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Full Version: small breast support group - (I need it even if they don't)
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Lightchested - I don't wear padded bra's and never have. I have one that is sort of a molded cup, with underwire, of the "radio dial suppression" variety you mentioned. (By the way, you crack me up, too! Quite humorous.)

I feel comfy and sexy in my bralette's or cotton triangle bra's. I also go bra-less a lot in tight t-shirts or clingy camisoles.

OK, now just when we thought we had it figured out re. the older guy/younger guy boob preference thing, here's a piece from a Glamour survey of men's sex habits/preferences that I just read online:

"If it were painless, safe, and free would you encourage your wife or girlfriend to get breast implants?

25% Yes 75% No

Note: in 1995 55% of men said they'd go for bigger boobs."

How 'bout that? So much for my theory.
i just measured (super quickly) and im 33,26,37 my waist is usually 24/25 but i ate alot over christmas + pre-period bloating. ive always been described as 'skinny' though so i kindof appreciate any extra curves i get. no matter where they are...

i dont think measurements really help to get a picture of someones body shape. if someone told me they had my measurements i wouldnt picture them as having the sort of body i do.

ive noticed that girls are getting boobs younger and younger too. im only 20 yet i think its changed a lot even since i was at school! there used to be the odd girl in my class who started everything early but most got boobs and stuff at around 13 (which is pretty normalish i think?). ive never really neeeded a bra (maybe just about need one now) but i wanted one when i was about 12 because everyone else had one and i was embarassed in the changing rooms. there was never a defining day when my mum said 'right we're going bra shopping though' because it just wasnt necessary. my first one was a AA and i remember tucking the excess material under the seam (where the underwiring would usually be) because it was too big but i was determined to wear it. i was desperate to get one and felt proud when i did, just like the girl in that article, but i still think mothers should make their daughters wait- until they need one or theyre at least 12ish.
its sad how childhood is becoming shorter and shorter. here in the uk theyre considering starting sex-education for 5year olds:/

mini rant. it always bugs me when i see girls who (not being bitchy) arent that pretty but have boobs getting all the attention but for a 'flat' girl to get the same it seems she has to be REALLY pretty. i get male attention and dont particularly want anymore of that sort, it just annoys me because its like a working example of the status of breasts in todays society.

on the plus side, there are officially more important things in life than my boobs
oh, and in reply to lightchested Q, nearly all my bras are underwired except for the ones i lounge about in, and most have molded cups and some are padded (i feel ashamed admitting this:/). the thing is, its so hard to get a bra that is genuinely my size and it seems like when you have molded/padded cups it gives you more leeway if the boobs dont quite fill it fully. if i can find an actual aa bra thats unpadded then i always snatch it up but unfilled a-cups just dont do anything for me
I pad.
The first bra my mom bought for me was a slightly padded soft cup, and I continued wearing that kind of bra (usually with that damned underwire) even though it was uncomfortable and distracting, simply because I did not know any other option existed.

I couldn't afford to go bra shopping alone and was embarrassed to go with my mom; we always went to Victoria's Secret, where it's very hard to find any kind of unpadded bra, and she always encouraged me to try on enormously padded ones, insisting they "improved my figure." I took her word for it and wore a big black monstrosity for almost a year before I made her buy me a "sports bra" (bralette). Never went back.

And yes, lightchested, now I wonder all the time about other women who seem to have M/L boobs under a t-shirt. What might they be hiding???
crinoline that kitty is toooo freakin adorable happy.gif

hmm i admit for a while here i was a slave to the underwire/paddedness. but hearing all the stories about going braless inspired me to be brave and i actually go braless most of the time now! i love the freedom haha biggrin.gif yeah it takes some to get used to but it's just so much more comfortable (that underwire kills). sometimes i do wear the padded/underwire but not often. i do at work only because the shirts we have to wear really look dumb on me and theyre kinda big so i like to make it appear as tho i have some shape to me. but yeah why wear a bra when you don't need to?? plus i mean... what is the point of underwire on a barely 32 a cup?? haha like...seriously. there's not that much to support it just digs in and is mass painful
oh and vendetta is that your photography?
I don't know if it's the norm for small busties to wear padded bras, but manufacturers seem to think that. I don't wear padded bras though.
Yes it's some of my work.

I alternate between slightly padded and ridicusly padded. I rarely go braless. Depending on my mood, if I want to feel sexier, I go on a lot of padding. I'm wearing my mostly padded one on that "Heart me" photograph and because of my position, there's an empty hole between me and the bra lol Ah shit...
QUOTE(lightchested @ Jan 18 2009, 02:35 AM) *
I have a question for the women on this forum:
And don't even get me started on non-smallies who pad! My best friend has implants and wears Victoria's Secret most padded bra to enhance them even more!!!

That drives me insane, too. Absolutely fricking nuts.

strongirl, thanks for sharing that info about the magazine poll. Let me say this--I am pleasantly surprised!

As for the "to pad or not to pad" question, I discovered as a teen that underwire bras (even non-padded) seemed, for some reason, to make me look a teensy bit bigger, so I wore them. Now, I generally wear lightly padded underwire teen bras--I like the little bit of shape/nipple modesty they gives me. Generally, more bras are available in underwire than not. It's hard enough to find bras that fit and look right to begin with--if I eliminated underwires as an option, I'd really be up shit's creek. Also, as many here have already said, most bras in small sizes have padding equivalent to the amount found in an average sofa. The teen bras don't have that--just a tad. I don't want to look like Dolly Parton--I just want to look professional at work/not get harassed in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store (cold=massive nipplage).
I actually like going braless.

I have some fond memories, and I probably gave some guys some very fond memories. biggrin.gif

Once a date I didn't wear a bra. I was wearing a sweater so I didnt think it was that noticeable. Well, by the end of the night he told me I had beautiful breasts. <3 <3 <3 <3

Other time it's awkward. One time I had a whole family stare at me. Since then I've been less blatant.
QUOTE(loonydaray @ Jan 19 2009, 12:15 AM) *
what is the point of underwire on a barely 32 a cup?? haha like...seriously. there's not that much to support it just digs in and is mass painful

I used to rely on underwire bras to stop the damned cups from creeping up, as in, bottom of the bra was heading up towards my nipples (not enough boob to make it stay where it was supposed to), and I'd have to wrench discreetly at it to put it back where it belonged. I've found that more recent wireless bras don't creep, so I wear those, with just enough padding to avoid the "radio dial" problem. If it's cold and I've got a few layers on, I don't bother with bras at all.

There's this scene in the A&E miniseries Ivanhoe, where Rebecca, dressed in a long white shift, is tied to a stake on a heap of firewood for being a witch, while Brian de Bois-Guilbert and Ivanhoe fight to prove whether she is or is not a witch - and all I could think was, "OK, this is supposed to be in medieval times, so no bras, right? Will they dare show nipple pokage?" They did.
QUOTE(anarch @ Jan 20 2009, 02:01 AM) *
There's this scene in the A&E miniseries Ivanhoe, where Rebecca, dressed in a long white shift, is tied to a stake on a heap of firewood for being a witch, while Brian de Bois-Guilbert and Ivanhoe fight to prove whether she is or is not a witch - and all I could think was, "OK, this is supposed to be in medieval times, so no bras, right? Will they dare show nipple pokage?" They did.

I'm always intrigued by breast realism (or lack thereof) in film. More examples:

300, where all the hot ladies had small, natural breasts!!!! No bras!! Yess!

Not realistic:
Casino Royale, where Bond Girl gets out of bed with Bond, puts blouse on (sans bra). In the next shot, she is wearing one! (She was a tad saggy without it.)

Tomb Raider, where Angelina Jolie is flying on a trapeze-type thing, dressed for bed in her pajamas, wearing a BRA. Yeah.

Any film with implanted femme fatales. Sorry, I find realism sexy. Speaking of which:

Okay, I have to share a dream I had last night (I swear, really): Dreamed I was in some sort of business waiting area. Chris Noth (Big from Sex and the City) was there, struck up a conversation with me, and was staring at my chest. Finally, he is like, "I've got to be frank with you--I really like your confidence! I find it verrrry sexy!" It was then that I looked down and realized I was proudly TOPLESS. Hahaha! And I don't even have a thing for Chris Noth in real life, though I guess he is good-looking.
hellooooooo ladies!

i'm just crawling out from under my rock to say i'm sorry i've been MIA for so long. i've had ridiculous amounts of work to do, and i find that the more time that passes after my last post on BUST that the harder it is for me to come back. being here is a kind of commitment and i pretty much failed my end of the bargain. it's silly, i feel an unnecessary amount of guilt over not reading or posting, so much so that it kept me from visiting until today. pretty stupid right?

so here i am, for those that can remember back far enough to my last post. i'm going to try and be around more often, but i may have to dip in and out of contact in the future.

now, i'm going to take the time to go back and read some old posts and with hope, re-join the conversation!
Christine Nectarine
hi dj-bm! *waves*

i rarely wore a bra until i was pregnant/nursing. since then, i usually do wear one, and i alternate between thin contoured cups, and small or large padding. it all depends on what i'm wearing, and how i'm feeling. it's nice to have the option of looking good in different kinds of tops! i ALWAYS wear one at work, since it doesn't seem like the appropriate place to draw any attention to my body. at home, and sometimes going out socially, i'll gladly go braless.
occasionally it's depressing when i'm trying on clothes and have trouble filling anything out, but for the most part i feel luckier than women who have large breasts, and have no choice!
just to jump in here with the whole bra discussion. i've definitely said it before, but i especially loathe padded bras. they always look fake on my and i hate bumping into people and feeling the fabric and not my flesh compress. i am also paranoid that they can feel or see the fakeness of them too.

in the past, i absolutely loved going braless, and if i lost some weight (and my bigger boobs with it) i would probably go back to it. these days i have to strap them down. it's not like i suddenly got huge knockers, not by a long shot, but they are significantly bigger. i was on the AA-A cusp, now i'm a barely-barely B. i had a tryst with my ex over the winter break from school and he was shocked at how big they had gotten. i live in a camelback shotgun house and have to go up some winding stairs to get to my room. i find myself clutching them as i dash up and down the stairs because i'm not used to having this much range of motion. in the past they would just sit there.

before anyone feels even the slightest twinge of longing for my new found boobage, i must add a caveat. i have gained a lot of weight over the past 6 months. a LOT. like, 40 pounds, so there are other things afoot with my body that i am NOT happy about. i am built much like neurotic nelly, small trunk, huge ass. i love my booty too, it has always been the focal point of male attention. a random aside, one of my bustier lady friends once said to me, 'you know, you just THINK that men aren't staring at you because you don't have big boobs, but you only think that because they are all staring at you from behind!' but i digress. to be perfectly honest, i would gladly go back to my smaller breasts if it meant i could have my old body back. i've been going to the gym, trying to eat better and all that, but it will be an uphill battle to get rid of all this extra.

i used to have a tiny, toned waist and that has now formed into a soft, jiggly belly. i HATE it. in fact, i wouldn't even mind the extra weight in my face, thighs, butt and arms, if it meant that i could have my stomach back.


more ramblings on that subject belong in a different thread, i think.

sooo, back to bras? ahh yes, where was padding for me, but i completely understand why some one might want that. i just hate manufacturers assume that we want padding. actually, one of my favorite bras is an older, fake wonderbra knock-off, but you can remove the padding. see, i like underwire because it gives me a nice round shape as opposed to the 'coney-boob' look. so a wonderbra without padding was perfect, most of the shape without the extra fabric.

as another side note, i had a different tryst with a different ex over the winter break as well. i have been a busy lady......anyway. i was slowly getting undressed one evening and when i took off my bra with ex said, 'god.' and just stared. i said, 'what these little things?' he smiled greedily and said, 'yeah, i love em'
it was definitely a confidence boost. it reminded me of another time he had complimented me, 10 years ago when we were first dating. we were riding in the car and he reached over and gently cupped my breast and said, 'these are perfect.'

double sigh.

anyway, as a closing note, i'd like to give a shout out to all the ladies who have been posting here for the last 10-15 pages. i went back through everything and it took me the better part of an evening. overall, i was most impressed by the clarity, comedy, insight, insult, suffering and support coming out of all your mouths. my one lament is that P Lover Ray deleted his posts. the voyeur within me really wanted to read about how to tighten my pussy.

love to all my busties!

ETA- Christine Nectar, *waves back* i know you abbreviated for well, brevity's sake, but do you mind just calling me dj? dj-bm just made me think of dj-bowel movement. smile.gif
QUOTE(dj-bizmonkey @ Jan 22 2009, 02:15 AM) *
my one lament is that P Lover Ray deleted his posts. the voyeur within me really wanted to read about how to tighten my pussy.

ETA- Christine Nectar, *waves back* i know you abbreviated for well, brevity's sake, but do you mind just calling me dj? dj-bm just made me think of dj-bowel movement. smile.gif

Bwah ha!!!! Welcome back, um, "DJ!" I'd been wondering about you!

Yep, although P Lover went up all our asses (not pussies) sideways, I have to say it really was entertaining--really shook things up. laugh.gif
Hey Welcome Back DJ! I would like to lose about 25lbs, but I am not overweight in the slightest, IMO. I feel healthy, and I can climb a mountain without passing out, although I am not at my most prime. I have to love my weight because when I was a size 6 or 8 I used to tell my size 16 and more-to-love girlfriends that they were beautiful and that they should love their fat. I used to tell them that the only way to lose the fat was to love it. So, now I am practising what I preached, as I start my new gym membership this week. Yay for working out, and Yay for being a sexy pear shaped thang!!

I like wireless bras with a soft cup, but no heavy padding. I have several bras that are padded with underwire and they are so cheap and uncomfortable, I never wear them. I have two bras that are wireless with soft cups and I wear them all the time. They are falling apart, and my goal this week is to get at least two new bras. I like going braless but only in tops that have a little support, otherwise I feel self conscious and inappropriate because they jiggle a little bit. Why should I feel inappropriate about a little jiggle? How would it feel to have a lot of jiggle? Yikes.

This society has made breasts, almost, taboo. We mustn't see them for what they really are. They are overly sensualized. Covered, and coveted.

The attention placed upon breasts is strange to me and I am glad I do not have to deal with them too much. I like em' small.
Christine Nectarine
OT - of course dj-bizmonkey, no prob *tsk tsks self for lazy typing habits*
lol dj , I'm glad I'm not the only one who attached that connotation to "bm"

nelly- I love that sentiment "The only way to lose the fat is to love it" .
I think it's pretty true to life. When I was 30 pounds heavier (the largest I've ever been, I wore an 8) I just kept gaining weight because I was so miserable, hating myself. Then Crinoboy re-entered the picture, and even though he had once dated me when I was much thinner, he loved me the way I was. So then I learned to love it, and before I knew it I was melting away.

I do miss those 34Bs, it was so easy to buy a bra. But, like dj, I developed the habit of holding them when I went up stairs because I was so unused to the jiggle. It feels foreign and uncomfortable to me. I still hold them if I'm like running to the phone or something.

With my current small-boobedness I made a great bra score when I found a honeydew bralette in light green microfiber with nude lace. It feels like wearing nothing, but it keeps me contained enough for class.

oh, and wasn't someone in here lusting after an Intimissimi bustier a while back? Here it is for $20! I'm a 30 - 32A and I can wear their size "1" with no problem
yeah, that's one of the bustiers I wanted, but I'm 30AA so that size 1 doesn't fit.
Sometimes I like to tell myself I'm so hot I don't need boobs biggrin.gif

I guess really I already get a good amount of male attention. I guess really I should just be happy I have my health.
QUOTE(honeybunch @ Jan 23 2009, 03:38 AM) *
I guess really I should just be happy I have my health.

I am very conscious of never taking that for granted. I've had very few health issues in my life, and I am grateful. As much as I'd love to have B-cups, there are plenty of B-cup women out there in the world who don't have things I have, like working legs, eyes that see, ears that hear, all my fingers and toes, etc. I try not to lose perspective. It feels much better and I am much happier feeling grateful for what I have than lamenting what I don't have. when I look at it that way, having small breasts seems like a really silly thing to waste my time feeling bad about. Yeah, given my choice, I'd have all I have, plus just another bit of mammary (or fat or whatever) in my "chesticles." But I'm not going to feel like crap over it.
So wanting boobs = male attention?
I don't think anyone in this thread would purposefully imply such a generalization. Wanting boobs, as lightchested and many others so eloquently informed P Lover Ray, often has ZERO to do with male attention....

... but, you know, occasionally it does.
let's not kid ourselves ladies, we do spend a significant portion of our time in here discussing how men have made us feel inadequate, how we wish men paid more attention to our breasts as well as praising men who have loved our breasts and how good it makes us feel.

that being said, i don't think our issue can be boiled down to a simple equation. i also don't think vendetta was suggesting that, but more throwing it out there to see what the rest of us have to say. am i right, v?

anyhow, the issue (obviously) is complex and intricate. for me, i think it is much of our value as women, whether we like it or not, is outwardly evaluated and based on our level of attractiveness. i don't like it any more than the next person, but i think this is an evolutionary, worldwide phenomenon. BUT, that isn't all that makes us valuable, and certainly any man or woman will tell you that what they look for in a partner goes far deeper than any one physical attribute. however we are taught, rather, indoctrinated by mainstream media, that our only value lies in the physical and in our case, our small tits just aren't up to snuff. i believe we want to fit the mold, be 'up to snuff,' and part of that is receiving attention from the opposite sex (in our heteronormative, mainstream culture).

i am playing devil's advocate here, but i think each and every one of us, whether consciously or subconsciously cares what men think of our bodies far more than we would like to admit. i also think that this yearning to be attractive is both preordained (as in, it is hardwired in our brains) and the result of belligerent cultural reinforcement. our challenge as feminists and as women in general is to name the beast that torments us and fight back with our confidence, our intellect, our passion. the battles we engage in are exhortations to the rest of humanity that these standards of value based on physical attractiveness are at best, glib and facile interpretations of us as individuals. our battles may begin here in this forum, with powerful words of defiance and strength, but they radiate out into the 'real' world.

so, long story short, our desire for bigger breasts cannot be boiled down to a simple explanation. it is multi-faceted. but we must be absolutely honest with ourselves and why we think the things we do if we expect to make any positive progress. i am very proud of every woman in this forum who is willing to bare her insecurities to an audience, and i believe that is a step in the right direction for all of us.

you have all helped me immensely, more than you'll probably ever realize......

Men may play a part is this equation but we can only be affected by them if there's a problem about the way we view ourselves. In my opinion, or in my life, worries about men are only a consequence. Or women, in my case. And they're a consequence because they are part of my life and, sexually, they are gonna touch my buttons. Insecurities I didn't have so intensely two years ago so I can tell the difference between the two stages of mind. And it was a man who gave them to me, cause he changed the way I viewed myself. I was weak. But I don't think of any man when I look at myself in the mirror.
When we look into the mirror, we hear the voice of our Zeitgeist, and we judge ourselves based on those standards, or we don't. The choice is yours in that moment.
So, V, when you look in the mirror, you're still judging yourself based on other's values, not just the mens, but our society as a whole, men and women. We all do it or think it or feel it because we are indoctrinated to it as children. To see ourselves, as we are, and to choose to love and accept ourselves is where its at. And I hope this is clear. But it is as clear as I can make it, being inebriated.
Breasts are deeply embroided in my sense of feminity, that's what I sense I lack when I look in my mirror.
DJ - That was incredibly articulate and very moving. I share your gratitude and appreciation for the smart, brave, insightful women who post in here and it has helped me, too. The only thing you said that I don't agree with 100% was the statement "our desire for bigger breasts". Most of the time I like mine fine the way they are. Sometimes I could go for slightly bigger but mostly I'm happy with my streamlined, graceful shape. I will say that this forum has helped me be more solid in that. That and, yes, my awesome boyfriend who loves my tits.

Nelly - that was actually very clear and you are cute when you're inebriated. wink.gif

Vendetta - On a more practical and less philosophical note, since I know you are considering implants, have you heard of or looked into Macrolane injections? Someone else in here mentioned them so I did a bit of Internet research. We can't get them here in the U.S. yet but they are available in much of Europe, and have beeen avail. in the U.K. for over a year. They are the same substance as injectible fillers used to plump out wrinkles, hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally occurring in the human body with no risk of rejection. They are about 1/2 or less the price of implants, add 1 to 1 1/2 cup sizes, and are gradually absorbed by the body over 12-18 months, so a "top up" is required after a year or so, but on the other hand, if you don't like the effect it goes away without a surgery or anything. The result is very natural feeling, without surgery or scars. There is some pain with the initial injection but much less than implants. The procedure only takes about an hour.

I've had the facial fillers done a few times with very subtle, natural-looking results and if I wanted to go bigger with my breasts and this was available in the U.S., I'd consider it. The only negative comments I read from women who had it done was that it hurt more than they expected and that they wished they'd gone for bigger, ie. implants. Neither of those would apply to me since I would never want them that big and I have a high pain tolerance.

Just something to think about, especially for you, Vendetta, since you could probably get them there in Europe and you're considering implants anyway.
yes macrolane is available here in Portugal already but... it costs the same as implants. I don't even have the money for implants, less likely for something that will disappear after a year or so. I would prefer macrolane if I could chose since it's not dangerous and gives just the itty-bitty I would like to have. But well... i've been trying to get surgery throught NHS and i'm not getting any luck. It's hard enough to have an appointment with my doctor for him to tell me that he doesn't know what to do and tell me to come back. I'm frustrated. I just want to end up with this and stop thinking about it.
macrolane..huh sounds interesting. loookks painful to get done since most are awake i mean that is a huuuge needle!! unfortunately though 4000$ is just too much to pay for experiencing what it would feel like to have b-cups for a couple months :/
maybe someday though...
i really just want to see what it's like you know??
like what does it feel like.... i have a feeling it would bother the crap out of me though.
i'm so used to my lil boobies idk that i would like the feeling of all the bounce and jiggliness


there is one thing about my boobs i hate more than the size.. i have this ugly scar on my right one from where my cat scratched me yearrss ago sad.gif

That creeps me out. Injecting "hyaluronic acid" into your body every year...where does it go? Is it absorbed? Also, and most importantly, there are no long-term studies that have been done. Ech. At least with implants they can be taken out (though even with those, there is a question of the lasting effects of being exposed to the silicone shell).

I realize the hypocrisy of what I'm saying in the sense that I have a tattoo, which involved foreign material injected into my body, but people have been doing that for ages without any well-known, across-the-board drawbacks (unless the needles were dirty or the tatt shop was unreputable, that sort of thing).

I have to say, though, these Macrolane breast before-and-afters are interesting:

That's all the enhancement I'd really want--or maybe just a tad more. I wonder how it feels--like lumps? Or smooth? They say they inject it and then mold it into shape.

Still, no thanks for me.
QUOTE(karategrrl @ Jan 26 2009, 07:24 PM) *
I have to say, though, these Macrolane breast before-and-afters are interesting:

i think the 'afters' look kinda bumpy and bleh. the 'befores' are all hotter imo. they have that nice natural ski-slopey boobyness about them.
i also like the sexy laydee at the top

if i haddd to choose id rather have the self-contained implants than some crazy shit pumped into me that can roam about as it pleases
If you wear lipstick (y'all tracking on the lead in lipstick thing? yikes) or makeup or drink alchohol or eat anything but organic food, you're already putting stuff in your body that's a LOT more "foreign" and toxic than hyaluronic acid, which is part of all human tissue naturally. If you smoke cigarettes, even worse. I'm just saying.

I agree on the before/afters - I dislike the same thing that I dislike about implants, which is too much on top and not enough below the nipple. It makes a weird profile, I think. I like the slopeyness too. But with an injection, you could direct where the injector places the stuff, unlike an implant. I'd go for keeping the slopeyness and not so much filler that I'd get "boob overlap" - I still want the damn pencil to drop to the floor, thanks.

Yep, it's absorbed. It's true about no long term studies, so I suppose there could be complications that haven't come up yet. But logically, that seems unlikely since our bodies already have the stuff in 'em and it's inert.

I don't do well with surgery - I've had a nose surgery to help me breathe - and the whole getting cut into thing just seems so traumatic. To me, there's no comparison between implants and injection in terms of invasiveness and trauma to the body. I still probably would opt to just keep my normal nice little titties - but if I were inclined to go bigger, I'd do Macrolane way before implants from a health perspective.
QUOTE(starship @ Jan 27 2009, 12:52 AM) *
the 'befores' are all hotter imo. they have that nice natural ski-slopey boobyness about them.
i also like the sexy laydee at the top

Yep, a bit of slopy-ness is hot, IMHO. Natural breasts very rarely stick straight out.

And yeah, the lady at the top is sporting a nice look!

I didn't know the hyaluronic acid was a naturally-occurring bodily ingredient. However, I wonder where the get the kind that they inject--do they manufacture it synthetically? I'd have a hard time believing that there wouldn't' be all sorts of problems taking it from someone and injecting it into another person's body (think rejection issues). I haven't read that they take if from your own body and inject it in your breasts.

Hey, can they take some of the fat off the backs of my thighs and move it to my breasts? Hahahaha. laugh.gif
I noticed the bumpy, implant-y look in 2 or the after pictures. I'm not sure if I would call any of them a major improvement. I think I prefer the befores.
QUOTE(strongirl @ Jan 27 2009, 04:59 AM) *
If you wear lipstick (y'all tracking on the lead in lipstick thing? yikes) or makeup or drink alchohol or eat anything but organic food, you're already putting stuff in your body that's a LOT more "foreign" and toxic than hyaluronic acid, which is part of all human tissue naturally. If you smoke cigarettes, even worse. I'm just saying.

noway can you compare wearing abit of lippie/eating a questionable carrot to injecting a whole heap of acid into your boobs!
As long as the ladies are happy with their new boobs, fine with me!
Well, actually, yes, I would much rather have some extra hyaluronic acid, which is already naturally present in my body, than lead or pesticides! I go out of my way to avoid toxins, I eat organic, grow my own veggies in the summer, filter my water, use no plastic for food/drink containers, etc. So yeah, I would, to be honest.

Not saying you have to feel the same way, if stuff that comes out of a needle gives you heebie-jeebies or whatever. But for my own assessment of the health risks, that's how I see it.
Hey there ladies! I haven't been here in forever and just spent the last few hours reading through the last 15 pages... Some great stuff happening here. I missed you guys! I haven't been online because my computer was taking a sick leave and I couldn't get online. Anyway, just wanted to say hey to you all.

About the whole 'men coming to this forum and posting' thing, I agree, I wish they wouldn't post here. However, I do think men should come to this forum and just read the things that people have wrote. Maybe then they'd understand a little better why women feel the way they do about their breasts and breasts in general. Idk, I have always found discussions with intelligent men (definitely not that first guy) to be interesting and insightful.

I hope you all have had a good holiday season. You guys rock!
Oh I agree with femme!!! i was always an a cup until i got pregnant and my boobs went from 34 a to a fricking 38 c- nearly d. i thought i would be happy but i miss my little boobs. my boobs are saggy from breastfeeding and at least when they were little they were cute and perky. i am in the same dilemma with clothes- they don't button so i have to get a size big and it looks so bulky and ugly. also- i HATE the way they feel against my skin- my little boobs never had the fold under them but now they get all sweaty underneath and i actually need to wear a bra to feel semi-comfortable. it's not what i imagined it would be like. i wish they would go back to normal, i used to think i couldn't find any cute clothes but now i REALLY can't find any cute clothes. sad.gif be proud of your little tatas!!! smile.gif
Hey ladies, forgive me for being off topic, but I stumbled on this site and had to talk about it, even though I think I've ranted about it before, it's still a topic that raises my hackles...

Found this website while surfing the net and loved it, agreed with a lot of it, except for the part where the author says that larger women don't ever get picked on. A lot of the comments on the article at the bottom were talking about how it is unequivocally more difficult to be a curvy woman than a naturally thin woman, but I don't know if that statement is true. We all have different experiences. For one woman (and I know from personal experience), being thin can be just as big of a confidence kill as being curvy would be for a larger woman. They are flip sides of the size coin, but I disagree that the two experiences can be compared. Everyone is different- what isn't a big deal for one person may be a huge deal to another.

At least curvy women are seen as womanly and feminine! Naturally thin and also small breasted women often feel like they can't claim a huge portion of their identity: being a woman. And I'm sorry, If you really think about it, feeling like a pubescent and not a woman, even though you are one, can be just as damaging as feeling like you aren't accepted for being larger. Both sides can feel like they will never be wanted and loved. The grass is NOT always greener.

And that is my rant for the day.
Aithinne, so true, so true. I could go on about this topic for days, but the VERY short version is, I am sick and tired of peopel making comments about my body (calling me "skinny," "skinny bitch," "Oh, you can eat whatever you want!" yada yada...and yada.)

It's not okay to say,"Wow, you're short!" "Damn, you're black!" "You're fat!" "You have gray roots!" etc. etc. BUT...somehow it's "okay" to comment on thin people's appearance. This annoys the crap out of me. The only thing I can think of to explain this phenomenon is that thinness is somehow seen as the "desirable" condition, so it's okay to hate someone for having what everyone supposedly wants but "can't have."

Back to work.
ugh! i completely agree! for some reason it's no big deal to make fun of someone for being ridiculously skinny, there's nothing wrong with being naturally skinny! i remember once, about two years ago this guy in hot topic just laughed at me and said 'man you look anorexic!' i wasn't amused. maybe it was the fact that i actually used to be anorexic but had recovered a while before that. either way people are asses sometimes mad.gif
Hi girls. I am a 36A, and used to be a 34AA most of my life until I hit 22 and gained a bit more weight. Anyways, I just wanted to let y'all know that I spent most of my teenage life, and a bit of my university years, also feeling very insecure about my small boobs. But I don't anymore, in fact I am quite happy with them. It's hard to verbalize why - partly because I have learned to see myself as beautiful for so many different reasons, and have learned not to focus on single parts of my body. Also because of how damn beautiful small breasts are, and the fact that I am 26 and haven't lost any perkiness yet. And also because of finding ways to feel strong, powerful & beautiful without considering how I look in the mirror.

But anyways.. what I want to say is that I know so much how you feel, and how difficult it can be, and how it sucks to go clothes shopping, or to the beach, or a bar where boys stare at big-boobed girls. And I remember how much it hurt my sense to self to feel unfeminine because of it.. so please if you want, send me a message and I would love to talk to anyone of you about it. I hate to think of anyone feeling the way I did because of their bodies, because it just isn't worth it!
Hey there ladies. I apologize to all you naturally slender ladies for my blatantly disrespectful avatar.

Welcome to you, angie_21, I really agree with what you've said. Hope you post some more. We need more positive energy here.

that is all.
QUOTE(neurotic.nelly @ Feb 2 2009, 04:15 AM) *
Hey there ladies. I apologize to all you naturally slender ladies for my blatantly disrespectful avatar.

Your avatar didn't bother me at all! I like the fact that you celebrated your body with it! I'm all for people celebrating and loving themselves. What I don't like is someone giving me shit about my body for no good reason. If given my choice, I'd actually be more curvy. I'm presently hitting the weights like crazy for my glutes so I can have some booty roundness.
neurotic.nelly, i totally second what karategrrl said! alll body types are sexy for their own reasons, and everyone should love their own figure as well as other peoples smile.gif so yeah, shouldn't be hatin' on other body types, but you definitely don't do that!
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