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Full Version: The Diva Cup versus The Keeper
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Ooh, I love Polly Jean!

Hmm. Pollystyrene, where does one obtain colloidal silver? As soon as my new job happens (they need me more than I need them! Haha!), I'm going to get some some environmentally-friendly Luna Pads! Speaking of which, the cramps are killah right now...

Anyhoo, thanks! Your handle reminds me of Radiohead. smile.gif If you're into 'em, have you heard their new song, "Sail to the Moon"? So gorgeous!

I mean, I'm mostly over RH (less obssessed, have expanded my music horizons), but still...
i have no problems with the seal. i insert a finger high up until it breaks. my problem is that i feel like i'm ripping my hole to shreds when i pull the divacup out. it's full of blood, so i can't try to pinch it together. it goes in fine most of the time, but coming out feels like giving birth. i seriously strech so wide and feel like i'm going to split on the way out.
i just bought a divacup online, and i'm wondering if i can swim with it? i don't really know how it works.. but websites seem to say it created a seal? like.. a suction? help me out. i'm a little concerned. i suppsoe i'll just have to figure out most of it once it gets here.. but please do tell all.
Yup, you can swim with it with no worries.
awesome, thank you.

more questions!
1.] how big is the diva cup? i got a size 1, but i realized they never actually stated the circumference... or anything to that effect.
2.] how does pinching the cup to remove it work if there's blood in it?

With regards to luna pads/glad rags...I H.A.T.E. them. They bunch up and are uncomfortable, to me. sad.gif Although since my surgery my flow's been really heavy. I've been using the Diva cup and panty liners as backup.

I don't mind the maintenance of the cloth pads....I don't know if it's because I'm too active or what but they just drive me nuts!
QUOTE(stephanie_erin @ Dec 6 2006, 05:52 PM) *

awesome, thank you.

more questions!
1.] how big is the diva cup? i got a size 1, but i realized they never actually stated the circumference... or anything to that effect.
2.] how does pinching the cup to remove it work if there's blood in it?

I don't know exact measurements, maybe a couple of inches in circumference. It looks big, but it's really not once you fold it over to put it in. I find it goes in very easy, but it takes practice to find your preferred method of getting it in there.

Pinching to remove works fine for me. To be honest, you're hands are going to get messy. I don't find this to be a problem since I put it in before i leave the house in the morning and usually don't change it until right before I hop into bed. If I'm in public I just wipe my hands with toilet paper in the stall, then go wash them. I wipe the cup out with the toilet paper too, but if I feel I need to I have run out to the sink to rinse the cup.
thank you so much for your response. it answered even the follow up questions.
i'm thinking of trying out one of these new-fangled devices. i have an iud, and it's made my period much lighter, but i spot for days. not enough for a tampon, but a bit too much for just a pantiliner. i'm thinking i could wear a keeper/diva cup all day and just take it out at night. i'm nervous though, i'm really not comfortable sticking my fingers up there. but, this would be a good reason for me to learn...

can you have sex with them in? i need some diagrams i think, to see how this thing works.

ok so no sex. is the stem really uncomfortable? it seems like the stem would make it much easier to pull out, but is it hanging out of your vagina? it seems like that would not feel good. is that why people cut theirs off?

i just went to the websites and they were talking about how environmentally friendly the cups are-i didn't even think of that! i'm kind of excited. seems like it's at least worth a try.
maddy - you don't want to have sex with a diva cup in, that's for sure! It actually sits low inside you with only maybe a half inch inside your labia. In the best case, you just grab the nd of the cup, and pull it out, but sometimes after sleeping overnight, it creeps farther in, and you just really have to relax, and use your PC muscles to help push it out a bit, so you can grab on. Just like anything else, it just takes practice.

I've got my diva cup in right now....can't even feel it - best thing ever to happen to my period.
Seconded on the no sex...I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to fit anything in there. Although I think you can have sex with the Instead cups.

I cut my stem off and then filed it down flat because it was uncomfortable to have it sitting there. Even when I first still had it on I didn't find it helped getting the cup out because of the suction. To get mine out I put two fingers in, pinch the cup, and pull out. Expect to get your hands messy.
Yeah, you can have sex with the Instead cups in, but if you don't like reaching up in there, don't use them. I found them MUCH harder to take out (especially after sex), because they kind of sit right up against your cervix. And at least for me, they were very leaky...just not the right fit. My diva has never leaked on me, once I figured out how it was supposed to sit inside me.

And ditto for cutting off the stem and filing it down...
thanks-i had no idea this stuff has been around so long-totally clueless.

i think it would do me a lot of good to kinda be forced to reach up in there and see what's going on. i still just feel scared that i'm going to break something, or something, i dunno.
i cut the stem right off too, it was so poking me in the bits i couldn't imagine leaving even a bit of it on.

no sex with the cup in, you'd both totally feel him mashing into it.

maddy, we squeeze babies out of there, believe me a little rubber cup and you fingers are NOT going to hurt anything in there. i have felt the entire inside of my stuff and it's not all that mysterious or complicated, really. it's just like a balloon with a sticky-out cervix bit. if you ask your doc or gyno for a little tutorial he or she would be happy to help you, even if they've never heard of the cup.
the natural tension in there holds the cup in place and it'll settle into the best spot once you get it in mostly right. it helps to pinch the top in half and then fold it over again so it's kinda in quarters, keep a good grip on it from the bottom part of the cup, keep it folded and insert. relax your muscles to get it in and help it into a comfy fit by pushing and turning it. you want it to be situated below your cervix, not Beside it or it will leak. and you want it in far enough that you really can't feel it much at all.
getting it out intimidates some people but there isn't very far that it can go, it's not like an endless tunnel in there, it doesn't actually extend very far into your body at all. don't be afraid to put your fingers right in there, thumb and forefinger to grasp, pinch, and pull out the cup. if you're in a public bathroom take some paper towel in there with you to give it a quick wipe before reinserting it, you don't have to rinse it off every time. but don't let it get super dry before you put it back in because that can feel sticky. i carry some wipes with me in my purse all the time so it's easy to clean up if i get messy at all, and i generally use panty liners too so it's never a big messy ordeal for me. DON'T wipe the cup with wipes though, that stuff is only meant to be used outside the body, Not on the inside at all. you could pour some bottled water on it over the toilet bowl if you wanted too but that just seems to make it more complicated than it is.

i won't be having my period for a while but i have to say, love the keeper and the cup both. they are the Best thing to happen to my period EveR!
thanks pepper smile.gif i'm definintely going to try one of these, after the holidays cause i'm so broke, gah.

yeah, i need to stick my fingers up there and explore wink.gif cause really, it feels all mysterious. once a condom fell off inside me and i totally panicked, but it's true-there's not really anywhere for it to go....

ok eek, i'm excited! yippy skippy.
one more thing, at certain times during your cycle your vaginal tunnel will elongate, like your cervix moves back a bit, and it can feel like it's a bit deeper in there. but don't panic, there still isn't very far that it can go.
definitely, explore. it's a strange and exotic world for sure.
I am Diva Cup challenged. blink.gif I can't get it to pop open once it's in and I have a hell of a time getting it out. I'm overweight so my by big belly gets in the way and I have short fingers. dry.gif I love it when I get it in right. I thought I had it in one morning and went to bowling with Mr. Pug and I felt a gasket blow and I had to run to the bathroom. sad.gif When I pulled it out to adjust it I had blood EVERYWHERE! I didn’t know what to do. I tried to wipe off as much as I could with toilet paper then go to the sink without someone else seeing me Freddy Kruger bloody digits. ohmy.gif It was a mess. I’ve tried it twice more since then but I can’t get it in right. It’s totally frustrating. mad.gif Any suggestions? unsure.gif
The only way I can get mine to open inside me is to fold it, put it in all the way, and then grab the end and pull it out just enough that i'll feel it open, then push it back in a bit. I don't know if that makes sense to read. tongue.gif
Hi from Ireland, new here smile.gif

Discovered the lunapads site on recommendation of a co-worker from Canada and bought sea-pearls and luna pantyliners as backup.

Do any of you have problems with the sea pearls? I'm finding (on day 3 now of use) that each time I insert them I immediately need to pee! the feeling only goes when I take em out again. I am following the instructions, and have trimmed the sponge to a smaller size - it feels comfortable enough but the pee-feeling is driving me nuts!

Dunno if it's just some weird quirk of physiology of my insides but also finding it very difficult to take the sea pearls out again as well.
HELP! - really don't want to have to go back to disposables.............
What's the deal with some females who say the Diva Cup is "gross". I don't get it.
well, some women aren't comfortable with their bodies i guess. it's easier to conceptualize using an individually wrapped applicator to put a bleached little disposable thing up there than actually touching themselves for a practical purpose. you have to be comfortable with and like your body to be so intimately involved with it and it's fluids. people are weird.
Probably the same deal with some females thinking nonapplicator tampons are gross. I mean, you have to reach up in there to insert them. Plus, you have to empty the Diva Cup and see the blood, which will gross some people out. Considering how many times my period has caught me unawares and how many times I've had pads leak all over the place, the blood really doesn't bother me.

I haven't had any problems with my Diva Cuup for the past few cycles and am now think the it is the greatest thing ever. smile.gif

I find it rather interesting to see the blood and stuff with the diva cup, which I'm using for 2 cyrcles now. You don't really see how it looks like when using other products.

In terms of usability, I'm not able to rotate the cup fully to get it pop open. It then stays folded, but if i move it a little, it'd pop open and be leak-proof and reliable.

Here in Germany, one can order the cup from an outdoor and survival supply mailorder tongue.gif , but it's barely known.
when i first got my divacup, i couldn't even get it in. it was only after i "loosened up" we'll say, that i got it. getting it out was hell though.
i actually lost it.. and of course that totally freaked me out. i find it's easy to get out if you can pull with one hand, and reach the top with the other and push it a little.
hope that helps!
[i added the beginning because i was asking about that before. thanks guys!]
heh, same here on that first bit, stephanie_erin.

okay, first time in, no leaks until i had had it in for 12-13ish hours. but i found that if i take a dump i seriously push that sucker out. i have to re-insert it (though i think it was maybe not in far enough that time) i do the punch-down thinger, and it goes in fine. also, it hurts like a mofo when it pops out of the opening, but i figure i'll get better at controlling it
I used the Keeper for almost 10 years but would give up and switch to pads form time to time after there were too many leaks and it started to get kind of old. The divacup's my new favorite. I had the same problem with the divacup as Tyger--every time I would bear down it would shift and the floodgates would open. One thing is the divacup says it should be positioned differently--you are supposed to put it in at an angle, kind of horizontally--it says it on the insert but I haven't found the quote on the site. This has made a big difference for me--no leaks! I am also traveling to places where menstruation is not too easy--there aren't always trashcans and there's never tp, so the divacup rocks because it doesn't leave a trace. the only thing I am not keen on is how the little airholes sometimes have some blood residue on them, so I have to clean them out with a needle.

Now, my question is: the divacup says you should switch up when you hit 30--do people really do this? I mean, how much muscle change would there be from year to year? Does it make that much difference? Or, has anyone used the larger size compared with the smaller one?

I usually pull it out a bit more than I want it and give it a twist and then push it back in to get it unfolded and check it every four hours or so. Also, I can't really put it in standing up or squatting, just from the toilet.
My Keeper is now 10.5 years old and to be quite honest is very smelly and I'm tired of it stinking up the medicine cabinet the rest of the month. I ordered a Divacup that should be here in a couple of days. I'll be 34 this year so I ordered the older ladies' version but I doubt it'd be much of a difference. The website I ordered it from said the difference between the sizes was 1/8th of an inch.

Good to know about the angle insertion tip. Will see how it goes the first cycle. I never had any leaks with the Keeper and I only usually change it once or twice over 4 days. This is not recommended but works for me.
QUOTE(tyger @ Feb 4 2007, 05:08 AM) *

heh, same here on that first bit, stephanie_erin.

okay, first time in, no leaks until i had had it in for 12-13ish hours. but i found that if i take a dump i seriously push that sucker out. i have to re-insert it (though i think it was maybe not in far enough that time) i do the punch-down thinger, and it goes in fine. also, it hurts like a mofo when it pops out of the opening, but i figure i'll get better at controlling it

YEAH! getting it out still sucks. literally. i tend to squeeze it too hard to break the suction.. but it just ends up making it stronger. i finally figured that out at the end of my last period, so hopefully next time around i'll fix that.

anyone have suggestions on getting it out without killing any reproductive organs?
I think you have to squeeze it to get it out. That's the only way to break the suction. One girl said it felt like she was pulling her uterus out. I stick a finger up there and just push the lip in a little so as not to squeeze the contents out. Then I just slide it out. Sometimes mine rides up deeper into me throughout the day and when I get home and go to remove it I have to sit there and relax for a few minutes to get it to come back down so my short stumpy fingers can reach it.
stephanie_erin, what I do is bear down until i feel the bottom sticking out. If it hasn't ridden up very far and the seal isn't uber-strong, i pinch the bottom while doing a kegel to break the suction. If that doesn't work/I feel the uterus-sucking action, I continue to bear down while sliding my finger up to break the seal (the back in most convenient for me, but whatever works. then I sort of just wrassle the thing out of there tongue.gif
Dear goddess it sounds like trying to pull a spacehopper out of your gee (ok, that's pure inner-city Dublin but I think you know what I mean) I was on the verge of trying divacup after seapearls weren't so comfy but now I'm not it THAT hard to get it out again?
Wow, I've never had that much trouble getting it out. The button sits very low for me so I just put two fingers in, pinch the whole cup, and pull it out fast. Never really hurts as long as I do it really fast.
yeah, erinjane, that's pretty much what i've gotten stuck doing. just like.. ripping it out. it still hurts like hell though.

i'll try these suggestions during my next period, they all make sense and i'll do my best to keep them in mind. thanks, guys.
I hate to just jump in and be the booger on the icing....but it has to be said....
I went and had my annual checkup at the gyno last Friday, and he told me that he noticed that I had an inflamed cervix, which is totally bizarre that no one had ever noticed it before (I'm 27 and have had abnormal paps before, but not this problem)....he said it wasn't a huge deal but he still wants me to come in in six months, instead of a year to check if it's worse.....I emailed him the next day and asked him if he thought it might be my keeper that has caused it, because I've only used it for a year and a half, so maybe that's why he didn't notice it at the previous annual checkup. I even sent him a link to the site. He responded that it is quite possible that the keeper caused it and told me not to use it until I go back and see him...if it's improved, then I'll know that was the cause. I'm sad because I love my keeper! But an inflamed cervix can lead to way worse things down the road, so I guess it's for the best sad.gif
I donno, maybe I was wearing it too high or something.
Yeah, I'd definitely not use it if your gyno is telling you it may be the cause. When I showed my diva cup to my gyno he said that I could use it as long as I changed it frequently and not every 12 hours like the website suggests. He said the fact that it collects and doesn't absorb may cause problems. However, I haven't been able to get the hang of my diva cup anyway. I'm planning on giving it another go on my next cycle.
I just started using my diva cup this cycle...and I absolutely love it. The only problem I've had so far, is that I seem to let in too much air into my vagina, and it kinda makes me feel like I have a bubble in there...

Other than that, no leaks, totally comfortable, and surprisingly not that messy. I was really expecting to it to get gorey when I empty it out, but really, since the cup keeps everything on the inside, it's relatively clean.

Gumby, now you've got me a little worried though, so I will go to the gyno and see what she says. But in the mean time, I'm sticking with the diva, it freaking rocks...and no more trips to Walgreens for tampons, yay! biggrin.gif
yeah, i finally realized my problem was that i didn't let the diva "re- inflate" when i put it in... so when i tried to take it out it was trying to get more air in, but i was pulling out.
basically, ow.
but i fixed it all now, that's to you guys.
gumby, what about a switch from the keeper to the diva? the keeper can't be sterilized. either way change it more often, don't wear it over night etc.
Today was the first day of my second cycle with the Diva Cup. As with my first cycle, I am still getting leakage, and I am hoping someone here can offer advice. It's not a whole lot of leakage, but it's enough to stain underwear if I'm not wearing a liner. There's a considerable amount of blood in the cup when I take it out, but not so much that it should overflow. I can feel the cup pop open when it's halfway inside, then I push it in the rest of the way until the stem is completely inside of me. The seal doesn't feel incredibly tight upon removal, but I think there is at least moderate suction going on. Maybe I am pushing the cup up too high? I have heard that it is supposed to sit rather low. The main reason I push it up to the height it's at is to allow the stem to be completely inside... anybody think I should trim the stem and let the cup sit lower? I'm a little hesitant to do so because I do use the stem to aid in removal, but I was thinking of trying this before giving up on the Diva and maybe purchasing a MoonCup UK. Thanks!
pileapumila -

I literally just started my period minutes ago. I'm giving my diva cup its 5th or 6th try. I usually get frustrated with the damn thing but I’m not giving up. Too many women love it. I’m just diva cup challenged but I know I’ll get the hang of it eventually. I cut half the stem off of mine and it sits in the right spot but sometimes I think it popped open and it didn't and I'll be out and about and then I’ll “blow a gasket” as Mr. Pugs calls it (he’s an auto technician so everything having to do with anything is explained in car terminology). I read somewhere that your vagina is horizontal when you sit on the toilet and I think I always try to insert mine like my vagina is vertical so it doesn’t pop. I just put mine in a few minutes ago and I don’t feel anything (usually I can sort of feel it so I know I’m doing something wrong). I’ll post back about it throughout the week to let you know how it’s going for me. Let me know how it going for you as well. I’m curious to know if it works better for you if you trim the stem. If you flex down enough you should be able to get your fingers around the end of it instead of pulling on the stem.
If you feel it pop open when it's in you should give it a full twist to try to make a seal and maybe pull it down a bit. Also, it should not be completely inside of you--read the instructions again--there's a certain amount it can sort of hang down and it's very little. Mine leaked the first couple of months and so I did Kegel exercises when I didn't have it in. This helped for me but it sounds like you are having placment issues. You could try the Kegels, too--they might just help.
part of it sticking out of you?!? oh, ugh, not for me thanks. i cut that stem Right off, it was an enormous pain. and i stick that sucker in as far as it will go, give it a twist for the best position and then run my finger 'round the edge to make sure i have it in exactly the right spot. and i use a panty liner most of the time too 'cause i'm bound to get a spot now and then just from changing it. if it's even half full when i take it out i make sure to change it more frequently, i don't want my cervix soaking in that blood for hours, i want to let it breathe as often as possible. though i have left it in for hours and even overnight without irritation, leaks or and other problems. really though, it's right up there on my cervix or as close as it can get. the mid-tunnel hang around doesn't feel good or work that well for me.
just goes to show, different strokes and all.
So I cut off most of the stem, only a few milimeters of it are left. And it works sooo much better now. The only time it leaked was my second day of bleeding, and I'm pretty sure that was due to the fact that it was too full. This is only the second cycle I'm using the cup, so I'm still learning which days I need to empty it more frequently. The problem seems to be that I was pushing it up too high, but now with the stem off I can allow it to sit lower. The suction seems better as well, but that's probably just due to me getting more practice with the whole thing (and turning it when it's almost entirely inside - thanks lapis). LoveMyPugs... how are you doing this time around?
pileapumila -

My period was very light this month. I keep waiting for the big gush to come but it's not. I started Thursday night which was odd cause I never, ever start at night and then it pretty much ended Sunday night cause all day yesterday I kept checking and there was nothing. My period always lasts five days. I wonder if I should be concerned about the shortness of this one cycle.

As far as my diva cup goes. I gave up again after the first day. I think I'm shaped funny. My vagina canal goes down and to the left when I sit on the toilet and I have a hard time getting the diva cup in and popping it open. I think I'm making it too complicated. I'll give it another go next month.

Thanks for asking! I'm glad it's working so well for you now.
as per removal issues, the diva cup takes a lot of time (at least it did for me) to get used to. i think when i first got it i even cried to my partner to help me remove it! (hahahaha you can just imagine his reaction to that... we did end up getting out the flashlight. too funnY)

anyhow- you have to get your fingers dirty, and push one side in (insert one finger on the side of it) to break the seal. you need to break the suction seal before pulling it out.

when it is really full, it is easier to remove than when your period is light.

i still find that i get irritation chafing from removing it during light days. this is not comfortable at all.

anyhow i have had this for years and have been suffering alone (it feels like) with a MAJOR problem.
you see- we i have it in me, it pushes on my bladder somehow and makes me feel like i have to pee. and the urethra tube is also constricted, so if the bladder isn't bursting, i can only trickle. THIS SUCKS!!

i go to the bthroom at least 5 times more than usual when i wear it cause i can never tell when i actually have to pee. i have had this problem since day 1, and have never heard of anyone else having this issue.

is there anyone out there like me????
i totally forgot to post this during my last period when it happened... but i remember now so that's what matters.
anywhom, i put the cup in with no problem or anything, and i discovered i like to wear it fairly low. i had it right where i wanted it. i knew that since it was the last day, i could get away with not emptying for a good 6 or 7 hours. the problem? it rode up. i literally couldn't find it for awhile.
has this happened to anyone else? can you avoid this?
stephanie - yep, they do ride up a bit - I find it particularly happens when I'm sleeping. First just try to relax when you're going to take it out. Then, bear down with your PC muscles, and it should slip out a bit more...keep doing that, and don't get frustrated, it may take a few tries. If you need to, you can always squat in the tub to remove it, I know I did that a few times my first few cycles with the DC.

Also, I don't remove my DC *right* when I get out of bed in the morning...I'll pee, then walk the dog, and then come back in and empty it - by that time, the cup will have slid back down a bit from its nighttime position, and I can get it out a bit easier.
thanks a bunch.
and yeah, when that happened i was at my boyfriends house.. so i [subtly] showered and got it out...
Sitting a bit usually helps. The tub idea was pretty smart, TurboJenn.

My Keeper's starting to get little raised bumps - I don't know what that's about. Had it about a year now. Is rinsing it with hot water irritating the rubber, do you suppose? Anyone else noticed this?
Bumping for a friend.

And, while I'm on the topic, ella, big bumps or little ones? Mine has discolored a bit and is not as "smooth" as it used to be, but I haven't noticed any real "bumps." It's more just a little more rough around the edges than it used to be. I don't know about the hot water. I don't use very hot water to rinse it--just the temp. I use to wash my hands.
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