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Full Version: small breast support group - (I need it even if they don't)
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I had a thought recently: Some women are probably self-conscious about their butt being too flat or something, but there isn't any Flat-Butt Support Group in the lounge. Is it because butts aren't as important in our society? I think it is. I'd choose a great rack over a great butt....then again, I *do* have a great butt. biggrin.gif "The grass is always greener," eh?
i went through my teens taking comfort in having a great butt, since the breast appartment was kind of non-existing. i'm all for focusing on the positive sides:) you can probably be self-conscious about anything in your body, from your toes to the back of your head (and, no, i'm not making these examples up). but i think breasts are one of the ways people are divided in the society to gender categories, in the same way as it's thougt that beeing a mother somehow makes a woman. i don't think many people consciously think this way, but we all have been brought up to associate this way. breasts=woman, the bigger the the more of a woman you are. i'm not so sure if gender should be the most defining thing to build up ones identity, but that's the way it seems to be today. and there for the elements that emphasize that part of ones identety seem to have a great significance to people. when you walk down the street gender is one of the first thing you notice about people, i don't think anuone honestly can say that the first thing they think about seeing a stranger in the street is, is what their favorite pastry is.

but does anyone know why breasts have become one of the thigs that signify a woman? i meen, there are other things like hair, and especially facial hair, that have the same "purpose".

i'm of to taking pride in my long torso, broad shoulders, long arms and my nice butt:)
dj-bizmonkey: YES!! I hate Victoria's Secret, too. Their stuff does not fit well. Not the panties, not the bras. Uhg. It's like it's all designed by a man who has no concept of how the female body really works. I feel the same way about padding: sometimes I want a little---just enough to shield my nipple-nubs from the world---but not enough to be accused of false advertising. They're hard to find...
You all seem to have the same body I do! My measurements are like 33-26-37 or something like that!
Do any of you all have a hard time finding shirts that fit you? I want to dress like the adult I am, but since I am so small on top (and have a long torso and stick arms), I can only fit into the junior section stuff! does anyone know of a place (that is CHEAP!) that makes nice clothes for peaple like me?
false advertising ha. yeah. i could be accused of that, and i dont really care. waterbras and turkey fillets are some great inventions. i figure, any guy who i'm gonna let feel me up isnt a guy who likes me for my breasts anyway so i'm not too worried about it. it's our little secret. smile.gif

re: grown up clothes. that's a tough call. i was working in sales for a while so i had to buy a bunch of suits.. and i could not find any OTR that fit me well. i never had the money to have them tailored so i would be swimming in the size 4 suit coats. it looked "nice" but i just felt like i was wearing my mommy's clothes.

re: viki secret bras. hate them. not only do they not fit right, they do not hold up long either.
just got back from an utterly amazing vacation with my now, after some serious discussion, boyfriend. i had my buddies back in the states mail me some cute bra and panty sets since all my underwear here is for working in the field (read, stained and full of holes) and not appropriate for long nights of hot jungle sex. but, of course, the bras they sent me were super padded and my boy said the sweetest thing, 'sure, they look all fancy, but they feel like shit.' he kept trying to feel me up and getting frustrated that he couldn't get to 'the soft, tender part,' fast enough. he ended up just poking at the part of my breasts that were being pushed up at the top and reaching in under the cups. in the end it was 'take that silly thing off and let me see the real, gorgeous you.' long story short, he adores my breasts and can't keep his hands off them. i've been with guys in the past that just skipped over them entirely. not this one, he makes me feel confident and sexy, thank goodness!

yes, yes, yes, knorl and sassafrass, fuck vickies. and if buying a bra that gives you more shape makes you feel confident (regardless of false advertising) then you should do it! knorl, totally with you on the type of guys, if he gets pissed off or disappointed that you're wearing a water-bra, he's obviously way too superficial to be worthwhile.

as for being tiny on top and more blessed on the bottom (pun intended), do y'all get totally frustrated shopping for bikinis? this makes me insano, especially when the mix and match sizes selections cost $20 more than the pre-paired ones. ugh. i just bought a super skimpy costa rican suit, mix and match, for only $15. of course, it will probably melt once i get it in the ocean, but it looks good.... i recommend tiny tiny, tight triangle tops for us, at least for my A's, it makes them look super hot, almost, dare i say, modelesque.
Some triangle tops look good on me, others, horrid. I have one great bikini that is made of a thicker crochet material. Because it's thick it doesn't pucker or look weird when it gets wet, and I tie it real tight halter style so I almost have cleavage, and everything stays put.
dj biz: glad to hear you've met a rad guy who finds everything about you sexy.. makes you feel so much better about yourself and about getting down and dirty with him. i know when i am comfortable with someone, i can be less inhibited. and that makes it more fun for everyone. luckily, i've only dated one guy when i was 18 who told me i should get my boobs done. other than that guys have been more than content with my perky titties. in fact, many of them have told me i could be a stripper if i wanted, so that tells me they think i'm sexy despite the fact i dont fit the feminine ideal. they are more than willing to offer compliments when they come to mind. but again i think it's the type of guys i date. they're real passionate and expressive and like me for who i am. smile.gif what i've learned is the more sure you are of yourself, the more guys will be attracted to your style.

this whole suicide girls trend just proves that guys like lots of different things about women, but mostly they just like women. i've said it before and i'll say it again, unfortunately i think women are more critical of other women's bodies than men are of women. i think if more women challenge the ideal of feminity and accept themselves as they are, we'd start to notice that carry over to the media and into society as a whole. i think if more women realized how immature it is to determine their worth based on their bodies, they'd be more successful and overall contented with their lives.

that's just my piece. hope you ladies dont mind my rant. *descends from soapbox*
ps. bathing suits. i just bought a new one. it's bandeau top and small bottoms... white with blue trim and fishnet overtop. no padding really but because of the cut it gives the illusion of more curves up top.
hi small busted busties,
i haven't been in the lounge for quite some time now and wanted to stop by and see what's going on. i wanted to relate how funny it is that at normally 34AAs, for the first time (i'm 6 weeks post partum), I've got 34B-Cs and now it just feels like they get in the way! it doesn't help that i'm breastfeeding obviously, so they are leaky and sore somewhat, but I was laying on my stomach and my boob got squished. obviously, i don't know if normally bigger boobed gals feel this way, but possibly it's just when you've got a particular way of moving in the world, all of a sudden, there are these things on your chest.

but i love that being tiny boobed to begin with, i just have perky boobs now. and you really get the sense of what these things are on your chest - to nourish your lovable new beebob baby! all of a sudden (not as if it didn't occur to me before) there is something even more shallow about women with their fake silicone silos. i do respect ppl's choices about their bodies, but that's just how it sort of feels - that if you can't do anything with them other than look at them, well what's the point?
Knorl for some reason bandeau tops look fucking fabulous on small breasts. That just reminded me of bra shopping with my friend recently for strapless bras and I tried on a bandeau and she said she couldn't wear them because her boobs were too big. She then had to try on something with underwires and padding galore so she could get support. So every time I feel bad about how I look I just remember that I don't have to wear those horrible underwire bras ( I hate them! ) or even a bra at all.
I recently discovered that shirts that have this kind of cut on top;op_sharpen=1 actually look good on small gals. I didn't think it would because of the v-neck but the way the fabric criss crosses up there and the ties that many of them have under the bust actually shows off what we have rather nicely! Even more on the upside, since most of us don't really have much in the way of cleaveage they don't have more boobage sticking out than would be appropriate for work, they just look really nice! I'm just excited about my discovery and wanted to pass it along biggrin.gif
right on lilmiss smile.gif
i used to have this awesome baby blue bandeau bikini that i LOVED and now the top has vanished. i wore that thing since i was 16. sigh. they do look ever so hot on ladies like us. that is a really cute top, anonymoose, thanks for sharing!
most my bikini tops i've had have been halter neck type (i've no idea what you call them). i like them because they lift my boobs from my armpits and you don't have to worry about the straps falling. but i think i should try a bandeau top, because they're so cute!

my mom always says, that it was freaky beeing pregnant/breastfeeding, because she suddenly got the things on the front that were always on her way. i would imagine jumping from a to c is a bit of a shock for anyone.

dj-bm hope you and your boy are still fine. he sounds fantastic!
Hi, all my small-busted hotties!

I'm checking your posts after not doing so for awhile, so forgive me while I touch on a lot of things that have been said.

Yes, Victoria's Secret sucks. My biggest beef with them is how they show their (already well-endowed) models wearing all sorts of padding, push-up, etc. in their bras. THEY DON'T NEED IT! And it only makes them look utterly ridiculous--I mean, boobs pushed up so far they almost touch your chin??? Cripes. I usually toss the catalog straight in the trash when it comes in, and go look at my collage of small-busted hotties instead. wink.gif

I like the wrap top as well. V-necks look really good on small-boobers like me--more so than round necks, I've found. Almost all my tops are v-neck. Apparently, a lot of folks think V-necks are supposedly only for large-breasted women trying to show off cleavage. Just not so! Wrap tops are especially flattering for us gals!

Okay, why am I the ONLY woman on Earth, it seems, whose breasts did NOT get larger when she went on the pill? I mean, the first couple of weeks, they puffed up a tad and I was jumping for joy and checking them every damn day...then they stabilized and went right back, where they have stayed the 2 years since. Curses. I griped to my gyno about this and he kind of jokingly said, "Well, I can put you on something stronger," but they are working just fine and I don't want to fuck with my health for the sake of bigger boobs.

Someone wanted to know where to find good-fitting tops. I don't know if there's an H&M near you, but I've had terrific luck there, particularly with tops--nice and tailored, bust-flattering and womanly. I NEVER wore button-down shirts before because they always made me look manly and the boobs disappear. Not these! And their prices are reasonable for what you get--good quality.
if only we had h&m in the south! it's one of my favorite stores....

karategrrl, when i was 20, i thought i might use the pill to get my tits to grow so i got my nurse practicioner to put me on the highest estrogen dose possible. it only succeeded in making me an INSANE person and my breasts didn't change one bit. i think the girls who grow when they go on bc maybe weren't done developing or their development got interrupted for whatever reason. me? i'm dealing with genetics, plain and simple. my mom always had nice, full C's, and i remember the moment of realization when i looked at my dad's sisters and my grandma (who are little waifs like keira knightley). i was like, oh fuck, those are the genes i inherited. waddya gonna do? i soldier on with the support of my bust sistahs, my friends and my lovahs.

lux, me and sr. monkey are doing just fine, thank for asking, i'm counting down the days until i'm out of the tropics and back in his arms (about six weeks, aargh!)
Hello everyone!

I am brand new to this lounge and I knew this would be the group for me. I have been struggling so much with how small my chest is lately, that until yesterday, I was sure that I was going to just get implants. Fortunately, I found this site, read some of the threads and realized there are plenty of other people in the same boat. Then I did some soul searching and realized that I don't really want implants, i just want to feel good about myself finally and that actually even with implants I would still hate my breasts because then they would just be fake!

So now hopefully I can start some dialogue with other women who are so much more than a pair of breasts!

Also I believe it was karategirl who posted the story about the actress who had her implants taken out. I just want to say thank you for that because I too am an actress and have always felt like having bigger breasts would suddenly make me more marketable. But I can see now that it wouldn't actually help me get more positive attention but I'd probably end up with some pretty negative attention and be offered more sleazy roles. Plus, I would hate to go through all that and then decide to just be natural later anyway.

QUOTE(Songbird @ Jun 27 2007, 08:56 PM) *
Then I did some soul searching and realized that I don't really want implants, i just want to feel good about myself finally and that actually even with implants I would still hate my breasts because then they would just be fake!

that is exactly the same thing i struggled with in my early twenties. i did not want to sell out and go against my beliefs, knowing that getting implants is (IMO) a complete waste of time, energy and money. and it's totally feeding into the misconception that in order for a woman to be considered attractive or desirable she must fit this virtually impossible, unnatural, unrealistic ideal of the female form. i thought the same thing, if i gave into getting them, i would probably hate myself more for being (what i perceived to be) weak.

re: acting. what type of acting do you want to get into? what type of movies? what type of roles? i think that is what you should consider. you'll notice a lot of natural looking women in many foreign or independent films and such because the audience they are entertaining is a much more intelligent/creative/sophisticated/cultured bunch. even still, it depends on what the producer is looking for. if she is looking for a busty woman, well then you wont be chosen for that role.

instead of noticing all the well endowed women in the industry, start to notice ALL the petite women who may be a bit more demure and inconspicuous. they can and are just as successful (see: kate hudson)
Are C cup small?
I think I will still struggle but I really do feel that I am in the process of accepting myself. I've just always wanyed to be "perfect."

As far as the acting thing goes, I actually am not planning to pursue films but live theatre. The thing is that even away from Hollywood, so many women get implants to make themselves more noticeable and it's hard not to want to do that too or risk being unnoticed. But I am trying to focus on the fact that most of the time the real porn star looking chicks (and I think there's at least one in every show) end up getting the parts that are fun but cliche and typecast based on looks not real talent.

And not to be too tacky but do you know what else has helped me recently? Going onto plastic surgery websites and looking at the before and after photos. Especially the breast reduction ones, because then it's easy to see that the grass isn't so green on the other side. A lot of the big boobs out there are just bizarrely huge and floppy! Some don't even look too great after surgery. All that and back ache too - no thanks! LOL Also the pictures of fake ones look good but so very plastic.
songbird. yes it comes down to preference ultimately... your's, your peers, casting directors, etc etc etc. in the world of talent and originality, quality always comes before quantity hands down. but it's your decision. if you are drawn to getting them simply to enhance yourself, then you need to decide if it's worth it. if you're doing it in an attempt to get closer to perfection.. well, i personally think (from dealing with my own perfectionist tendencies) plastic surgery is not the route to take. i think it could become an obsession and that's just not healthy. i used to look at before and after photos too but i stopped because it was contributing to unnecessary thoughts about my boobs, and i've since realized there is much more that needs and deserves my attention. i'm just sayin..
hey there songbird, welcome to bust! i got introduced to this fabulous community through this thread, which has helped me soooo very much with my own body issues (thanks ladies!) i went through the same debate in mind, just like knorl and probably countless others who are shaped the way we are. my career has about zero do to with appearance (seriously, you should check out frans de waal's latest hairdo, i mean, if anyone even knows who that is) but it's still something that i considered. acting is fraught with such constant rejection- casting agents know exactly what they are looking for and if you vary even by a 10th of degree you will probably not get the part. it's a harsh world, but it has always been my perception you can get away with being avante garde (sp?) alot more in the live theater world than on the screen. that being said, knorl is right, indie films (and theaters i might add) aren't into the cookie cutter look and provide a space for people of all different types. it sounds like you are in a good place now, and even if you have any more concerns or questions, don't hesitate to post again. i've mentioned this website about a gagillion times in here, but i can't push it enough. instead of checking out before and after photos from plastic surgeons, you should check out their natural breast gallery, featuring breasts from all walks of life and all shapes and sizes. it helped me feel more comfortable and confident.

and for the record, and think we can all agree that a c cup is definetly not small. too me, a b cup isn't even small (though not everyone will agree with me there) but that's coming from a 34aa.

oh and by the way, lux, karategrrl, knorl, i heart you guys wub.gif
(((djbiz))): thanks for that link it really is great.. and the love is sent right back to you. smile.gif
ps. i do concur. a c cup is definitely NOT small... maybe compared to a double z or something but not in the real world
QUOTE(brutalbunny @ May 3 2006, 12:40 AM) *
I don't know if this is related to this forum, but I noticed that the [training] bras in the little girls (children's clothing!) section of my local Mervyns are padded. Yeah, padded. <BR>There are several things seriously wrong with this.

padded training bras? that's so weird!

Though I wear the smallest size of bra (A), it doesn't bother me at all. I'm happy with my size, and am comfortable with it. And just because my bra is small doesn't mean my chest looks that way. (i still have cleavage-lol)
And my boy is soo nice~he really likes them, says they don't look small at all. ^.^
it's good you've got a supportive man in your life, em! you're very lucky to have cleavage though. the skin on my chest will fold over before i can get my breasts to touch. they just aren't destined to do that. they do look hot in a skin tight, mildy see-through white tube top. oh baby.
QUOTE(dj-bizmonkey @ Jul 5 2007, 08:51 PM) *
you're very lucky to have cleavage though. the skin on my chest will fold over before i can get my breasts to touch. they just aren't destined to do that.

I hear ya!! biggrin.gif

Aw shucks, DJ, I heart you too! And thanks for telling me about your experience with the pill. I am one of the lucky few on it who seems to have had no side effects whatsoever. I still wish I'd have gotten B-cups, though...

I have to thank all you fine ladies for being here!!! I admit, the last week or so I did some clothing shopping and it was quite discouraging, as usual--it is annoying as hell to see something that you like, try it on, and see that it makes your chest look practically concave! Grrr! At times like that, I feel like, "Fuck it! I am SO sick of having to deal with this! I'll just cave in and get implants!" But then I do try and remind myself that there are plenty of women out there who--like one of you said--have the huge boobs worthy of reduction to worry about. Given my choice of poison, I'd choose small ones over too-large ones.

Songbird, I can relate about boob jobs in the acting industry. I did some modeling, and I therefore understand the pressures of the industry. I remember one audition for a bra catalog. All the women had to try on a couple of bras from a heap on a table, and then kind of stand there and let the hiring people see how you looked in the bras. It was all female and done very tastefully, but--of course--there was not one bra in the entire pile whose cups did not stand out from my chest in little sad wrinkles. It was embarrassing. I think the hiring women just didn't know what to make of me, like they'd never seen that before! (No, I was not hired...)

I'm very glad you liked the article about the actress. Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes I post stuff and wonder if anyone but me is really getting anything out of it.

I love you guys! Really, you are my anchor in self-image hell!

I should mention that in my shopping spree I actually DID find a bikini from none other than Victoria's Secret that fits well and looks good! Shocking, I know! The top is padded just a tad--just enough to give me a little shape but not so much it looks like I'm trying too hard.
Songbird, I forgot to mention--as far as actresses go, I have grown to just luuuv Milla Jovovich. She has very small boobs and has appeared nude, topless, or nearly so in many of her films/pictures, etc. She always seems so confident, and there is never any mention of, "Well, she's got small breasts, but she's kinda sexy anyway..." It's actually a non-issue. Really refreshing!
karategrrl: sad.gif sorry to hear about your experience with the bra catalog gig thingy. i can relate. when i was 17 shopping for my prom dress i found the most perfect dress ever. it was a floor length form fitting halter top dress in turquoise sequins (yeah maybe a bit over the top, but i fell in love with it when i saw it).. anyway. i bought it and then went back for alterations. i figured the lady could take in the seams around the bust so that it fit me better. well she couldnt. instead she attempted to stuff the dress with two "shoulder pads" per breast. i dunt think she knew what to think of me or what to do with me. needless to say i returned the dress. but i remember feeling like a freak reject over the whole experience. boo.
QUOTE(knorl05 @ Jul 9 2007, 09:11 AM) *
i figured the lady could take in the seams around the bust so that it fit me better. well she couldnt. instead she attempted to stuff the dress with two "shoulder pads" per breast. i dunt think she knew what to think of me or what to do with me.

OMG, When I got fitted for my bridesmaid's dress for my brother's wedding, the same thing happened--"Let's just stuff it with pads!" These people are supposed to be seamstresses, you'd think they knew how to deal with all types of bodies. Unfortunately I had to grin and bear it; I could not alter it myself, and I had to keep the dress to match everyone else. Grrr.
i love milla too! everything about her is so striking.

ahh, i'm so glad i don't have to go through the horror or prom dress shopping anymore. my senior year in high school i bought this gorgeous, pink silk cowl neck dress with spaghetti straps. cowl necks can work for any shape up top, but only if they are structured properly. mine came with a string with a weight on it hidden in the middle to keep from flashing people constantly. unfortunately for me, the weight fell of the string during some heavy dancing and i was all over the place for the rest of the night! the icing on the cake, in my formal, professional prom pictures, the dress is dipped down so low on one side that my entire left breast is exposed. you'd think that creepy ass photographer guy could have said something! or at least he would have refused to print them. talk about mortification. i mean, my breasts hardly move at all and they are falling out of my goddamn dress? give me a break!

i hate that so many people assume that padding is the 'answer' to our 'problem.' and yes, a seamstress should know better, that's their damn job, to make things look good. the last wedding i was in had cute, coffee colored strapless dresses from j-crew. i was nervous at first, because i thought i wouldn't be able to hold the damn thing up. luckily it had adjustable elastic around the top. i felt terrible for one of the other bridesmaids however, since she had the exact opposite fear. she had DDD's and they were spilling out over the top and the sides. we were able to contain them in the end with duct tape, but she was totally uncomfortable. that's the trouble with picking one dress for all of you friends that look nothing alike. i think i'm going to pick a fabric and a color and say, pick a pattern that you like and that you will look good in.
i'm not sure who can wear a strapless dresses. i guess you have to be super-proportioned to pul them of. i can't imagine wearing them, because i have this ridicilous fear of the dress/top falling of:) i'm sure they don't do that.

i was going to write about surgery. i'm not a huge fan of cosmetic surgery, but last year i started thinking if it would be a good idea to get implants. i thought that then my body would look better and i'd feel sexier. this was a bit odd for me, since most of my life i've been pretty happy not having big breasts. but thanks to my now ex-girlfriend, i started to feel like i'm not good enough because i don't look womanly enough. i'm not sure if i'd ever really go through with it, though a b-cup would be nice. i'm just not comfortable with the surgery part it self and the possible infections that you might get on the scars. i don't think there anything "wrong" with cosmetic surgery, i just think it's usually an unnecessary health risk.

more about my quest for bigger boobs:) i resently stared on hormonal bc, and i was looking forward to the side effects part. but no, my breasts are the same and everything else is the same, appart from pms. all in all i think it's better not to get side effects, but i was still kind of hoping.

i guess i should focus on positive reinforcement. and reading this thread, it seems like there's plenty of people out there who think that small busted busties are hot:)
I like going strapless, but it's all about the right fit. It seems easier to keep strapless stuff up without big boobs, I never have to pull at anything or readjust constantly.

lux, do what is right for you sweetie. But carefully consider your options. Women with tiny boobs are still smoking hot, keep that in mind.
Stacy Wayne Gacy
Learn to love your little boobs! The only time I regret mine is when I've been drinking too much beer and I gain a hip size (suddenly everything goes bam! out of proportion). It's a myth that all menfolks (or womenfolks, I'm guessin) like big boobs. If reading "Savage Love" has taught me anything, it's that there's at least someone out there who likes-- nay, obsesses-- over what we regard as our flaws.

From the Dept. of Practical Solutions: twist-front tops make great camouflage. Handy when bathing suit season arrives.
i don't think i'll ever go through with surgery, i know myself well enough to say that i wont be feeling like this in a couple of years.
in two weeks i'm on holidays, and on the coutryside i don't swin strapless, i swim topless:)
I'll join the discussion!

I identify with so many of the issues you all have mentioned. I have considered sugery, briefly, but then accepted that getting implants so does not coincide with my personality or way of life. And it angers me that the only reason I'd consider it is b/c of society's standard of sexy.

I just bought a formal type gown this week. Here is my fits perfectly. In the chest, in the body. Doesn't need a bra. I don't know that I have the confidence to wear it though w/o some sort of padding b/c it shows how actually small (like tiny) by boobs are. I hate that I even have to ask this question. Ugh. I just don't know that I want to broadcast "hey, my boobs are really small." Does that make sense? The padded bras give me confidence, sadly.

Stacy Wayne Gacy
Lux, I don't know whether to envy you Europeans (I'm assuming? Or Brazilian?) or pity you... sounds comfortable, but there's not much camouflaging a girl can do, topless.

Kari, in my opinion (ah, how I love that phrase), the primary job of a dress is to make you feel confident and pretty, not to fit correctly (though it must do that, too). If you feel more confident in the dress with a padded strapless bra on, then wear it. I love mine.
Kari, I have to agree with Stacy here as well, whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. Though I will say, if you're going to use the word 'advertise' in conjuction with what you wear, isn't padding false advertising. Some idiot guys with their heads way up their asses might think so, but then again, who cares?! you absolutely shouldn't be ashamed of the way that you look and feel like it's something you have to hide. the only time i ever opt for padding (which is usually very very very thin) is during the winter and i've got to wear sweaters. my breasts just disappear under all that fabric. they still look small with the bras, but atleast they show up under all those layers of wool.

Lux, I understand how you must be feeling, especially post-break up, but I'm glad to hear that you aren't opting for surgery. The costs most certainly outweigh any benefits. however, i think it is a personal choice that any woman has to make for herself. for me, although i have often considered it, do i really want to risk my life just to fit into a mold or feel that i'm more attractive to people? and i looooove going topless (i did it today, in fact!) and i certainly don't worry about camouflaging anything. it's my body, i embrace it and there is nothing more sexy than self-confidence.
kari, I say embrace your small breasts (I'm sure someone's already mentioned this) while not having to wear a bra if I don't want to is my favorite part of being an A-cup, if you feel you need a bra, then wear one.. though I must admit those padded bras are fantastic even if they do make me feel a little like I have big fake boobs. I do indulge in the occasional padded bra.
dj-biz, what a horrible prom story!! Ugh, what a perv photographer! Gad, I thought I had a horrible prom (none of my friends went...welll, I really didn't have many boyfriend was a complete ASSHOLE & instigated a fight...) but I have to say, your prom story takes the cake! Really, to have such a pervert taking high schoolers' pictures!

QUOTE(kari @ Jul 12 2007, 02:34 PM) *
I just bought a formal type gown this week. Here is my fits perfectly. In the chest, in the body. Doesn't need a bra. I don't know that I have the confidence to wear it though w/o some sort of padding b/c it shows how actually small (like tiny) by boobs are. I hate that I even have to ask this question. Ugh. I just don't know that I want to broadcast "hey, my boobs are really small." Does that make sense? The padded bras give me confidence, sadly.

Nope, I hear ya. I struggle with this myself. Like dj-biz said, under some clothing my boobs really disappear, so a tad of padding makes them look like they should look normally. go braless under a camisole, that sort of thing just leaves no illusions, so I have to be in a really confident mood. Most of the time I am not feeling that confident and just want to look "normal" so I go with the lightly-padded bras. I also feel that most of my clothes look better with the bras--part of it is feeling not completely dressed/polished without a bra & part of it is, I admit, just feeling like "a little bigger is better."

That's another reason I love Milla Jovovich--she never wears padding! Maybe one day I'll be that confident myself.
karategrrl, you know, same with kate moss and kate hudson. it amazes me that they can be so fearless and just not give a fuck. maybe they never received the comments. maybe they lived a perfectly sheltered life around only mature and intelligent people, free of overt commercialism. who knows. i just know for myself i still *hate* that i refuse to go braless around everyone including my family. the only person who gets to see me sans bra is the current beau. but whatever i guess, i've grown to be ok with it. my body really is disproportioned and it just does not look attractive to me without a bra. some women look hot without a bra, small or large chested.. and some simply do not. it really is a matter of what you are comfortable with, how you want to present yourself, independent of what anyone else's opinions may be.
I've recently become single again and I am experiencing insecurities that I haven't had in a long time and thought I was over. My ex was totally supportive and loved my breasts but now that I'm single I am totally stressed about being with someone else. I know that I shouldn't give a fuck but at the same time I am so afraid of rejection, or a look of disappointment, or whatever other nightmare my imagination can conjure. All I can think when I look at them is "they're too small", "one's bigger then the other", "are my nipples weird?" and I assume that anyone I'm with will think that too. This is starting to really bother me because I haven't been this insecure since high school and at the same time I really need to get laid wink.gif
Karate-Yes, that's how I feel too. The thing about the dress & things like camisoles is that not only do they show the size of my breasts, they show the shape of them. I sometimes wonder if I had larger, fuller boobs if I'd mind wearing things like that.

The bras I like aren't padded so much as just thick. I feel like the give me shape that otherwise would not be there.

((LilMissStrange)) I think being with someone you trust is key. We analyze ourselves much more than other people do. Especially guys when they're with a naked girl who wants to get it on with them. smile.gif

Knorl...I have been really thankful that there are celebrities & such these days who are willing to showcase their smaller busts.
I love Milla too, but in the latest issue of Jane she appears naked and pregnant with a quote about how she loves that her boobs are getting bigger! I'd probably say the same thing, and I'm glad it's because she's pregnant and not because she got implants. But I was still a wee bit disappointed/jealous.
lilmiss: what kari said.

kari: i do agree. the newest skinnies in hollywood dont have any fat and therefore no boobs... and although i hate that they are setting this impossible standard for young women, i still think their tiny boobies are great. i'm noticing less implants on tv as well. maybe a shift in the right direction... i think if enough women stand up and be like, "this sucks, i'm not selling my body for cash money why does it matter what size my boobs are look at me for my mind my talent and my unique appeal" instead of giving into the idealized image then there would be much stronger women out there. hmmm. makes you think...
If I were rich, I'd buy one of these tees for each of you, my small-busted hottie gal-pals!

Love it, love it!
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I love Milla too, but in the latest issue of Jane she appears naked and pregnant with a quote about how she loves that her boobs are getting bigger! I'd probably say the same thing, and I'm glad it's because she's pregnant and not because she got implants. But I was still a wee bit disappointed/jealous.

I will have to check this out. Yes, it is surprising since she is, like, the queen of small-boobdom to me.

Ladies, check out the large breast support group posts if you haven't already. I was just cruising over there and I swear, it gave me a whole new perspective. I mean, whether you are large or small, you have your share of challenges. Check out this quote from a post from over there:

"I have a sister who's a B-cup and actually bought those "chicken cutlet" type things from Victoria's Secret to stuff inside her bra to make her look more full. I don't know why she wanted to do that. I'd do anything to have B-cups. But everyone seems to have different body issues that bother them."

i couldn't stand it, karategrrl and i went ahead and bought that t-shirt, though i don't know if i'd have the guts to wear it in public. then again, i'm going to be in new orleans, where the bar across the street from my office is frequented by a man who always wears a cow suit. no joke.

knorl, i have always wanted to see some thicker women in the media who also have small breasts. i don't have keira knightley, waif-body type by a long shot (how else would i be able to get away with the aforementioned t-shirt). i wish we could get some representation of more rounded out women who also happen to have small breasts. i dunno, i'm racking my brain here.....any thoughts? it's as if it's "ok" to have small breasts if you're already a little pixie, but if you don't look like a ballet dancer it isn't normal? i get this feeling sometimes.....somebody find me an example to the contrary.
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