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Full Version: Having Problems with our Web Site?
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The PTB disabled the ability to post pictures because of our troll troubles. Just post the link and we'll see them.

Any word on when that will be fixed?

Any word on whether or not that stuff I found out from LeBoy about blocking the other computer ID's (not the IP address, but the other stuff) is possible?

Is deleting all the blatant spam in the Say Cheese thread within the Modsquad's job description? It's really annoying.
Ah. Thanks for the explanation. So it wasn't just me.
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Oct 15 2008, 03:14 AM) *
Is deleting all the blatant spam in the Say Cheese thread within the Modsquad's job description? It's really annoying.

It seems that some of it is being deleted, polly. There's a post by zoya last night in say cheese thanking the mod squad and it seems the ones you and CH were commenting on in the floggers thread is gone (I'm always bemused by them comments about posts which are missing!)
why do I keep getting signed out of the lounge?!! i post, go to another thread, try to post, and get that stupid "you don't have permission to post" crap, so i have to re-sign in. it's been going on for weeks now. i've lost a lot of long posts this way.

i haven't been coming here as often because it's so damn annoying. GRR!


GT is the trolligator now?

Did I really miss that historical moment??
GT was the trolligator, she quit. Now we have the less sassy more anonymous modsquad.
Ah, well at least it's something!
Hi everyone. I was wondering about something: It seems like there used to be a part of the site where you could go and find a state/city and people had posted things to do there or fun places to eat, etc. I'm out of state for the holidays and I remembered that and was going to look up where I am but I can't find it now. Has it been removed or changed or something?
thanks in advance.
Hi busties! I was wondering if someone could help me with the Search function. I'm trying to find posts mentioning tri-cyclen. When I do the search it only brings up the threads that mention it, and doesn't point me towards the actual posts. Is there a way to search within a thread? The threads are too long for me to search through every post for the term I'm looking for.
I assume this is the same in the "Pink Martini mode", but if not, try switching to the Work Safe mode:

Click on the search button, don't enter anything, just select "More Search Options"

Don't enter anything, just click "More Options"

Enter tri-cyclen (with or without hyphen seems to get the same results) into the keyword field and select the applicable Forum under the Search Where section (OBOH or LTAS, I assume). Also click on "Show results as posts" in the Result Type area.


Is there a way that I could change my name?
For crying out loud...I still can't get a picture/avatar on my profile!
A few months back, I couldn't post under the name I've used for years, so I tweaked the name a bit & used my other email addy. Whatever. Used to be Sillygrrl13, now Sillygrrl1313.
But STILL can't get a picture up there!
(I was trying to use-among others- the same one I use on my Etsy account.)
Can someone please advise?
I know that it only bothered a select few of us, using the pink martini skin, but the ads on the right-hand corner of the screen completely vanish when adblock for firefox is installed smile.gif.
*does her i-love-bunny-b-dance and gives her a great big smooch!*
*smooches right back*

It's fucking beautiful, gt!
I didn't even do it intentionally; the boy updated my macbook with leopard os and subsequent other updates and when I logged back into the lounge I realised something was different...
*apologies for the double-post*

Am I on a different time plane from everybody else? Imagine my consternation when I noticed that raisingirl had posted at a time that hadn't occurred yet ... (as I am, at least, 5 hours ahead of the majority of the board, that's some feat.) The BUST clock seems to be running about 5-6 mins fast; yesterday it was only about 3 minutes. Is it just me? my mac clock matches both my watch and my phone and all are set to the time of the WORLD CLOCK!
No, I noticed that awhile back, too, bunny.
is there some trick to condensing a photo for the avatar? it seems no matter what size file i try it is rejected. sad.gif
Do you have Photoshop? There's a little sub-program of Photoshop called ImageReady. For some reason, the only way I can get a avatar to work is to shrink it down to size in ImageReady and save it there, then upload it. Don't ask me why it works.
i don't have photoshop unfortunately. my computer is a total dinosaur, thanks anyway! maybe there is another program i could download? i'll go poking around and see what i can find.
Is this the right thread for bringing something to the attention of the Lounge Ladies?

I've been getting board error messages for the past few days. The problem seemed to wear off if I came back in a few hours. But today I've been getting the error messages and a tremendous amount of navigational problems.

When I open threads, they open looking like the lo-fi version of the board, with the first few words in each post going down in tree form, except for the top post which appears in the correct format, but it's always a very early post (like from 2006). In order to read the thread I have to click on each post individually. The post I click on appears right under the 2006 (or whenever) post in the correct format (just to give you an idea of what it looks like.)

When I try to open threads from the "View New Posts" view, I get error messages. When I try to open a thread from the "newest post in thread" link I also get an board error message.

I'm using the worksafe version.
Was hoping to add some more to my post, but I can't see or access it.
I also get a board error message when I try to open threads from the Lounge view instead of going into each category and clicking the conversation there.

Newbie here. Stuck on loading avatar. I emailed admin., no word back. I have adhered to the policy, but still no avatar. sad.gif
QUOTE(truthseeker @ Jul 10 2009, 10:10 AM) *

Newbie here. Stuck on loading avatar. I emailed admin., no word back. I have adhered to the policy, but still no avatar. sad.gif

Same here. I tried resizing the picture or saving it to a different format. No luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
it's a problem a few people are having.
I, too, am having trouble with the avatar! Decided to change mine last week, but it did not work (even though the picture was the right size) and my old avatar disappeared-- now nothing will show up.
i've emailed debbie, but have heard nothing. you might want to pm her+mod squad, or email her directly at
I can't post new topics, anyone know what is up with that?
QUOTE(deafgeek @ Mar 10 2011, 12:24 AM) *
I can't post new topics, anyone know what is up with that?

Welcome Deafgeek!

What is up with that is that you cannot start a thread because you are a newbie. We have problems with trolls around here, so there is a post limit.

Also, just a 411: The Lounge is a self-moderated board, so it is standard operating procedure for one to go to the Community Forum to submit one's idea for a new thread for vetting by the Community. This is done because we discourage vanity threads/most topics already fit into a pre-existing thread. This solution was reached by the Community as a whole to keep from gumming up the works around here. We all try to work together to keep the clutter to a minimum. One of the nicest things about the Lounge is that you don't have to wade through forty useless threads to find the one you are looking for. So if you have an idea, do drop on by & pitch it. If there's a pre-existing thread (Which there most likely is, you just can't see them all.) or any interest in a new one, we'll let you know!

All in all, it pretty much comes down to "When in doubt, ask a Bustie!". After all, that is what the Community Forum is for!

Again, welcome & have fun!

Auralposion, good idea....hahahahhah I rememeber the old days at the Ms. Boards when we'd get a bunch of Yah Dudes (dumbass fratboys) posting or the hyperfundie Christians.
How many posts until I can start topics?
That information, I'm afraid, is ModSquad classified. Simply put, enough that it's not worth posting pointless BS just to get to. We also have a function in place that won't let you start a new thread if you go on a mindless posting rampage to get to the lucky number. As I've said, we've had problems.

Anywho, I'd bet you fifty dollars American that a thread already exists for whatever it is you want to post. Seriously. Please post about your topic in the Community Forum & somebody will point you in the right direction. wink.gif
Hi Girltrouble,
I have come here (after a fair while) looking for the exact support that you were talking about in you post.
Where the hell have all the great threads gone?? I am so disappointed as I really need some support right now.

Can anyone shed some light on the fact that there is only one thread topic when I click on an actual thread???

I've been a member here since 2004 (I think) and I have recieved and offered advice when asked to. In fact I couln't have been as courageous as I was when I had an abortion if it weren't for the Busties in here.
Not really all that happy about the new set up, especially since it's 2.05am here in Australia and no one I am close to is awake...
Ok a bit more confused...seems I am responding to Girltroubles earlier post. I gotta come here more often cause the lounge has had a lot of changes since the last time I was here. ohmy.gif
I sent you a PM, datagirl, but also, the threads archive if they're not active after awhile. To see everything, scroll to the bottom of one of the forums and there's a drop-down menu that says "From: 30 Days"...drop that down and select "Show All".
I am new here, but until now I did not see any problems.
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