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Full Version: small breast support group - (I need it even if they don't)
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tatina, you are my hero for posting that!!!!!!!!!
Tatina,hahaha! But I completely agree with that study!
Cloverbee, I just read your post halfway down the page about dreaming about having bigger boobs. I never have myself, although once I dreamed that I had only one, right in the middle of my chest. HA! What is one to make of that?
Anyway, I'm wondering about the term "mosquito bite" boobs. What exactly does that mean? Does it indicate breasts that don't have the fold underneath? Because that's what mine are like. I've always thought it was strange that I have no fold. Anyone else like this?
Tatina - I love that!!
Yeah, tatina, bring it!
Jasmith, I think "mosquito bites" refers to any type of small breasts...they're so small they look like mosquito bites, or just a bump.

I don't have any overhang/underfold either. Back in the day my friends would all do the "pencil test" where you lift a boob, put a pencil under it, and drop your boob back over the pencil: if the pencil falls down you can go without a bra, if it stays you need to wear one. Ya, I dunno what we were all thinking either, but anyway, there was nothing for me to lift and nowhere to put a pencil, so it was pretty much a given that I didn't need a bra. And I still don't. :-)
herculesgirl haha the pencil test! in school all the bitchy girls started of this trend of seeing if they had saggy boobs by putting a pencil under and seeing how long it took to drop down, but yeh like you i had no where to put the pencil!! its horrible when everyone else does it and asks you how long it took to drop down knowing full well you dont have no boobs for anything to drop anywhere lol bitches! =P

Oh well. Perhaps those of us with nowhere to put a pencil are less likely to have problems with saggin...
small breasts rock = you all rock!!!!!!!
lucky me, never had to do the pencil test in front of every one. but i guess it's kind of obious that i don't need a bra even with out testing it:-) it's so great to go braless, esp summer time. and i've actually managed to find sexy bras without underwiering!

and congratulations rawbaby!!
lucky me, never had to do the pencil test in front of every one. but i guess it's kind of obious that i don't need a bra even with out testing it:-) it's so great to go braless, esp summer time. and i've actually managed to find sexy bras without underwiering!

and congratulations rawbaby!!
I remember first hearing about the pencil test in those "Angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging" books, grabbed a pencil, tried it, and was rather disappointed when i realized that i came nowhere near being able to hold one up.

I never liked the idea of going braless, something about pointy "keep me warm" nipples poking through shirts dosn't bode well with me. Although, I've begun to 'forget' to put one on in the morning, just to see what it feels like. It's nice having free breasts! (as long as it isnt cold out..)

Havn't tried unwired bras yet, I still like looking like I have big boobehs every once in a while ;)
There should be an "I Flunked The Pencil Test" t-shirt. I would SO wear one!
Just popping back in after a year in the rainforest. I'm so proud to see that this lounge is still up and running. Though I must admit, I keep scrolling the screen down so everyone in the public library won't see what I'm doing. I suppose I've got to pick my battles with insecurity.

On the subject of nipples, at the risk of sounding classless and slutty, I like to show my nipples. Not in a professional environment of course, but if I'm going out, I don't care if they are peeking from beneath whatever I'm wearing. I think when it's tastefully done (as in a thin white cami, not a completely sheer piece of satin), it can be very sexy and it makes me feel confident. I tell my other girlfriends (who are much better endowed in that region) that it's like my version of cleavage. I don't get the same effect from super-low cut blouses, so I do the next best thing. I give an ever so subtle preview.
I don't know, maybe y'all think that's gross or un-ladylike, but that's just how I do it and it makes me feel that much more confident about my body.

That baleful pencil test is in one of the pre-teen books for girls, like the Sunflower Kids (I'm making these names up, I can't really remember) or the Daffodil Girls or Club, something in the Sweet Valley High vein. I remember reading it in 6th grade (back when I still stuffed my bra out of fear) and coming to the part in the book when all the characters perform the test. I felt so ashamed. I think that particular book was about a girl who lost her mother and had to get her dad to go and help her buy a bra. It didn't give much comment on the pencil test however, good or bad.

Keep up the positivity ladies!
The funny thing about the pencil test... I didn't know about it until this year and I'm 30. I was talking with my older coworkers and they brought it up. They knew I would have to run home and try it. Sad to say I have nothing to even hold the pencil, as they knew I would I reported back to them.. We all had a great laugh over that one.
when I went to Juvie when I was 16 the lady stood me in the shower naked and asked me to lift up each breast??!! Ummmm....I know she could see that it was unnecessary. Like, how am I going to hide something in there when there is nothing to lift up? It was a very uncomfy moment for me and to this day I do not know if she did that out of routine or to be a bitch.
Booskie, I read a book in elementary that sounded just like that - only in this book, girls were given state names based on the size of their jumblies.
hey booksie! How are you?? I remember you were going to do that. Welcome back! sorry everyone, back to topic.

Just to note: I am in the habit of buying things that let me wear them with no bras now. woo!
i never thought about my nipples that much, but a few years back a friend of mine gave me kind of shocked comments about them being so pointy. after that i've thought that it's sexy when they show a bit when i go out. a version of cleavage, i like that
I also think that nipples are great and look sexy - but only with small boobs, otherwise its simply an overload. And the dreaded pencil test... I read recently that it can be done on the butt too... :-o
BAHAHAHAHAHA!! I've never heard of these pencil tests! Why in the world do women do these things? It forcefully reminds me of *men* comparing their goods.
i deffinately tried the test after reading those "angus, thongs, and full frontal snogging" books. i remember being like twelve and just POSITIVE my boobs were on their way, and then when i got to be 14, and then 16, now at 19...ive simply come to terms with it. haha even though my mom just had to have a breast reduction, not that im jealous of her or anything. haha eew.
Hey! I think there SHOULD be an "I flunked the pencil test" tshirt. and it should be super tight and show off hot little breasts. My boy has a silkscreening press.....I could easily make some on my day off next week! Would anyone be interested?
Actually, I think tight shirts are a bad idea for flat-chested women. Although I happen to prefer the look of large female breasts (as chauvinistic and shallow as that may sound), a flat-chested woman can still look very sexy to me if she dresses herself right.

A loose shirt is a flat (yes, that's flat, not fat) woman's friend, especially if she wears a bra. There's nothing worse than seeing the unsightly seams and lines of a brassiere that only call attention to the disappointing lack of a chest. This look prompts one to question what the purpose of the bra is in the first place. (These seams and lines look bad on a busty woman, too.) However, a shirt that doesn't hug the body (not necessarily really baggy, just not super tight) shows off the slim physique that you might work out and/or diet so hard to maintain without calling attention to the breasts.

Then again, this is just one man's opinion. In some other cultures, big breasts are symbols of motherhood and age, not sexuality. Thus, accentuating a flat chest may look good to some men. All I ask is that you consider what I have said, but dress however you think it looks best.
Gosh, AB, SO sorry to disappoint you, especially since your opinion is really all that matters.


i think it's been determined that these threads are NOT for men to come and share their opinions of breastiness of ze ladeez.

now i'll slink out, as i most definetely don't have small breasts.

oh, but the pencil test. i remember tesao said that in brazil the pencil test wasn't to determine size, but sagginess. which made more sense to me, since i failed it until i hit a D
"lack of chest"? huh? well, maybe your post isn't exactly accentuating your lack of brain, amazing ass!
Hmmm..... amazing_ass, thou ART a troll...
No doubt about it now.
Heh, who would've thought he had an opinion about anything else, considering how he's always got his face in his crotch?
Amazingbass you truly are an ass!! You might have noticed we small chested busties are proud as hell of our small boobies. We wear tight shrits without bras to flaunt our small wonders. I know most guys worry about being small and insufficient. But as hard as may be for you accept breasts are not like penises. I don't feel inadequate because I have small boobs. I feel hot as hell! And yes, omg! as shocking as it my sound some guys go crazy for us small chested girls.

Word ginger!
Hey ladies, just checking in. It's been awhile.

My 2 cents:
Amazing B(ass) said: "Actually, I think tight shirts are a bad idea for flat-chested women. Although I happen to prefer the look of large female breasts (as chauvinistic and shallow as that may sound)..."

Uh, "female breasts" as opposed to what, non-female breasts? Alien breasts? Male breasts? Go back to the small penis/large ego support board, bonehead. If you haven't guessed already, WE HERE DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK! (rant concluded)

Booksie, I love what you say about going sheer being like your version of going topless. Never quite thought of it that way!! Love it, love it!!

And as for the pencil test, I remember reading about that in a magazine when I was about 14 (and a 34A, just like I am now at 37). The pencil dropped to the floor right away. Since a "fold" under my boob was a totally foreign concept, I was left wondering if magic was supposed to be holding it up! ;)
"Uh, "female breasts" as opposed to what, non-female breasts? Alien breasts? Male breasts? Go back to the small penis/large ego support board, bonehead. If you haven't guessed already, WE HERE DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK! (rant concluded)"

Yes, males have underdeveloped mammary glands (breasts), so the distinction of 'female' breasts makes sense. You may not care what I think, but a lot of other men (especially those in my culture) have the same ideas of beauty that I have. Thus, you have a better chance of getting the guy you want if you listen to me.

By the way, it's cute that you singled out the 'ass' in my username, Ka(rat)egrrl. It really takes a mental giant to do something like that. I don't remember going to a "small penis/large ego support board", so I don't know about going 'back' there. I contributed the the "Does size matter" thread, if that's what you mean. Just because you're insecure about your flat chest doesn't mean you have to make up things to insult others, because that just YOU look bad. (rant concluded)
Oh come on now, what kind of a response is that? I think we can all agree that no one refers to a guy's "mammary glands" as breasts!

Anyway, I think you're pretty ridiculous and also very rude for coming here and posting such nonsense. This isn't a place to come and be a drag and get other people down on themselves. We love ourselves, we love the way we look, and we love our boys who love the way we look! We don't need fashion tips from the guy who thinks he has breasts.
My point was to share fashion tips from the perspective of someone who knows first-hand what a man would find attractive. Actually, since even a breast-man like me can appreciate a flat-chested woman, that should help you feel good about yourselves. Whatever, if you want to project your insecurities on what I said, I can't stop you.

Oh, and yes, I do have breasts. In fact, I purposely worked out and developed big muscles, most noteably my HUGE pectoral muscles. Now, I can squeeze them and say *HONK, HONK*! What fun! I hope that wasn't supposed to make me mad, because that kind of silliness is too goofy to be offensive.


In fact, the girl in my high school who I found most attractive was flat-chested. Even for someone like me who likes big breasts, they are far from everything. In all seriousness, you really shouldn't worry about this that much.
I'm going to vomit.
I seriously don't see what the problem is. Different women are built differently, and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with any body type. Sure, I have my preferences for certain traits in the opposite sex (physical and otherwise), but doesn't everybody?


Oh, and Jasmith, I do have thoughts and opinions about non-sexual topics. Maybe it just seems to you like all of my posts are in sexual topics because those are the only ones you read. Do a search for my name some time.
No, AB, you came in here and posted what YOU find attractive. You said that you prefer large breasts. Which is fine, because everyone has a personal preference, but honestly. If you expect to post something like that in the small breast thread and NOT get the response you got, you are not only a dick, but an idiot, and I am inclinded to view you as a troll. Nobody asked you to come in here and post, YOU STARTED IT. You can hardly get your panties in a bunch when we react the way we do. Someone personally attack you in here? Seems to me that you did it first. So what do you expect?
I hate the term flat-chested, it has such negative connotations. No one cares what you think amazing_ass...we have heard come in here and patronize us with your breast preferences and then you back peddle...go else where and take your brilliant opinions with you...
Okay, all us small-chested, secure-in-our-sexiness hotties...let's make a "football huddle" and chat for a sec...

Whaddaya say we starve the troll not feed him and he will leave (or at least go back to lurking). Don't let him hijack OUR little piece 'o cyberspace heaven. :-) ***I-G-N-O-R-E*** is the name of the game. ;)

Let's bring the discussion back to what WE were talking about. What was it, anyway?

Oh, and let me say, I may not know your faces or real names, but I love you ladies out there! Rock on, hotties!!!!!!!

I love wearing small t-shirts and tank tops braless to show off my nipples. It drives my hubby wild! And I've noticed alot of other people staring at my chest in public instead of looking me in the eye.;)
All right, I'll eat a little crow here. I work out a lot and have good muscle tone, but I'm very skinny, and it does piss me off when people tell me I ought to START working out to get in shape. I already work out and I'm already in shape! AAAAAAAAH! I suppose it would also be insulting if they told me how to dress to *compensate* for the slimness of my physique (although I must admit that ultra-tight spandex would be unflattering on me). I guess this is similar to the things I said to you. Sorry, girls.
ADVICE: why don't you mosey on over to the large breast support group and tell them how much you love large breasts. it seems as if your comments would go over better over there, genius. unless of course you're aim is to be a pompous, condescending bastard and in that case you have succeeded in this thread.
sorry karategrrl.
Do a search on your name, eh? No. I've seen all I need to in this thread, and in the troll thread. In the latter you just couldn't seem to get enough of wagging your hose in pepper's face.
And yes: eat a little crow, and drag your sorry ass out of this forum. Nobody wants you here.
"You may not care what I think, but a lot of other men (especially those in my culture) have the same ideas of beauty that I have. Thus, you have a better chance of getting the guy you want if you listen to me."
We're not here discussing how to nab the guy that we want. Furthermore, I for one (and I'm sure many women here share the same sentiment) wouldn't want a guy that thought like you. And to listen to *you* would be pushing feminism back several years.
I can tell you his comments wouldn't go over any better in the other thread because the basis of his comment is that HE is reassuring us that HE finds us attractive so WE shouldn't be sad.

I'm sorry, but are we supposed to basing our self-image on what someone else thinks? I don't think so. Don't bother going over to the other thread AB, we wouldn't appreciate your comments there either because big or small, none of usneed validation from YOU, and it is condescending in the extreme that you think it is appropriate to give validatoin that was not requested or required.
Well said tatiana
My $0.02 on the pencil test: Ladies, I still fail the pencil test and I have 36D (going on to DD at the moment) breasts. Also I'm 31 years old, so it's not like they still have the perkiness of youth - alas they don't! It's just that I lack the "fold" altogether for some reason.

Ergo, the pencil test is completely meaningless. The "fold" under your breasts doesn't have much to do with size or firmness/sagginess. It's a total fallacy.
Hehe, anyone remember the movie "Weird Science" from the 80s? Two teenage geeks use their computer to make a woman. When it comes to the part where they decide what size to make her breasts, they make them a smallish natural size, I'd estimate a B cup. One of the guys says to the other, "Anything more than a handful and you're risking a sprained tongue." Well said. :-)
Whoa, gross, I leave the internet for just a few days and we've encountered a hideous troll! Ah well, with hope he too shall fade into obscurity.

Anywho, I'm glad I got some support for the whole nipple revealing idea. My girlfriends think it's awesome too. My one friend, who has beautiful tear-drop D's, saw me wearing this tiny pink tank top with stitching that perfectly cupped my breasts. She was like, 'only some one with your breasts could wear something like that and look good in it. I'd look like I belonged on the other side of the tracks turning tricks if I wore it.' Everyone enjoys a good compliment, especially one with that much alliteration.

As for the idea of the tight t-shirt with 'i failed the pencil test' on it, i'm down with that and i'd pay top dollar too.

thanks for the welcome back hercules, it looks like i need to stay more connected, i'm missing all the drama!

karategrrl, i love love love that movie, i still have it on VHS. I heard (and it's probably just an urban legend or something) that there is an inverse correlation between a man's IQ and the size breasts he prefers. I defintely heard it some where, but it's probably not based on fact or any kind of scientific study. Also, I'm not trying to slight my bustier busties, it's about unity ladies! All in all, our self-esteem is not dictated by whether or not the average man finds us attractive. Umm helloooooo, what about lesbians?!

Now this is really random, but 'Weird Science' always makes me think of 'Real Genuis' (maybe all my cognitive pathways relating to the 1980's are interconnected) with Val Kilmer and he's always wearing that tight white t-shirt that says 'i heart nukes.' he's coming on to some girl and says something like 'i can do anything for you baby.' and she's like 'can you hammer a 2 inch nail into a six inch board with your penis? no? you call me when you get that figured out.' HA! Anyone else remember that movie?
booskie, I loved Real Genius, partly because the other (not Kilmer) main character's love interest isn't conventionally beautiful. If I remember correctly she's got small boobs, among other things.

I just bought a tight 'n' clingy top today that shows mine off much more than my usual tops. I love flaunting 'em!
QUOTE(jasmith @ Jul 6 2006, 02:21 PM) *

"You may not care what I think, but a lot of other men (especially those in my culture) have the same ideas of beauty that I have. Thus, you have a better chance of getting the guy you want if you listen to me."

We're not here discussing how to nab the guy that we want. Furthermore, I for one (and I'm sure many women here share the same sentiment) wouldn't want a guy that thought like you. And to listen to *you* would be pushing feminism back several years.

Exactly. I've been lurking around here for a while, but this is my first time posting. smile.gif

I dated someone who mentioned he was disappointed that I had small 32A boobs (I wore a majorly padded strapless bra for a concert dress when he took notice of my chest, LOL - I met him when I was wearing my PJs and I was definitely braless then) and it was a serious blow to my ego. Of course he never outwardly expressed his disappointment, but knowing that he preferred large bouncy boobies never sat right with me. I guess for some guys (especially the young ones who let Mr. Happy make a lot of their decisions tongue.gif ), big breasts equates to a more sexual woman, since that's what they see in movies and porn. He eventually broke up with me and hooked up with a "friend" of his, who was way more curvaceous and acted more sexual than me in public. It's probably karma (sweet, sweet karma) that his new girl actually had way more issues about sexuality and body image than me. She just acted more sexual around people, when she wasn't actually that way in private.

It's also most likely sweet sweet karma that his favorite movie is American Beauty. (One of the characters brags to her friends about her sexual escapades but is actually a virgin.) Obviously, perceptiveness was never his strong suit.

Anyhow, I've come to appreciate my body now that I have no one to drag me down with media ideals. I have so many favorite parts, I don't know where to start!

I love to go braless around the house, but I have yet to muster up the courage to do it in public because my nipples stick out so far. When I was growing up, my mom would always tell me not to wear this, not to do that, in case guys "got the wrong idea." I know that girls who dress skimpy don't ask to be raped, but I was brought up to think that guys are really dangerous. It's kind of sad - I love my body and I want to show it off but I'm still scared of that kind of aggressive attention.
bella coola
Hey Anita (and all), cheers to non-mainstream sexay-ness.

What about going out during the day, say to the grocery store or something sans the bra? Rather than a nightclub or something, braless errand running might feel like a safe start for you. It's very liberating. I even come to work braless sometimes, and I work on a construction site (in the office though!). Ha

Ooh, my own boob news: I went camping over the weekend with a good friend and our mutual friend, and three other girls. It was intended as a girl camping weekend but a couple of guys latched on at the first site we went to - which was fine, they were pretty cool and went biking all day Saturday anyway. So we floated on the lake and hung out (smirk), and eventually all (but one) of us got topless. It was soo nice, nothing like fresh air/lake water on bare skin (despite the sketchy beach, blery lucky we didn't get swimmer's itch!) and so freeing. Esp since I had never met the 3 gurls before. We didn't get topless again after the boys returned but it was a full moon before the sun even went down, poor unsuspecting dirtbikers passing by. Ha ha ha

Just thought ya'll might like to hear about my fun girl weekend. I am so up for making a failed pencil test shirt, anyone else familiar with easy computer print-off iron-on transfers? I'd be happy to design!!! Pleased to meet all of you. Go Bantam Boobies
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