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Full Version: The Diva Cup versus The Keeper
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I got the Mooncup out early this morning. What a relief! I was trying to get it out unsuccessfully, and frustrated, I leaned far back on the toilet. This put it finally within reach! It took much convincing, but I got it out. I really want to try it again but I'm afraid that I won't be able to get it out again. I also needed my legs spread super far apart, and there's no way I can do that with pants on (at work.)

I feel like I should wear my mooncup like a dunce cap. sad.gif I just can't get the method down. Also, I really have to get used to touching my insides. Hah. I'll try again next cycle. I really hope I don't deter people from getting a menstrual cup. I'm not totally comfortable with my anatomy, so maybe this will get me more 'in touch' with my vagina.
Hey Everyone!
Today is my first day using the Diva Cup, and I'm having some troubles. : (

I've followed all of the instructions, and throughout the day I've taught myself how to insert and remove the cup with a relative amount of ease. The problem is EVERY time I check myself to see how I'm doing there's leakage around the cup itself, when I pull it out theres basically nothing in the cup. :S

I feel way too tight to be able to do the 360 degree turn, but I can tell whether or not its open inside me by feeling around with one finger. It doesnt cause me any discomfort, and I feel like I'm inserting it right. I don't understand why there is leakage. Am I just not doing something right? Does the Diva cup just not work for some women? Is leakage common at first, or on the first couple days of your period? Has anyone else experienced this? Does it get easier with time?

I'm about to start a new job in Korea where they dont even sell tampons, so its somewhat of a pressing issue for me. I really want to make this work, not just for me but for the environment as well. Please help ladies!!
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