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what's up with this... everytime i open this page i have to log in again. i have it set to remember me but it's not. it used to, don't know what's different now but...
Bustmail's been down for nearly an hour now. is down as well, so it's probably to do with that, but I didn't know if there was any more information available or what.

ETA: Nevermind, it was an IP routing problem with my service.
any idea why I have -3 New Messages showing on my PM alert? I hadn't exceeded capacity but have since archived messages and still receiving that message. How do I get rid of it?

*cross-posted as not sure where to ask.

ta: ah, have I been sent PMs and they've been deleted before I've read them? tsk tsk.
I see now that the message disappears once I've received more PMs.
i may be retarded but i can't seem to figure out how to change my avatar...i now have a personal photo on my profile, but no idea where the option to add an avatar is??
Vanilla, you go to the "my controls" option which is located at the top of your screen, just over from your user name. from there, on the right hand tool bar options you can scroll down to personal profile and pick your personal avatar.
gah! please please please can we stop unregistered newbies from posting comments on our profiles! really... it's kindof annoying now. I know you can get rid of him, but the random posting of bible quotes on my profile is, if anything, worse than spam.
And while we're at it, can we get rid of the very annoying pseudo-troll with the p*rn links as their signature? They just post random posts just so they can get more "airtime" for their nasty links. They have absolutely nothing to contribute here.
I agree with mornington: the constant spamming of bible quote comments is becoming tedious. I have email notification for this reason but it is a waste of our time when we have to continually have to un-approve the comments. DISALLOW comments from newbies to our profiles PLEASE; it's all fine and well having the ignore function and would be good if comments were blocked by our ignored users too but he is continually registering with different profiles so just ban it overall.

I'm with polly in the pointless bloody posts by some trolls/spammers.

Oh, and could we please re-address the issue with newbies being able to start new threads after 10 posts?
is there any way we can turn the comments function off entirely?

He can still comment on my profile even though I've got him on pm-block and ignore. It's just getting ridiculous.
I've looked all over and eff'd about with the board and really, there is no way we can keep anyone from attempting to post profile comments. Mine are set up like bunny's, they have to be approved and I get email notification when someone tries to leave me one. I've just been ignoring those emails lately.

Interestingly, I've been visited by God, Jesus, and The Holy Ghost. God's the only one who leaves comments, though. rolleyes.gif
FYI, you can set it up so that rather than being notified by email, you get notified by PM so at least it's not cluttering up your personal email, you just have to deal with it when you come to BUST.

Still EXTREMELY annoying and I really don't see why we should have to put up with this shit.
QUOTE(sixelacat @ Oct 14 2007, 11:22 AM) *
Interestingly, I've been visited by God, Jesus, and The Holy Ghost. God's the only one who leaves comments, though. rolleyes.gif

tongue.gif laugh.gif

It's getting to the point that we need mods, and I think that all new threads should be approved.

oh, and what's the point of the report a post function if nothing is being done about it? Yah we can ignore the user, but the fact of the matter is that it's still clogging up the boards.
post moved
post moved too.
Hi....I started a blog and I know I'm REALLY neglectful of it. But, I decided to go in and check it and discovered over 10,000 spam comments. And over 1200 spam trackbacks. Is there a way to mass delete these or do I have to manually do them one by one? Yikes!

Anyway, I know I'm neglectful...I guess I am learning the hard way.
I used to be Obelix, but I can't get in under that name anymore. I've used the password recovery thing, and it sends a new password to my yahoo account, but the new password doesn't work. What's up with that?
Music Slut
Is there anyway of changing the posts around. They go up instead of down and it's all backwards if you know what I mean. It's really fucking with me.
Nope, sorry, Music Slut- the masses spoke and decided to keep the orientation with the newest on top.

For some reason today, I have to hit the "back" button 3-4 times to get the page to go back. Also the banner ad's not loading. I'm not complaining about the banner ad, I just wonder if they're related. I'm using the work-safe skin in Internet Explorer.
Same problem happening again today.

Okay so I thought the site was messed up. It looks okay now. May just be my internet. Nevermind!
Hi, I haven't been here in ages, so I tried to update my troll list, first, but I can't seem to put him on the ignore list.
Thing is, I know how it's done, but an error message keeps popping up:
"Couldn't add the following: SoAndSoMember(Name withheld). This could be because they are already in your list or they are not affected by the ignore list or the member name does not exist."
But if he were on my shit-list already, I wouldn't be able to read his posts.
Plus: I copied and pasted his name in the required field, so there can't be a mistake with the name?! huh.gif
The whole thing doesn't make sense to me.
Anyone got any ideas what's wrong?
hey pherber, you're not going crazy: the troll's latest profile has been deleted but TPTB messed up again and left his posts. I had him added to my ignore list and now I can see his posts too; everybody else will be the same.

welcome back! as you can see: same ol', same ol' rolleyes.gif .
laugh.gif Thanks bunny!

...darn, if only certain posts were no bigger than this!
My control bar thing is reading that I have "-3 messages." What could that possibly mean?
I get the "negative messages" too if I've recently deleted something. Not sure why the counter recognizes negative #'s. Seems like just a quirk of the software.
Tell me about it! We've got -68 messages here. huh.gif
Did I do something or did the whole board just change fonts and colors?

Is it just me?
yes, things have changed - trying to make the entire site more consistent from section to section, and have tried hard to leave things as untouched as possible. But i know there will be some problems, so please post away here with the major ones, and I'll get to fixing them as soon as i can. Right now, logging into the bust site is different then the login here, but I hope to make that all one as well...
hmm...half the links randomly aren't underlined-they do work, but not underlined.
Otherwise, everything looks cool!

oh, and the changing backgrounds look cool, but they should maybe all be stationary behind the forum-some of them look 'blinky' when they move with the page-like the black one with the diagonal pinstripes : )
also, the 'home' link at the top just refreshes the lounge, doesn't go to the normal home page.

: )

oh-you said to report 'major' problems, LL-sorry!
I'm tempted to keep hitting "refresh" to see what all colors come up.
Hmmm...I dont like it that i have to make 10 posts in order to be able to start threads...but i suppose its OK since its for a good reason smile.gif
And it also helps if you run new thread ideas by the rest of the group in The Community Forum. The thread you want may already exist. happy.gif
I don't's not working for me. It's slowed down to a crawl for me. I'd almost think I was back on dialup. Except my OTHER sites are still loading just as fast. It's aggravating, to me. I just waited THREE MINUTES for the reply window to come up.

I have DSL. This should not be happening.

ETA: FOUR minutes for the "quick edit" screen to come up?????

I love my Busties, but I DON'T have patience for this!!! I don't know why, buy my system does NOT like these changes.
Ditto treehugger. It's reeeeally slow, and the first and second time I click on most threads, I get the "Service Temporarily Unavailable: The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." error. In LTAS, I can't get in at all- I get that message every time, every thread.

I'm using Firefox 3.0 on my friend's PC. I'll try it at home on my Mac, and report back.
I may be speaking too soon but it seems to be better today. Maybe it was just settling in.
I can't get into the at all except heading to a girl wide web link. I just figured they were re-doing the site.

update is posted in the news and announcements thread...please read...
I'm sure there's still some kinks being worked out, but just to let you know what I'm noticing:

I don't see most avatars; just a red X.

Also, the time is off. I have mine set to Central Time (Chicago), and according to the atomic-based clock on my desk, it's 11:02am here. The site says it's 12:18pm.

Also, when I'm posting this, I'm not getting the options/icons in the reply window that I usually have, i.e., the hyperlink icons, the image should be noted I'm in the work-safe mode.

Thanks for the update, though and glad to see the site back.
thanks for your help! it looks like some of my settings need to be changed, and i'll do that in a sec.
thanks deb. we appreciate the hard work!
Also, on the main Lounge page, the "Latest Post Info" is all of the last posts from yesterday, even though there's been posts today, it's not updating with that information. When you go into the section (Media Whores, Ab-Fad, LTAS, etc.), the individual threads have the latest post in the column. It's just the main page it's not updating.
Debbie, thanks for all your work on this!

I am only having one problem with the new display settings are set to 800 X 600, and the Lounge pages are impossibly stretched out past the edge of the screen, making it really awkward to read and participate. I can't make my settings any higher, as my monitor is old - and so am I! - and I can't read the text if the settings make it any tinier. Is there any way to correct this myself, or do I have to just suck it up? Or can it be fixed?
hey polly, the main page does look like it's updating for me, does it seem like it's working better now for you?
as for the size of the screen, haven't you had this problem since the last version doodlebug, or is it new? I suppose i could try and do a template for smaller screens (not soon though, but eventually). just wondering if this is new for you or an older issue. thanks everyone!
yep, it's working now- thanks. Still missing avatars and the reply toolbar.
avitars and personal photos are awol for some, not all busties. i have the full reply tool bars but they never left for me.
LL - I'm seeing a big mess. I know you are working hard to fix it so I'll just give you what I'm seeing...

1. Louge is very slow
2. Keep getting errors when I hit View New Posts
3. No formatting options when I go to reply
4. My time is wrong and I can't find US Eastern time in the list of timezones
5. Can't see any avatars just red x's
6. Old posts are missing

Other then that it's great. I couldn't get onto the site all morning and I was bored out of my mind here at work so I'll take what I can get.

ut! i take it back. i get no formatting options either.
wait - really? the old posts are missing? where do you see that, love my pugs. please let me know. thanks!
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