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Full Version: The Diva Cup versus The Keeper
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You lovely ladies have peaked my interest in these two wonders. As soon as I get a job where I can afford that kind of investment, I'm on them!! Good luck to all of ya.
QUOTE(konphusion26 @ Jul 17 2008, 01:58 AM) *
You lovely ladies have peaked my interest in these two wonders. As soon as I get a job where I can afford that kind of investment, I'm on them!! Good luck to all of ya.

Think about it this way: calculate the monthly cost of your tampons, pads, etc. Let's say you pay $5/month. You pay $20 for a Diva Cup (you can probably find one cheaper online) = 4 months worth of buying products. It pays for itself. As of month 5, you're set for the next few years.
My mother bought me a Keeper (size B ), and I love the idea, so I tried to use it. It wouldn't fit. No matter how I folded it (I looked at that livejournal link, tried the ideas there, and others online) I could not get it in. And this was kind of a painful process.

I have never had intercourse, and I'm pretty young- just finished high school. The most that ever goes in my vag is a regular tampon- which is snug. Have any other virgins here successfully used the cup? Any advice?
hi all, and magnolias. i got a size a (1?) diva cup (the one where you haven't had a behbeh yet), and it don't fit.

while using such things has nothing to do with whether or not you've had penetrative sex, i can't get mine to fit in either. it sucks.

as an avid pad user, and disliker of tampons, i still wanted to do my part to stop using so much plastic! alack, i cannot get the thing to fit in my vagina. it's too big! ("too big" should be in bold and tho there is a [b][b], it is not bolded [sigh])

anyhoo, it's sad because it seems so...perfect. i do recall, though, when i first used a tampon, that a very kind friend stayed in the bathroom with me and helped me out for literally 30 minutes. it was strange and uncomfortable, but it finally worked.

all that to say, if the vaginal muscles are not relaxed, ain't nothing getting up in there. i guess i wasn't relaxed. but i don't want to have to use lube for my menstrual products. not cool.
Persimmon grrrl & magnolias, my experience (and others', I've read) is that if you're feeling tense about it, then you'll clench your muscles. Try to pay special attention to your jaw. If you find that it's clenched, then your girl bits probably are also. Try relaxing your jaw, and see if the other muscles don't follow suit. Sounds strange, but it's worked for me and for others.
Or, have you thought about any of the other cups? I believe LadyCup offers one that's pretty small.
Magnolias, I'm a virgin, and I started using the divacup when I was 18.
hi jsmith! thanks for the jaw tip.

so far as i know, my jaw was relaxed, and i'd just finished showering when i tried to insert it. it may just take a minute for me. i remember when i used instead cups, they were rather handy and i didn't feel/notice a thing, but they seem much more pliable and a different design than the diva cup. once, it took me half an hour (of frustration, fear, and repeated thoughts of, "never again!") to get one out. every other time, it had seemed to come out rather easily.

i guess it's just a process...sigh.
Persimmon_grrrl, have you tried the punchdown fold? It's what I always use.
I remember the first time I tried to get my cup in. I tried it initially with only water. Wouldn't go at all. So I went to wally world and got some generic lube. The lube made it slide in easier, but I was sooo tight and it was such a close fit. I was disgruntled for a bit afterwards (but, I guess, who wouldn't be LOL), but still glad that I got the thing in. I left it in for a little while, to see if I'd loosen a bit before taking the cup out. After a few 30-minute runs, some swear words, and those promises of "never again!", it got much easier.
But really think about relaxing next time you try. Make like Raggedy Ann, just don't fall over laugh.gif Focus on the jaw. I've noticed that my jaw is probably the second thing that'll seize up when I'm tense (first being shoulders, so I have to see to that, too).
Also, have you tried standing up vs. sitting vs. haunches?
The first time I tried The Keeper I had a nervous breakdown. No lie. I was crying and mad and sore. The Keeper Moon Cup (like the Diva Cup) was much softer and more flexible. Still took some getting used to. rolleyes.gif
I've found that if I've been having more ...stimulation... prior to my period (or arousal during) getting the damn thing in isn't as awful. My last period had me swearing I was going to use pads, but this time round it hasn't been nearly as bad.
Hi Ananke and KittenB:

Thanks, y'all. My period is sadly over, although it fortuitously started *after* my Diva Cup arrived via Canadian post (sigh). Perhaps I shoulda known that, as an avid-pad user and tampon-abstainer, I would not dig big, bulky things being inserted into my vagina.

I am not sexually active right now, but even if that does help, it's silly for me to wait till I get it on with someone before I can proclaim, "YES! Now I can start using my Diva Cup!" wink.gif

I guess it just takes practice and patience, which seem to be sorely lacking when I have my period and am bleeding all over meself. Egads.
Maybe this is a silly question, but I really want to know since I'm ***this close*** to buying a diva cup: do you have any leakage while you're rinsing the cup out?? Or do you just speed rinse and re-insert it?? LOL I'm very squeamish about blood or blood getting on my hands.

Do any of you ladies have problems with leaking while the cup is out for rinsing? Also, I read a review somewhere, and a young lady said that she has had sex with the cup in? Has anyone tested this out? Sounds uncomfortable.
Hi Konphusion26: So far as I can tell, having a Diva Cup in one's vagina *and* having penetrative sex at the same time are contraindicated.

Anyhoo, I personally don't know much about leakage, but I think I read down below that someone had some leakage issues (possibly with a Keeper? I can't remember). If only I could get the darn thing comfortably in and out of my vagina when I actually have my flow...
i think the girl who had sex with the cup in was talking about the Instead Cup. Those are the disposable cups that go way up in the vagina and sit behind the pubic bone. you can supposedly have sex with them in. i think this is a bunch of crap because they are huge and there is NO WAY that thing and mr. pugs junk are fiting into my nonni.
haha! seriously, i don't think that insertable menstrual device+penetrative sex lead to happy ends. ouch!
QUOTE(konphusion26 @ Jul 27 2008, 10:20 PM) *
Do any of you ladies have problems with leaking while the cup is out for rinsing?

It depends on where I am on my cycle. Sometimes, I swear the blood gets all over the seat, even the underside. I have a friend who has the same complaint. We have no idea how this happens. I don't swing the damn thing around or anything while changing it. This is why, when using a public restroom, I always bring paper towels with me. I never know what I'll need to clean up.
QUOTE(jsmith @ Jul 23 2008, 04:46 PM) *
Magnolias, I'm a virgin, and I started using the divacup when I was 18.

I'm so glad! I'm 17 and a virgin and only got up the nerve to start using tampons about six months ago. I really WANT to use the DivaCup but have had trouble getting it to fit and was afraid it was a lost cause or that I would somehow damage my poor cunt. I'll try your tips about the jaw/lube/punchdown fold and see how it works.
Christine Nectarine
i often have some leakage during heavier days. i typically use a light pantyliner during those times, so it's quick to just slip the knickers up while rinsing the cup, thus containing any staining of clothing or other ickyness!
I bought my first Diva Cup tonight. I'm on my last chemically-assisted period, and there's hardly any flow (though more than it has been in months- guess my body is throwing me a "Welcome Back!" party rolleyes.gif ) so I haven't inserted it yet.

I've never been successful with tampons, but I think the issues I had with tampons won't be a problem with the Diva Cup.

I assume you can't lie down to insert it? Probably can't reach far enough if you're lying down?

Queen Bull
question to the masses -- does anyone else's cup slip around a bit during wear. i dont want to be too graphic, but it feels like when i put it in, its nice and snug, then when i go back to empty it, its all up in vagina narnia, and lets just say, its kind of uncomfortable and a tad messy. which i why i only use it off and on. I bough the thing before i lost my virginity, but even now, i dont have enough sexual intercourse to have stretched out that much, so Im afraid to go up a size, because frankly it kinda pains me going in and out anyway. Any suggestions?

Oh and pollystyrene,

I may have negated this advice form my question above, but i generally, if im at home prop my foot up somewhere and put it in that way, or if im out, spread my legs while sitting on the toilet. this provides pretty easy access. biggrin.gif
Mine starts to shift around after I've been wearing it for a while. But it isn't so bad that things get messy.
"Vagina Narnia." HAHAHAHA! laugh.gif

Yes, mine moves around and it can be kind of messy to pull out. Bear down with your muscles and that will bring it closer to you. I also bring spare paper towels with me into the stall, sometimes wetting one with water first so that I can wipe my fingers a little.
So, I started bleeding last night and put the Cup in when I woke up today. At first, it went in surprisingly easily. It's a little hard to spin it after you've inserted, though, to make sure it's popped back to its round shape. Once I thought I had gotten it spun, it was comfortable for awhile, more comfortable than tampons ever were.

But then I started doing stuff around the house, getting laundry together, which involves a lot of bending over/squatting, etc. and I feel like my muscles are trying to expel it. I went to check it, and the bottom of the cup, up to about the second horizontal ring around the bottom of the cup (the cup, not the stem) is sticking out. It was previously inside.

I know your body naturally sees stuff like that as a foreign body that it wants to get rid of; I see it at work, in the dental office- people get removable appliances (i.e. retainers, snoreguards, etc.) and the first few times you wear it, especially while sleeping, you over-salivate and sometimes even pull the thing out in your sleep because your body thinks it's being invaded.

Could this be what's happening here?

I'm a little sad- I've been so good about not biting my nails the past few weeks and now I had to clip off my thumb and index finger because they were making it more hard to turn, not to mention scraping myself down there- owie owie owie!
When I was first getting used to my Cup (Keeper Moon Cup, similar to a Diva Cup) I called the company and asked about the spinning. I was told that they don't recommend that anymore.
I know that I say this a lot here, but it has taken me a long time to get the Cup to work for me. It has been worth it and I am happy now, but it just can take many months of finding the right angle, depth and all of that to make it work best for you.
I'll be honest, I only wear my diva cup when I'm at home because any time I'm out walking around I can feel it sliding down! It doesn't move that far down, but it's far enough for me to need to find a bathroom and push the damn thing back up.
Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I've only been wearing it at night to prevent the little surprises I had the other morning (see the Bloody Girls post) and so far so good.

Maybe it's a sign of out-of-shape Kegels?
I have finally purchased my very own divacup! I order it through work and got her for cost- I'm already saving money. Now...perhaps I should post this in bloody girls but I've only started noticing this over-share today. I put the divacup in early this morning, wore it all day and took it out about 12hrs later.
I have close to no flow! I'm day two of the period so things should be starting to go and all I've got is brown snotty lining and the tiniest amount of liquid blood coating the bottom.
I was pumped to use the measuring lines but to my dismay I just don't have enough!
Is it too much to ask what your cup looks like when you must rinse it?

In regards to washing, DivaCup does sell a wash. In Canada you can find it at some London Drugs' and some health food stores.

Heck ya for coming back to BUST. Thanks!
Christine Nectarine
hellcat, i remember when i started using the Diva cup, being surprised at just how little flow i had. to be sure, sometimes there was still plenty, but most days it doesn't look like much when it's all collected in there. WARNING sorry if this is TMI
i would sometimes get little "clumps" or brownish bits that seemed clotted together, just really small, kind of like you described i think. as far as i can tell, that's just part of the flow yo. that would happen esp. if i had just emptied the cup without rinsing it, which i sometimes would do at work just to check it, and then clean it when i got home. so possibly it was just some of the blood drying up a little bit.

i'd say see how it goes next month....
I wasn't on the pill when I started using and I was surprised at how much flow I did have. I was always going over but managed to find a routine where I changed it 3 times a day. Now that I'm on HBC I don't have the problem anymore but it still gets pretty full on a couple of days.
I use non-hormonal bc and I have also been amazed at the quantity in my diva cup. On the first day of my period, I can fill it (to the top) 3x. A friend told me that she adds the menstrual flow from her diva cup to the water for her plants - great fertilizer, evidently. No plants in my house, so I haven't tested that theory. A little gross but also intriguing.
Four days of my period I can take it out at the twelve hour max. But that ONE day in the middle, I usually have to dump it three times in twelve hours.

I am fascinated by the contents. Sometimes there will be a whopper of a clot. I remember using pads in junior high & actually feeling them leave my body. Ack. Way grosser than seeing it.
Thanks for the input all! I'm on homonal BC and I think that may be a part of the lil flow issue. I was just so excited to see what would be in that cup! The grass is alway greener?
I am, however, very proud of myself and my vaginal canal for getting the divacup in and wearing it for 3 days. My first round complaints will echo others I've seen in this thread.
Insertion: I warm the cup up under warm to hot water. I feel like it a) lubricates and cool.gif is more pliable and therefor more likely to squish up into my bits. Although, I have pinched delicate skin while trying to turn it all around- very ouchie.
Day wear: I need to cut some of the pokey outtie bit off. I read somewhere (the FAQs?) that one should cut it with sewing scissors or nail scissors that have rounded edges. Ummm...I have paper cutting scissors. Has anyone found a straight cut to end up in more irritation? Also, like others, my cup start to shift downward. I have to suck it back up with kegals. This is annoying but only happened a couple time and I was able to readjust well enough without having to excuse myself to the washroom.
Removal: I still end up pinching some skin trying to get it out. This is also where I start to get nervous that I won't get it out so I distract myself with a book and squat on the bathroom floor pretending to poop until I get a hold of the bottom of the cup. So far I could not remove it in a public place, unless the doors go straight to the floor.

I don't like the wee bag it came with to hold the cup between uses. What do you do with your cup? I want something cuter and less cheap. Ideas?
Um, I'm ghetto, so it goes into a ziploc in the bottom drawer of my vanity.
i made my own bag with fabric i liked (yeah, theirs is is that stupid pin that comes with it). easy as pie. take a piece of fabric roughly 5 inches tall and 8 inches wide. fold the top over about an inch and use a simple running stitch to sew along the folded-over edge, creating a "tube" at the top of the fabric. run a piece of string or elastic through (i find it helps to attach a safety pin to one end and use that to help rutch it through, it's easier to grab onto through the fabric) for closure. fold in half, print-side in, and sew up the side and bottom, stopping just before the string. turn inside out and voila.

of course if you're fancy and know about sewing you can hem up the edges beforehand so that they won't fray where the string comes out, but i'm not that fancy.

i'm fascinated by how different everybody's periods are. mine is heaviest on day one and day two. killer cramps, filling up the cup at least twice a day, etc. then i have two or three days of one-cup flow, and then a day or two of spotting.
What happens when I'm not fancy enough to have access to a sewing maching and if I did I'd have to have a staring contest with it just to show it that I mean business and it better not eff with me! I understood your directions though mouse! Perhaps it wouldn't be so hard and I love that I could pick some nice material. If and when I do this you better be prepared for me to post a pic of the masterpiece!
I've got to put in something that I can transport easily and is opaque. My dear man loves me but isn't quite comfy with coming eye to eye with my divacup in the limited bathroom space.

Oh, I meant to mention that my fave part of the cup so far is the absence of the dryness feeling I got from tampons!

3 more weeks of non-period to come.
sewing machine? PSSSHHH. girl, all you need is some thread and a needle. running stitch is the absolute most basic stitch there is. the ole in'n'out, if you will wink.gif

good luck! we definitely want to see the finished piece

and yeah, the no-dryness thing was the best thing for me too. that was what clinched it.
Hehe, mouse, I was going to comment and say that hellcat should just grab a needle and thread. For something so small probably wouldn't take very long at all.
Don't I feel like a doofus!
I think I can probably follow those directions quite well now it is just a matter of finding the right fabric. This should be fun "yes...mhhmmm- no I'm looking for something a little more menstrual". I give myself until the next period to accomplish this task! Thanks again for the tips!

I LOVE my keeper. It came in quite a cute little bag - bright red - so it's pretty menstrual as it is(!), although I am tempted to make it other little homes to live in now...

The best bit about having one is the wave of self-satisfaction that hits whenever I walk past the 'feminine hygeine' section in the supermarket. HA HA. In your face, evil ones.

Sorry hellcat I don't know about the rounded edge scissors thing, but the directions that came with mine didn't mention a rounded edge.
I don't need to turn it or spin it to get it in place, but I have scratched myself with a fingernail while inserting once. Ow. To get it out, I use muscles to move it downwards slightly (sometimes have to pull on the little tail a bit), then use thumb and forefinger to give it a slight pinch as far up as I can - this breaks the seal so I can pull it out on a slight angle. At work there are washbasins in the toilet cubicles so it's easy to change there. Yay!
I splurged today and ordered Luna Pads panty liners for back ups for my Keeper. I have wanted them forever. I am tired of the dryness that pantyliners cause.

i love my divacup. i hope i am not going to get an infection from dubious sanitation and removal/reinsertion.
So I've had my divacup for 5 years and I'm starting to get worried that I might be giving myself a yeast infection from it every month. I'm considering investing in a new one. Someone on another forum posted that the ladycup is much better, easier to remove and insert, and easier to clean.

I've never heard of it before (and I don't know if I can get it for less than $50-60 so I don't know if it's worth the extra money) but was wondering if anyone has any reviews.
It doesn't look that much different than the mooncup I have (from the UK) but I've never had direct experience with it.

Have you been boiling your diva between uses? When I get the yeasties I'm always really careful to do that. I actually brush it with bakig soda and an old toothbrush first just becasue it feels more active. It doesn't help sanitize or anything, but doing that, then soaking in vineger, then boiling, helps with the staining.
I have, and using alcohol swabs to clean it. That actually seems to get rid of the stains for the most part and I would have thought it would help keep it cleaner, but I'm just really paranoid right now. I've been having yeast problems for a while now. When I was originally on the pill I never had a problem but when I switched the nuvaring 2 years ago I started getting them all the time (for the first time in mylife). I hoped when I switched back to the pill (last december) it would stop but no luck. I'm just trying to do everything I can at this point to stop them from coming back. I've taken 3 doses of flucanazole in the past 6 weeks, but it always seems to come back. I think my body wants me off the pill but I don't feel like that's an option right now. Something tells me I should take this to the yeast thread...

I got my Luna Pads! They are so pretty. I actually made the boy admire them with me which he thought was weird. One has little pansies on them, one has pink poodles. Just all so cute! And I orderd a carrying case that has black cats reclining on director chairs.
I really want to show them off to people but can't think of how.
Ok I just found out about the lunapad website the other day and I must say I'm very intrigued. I didn't even realize this is what this forum was about until now! So it sounds like you all are pretty satisfied with your purchases??? I've sent a few of my friends the website and they all are pretty grossed out by it, but I'm totally thinking this is a great thing! I would love to be able to get away from buying tampons and pads, I can't stand using them and then throwing them out.

Unfortunately I just stocked up on the pads and tampons a little while back so once I am almost down to nothing I'm going to get an order in... plus I need to get some moola...
I am so aggravated. I've mentioned here that using the Keeper Moon Cup has been a flawed success for me. Well, add the Luna Pad panty liners to that list. With the Cup always leaking, I bleed through the liners w/o realizing it and stained a few pairs of undies. Add to that the fact that the damn liners move around. How do people keep them in place? I resorted to pinning them to my undies but that left holes in 2/3 pairs.

I don't know what to do. I like the idea of a "greener" period and my body really liked the feel of the Luna Pads. There was no itchyness or ickyness. I didn't even mind rinsing them out at my house, although my sink did pick a horrible time to start backing up into my bathtub but that is another story. I am considering sewing little plastic snaps onto the pads and some of my panties to keep them in place.

I am also thinking about buying more regular Luna Pads. Maybe the regular sized one would work better and I could hold off on the Cup until light days.

Ideas? Suggestions? Consolations?
I usually don't wear the pantyliner-sized LunaPads until the very end, when there's just a small enough amount that I can't go without anything. I don't think the regular sized ones move around as much. Note that I'm only wearing my Diva Cup at night, and LunaPads during the day. I guess I also just go to the bathroom more frequently to wipe away excess and adjust the pad if needed.

Velcro squares may work better than snaps. I think snaps might pull too much at a smaller point and you'll end up with ripped undies again.
Kitten, are you saying the luna pads you have don't have snaps on them to hold them in place? Mine snap around the underwear, the snaps are on the wings and they connect together...looking at the website it says you buy the wing liners separately. I have a couple of 'light days' lunapads that don't have removable liners so they have the wings built on. Something like this, but no liner:;deptid=8&

That sucks that the cup never seemed to work for you. Either than adding the snaps or buying ones with snaps already on them, I can't think of too many other options. If you are looking for greener have you tried the other size divacup or sea sponges?
The Pads have the snap to hold the wings closed but they shift from front to back thus necessitating me to reach in and move them forward again and again. It is embarressing.
Ah, that makes more sense. I was pictures just the insert part not attached to anything.
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