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Full Version: small breast support group - (I need it even if they don't)
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Wow, I just saw this site,, on the local news...with the end quote from the reporter "25,000 women have signed up, and 30 have gotten new and IMPROVED breasts". First of all how is that news, and second it's no wonder we need this message board mad.gif
I know it's their bodies and their call on what they do with them, but I'm still pretty appalled and disgusted that a program like that exists.

QUOTE(LilMissStrange @ Sep 13 2007, 11:40 PM) *
Wow, I just saw this site,, on the local news...with the end quote from the reporter "25,000 women have signed up, and 30 have gotten new and IMPROVED breasts". First of all how is that news, and second it's no wonder we need this message board mad.gif

i think i just threw up in my mouth a little. fuck right lilmiss! no fucking wonder we have to support each other in here when the general public thinks it's necessary to donate money in order to "improve" our bodies. giving me a fucking break?!!!! aren't there plenty more women in the world who are starving, HIV-positive, victims of sexual assault, domestic violence (and the list goes on!) who could use that "donation" alot more. who are these sickos donating money to complete strangers so that they can have implants? my GOD, what kind of world are we living in? a world where money that would be better in the hands of charity is wasted on people trying to uphold the status quo and turn us all into barbies? sorry about all the f-bombs, but as you can see, i'm enraged.
That is disgusting. The entire concept is just... ew. Ugh. Words cannot express my outrage.
Pretty gross huh? If you ladies want to watch the interview it's here....

What gets me is that this unnecessary surgery is supposed to "improve their self-esteem and confidence?" Makes it sound like a public service! This really, truly is disgusting.'s prostitution (like, the girls send you "gifts," photos, etc. in exchange for donations... ACK!)

PS: Hubby just walked in and said, what's with all the pink stuff on the screen? I told him it was a small breast support group (No secret, but I just never mentioned it before.) He said, "Tell the ladies you all have the best kind of breasts there are!" That's at least one man's opinion for ya! wink.gif
Oh, also:

The idea was conceived by a guy while attending a bachelor party in Vegas...that's your first clue right there about the class of person we are talking about...secondly, he says, "to protect the guy's investment," the money goes straight to the doctor (after the web creator gets his cut, of course!) How about protecting the women??

And why oh why are most of the women in the "before" photos larger than I am? Aren't they satisfied?

The process, to me, seems like this:

1. Make women feel inadequate/damaged
2. Make a way for (male) web guy and "doctors" to profit from "fixing" the women so they are no longer inadequate/damaged

I wish there was an icon to show vomiting. I'd use it now.
ha ha ha i totally see the humor in the "MFI" website. it's a joke. i mean i realize these people are serious, but really.. they're a joke. check out the quotes from the 'in the press' section... the sarcasm is heavy from the media. this is basically a website for exotic dancers and their clients. i mean whatever, that's what they're into... i just think it's pretty funny.
QUOTE(knorl05 @ Sep 17 2007, 03:49 AM) *
ha ha ha i totally see the humor in the "MFI" website. it's a joke. i mean i realize these people are serious, but really.. they're a joke. check out the quotes from the 'in the press' section... the sarcasm is heavy from the media. this is basically a website for exotic dancers and their clients. i mean whatever, that's what they're into... i just think it's pretty funny.

Yes, I also did read the sarcasm between the lines of the comments, like the one from Jay Leno, but I don't think the site overall is a joke. It does look legit, doesn't it? Or am I missing something?
oh know i'm pretty sure it's legit. i'm jus sayin.... it's a joke like it's ridiculous.
QUOTE(knorl05 @ Sep 17 2007, 04:40 PM) *
i'm jus sayin.... it's a joke like it's ridiculous.

It sure is! rolleyes.gif
i just watched the 'news' story on the website.....what a choadface its creator is! i was sincerely impressed with the level of douchebaggery he's achieved. i also still can't get over how the reported describes the ladies post-surgery as having 'new and improved,' breasts. that epithet implies products like carpet cleaner or mouthwash, certainly not the after effects of major surgery.

part of me wants to laugh at it all and the other part is still just too pissed off.

what's worse is walking around campus here and seeing multiple 18yo coeds who have obviously had surgery! what parent would encourage their child to do something like that and pay for it? i mean, as mature, adults, we should be able to come to that decision on our own, it shouldn't be something that mommy and daddy foot the bill for.
i realize on some level it's irresponsible of me to laugh at it.
that i should perhaps take it more seriously because this popular website is feeding into the misconception that smaller breasts are undesirable and 'wrong'.
but i guess because the cheese factor of the thing is so heavy, i have hard time taking it seriously. the way it's presented, no intelligent person would have anything to do with it.
so i kind of just look at it as this little club for people like that, and try not let it bother me. because these people are out there around us everyday. and they have these thoughts, based on their limited beliefs and priorities.. and that's just how it is.
i think it is super fantastic and necessary to educate people.. but i dont think it's necessarily fair that i should try to make anyone think like me or embrace my beliefs.
because just as much as i think they are wrong, they think i'm wrong too.

i realized the major difference is that some of us value being a natural &or individual person.. while others value being an enhanced &or homogenized person. you know, we just have different feelings about what's attractive and desirable.
knorl05 I totally agree with you....I don't really find the website offensive, it's those people's own choice to do what they want. What pissed me off was the fact that it made the news, and that the reporter made a comment about how the women "now have new and improved breasts". Ugh, hearing small things like that all the time just brainwashes women into thinking all men like big breasts..... even some of my friends seem to believe it dry.gif
aww, knorl! i wouldn't feel irresponsible for laughing. the world is full of idiots, and it is our job as evolved creatures to find humor in folly.(does that sound too self-righteous?.....whatever)

i agree, people should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. if these women feel validated by creepy-creeps wanting to pump up their breasts then i have no cause to interfere. that's their perogative. i agree with you, lilmiss, it bothers me that some one thinks that's news worthy. ummm, aren't people dying, starving, suffering all over the world? couldn't our attention be better drawn to something significant?

we can take comfort in the fact that the websites creator and the vast majority of its true patrons aren't perhaps the brightest pennies in the fountain, or, barring that, have their priorities all mixed up. we soldier on, we fight the status quo, we struggle to accept our bodies and elevate our minds and spirits. we draw on one anothers strengths. and we have a good laugh at all the silly, mixed up people we encounter along the way. and if they can't entertain us, i always recall the cheesy quote from some bookstore wallhanging i saw, 'blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused.'
Hey all!
I don't usually post this kind of thing, but The Breast Cancer Site is having trouble meeting their quota of donating one free mammogram to an underprivileged woman a day. So if you want to help, just go to the website I linked and click on the pink box. It's absolutely free, they just count how many clicks they get.
Small breasts need protection too!!
*click* ; ) good call crinoline

djbiz: yeah, i guess sometimes i think i take some things too serious and other things not serious enough. but i cant help but think their ignorance is laughable only because there are so many of them who get involved in that shit. i completely agree with this thought .. "ummm, aren't people dying, starving, suffering all over the world? couldn't our attention be better drawn to something significant?" all i can say to that is it really comes down to our values, you know, our attitudes about life and the world around us. what people deem "significant". like you said, our priorities.

see at the same time, it's hard to really judge them considering they are just dealing with their body issues in a different way than people like us: people who fight the misconceptions and errors in our thinking, and search for the truth.. vs those who many not have the foresight or strength to go against the grain. my close friends are people who are individual in their thinking, but i have known acqaintences and family members who gave in and had plastic surgery. i almost feel sorry for them. i can sympathize (and empathize!) with their body issues, but i cant really relate to going under the knife to resolve them.

your last paragraph was beautiful and very eloquent. i think i will print it for inspiration and put it somewhere accessible to look at when i need it.. ; ) shit i think i'm going to do that with all the inspirational thoughts i come across anymore. hmm*
snow white
i have a girlfriend who has really small boobs. she's so embarrassed by them half the time she doesn't even take off her shirt when she and bf git bizzy. she's saving up for a boob job.

i also have small boobs but i've never had a problem about it. the guys i date are into small boobs. plus i have inverted nipples, not as good as regualr nips but whatever. i look at my friend and i'm so thankful i don't have the hangups she has... i don't know, it makes me kinda sad
It's sad that so many women live in shame for absolutely no reason. Does your friend's bf encourage her toward plastic surgery? For someone with such deep self esteem issues, it could be dangerous to be in a relationship with a negative partner.

And snow, hells yeah your small boobs are awesome, and I'm sure your nips, however quirky they may be, rock.

Anyway, I came in here to ask, has anyone tried the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Petite line?

It looks great to me because not only are my boobs small, I'm petite in general with small shoulders and a narrow back. These are supposed to be cut for smaller proportions, so the cups lay correctly against your ribs, and the straps are closer together (yay!! no more constant slipping straps). It sounds great, but being a college student, I'm reluctant to drop $40.00 on another bra that doesn't fit. (I've been buying too long in the preteen section, lol)
Does anyone know anything about this line? Could this truly be a well fitting petite bra or am I just dreaming the impossible dream here?
Crinoline, are you buying them off the interweb? i am always wary of doing that. i've tried on some of that particular line in department stores and found them to fit really well, especially in terms of the cup size. as long as you don't mind a super-padded bra, i think you would really like them. i wouldn't consider my frame, petite, however, but that being said, with this line i had to loosen the straps alot and wear the band on the last hook. i didn't end up buying them, but that's just because i'm not crazy about padded bras. anywho, hope that helps!

if you're looking for some cheap, non-padded comfy bras, american apparel and american eagle have some good options.


way to be positive snow white, it sounds like you have the right attitude and you've discovered that confidence is the sexiest quality you can posess. i feel kinda sad for your friend too. i hope she does a serious cost/benefit analysis before she drops 5k on surgery. i would worry about her having a super negative partner as well. as you know from experience there are plenty of guys out there that love or prefer small breasts and even more guys who could care less either way. they should love your breasts because they are attached to you, not because they are big or small. maybe you could introduce your friend to this forum?
*runs into lounge, tears streaming*

WOW. what a crap day. so here's my story, best as i can sum it up.

i went to work out at the campus gym, with is rampant with undergrads completing their bizarre mating rituals (to the point that these girls put on makeup BEFORE they go to work out) which i don't ever pay any attention to. after my workout i went to take a shower and was then changing by my locker. i'm not shy when i change in there, that's what a locker room is for, but i don't go strutting around nake either. anyway, i had my little panties on, but no shirt and no bra, just hadn't gotten that far yet, when these two (most likely 18-20yo) girls walked by. the one girl smirked at me in an odd way, but i shook it off, thinking maybe she was uncomfortable with brief, unknown female nudity. anyhow, i finished getting dressed and then went into the bathroom section. i was doing my business when the same two girls (i recognized the one girls bright orange shoes) came into the bathroom to fix their hair in the mirror. their conversation went kind of like this:

a)did you SEE that girl?

b)yeah, if i looked like that i would never change in public.

a)i feel kinda sorry for her, i mean, god, those were like, microscopic! put a shirt on, i mean, come one, no one wants to see that!

b)girls like that should be canidates for free surgery or something, they should, like, have a charity or something for that, you know?

b)yeah, it's just sad.

i wish i could say that i burst out of the stall and confronted them, telling them to mind their own goddamn business, but i didn't. i felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest and i hid in the bathroom until i could be completely sure the vapid bitches had scampered out.

sigh. no matter how much you may feel good about yourself, how is it that two, inconsequential, obviously shallow, superficial nitwits can get under your skin?

Oh no! Aww. That sucks! (((((dj-bizmonkey)))))

What cunts! Sorry to pull out the c-word, but that's what pops into my mind (although "vapid bitches" is just as good and probably more accurate).

I know how you feel. And I know you really try, and do, feel good about yourself and your body, but that can still obviously make a person feel small (no pun intended! small in the bad way... not good like our boobs). And I know you have a man who loves you and thinks you're sexy (not that you need validation from a man). Of course that would get under anyone's skin. I'm usually too shy to even change in public, which I've been trying to work on. I know you're one of the strongest, most outspoken and positive women I've encountered here, and I'm sure the icky feelings that resulted from being a victim of such blatant superficiality and ignorance will soon fade.

Last summer I was crossing the street with my boyfriend, feeling pretty cute in short shorts and a clingy shirt with a low back. We were running across in front of 2 dudes on motorcycles. I guess one of my bra straps was showing, because as I crossed I heard one of the guys say "Can you believe that girl was actually wearing a bra?" in a really snide tone, and the other guy laughed. I was mortified! I don't think my boyfriend heard (he was up ahead), and I was glad, because I wouldn't want him to feel embarassed in public because of his girlfriend's small breasts (though I'm sure he would have written them off as losers anyway). If he did hear, he had the good taste not to mention it. I thought of mentioning it in here, but then decided I just wanted to forget about it.

My new roommate is also really small (AA or A, about the same as me, I would estimate) as I think she's really beautiful. She often wears thin tanks or loose t-shirts without a bra, and it looks sexy and cool. So I think of her if I feel not so great about my breasts. I picture her looking cute and comfortable in her skin.
Aw, dj-biz, that SUX!!! I'm so sorry that happened, and I really admire you putting your vulnerability out there. You know, it just goes to prove, these very young girls are just the ones who are brainwashed by all this "barbie doll-breasts" ideal. Honestly, girls their age don't see many normal (small) breasts anymore, so of course they are going to think it is unusual. All the more reason why we have to stand firm and proud (and perky) and show how beautiful we are, just as we are. If we don't, who will?

I was watching an old James Bond flick from the '70s last night with the hubby--Live and Let Die. The cutest girl in the movie was this adorable black chick with small breasts. She appeared in a teeny bikini and I said, "Wow! Normal breasts!!!" I mean, you just don't see that too much in the movies anymore.

Still, no doubt that was a sucky thing to experience. Massive hugs to you and your cute, wonderful, fab and sexy boobies! I'm sure you looked HOT!

Of course, there is also the possibility that perhaps they knew you were in there and were deliberately being bitches. Do you think that may have been the case?



I enjoy knowing that trite, superficial girls and guys like that will end up with the partners they deserve, as artificial on the outside as they are hollow on the inside. display fruit. Looks fabulous, tastes like blech. They'll end up wondering why their "friends" backstab them, their partners cheat on them and their kids hate them. Guess what's because the way you measure and judge people is fucked up, and the way you treat people is fucked up, and you're getting exactly what's coming to you.

Hell with them, and all the other sheep like them.
thanks so much y'all! i knew that posting in here would make me feel better. i'm kind of embarassed to tell the story to any of my bigger breasted friends because i don't want those looks of pity, ya know? i'm contemplating telling my man, but i'm even kind of embarassed there, even though i know he loves my breasts. it's a funny coincidence, because he just sent me this youtube link. i think you might enjoy it even though a)i'm not crazy about 'shake what ya ain't got' b)one the girls looks like she has c-cups, but whatever, the heart is in the right place. here's the link:

i hope y'all enjoy it, even just a little.

sigh. i'm still recovering. stupid cunts. i'm with you on dropping the c bomb edie. and what choadfaces those guys must have been to say that to you. ugh. i'm really glad you shared that story, even though it may have been painful for you. please know, it helped me feel alot better not to be the ony one accosted by complete strangers.

anarch, i LOVE the fake fruit analogy, i'm using that from now on. brilliant.

karategrrl, i'm the same way when i see women like that in movies, i cheer! i want to watch them over and over again. a great example, linda fiorentino in 'the last seduction.' i love that she's a small-breasted vixen that has every man wrapped up in her web. her breasts are some of the smallest i've ever seen on the silver screen and she's rockin' them. one of the only actresses that's probably the same size as me.

i wonder if those cunts knew i was in there.....whatever, i just hope i never have to face them again, and if i do, i'm going to strut, chest out, head high. fuck 'em.

thanks again ladies, i'm so glad we've got eachother. i appreciate the support and the hugs.
i <3 you dj biz!!!
i JUST read your post. i'm so sorry you had that experience.
but i'd first like to point out that you're way more brave than me when it comes to your body. i would love to be a completely liberated and strong female who accepts her body 100%.. but i dont. i'm working toward it, but i just dont. i wear bras all the time, especially IF changing in public. the only people who have seen me sans bras are beaus. i'm not even comfortable going braless around my girlfriends.. because well, girls can be rude. not that it's an issue, but yeah, the whole shock and pity thing that women with bigger boobs feel for women with smaller boobs. i just dont want to be confronted with it. even when females care about eachother, i still think (most of us?) feel the need to check eachother out.
anyway. what we say and how we interact with people is indicative of our character and our mentality. it is obvious these girls are way immature, manipulated by the media, and play into society's erroneous beliefs about a woman's body. so you should pity them.. feel sorry for them. they are the unfortunate ones. they are the ignorant ones. if they are THAT shallow as to judge a woman they dont even know and make a cruel conversation over it, it shows exactly where they are and where they are headed as women. so beneath you. not even worth your attention or time, i know you know that.
but i understand that it does hurt because well it's just uncalled for.. and the words they chose to create that conversation were, like i said, CRUEL. dumb heartless bitches.
take comfort in knowing they live a shallow life, with their shallow friends, and you only have to deal with them in generic and casual amounts. what you have going for you, your intelligence, heart, soul, talent, love of friends and family.. is so much more important than what two little girls have to say about you to fill their shallow time.
again i know you know this i just hope you let it set in. xoxoxoxo

Sometimes people can really suck. How ridiculous and immature, is this middle school? In my experience, when girls say things like that it stems from their own low self-confidence. It's like if they put down everyone else around them, they feel better in comparison. Ick.

Anyway, you're awesome, and who cares what vapid little snots say anyway?
I didn't know about Linda Fiorentino. I just Google image searched her. She looks very cute, sexy, and confident. I mean, I think natural, bigger breasts can look great, but she definitely looks better than anyone with two fake orbs on their chests.

She's now added to my list of small-busted women who look great (along with my Mom and my boyfriend's Mom!).
djbizmonkey - i'm so sorry that happened to you!! next time, definitely embarrass the little bitches! (and, as someone who has a larger chest, i don't pity smaller boobed girls...that's just silly).
Ha, I just checked that youtube link that djbizmonkey posted and I kind of loved it. It's ridiculous yet it made me feel good, it's a funny little mantra that's still running through my head. But yeah, my breasts make those ladies' look big, if I saw any of them IRL I would think average, maybe small-ish, nice breasts, but anywho. I wouldn't say there's anything they "ain't got" (and I guess I shouldn't think that about myself, either). The part where the little guy beats up the implant enthusiast was pretty great.
(((((everyone))))), i cannot even tell you how much your responses have helped me. it's one thing to know these concepts in my heart of hearts, it's another thing entirely to have them reinforced by so many intelligent, outspoken, powerful women. THANK YOU! i am so thankful for the existence of this thread.

i wish i could have that little man follow me around wherever i went and if i ran into some bitches like the other day, he could lay some smack down.

why do women cut eachother down like this? what are they hoping to achieve? it boggles my mind, especially in light of the fact that there are so many women like all of you out there in the world.
Dj-bizmonkey, what an awful experience! If that ever happens to you again you should stand right outside the stall and say clearly "You realize, I can hear you." Not exactly witty or scathing, just a blunt and forward statement to help them realize how ugly they're being. People need to be told when they're behaving in an ugly manner, otherwise they think that said behavior is perfectly acceptable.

I have another eye-opening experiance to share with y'all-

An aquaintance of mine is an erotic photographer. She took some shots of a good friend of mine a few months ago which were featured in an exhibition shortly thereafter. When walking through the exhibition, I was surprised o see how many smaller breasted women were portrayed. Even the large breasted women were natural. Surprisingly, I saw not one woman with fake breasts featured.
As I neared one photograph in particular I heard a comment made "That's a good shot, but I would rather see a little more meat, less bone." then another coment "Beautiful photograph, but hideous model. It's supposed to be artsy, I understand, but do they have to choose women who look like men?" Then my best friend says, "Gross! That woman is sickly looking!" The photograph in question was of a woman who has my EXACT body type. Had she had fake bolt-on breasts, I guarantee you the reaction would have been completely different. She woul have been called 'hot' or 'sexy' but her lack of overly abundant breast tissue (or silicone) had her being called 'gross' and 'sickly'.

I turned to my friend and said loudly and defiantly "I think she's beautiful. Considering the fact that this is what I look like naked, I have nothing negative to say. She's beautiful because she's natural and unwilling to conform."
Everyone in the immediate area immediately looked at the ground, or nodded in agreement. Rightfully so! This was an erotic art show! Meant to sexually liberate and highlight the immense differences in the human form. It just goes to show you that even at an event aimed at provoking ideas of non-conformism and body acceptance, people still choose to have a 'Hollywood' sence of what beauty is. Cosmo is not beauty!
lotus: which show was it? i was probably there.. ; )
RIGHT ON! what you said. all of it, so true. i'm glad you had the balls to speak up. like you said people need to be put in check.. especially in an environment where people are encouraged to see the unique beauty and natural sexual appeal of the human form. i dont care how snobby this sounds, but that's why i hate non-artists or non-art-aficionados attending those events.. i mean on the one hand, i see it as an opportunity to open their minds, but on the other i see it as yet another chance for them to harshly judge or critique something they dont understand. it seems like at that moment with what you said, it was the former.
Lotus, how awesome!

DJ, I will check out that movie!

You know, you guys reminded me of a similar bad experience (though the person involved was not half as harsh as those other assaholics...). I was changing clothes after a particularly sweaty karate class many years ago. There was another woman in there who was visiting, and also changing at the same time. We were ripping down to the skin, putting on fresh undies & bras, that sort of thing, and I swear when I took off my bra she got a sudden look of shock/horror/pity on her face when she saw my chest, like "Ohmigod!"

Luckily she didn't say anything, but the shock was there. Funny thing is, though she had, like, medium-sized breasts, they were flopping all around and one was way bigger than the other. Not to knock anyone else's boobs, but I felt waay luckier to have mine.

Love you all.
Knorl~ This was at Summerotica at Severance gallery near Eastern Market.. cool place! Even cooler if you were there; what a small world tongue.gif

Ladies, let me just say again that I am so happy to have found this forum. What a great outlet for all of us who have, no doubt, all shared similar experiences. We rock! Oh and check out this awesome short story I stumbled upon recently. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
sorry that post was a derail...


karategrrl, that sounds uncomfortable too. it's amazing how people can be so unfamiliar with anyone or anything different from themselves.
Lotus- I LOVED that essay!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

(((karategrrl))) - There should be some sort of social aptitude test people are forced to take before being allowed in a locker room. Geesh.
hey all, haven't read the essay yet, though it is on my to do list. i should be studying for my human variation class right now, but i needed a little distraction from it all.

not to double derail, but i think the point that lotus and knorl made is actually really valid. even though our focus here is breasts, it connects to the broader ideas about body image and beauty. it's just plain reprehensible to be criticizing one another on the basis of our bodies (and i'm not trying to guilt you here karategrrl, i would want to bash everything about that bitch too). i am not a skinny-mini by any means (nice assonance there) but i have alot of friends who are, and they are always getting bashed by other women and being accused of having eating disorders. it's ridiculous to me. it's your fucking genetics, and if there is one thing you can't fight, it's your DNA. i have no problem with skinny women. what i have a problem with is medium to larger sized women thinking they have to be the same size as some one who is naturally that way and then do very unnatural things in order to achieve that.

ANYWAY, yes, i like the idea of a social aptitude test before entering a locker room. as in, 'you must be at least this self-realized to enter....' getting back to the whole body image idea, i think it must be equally difficult for overweight women to change at the gym as well, especially when you consider alot of the people who are changing around them. i empathize with those women so much, the ones who feel like they have to cower in the corner because they've got a mushroom top poking out over their jeans. i mean, at least they've made a positive choice in their lives to get healthy, and that's what it should be all about: achieving what is best for your body. like i said, you can't fight genetics, if you were born to be a bean pole your probably not going to end up looking like beyonce. and for me, my thighs have always touched, and i mean always, since i was 4 years old. that's not going to change, that's my anatomy. when it comes to our bodies, we should stress being HEALTHY and not unnaturally thin for our body type.

sorry for the off topic rant, but i do think it all interconnects.

i am thankful for this forum, as i have said many many times, but i can't say it enough.
anna k
i am not a skinny-mini by any means (nice assonance there) but i have alot of friends who are, and they are always getting bashed by other women and being accused of having eating disorders. it's ridiculous to me. it's your fucking genetics, and if there is one thing you can't fight, it's your DNA. i have no problem with skinny women. what i have a problem with is medium to larger sized women thinking they have to be the same size as some one who is naturally that way and then do very unnatural things in order to achieve that.

I hate that too, that thin women would be assumed to not eat or that they'll get fat later, like being thin is a youthful temporary thing, or some kind of hatred/jealousy towards thin women. I was thin as a kid, but developed early into a voluptuous figure, and won't ever be wiry or really slim. And I'm fine with it. My genetics did seem funny since my mother and my grandma are both thin women, but it really is a combination of genetics and health. I watched a TV special on Heather Locklear where her castmates said she loved eating junk food, but was naturally thin and athletic (her SoCal upbringing may have added to that). I never understood the public criticism of Calista Flockhart, who looked like a naturally small-boned, thin woman. I saw her at a performance of The Vagina Monologues and thought that she looked fine.

My sister and I are on opposite sides of breast size. She is an A cup, while I'm a triple-D. It's ridiculous how even with the same parents, our breasts are really different.

I like it when women in movies display small breasts in an assertive, sexy way. Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction is a great example. Or watching Famke Jaansen in Rounders. I don't feel jealousy, I just admire them. Hell, just flip through British Vogue for vintage pics of Jane Birkin and Charlotte Rampling or recent photos of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.

I don't mind changing in front of other women. I took ballet for several months, and the class was a beginner's full of people of varied ages and experiences, and I liked the female communal feel in the changing room between thin muscular girls who have done ballet for years, old women who did it as a pastime, and curvier women. We were all feeling good and refreshed after an hour of dancing, and it felt nice for me to be around other women changing. I did like to sneak peeks at other women, because I like seeing different bodies.
Yeah, it used to bother me a lot that Calista Flockhart got criticized so much. I was a fan of Ally McBeal as a teenager (I related to her romantic idealism) and liked that she was so small-busted and thin, and was still referred to as beautiful in the context of the show. And I remember getting excited when I'd see red carpet shots of her, thinking "she looks like me!", only to read scathing criticisms of her body. It's one thing if she really did need help (I don't remember if that was the case, I do know that she was very thin, but I eat healthy big portions and am not *that* active and am still thin, if I were busy and stressed I know that pounds would just drop).

Portia de Rossi was another small-breasted lady on that show, and I remember her being referred to as an "exotic beauty." And I love her as Lindsay on Arrested Development.
Hey DJ, I wonder if you would mind explaining your avatar photo? I've been wondering for awhile. Is that you in the jeans, you bootylicious babe? wink.gif

Knorl, that IS a great essay...and oh, how I can relate! I vaguely seem to remember a similar personal experience!

I agree with the general discussion of late...why can't we all just accept each others' bods?? I swear, one of my best life experiences was going through a long teacher training at a yoga center. One night, several of us from the group all ended up in the steamy jacuzzi, naked, and I remember looking around and being awed by the huge variety of bodies there were among us--heavy, thin, large-breasted, small-breasted, dark, light--and especially how freaking BEAUTIFUL we all were, each in our OWN way. I will never forget that.
it is me, *wink*. gotta get back to work now, promise to post something this evening....
karategrrl: i think the reason women are so judgemental of other women's bodies is the whole comparison thing... "i'm ok, you're not ok". if all women are seen as beautiful to the general public then the shallow, less sensitive and intellectually impaired women would have nothing to make them feel superior. they would have nothing to give them confidence. it could just simply be, that we are conditioned to be this way and that most women dont have the insight to realize it's counterproductive and a waste of time. even those of us who do have the insight, still struggle with the way we allow our bodies to influence our self worth. it's a difficult battle, one that i hope most women find a way to break free of to really know their true potential.
Knorl, great points you made!

DJ, can't wait to hear about the avatar. Looks like someone is swatting yer heiny.
knorl, i totally agree!

lotus, i finally got around to looking at that page and i found it really interesting. i also enjoyed reading the other stories about breasts, they really spanned the whole spectrum.

karategrrl, yeah, i feel like yoga is one of those types of settings where you have to be comfortable with your body and there isn't alot of judgement. strangely enough, i got the same feeling from my ballet classes in undergrad. ballet is often associated with alot of body image issues, but my teacher was
so fantastic and the class had women of all shapes and sizes. on the first day she told us to go home, look good and long at our bodies in the mirror and get used to them, because there was no use trying to cover up in a class about movement and shape. my avatar photo is from a 'celebrity' themed party and i dressed up as j-lo. i'm wearing a one piece denim pant suit that buttoned up the front. utterly fantastic.
DJ, you have an amazing figure!
aw shucks, *blushes* thanks karategrrl!
i love that someone made this thread.

i really wish we could somehow demolish the media's breast infatuation. the only place where small breasts fit (no pun intended) is in the same industry that perpetuates eating disorders in young women!!
not sure if anyones posted this yet, but you should all have a look around this site...
so you know. i think there comes a time when we have to realize that these feelings we have about our bodies and whatnot are our feelings about our bodies. i mean yes we are entirely influenced by the media and society and all of that... but really there are a ton of misconceptions and inaccuracies in those arenas that we just have to be able to disregard. because if we dont, then we're not really liberated from it all. i mean shit easier said than done i realize. but i think that's what gives us our strength and individuality. and imo i think those are amazing things.
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