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Full Version: small breast support group - (I need it even if they don't)
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I just found this and thought you all might get something out of it:

Hopefully, this link will work for you. Of course, some of the answers are posted by stupid losers, but overall, the replies support small breasts or the "whole package" idea. Wow, I admit I am surprised so many men said breast size just doesn't matter. Of course, not that we should all base our self-acceptance on what other's say, but I am pleasantly surprised.
Thank you knorl05. Believe me, you have no worries from me. While I'm not celebate, I'm not looking either. I just found this topic interesting and felt a need to give a guys point of view.

If I may add one last comment, you ladies should not be concerned with what others think of you or how they rate your body. We all have preferences and I know we tend to wonder how we compare to others. But ultimately we are,____who we are and are as we are meant to be.

I honestly believe that it goes against the natural order of things to alter our bodies just to please the desires of others. You should be pleased with what you were born with-- large, small-- it's what your body was designed to have.

Be happy with what is yours and yours alone.

QUOTE(knorl05 @ Dec 28 2007, 08:02 AM) *
that was sweet porfalo, thank you for your input. now dont go pm'ing any of us telling us just how much you enjoy smaller breasts, because we've all heard it before from random dude who happens upon the bust lounge and thinks this is a good place to meet women. rolleyes.gif

vendetta: i'm glad for your well being that you've dumped that guy. doesnt sound like he was much of a catch... breast size preference aside. you're so much better off...and i'm sure you'll fare well with these new changes because i believe you'll make it work. it sounds like you're a strong woman and this last relationship really took a toll on your self-esteem, but i think once you distance yourself from him and get back to you, you'll be grateful to be rid of him and even more determined to make it on your own.

missenderes: i would have to beat a dude up if he were to withhold sex from me for any reason. 'thanks, it's good, but it's not that good. if you'd kindly fuck off, that'd be great.' ignorant men piss me off. well, ignorant people for that matter, but especially when women tolerate it in a relationship. makes me angry... like i want to tell their man off for them. a lot of my girls bfs through the years havent liked me for just such reason. but oh well. i'm glad you're rid of him too.

re: the tits vs ass convo. i had a guy friend tell me years ago that he's noticed women with naturally larger breasts, usually arent as blessed with ass, and women who are blessed with ass, naturally have proportionately smaller breasts. minus all the fake titties in the world, you'll notice it's really true. i've just determined, we all have different body types and breast size does not automatically make a woman attractive or not. humane men, intelligent men, value a woman person, not just her breasts or ass. they look to overall appeal, including attitude and intelligence.
whoa, lots of action in here while I was gone.

LilMissStrange: I mean what's the longest everyone here had someone fondle their breasts? For me it's like a once over or maybe a minute of nipple play and that's it. I can't help but think that if they're bigger they'd get a whole lot more attention. And I do want the attention, because it feels so damn good, but I get so embarrassed asking for it (shouldn't have to!)

Shouldn't have to, damn right. I must have been incredibly lucky in my bfs. (Plus I've always been glad to tell any prospective sexual partners to stay the hell away from me, if they so much as hinted that I was substandard.) They all had various issues of course as we all do, but to their credit, they were all ecstatic about getting a peek, getting a feel, and finally getting my top off and going to town with fingers and hands, mouths and tongues. Cuz that turns me on hard and fast, and my arousal was just as important to them as their own. Was essential to theirs, in fact. Having said that, I never went out with a breast-man, and if they're that invested in the look of a body part as opposed to a healthy emotional connection with their partner, they're the ones losing out.

I guess the longest continuous fondle I've had might have been ten minutes, but most of my bfs and now my husband have found they can keep me at a fever pitch for a long time by alternating stimulation of boobs with other places, going back to nipple sucking etc for maybe 5 minutes at a time, every 10-15 minutes or so, over the course of an hour or hour and a half. (I never thought about this before. Again, lucky that I never had bfs whose approach made me think about it. Feels kind of funny, quantifying the nipple-attention, but it's a good question.)

Thank cod for men who treat our arousal as something to be savoured. Vendetta and MissEnderes, good on you for dumping the toxic bfs and moving on. Stay strong and confident and beautiful, ladies!
Hello again ladies,
I haven't been on in a while. Glad to see that you all are well. I don't know if it's seasonal mood disorder or what but I have been really bumming about my 'smoobs' lately (smoobs = small boobs, ha!)

This all came to light when discussing body issues with my best friend. She is overweight and has always struggled in accepting herself. She has made a life change and has been pushing herself to reach her fitness goal. I was trying to be supportive and commented that while she may look in the mirror and absolutely hate what she sees, another woman would do anything to have her face, or her breasts or her booty. Concentrate on the things that you do love about yourself and the rest will fall into place. I also talked about how from some people's perspectives, she has an ideal situation: After she loses the weight she will have that curvy hourglass figure that most women need surgery to achieve. "If I started eating healthier and working out, I would lose any curves that I do have." I said. To which she replied "Yeah, that would be awful. You gotta have curves. I would rather be overweight than flat." Just like that.

Don't you all wish that there was more support out there for women in our situation? It seems perfectly fine to tell a woman that she has 'no boobs' or is 'flat chested' but to mention another woman's weight is a taboo. I told her that her having that idea alone, that "You gotta have curves" idea goes against all of the self-love that she is trying to teach herself with this life change.

Now, I haven't been obsessing about it, but it has been on my mind since that conversation. I did put on a few pounds over the holidays, and my bras are a bit more snug. What sucks is that I like it and am almost torn between getting back in shape and keeping my new (although still minimal) curves. It just goes to show you that you can't win. Everyone obsesses about something on their body whether it's a big nose, small chest, large stomach, etc. I'm just sick of the pressure to be aestheticaly perfect. I don't like the way that it affects my friends, my family, or myself.
haha smoobs
I totally agree lotus, nobody with any manners whatsoever would dream of commenting how fat someone was yet i get people who i barely know all the time saying things like 'wow, you're so skinny'. Not even slim or anything remotely flattering but 'skinny'. I'd love to be curvier and more voluptous so for me it's equally as hurtful as being called fat. I always go quiet in conversations with friends about how much weight they've put on and how they should diet and so-on because if i do say what i think i get looked at like the latest asylum escapee.
A friend of mine was talking about her friend who is only an Acup and was laughing about how she told her to 'get some padding girl'. Bearing in mind that the person in question is blessed with 32Es. Things like this just seem more socially acceptable. I have considered that maybe people think it's ok to make such comments because they don't see it as such a terrible thing. Whereas if someone was largely overweight they would feel more sympathetic and so not say anything. Perhaps smoobs aren't so bad after all. More or less everyone does obsess about something but at least if you're overweight or don't like your stomach etc then it isn't completely beyond your conrtol.
I think there should be a campaign for only 'normal' women to be shown in the media. Men might not like it but it'd stop hell of a lot of women suffering
Sorry, ladies, I'm totally trespassing in your thread. I mostly post in the large-breast support thread, but I lurk in here from time to time because I have a really good friend who obsesses about her small breasts a lot (she's actually quite pretty, and I wish she would think so too), and I try to find things to tell her.

Anyway, that last comment about the friend with the 32E's inspired me to de-lurk for one minute and post. Did you ever think she might be a bit jealous? Honestly, that's around my size, and it pretty much sucks. I mean, yeah, you get attention from guys sometimes, but it's pretty much impossible to buy bras and sales people often sneer at you or basically refuse to help you because it's too much trouble. (Especially at Victoria's Secret *shudder*) I've often wished for smaller breasts or thought about getting a reduction, but ultimately decided not to because it just wouldn't feel like me.

And if that's not what's up, then she's incredibly insensitive, but not everyone is. And as someone who is dating a self-professed 'leg-man', he really is way more interested in my legs than my boobs, even though they're big. So those guys really do exist. And personally, I usually fall for girls with small breasts. *shrug*

I hope that helped a little bit, and now I will go back to the aforementioned lurking. Although if anyone has any ideas for what I can tell or show my friend, that would be awesome, because she's always talking to me about this, and I never really know what to say, aside from the above.
!!! mad.gif !!!

seriously. makes me remember what it used to be like to surround myself with less sympathetic, and more immature women than i do now. working in a strip club was an interesting experience... it helped and hurt the cause. helped to see that women come in all shapes and sizes and that they are beautiful as themselves. hurt because so many women in the industry end up getting their tits done to make more money and become that 'fantasy' that guys go to strip clubs to see.

here's what i've come to learn being an attractive woman with curves, and small breasts. a.) most women have issues with their bodies. b.) no woman is "perfect". c.)we dont give men enough credit when it comes to their attraction to us.. they really arent all neanderthals who drool over boobies. d.) many women are not willing or able to see point c due to point a. e.) if you want people to accept you for whom you are, you need to accept yourself.

i think if more people had the insight to see that perpetuating misconceptions about our bodies is more damaging to themselves than to others, i believe they would be more willing to see beyond their petty concerns. if we want to attract empowered people into our lives, we must be empowered ourselves. if we dont, if we would like to remain in a programmed state, then we shouldnt attempt to question our inferences about life.

i'm angry because i have heard more damaging comments from women than from men. it is true that women think it's entirely acceptable to dog on skinny women or women with smaller breasts, over women who are overweight. ... unfortunately. ..

... but what i've come to realize is that if women were happy and comfortable with themselves, they wouldnt feel the need to attempt to make other women feel bad about themselves or their bodies. if a woman has the intellect and ability to see beyond appearances, she wouldnt give two shits whether or not another woman is more or less attractive than herself. so i just see it that there are ignorant people in the world... and what makes an individual typical rests in their typicality. this is how most people are... and so if we live according to our own beliefs and surround ourselves with people who share our beliefs, then we are going to be that much happier with ourselves.
if we live according to our own beliefs and surround ourselves with people who share our beliefs, then we are going to be that much happier with ourselves

Hear, hear!

It's been a long journey for me, from being negative about myself to being positive. I didn't realize how strongly reinforcing it is to be around people who picked apart their own and other women's appearances. It just seemed normal, and I joined in. Once I started hanging out with women who didn't do that shit, and men too (though IME most men didn't mature to that point until I and they were at leaset 30), I could see and feel the drag created by hanging out with my old crowd. I still feel it in myself, when I'm with people who are much more positive and together and upbeat, and that's ok, because it shows me where I still need to put some work in to becmoe the person I want to be. Thank cod for my friends and women like you all, who are trying to move forward. It's soul-destroying to feel like you're the only one swimming against the tide.
Hi everybody. Lately i have been feeling pretty down about my flat chest so i did a search for "small breasts support"... and here i am! I am 15 years old and don't have breasts yet. Well okay i do but i am still in a training bra. I am also short, like 5'2'' and about 95 pounds. What bothers me the most is that my little sister got boobs before me. No joke! She is already up to an A cup and she is 12! Do you know what it is like having your younger sister get her first bra before you do? sad.gif It's hard enough watching all the girls in my class getting boobs and hips. Anyways, i know i am stilll young and probably just a late bloomer and i still have plenty of time to grow, and all that stuff. But still... thanks for letting me vent!
hi kerabear. I understand exactly how you feel as lots of my family (including younger ones) have big boobs. It's hard but I just try not to compare myself and to think of all the features I have that they'd love. I'm almost 20 though and I'd say my body did most of it's filling out only during the last few years so you've definately got plenty of time. You sound very petite so I'm sure you'll end up perfectly proportioned smile.gif x
Knorl, my Goddess, what a fantastic post that last one was!!!!

Yes, everyone doesn't like something about themselves. Sometimes I wish we'd all realize what the fuck are we all doing to ourselves and collectively say "The hell with it!" to the cosmetic surgery, tit jobs, butt lifts, body judging, self-loathing, and all that shit. All it does is make us all fucking miserable.

I can certainly relate to the comments about thinness. On at least a weekly basic, I get the "I hate you, you're so skinny" comments, the sideways contemptuous looks from female coworkers, etc. If I were heavy, would strangers/ acquaintances feel free to say these things? Makes you wonder. My mom isn't in the greatest shape, mostly due to her sedentary lifestyle. I also work in the health field so I have a good idea of what obesity can do to you. I pretty much bust my ass staying healthy and fit, and people assume "I'm just built that way." Sorry, not to get off-topic, but yeah, I can relate to the unsolicited comments. Why is it tasteless to say something to someone's face about having large breasts or a large body, but it's pefectly okay to do so about small breasts/body?

Kerabear, hang in there. I developed early--got my period at barely 12--but never developed the breasts beyond an A cup. So actually no one even knew I was so <ahem> "mature." Don't be surprised if you see me shopping for bras in "your" section of Target someday. wink.gif I know it's easier to say than to truly absorb, but try not to obsess over the size of your breasts or anything else on your body. These are great years ahead of you, yours to spend on yourself, developing your great mind, using the phenomenal machine that is your body to do sports, be active, etc. The size/shape of our breasts, butt, nose, etc--all sorts of things--really have nothing to do with being a whole human.

I do suggest somthing to you, though. I mention it way back in some post of mine, but it bears repeating: Be on the lookout for pics of small-busted, attractive women (celebrities or others) on the web or magazines, whatever. They are rare, but out there. Make a collage of these photos and display it somewhere--in your bedroom, maybe. Every day we are bombarded with busty, leggy, "perfect" images of what women "should" look like. Your collage should help counteract all the other garbage you see daily and help affirm that you are every bit as hot as those in your collage. Hope that helps, and welcome, little sistah!!
QUOTE(karategrrl @ Jan 13 2008, 08:22 PM) *
I do suggest somthing to you, though. I mention it way back in some post of mine, but it bears repeating: Be on the lookout for pics of small-busted, attractive women (celebrities or others) on the web or magazines, whatever. They are rare, but out there. Make a collage of these photos and display it somewhere--in your bedroom, maybe. Every day we are bombarded with busty, leggy, "perfect" images of what women "should" look like. Your collage should help counteract all the other garbage you see daily and help affirm that you are every bit as hot as those in your collage. Hope that helps, and welcome, little sistah!!

I second that advice! I have a save any pictures i come across and it really does work when you're having one of those days...
Whoa, this thread has been HAPPENING while I've been away! smile.gif

I love the idea of a small-boobed hottie collage. I haven't made one, but I have a mental one... if I'm feeling down, I just think of Claire Danes, Kate Hudson, Selma Blair, Milla Jovovich. Or Charlotte Gainsbourg (who people have told me I look like)- I love the part in the Science of Sleep, when the male character says "I love your boobs. I think they are friendly and unpretentious. I hope I get to see them one day."

My boyfriend has said many times that he loves my boobs... and they are really, really small. And I have fought to like them for the past 10 years. I don't know if he is a breast man or what... they are the things he pays the most attention to, probably in part because it turns me on so much to have them played with... but if he is, he likes small ones, or most likely, he likes the whole package and the person they are attached to. I haven't asked him because he'd most likely be insulted by the question... I mean, I know he has a type, usually dark haired and slender, I know he likes breasts (whether it's just small ones or big ones too I haven't asked, there's no need for me to know that, as I know what kind I have) as well as other parts of the female anatomy. I like tall guys with light brown hair and big hands, but I've dated guys who were nothing like my usual type. I've also dated guys who were my type physically who turned out to be asshats.

Anytime I've been hit on by a random guy because of a body part it's usually a leg man. Girls with big breasts probably get ten times as much attention. I can't say it's the type of attention I want to have. It may stroke the ego, but it's nothing compared to someone who knows you and loves you for more than a part of your body (or two).

All that being said, I still struggle with this. I recently had to wear a rented bathing suit (I wanted to go to a historical bathhouse and didn't have my suit with me) which turned out to be a one piece speedo type thing. I felt like an awkward 12 year old all over again. My boyfriend said I looked fine, but I had a hard time believing that I looked alright next to a bunch of bodacious girls in bikinis. Luckily there were more saggy, old eastern european women than bodacious hotties.
QUOTE(karategrrl @ Jan 13 2008, 03:22 PM) *
Kerabear, hang in there. I developed early--got my period at barely 12--but never developed the breasts beyond an A cup. So actually no one even knew I was so <ahem> "mature." Don't be surprised if you see me shopping for bras in "your" section of Target someday. wink.gif I know it's easier to say than to truly absorb, but try not to obsess over the size of your breasts or anything else on your body. These are great years ahead of you, yours to spend on yourself, developing your great mind, using the phenomenal machine that is your body to do sports, be active, etc. The size/shape of our breasts, butt, nose, etc--all sorts of things--really have nothing to do with being a whole human.

I do suggest somthing to you, though. I mention it way back in some post of mine, but it bears repeating: Be on the lookout for pics of small-busted, attractive women (celebrities or others) on the web or magazines, whatever. They are rare, but out there. Make a collage of these photos and display it somewhere--in your bedroom, maybe. Every day we are bombarded with busty, leggy, "perfect" images of what women "should" look like. Your collage should help counteract all the other garbage you see daily and help affirm that you are every bit as hot as those in your collage. Hope that helps, and welcome, little sistah!!

Thanks for the encouragement Karategrrl. I am trying to learn to love my body. Perhaps it will just take a while. I guess i am just holding out hope for a late growth spurt you know? smile.gif Your pics idea was good too. Unfortunately the celebrity with the closest figure to mine is Dakota Fanning! dry.gif
I think part of the problem is i feel like because since i have like zero breasts i am less of a woman, you know? I know that isn't true but that is sort of how i feel. My little sis also started her period before I did. i eventually started but it wasn't until a year after she did. People were making a big deal out of it. It was a terrible feeling!
Cant stress enough how amazing I think all of you are! I really value your perspectives, independent of those about breasts. I've noticed, sure, we all share this unique struggle to validate our womanhood and attractiveness against the bourgeois views of society, but what's really great about this thread is that it gives us a format in which to deconstruct our own beliefs about beauty, body type, and sexuality.

I know for myself, that yes Kerabear, I have also felt unwomanly, undesirable, wrong, and otherwise inferior compared to the apparent feminine ideal. But the truth is, it's complete crap. The feminine ideal of today, varies from the feminine ideals throughout time. It seems to me, individual beliefs are influenced heavily by the whole of society, and I think that we need to keep in mind all that matters when it comes to beauty and aesthetics, is our own personal opinion of these things. AKA, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I wont lie, still to this day, I think my life would be "easier" if I had larger breasts. I think I would have more opportunities, that I would receive more acceptance from men and women alike, that I wouldnt have so many issues and hang ups about my body.... but the truth of the matter is, getting implants goes against my values, and they would do nothing to actually create anything real or substantial in my life. Meaning, that yes, breast implants may provide certain advantages, but for the life I would like to live, those advantages would serve as a complication or distraction more than anything else. Just as edie52 pointed out, "Girls with big breasts probably get ten times as much attention. I can't say it's the type of attention I want to have."
Knorl05, you are sooooooooooooo right! I cannot tell you how much some of the posts on this board has helped change my perspective. I guess i am slowly getting there. It certainly does not make it any easier being a teenager though! I get teased a lot...

I don't think i would like to have breast implants either. I definitely do not want large breasts because they would not look right on my small frame, but having SOME breasts would be nice... you know a little something to show people that I HAVE hit puberty? rolleyes.gif
Argh a fab and articulate post just got eaten somehow so apologies if its replacement is a bit rushed.
It basically said that I understand about feeling unwomanly or i had a bit of a breakthrough:)..I looked at my body as a whole rather than just concentraiting on the 'bad' bits in isolation if that makes sense and i even found myself thinking that my boobs actually look kinda cute. May sound weird but it's something that- thinking about it- I've never really done. Sure, i have plenty of imperfections but there's also some good parts that in a way balance it all out. For example, I'm sure many of you here like me are far more blessed in the derriere department than many of our bustier friends wink.gif. I think nowadays with it being so accepted and humdrum surgery is something that seems tempting to most of us at times. But we're all intelligent enough to know deep down that despite large breasts being the 'in thing' being small does not make us any less sexy, womanly or significant. Once again- I love this thread! Helps me keep things in perspective smile.gif

Celebs that haven't succumbed- yay!

now I'm going to go sulk over my deleted post...
Sorry you last that awesomely done post, Starship... but congrats on your breakthough though... i am working on it...

I am WOMAN, hear me roar DAMMIT! laugh.gif
Have any of you noticed how both frasier and will & grace have average looking, quirky, liberated women as their main characters? I think that's pretty cool. I've often felt the reason for this is due to the fact that the show topics are a bit more sophisticated than the norm, which targets a different audience: an audience of thinking individuals. This observation further solidifies my idea that in the thinking world, typical and overt sex appeal really are more offensive than anything else.
ps. i love how yoanna from amernextopmodel is so shameless with her form. she says she used to be overweight and so she had to develop a thick skin. i can dig it.

wow, she's a stunner!
I love seeing people in the celeb world with body types I can relate to. Unfortunately it's usually ruined by comments from people around me. I remember discussing Keira Knightly with a friend and her saying she didn't understand why someone with that much money hadn't got a boob job yet. As though it was some mandatory operation for anyone with small breasts! I think the ones who don't sucuumb have way more balls and deserve more respect and admiration than all of those weak silicone-filled bimbos. I think shows like Frasier etc want to portray more realistic characters which is why the women aren't the stereotypical hollywood type- and that's how it should be! The women who we get thrust in our face as role models don't vary enough. There should be women with different shapes/sizes/colours/quirks in the media
omigosh Kiera Knightley does NOT need a boob job. jeesh.

Came across this article the other day:
Kinda sad how men are getting chest insecurities too (note that its mostly gay men).

The older I get the more I think small boobs are hot. A lot of my female friends and family members have big breasts, and I used to be jealous, but honestly, I'm not anymore. I just wish mine were both A cups, rather than one A cup and one barely A. I kinda feel like a mother of twins, where one twin is smart and exuberant and the other is runtish and slow, ..and I can't help but hold contempt for the slow one. Aarg! I'm a bad mother!
Wow! It's been so busy since I've last been here....
Greenbean I feel you! It's not even the size that really bugs me, I would be happy with two A cups. It's the fact that they don't match and that they're more pointy then round...grrrr......oh well, I am determined to get over it and not let it bug me anymore.

I just saw this post from a random person on a message board that I thought kinda put things into perspective;

"fake tits are fucking gross. You have to deal with what you have, even if it's not what you imagine "most" men like. All having fake tits does is secure your fate of winding up with a shallow dick who dates girls for the size of their titties.

I pity you, fake tittied broads."

Sorry, it's a little hostile tongue.gif
lilmiss: i think it's hostile due to the frustration women feel over our body image equaling our self worth. what i'm most concerned about is how many women in this thread (myself included) make mention of the relationship between men and our breasts. men dont have relationships with our breasts, they have relationships with our whole beings. no man is perfect and no woman is perfect. meaning, i'm sure there are quirks and imperfections in men that they obsess over as well. maybe they've got man tits. maybe they're a little flabby. maybe their dick is a bit round. maybe they've got musty balls. you know.. i think we need to put less energy into justifying our bodies and validating our sexual appeal.. and put more energy into who we are as individuals and what we bring to the table, as people.

think of the most attractive person you know, is it merely physical? or does their character/intellect/talent make them more appealing? i think the objective should be to stop worrying about our bodies, and to stop concerning ourselves with whether or not our men are breast men, leg men, butt men. they're men. we're women. if being sexy is important, we should work more toward embracing our sexuality than trying to conform our bodies to the standard ideal. you know, because sex is so much more than two shallow bodies coming together.

i'm just saying... if we want to truly be liberated women, i believe we need to let go of some of the expectations we feel that men find are most physically attractive about us. any thoughts?
That was freakin' beautiful, knorlo. It should be pasted in locker rooms and bathrooms, next to every mirror, and passed from hand to hand until people stop tearing each other down. Not a manifesto ( manifestos are angry aren't they? calling for revolutions) but a desiderata. Uplifting and sane-making. Thank you.
Right on, knorl! I feel inspired. =]
So true Knorl, amen!
I guess I felt the need to apologize for that post because every time I have a conversation with people about implants I always get told that I am too hostile or judgmental. The line I usually get is "well if it makes them feel better about their bodies I think it's a good thing". To me the fact that women feel the need to put a foreign object in their breasts to make them feel adequate is a sad statement on society and not something we should accept as normal. I've also been told I'm bitter about it because I have small breasts :/ Idiots. It's always guys, or girls with bigger breasts that defend implants it seems in my experience.

I relation to what you said about no one being perfect:
I've been fooling around with this new guy, who I think I posted a while back about because I was worried about him being a "breast man". He's been nothing but cool and even said that in his experience the so-called 'prettier the outside the uglier the inside' and then went on to say not that I wasn't pretty but I'm not the typical girl you see on a magazine, and that's why he likes me smile.gif But yeah, I was super nervous when I hooked up with him because he's gorgeous and so my type and I became really insecure about myself. When we fooled around together the first time I realized that his penis is definitely on the smaller side and I truly don't care about penis size but it made me feel better because NO ONE IS PERFECT! He's so confident and good in bed that I've been inspired by him to not give a fuck, and the sex has been AMAZING!!!! We've both acknowledged that it's been the best ever for both of us wink.gif

To quote an older, wiser friend that was giving me some advice: "it's not about parts and size, it's about passion".
I have a question ladies... I've been lurking around this thread for quite some time cuz i really didnt think i had anything to contribute. I THINK i'm about a 36B right now. Pretty sure i was a 38 a few months ago while taking birth control. ANYWAY... I've never been professionally fitted for a bra and it seems like my gues-stimation method is leaving me with bras that either don't fit properly under my breasts or if they do fit properly around/against my ribcage, I'm usually left with space between the padded cups (AHAH) and my actual boobs!

I guess my question is, have any of you ever been fitted professionally and if so how do they do it?? Do you have to be braless and topless for that? I'm kinda shy LOL
hey konphusion...Ive never been measured professionally either. I just imagine some snooty assistant eyeing me up as though I had no need to be there. I'm usually in too much of a rush to bother trying on aswel. Unfortunately this means quite a few bras laying redundantly at the back of my drawer. On the other hand being smaller chested there isn't too much scope for mistake. Plus Ive found that all bras seem to come up different sizes which makes things a hell of a lot harder. Anyway...I know from friends that you don't have to be topless or anything. You just wear your bra or one of my friends just wears her tshirt. Ive heard that a lot of places are inaccurate too. A woman on TV who is a 34b went to different places and got told she was 36a/34c/32d/38b and so on
i've never been professionally fitted either kon. i just stick with what seems to fit and does the job (titties + bra = enough for me). they're not big enough to need a whole ton of support, so i mainly wear them for appearances sake and for my own comfort because i hate going without. starship gave great advice. if you go someplace like victorias secret.. i think they cut their bras for bigger breasted women, so you may run a bit small to their standards, which wouldnt be an accurate size for you. i would try an independent boutique, or even have your best girlfriend help you. here is a good website with information if you want to try to diy: finding your size
wasnt sure where to put this.
here's a great website that attempts to combat negative and distorted imagery of women in the media.
mission statement:
About-Face's mission is to equip women and girls with tools to understand and resist the harmful stereotypes of women the media disseminates.

worth checking out... wink.gif
QUOTE(LilMissStrange @ Feb 1 2008, 07:58 PM) *
The line I usually get is "well if it makes them feel better about their bodies I think it's a good thing". To me the fact that women feel the need to put a foreign object in their breasts to make them feel adequate is a sad statement on society and not something we should accept as normal.

I couldn't have said it better myself!!! It IS incredibly sad, I think, that so many people think it's acceptable. Did nature make a mistake that man can somehow "correct?"
I get a little freaked sometimes when I think of future generations. We have all sorts of implants for all sorts of body parts--breasts, chins, calves, pecs, etc., and all sorts of cosmetic procedure that didn't even exist years ago. What will everyone look like 50 years from now? Will it be freakish or some sort of fetish to be a person who's "all natural?" Will we eventually go to a body store, pick out a manufactured, "perfect" body, and just have our brain implanted in it? <shivers>
Knorl! thanks for the links my friend. Maybe I'll just stock up on sports bras and make things alot simpler LOL I wish I could go braless all the time honestly. I really hate the way bras feel (probably cuz i'm getting the wrong size) and would prefer to let the girls go free. But the whole cold/nipple pokeage thing is pretty embarassing to me. i'm shy!! Besides, my gut is usually toned down by a good padded bra! HAHAHAH!
yeah, I usually wear my most padded bra on my "fat" days, to tone down the bloated gut effect. But, speaking of going braless-
I'm happy to report that my small breasts got both me and my boyfriend out of speeding tickets.

We were driving up to school, I was following him, so we were both going the same speed. I was wearing a tight thin ribknit tank top and no bra for a comfortable drive. The cop pulls us both over and after doing the whole license n registration thing he tells me to get out of the car. I do and he takes me around behind my car, I can see Crinoboy craning his neck trying to see what's going on. The cop asks me how old I am, despite it being right there on my license in his hand. He then asks me what I do in school, if I like it, etc., generally chatting like he didn't just pull me over. The whole time I can tell his eyes aren't on my face, even though he's wearing those scary reflective cop sunglasses. It was also cold, so my bralessness was rather obvious. After the weird conversation he smiles and tells me to let my boyfriend know not to speed in his town and he lets us go with no further ado.

So you don't need cleavage to get out of a ticket! Hooray for small and perky!!

(It wasn't as creepy as it could have been, the cop was attractive in a shaved head overly muscular kinda way, sooo not my type. but at least he wasn't beer-gut redneck cop)
Crinline, that's a great story!

There's a guy in the gym who talks to me--all the while staring at my breasts. Or actually it must be my nipples he's staring at, because I don't have much in the way of breasts, especially in my boob-squashing workout tops.

In the past I've been very self-conscious, wanting to cover up and not have anyone look at me. Recently I've been thinking, "fuck it!" while actually getting a bit of a charge out of knowing Gym Boy is checking out my (--MY--) tits!

Nipples ARE great. I love nipples. smile.gif
WOO HOO for nipples!! LOL I have really tiny nips HAHAH so you cant really tell when mine are stickin out. I would have probably gotten a ticket that day LOL Hooray for Crinoline!
I admit to having a bit of a thing for large areolas. Hee hee. My areolas are, I guess, medium sized, while I have those almost cylindrical nipples (when they're erect). I don't especially care for when they get like that.

Thank Goddess for the fact that all breasts--large or small--have one common characteristic--areolas/nipples!
hey ladies, i'm baaaaaack. i've been on a two month long hiatus from bust. i am drowning in graduate school. finally, after the mardis gras madness has faded i can get back to a normal life and back to posting on bust! i'm glad to see this thread is still getting alot of action.

on the actual mardi gras (that being this past tuesday) i wore my "who needs big tits when you have an ass like this," t-shirt. (karategrrl i think you posted a link to that tee, it's from i got loads and loads of compliments on it from both girls and guys. i even had an old black lady shout at me from a passing car, "yeah girl, you said it!" i was so proud and happy, especially since down in the french quarter ladies are giving peep shows for beads. i'm not willing to do that (and any man who wants to trade beads for flashes has no interest in seeing my tits) but i am willing to shake my booty.
oooo, sorry for the double post.

on the subject of nipples however, i've never been shy about showing mine off. i love barely-sheer tops where you can see the outline of the nipple. it's my version of cleavage and i think it's totally sexy.
Hei girls, I came back to have a look at the forum and it's good to know that there has been some action lately. How's everyone doing? I admire you for accepting yourselves the way you are, it shows on your conversations. But I guess I had to admire myself for that same reason for accepting it my entire post-puberty life. I can't stop feeling so self-conscious now. I guess I wouldn't have a problem if I had normal small breasts, but my breasts are beyond small, I don't even fill an A cup. It's totally unproportional. And I'm so sick of ultra padded bras and silicon gel inserts.
I didn't know that our national health service would afford breast augmentation. Of course there are conditions, they measure up our chest and have the surgery just in cases of severe hipomasty ou mammary ptosis. My case is hipomasty and I'll give it a try. Apart from the waiting, years in some cases, I would be happy just to know that I have that opportunity as I can't afford it. I know I'd rather spend my energy losing my mind (and my money) in lingerie shops and such, than to spend that same energy trying to convince myself that breast augmentation is for weaks and is against my values. I don't care anymore, I just want to feel good about myself and that fake breasts would be the breasts my body was supposed to have. Hopefully that surgery is going to be the puberty I never had.
dj biz... missed you! wink.gif glad you're back. shirt sounds awesome. i went to that site but i think it's changed, as it was all baby stuff on it; no tshirts.

i dig the idea of bearing nips girlies. but alas, i've never had that courage with anyone other than current beaus. what i consider sexy is what i consider sexy and i dont feel my titties look appealing that way, so i'd rather not display myself in a way that i dont consider attractive. heard? i do give props to all ladies who feel confident and comfortable with their bodies because i believe that to be the sexiest quality to have. and again, i can attest that not all men think big breasts are the ideal. my ex said it best, (and although he sounds piggish he's not really) "boobies are boobies, being a guy i just want to see girls boobs". he doesnt care the size, shape, etc he just likes boobs because it makes him excited to see them. i realize that sounds uber dorky but if you think about it, i think most "real" men think that way.. as in real being dudes who arent all *grunt* *grunt* *grunt*

anyway. vendetta. i dont know what to say. if you feel surgery is the way to go, that's your choice, and it's your body. i'm all about supporting women to make decisions they feel are best for themselves. i just wonder if getting your breasts done goes against your values, whether or not you'd really feel better about yourself post-op..? to be honest, my therapist helped me to sort out the same conflict. yes i'd like to have bigger breasts, but it matters more to me to challenge misconceptions and find the truth in everything. giving into someone else's idea that fake breasts are some sort of "correction" to my body isnt living true to what i believe, so i would probably be upset with myself if i allowed myself to be too heavily persuaded by an indirect message that i picked up on. but that's just me. it really does come down to how you feel about yourself at the end of the day, and if you feel surgery would increase your confidence i say (educate yourself on safest measures and) go for it! smile.gif
Most of my friends are guys and on occasion we do have a meaningful conversation or two, and when they aren't all in one big testosterone laden group they seem to agree as well that they just want to see boobs. The size doesn't matter that much.
thanks knorl, i missed you too......and all my bustie friends! geez, i've been down in a hole, but i'm moving towards the light and getting back to my normal life!

ANYway, i quit smoking about two months ago *pats self on the back* after 12 years of close to a pack a day. while my lungs and heart feel better i have gained about 20lbs! the only thing that i like about it is my boobs are just a little bit fuller. i don't think it is perceptible to anyone but me, but they've got some weight to them now. i have to say i've been enjoying that part. the rest of my bits, well, it's just blech with a side of blech. to the gym with my lazy bones i say! i will be sad to say goodbye to my fuller breasts, they are the last place to fatten up and most likely the first to slim down.

i agree that most guys just love breasts no matter what the size. but i was duped, into doing something beyond stupid and degrading by that very same argument. i can't remember if i posted about it here or not. i was on spring break in the redneck riviera, aka florida, which during that time of year people cruise up and down the strip, flashing their boobs and getting beads. it's funny because now i live in new orleans, and while i expected to see that everywhere during mardi gras, it was really contained in the french quarter and i only encountered it when i went down there. anywho, so there i am with all my big breasted high school girlfriends and they are flashing left and right. my friends convinced me to do it, saying 'all they want to see is breasts, they don't care about the size.' so i did it to the first set of un-evolved men on the sidewalk with beads. they laughed at me. hysterically. and refused to give me any beads. i didn't cry then, but i certainly rolled up my window and was silent for the rest of the time. now, i did a very silly thing. i am not one to judge an exhibitionist, but these dudes were losers and did not deserve to see anyone's breasts, not even mine. so in the end, though i have myself to blame, who cares what those neanderthals think anyhow (and i may be insulting neanderthals now).

despite my negative experience, i think the general rule holds true: men like naked women. period. and the same axiom that we have espoused over and over again, no shallow, vain man who would obsess over only one body part would ever deserve to be with a strong, proud, breathtaking and dynamic bustie woman. and that's that.
yeah, I think it's true that generally, all men just like boobs in general, and that large breasts are like the red sportscars of the world of mammaries. they are eye-catching.
my boobs are not corvettes, nor are they cadillacs. they are more like a pair of those little smart cars.
I have a favorite saying, "Everybody loves tits." Big, small, somewhere in between. I've even asked my gays about it & most of them think tits are pretty cool.
I know I will take the cowards way. But I'm pretty sure I am going to spend my life unhappy with a part of me. They are just too small, almost non-existant. I would be happy if I even fitted an A cup. All lingerie stores around here sell it only above B cup. I have to buy my bras on chinese stores, asian women are small-breasted and they have A padded cups. I'm nuts about lingerie and sexy stuff and it hurts as hell not being able to wear that. And even if they had A or AA cups, I don't find sexy looking at a bra with no breasts in it. And push-up bras are out of the question as I don't have anything to push. I am bisexual and I am attracted to breasts. Not big breasts, I hate it, but I do respond to them. It's kinda weird feeling attracted to a girl and envy her breasts at the same time...
And all of this is so ridiculous and I feel so ridiculous lol Why the hell do I need breasts to feel feminine, womanly? I shouldn't need them. I am so fascinated by them and find them such a beautiful feature on a woman's figure. I am so curious of how it feels to have them, to feel their weight, their touch, their power. I have good things on me, I am an attractive woman. I'm tall and thin, I've got good and really long hair, I don't have a good skin but I take care of it and wear foundation on a daily basis. I take care of myself, I love to feel pretty. I don't usually wear revealing clothes, i'm more discrete and low profile but when I feel like revealing a bit more... Okay...I only wear mini-skirts on a beach scenario, otherwise I don't feel confortable. I'm 24 years old, so I'm not going to show off my belly. Allright, my face should be enough.
You know what's really really hard? Being on the photography world. And because I'm keen on photographing women and fashion and nudes... sometimes I go home really really down. Have fun: :*
Vendetta i understand exactlyy how you feel. I dont want 'big' boobs. just boobs....I'm trying desperately to stop it from getting to me so much but that's harder than you'd think. Breasts are everywhere! constantly being praised and admired...I have to admit it's kind of disheartening to hear someone else saying that theres no other way for them but surgery. The more people I hear of getting surgery the more it seems like that is what i should be doing and it becomes so, i dunno, normal? It makes me angry that we should even have to consider paying thousands to have a serious operation where junk is stuffed under our skin. And for what? so that we can feel validated as a women? It's insane and almost sickening...
I heard something on the radio today about a new type of breast enlargement where you have soem sort of injection into your breasts and thats it. Apparently it's a lot less invasive than having implants and is the sort of surgery you can get done 'in your lunch break'. Dont suppose anyone has heard anything about it?
There seems to a new trend of trying celebrate 'real women' here in the uk. Lots of TV shows where they show that normal women can be sexy/ the occassional ad campaign where everyday women are used etc. Seems great but the only trouble is that they seems to have decided that 'real women' are only women who are curvy. The sort who are self conscious of their stomach, maybe some wobbly thighs and so on but they always portray them as being redeemed by their large chest. 'Look at *insert name*s cleavage, it proves that real women are sexy'. I'm sure it's great for some people but others like me are just left with the reinforced conception that you need curves to qualify as a real woman...
It's funny you mentioned putting on weight DjBiz because that's actualy what I'm trying to do at the moment. Not become obese or anything but I've always been really skinny and wanted a curvier body. My friends think I'm crazy but I'd say the same about them. the only part of me thats ever had any real meat on is my ass and I dont think it's a conincidence that its my sexiest feature...Also, I want your tshirt!

yes, exactly.. "real women" nowadays are curvy ones, and us skinny ones are being left behind. Because society guesses that real women are the opposite of those gorgeous women on the media who are... skinny, but have curves. Everyone calls me skinny but i'm not that skinny under my clothes. I've got a good amount of fat below the waist lol and celulite and a lot of strech marks.. but no, I don't have a lot of hips so, im skinny. And I don't have boobs, so i'm skinny. I guess that's how people see me. And if I put on weight, that weight is going to places where I don't want it to be lol I'm not gonna get curves by putting on weight and the only thing I would get would be a belly more proeminent than the boobs. Ackward.
I would like to be a B cup to match my not-a-lot of hips. And to give some balance to my short legs and really long and flat torso. I used to be called "esparguetti" for that. When my boobs inflated that summer and I had put some weight due to vacations, I was called "more womanly". I miss that compliement so much.
I think it's great that more 'normal' women are being celebrated but it sucks that ladies like us are ostracised in the process. I've always been naturally skinny. The past few years I filled out a little. got a bum, slight hint of hips and my stomach is no longer concave. I think that in the same way people can be 'big boned' im actually er 'small boned'. Im pretty sure my shape and size will always appear skinny, unless perhaps I became clinically obese. Just like you get some people who, no matter how much weight they lose, always look a little chubby.
There was this fab program on earlier this evening. It basically revolved around the end aim of getting a bunch of real women to get together to get publicly naked to celebrate women's bodies. Sounds a little odd but along the way it explored some interesting points. The amount of airbrushing in magazines etc was shocking. It showed a woman looking normal and then after airbrushing and the difference was crazy mad. Also touched on mastectomies. Got me thinking about how silly it is worrying so much about breast size when there are women out there going through such an awful illness and would probably swap breasts with any one of us if it meant being fit and healthy. And, just incase youre interested, there were also numerous small boobed women at the programs end gathering smile.gif
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