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Full Version: small breast support group - (I need it even if they don't)
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soooo, im an a cup, but have some shape there. my problem is that i HATE wearing bras. but the shirts i like to wear tend to be form fitting [and basically, you can see the shape of everything!]. i like to atleast show off a bit of my attributes, but it seems to be all or nothing. what kind of shirts are the best to go braless in [that are acceptable for a not-so-formal work attire]? i cant wear black every day of the week!
star, have you tried those little pasty things you put over your nipples? It's like a little band-aid that keeps your nips from showing thru your shirt. That may be one way of getting away w/ not wearing a bra.
boobs are either lunchboxes for your offspring, or playgrounds for your mate(s).. or both.
hey clover, i am going to try that! i'll let you know how it goes. hm, do you know where i could find those? im thinking a sex shop of some sort.... maybe some place less risque has them. :-)

(star) they have them on ebay for sure. I'm sure they have them lots of other places too. good luck.
I don't know if this is related to this forum, but I noticed that the [training] bras in the little girls (children's clothing!) section of my local Mervyns are padded. Yeah, padded.
There are several things seriously wrong with this.
That's like the thongs they were selling to those same 12-year-olds, Brutalbunny. Wrong on every level.
star, i have used those things before - some brand is called "daisies", i think. any lingerie store should have them, and i am pretty sure i have found them in places like sears.

i liked using them, although one time i was wearing them with a lime green top (pretty good thickness to the material), anyway, and i looked down and could see the outline of the little "daisy". i bee-lined it to a washroom and took them off right away. i figured i would rather people see my nipples than the daisies.

good luck!
brutal bunny, where were those things when I was 20 and still having to shop in that section! i had a random late growth spurt since then, but if I could've found them at the time I definitly would've bought them. i'm more okay with my body now that i actually have a little up top but at the time padded bras in tiny enough sizes would've been a godsend. but then again i'm sure late blooming 20 year olds are not their target purchasing group so who knows what they're thinking. ...

hee hee! im excited. screw wearing a bra! :-)
thanks for all the pasties tips, ladies.
how has everybody been?
Hey im new to this just registered.
Im a 32 a/b depending,
been with my boyfriend for ages and never had the confidence to take my bra off, now its having an effect on our relationship..
what do i do? =[

Rawrbaby, it's been my experience that guys are just so happy to see breasts that size isn't important! Just trust that your guy is there because he wants to be with you. If it's affecting your relationship as you say, he could help you to deal with it. He's no doubt aware of how sensitive you are about the subject and would be happy to help you! Good luck!
IMO the more you make a big deal about it, the more he will think it's a big deal. and BTW, you are bigger than me! so it could be "worse".
we have been so conditioned to be ashamed of our small breast in this SICK culture that we women can be worse than the men sometimes when it comes to judging our bodies. I am 30 and have only just in the last couple of years started to embrace my beauty and my body as beautiful just as it is. I rarely hear anything but positive comments about my body as an adult yet the messages I got as a child left permanent damage. I'm a 34 A and my breasts are just great- shapely and perky! I bet yours are too. Back to the whole man thing. The other day I caught myself being self-punishing about my boobs in front of my boyfriend. HE IS THE ONE WHO SNAPPED BACK TO ME: "BREASTS DON'T NEED TO BE BIG TO BE SEXY" It stopped me cold in my tracks and I looked at him and said, "you are so right." now that's what I call a good man. Give your boyfriend a chance to be that for you.
~~feeling warm and fuzzy now~~ thanks popeyesgal.
I posted awhile ago about my battle with feeling like shit over my breasts as the result of breastfeeding. Don't get me wrong breastfeeding has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life and I wouldn't have changed that for anything, but the fact that my breasts are not even by any means, I now have a D on the left and an A on the right...and yes I've pumped and taken sumpliments and made my little one suck on it as long as he would to try and even this problem out. I decided I should try to make a collage like was mentioned earlier of beautiful women with 'flaws'. I just wanted to tell everyone that they kick ass! I always come here to feel empowered =)
droppin' by to say hi. I'm a 32AA, and I think it's great. So do the men in my life. I hope you come to the same conclusions about your chests. Small boobs rock!
woohoo!! I'm a 34A and mine rock!
Little Boobs Rock. Yeah Yeah. Little Boobs Rock.

I love it when other women are all, yeah she looks like a man, Not! Just because her boobs are small. WTF! I don't get that shit! I am just as sexy as yee with big boobs. It's so weird how some ppl cannot see that. I started excepting my lil' boobs several years ago, I hated them at first cause one was a lil' bigger than the other. Then I just stopped focusing on them. I met my current boyfriend who totally loves smaller boobs, prefers them in fact, to big utters. He says they remind him of cow utters (no offense to anyone with big ones, we both like the biggins too!) But the point is, this society trys to make us feel badly for something that we have no control over.

So, here's why I totally love small boobs.

Men drool over me without the boobs. I am saying that Men harrass me without the BOOBS. Could you imagine what they would be like if I had the BOOBS. OMG! What a nightmare it would be! Haha!
my boobies are beyond small, and i have learned to live with who i am in more than this small way.

in a perfect world, i'd keep a pair just for going out in a strapless dress or when i'm having wild harlot sex (for an alternative look-i have this even without).

props to women who have them naturally - that's your own beauty too sista - but not much into putting any silicon or saline in by surgery.
rawrbaby: you should let him see them! If he's stuck by you "for ages" without getting to enjoy your boobs then i'm willing to be that he's attracted to you as a person rather than just a random physical aspect. if you were just a pair of boobs to him he wouldn't have been around this long.
I went out today in a very low cut top and a strapless bra. I didn't have cleavage hanging out everywhere but I still got stares!
You go, clover!!
Hey everyone,
thanks for all the replies i got to my query, I still havent plucked up the courage to take my bra off BUT he knows about my issues and he is totally supportive and i do know he doesnt care about the size of my boobs.. so one day ill finally take my worst enemy (the bra) off and everything will be fine.

Thanks again everyone xx
hai... new at this site. i accidentally found it... and my goodness how happy i feel.. i am in early 20's.. with small boobs .. i feel that u guys r matured enough to not to feel too sad about your small boobs.. but life is sometimes difficult.. wish sometimes that i had bigger boobs... *sign*
Summer is here and I'm gonna rock my itty bitty bikini! My boobs may be small but they are cute, dammit! I wouldnt trade 'em in for big ones, no way!
i've always liked it tha i have small boobs. really hated getting them at all, so i was just glad they didn't grow too big. everyone i've been with before has either paid no specific attention to or loved my 34A's. i'm just been feeling realy shiitty lately because apparently they're not big enough for my current girlfriend. now i just wish that she would lie to me or something and say that she likes them or that she finds them sexy. i thought that i could live my life not feeling his way about my boobs, since it was going so well for so many years.
Thats shitty, lux! She doesnt deserve you! Thats really sad that not only boys are conditioned to think bigger is better, but gals too. I think its pathetic. In a sense I feel like my small boobs are a way to filter out the superficial jerks I wouldnt want to be with anyway.
sorry for interupting.
Hello to all. I am new to this website. I am currently a student at Chicago School of Massage Therapy (CSMT). I currently writing a paper on Fibromyalgia, and am having trouble finding the contraindications and cautions for this syndrome. Can anyone help me out?

If you can not help me, maybe you can help direct me. I just signed up today, and just trying to figure out how to best work thru the site.
welcome supy. thanks for not starting your own thread. we try to keep the thread count down at BUST. you may try the "bust general knowledge base" under Media Whores. You may have more success over there. Good luck and welcome to BUST!
My friend "Cynthia" had really flat breasts. She never wore a bra. She was sexy. She got pregnant. Her breasts grew really large with milk, maybe a large B or small C. And then they went back to their normal size. Still sexy.

Keep in mind, that our society is obsessed with breasts. Thin bodies and voluptuous bodies are thrust in our face, in a contradictory network, to make us consume more products and/or services to look more like those other bodies. When ours are just fine.
I love being a 34A! My husband always says my boobies are perky and perfect.

Lux, reclaim your small breasts, smaller boobs are always sexier!
i try to keep in mind that they wont start to sag:-)
I have dreams that my boobs are bigger. Anybody else experience these?
Buying Bras.......
I am brand new here. I found this website by trying to find a place I could order bras for a size 38AA. For my band size, it's near impossible to find bras. Does anybody have any suggestions?
Thanks a lot
I love my small breasts. My larger breasted friends have all kinds of problems I never deal with.
I'm feminine, my breasts included, they're perky, they're not sagging as I get older, and if I want to pretend to have large breasts for a day it's easy to do, not so easy for the big breasted girls to be me though. Ha ha!

My favorite is small breasted woman, tight t-shirt, no bra.
Hi texaz. Have you tried this site?
Texaz! We are the same size! Isnt it weird to have a broad chest and tiny boobs? My cousin used to call me "Duke" like a dog cuz I have a big 'ol breast-less rig cage and a tiny waist, kinda like a doverman (shes got huge boobs and her own set of insecurities mind you)
I can only find my size in training bras, and those dont even fit perfectly. I haven't tried online ordering cuz I hate buying stuff I can't try on.

I echo isabelle's sentiment, tho! Tight tee and no bra is tre hott!! Thats how I roll most of the time!
can't believe i just found you guys. i'm 34, skinny, damn near totally flat and have been living a self conscious life since i was supposed to "bloom" in my teenage years. i'll be honest with you all that i have come as close to medically altering my body as i'd care to and i'm not going back there ever again. a good doctor told me i had no business being in his office for consultation b/c he believed that i really didn't want to be there. i came close and i am so glad i didn't cut my body up to live up to insane media standards of beauty. if it ain't broke don't fix it, why go looking for trouble? i still struggle with body image, but can't really say i've ever had trouble getting the man i wanted. i will also say, unfortunately, that out of about 5 serious boyfriends, all of whom listened to me contemplate surgery, 3 brought it back up for consideration and 2 never took the topic any further. it's so sad that the guys are as brainwashed about it as we are. i feel really sad about boys and girls growing up now, it's got to be impossible to wade through images and reality. anyway, here to say, i'm walking around braless more and more- who the fuck cares? i glad i'm healthy and not nuts. thanks for listening, i'm grateful you're out there.
chic312, welcome!! I'm glad to hear that you have come to terms w/ your body.
I love that this thread is made up of people at all different stages concerning thier body image.
I am still struggling but I have decided to lose weight in my stomach instead of try and alter my boobs. I just think it will look better if my tummy didn't stick out past them! I'm a 34A and I'm pretty happy w/ my size. I can't say I wouldn't be happier w/ a 34C, but I may never know what that's like and that's okay w/ me.
Thanks greenbean and suffering. I'll check out that website. You know, it took me years to get past my insecurities about having "mosquito bites" for boobs. But I finally did. And I used to love to say, they're small, but they're perky! Plus, my husband said he liked them because they were much more sensitive than large ones. Unfortunately, I have learned even small boobs start to droop as you age. :-(
So, now as I have gained some weight, and my band size is larger, I just cannot seem to find comfortable bras that actually fit. I don't like anything padded either. Because when they're padded and itch, you can't feel yourself scratch! lol Anybody know what I mean.
I hate to say it, but I have been considering having augmentation surgery just so I can find a freakin' bra that will fit. But, for now, I'll just keep looking for websites that can help me. Like you guys!! Thanks for being here.
Hey all!

Yesterday was the such a milestone for me because i finally took my bra off infront of my boyfriend! It was an extremely big relief to, well, get it off my chest hahah. He was totally supportive and really made me feel relaxed with it. He really isnt bothered about the size of my boobs and i reckon alot of other lads out their are like that too, just the few that make you feel bad about yourselves. Well anyway finally after 6 months of being with my boyfriend i took it off! Once it was off it my heart wasnt going into overdrive or i didnt want to run out screaming "ahh im naked!" Everything was just well perfect.

Thank you for everyone who replied to my past posts you all really did help.

Good luck to anyone who is in the same situation as i was, or to anyone trying to overcome their issues with their small boobs.

Yay Rawrbaby!!!!
right on
I rocked the braless look today and I must say that I am happier than I have ever been w/ my small boobs even tho I hear tons of guys talking about big boobs!!
Hello, I am Tatina and I am new here. I don't know if this will be helpful, but I think all these beauty standards are entirely depending on the culture you grew up in. I was a teenager in Europe in the 70ties and small boobs were the chicest and coolest thing a girl could have. All the in-girls had small breasts. We were all praying not to be cursed with big boobs and our idols were small-boobed actresses like Jane Birkin. Not that I consider this to be the solution - it is just another beauty ideal that discriminates women with more volomptous bodies. Nevertheless, I always felt entirely at peace with my small breasts... Take care, Tatina
thanks for that site suffering-that's the first one that i've seen that actually caters to small chested women. alot of them will "carry" smaller sizes but that usually means a few styles in AA and not all the band sizes (hey and they're usually british too!) why is that?

chic, thanks for sharing your story. it takes alot to be out there with the conflict yet still be ok with it. i also have alot of conflict too. at times, i have dabbled with breast growth type therapies, but would never contemplate surgery - while i support others to make a choice for themselves, i shudder when i think of the physical risks and maintenance that is required. i have been on a few bulletin boards for hours poring over posts with other women who are thinking the same as me. some women actually had some successes! it was always disheartening when someone announced they were tired of trying different things that might not work and would go get surgery :-( i have not ruled out the possibility of natural bust enhancement, but it's really a question of priorities, and how you want to spend your time. i finally found a method that would probably work, but would take a commitment of 3 hours a day for probably 6 months. at 38, being with petite boobies matter alot less to me; only a niggin sensation when i'm in a situation where i think of what might going on in other people's minds (read some formal event and everyone is wearing a strapless gown- uh, not me...); when it comes down to it - you have no idea what they are thinking lol. most of the time, i'm really glad - no support issues when exercising, riding on bumpy roads, etc.

anyways, i just think it's normal to have conflict and still be ok. it's not like the world outside us changed; pressure to fit in continues. we just have to work on what's ok for us on a continual basis :-) in the U.S. the models continue to be no less skinny, but their breasts seem to be getting bigger -not proportionately, i might add. also, i work for a trend company and the stats on breast augmentation indicate lowering age first implants first received, and increasing numbers across all ages, and all the while the acceptability of porn (the it's look) is becoming mainstream.
okay, i am thinking this is a gripe. that in this world, that if there WERE more bras designed for us, this would be alot easier. as a 34A-AAA (depends on the manufacturer), my concerns for wearing a bra in the first place are 1. Not support 2. Nipple coverage, because even if you are completely flat, it is still not considered business appropriate to show nipple! so if you are making a bra for such a figure, why would you make a sheer 34AAA bra? The best bra for this purpose I ever got was in the teen section of Target completely by accident, just a plain white bra with a smooth gentle contour cup - not a pad, and not just a shortened shirred camisole. *confused* please help me understand ***aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh*** Thank You for listening to this interruption. Back to regular board support
Just a thought - a US study from the 90ties showed a clear connection between a man's IQ and his preference for small breast. The higher his intelligence and the better his education, the more he will fancy women with small boobs. I never trusted men who are big-boob-maniacs and fetishists... and I would not change my body for them. Uaarghhh!
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