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Full Version: small breast support group - (I need it even if they don't)
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Aw! Thank you strongirl wub.gif

I heart small-boobed busties. And I heart the phrase 'boingy boobs' - makes me feel like I could bounce about on them like a pogo stick! Which would be cool!
Culturehandy, I meant to tell you I love your avatar! "Penis! Penis! Penis!" Boing, boing, boing!

And strongirl, I second what you said to persiflager.
Feeling kinda unsexy lately.. I miss my "water boobs". My bra hates to feel empty.

*Le sight*

I just have to say that I lurk in here, and you are all an amazing lot! I also have to add that I fucking LOVE boobies, doesn't matter the size, I just love titties. I think they sexy no matter what the size. I just wish more people held that belief. If I could sleep in a bed of boobies, I totally would. I love the form of a woman, and boobs are no different. Sorry, I'm getting caught up in my love of breasteses.

Now totally OT, but to add what AP said I think the obsession with boobies also comes with the fact that they are so sexualized and almost forbidden, so whenever someone gets a peak at them, it's a peak and some sort of fuckin' treasure.

Anways, I don't really have anything else to add.

Thanks karategirl! Hee, GT actually altered one and made the banana holding a pussy sign.

Rock on sexy tittied busties!!

I agree, Culturehandy, I adore titties too and I do think some of the cultural obession is due to the fact that they are considered forbidden and supposed to be covered up. Just like thighs in parts of Micronesia, where girls and women do not cover their breasts because they are not considered sexual but they cannot wear shorts or short skirts without being considered inappropriate.

Have any of you busties ever gotten into the "topfree (or shirtfree) rights" movement? It's purpose is to support the right of women to go bare on top just like men. I sure supoprt it! I've never had an opportunity to go to a rally or anything. But pictures I've seen are great - women with breasts of all shapes and sizes showing their body acceptance and flaunting their rights. So I take every opportunity I get to give the pair some air, esp. at lakes, beaches, parks, et.

Summer before last I was boating with my bf and another couple who I didn't actually know very well, older than us, 60-ish. We anchored near some big old partially submerged trees. I love to climb trees! So I swam over and climbed a bit, then flopped onto a branch and took off my top and laid in the sun. I was far enough from them that I figured no one would notice, but sure enough they swam over to me and we just hung out and chatted, very relaxed. It was an interesting conversation so for a long time I didn't notice the two guys in a small motorboat, circling us and leering. When I finally did and covered up, the woman of this couple said "They've been using up their gas, going around and around like that for the past 10 minutes." I was a bit annoyed but I also thought it was funny that they were using up their fuel to ogle my little 34A's.
QUOTE(strongirl @ Jan 8 2009, 03:27 AM) *
I was a bit annoyed but I also thought it was funny that they were using up their fuel to ogle my little 34A's.

Haha, that IS rather interesting. rolleyes.gif

Interesting comments about other cultures and baring breasts there. My only real experience with bare-breasted acceptance was on a French island. It was interesting to go topless on the beach and have no one leer or really seem to care, but at the same time I noticed that the topless thing, in other ways didn't seem to minimize men's attention to breasts: I noticed things like bumper stickers that said, " I <heart> no tan lines" and an extreme close-up of a nipple in a local magazine. I dunno, like maybe the men didn't leer at the women in person but maybe they did behind our backs?? I wasn't sure what to make of it and still don't . wink.gif
I got another ticket today. (Turning right on a red light after the oncoming traffic completely stopped at their red light, not seeing the "no turn on red" sign in the pitch dark, and apparently turning on a red light despite the fact that the oncoming traffic's light was also red.)

Fine. Maybe I did that. I didn't know there was a no turn on red sign, and even so, I waited until the oncoming traffic's light had changed to red, which was "going the extra mile", since I thought it was legal to turn on the red there anyway. I could have just gone when the traffic got light in the oncoming direction, but I went so far as to wait until their light had stopped them. But apparently my light wasn't green yet. Whatever.

The point is, yet again, I was NOT let off with a warning. YET AGAIN, the flat girl gets a ticket with points and a fine associated with it. Yet my sister, The Tailgating Queen, and my cousin, Speed Racer and Wrong Way on a One Way, who both have big huge boobs and have been pulled over plenty of times, have never gotten a ticket. They get let off with "warnings". What the hell is a "warning"? As a flat girl, I sure wouldn't know! But I know what a ticket looks like all right. And the inside of a court house.


I am going to start bringing some big-boob disguise with me wherever I go, in the front seat, so that as soon as I see the flashing lights, I can start getting ready to flash my beacons right back.

Supposedly our area is on some mission to write a bunch of tickets lately to bring in much-needed revenue, but in the past two months I've gotten two tickets! The other was for responding to a text message from work while driving. (To assure that yes, I would be on time for the meeting. But as it turned out, thanks to that text message and a vigilant Detroit cop looking to keep scum like me in line, NO, I was NOT in time for the meeting!)

I wonder how many murders were taking place in the city of Detroit while that cop took his time writing me up that ticket for texting while driving. (In court last month, he did admit to the judge that I wasn't swerving or anything, and he saw me looking up at the road while inputting the text, but still I was texting while driving and hence...$160)

Today's will set me back $125 and 2 points, if I can't beat them down in court. I am starting to feel like the scourge of the earth hanging out in courts as much as I do now. Maybe I'll create some big boobs for my next court appearance & see if I can get the fine taken away as well as the points? I am so doing it. I'm doing it.

I am hereby changing my name to HEAVYHANGERS until my next court appearance. God. "My next court appearance". Who have I become??? Lindsay Lohan? Wait...not her now that I think of it....I'm definitely not her... rolleyes.gif
So the stereotype is true. That cops will forgive anyone with big breasts. Ugh, such pigs.

Also, why is it that men get so defensive when we talk to them about breasts, and they turn it into a "penis size" discussion? Last night I was watching a testosterone filled comedy with my boyfriend and I told him I didn't get why all the females had stupid roles (as in, not a character... they weren't actresses, they were just girls who took off their tops and/or screamed bouncing around), and all the attractive ones had big implants when there can be attractive girls with small breasts. He said: "Because it's for males. You can't take it seriously. It's a comedy, lighten up, I don't even like them that big". Ok, so he doesn't, but still. I said that doesn't answer the question of "Why is it necessary?". And he said "But hey, it's the same as you women always wanting a guy with a huge penis!". I said, "No, honey, that's another myth that comes from men watching way too much porn!". He shut up for a moment and said "Still, women do want men with big penises and muscles". Ah, when will guys learn it's about skills (Oh, no! I'm starting to sound like P Lover Ray! LOL).

Ah, men... It's always about them, isn't it?

Yesterday I ended up in a website that "promotes feminine beauty". It's creepy really, and angered me so much. It gives even the ideal skull type for women! That big breasts can be ugly, that small breasts can be ugly, that stick thin can be ugly, that chubby can be ugly... but that all of that can work (not sure about fat though) if women are proportional and look feminine rather than masculine. According to this guy, the purpose is not to give women low self esteem, but to show the classical types of beauty that could win beauty pageants (or something like that, I didn't read a lot). I don't know, but also there was a lot of criticizing of different body types. Um, hello, we don't get to choose the body we're born with! Supposedly it's a harmless site that shouldn't make women feel ugly. It didn't make me feel ugly or inadequate, but it pissed the hell out of me because again, a MAN IS GIVING GUIDELINES ABOUT THE PERFECT MOLD WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO FIT! Again, we're objects... plus a lot of pictures are X rated, from adult sites (ie. naked women), AND it also pissed me off that he made remarks about gay men (that they run the fashion industry, which may be true, but his tone was a bit derogatory in my opinion). It was just downright creepy.

There, if anyone's interested. Ugh, fucking MWETs!!!
As time passes by, I deslike men more and more.

I guess the only real man I've ever met is my father, which is of those you wouldn't want to lose. Thank God for that.
mynameislala- i dont even know where to begin with just how wrong that site is. esp the overall tone suggesting women were made purely to look appealing to men and shame on any of us who hadnt been born just the way they like. i think it was the depth that theyd examined it and the 'science' (ha) that theyd tried to use which made it far more offensive than the usual 'i dont like skinny girls' remarks. sickening.
however, i realise such nonsense could only have been spewed by a complete morron so i wont go losing any sleep or owt. the 'improving looks' section 'so as not to dissapoint' us women was particularly amusing
ugh, im gonna have to jump on the man-hating bandwagon im afraid.

hmm, im not convinced that your boobs were to blame for all the fines &stuff. id like to think not anyway

I think I was just venting in frustration, but I swear I do feel persecuted lately. (Going to court last month for sending a text message while driving, getting pulled over and searched by Homeland Security on Wednesday, and then getting a ticket on Friday!)

I just felt angry at Christmas, watching my (boingy-boobed) cousin & sister laugh about all the times they were pulled over and never ticketed, because I was thinking that I think every time I've been pulled over, I've been ticketed. And then these two things happened this week, and I just got frustrated & vented in that post.

Yes, I took pictures going through Canadian customs, which was stupid, but the No Turn on Red incident was just stupid, since the oncoming traffic's light had already changed to red, so if mine wasn't green already, it was going to be in a nanosecond. I swear I think the guy would've let my cousin or sister go with just a warning. Same with Mr. "No Texting on the Highway" last December.

Sometimes I just blame my boobs for EVERYTHING!!! rolleyes.gif
I've been having a hard time on boobs lately.. dunno why. Perhaps it's just another thing among many others since it hasn't been easy through this last year (better days will come).

I've been trying to get surgery throught NHS and it has been a year already and I'm still not even close. It's frustrating.

Sexuality has been a total mess in my head and it doesn't help to have a horny guy by my side pressuring me. I think I had like three orgasms in 2008 and two of them were while sleeping. I've been having more wet dreams lately then in my whole life and I believe it's my body craving for something sexual.

I hate the fact that I cannot walk on the street or simply watch a movie without noticing every bouncing boobs... I don't want to be like this. I want to just not think about it. Geez can't I just get a turn off button?
i'm so sorry you've had driving issues recently :-( not to deny the fact that sometimes people get away without a ticket because the cop likes boobs, but at the end of the month (christmas), they have their quotas to hit, unfortunately, so they ticket everyone. also, there seems to be more crackdown lately on texting/talking on cell phone while driving.

What surgery are you waiting for? Is it too personal to ask? I'm from the U.S., and I think "sometimes" we're a little more forward over here than people might be over there. ( rolleyes.gif nah...not us! cool.gif ) So apologies if my question inadvertently offends.

I hate when guys do their pressure thing. Like if a certain amount of time goes by since the last time, then we owe them something. Like, I don't remember ever signing up for any program with monthly quotas, but apparently I did or something??? blink.gif They all seem to work off that same program...I exist, therefore I exist to serve him on a consistent basis. Whatever. Every time I get out of a relationship I think, "I'm never doing THAT again!!!" (a relationship) and part of my reasoning is to not have that "It's been a long time since we've...(x), (y), or (z)'ed." Really? 'Cause it sure don't seem that long ago to me!!! biggrin.gif

If I didn't want to do things with a guy EVER, things would be SO MUCH EASIER! But once you do something with them, they expect you to do it again..and again...and again. It's like, "Can't we just do it once and live happily with the memory of it?" Apparently not. Seriously, I'm sure I'd be coming around for things about once a year or so if they'd just get off my back with their insane frequency of requests!!! Girl's got issues to work out, here!!! Can't they see I'm busy??? (not the way that they want me to be...)
I'm "waiting" to have two surgerys: eye surgery and mammoplasty. Here in Portugal we're having a major problem with NHS surgery, people have to be waiting for years, so for elective surgery such as mammoplasty it's like a lifetime... But I'm not even signed up after a year so...


You're getting mammoplasty???

I did not know!!! How many cc's? Unders or overs? Silicone or saline? Where will your incision be? Are you going to tell us all about it? Are you scared at all?

Is it rude of me to ask how old you are?
Does anyone besides me ever think to herself, "If I had big ones, I couldn't be wearing this ultra-comfortable wireless bralette", and think, for at least that moment that we have the definite advantage over big'uns?

Like, if NOTHING ELSE, we can wear comfortable bralettes. How cool is that? It's hard to measure that kind of coolness, really. It's extra large amounts of awesomeness, but cleverly disguised in a size XS.
I have no idea if I'm getting it! I'm just saying that I've been trying to get into the list but I'm having bad luck.... it's so so far away yet
Lightchested, I'm sorry about your tickets, I know what a hassle that can be. But if you're going to blame some body parts for it, your feet are probably a lot more at fault than your tits. I have a terrible lead foot myself and consequently have been pulled numerous times (I'm trying to improve, not proud of this). But for all the times I've been pulled over the years, I've only been ticketed a few. Since I don't have big breasts, that appears not to be the key to getting off with a "warning". Eye contact, a regretful smile and an apology go a long way! I'm betting your sister/friend who got out of their tickets were not staring ahead stony-faced and pouting either. Poor titties - don't blame them!
QUOTE(lightchested @ Jan 12 2009, 02:00 PM) *
Does anyone besides me ever think to herself, "If I had big ones, I couldn't be wearing this ultra-comfortable wireless bralette", and think, for at least that moment that we have the definite advantage over big'uns?

YES! I do, quite a lot of the time now, especially in the Cali summers (which start in, um, late March). I have a function-over-fashion kind of style, and really hate wearing more clothes than I need to. When it's hot I'm always thankful I don't have to wear some sweat-inducing foam-and-wire creation under my sundress.
I like that I don't have to wear a bra while I work out, unless I want to or if I'm jump roping.

It seems like I can step into any place and have the smallest boobs. Even if it's a place with preteens.
Honeybunch: I just said the same thing about a week or two ago. I am so sick and tired of ALWAYS being the smallest breasted person to walk into any room, work, store, church, mall, gym, etc. No matter where I go, I am the smallest. It kills me. I, too, no longer wear a bra to work out. I like that I don't have to worry about my bra becoming displaced on my chest while lifting weights. It was always awkward and embarrassing trying to wiggle my shoulders around to get it back into place.
QUOTE(honeybunch @ Jan 14 2009, 03:07 PM) *
It seems like I can step into any place and have the smallest boobs. Even if it's a place with preteens.

Me too, me too (hand waving wildly)!

I see 14-year-olds with big gazungas. Damn kids, ha. It kills me that so many young girls and women take having B's, C's and heck, even D's for granted--or worse yet, complain about being "small." ESPECIALLY when they do the complaining to ME. WTF!!!!????
On the smallest boobs wherever you go thing, hey me too (or three or whatever it is). But it hardly ever bothers me. It probably pisses off the big boob girls that the guys are staring at me instead of their big bazooms, especially if they paid good money for 'em. But oh well.
As an ex-small-breasted woman (no surgery, just lots and lots of carbs) I just wanted to pop in here and share a little perspective I've recently gained. I used to have a love/hate relationship with my small breasts. I was small, perky, barely a B cup (if I was being completely honest I wasn't a B at all, but I had those inserts from the push up bras to make the Bs fit anyway) and I wore plunging gowns with double sided tape to keep from popping out at fancy functions and all kinds of tops designed to make my tits look bigger every day. Then I got fat. At first I didn't notice the pounds creeping on, and by the time I realized it, it was too late. I now have D breasts and I hate them. I've lost a lot of the weight I originally gained but I can't wear anything cute because my breasts are too big. I need to buy my blouses a size too big to button over my chest and then they're all baggy everywhere else and I look frumpy and old (I'm 23). In the summer time I can't find a sundress or a tank top that doesn't make me look like a grandmother or a slut (no offense to either, of course, just not the look I'm going for at this stage of my life). I know the last thing you all want to hear is complaints about big boobs, but as someone who has been in your cup size, I just want to remind you to appreciate what you have! Small breasts are classy and don't get in your way! I miss my small chest!
I do believe that. I never wanted big boobs. Just boobs.
I agree with Vendetta.

femmelawren, there are lots of tips in the boingy-boobed thread on what to wear to avoid the grandmother/slut quandary. Come say hi!

Oh, and I've given up on blouses entirely, scoop-necked tops are the way forward.

QUOTE(Vendetta @ Jan 15 2009, 12:06 PM) *
I never wanted big boobs. Just boobs.

I second that totally. femmelawren, as someone who's been on both sides, your insights are valuable and I completely appreciate your sharing.

But all I want are full B-cups...something to fill out those sundresses, tank tops, bras and sports bras...<sigh> If I had only 2 choices about my breast size--what I have now and crazy-huge ones that got in my way--yes, I'd choose what I now have. But if I had a 3rd option--the full B's--I'd choose those hands-down. (Or should I say "hands-on," for if I suddenly had those, I'd be feeling myself up constantly for the sheer joy of it...)
QUOTE(karategrrl @ Jan 14 2009, 02:45 PM) *
Me too, me too (hand waving wildly)!

I see 14-year-olds with big gazungas. Damn kids, ha. It kills me that so many young girls and women take having B's, C's and heck, even D's for granted--or worse yet, complain about being "small." ESPECIALLY when they do the complaining to ME. WTF!!!!????

I knooow!!! I hate hearing about large breasted women who want breast implants. Im just like...HELLO, they're already big!!!

I also noticed that their are 12 year olds walking around with DDs. Though I can't imagine how complicated that was. I had men hitting on me when I was without the DDs, so I don't want to imagine what they are going thru!!

ETA-Maybe I shouldn't feel that bad cuz it seems like some preteens got bigger boobs than their mommas,too. I mean WTF is goin on???
i can totally see your point femmelawren. but i have to agree with vendetta too i def don't want big boobs. b's would be perfect! like karategrrl mentioned about filling out clothes and bras. a little cleavage would be nice. ahh, is it too much to ask?? rolleyes.gif and yeah lol it drives me crazy bein around middle schoolers with bigger cups than i have. a while back i led a group at this middle school retreat at my church. and all the other leaders kept thinking i was a middle schooler. my thing is i'm so short and just little all over really (i'm 5"1' and wear kid shoes to give you an idea lol) that people always think i'm 13ish. and i'm convinced that if i had a little boobage goin on (and my acne cleared up....iiit's gettin better tho), than people would treat me my age!!! arg!

haven't posted in forever, but there's been a lott of great stuff goin on in here!! i love it biggrin.gif

btw, i'm just wondering what is everyones hip-waist-chest measurement (if you're comfy with sharing it)
i'm 36-28-32
QUOTE(honeybunch @ Jan 15 2009, 04:01 PM) *
ETA-Maybe I shouldn't feel that bad cuz it seems like some preteens got bigger boobs than their mommas,too. I mean WTF is goin on???

I think maybe the breast growth goes nuts at first with all those pubescent hormones going berzerk...then hormone levels and breast size probably evens out a little. Of course, I don't speak from experience on the boobage, but I did have crazy hips around that stage of my life.

Speaking of which, measurements...

I think I'm like a 34 (bust size, not band size), 26 or 27 waist and 35 or 36 hips. My hips have leveled off since that hormonal pubescent phase. I'm not a pear anymore but I wouldn't say I'm an hourglass either. Of course, this does not take into account my shoulders, which I have worked out like the dickens to help balance out that pear shape I always had.
I do think there's a phenomenon, and have read some things backing this up, where all the hormones in meat are causing "precocious puberty" in which girls are menstruating at much earlier ages and that is also contributing to larger breasts and to obesity. In other words, the stuff we give cows to make them fertile younger, have large udders, and be big and fat are - surprise! - affecting the people who eat them in the same ways. If ya wanna get cynical about it, I read an article about this years ago - like 15 years? maybe in Ms. Magazine? - in which this had been documented in Puerto Rico, where Bovine Growth Hormone was allowed years before the FDA and Congress approved it in the US. Even though some of that data was presented to our government, they approved it anyway. Thanks, guys.

Someone in here mentioned older guys liking smaller boobs and younger guys not as much. I think that's partly because the younger girls tend to have bigger boobs, while more older chicks are smaller. You like what you can get. A lot of the older guys I know bemoan the whole increase in younger girls' sizes overall. They say "What happened to girls? They're Amazons now - they scare me!"

Last time I measured, which I do very seldom, I was 35-24-34. For what that's worth - IMO very little. What matters to me is looking and feeling strong and healthy.

While I'm rambling, I just read that Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner's 3 now-ex-girlfriends, says there wasn't really much sex between her and the old dude, and she had to sneak out of the Playboy Mansion from time to time to get her sexual needs met! I thought it was quite ironic. Ya got the DDD implants, ya got the big blonde hair, ya got the life of ease in the sexual party palace of the Western world...and you still can't get laid! I'll take my 34A's, my little old house, and my sweet boyfriend any day.
Yeah, it's the hormones, and it's more than just in the meat. Just about everything that's processed is doing weird things to people's bodies. Adults, teens, children look kinda sick to me a lot.

But anyways. Measurements. 36-32-43. Ass for days y'all. I love it! That's where my "womanly" curves come into play. I love my waist/backside, and my boobies too! Again, I'm a large A, small B. Just a hint of cleavage. I'm about 5'9" and a size 10/12 (depending on what garment and how its made). Amazon over here!

I've also had cops let me off the hook more than three times. But, I immediately get my flirt on before they even reach the car, my head is out the window with a big smile and wide eyes.

loonydaray, i love your new avatar.

ETA: I can do ten regular push-ups straight out, I can do about two pull regular pull ups (LOL), and I can lift 20 lbs at 12 reps each. I think this is just as important as measurements.
I've also had cops let me off the hook more than three times. But, I immediately get my flirt on before they even reach the car, my head is out the window with a big smile and wide eyes.

lol tongue.gif and thanks! i randomly stumbled across it and was like hey..i need an avatar

along with the whole hormone's freaky really. we really need to go back to healthier eating. or at least stop putting chemicals in everything
You're measuring it on cm? Measurements are different from yours here in Portugal.. I'm 30-24-32.
i measured in inches
Yes, I measured in inches too, that's it 30-24-32
Last I checked I was 33-27-36 (measurements don't do me justice-my weight goes to my thighs mostly), but I've lost weight. I'm hoping for a 25 inch waist one day. I wish I could just magically spot reduce lol. biggrin.gif

Most cops have let me go, except for the ones on the navy base. I usually have some story they fall for. biggrin.gif

I have heard older guys say that like the smaller boobs when they liked bigger ones when they were younger. One guy just start telling me that out of the blue...I'm just like um ok lol. I also think peer pressure is a big issue. I suspect that guys are pressured to like the big boobies to some extent. I won't say why he said he changed his preference. wink.gif

As far as the younger girls with big breasts, I'm 21, and it seems like things have changed so much. There were a few girls who were quite developed. Most of the girls who had really large breasts were overweight, now it's like even skinny girls got DD boobs. It's kind of sad when you think about it-these young girls have back problems due to boobage that usually wouldn't affect females in their age range. Not to mention the lewd and nasty comments guys make. sad.gif
QUOTE(strongirl @ Jan 15 2009, 10:10 PM) *
IMO very little. What matters to me is looking and feeling strong and healthy.

Same here. But it's nice to see everybody else's measurements anyway, as a sort of community bonding thing. Especially since it's not a putting-self-down session that's so common among women IRL. I think we've talked about that phenomenon before, in this thread and others.

30-25 (24 if I suck in my gut, heh)-33

A friend told me about 10 or 15 years ago that her roommate had just returned from...I can't really remember, but it could have been Puerto Rico now that you mention it, strongirl (I know BGH involves cows, so maybe I'm misremembering the story)...anyway, from someplace where "all the [prepubescent] girls eat lots and lots of chicken from McDonalds because they want to grow big boobs." All those hormones.
Christine Nectarine

a lot of younger and younger girls are developing breasts too simply due to rising obesity rates. the pituitary gland is signalled to start working earlier, and...tada! little girls with tatas.
also, (and i don't have anything to back this up, but i remember hearing) the problem is particularly prevalent in the USA where alot of hormones are added to cow's milk which is not allowed in Europe and Canada.
fatty food+homone added milk=DD's on your 12 year old.

another subject that has been discussed here before, but i was just reminded of this article.

also, 31-24.5-34

Creepy. When my mother gave me my first bra, I was 11 years old and was such a tom-boy that I didn't wanted to wear it. She used to say I had to start wearing it so my small protudes could stay in place and look nice in the future. They stayed the same size since then and I think I was already 12 years old when I started wearing it only for nipple covering purposes. It was underwired, sweet pink with white polkadots and no padding at all, of course.
I didn't start wearing bras until I was 14, mostly because I didn't need to.

Now I'm 32-25-38 (yes, I'm all butt) A few years ago, when I was a little thinner, I was being measured for a formal gown, and the woman re-measured me three times because she couldn't believe that someone could measure 30 in the bust.
I still measure 30 in the bust. I'm almost 25 lol
I tried several times going braless. I simply can't. I feel naked and exposed. I can't.
--Total topic change--

Crinoline, that is SUCH a cute/sad little kitty in your avatar!!! unsure.gif

--back to "measurements" topic--
Jane Lane
I've managed to get over that exposed feeling as of late. Now I can't stand wearing a bra. I love coming home from work and being able to take it off and relax. They never fit right anyway... I only wear them at work because it just feels inappropriate not to.

So I had to go bridesmaid's dress shopping today... unpleasant. I've gotten into an "I love my tiny breasts" attitude recently, but trying on all those dresses made me look and feel like an 8 year old. ESPECIALLY compared to the other girls in the wedding. They're all lovely size 8s and up, and I just looked like a twig. I managed to find a dress that had gathered fabric around the bust so that not so much attention is drawn to the fact that I have absolutely nothing there, but my goodness was that frustrating.
Not wearing bras makes me feel so...nipply..I think it's very obvious to everyone. I think i'm not quite small enough to be able to pull it off unfortunately!
I have a question for the women on this forum:

Do you think that the "norm" for small chested women is to wear padded wired bras, padded unwired bras, unwired padded bras, or unwired unpadded bras? What do you all wear?

I know "padded" can be a hard thing to define. Some people consider any bra that prevents the radio tuners from showing through to be padded. But by padded, I mean a bra with anything thicker than what is needed to prevent the "find your station and adjust volume here and here" look.

The reason I ask is that I had a kind of personal epiphany about a year ago when I decided to "drop out of the race" and stop wearing padding and wires. I decided if I couldn't win, I'd refuse to compete. So now I know I look super small, and smaller than I have to given that I've foregone the padded bra option, but for some reason I feel more comfortable not participating in the "bigger is better" race. I'd rather just sit at the sidelines than be hopelessly limping along behind everyone else in the Boob Marathon, gasping for air, thirstily sucking down the last droplets from my water bottle, and desperately trying to think of ways to get ahead of my competitors, who seem to be gliding along effortlessly, getting farther and farther ahead of me, not even noticing me staggering along behind them.

It's very comfortable at the sidelines: it's easy to breathe because I'm not forcing my body to do something it just wasn't cut out to do. (no offense to any runners- I'm just not the "cardio stamina" type, so I used this analogy). And I'm not straining my brain trying to figure out ways to "keep up with the competition" (much less get ahead of them) because I've made the decision to not participate in their BooB Race. Why should I? The odds are stacked against me anyway. (I do so crack myself up sometimes! rolleyes.gif )

I've been much happier (though obviously not ecstatic or I'd not be on this board) since I gave up padded wired bras.

Am I alone in this? Sometimes (RARELY!) I see other small chested women, and wonder if they made the same decision I did. Are some of the women I see (and envy) just pulling out all the stops to join in the Boob Marathon? Am I fooled by padding and silicone inserts? I must be, right? Women our size surely can't be THAT rare!!!??

How common do you think it is for us smallies to just say, "Screw it. I'm out of it. Give me my bralettte." ?? Do more women pad, or not? To pad, or not to pad: that is no longer the question (for me). Just...who else is doing it? What percentage of smallies?

And don't even get me started on non-smallies who pad! My best friend has implants and wears Victoria's Secret most padded bra to enhance them even more!!! rolleyes.gif I'd like to limit the discussion to smallies if possible? All comments welcome though. I've very curious as to what is the norm.
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