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Full Version: small breast support group - (I need it even if they don't)
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dragonflybee, thanks for your enlightening post! That does give me something to look forward to! Nothing against our large-breasted sisters, but us smallies do have an advantage when it comes to aging and the laws of physics.

Aithinne, I feel your pain, really. If it's any solace at all, remember that as you get older, your look will mature. I, too, had the look of a high-schooler well into my '20s. Now that I'm almost 40, I'm really grateful to look younger than most others my age--and my small breasts and young face have a lot to do with that!

I think a "cute" (sorry, for lack of a better word) look ages and wears a lot better than a hot look. "Cute" matures into hotness, while hotness in the very young often just ages. Yes, this is a generalization, but I've noted this in my personal experience.

I KNOW about feeling like being picked 2nd by the guys. Yes, I think they notice the blatant hotties first, but when it comes down to who men truly see themselves with over the long-term, who they see themselves falling in love with, making babies and lives with, I think most men will tell you what they truly like is a woman with some depth. Men truly do appreciate the "girl next door" look more than I think we realize. Hang in there, girl!! "Cute" IS sexy!

Changing topics, I have a new girl crush: Dara Torres, the 41-year-old Olympic swimmer. She's only a year and a half older than I, same basic body type (though she is much more in shape than I). She's my idol!! Dang, with a bod like that (and after giving birth, no less), who CARES about tit size????

Here are some pics:

(Note the hilarious comment at the end of the last link:

Dara, thank you for BEING.

*MILF=Mom I'd Like to Fuck
I've never thought about how certain looks age... Guess I'll just have to be patient, though it's hard not to seem childish and wish for a bf now, instead of waiting for the cute look to age into hot. Oh well... what can you do, eh?

Speaking of girl crushes, I think I've got one for you karategrrl! Lol. I'm sure I'm not the only one.. biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Aithinne @ Nov 21 2008, 07:42 PM) *
I've never thought about how certain looks age... Guess I'll just have to be patient, though it's hard not to seem childish and wish for a bf now, instead of waiting for the cute look to age into hot. Oh well... what can you do, eh?

Ah, don't despair! You're fine!!!
QUOTE(Aithinne @ Nov 21 2008, 07:42 PM) *
Speaking of girl crushes, I think I've got one for you karategrrl! Lol. I'm sure I'm not the only one.. biggrin.gif

Aw, shuckers! Hahahaha!
QUOTE(edie52 @ Nov 20 2008, 07:57 AM) *
She is on the larger side of small, I guess. She's not itty bitty, so I (we?) don't relate to her in the same way I do to Selma Blair, for example.

Yeah, I guess I relate to her more because she's as short as I am. Plus she's just so effing gorgeous.
yep, I can relate to Portia di Rossi and she's gorgeous

My water boobs went away already, I dunno if they'll grow again next month *sigh*
V- mine swell and go down each month from BC pills

tidbit- Sorry if this is TMI for this thread, but the boy and I were trying to watch a (terrible) porn movie he had downloaded. I was sitting on his lap as he skipped through the movie from shot after shot of fake boobs until he got to a scene with a normally proportioned girl with smaller boobs than mine. He sighed and said "Finally, some good boobies!"

I thought it was somewhat sweet
Christine Nectarine
that is sweet crinoline!
yeah, mine usually 'deflate' right after my period and come back mid cycle
Crinoline- swoonn(!!!) your guy is amazing


fearne cotton (british tv presenter, her best friend and sometimes co-presenter is famous for her ample boobies so i think it makes it all the more cool that shes small and proud. hard to find pics that show it off though as she dresses so flatteringly/ dabbles in padding- but trust me on this one!)-

Ali Larter's boobs are quite small but have a great shape i think-

Kate Hudson (duh)-

Trinny Woodall (british one again sorry)-

Edit: oops, i originally posted 4 random hotties here but couldnt get the links to work...

Also came across this which made me think of us... trend

Im done, have a nice day smile.gif
Thanks for all the pics! Ali Larter is especially notable since she's like the typical type American guys seem to like. She's really pretty.

I clicked on the flux pic here at work and it popped up just as someone was walking behind me!!!! OMG, I closed that window in a panic!! Hahahah! I should only click you ladies' links from home--I never know what you're gonna throw my way! laugh.gif
Three cheers for Claire Danes. I think I like her so much because she's not quite as overall-skinny as many of the women on the small-boob list (eg Selma Blair, Kate Hudson).,0.jpg
I never really noticed Claire Danes, thanks!

I've really become aware of those celebrities who have zero shame about their small breasts. I've never before had the guts to leave the house without my semi-padding (unless I'm going to the gym). I'm starting to rethink that....

Speaking of the gym, ladies, I have to share an experience from there:

There's a guy I see there occasionally who, until I made it clear I was married/unavailable, was acting quite interested. Now he's just friendly, which is fine--we say hello and maybe exchange small talk, and that's usually it. Well, a few weeks back, I was working out my chest on my fave chest machine--the cable crossovers--which I love b/c it gives me kind of "muscle cleavage," if you will. So I was finishing my last few reps when this guy, who was using a nearby machine, did a double-take at my chest. I have to say that my chest gets pretty ripped when I'm doing those, as there's just no fat or breast tissue there. So I see him staring at my chest and I'm feeling self-conscious about my freakishly rippling, twitching, trembling muscles as I struggle to finish, and the fact that he's staring. So he kind of shakes his head and mutters, half to himself/half to me, something like "Oh my God, that's awesome." I get embarassed with that kind of attention--men staring--and didn't know how to reply, so I kind of mumbled something like, "Well, when you don't have big boobs, you have to do other things." At that, he looked at me like I was COMPLETELY crazy and, staring straight at my chest, said "I wouldn't change a THING! You have exactly the kind of body I love--lean and MEAN!" laugh.gif

I wanted to crawl under a rock at the time, as it totally embarassed me. I kind of mumbled a thank-you and practically ran away. But in retrospect, I realize that in a gym with its fair share of botox, breast implants and muscleheads milling about, it really was a pretty awesome compliment. Yay for natural-ness!!! Yay for small boobies!
QUOTE(Aithinne @ Nov 20 2008, 10:49 PM) *
On a side note, have any of you ladies gone somewhere in public, a bar or something, had some guy show interest in you, and you just wondered if he chose you because he didn't have luck with the gorgeous hotties but he's horny and will settle for smallies and plain Janes so he can stick it in something other than his hand? Sorry to be negative, but I feel like that sometimes.. That men only approach you (the few times that actually occurs) because they had to settle for second best? I sometimes wonder why in the world men approach me at all, which is uncommon enough that it only adds to the previous thinking. I wish I could read minds and find out..

I just assume that a guy shows interest in me b/c I'm hot. wink.gif

fwiw, I'm 21 going on 15,16. It was so funny on my birthday people thought I was turning 16, not 21. I'll just use my youthful looks as an advantage.
Geez, there's too much good stuff going on in here to respond to! So I'll just add a couple of comments:

Dragonflybee's experience really is similar to my own. I definitely feel my continued appeal at my "advanced age" is partly due to the youthful appearance that some of you young'uns are complaining about and also the gentle effect gravity has had on my tits.

Karategrrl - so you're saying the guy at the gym is basically just like the rest of us - no one can resist you, girl! smile.gif

QUOTE(strongirl @ Nov 25 2008, 09:11 PM) *
Karategrrl - so you're saying the guy at the gym is basically just like the rest of us - no one can resist you, girl! smile.gif

I guess I am the last to know I am so fetching! tongue.gif (I love that word.)
Karategrrl- GREAT story! Sometimes I go through the pages of this forum and just read the stories of small booby appreciation by men.. How fabulous- makes me want to kiss that guy! Small breast appreciators of the male variety should be more vocal.

Since today is Thanksgiving, I wanted to tell all you ladies that I'm thankful for you all and your support and wit and intelligence. You all rock!

I've been cruising some small boobie support groups on facebook & myspace, but something bothers me... Have you noticed that the majority of small boobie loving men are all older than 40 years old? Where are the younger men who like smallies? Are they just a rare breed or do they just not exist? It would make me sad to think I had to wait another 20 years for my young looks and small boobs to come into style for men my age. BOOOOOOO. I don't think I can wait another few decades for a man to see me- I'm afraid I'd turn ultra-cynical and hateful.

I was talking to my busty friend about going out and she said we needed to find me a guy, but I don't know.. I didn't know what to say. It was uncomfortable, because there is no way some guy is going to approach me if I go out with her to a bar or club. No offense to her, really, I adore her and she's gorgeous. But I didn't know how to explain to her that her going out with me with the purpose of finding me someone is just futile and not very realistic. I felt awkward because I didn't know how to explain this to her. I just see an entire night of her getting hit on and me being a fly on the wall. Does anyone else sometimes feel out of place and silently rejected when they go out with their busty and beautiful friends?
Aithinne, I've said this once and will say it again: men are not the monsters big-boob-lovers you seem to think they are. You shouldn't base your "hotness" and less likely your self-esteem on what men think of your boobs. Men love women, period. Are you saying you only feel bad about your B-cups because you think men don't like them? Where's your self-appreciation? Besides, many women would kill to have your B-cups, myself included. I don't think breasts have anything to do with being hit on a bar and if they do, I don't think those are the kind of men you'd want to be involved with.

I've only had one person telling me he prefered big breasts and that killed me, I assume, but the rest of them were okay with it. I'm not part of this support group because of men, I'm part of it because when I look at myself in the mirror i'd rather have SOME breasts, for myself. Me, myself and I. Enjoy your B-cups.

Mine deflated for good. It was nice to have nearly A-cups for a couple of months smile.gif
Bars are not the best places to go anyway, because then you have to compete with all the women in outfits that barely cover all the bits. If you actually wear clothes in public, then something else must be eyecatching. At least at the bar scene, it seems like you have to either be naturally stunning or dress slutty to make up for it. Since I don't feel comfortable being so uncovered in public, I try to avoid going to bars. I'm just saying you can't be an ordinary person in a bar. That is, you can't be a normal plain person in a bar if you're trying to attract male attention. At bars, the dynamic works that the man is first attracted, then wants to get to know you better. Some people just have to rely on the slower reverse method of the man getting to know you first so his attraction can grow from that, which does not happen in bars. Breasts are probably not the be all end all to getting hit on at a bar, it's definitely about the package: the face, legs, butt, hair, clothing, attitude, etc as well as breasts. I've got the butt, so that's good. I've heard you can attract someone with attitude, but I'm not an exciting person. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just to say that I'm more of a laid-back, steady personality that tends to be overshined by other more energetic personality types. I like myself just fine, it just sucks that my looks and personality tend not to be the kind that attract attention in a strong or immediate way. It's hard to explain, I feel like I'm doing a poor job of describing how I feel... I like me, but it's just frustrating to be invisible all the time so I come here to vent. And I like hearing about all you ladies' successes and stories.

And it's not all about breasts. I liked looking at all the pictures posted here of beautiful women with smallies. But they are beautiful no matter what size they have. They are simply beautiful women- if they were in a bar, they'd be one of the naturally stunning women I mentioned above. They have that extra something that takes them out of the realm of ordinary.

Ugh, I'm doing a bad job of putting words to what I'm trying to say. I apologize if my post is confusing.
I understood exactly what you were saying aithinne
I hate bars. I dont feel confident about my looks and personality-wise i'm super shy so always make a terrible first impression. not a good combination! Guys try to come onto me sometimes but it never really goes further than that. all my relationships tend to start as friendships first. guess im just a slow burner. It's not so bad but sometimes it'd be nice to just go out and meet someone randomly and hit it off straight away.
I agree with Vendetta on loving your Bcups:)
..I'm suddenly feeling the urge to re-join the gym....
I never really feel inadequate or anything with my bustier friends. although i sometimes get abit jealous when they can wear a gorgeous low-cut top and it instantly guarantees them sexiness/attention- whereas i have to put in abit more effort. and feel awkward when they start talking about anything boob related. eek. i dont like to talk about my boobs much (other than with you guys!); i think if you point out your supposed 'flaws' then it only draws people's attention to them
I don't go out for almost 2 years, let's say. If I did went out, it was either kinda boring with my bf or making it wrongly.
I've always felt like a sex kitten with a good outfit/make-up and a couple of drinks. Even if I had forgotten how to, I believe that next time I go out I'll still feel like that sex kitten. I'll think about breasts obviously, but I'll end up my night okay
I just thought you all might want to know that Vassarette has a line of bras called body curves that seem to run smaller than average and might be a good fit for some of you. I saw them in Walmart today and they were only $10 or so. I normally wear a 32A (and sometimes find they are too big depending on the brand) but the 32A in the Vassarette brand was actually too small. I think fit more like a 32AA. I was excited too because they didn't go overboard with the padding. It was just enough to prevent nipplage. They had a racerback style and he typical style as well. I hope this info helps! I'm always open to hearing about small and cheap brands too!

edit: I found the exact info online.

Style 75-606

Cotton Full Coverage Contour Underwire

Sizes: 32A-34A, 34B-38B, 34C-38C

Colors: Stone Grey, Black Sable, White Ice, Mink, Mocha Heather, Dreamy Pink
Aithinne, I think I understand what you are saying and you are explaining yourself quite well. I don't know if my perspective will be helpful to you but here goes. When I go out to bars with busty friends, I am always baffled because I am the one who gets hit on all night, not them. By many conventional western standards, I do not measure up - I am short, dark, small-breasted. But for reasons I've never understood, men find me attractive and I get a lot of male attention, even when I'm with tall busty blond chicks. Go figure.

That being said, bar pickups are rarely if ever going to result in satisfactory relationships. It's just no way to get to know a person - no one is at their best in that meat-market situation. If you enjoy the experience of it - getting dolled up, looking and being looked at, maybe hooking up for a one-nighter, by all means, enjoy it for what it is. But if you want to get into a relationship: take a class, talk to the guy next to you on the plane, go to parties at friends' and meet guys they know, etc.

As far as your being the "laid-back, steady" type who doesn't immediately attract attention, let me say that while I seem to be the opposite, I myself am attracted to people like you! I have always enjoyed watching and then slowing earning the trust of people who don't stand out but when you dig deeper, they look better and better. The rock-solid, quiet, heart-of-gold, and "goddam I had no idea you were gonna look that good naked" types. The rewards are so much greater. My current bf is one of those. It took me 3 weeks of working with him to realize he was attractive. After that, though, it was all over but the shouting. I had to have him. Period.
I haven't posted on this site in ages but I lurk sometimes.

I am happy with my A cups. My husband loves them. Most men I have been with have loved my little tits and have never made me feel less than. I think this thread is great and I commend you all for not caving in and getting surgery. There is nothing wrong we small breasts.

The reason I felt the need to post was cause I came across something funny and thought I would share. I have never thought about wearing an enhancing bra but this one made contemplate it.
lol WineRack is amazing
The Wine Rack IS funny!~

discowombat, thanks for sharing about the bras--I'll check them out!

Aithinne, I understand your dilemma but also agree with some other comments here. Though not everyone who goes to a club or bar is shallow, but if you are really looking for quality, the odds are against you in that setting. (One of my best friends met her future husband in a bar, but it's not typical.) I once had a friend who drew attention wherever she went--she loved to be the center of attention and knew how to work it. She was a platinum blonde who'd chat up anyone and everyone, strip off half her clothes and dance on tables, things like that. I got IGNORED when I was with her and I found it really quite funny!! I asked my bf about it and he said, "yeah, of course she gets hit on--she comes across as easy, and you don't." It really opened up my eyes.

Now, it sounds like your friend is a quality person who doesn't go out of her way to "steal" attention from you. Can you go to a less meat-market-type club or bar, or some sort of more authentic group outing or activity, like a hike or book club, writing class, latin dance class, etc.? If you do go out together, do you dress to show off one of more of your 1,000 amazing features? Also, maybe if you went out in a larger group, you could break away from time to time by yourself or with other friends, which might make you more approachable to a guy. And don't forget to approach someone YOU find attractive! Guys have to approach girls most of the time--and risk rejection--so they LUUUV when someone does the hard part for a change! I bet a quality guy who's into the way YOU look might not be as bold as some of the others. You never know--your dream man could be shrinking back, totally into your look and wanting to talk to you, but afraid to approach, saying, "should I?" for so long the opportunity passes. Make it easy for him! Men find assertivess very attractive.

Yes, it's unfair, but though guys do love all kinds of women, in that club setting, I think often it does come down to comparisons between women who are in friend-couples or groups, as that scene DOES (as someone else commented) focus more on the most obvious outer physical features.

And just a tip: I know you want to meet a guy, but if you are looking, one night, to just have fun with your friend, I do recommend going to a lesbian club--you'll find all the good elements of a typical club--music, drinks, fun, people-watching--but a serous shortage of drooling blockhead-type males! And I bet you'd get some serious attention!!! wink.gif *

Total topic change:
I dressed up a couple of my very-flattering-but-awfully-plain bras this weekend by sewing small, sparkly buttons I'd bought at the craft store to the bras, right between the cups. It really looked cute!! I am looking online for some stretchy lace to embellish them further. In the craft store, they only had non-stretch and I don't think that will work with my stretchy bras.

*One of my fondest memories is of being at a gay bar and getting totally hit on by this large African-American woman, who was SO cool but just not my type. She made me slow dance with her to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On." I know she could have totally rocked my world if I let her take me home. Every time I hear that song now, I can't NOT smile. I swear, she was salivating. And trying to get my # from my friend!
QUOTE(karategrrl @ Dec 1 2008, 02:53 PM) *
Total topic change:
I dressed up a couple of my very-flattering-but-awfully-plain bras this weekend by sewing small, sparkly buttons I'd bought at the craft store to the bras, right between the cups. It really looked cute!! I am looking online for some stretchy lace to embellish them further. In the craft store, they only had non-stretch and I don't think that will work with my stretchy bras.

I had this idea just yesterday! I wanted something comfy but pretty and the only unpadded/unwired bras i could find in my size were plain white cotton ones. im gonna buy some ribbons, buttons, bows, lace- whatever i can get my hands on! and see what i can come up with.

if you want attention in a bar type place clevage isnt the only way. wear a cute dress or some classy shorts and show off your legs- works for me. even if its abit cold and you have to wear some tights too- still just as sexy as boobage. Oh and I also find wearing a strapless top (that a lot of my busty friends could wear simply for practical reasons) works just as well. kind of like what karategrrl was saying about emphasising your best features instead of dwelling on the ones you arent so fond of. if you do it other people will too.

Last week i finally realised what you ladies are talking about with the sexy nippleness! i wore a lycra-type top with no bra and it was rather cold- i had no idea my nipples could be so noticeable! One guy kept glancing at my chest and then glancing away again, only to come back for another look- like he couldnt keep his eyes off. i felt as though i had a pair of double-Dees down there or something. I have to admit though- after all this fuss ive made-I didnt even like the attention! I guess it was a kind of taste of what bigger boobed ladies have to put up with every single day and it wasnt that fun. Sure, when theres a guy you like and hes looking at you lustfully its great; but when its just random people everywhere you go its kind of creepy and not too pleasant in my opinion. Guess the grass isn't always greener.
QUOTE(starship @ Dec 1 2008, 05:00 PM) *
Sure, when theres a guy you like and hes looking at you lustfully its great; but when its just random people everywhere you go its kind of creepy and not too pleasant in my opinion. Guess the grass isn't always greener.

I totally hear ya. I don't mind attention if it's respectful, but so often it's not.
I did a Pin Up-inspired shot today with a professional model. She wasn't that great naturally but looked really good after the whole production thing. She had breast implants although I was the only one who could tell (I've seen too many augmentation photos unfortunately). Both girls from my group were just impressed with her chest and I didn't say anything. Large perfect B-cups. All my clothes looked SO good on her. SO much better and she didn't wore any bra. She looked ridiculously confident. Damn.
my favorite thing about small breasts is that we can totally pull of this pixie/rocker look
in my mind the bigger the boobs, the less rocker you look
i mean look at people like hayley of paramore
she doesnt draw any attention to her boobs
but she is totally hot and sexy
she's a rocker chick. and i love her look
and then there's this pixie fairy kinda thing we got goin on
small breasts are just so much more...artsy i guess
and i love that because that's the kind of person i am
and the kind of people i am attracted to
people who don't care about this so-called perfect woman
they just love art..
and that's what the female form is
pure art
i mean come on ladies
we're stunning!
and when it comes down to it the female form does not have this requirement of big boobs
because if you needed big boobs to be feminine
then we'd all have big boobs, because we ARE feminine
if you're a chick then you have to be feminine..
because that's what being a woman is
you can't be a woman and not be feminine really
femininity is the female form, everything about the female form
it doesn't take hips and boobs to be feminine
we don't have boyish forms because when it comes down to it
a guy has a different bone structure than girls
i hate that, boyish form
because no.
i'm not a boy
i'm a woman, dammit
and my form is innately feminine
this post maybe sounds confusing lol
but i hope you guys get what i mean
i just appreciate all of you so much
sometimes i forget that i actually like my boobs
because we tend to focus on what the media presents and what guys are proclaimed to like
but that shouldn't matter, because we are what we are
and we are all naturally perfect in our own ways
there's no universal definition of perfect
everyone looks different and everyone is attracted to different features
perfection, when it comes to looks, is relative to each person
we should all love how we look!
and stop thinking whenever a guy wants a feel "does he wish they were bigger? what is he thinking?"
those aren't the questions
it's a statement "well if he doesn't like my boobs, then that's tough because these are my boobs and i say that they are fabulous"
don't let men or the media get you down
you are all perfect and beautiful in your own ways!
there is no standard of beauty there is just beauty!

rock on, loves
haha, i didn't realize how long that was
i just was reading way far back and you guys just make me smile and feel so confident
it's awesome smile.gif
looneydaray - That was really cool and beautiful. I love what you wrote. Thanks for lifting my 'tude this morning.
Small breast poetry. Love it, loonydaray!
loonydaray, very feisty.. love it!
Haha! I am so proud to be able to pull of the pixie/rocker look!
I love that kick ass post/poem, looneydaray!
That's truth, right there. WORD!

eta: don't mind my avatar and signature. no disrespect to skinny girls, i just like her sassy stance.
britney wants smaller boobs-

ha! pick a dress that fits next time. there. problem fixed.
How do you post pictures in here? You have to do the "URL" thing?
Hi, I'm new. I've small breasts, like a small B cup. And it's been hard you know. I live in Chile, and even though we're from Latin America, men seem to be troglodytes! Supposedly in Latin America little attention is paid to breasts, and it's more about the butt... well it seems here it's about BOTH. I've never met a single man who prefers small breasts. All the "models" have big breasts, most are surgically enhanced, since most go to Argentina to get them done. Actually, most "models" (more like strippers, as their only talent is taking off their clothes on TV) are from Argentina. Men tend to salivate over these women, and I hate it. It's like it's all about size!

This woman was extremely popular a few years ago. She is from Argentina.
Guess the TWO reasons why she became famous... yes, implants.

This is the kind of women we are subjected to in our media. And men just salivate...

I hate it, it seems to me like men over here don't mind implants, as long as the breasts are big! Like small breasts are not to be lusted over.

My boyfriend is my soulmate. We share everything in common and just connect. He says he doesn't like humongous breasts like the ones pictured above. But still, he says, he prefers breasts a bit bigger than mine. He knows nothing about cup sizes, but from what I've gathered I'd say his preference is for C-D cups. He has a huge crush on Monica Bellucci.

Even though he always licks and plays with my small boobies, and he is always telling me how much he likes them, I feel inadequate. I know some of it stems from his "preference", but I also know would I be single right now, i'd feel the same from the over exposure to big breasts. The other day the big news was that a "silicone party" was held: girls went to a party and wrote their names on cards... enhanced models provided "entertainment" and at the end of the night, a card with a name on it would be picked and that girl would be the lucky winner of a free breast augmentation procedure! Just like that! And even girls as young as 17 or 18 participated... the "lucky" winner actually declared to the press "Well, I'll have them done... only if my parents are ok with it".

I hate all this emphasis on BIG. And I just wish my boyfriend prefered A-B cups. Yeah, I'm a small B cup, which isn't really small small! Sure, it's small compared to all the porn stars or "models" with freaking huge G cup implants... but whatever... at least their shapeis nice and their perky. Anyway, my boyfriend says that what he loves the most about my body are my thick thighs (huh? I also hate those), my wide hips and tiny waist. Sometimes he will watch porn and there are big breasted women, and he says he doesn't care, that he watches more for the act than the girls, but i feel insecure when that happens... lol, nothing ever pleases me. I've always had a rocky relationship with my body though, ever since I hit puberty.

Also, a question... can birth control pills actually make your breasts smaller? I started taking low dose birth control pills like ayear ago, and a couple of months later my boobs lost a bit of volume. I didn't go down any cup sizes, they just didn't fill the bras like they used to. I have a theory. I used to be a bit fatter, and have less body hair before I was taking the pill. I think I may have been overproducing estrogen before, because I had painless periods anyway and also because I developed huge hips and a tiny waist when I was very, very young. Honestly, my hips are huge compared to my waist, which I believe is distinctly feminine. I lost weight when I started taking the pill, and I think some of my body hair darkened... my periods are still painless though, that didn't change, thank God!

Ok girls. As you can see I'm very frustrated with this, and I'm not even that small. However, sometimes I wish I had smaller breasts. You see, there's this appeal to me about AA or A cups in a tight tank top. I can't pull off that look because my breasts don't have that much of a pleasing shape so it doesn't look as good as if they were smaller. Sure, I get so sad when I see some bigger breasted woman sporting cleavage, but girls with small AA or A cups braless in a tank top... well, they really can rock a tank top! And if you have nice legs in addition to the small breasts... well girl, you're sexy as hell! I don't know, it's like my breasts are not small enough to be sexy, nor are they big enough to be sexy... sigh...

Still, it's nice to know there is a support group for small breasted women. smile.gif
I would kill to have wide hips, tiny waist and B-cups. You sound beautiful to me.
I also have thick thighs but no hips to speak of
haha i didn't even realize it was in a poem format
thanks everyone smile.gif
i have to second vendetta over here, you sound downright sexy girl!
have you really talked about this with your boyfriend?
it seems to me that too many problems arise from the porn industry
i know some chicks are okay with their guys looking at porn but i can't imagine why
why should they ogle(sp?) other women? why do they feel the need to?
i would feel cheated on if whatever guy i'm with looks at porn. what's the difference between him grabbing a boob or jerking off to pictures/videos of boobs? he'd still be having sexual thoughts about other women
and idk, i just think sex is something meant for two people
idk exactly how to say what i mean O.o
QUOTE(loonydaray @ Dec 8 2008, 05:51 AM) *
it seems to me that too many problems arise from the porn industry
i know some chicks are okay with their guys looking at porn but i can't imagine why
why should they ogle(sp?) other women? why do they feel the need to?
i would feel cheated on if whatever guy i'm with looks at porn. what's the difference between him grabbing a boob or jerking off to pictures/videos of boobs? he'd still be having sexual thoughts about other women
and idk, i just think sex is something meant for two people
idk exactly how to say what i mean O.o

Thanks for posting this. Sometimes I feel like the only "prude" who thinks porn is really not the best thing in the world. Sure, I think most people have thoughts about people besides their partner at some time or other, but to really indulge in the fantasy, or especially to go to strip clubs, to get to the point where you're putting out a lot of sexual "energy," if you will, toward others, whether it be real people or pictures, is potentially deadly to a relationship. It destroys the sacredness of what you're supposed to share only with the other person. And many people think you haven't cheated until you've actually completed a sex act with someone else, but I think "cheating" can happen way before that point.

mynameisislala, welcome! I think I speak for many women here when I say I long for "small-B's" though, reading your post, I realize how tough it must be to live where you do--sounds like women's bodies and the whole breast size issue is just crazy over there. I thought America was tough. wink.gif
Yeah, I think that's because we're a country that from the beginning has no true identity - considering we were ruled by Spain for centuries. But still, it's weird because Brazil was ruled by Portugal for a long time too, and from what I've seen they're a lot more diverse in their culture. They're more tolerant, etc. Sure, they are the Mecca of plastic surgery but in other cultural aspects they seem to be more aunthentic than us (for example, music... here in Chile, these last few years, the only music you hear in clubs or parties is reggaeton. No pop, nor electronica, salsa, whatever... just reggaeton). It's said that my country is like a sponge for new trends. However, we take everything to the extreme, which is why I think guys here just love implants and why young girls are, err... "easier" everyday. Really, 14 year olds record themselves giving oral sex to their classmates using their cell phones and upload that stuff online.

On porn... the thing that bothers me the most about porn is the fact that everyone is so "perfect" and trashy. Women have huge breasts, tiny waists, they are toned, tanned. And I think porn is also detrimental to men's self image. Every guy I know would like to have a bigger penis. Practically all guys think that size matters. But maybe if they didn't watch so much porn the wouldn't think this. I don't know many women who have actually been with a guy with a 10 in. penis. None actually. And I don't know any woman who would want to. I believe it'd hurt or maybe it'd be a waste. Especially since I'm a clit girl. But men continue to believe this because they watch the male porn stars and the females moaning the moment the guy goes in, and they think that they need a larger "manhood" as they call it. It's stupid and pathetic really. Why should sex be more enjoyable just because a female has horrible implants or a man has a longer penis? It's stupid, yet men continue to believe the myth.

I hate these standards of beauty. I think we would all be happier if no one had ever thought that beauty meant 36-24-36. BS to that though, but, when will the rest of the world (especially men) learn?
Why would you care that much about those "beauty" standards? You should look at yourself instead of looking at those women. Do you feel the need to have bigger breasts because those men love them? I don't get it, I'm sorry.
We all live our daily lifes being real and dealing with real people. I've said this once here and I'll say it again. I can understand someone who wants some breasts because she feels they're gonna make her feel okay but cannot understand someone who's just trying to fit into society molds and in my opinion, that is related to men. And no, wanting breasts "for yourself" isn't a myth, there are people who don't care about society standards and still dream about a slightly bigger chest, "for themselves". Is it fitting that important, really?

And I don't agree porn is a way of "cheating", I believe insecurity makes women hate porn. I've been on both sides so it's just my opinion.
mynameislala, Welcome! I know exactly how you feel, along with everyone else here, I'm sure. It's almost like you feel stuck and don't know what to do, or what the reality of attraction really is. You're always wondering, "is it really true that men are only attracted to perfect women?" It's a struggle to feel confusion and anger at a culture and men that seem to reject you flat out because of some feature that you were born with. But at the end of the day, I think it is true that there are some genuine people out there, even if they are more quiet than the loud small-breast haters. I don't know how many positive words I can offer about men, since I'm also struggling to believe that there are actually men out there that would want someone like me. But it does help to come here to this website and read about women who have men that love their bodies and them as people. It certainly gives those of us who are still struggling some hope.

Good luck, and try to think positive about yourself. I know it's really hard to change your way of thinking about yourself, but try anyway. I think you'll feel better. I try to think about all the small-breasted women I know who are confident and have men that love them and think they're totally hot. If it can exist for one woman, why not for another? Why not for you and me? Just knowing that there are some men in the world who go against our stereotypes about them is very comforting and helps a lot in those times where you start to doubt their existence.
I don't lurk at the large thread but I did it today:

I know the lil' gals thread has some bitching to the effect that they don't dig their mates interest in big boobs because it makes them feel insecure, but um, not us. I just find it galling that he obviously didn't take the time to read & he seems to think this thread is about our lack of mates/dates, whatever. 'There are lots of guys out there will love you for you!' Well, no shit Sherlock. That ain't the fuckin' point. What goes on in here isn't about finding/keeping a man. It's purely NOT. It's more about, "Where can I find a sexy EEE bra?" or "Some creep on the street made me feel really marginalized today" or "I caught sight of my tits in the gym today & realized how awesome they are!" or "Has anybody tried this sports bra?" It has very little to do with love or relationships or MEN & their opinions on breast size.
karategrrl i know exactly how you feel! thankyou for agreeing with me i hate feeling like the only prude too

and vendetta i'm not sure exactly what she is talking about in that post?
okay vendetta i get it now
i went to lurk in the large breast forum today and was reading about it so yeah

but seriously i have something to vent
i was on some random internet websurf last night and stumbled upon some guys comment in which he extremely dissed those of us with miniboobies, calling us disgusting little boys
and then i was lurking in the large breast forum and found this freak who was trying his best to cheer up our largebreasted sisters (and failing rather miserably) and HE in the process mentioned how he the little boy figure didn't do anything for him
which, w.t.f. is his problem? here he is trying to convince those girls that their boob size is just right because life isn't about boob size, and then turns around and says that small-boobies make us look like little boys??? hypocrite much??
excuse the vent but those two are just pissing me off
do we look like little boys? hell no! so how the hell can small boobs make us into little boy figures?
that is the stupidest, most annoying idea i've ever heard
yeah i've heard these body types called little boyish
but to hear someone be so turned off by that??
if blood could really boil because of anger i'd be in a lot of pain right now
some guys are just dickheads
plain and straight
I think that anything can be detrimental to a relationship if it becomes an obsession or addiction i.e. shopping, or working too much. I think the same can be applied to porn. I do not look at the sites with the too "perfect" women and/or men. I hate those sites. I like the more amateur stuff, and real orgasms. My boyfriend and I have boundaries around the stuff, and it works out just fine for us. No jealousy, and healthy sex lives. But, it definitely isn't for everyone. It's understandable.
Betty Dodson recommends porn to help women feel more confident about the differing size and shape of their vajayjays, and I apply the same practice to viewing smaller busted women get down and dirty. So, femininity definitely does not come from the size of your boobs, and I know because I just saw it, and she was hot.

my 2 cents. peace.
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