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datagirl, i just combed the archives for it, and it looks like it's no longer around. maybe you could ask in the community forum to restart it?
Thanks Loweredmoon I'll try that. smile.gif

Hi -- for some reason, my account reverted to an old email address that I not only don't use but actually has been deleted. I tried to change it to my current address (which I thought I'd done when I reregistered when the board changed...) and the system won't let me, saying my current address is in the system. Because my current address contains my last name, I tried to PM LoungeLady to have her do it manually or whatever, and my PM wasn't allowed to go through because your PM folder is full. So can you PM me so I can have my email address changed so I can actually get email from here?

no problems here.
hey, guess what fucker, the ignore function is a beautiful thing!
come on now girls. don't feed the animalz. there's a thread for this, take it in there.
I'm still disappointed that I no longer can seem to get the Bustline. Any thoughts on why? (no, it's not going to junkmail that I can see.)
Still can't change my email address; still can't PM either of the moderators because their box is full or their PM function is off.
I signed up for the BUSTline in the last month (when we were discussing it in kvetch) and I received it today (in my junk mail). anna_k is in print this month.
I got it! I finally got the BustLine! Many thanks to whoever worked on this.
It sounds like maybe they've worked out the kinks of the BustLine- how do I sign up for it now? Do I go to the main Bust page?
home and there's a box top left to input your email address.
I honestly don't understand some of the more technical aspects of this new forum...
For example, the search option:
Unfortunately your search didn't return any results.
Try broadening the search parameters by searching by different keywords or altering the format of your search.
Remember to use the wildcard '*' to increase the number of matches. Apple* will match 'apple' and 'apples'.
I know my english isn't bad, but the last sentence, I cannot comprehend at all.

ETA: I just realized, how this is probably the wrong thread for my post.
Okay- I must have signed up for the BustLine a loooooong time ago and never got it until now, because today I got one. Weird.
Lovely Lounge Lady/ies - could we do something about the spam post titled "talk about 11 September" in LTAS? Thanks!
I reported that, vesica, and I'm sure others did too.

Honestly, that is a new low, isn't it?

I got the Bustline too, for the first time in ages--whoohoo!

Pherber, if you just search for "apple" you will only get things that say exaclty "apple." If you use the * it will increase your options, so you'd get search results that say "apple," "apples," "applebutter" and so on.

It allows you to be less precise. "Apple" isnt the best example, though.

I'll use another example (using something on my mind a lot these days, as I get closer to full term!)

If I was on a forum searching for "diapers" and I just used that term, I might miss out on anything that mentioned "diaper" or "diapering" or so on. If I entered "diaper*"--using the same kind of search function, the * acts as a wild card that will give me any result that matches at least the first part of that word.

I don't think that helped at all. That's the best i can do for an explanation, though.
Thanks for your perfect explanation!

(Of course it helped.)
Oh good! I really thought I wasn't explaining well at all.

I remember having the same problem with some search engine when I was in grad school trying to look up papers. The solution was pretty easy, but the way they phrased it was sooo confusing! So I sympathise.
That "apple" sentence sounded so Monty Python to me.
Anoushh, what I can't figure out is the difference between the old software and the new (or the way it's being monitored/applied) that allows spammers like that to register and post when it didn't before. There's another one in Working Girls called "What's Pharmacy" - more Viagra links.
I seem to be having problems archiving PMs. I did it last week and never received the email and now I'm trying to archive more but it's not doing anything (inbox is showing same total).
just a test posting
For some reason, I cannot start a new thread. I have posted replies in existing threads since they made the change so why can't I? I swear it an approved thread.
Oh that's what the test posting was.

Well, I just clicked "start new thread" (but returned, I didn't start one) and it seemed to work, maybe it's your computer? huh.gif

Maybe I could start the thread for you? If yes, just pm me what you want to call it, etc. wink.gif
Could someone tell me how to change my avatar? When I try to change pics thru my profile I just get a page saying I'm not allowed to do so. Do I have to delete my whole account and start over?

ETA:Also, when I go to the Girl Wide Web to Add A Site, it says my username/password is invalid. This is the same username/password I use for the lounge, so I can't figure out why it's not working there. Help!
Busty, I had the same problem with the password in the Girl Wide Web, I think I wrote them to retrieve my password...
The avatar photo could be too big? unsure.gif
No, I remember they downsize it automatically.
Maybe it's just a temporary quirk...
Sorry I'm not really helpful. sad.gif

I don't know why there's the 'floodcontrol' warning, when I click 'view new posts' for the first time.
That doesn't make sense.
Does anyone know how to be anonymous on the list?
I used to be, but I've reappeared, and can't hide anymore!
y our login and pw in the girl wide web has nothing to do with your password here on the lounge. the registrations are totally seperate...and if you're trying to change your avatar, be sure you're doing that and not changing your "personal photo" by mistake.
just playing around with the avatar see if it works...

yep, ok, it does!
Vagina Jones
Why can't I load a photo to my profile?
There's a message that comes up that says I don't have permission to do that. Do I really need permission to load a picture?

Ah! OK, now it's working...
QUOTE(margot @ Oct 6 2006, 10:41 AM) *

Does anyone know how to be anonymous on the list?
I used to be, but I've reappeared, and can't hide anymore!

Margot, I didn't know the answer to this until just now - I had logged out, and when I logged back in there was a tick box where you can choose to be anonymous. Give it a try! wink.gif
Thanks -I can't believe how much I searched for that!
In the last couple of days, when I go to edit a post through the quick edit option I can't click in the box and have to go through full edit option instead. Is this happening to anyone else? I'm not having any other problems clicking on anything else.
I'm not having that problem, bunny, although I've noticed you can only get "full edit" if the page hasn't finished loading.

Has anyone else noticed the old Lounge link from the rest of isn't working? I kept finding myself unable to access the Lounge (via either in Netscape or Explorer) through the main page of, as well as the links in the orange links bar at the top of all the pages. But I could get in via my own bookmarks to specific threads. Then I realized it's the URL...the old URL from the discus software is no longer working, but it's still the only link "in" via the rest of
true, we had a server at where the old software was hosted, and I've finally gotten rid of that, but the link, in the menu bar, reroutes back here now, so all should be working. lemme know if it isn't.
Hey Lounge lady
I tried getting to the message board via the site and I keep getting a page that says "bad request" ?
oi, lounge lady! i've been having difficulties getting into the lounge since thursday (27 oct?) i keep getting INTO the bust site, but when i click on lounge, i get SERVER NOT FOUND. this only happens when i run mozilla firefox as my browser. when i use windows explorer, i can get in, no problem. i just don't like using explorer.....any ideas???

MUITO thank you!
hey tesao!

have you tried just entering the URL?

I've noticed it does the same thing if I click on the link to the lounge from the main Bust site page - because it has the link to the old, discus forum on there.

I think if you just try to enter the URL for the lounge manually, it should work. It does for me, anyway

QUOTE(tesao @ Oct 29 2006, 08:24 AM) *

oi, lounge lady! i've been having difficulties getting into the lounge since thursday (27 oct?) i keep getting INTO the bust site, but when i click on lounge, i get SERVER NOT FOUND. this only happens when i run mozilla firefox as my browser. when i use windows explorer, i can get in, no problem. i just don't like using explorer.....any ideas???

MUITO thank you!

thank you, zora that DOES work! it is just annoying that the problem is only happening on Mozilla, and not on internet explorer. grrrr.

Lounge Lady: Zora is quite right. The link from the mozilla platform goes to the old forum, discus. any way of changing that?

cheers to all, have a great monday!!
zoya're welcome!

It happens on Safari, too.

ps - zora rules, but I'm zoya wink.gif
I've had the same problem and I don't use mozilla. I guess I'll try the url zoya mentioned. I've been having to google the lounge to get in.
I'm not having any luck in archiving my private messages by sending them to my Bust email address. I've gone through all the steps and tried to save them in both formats, but it just comes out as gobbledygook on the other end when I go to open up the email message.

Is this a problem with the Lounge software or is it a problem with the age of the software used for Bust email? I love Bust email.

Soon PMs are going to be bouncing back to the users as I'm already at 90something% capacity. PMs are a nice feature to have, but it's too bad it just gets filled up so quickly.

I'm having problems emailing someone with a Bust email account - she sent one to me today and when I tried to reply it wouldn't let me - other people I know have had the same problem emailing to her. Is this an isolated problem or are there other problems going on with Bust email right now?
I still have the same problem I had on November 1.

What's going on, Lounge Lady?
Does anyone have a trick for getting their avatars to change? I usually pick my picture, open it in Photoshop, go to image size and change it to 90 x 90 or smaller, make sure it's 20kb or less. Then when I try to upload it here, it always says it's too big. When I uploaded my last avatar, it said this, but then the avatar showed up anyway the next day. I did all of this last night, but it didn't upload today. What am I doing wrong?
I'm new here, is there a way to change the way I personally view the forum, so that the oldest messages come up first? (Thus if there were 4 pages in a threat, the last page owuld have the NEWEST posts)
It makes me crazy to have to scroll down to read then back UP the page...

I checked board settings but couldn't find it.

you didn't find it 'cause it isn't there. we had a vote on it and it was decided to keep it this way, sorry.
Am I the only one who couldn't get in for the past couple days?
QUOTE(jsmith @ Nov 22 2006, 01:37 PM) *

Am I the only one who couldn't get in for the past couple days?

I couldn't get in either. I was forwarded to a web page that said the domain name (Bust) had changed status.
noone was able to log on; ceck out the Community Forum for discussion.

pepper, funny, but that poll is still open!
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