana puree
The perfect smoothie
Woke up so early
Saw The Dark Knight in IMAX
Why so serious?
went sailing today
old, ex-hippies are funny
they sang folk music
stupid people suck
stupid people really suck
stupid people suck
bump for pugsy

and some haiku's i forgot to write from the last week or so...

puppy monster learns to swim
tubing in a river with mr. and i
amazingly, tubing gets me seasick.

exhibitonists at a bdsm party
showing off, looking silly
oh my god, look at her!

my life is a mess
i am happy but i'm not
sure where things will go

been away right now
have a lot on my mind too
will post later on

Learning ASL
Will kill me in the end, but
the D/deaf will know me
longed for loving her
can't work, can't sleep, don't want to
counting down the days.
I have a fear of commitment ceremonies, so Mrs. Rouge wrote this for me.

weddings aren't required
to be joined in crazy bliss
we fart together
Woke from crazy dream:
my parents in a bushfire.
They were losing sheep!

Work is quiet for now
Ten-month marking marathon
will start very soon.

Houses on the net:
Will we find one that we like,
that we can pay for?

Gonna watch football
but its raining and my man
is already drunk.
slurp potato soup
wearing my zelda crest shirt
warm delicious bliss
another one about food

vodka and kool-aid
there was no other mixer
it gets the job done
installation day
photos on gallery walls
I thought this had
Been eaten ages ago!
I missed it so much!

I'm not really in the mood
To write haikus now.
fable is to me
what action films are to you
vice versa these two

die hard overkill
beverly hills cop as well
run into the ground

let's both just agree
to do these on our own time
leave the other out
small kitty and me
sun, sleep, and real rock and roll
better than chocolate
for yesterday:

two bad parties with good food
double wardrobe malfunction halter top
why is there a dearth of liquor?
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