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Full Version: small breast support group - (I need it even if they don't)
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QUOTE(karategrrl @ Jun 5 2009, 09:14 AM) *
Lawd, so much great stuff going on here! luuv it!

I am partly to blame because I like to ask questions! But i guess that is what happens when you've only had a "women's body" for so little of your life. wink.gif I am so ready to be finished with puberty. ha ha

And oh yes, I also LOVE the bunny!

Strongirl, yea i guess I can see how it would be beneficial to be in that kind of environment. So many times when we see people they are dressing up their bodies like something it's not, especially with breasts. Pushup bras, anyone? smile.gif This has been tremendously educational. Thanks!
So much going on indeed! I share the luv!

I have no time to respond to anything right now! I was bushwacking thru hell and high water for work this week and came home to a huge mess, and there shall be more forests to hike through next week. I really love my life sometimes. Another thing I want to add to strong girls recommendation (which I am planning to go through with sometime within the next 5 years!) is to spend some time learning a really challenging physical task. I mean, something that you think you just plain can't do, something that you almost fail miserably at the first time you try it. Because when you can do it, you will love and appreciate your body from a completely different perspective. Instead of telling yourself to feel strong and ignore how your body looks, you will actually feel strong, and stop caring (even if temporarily) about how you look.

I try to let the whole advertizing and magazine thing slide right past me. It's horrible and degrading, it's all for a single purpose (to sell things) and the only way I can beat it is by completely ignoring it, and not buying the things they advertize. It doesn't mean a thing to me anymore. My boyfriend still gets pissed off about it, mostly when they post photos of half-naked, clearly anorexic women. But if I let it affect me, even in anger, they're winning because they've gotten my attention and changed how I feel about myself. If everyone could be strong and ignore it, then they wouldn't be able to sell things with sexually charged advertising, and it would slowly disappear.

As for men feeling pressured about their looks... Sadly, my reaction is a bit shallow, because I absolutely hate the look they are being pressured into. If a man isn't stinky, hairy, and bearded, he's not much of a man. No label-wearing, make-up wearing, mach 5-shaving, manorexic, greasy bowflex boy-children for me, thank you very much. Honestly. A clean shirt, dark hair, and a lack of a overly-obvious beer belly are the only major qualifications. Few men want a high-maintenance woman, why on god's green earth would I want a high maintenence man?
Mind if I comment on the Adonis topic?

I completely agree with most of you. Fair is fair. Ideally, the media would just portray women less as objects and more as people, but if they're going to do it anyway, they should do the same with men. I'm a little surprised to hear about men actually feeling intimidated by it, but I'm glad. Frankly, a lot of cocky men need to be taken down a notch.

Personally, I liked Dirty Dancing and generally like Patrick Swayze. (And I like the song "She's Like the Wind" and that he sang it himself.) I wish I looked a bit more like him and could dance like him, but I'm not intimidated by it.

With those images of men in the media in general, it doesn't bother me to look at a nice, strong, healthy male body. It doesn't turn me on sexually, but a healthy body is beautiful, male or female. I don't mind a bit of a challenge to give me incentive to work on my own body - but in a healthy way, without steroids. Even if I know I'll still never look that good. I wish I could get a good tan, though - fake or not, they're always so tan!

blondenorwegian - I saw that show, My Small Breasts and I, and I agree that it was really good. It hurt to see some of the crazy things they tried. The series is "BBC America Reveals." They also had a good one called Superskinny Me, addressing another issue of women's self image. (They have several other good ones, but on much less relevant topics for this forum.)
I'm back again because I didn't have time to respond to everything last night. Hope you're not sick of me yet!

Kera, believe me, your body will keep changing forever. I gained 30 pounds when I was 21, and all I managed to get out of it was moving from a 34AA to a 36A. And I became self-conscious about my belly for the first time in my life. I've always had gigantic hips and a pretty smokin' booty (if I do say so myself) that I hated in high school. Don't know if you've heard the wonderful insult "flat n fat" but I applied it to myself. I slowly got over it and gained confidence, and looking back now at pictures of myself when I was 16, I realize how completely smokin' I was without even realizing it. My god, if I had only known the power I could have had with a body like that! It's just as well, though, that my lack of confidence helped me to become a more well-rounded person, and to learn to value myself based on things like intelligence, hard work, and kindness towards others.

Hey geoff - it's too bad there aren't more men who can handle a bit of beefcake on TV now and then. Everyone should be able to appreciate a beautiful body, male or female, like they would any other beautiful work of nature, without feeling that it reflects upon themselves. I don't think most women want to go out with an Adonis, but damn, there are a lot of George Costanza's in the world, who judge what women look like while not even bothering to put on a nice shirt once in a while.
the same happened to me angie- since I've turned 21 I've filled out quite a lot- but it's all on my bottom half somewhere or other. belly, hips, butt, you name it. But from the waist up I barely have an ounce of fat- what's that all about :S. I am undeniably pear-shaped. But I'm just glad I eventually got fat somewhere. Old me wouldnt have lasted a second if a famine broke out.

I don't think men are effected to the same degree by the whole media thing, and probably never will be, I was just pointing out that its nice for them to be getting a small dose of it and will hopefully lead to a bit more empathy and change. I wont hold my breathe however.
In a way it's also helped me to accept that you don't need to look like a magazine model for a man to find you insanely attractive. like angie said, i dont expect men to look like the ones in the magazines and nor do i want them to- so why would a man necessarily expect/want me to look like an airbrushed media tool either. If you catch my drift

Someone looked down my top today and even though he was a dirty old man i still felt a little bit pleased. shame on me
Angie21, I LOVE your additional recommendation! Very profound. Among the reasons I love my body: it can run marathons, rock climb, scuba dive, lift weights, and sail a sailboat...and it has given birth to a child and sustained that child with breastmilk. All of those were things I was terrified to do and worried I couldn't do. And all of them helped build my sense of appreciation and respect for my body. They all have had deep impact on my life. In comparison, the random comments of other people about how I look? Pfffttt. Means nothing.
I always get a bit of a rush when I realise I'm beig checked out, mostly because I don't dress up often, so it doesn't happen very often! And from my conversations with guys, they also enjoy being checked out very much. so really, how is there anything wrong with that? lol

strongirl, it's sooo true that being able to do things like that really do have an impact on your life, and who you feel you are. I was a very, very unathletic teenager, and am still incredibly clumsy, so any physical acheviement feels really good to me! I am learning how to wall climb right now (still too chicken for rock climbing), and at work I learned how to do some pretty intense backcountry ATV riding, hiking, wildlife encountering, GPS/route-finding, and heavy lifting. True, some of those things are more mental than physical, but they are all part of the same challenge, I think. Nothing has boosted my self-esteem like being able to accomplish these insane tasks at work! Sorry if I'm kind of tooting my own horn, it's summer and I'm clearly over-excited about getting back out there!

My boyfriend has been teasing me about spending so much time on this board, so I explained this thread to him and I why I think it's important. He knows I used to have some pretty big issues about my size, and he has always been so amazingly supportive, but he was still surprised that we have a whole thread where we spend time discussing this stuff. I am sure partly because guys would not discuss this, I mean, do they have forums online for things like baldness, penis size, and beer bellies? Maybe. But anyways, he was surprised mainly because he just can't imagine why girls with his idea of the perfect body, would want to look any different. He had a few other things to say that I won't repeat here, so please excuse the crudeness of what I am passing along, but, "there are like a million guys out there that would love to see all those beautiful tiny titties."
anna k
I'm more fit for the large-breasted thread, but I agree on realizing how strong one's body could be. I love to dance, and taking hip-hop/jazz classes has taught me muscle memory and memorizing choreography, finding my own jazzy style in dancing, and finding a sense of grace in movement. Besides that, I'm happy whenever a balancing exercise move that was too hard for me to do before suddenly is easier after several tries, it makes me feel a million times happier to achieve that. And it makes me feel like I have more inner physical strength and fortitude, even if I don't look muscular or "buff."

angie, I like it too whenever I get checked out, because I can be hard on myself and think of my looks as average, so it's a surprise whenever some guy checks me out in a positive way. I also recently got stopped on the street by a guy giving away free trial spa visits, saying he was looking for "25 cute girls" and I definetly qualified. It was nice, but I couldn't really take it seriously because he was trying to sell something and make a commission.

You are all so awesome and beautiful and cool and interesting, I love reading your posts.
QUOTE(angie_21 @ Jun 9 2009, 02:09 PM) *
"there are like a million guys out there that would love to see all those beautiful tiny titties."

Made my day!
QUOTE(karategrrl @ Jun 9 2009, 01:46 PM) *
Made my day!

Here, here! *Raises tall glass of milk*
I love the body positive aspects of dancing, annak. I've been bellydancing for almost five years, and it's done wonders for my body awareness and image.

I bought this bikini today, in red (I used the code 25BSEXY to get an extra 25% off). My friends / boyfriend / family have been bothering me because I always wear a one-piece. We live on the Gulf Coast, and at the beach it's extremely rare to see a girl my age/size wear one. So, this one was cheap enough that if I don't end up wearing it I won't feel horrible, and it's cute enough that I could stand to wear it (I love the retro details).

QUOTE(crinoline @ Jun 10 2009, 10:48 AM) *
I love the body positive aspects of dancing, annak. I've been bellydancing for almost five years, and it's done wonders for my body awareness and image.

Popped over from another breast thread to say hello. smile.gif Angie 21 I loved what you wrote about acceptance and feeling body confidence in that thread. I agree with it 100% and as far as breasts are concerned there are such a small range of readily available sizes I think that contributes to the self consciousness that any of not "average" size feel.

Crinoline I too found that bellydance changed my body and perception of it. It made me appreciate the strength and grace in ALL of our myriad body shapes. smile.gif
Hi- I haven’t been here in a while. I think of this thread often. I wanted to tell you that my bf took a vacation with some friends and came back with a tank top for me that says, “Tiny Tits Rock”. I wasn’t sure how to feel about that. I'd like to wear it out but it's a little big (go figure!) so it doesn't round off my little points. Anyway-I know he accepts me how I am but he still checks out the fuller girls. It hurts when he does that. The other day, we were joking about cheating. I said "as long as her boobs are smaller than mine". He said “no comment” and laughed ...loudly! He was supposed to say something more supportive. Maybe I expect too much.

I thought of you girls today while I was on a blog that was critiquing (more like bashing) a yoga instructor. I don’t know if anyone knows Ana Brett, a tiny breasted girl, about my size actually. A woman complained that she had “ no muscle tone, no breasts even”. I blogged back. This was my response:

I resent the remark "No muscle tone, no breasts even". Are you in high school? ...making fun of small-breasted girls??? All women have breast tissue, unless taken from them. Whether our breasts are small or large is another thing. I am exactly Ana's size and us tiny girls can in fact go bra-less as well as shelf-bra-less. Can you? We all have pros and cons to our different sizes. Picking on a girl's breasts size because you don't like her yoga instruction is so childish.

One has nothing to do with the other! I was so angry. Was I being childish myself?
Sorry- I should explain the bra-less part. The woman was complaining that the yoga instructor was not wearing a bra nor did she have a shelf-bra in her sports top. (That's exactly what I wear to the gym and yoga class. Is there a problem with that?)
So she complained that the woman wasn't wearing a bra, then said she had no breasts.... hmm.. if she has no breasts, whay would she need a bra? The woman can't even get her own story straight. It's also a very childish and inappropriate comment, because it has absolutely nothing to do with the instructor's grasp of yoga and her ability to teach it. I usually try to stay out of websites where those kinds of discussions happen at all, because it only makes me mad, but given the context, I don't think you were being childish! Nice for someone to stand up for the small girls!

If my boyfriend had said that to me, I would have shown him to the door, where he can start on his search for better looking girls as good in bed as I am. Checking out pretty girls, no matter what their specific body type, is one thing, and I'm not bothered by it because there's a lot of beauitiful people out there, and I try not to compare myself to them. But if he were ever to start comparing me to other girls, there would be some hell to raise.
I don't think you were being childish either, Ailurophile. I think your response was right on.

And I wear sports tops without bra's or shelf bra's to the gym, too. No, there's no problem with that - you should wear what you're comfortable in. If someone else doesn't like it, they can look elsewhere.

As for your boyfriend, I can understand why you felt hurt. He could have handled that better, for sure. I wish more guys would grasp the concept that helping their women to feel attractive and sexy is in their best interest, in that it will improve their sex lives. People enjoy sex more and have better sex when they feel attractive to their partners. Giving compliments and providing reassurance when it's needed is a way for a guy to take out an insurance policy on his sex life. Get a clue, guys! (Just take note, don't post in this thread - PLEASE!)

Sometimes I think they do that because they themselves feel insecure and think that if their woman feels unattractive, she's less likely to leave them. I dunno. Sheesh.

I think you were pretty spot-on, too, Ailurophile. The only thing more hurtful to me than being called "flat" is being told i have no breasts. unsure.gif No... 8 year olds have no breasts. I am a young woman thank you very much! mad.gif

I need some more wisdom! I recently started dating a guy. It's going really great so far and we really dig each other! But I am a little concerned because i have been thinking a lot about physical stuff. I don't know if anything will happen with this particular fella or not, but I do know that someday a relationship will reach the point where a guy may want to so see me topless. I don't even let my closest friends see my breasts. The thought of this absolutely petrifies me. Advice? Also I wear padded bras and stuff to give a bit extra. Would this be considered false advertising on my part? I dunno, I guess I am afraid that the winner of the "First Guy to Ever See Kera's Breasts Sweepstakes" will be disappointed when he finally unwraps the goodies. mellow.gif
Ailurophile, I think your web posting was spot-on! I think your BF did well with the shirt but not the other comments. (If you want to wear the shirt, you can always take it in:

T-Shirt shrinkdown

KeraBear, I an relate to your dilemma. One thing I've done in the past with "potential-to-see-me-nekkid" prospects was to, at least once, make sure I went braless or wore a non-enhancing bra under a tight shirt at some point. If he decided to proceed, I figured he was "informed." If he chose not to proceed, no harm, no foul, no hurt feelings.
KeraBear - my heart goes out to you. You remind me why, even with all it's associated negatives, I sure like being old better than I liked being young, LOL.

I think the insecurity you feel about being seen naked is common - maybe even 100% - among girls who have not experienced it before. If it ain't their breasts, it's their thighs, or stretch marks, or hair somewhere it doesn't belong.... So you are in good company, believe me.

I have to share a story from a friend of mine about the first time her husband (then boyfriend) saw her naked and made love to her. This girl is big and beautiful, built like that primative sculpture, the Venus of Willendorf. She is very self-conscious about being fat and always hated her round belly. Her bf took her clothes off while she lay on a bed, then kissed her starting from her mouth, going right between her breasts down her breastbone, then stopped when he got to her belly. He then proceeded to bury his face in it and kiss it, stroke it, nuzzle it and just generally adore it, all the while moaning appreciatively about how beautiful she was - he did this for a long time. During which she became very aroused...and had tears of joy running down her face. Needless to say they've been happily together for over a decade now. I've always loved that story.

There are loads of guys out there who will feel priviledged and excited at seeing your little naked breasts, Kera, not disappointed at all. You are in for some wonderful experiences ahead!

All that being said, I've said in here before that I avoid padded bra's for this very reason - I do not want to "false advertise" or set myself or anyone else up for what would at the very least be momentary confusion, and worst case, disappointment and a failed sexual encounter. I agree with KarateGrrl's recommendation. And the sooner the better.

anna k
then stopped when he got to her belly. He then proceeded to bury his face in it and kiss it, stroke it, nuzzle it and just generally adore it, all the while moaning appreciatively about how beautiful she was - he did this for a long time.

That is beautiful. It reminds me of being with a guy recently, and during sexytimes, him kissing my stomach or just laying his head down on it for awhile. I've felt self-conscious about having a round belly, so I felt surprised that he felt so attracted to it.
Karategrrl - Good advice. In in the interest of full disclosure, I will definitely be sure to rock the tight shirt while going braless at least once. Or maybe just a non enhanced bra, because my nipples seem to love saying hello to everyone they meet ... EVEN on hot summer days. Although most of the time a non-padded bra won't contain them. rolleyes.gif That is also where a little padding comes in handy.

Strongirl - Thank you for sharing that story. It was beautiful. That is how you know someone truly loves you right there. And yep, being young can seriously suck sometimes! In some ways, I am really looking forward to it, if not for just plain getting the experience over with! I am sure once the first time a lucky guy goes ga-ga over my little booblets, I will stop stressing over the idea nearly as much.
Thanx for the input, all of you.... and the shrinkdown video. I can sew simple things so maybe I can do that.

KeraBear: I feel for you. I've been dating for more than 20 years (no one wants to marry me apparently sad.gif ) and am always so embarrassed in the beginning of a relationship. I always have to explain the padding once the guy goes into my bra. I've learned alot since this thread though. I think it will be so mucher easier for you and you'll be much more comfortable, when he goes in and gets what he's expecting. You won't ever wonder if he thought you had more or if he's disappointed that you don't have more.
Strong girl, beautiful story!

Kera, I know how you feel. I used to worry about that all the time. But honestly, it's not a big deal, and unless you're pretending to be a size C, I doubt the guy will even notice! I am of a slightly different opinion than everyone else. I wear a padded bra all the time, and I used to think it would be noticeable how much smaller I am without it, but it's never been a problem. Most girls, not just smaller girls, wear at least light padding (just look at what the most common bra types are at lingere stores!) if for no other reason, than to keep their nipples from being as obvious. I am completely unashamed and unembarrased about it, I don't feel I'm hiding anything or putting up "false advertising." Most guys I know are well aware that girls put their good bras on when they're trying to get a guy's attention. And honestly, if he complains about the fact that he's actually getting to see you partly naked, he's not only an asshole, he's pretty stupid. And as far as I know, guys don't usually complain.

If we had to worry about "false advertising" just because of clothing, we'd all be in trouble. Imagine how guys feel, no one has a clue about their shape or size until they take their pants off!
strongirl, yes beautiful story--thank you so much for sharing. It brought up memories of a few times I've been in trance dance/freestyle barefoot boogie circles and seen the sexiest women with yes, the sexiest bellies! CONFIDENCE goes a long way as far as being "beautiful"--something I admit I really should keep in mind more often!

I was reading an article in a back issue of Vogue about French celebrity Lou Doillon (whom we've discussed here) and she had an interesting take on having appeared in girlie calendars and French Playboy. She said that although she has "no tits" (her words) she feels it is like a "see, yeah, I am sexy after all, so there!" sort of thing. Though I personally wouldn't justify my sexiness based on such sort of "credentials," I can kind of see her point from a "fuck you" stance.

KeraBear, I agree with the other ladies here--it DOES get better as you get older! Part of it for me was an increased ability to choose whom I surround myself with in work and social circles, whereas at school, you're kind of all flung together according to age, nothing else. Hang in there!!!!!
Hey Girls! I'm new here and generally more of a lurker, but I felt so strongly about some of your posts I had to reply. I too have felt the insecurity of not 'measuring up', but I find that as I get older it does not seem to matter as much. I don't believe there will ever be a time that I feel as confident as I should be. After all, it is confidence that is truly sexy. Many men would also agree with that.

I've lurked on many message boards and I find it disturbing that so many people have forgotten the true function of breasts. There was one example where a woman at college level was shocked that a woman's breasts were for breastfeeding, and she disgustingly compared them to a cow's udder. How does this happen? The author of the article explained that breasts are so hidden, that they have become sexualized. Therefore the only breasts that are seen by many men are through pornos. Is this a true representation?

I have also found that through many of these message boards that there are many men who actually LIKE small breasts. And even if they prefer large, they don't mind small. This has often bothered me because I don't want guys to 'mind' me, but to 'DESIRE' me. But ask yourself this: How many men. that you have truly fallen in love with have been perfect? They have their own insecurities too, and probably wonder about the 'first time'.

BTW - I've also heard a lot of negative comments about women with large breasts. I would not choose to feel better about myself at the expense of someone else. Can't we all be beautiful?
Persephone3. welcome!! I couldn't agree more with your comments.

"How many men that you have truly fallen in love with have been perfect?"

Good point.
Why does my mother feel the need to announce that i 'have no boobs' a family gathering....3x !!1! Ive never know a person so obsessed with breast size in my life. well, there is me, but at least i have the decency to do it in the privacy of err here. psht.

Has anyone mentioned Sessilee before?
she doesnt look that small in quite a lot of pics but she definately is:
Thanx Starship! She is beautiful. But how come I don't look that sexy topless??? Need to work on my self esteem I guess.

Has anyone heard of applying sesame seed oil into your breasts to increase size and/or firmness? Or massaging breasts to enlarge them? I've read many articles on both. Since sesame oil contains calcium, protein, iron and phosphorous, it is supposed to be effective if applied twice a day. Massaging twice a day is also said to increase size. I know it sounds ridiculous and my gyno doc said he knows of nothing other than surgical implants that can change the size or shape of breasts. It's just that I've seen so many articles on it. The only discrepancy I've read is that you have to do it at least one month. Others have said 6 months to a year. I know I'm a dork but I am on my ninth week and ....nothing. They say to be patient. If I could reach the size of my padded bra, I'd be thrilled. I would at least look feminine.

Regarding padded bras ...
KeraBear and Angie21: I too wear a padded bra. It is quite thick. I do go to the gym bra-less however. Big difference. I cannot find a comfortable bra with less padding. I bought one with less and one without and they are incredibly uncomfortable.
Anyway- -I work with two guys who go to my gym and they've seen me both ways. They never seemed notice and do not look to my chest when talking to me at the gym or work. Both have said I am the hottest girl there. Awww.... These guys are from Europe. Maybe things are different there.
I also asked my boyfriend, once I got to know him better, what he thought when he first went into my bra and realized how small I actually was. I wanted to know if he was surprised, if he could tell it was padding, if he felt it was false advertising, etc. He said that he "honestly didn't notice".
Good to know I am not crazy, ailurophile. It's not like guys are taking out the tape measure every time they look at us. They just know when something looks good. Honestly, when you wear differently fitted clothes you'll make your body shape look different, so no one gets confused by a little variation here and there. And oh yes, things are different in Europe. In many different ways, though. Mostly it just seems to be a greater comfort and acceptance of the human body in general.

When I was 21 or so I attempted a few things, homemade herbal concoctions rubbed onto the chest area, thought about buying that herbal crap they flog in women's magazines, etc. I didn't try very hard, but the consistent evidence seemed to be that it was a load of hooey. The herbal stuff just makes you retain water, so your boobs look bigger temporarily. And some of it gave me dizzy spells. Not worth $50 a bottle, that's for sure! I imagine sesame seed oil would make them look nice and purty, and massaging them is supposed to be good for health and perkiness, but noticeable growth? Man, everyone would be doing it!

Starship, there are so many beautiful small celebrities out there! My sweetie is in love with Kiera Knightly (don't know if I have her name spelled right lol) and I always thought Gwen Stefani and Nicole Kidman rocked the small boobies rather beautifully.
Has anyone tried pectoral exercises? I'm wondering if they make the breasts appear larger, or does burning the fat make them smaller while gaining muscle? Will it at least make the girls a little "perkier"?
I've done that too, though just as a side-effect from doing a lot of upper body strengthening at work, not intentionally. I ended up with them being a little perkier, and maybe sticking out a bit more, but since everything else got bigger too - my shoulders, back, and arms - my breasts themselves didn't look any bigger. In the last 2 years I've gone from 34A to 36A, so I don't know if that would be the result you're looking for. BUT it did make me feel like my upper and lower body are now more proportional to eachother. Having wider shoulders helped create more of an hourglass look, and helped to fill in some shirts that were too big in the boob area before (even if it wasn't my boobs that were actually filling them in!).

It won't make you lose your boobs though - you can't target stomach fat with sit-ups, so you can't target boob fat with pec excercises either. Burning fat is, as far as I know, always a whole-body kinda thing.
That's good to know Angie.
...but noticeable growth? Man, everyone would be doing it!
Good point Angie! What was I thinking?!?!?
I've posted quite a bit here about workouts, particularly pecs, so I won't repeat. But, I did want to say I've seen a huge difference in how much better my chest looks from building up my chest muscles. No, it doesnt' make my breasts any larger, but it makes the whole area look nice and toned, and I have this nice little line running down the middle of my chest that is almost like "cleavage," if you will. the whole area looks better to the point where I think people notice the toned-ness and not the lack of boobage. I highly recommend it. (And thanks to hubby for showing me the exercises that really did the trick.)

For me, exercises using the cable machine (I think they're called "cable crossovers") was what created that little cleavage line. I recommend a couple of sessions with a personal trainer or consulting some fitness books to learn proper form with any workout, at least to get started.

Sessilee is gorgeous--thanks for sharing, starship! (And no offense, but could I come over and give your mom a slap!?) blink.gif
I'm with KarateGrrl on the the upper body workouts as we did discuss a few months back. I also really like my "muscle cleavage" and it sure photographs well in low-cut tops! And the other advantages - greater strength, stronger core, that overall toned look - are all reasons to love and enjoy your body, similar to the things posted recently by folks who do belly dancing.

You should confront your mom, Starship. Shit, I've bitched out my mom over tons of stuff she didn't even deserve, as my son does to me, and everybody still loves everybody. If you can't lash out at your own mom and have her still love you, who the heck can you lash out at? And in your case, it is totally legit.
QUOTE(ailurophile @ Jun 23 2009, 02:29 PM) *
...but noticeable growth? Man, everyone would be doing it!
Good point Angie! What was I thinking?!?!?

Well, it could still be a good idea. some of the stuff I read indicated that regular massage helped to stimulate blood flow in and out of the breast, preventing build up of toxins that can happen if you wear a tight/underwire bra. So it should help keep things healthy, perky and possibly reduce the risk of breast cancer. It could be completely made-up, but it seems fairly realistic. and if you wear a padded bra all day like I do, those poor boobies can feel pretty suffocated by the end of the day!

I forgot to chime in Starship and agree your mom's comments were quite uncalled-for. My mom used to mention my weight when I first gained my freshman 15 after moving out. I pointed it out once, and she didn't even know why she did it! More to make an observation than to pass a judgement, I guess, but she stopped after that. Sometimes I think when their kids are older, moms start to feel like they aren't as much a part of their kids lives anymore, so they jump in and meddle with whatever seems obvious (boyfirends, physical appearance) without noticing that it's actually hurtful.
QUOTE(crinoline @ Apr 17 2009, 08:53 AM) *
those "talent" shows always grate on me with the smug, unqualified judges.

Aithinne - I actually go braless quite a lot. I do live on the Gulf Coast, so it's really hot down here. I don't ever feel that I look skanky or inappropriate, either. I don't go braless in sheer or clingy knit tops, that's too revealing for me. I like woven tops with a little structure and an interesting neckline. One of the best things about being small chested is that we can get away with more revealing looks than our larger sisters without looking inappropriate. For instance, backless looks are fab for smallies because we don't need support. If you go to a bar in a top that looks deceivingly demure from the front, then you turn around and it's all skin, I guarantee that men will notice you.

pleats, ruffles, and other embellishments on the bust can also make your braless state a little less conspicuous, because they provide some nip coverage.

I live on the GC,too!!! *waves*

I do go braless from time to time. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to bother.
OK, on the padded bra thing.

I've been thinking about this and I didn't want to say anything because I don't want anyone to feel attacked or criticized and I truly believe people should be able to do whatever the hell they want with their own bodies without social censure from others. (Remember, I'm even the one who defended people who get implants.) Also, if any of you were my friends in physical life and you were always wearing a padded bra, I would consider it such a minor thing and I would never say anything unkind or critical to you about it, it would just be a non-issue in our friendship.

But...doesn't it seem like wearing a padded bra is an acknowledgment of the perspective that small breasts are somehow inferior and doesn't it by definition reinforce that perspective by publicly disguising the numbers of small-breasted women there really are in the world?

I'm not saying that any of you individually do not have valid reasons for doing so, or that you should stop. But even so, I think my points above are valid.
Check it out. I came across this blog which talks about our group I was reading with interest and then i saw that they quoted ME! Apparantly, my story is "friggin heartbreaking." Also quoted was posts by Erica and Aithinne to illustrate the way you all were like big sisters to me (which is pretty accurate. Thanks again!). All in all, I think the writer conveyed a strong sense of what the group is all about. A good, positive article.

I wonder where they found that picture of me, though. j/k wink.gif

And strongirl, yes, your points are certainly valid. Fo' sho!

QUOTE(strongirl @ Jun 25 2009, 11:49 AM) *
But...doesn't it seem like wearing a padded bra is an acknowledgment of the perspective that small breasts are somehow inferior and doesn't it by definition reinforce that perspective by publicly disguising the numbers of small-breasted women there really are in the world?

Hey strongirl, I'm so glad you feel comfy speaking your mind. Okay, I am stepping right up and publicly acknowledging my hypocrisy. And this is something I have kind of struggled with personally. Yes, I do agree that we shouldn't feel the need for padding, that by doing so we ARE disguising our numbers. Yet...I do feel it makes me look a little better, just as maybe a woman with large breasts feels more "put together" when she wears a supportive bra. I wear VERY lightly padded bras--"lined" is more the term. I deliberately don't wear actual padding for the reason you state. BUT I notice that every top squashes/disguises the little shape I do have, so I feel like wearing a little lining is more like making me look the way I really am, as well as disguising the Nips from Hell. If it's really hot out or the top is one that is easier to wear braless, I'll do that, though, and to hell with what anyone thinks. I admit that's not very often, though. (I do wish it was hotter where I lived...If so I might just ditch all my bras!)

Oh, and I am totally down with breast massage, esp. if my hot hubby does it. I don't even care if it has any health benefits. wink.gif
hey strongirl, no offense taken at all! I know exactly what you're saying. I used to be dead set against wearing padded bras for that exact reason. But for me a huge thing is the hassle of trying to get shirts and dresses to fit me. Wearing a padded bra allows me to buy a wider range of clothing, and helps me wear dresses that otherwise would be waaayy too big on top when they fit on the bottom. I also wear a killer push-up bra for certain outfits on "date nights," just because, hey, I have nice little titties, and I wanna show them off. Girls with a c-cup can wear push-ups that give them amazing cleavage, and not feel like they are "hiding" their size, why can't I (even if I don't quite get cleavage lol)?

Also, non-padded bras get all wrinkly on my boobs because I'm not big enough to fully fill out an a-cup, so if there's at least a light lining, the cup stays round and it doesn't matter that the bra doesn't fit quite right. One day when I'm not such a cheap ass I'll go out the to expensive stores where the mysterious 36AA size may in fact exist, but until then, I can get nice looking bras for $11 out of the sale bins at la senza and victoria's secret.

Kera bear, I would go over to that board and raise some hell for them calling your story "heartbreaking!" I think I'll have to head over there and see what's up...
Agyness Deyn nekkid (NSFW)!

On padded bras- I would never judge anyone for wearing one, but I'm with you, Strongirl. I usually wear a little triangle bra for a bit of shape and coverage, but I like it when the shape is natural and I definitely don't mind when my nipples show. Padded or push-up bras just don't go with my personal style. That said, I wore them in high school because I was way more self-conscious then and got made fun of occasionally.

Karategirl, I totally agree with you on tops squashing and flattening our chests. That's why I almost never wear tight tops. I don't wear baggy shirts, either, I just like ones that are slightly loose and hang well. I love wearing silk or rayon dresses that aren't too structured or tight on top but that have a tie or belt at the waist. For shirts, I usually wear a loose black tank top or camisole with a cardigan. Shirts are a major source of frustration for me- even though I have found a things that work for me, I still often feel like I have pants or skirts that I really want to wear, and no shirt that I really feel great in.
I do wear lined bras sometimes and sometimes go braless just depending on what I'm wearing and the type of shape I want that day. I actually see it as a benefit of being small chested, I have a choice about how I want my shape to look.

Also, I can't stand the way loose fabric feels against my areola and nipples and mine are both very prominent and sensitive.

That's wild about the blog. Kind of makes me re-evaluate my anonymity around here though, I sometimes forget that this is the Internets.
Yeah the blog thing was kinda weird. I know it's a public forum & everything but it seems odd to me that people come and read all we write without contributing and then go discuss it elsewhere.

loved the agyness pics:)

i wear padded bras quite often but don't necessarily see it as some great travesty. The shops are full of all sorts of shape-altering underwear nowadays- everyone's at it. And even some women with big boobs wear padded/push-up bras to get the shape/look they want so i dont necessarily see it as purely small-breast territory. Plus personally i find it so hard to find properly fitting unpadded bras that it's just an easier option most of the time

Please feel free to slap my mum karategrrl (never thought id say that). I already feel inferior around my perfectly proportioned family members. i dont understand why she's so insensitive about it when she was small (36a) when she was younger too. Maybe because she's got fat now (i can be blunt too) and has been welcomed into the booby world. anyway, i didnt mention anything at the time because i didnt want everyone to see i was bothered by or self-conscious about my size but if she does it again i definately will do.

Ive been working of some upper body exercises that some of you guys mentioned before and i think its actually starting to make a difference:). not to the size but to the sahpe and definition which is all good by me
girl logic, I agree about the icky feel of loose fabric against my nips and areolas. It's waay too sensitive for me, and another reason why I usually wear a bra. And busty girls with padding does piss me off royally, though I relaize that's just the way they make many bras nowadays. Look in the Victoria's Secret catalogue and they have these at least C-cup women modeling the push-up bras, which pushes the boobs practically up under the chin. Looks retarded.

And I agree about that other blog. Since half of it is really quotes from this group, it IS a tad strange. You'd think we would have been asked or at least given a heads-up. But yes, then again, this is the Internet.

Oh, I almost forgot--with the coming of summer here, it's brought magazine covers of women wearing low-cut tops/dresses. There's one of Holly Hunter on the cover of More, and I saw Michele Pfeiffer on the cover of another mag. Yet another was a small-B woman in a bikini on a fitness mag. There was no cleavage, no boob-edges, no airbrushed enhancement in sight and, you know, I was like, "Dang, that's a great look." biggrin.gif Trying not to get my hopes up too much, but it's awesome to see some representation.
According to my ethics training, anything said in a public locale or situation is fair game for anyone to quote. We never discussed what kind of stuff on the internet counts as "public," and academically I think it would be borderline for someone to quote this forum without at least warning us. For a blog, I don't think it metters thoug, I mean, anyone can come in here and read this stuff without signing up, so it's pretty public. The news stations post people's facebook profiles all the time, which kind of weirds me out. All kinds of stuff that's in poor taste is also apparently fair game - I remember last year when a girl in Alberta was murdered who had been somehow involved in the porn industry, the Sun splashed promotional photos of her working in a bikini car wash all over their front page. Sure those photos were already semi-public, but to then post them all over the province after she died? No respect whatsoever.

It does seem like bigger boobs have been in style for the last few years, I think it was a backlash against the rail thin, crack addict look that was popular in the 90s. Something in between would be nice. Or, if I'm lucky, maybe back flab and knee fat will be the next new look this summer?
QUOTE(KeraBear @ May 31 2009, 04:38 PM) *
Sadly, I have seen some 11 year olds who have out boobed me. MEH. huh.gif

Hey it just happened to me too and I'm 23 unsure.gif My friends 11-year old daughter went all of a sudden from AA-A to a 34B. ?? She's still only an inch taller than me but that will change for sure. What a difference a month makes. MEH!
I have mixed feeling about padded bras. Yes, I wear one. But I don't really want to anymore ...more or less for the reasons Strongirl suggests. I wear the Very Sexy style by Victoria's Secret. I wear tight shirts especially in the summer and it bothers me to look in the mirror because I know it's not me. But I'm always the smallest girl wherever I go. And that bothers me. If all the other smallies went padless, I'd feel more confident going padless or even braless. And I can tell who wears padding and how much. I'm like an expert. How sad, I know. I have tried to look for bras without padding. I have two but they are so uncomfortable as I've said. I'm very picky about bras. They have to have an underwire but no or little padding. Very difficult to find one without any lace ...and racerback is a must! You think I'm high maintenance? I find bras very uncomfortable as it is. I think I was supposed to be a boy. Anyway, the few places I do go without a bra, I like when my nipples show. I know a lot of you like the light padding to cover your nipples. When I can have a moment alone, I will pinch them so they show. Is that weird? I just got a triangle bra swim suit from Vickie's and I took out the padding. I'm so small that if my nipples don't show, I feel even less feminine.

That article was weird to read. I agree that it was strange to see what is written here somewhere else without permission. A lot of good feedback though. You gotta love Tarvold. I am trying to be comfortable in my own skin. Sometimes I feel sexy. And then I don't. Sometimes I am so horny with bf, I feel volumptuous and then look in the mirror and reality hits. It makes me feel so bad. But look at these models how hot they look. This Sessilee girl. How hot is she?!?! I know it's a confidence thing and I am working on it. But I keep being reminded of how small I am.

Complaints: This girl at work who is on the small side wears a lot of padding. You can see where her chest ends and the bra begins. Its big bump. She denies wearing any padding at all. Says its all her. Burns me up. I feel obsessed with this. Like I want everyone to know the truth. Especially when someone says how nice her boobs are. Funny thing is she and I have worked there a long time and she used to not wear padding. Did no one notice her boobs suddenly grew? But she also talks about how small her sister is. Her sister who is significantly bigger than I and does not wear padding. Anyway, she talks about her sisters small boobs and then says, Poor thing. Here I am trying to tell myself that small tits are hot and I have to hear what a poor thing her sister is, when she has bigger breasts than I do? .............I'm just babbling now because Im annoyed.
Small boobs are hot! I've never really had any complaints on mine [that I've listened to], but about two weeks ago, my sister's female friend grabbed one of mine and saw "Awww, really?" in disappointment. When I laughed it off and said no one's ever complained before, she said "Trust me, they've been disappointed." Nice girl!

One of my big gripes is though, why does Victoria's Secret make so many cute bras, and NOT offer them in a-cups? You dicks! Yes, I know, they're the final word on what's sexy: 19 year olds with big boobs. How hard is it to make that sexy? Come on...I could do that, and I have no background in marketing.

But I do love my Betsey Johnson actually makes me look sorta pun intended.
QUOTE(TheBeesKnees @ Jun 29 2009, 12:39 AM) *
One of my big gripes is though, why does Victoria's Secret make so many cute bras, and NOT offer them in a-cups? You dicks!

I agree! Years ago (before Internet shopping...yes, I am dating myself....) I was putting in a VS order over the phone. The sales girl was trying to get me interested in adding bras to my order. "What about the Madeline bra," she'd say. "That's not in my size," I'd say. "What about the XYZ bra," she'd say. "Not in my size," I'd say. This went on about four times and she would NOT get the fricking hint. Finally, I was like, "Look, I wear an A cup, and you have practically nothing in my size, and what is in my size just doesn't fit, okay?" Amazing how people larger than a B jut have no fricking clue.) No offense...just venting.

ailuophile, that girl at work is in serous denial. Email her a link to this forum. wink.gif And I hear ya about the bra requirements. I'm the same way.
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