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Full Version: The Diva Cup versus The Keeper
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HI i got the diva cup and i've been happily using it but im thinking of going back to pads because : im more or less a virgin and i was kind of wondering if anyone thought it would like..stretch me out down there? make me less sensitive or give me a "floopy vagina" cause those are two things i would rather avoid
Not at all frogger. If anything, the muscles will get stronger. That's been my experience, anyway.
I've been using my Moon Cup (british version of the diva cup i believe) for a couple of cycles now and I'm still getting pain when I remove it.

I'm fine with the actually getting it mainly out of my vagina, but on the home run as it were, it erm, seems to suck like some kind of mini vaginal vampire on my inner labia and god damn not in a pleasant way!

Is there any way I can stop this happening?
you have to pinch it to release the suction, you should be doing that before you pull it out at all. pinch, twist, tilt, whatever until you feel it "release" so to speak. improper usage can hurt you, not injure i don't think, just *hurt*. everything down there should feel lovely.

and no, it will not change the dimensions of your vagina. that would be pretty funny.
Hmm, I've been pinching, maybe it needs added twist.

Thanks pepper.
ok, my girlfriend bought the diva cup and it got *lost* inside her. she actually ended up in a dr's office so he could remove it for her. no idea how that happened but i use the keeper so maybe they're different.
anyhow, she's a bit intimidated so she doesn't want to use it again. so i bought it from her. since it's silicon i can boil it to sterilize it, and since it's clear i can see that it is absolutely clean and such.
i''ve boiled it and taken a pin to the teensy holes round the edge and i'm satisfied that it's as clean as it would be new and i'm going to use it next time i menstruate and report any differences i notice. since few of us have both i think it'll be a good compare as you dare kinda thing.
let you know what i find out chicas.
it's funny to be looking forward to a period eh? strange that...
I still love my DC. I actually started my cycle without it two months ago and had to use a tampon. *shudder* I can't believe I used to use them for the entire cycle. I got home and popped that puppy out and put in my DC and did a sigh of relief. Tampons are evol.
For anyone having difficulty, more ways to fold:
This is not my page, found a link to it in another forum.
thanks jasmith for the link. have to try the other folding techniques.

i've been using my mooncup for over a year now and on the dryer days it's great. i don't want to switch back to tampons but the leaking on days 2 and 3 are not that much fun either. i've never had a heavy flow, so i guess i'm just not in generall lacking lubrication or i'm just abnormally big. i don't know. to get to the point: has anyone found it helpfull to switch to a bigger size?
I used to use the Keeper and it was horrible. Like they had specifically come up with something that would twist and turn and jab you. Yuck. I eventually switched to organic cotton balls - $3/bag and the bag will last for months. Love them No poking, no wicking into your panties, and you can use as many or as few as you need.
i hated teh stick thing on the end too, so i cut it right off. they do recommend that you at least trim it to suit you, but i didn't like any length of it, it poked me. i have been using the cup for a few years now and i'll never go back. i love it.

the boobage is tender this morning, maybe i'll be checking out that new diva cup today or tomorrow. i will report...
Yeah, I cut all of my stem off too. And then I filed the bugger down because it was so uncomfortable. I'm going on three years now and no way I would ever use anything else again.
Littlelingerie, I've never heard of anyone using cotton balls. Can you explain how one does it?
I completely removed my stem, too. I've had my diva since August, and can't imagine how I got on without it before :P
I actually haven't heard of cotton balls either, but I'd imagine you would use them similar to sea sponges? I use sea sponges to have sex on my period, when I do. No mess, can't feel them, but I don't use them regularily because they can only be worn for about three hours and are harder to steralize. Plus I love my DC.
So, erinjane, the sponge doesn't get moved out of place?
i am not loving the diva cup. man, after the keeper this thing is just, just... no.
as far as material goes it, of course, far surpasses the odour-holding, non-sterilzable rubber of the keeper, but that's as far as i'll go in praise of this thing. i'd rather put up with a little scent than trade my keeper in for a diva cup anyday.
the diva is mushy compared to the flexibiltiy and strength of the keeper. where the keeper springs back into shape after insertion, the diva has trouble recovering from it's collapsed state. the diva shifted around during the day for me and actually leaked over night. not a lot, but my keeper Never leaks. the diva moved out of place for me every time i went to the bathroom, pee or otherwise. i never feel my keeper, it doesn't move around over night or when i use the toilet, it never leaks, it springs back into shape and place after i put it in, i forget i'm having my period all the time.

i'll keep the diva cup as my back up but i vote for the keeper. IMO it's superior in all but one aspect.
Pardon me - I would like to propose a vote on Keepers vs. Diva Cups? I used 'Instead' a few years ago when it came out here in Canada, and would have loved it if not for the fact that it was too big. Looks like things have definetly improved, but I'd like to know which one to invest in. I'm leaning towards the Keeper particularly because they offer a money-back guarantee. If a few of you wouldn't mind offering a brief 'consumer report' like pepper's, I'd be much obliged!

And ya, erinjane - never heard of using sea sponges. Please enlighten us!
I've never used the keeper, so I can't really knock it(I'm a diva user). But I can say that I wouldn't ever buy one, considering what it's made of. I don't know if I have latex allergies (I imagine I don't) but I don't want to try, anyway.
Alot of women simply don't like the diva cup, though. They prefer the mooncup (british version of diva) because it's more pliable/easier for them to insert/remove.
The divacup has a one year money back guarantee, and the keeper a three month guarantee. I haven't been able to find anything on the mooncup.
I haven't used either of the others, but I love my divacup. I haven't had any problems. It's be interesting to compare but not financially feasable. tongue.gif

As for the sea sponges,

Basically they just sit there and soak everything up. You wet them before you put them in and then squeeze out all the water so once they're in you they can get moved around a bit if you're having sex but I've never felt it. The only problem is that they absorb everything so you need to use lube. The asbsorption problem can also make them more susceptable to bacteria, but they can be boiled. However the more you boil it, the quicker it breaks down. I think they say you can use one for 6 months.

"Sea Pearls sea sponge tampons are natural, biodegradable, sustainably harvested and are reusable for about 6 to 8 months. Remove, rinse and reinsert every few hours. Many customers choose them for the same reasons as the DivaCup: they're less drying than tampons, will save you time and money, and are more environmentally responsible."

They're cheap to try out. I think I got two for 6 dollars or something like that. Some health food stores carry them.
Vote for the diva, but then again, never used the keeper. The diva was uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it. If you're used to having sex, then you can get used to this, most likely.
With the mooncup you have three cycles to register your like/dislike and get your money back if you so want.

So I can't really take part in the vote but I believe the Mooncup is most like the diva cup, no?
Hey all, right now I have a bit of a problem.

After doing some research, I decided to try the Diva Cup. I got it a couple days ago and then, yesterday, my period arrived and it seemed like a good idea to try it out. Yesterday was the first day and it was okay. Insertion was fine, and I was actually able to remove it, after spending twenty minutes or so tugging and just trying to get a grip on the thing.

Today, however, I cannot get my cup to come out.

I have tried to pinch the bottom to break the seal (after about twenty minutes of bearing down, relaxing, etc), but the seal isn't breaking. I have tried to reach up to the top and to break the seal there, but apparently I have very short fingers and I can't reach to the top, hook my finger on it and pull it off that way. When I tried to pinch the bottom and yank it out that way, it hurt like hell and it feels like the only thing I haven't tried is going to the doctor and having them remove it. I'd rather not do that, since right now I don't have health insurance and it will be very expensive.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?
i inherited my diva cup from a friend who indeed had to visit a doctor to have hers removed. i haven't had that problem myself but i'm used to the keeper (used it for about three years) so the diva is a cinche for me. don't be scared to put more of your hand in there. and don't be scared to go to the doctor either. good luck.
I hope you've managed to get it out by now, but for the future:
The only way I can get mine out is to insert three fingers, place my thumb on the front and my index and middle fingers on the back of the cup, and sort of fold it while it's in there. That will definitely break the seal. Then, just pull it on out.

I hope you've managed to get it out by now, but for the future:
The only way I can get mine out is to insert three fingers, place my thumb on the front and my index and middle fingers on the back of the cup, and sort of fold it while it's in there. That will definitely break the seal. Then, just pull it on out.
Well, I went to the doctor and he removed it for me. That went okay, hurt a little, but it came out fine. Had to explain to him what it was, and I have the feeling that has to be one of the worst ways to introduce someone to it. biggrin.gif

I think I will try it again for my next period since it worked well the first day, I just have to make sure to take it out at night and check to see if it doesn't ride up too far during the day. It took me several attempts to get the hang of tampons and I managed to figure this out in less time, so for now I'm keeping it.
OMG, there are some seriously retarded things about this new lounge. A double post in one? Come now.

officially reporting that the diva cup is absolutely without a doubt harder to get out than the keeper. gah, stuck like glue for a minute there, sos material.
thankfully i am super great friends with my ginch and was able to get a wet finger in and run it around the outside of that thing to make it unstuck to my inner self. yikes, like paste, stuck right onto my wet inside flesh. that has Never happened with the keeper. even after i detached it from myself it was glued onto my cervix so i had to pinch and twist and manuever the thing all around to take it out. happy to say, no trips to the doc but the keeper may be up for duty next month. my kitty isn't very happy right now. i'm already feeling abused from a round of maniac sex last night, this is not a welcome addition to that tenderness. yow.
I've never had a single problem with my Divacup. The choice to buy that over the Keeper was purely superficial... I hate the color of the Keeper. Reminds me of a toilet plunger.

I haven't had problems either, but I've also had nothing to compare to. At the time I bought the Divacup i actually couldn't find the keeper and everyone I talked to said that the DC was superior. That was 3 years ago though.
Woo-hoo just got my Diva Cup! I've used it three times and had it leak twice. The first time I tried folding it like they say in the book but that didn't work very well so I switched to the 'punch down' method, this seems much better for me.

I think I am getting the leaking because it's either not in enough or in too far. I can't turn it but i'm pretty sure it's open. When I feel the base I think it's open but it feels oval, I guess this is normal right?

Now I hope I have a really long period so I can keep trying it!

I guess they really arn't made for people with long nails though, nearly cutting myself to shreds here! blink.gif

Hey Ladies.....

I've got a weird problem with my keeper. I used to have both the diva and the keeper, but a friend was in need, so I gave her the diva cup, and now I'm getting really sore after using the keeper. Is it possible that I've got some sort of allergy to the rubber? It just gets really tender and so after I've taken it out, I still can't have sex for a couple days because it hurts too much. I'm not sure if its the rubber followed by the latex condom thats giving me the problem, or if its just the keeper or what. Anyone had this problem?

Where's the best place to buy a diva cup these days? Online??

Maybe you do have a latex allergy. Are you cleaning your keeper with any soaps? The wrong kind of soap could give you grief.
If you go to Divacup's main site, there's a store locator. Just enter your zip and it will tell you where the closest store is that sells them. If there aren't any stores nearby, look around on the net.
Hi Ladies! I actually just got my Diva Cup in yesterday and i tried it out. Insertion took a few tries but I managed. I have a question tho. Is there a proper way to remove the Diva cup? For some reason it causes me excruciating pain when I try to remove it. I tried to fold it but its so rigid that it pops right back and hurt the heck out of me when I take it out. Does anyone have any techniques that would help lessen the pain from removal?
i've never had trouble taking mine out (only putting it in), but it sounds like you may be taking it out without breaking the seal. a couple of things to try: squeeze the bottom before and while pulling it out. or get your finger up between your vagina wall and the cup edge, hook it over the edge if possible, and pull it out that way.

menstrual cups often take a cycle (or four) to get used to, but once everything clicks for you. you'll never go back to tampons. i LOVE my divacup!
Thaks alot for your help altargrrrl. My menstrual cycle is almost over so I'll def try that out next time. I've used instead cups before..and i really liked them because they were easy to remove and insert. I think it was because they were less wide when folded so they just went right in The only problem was that they would leak and i would have to keep buying them. So far, my diva cup has only leaked once because I think it was too far. I'm still a virgin so I'm not quite sure if its because of that, that it hurts so much and seems so wide when i try to take the cup out...but i'll keep your advice in mind next time...
Thanks!! smile.gif
OK! Hi, I'm new so let me just say that this topic is why I joined this site. I just recently (three days ago) found out that these DivaCup, Keeper, Mooncup things even existed. I guess I'm sheltered. But I'm absolutly all about it. I did my research and I bought a Diva Cup. After researching countless sites I didn't see anyone saying anything "bad" about it. Now that I'm reading this string I'm seeing that many ladies feel that it's hard to remove. I asume everyone read the instructions and that this may be a common problem. I'm nervous now about trying mine when it arrives. Has anyone found a fool proof way to remove it without pain? Some say pinch, others say twist? I guess it's whatever works for the individual. I'll just have to practice when it gets here.
I've found the best way to remove it is to pinch, pull, and kegel in at the same time. When you've got the two opposing forces going, the seal breaks easily and you don't end up pulling your uterus out.
pft, funny. *laughing and laughing at jsmith*

just don't be scared to stick more of your fingers up there, there's room. if it seems tight or a weird angle or whatever, move around. experiment and stay calm. the majority of people have no problem whatsoever so you prolly won't either. but if you do there are lots of people here to talk to. don't anticipate a problem before there is one. the keeper and the diva cup are GREAT compared to the alternatives so stay positive and check it out.
I've had my keeper for 10 years this autumn. It's fantastic and I love it. I guess I should buy a new one as they say they last for about 10 years... nothing really seems to be wrong with it though.
*laughing at jsmith*

"pulling your uterus out" lol

Isn't it silly how you can be going through such a rough time and haven't laughed in so long and then someone says something so simple that just strikes you as funny. I'm going to giggle about that to myself for the rest of the day.

Thanks for the advise. I'm going to read the instructions and try to stay calm and patient. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Anything is better then tampons or pads. Being a larger person myself, pads shift, bunch or rub the wrong way. Tampons...well it's a dry wad of f****** cotton shoved up your hooty hoo. I have to wait a day or two after my period before I can go back to having sex with my man so that my moisture balance can return.

Have a nice day all!
An acupuncturist told me that the Keeper and Diva Cup both lead to liver chi stagnation, so I switched to pads. Definitely decreased my cramps.
Liver chi stagnation................?
traditional chinese medicine that is. and it has absolutely Nothing at all to do with the liver. it has to do with blood flow (etc) but really, the blood is still flowing out so wtf. i don't buy it. my cramps are no different with the cup or pads.
My cramps were lessened with the cup. Not hugely, but noticebly.
hi hi,

okay, so this is somewhat related to divacup/keeper.
i know personally i'd go for diva cos it's nonlatex, right-e-o?
but, i was wondering what people thought about LUNAPADS? gladrags sound too hunky dory for me. i know, it's just a brand name, etc., etc.

are lunapads, for users, too high maintenance? i just want to use a more environmentally friendly alternative than those kotex pads i've been using umpteen years.


ps: and i'm a pad grrrl, don't really dig the tampons, unlessing i'm going swimming or sommink.
alrighty, i have promised some girls in here some homemade luna pads and i AM getting it together to make them up this weekend. i have had the most horrendously busy three weeks, really, we hardly spent any time at home. i'm back to normal routine now though so... into the fabric stash we go.

here's what i think of cloth pads;
for me the ones with velrco always, always stuck to something in the washer/drier and ruined it so i'm going with snaps.
having to soak them is stinky and a bit of a hassel and believe me, a total embarassment if someone mistakenly lifts the lid of your "blood bucket". ugh.
you have to soak them right away, change the soak water regularly, use a final soak with a good stain remover like amaze or oxi-clean, and wash and dry them soon. it takes a bit of organization to keep it all together and you need to have quite a few pads if you are going to try soaking a whole weeks worth and washing it all at one time. they are small so don't make up a load all on their own...
they are comfortable, relatively, and they breathe 'cause their made out of cotton and you can buy ones for light, medium, or heavy flow. there's even a version out there for bigger girls that provides a different shape and, i hear, works great.

it's really a personal choice, like everything else. if you feel like you can wrap your head around the maintenance they are a total convenience. personally, i use a combination of the cup, cloth pads, and regular panty liners throughout the month. i've seen handmade cotton knit tampons too but those just seem so ooky to me, i don't know if i'm brave enough to try it... and the natural sea sponge, well, can you say bacteria? even though i used to use them, i never would again.
thanks, pepper!
i appreciate the tips/advice. yeah, had a friend who used the sea sponge, and wondered how healthy that was...
this was the same friend who told me, "on a budget, use paper towels for pads." WTF???
this was while i was tryina budget, etc. weird.

i'll think more about the luna pads. that's super cool that you make them yourself. (sigh) i want sewing skills! they just seem like a big investment (heavy days starter kit or whatever)

do you like the diva cup? (i'd only opt for non-latex)
i used "instead" cups but they were super hard to get out. i once spent half an hour trying to get one out. arg! very comfortable, for the most part, but hard to get out.

i guess practice makes easier.
the diva is silicon so it can be sterilized and retains no odour. i have both the diva and the keeper and i like the way the keeper works better than the diva (it's firmer and bounces back into shape way easier) but i use the diva all the time because of the no odour thing. it's a good feature.
i have heard of more than one woman having a hard time getting them out and i just don't understand that. i can get half my hand in there no problem (angle and relaxation are very important, of course) so fishing it out is easy for me. i think you have to be ready to try again if you have problems the first couple of times though and i get the feeling that a lot of girls just give up. that's quite the price to pay (50$) just to never use it again.

paper towel works fine, toilet paper, fabric, moss, whatever. it's all good, when in need...
Like you, Persimmon, I'm not a tampon fan and a few years ago, I started breaking out in rashes from store-bought pads. So, I switched to Lunapads and have been very happy with them. I am not a heavy bleeder, so I can get away with only using one per day, then rolling it up, waiting until my period is over to wash them all at once. I simply put them in a ziploc bag, fill it with white vinegar and hot water and let it soak for an hour or so. Then I rinse them all and hang dry them.

I have bought some of the sea sponge tampons, but have not used them yet. If I did, I wouldn't be too concerned with their cleanliness....I mean, obviously, I would, but the literature that comes with them states that they are harvested from an area where they only grow these sponges, then they are "washed, cleaned, sanitized and dried." (I'm not sure what the difference is between washing, cleaning and sanitizing- I guess just different levels of the process.) As they also note, regular tampons aren't considered "sterile", and neither are these. It says you can boil them, and it will make them more dense and absorbent, but it will also shrink them, making their life span shorter.

They have several cleaning suggestions- baking soda and water; apple cider vinegar and water; hydrogen peroxide and water; tea tree oil and water; colloidal silver and water. I'd say tea tree oil and colloidal silver sound the most effective- it says, "there is no pathogenic organism known that is not killed by colloidal silver in 6 minutes or less. Its use is also of benefit to women who suffer recurrent yeast infections."

My sister uses the Diva Cup and she loves it- I think I'm just shaped funny or something, because i've never been able to get tampons to fit right; I'm not sure if the sea sponge ones will either, but I figure they have a better chance than regular ones. I just haven't had situation where I couldn't wear a pad, and I happened to be having my period during that time.
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