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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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I'm staying in tonight. Apparently Jcrush is jealous of the new weirdo that's been sniffing 'round. At least that's what my friend C says. HAH!

Off to buy a case of Benadryl...
Oh, sweet Jaysus. Jcrush. He will not stop touching me. There was all kinds of space last night, but he still kept wedging up against me. He *humped* me. Twice. Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Desperately seeking a paddle, folks. I am so far up shit crick I don't know what to do with myself. I do not wish to give up my local because of some stupid boy. I guess I will just have to stop going when he's working.
wait AP, do you have a BF and thats the reason you cant/wont hook up ith him. I am a little confused as to why you arent just going for it.
He's a manwhore. That's really all there is to it. I don't want to just shag a slutty guy, no matter how attractive he is to me. Jcrush is a nice enough fellow, but I am too old to engage in his kind of shite. I'll not have my heart broken over a hot piece. I'm already half in love with the fool, fer fuck's sake. If I went for it he'd just fuck me & then fuck me over. Good boot' is no longer worth having my ass handed to me. Maybe if I was still twenty-three, but at thirty-one, he's just not viable. I'm not seeking a life partner, but I'm not interested in something that doesn't have at least a hint of long term potential. At this point in my life I'd rather lose than love somebody that I know is intrinsically wrong for me. He'll only hurt me whether that is his intent or not. Plus, he works over to my local & I'd sooner go without a man as give up my local.
i hear your cry AP...executive cock...wish i was able to hold out...
Stargazer, I am fuckin' dyin' over here. I want, nay, I DEMAND executive cock. I've not gotten laid since December (By my own choice. Le sigh. How I suddenly developed morals I will never know.) & I think my ginch is going to dry up.

Jcrush totally wants to fuck me. I just want... more, I guess. Yes, I could stand to have a good rogering, but I know I will feel hollow & empty after. He smells really good & he's sick fuckin' hot, but I just can't bring myself to go there. Sunday night he kept pressing up against me just so. He didn't have to, but he did. He felt sooooo goooood, though. Solid, warm. SEXY. My ginch & my brain got into a brutal argument. Thankfully, my brain won. Every girl down to my local has the hots for him, but we all also know he's a total manwhore. He *HUMPED* me. Hard.
ahhh I see AP. yes most likely when you were 23 you would have thought differently bc i am 24 and all i can think is "
Katie! Yay! That's wonderful news, and now that the "we work together" barrier will be gone, maybe wonderful wonderful things will happen. Good luck!

Yeah...I'm frustrated to the limits, and I think I will eventually push my workcrush against a wall and scream for him to stop being so cute and nice and isolated in the same room as I. If only he was more aggressive about pursuing me.... if only we didn't spend 8 hours a day in the same room alone, building up levels of frustration. then I'd live a normal life....

It really doesn't help that I haven't seen my other boy in over a month and can't be bothered to look for anything else.
So, Katie, what happened with work crush? Details! Details! Details!

Okay, so what is it with the SI workers & smokin' hot guys with names that begin with J? Ran into Joel tonight & he was lovin' all over me. WTF? I'm not goin' out anymore. I'ma stay home with my cats & books.
i have this crush on the computer guy at work. we have started talking each other via the inner office message program. we flirt - i think - and he can be really suggestive. i dont know if he is serious or not. ive said things like "what would you do if i thought you were serious" just to feel him out - and he responded with "what if i am being serious :P". we are constantly flirting online - but if we see each other we barely talk in person - its really bizarre and makes me feel kind of uncomftorable because what if he is attracted only to my personality and not me physically? he once bought be a tuna melt which i thought was really sweet - we had been talking about how great they are at a nearby place - i had already eaten lunch but i didnt have the heart to tell him so i ended up eating two lunches.
sooo on friday he asked me if i had any plans this weekend. i told him i was planning on watching movie with friends and i asked him if he had any plans and he said no. i asked him - well if you want you can give me a call if you get bored. and he said that he would keep that in mind. so as the day goes by i realize he doesnt have my cell phone number and he hasnt asked for it either. so i give it to him through im when i know that he is on his break and away from his desk. before i left i tracked him down in the cafeteria and said bye. soo fast forward to sunday - he hasnt called - im so embaressed - maybe something came up but i cant help but feel disappointed and rejected. we do work together - and i know you are not supposed to date guys that you work with but we work in different departments of a fairly big company.
ok thats it
Hmmmmm... sounds fairly promising. Go with it, see where it takes you.

Showed Jcrsuh my pics from the fest, he was really impressed. I'm on the list tonight to take pictures of his band. I'm excited because I miss photography. Plus, I'ma take hot Jcrush pics.

I've been outed as a Bustie. Pete, you get outta my head.
well it turns out that computer guy at work just wants to sleep with me nothing else. apparently he "could totally fuck" me - which is a tempting offer but i dont think its really what i want right now. OHHH and when i told him i am divorced (it wasnt a real marriage - i eloped when i was 21) - he seemed really suprised and said i didnt seem like the marrying type. which later i realized might be an insult. i dont know what the marrying type is exactly so i dont know if it was really meant to be an insult. anyway - maybe ill just get back together with my ex instead of pursuing other people.
that makes no sense jessika. i mean, no offense, but to get back together with your ex out of fear or sheer laziness seems like one of the worst ideas ever.
yeah i dont know why i said that. i guess i was in a self defeating mood. it doesnt make any sense.
Not to be a BFB (Even though I am!) that's so wrong! It's like, "Hey this milk is bad & beyond it's expiration date. Maybe if I stick it back in the fridge & come back in two weeks it'll be good again!" I dunno why you said it either, but suck it up, buttercup. You are strong, warm & in command. You are awesome & deserve the executive cock, not old familiar cock. New, fabulous, fulfilling cock. So computer guy is a total butt cheese. You just keep on bein' you & you'll get the cold rock shit eventually. NO self-defeating! WORK IT, WORK IT, OWN IT! I'm a big fat bitch & still do okay for myself.

I've been outed as a Bustie. Pete, you dork, don't be gettin' all inside my head if you aren't going to Bust, too. You knew ALL my shit before I met you. Quid pro quo, motherfucker.
AP I am confused about this you being outed as a bustie? Am I missing something?

and yes jessika, that statement was insanity talking. not jessika. so suck it up. dating sucks. its scary esp. after being in a long term relationship. HOWEVER, you deserve to be picky and discerning, and there must have been a reason you broke up with your ex, so remember that reason and get the hell out there in the dating pool!!!
Also, let me say that i take being called "not the marrying type" as a compliment....ill tell you why.

the traditional "marrying type" of girl (or what any idiotic guy would consider "marrying type") is boring, safe, sort of asexual, motherly (not in a good way), submissive and easy to boss around. not to mention relatively dim and unopinionated. now, do you still take it as an insult?
Katie, I keep Bust like a fuckin' secret. None of my friends knew about this until now. I traveled with some folks I didn't really know, they googled me & up popped Bust. Apparently Pete spent two or so hours reading my posts. It's strange to actually meet a total stranger that knows that there is a freckle next to my clitoris, non?

My friend Josh says I'm the marrying kind. For him it means he's impressed by my knowledge of James Cagney films, jazz, chess, etc. He doesn't think I'm some pathetic, simpering cow.
yeah i am like that too with Bust. its bizarre that he did that and then spent 2 hours reading your posts. creepy even. ew

as for your friend josh, hes clearly a cool guy. i was more referring to what MOST men mean when they call a girl "the marrying kind". not enlightened ones. the guy who said that to jessika didnt seem like he meant it like your friend josh did. then again. i wouldnt expect you to hang with someone who thought that way:-)
Eek! My recent crush CJ has turned into my boyfriend, although we both know that we're doomed in the long run. BUT- I have a huge crush on L. I met him and thought he was so farking cool- and nearly a male version of myself. Then he started working at my company, so I cooled it.

But now he IMs me during the work day. Today he IM'd me to meet him in the file room because he had brought some HOMEMADE herbal tea and wanted me to taste it. And we went out to lunch on Tuesday, just the two of us. I told the boyfriend that I went out with "a few people" from work. And I haven't told L that I am involved with anybody.

I am being so dumb. Not cheating, but flirting waaaaaay too much.
i hafta join in the crush-stravaganza. i got one now, ya know :-)

nothing major, just some awkward flirting and info exchange. maybe hopefully awesome good details may follow!
Oh. My. God. I am in lurve with my new roommate. This guy makes me dinner, we wash dishes together, go shopping together, nap together on the couch- only disaster can come of this. Fortunately, we're both just subletters, and by the end of June, we will not be living in the same house. But dang, he is adorable.
emtee, i am in the later stages of something very similar.

i think i'm in love with my roommate. i've actually posted about this here at bust before, in the roommates thread. but the consensus there seems to be 'bad idea. get out NOW', which i can't do. so i shall come here to this lovely venting thread and vent my head off.

when i say 'in love', i don't mean oooh he's so cute. i don't mean a mere crush. i mean i have given deep consideration to spending the rest of my life with him. except that we're not dating or sleeping together or anything but friends and roommates.

what complicates things is that because we're such good friends there are certain boundaries we cross that typical roommates don't. we turn to each other in hard times. we cook for each other and eat together, socialize together, do each other's chores, etc.

i am a perpetually single person. and up until this point have mostly dated women. but i look at him and, well, it just seems like we fit. this works in a way i don't feel that long term romantic relationships necessarily do. i feel like he would be an ideal father for my future child. i would have no problem buying a home with him. if he told me tomorrow that he was moving to china, and do i want to come, i would wholeheartedly say yes and move around the world to be with him.

so it's weird. because we're not together. at all. and most likely never will be. i have no idea what his feelings for me are, outside of our friendship and living arrangements. i know he doesn't hate me or anything, but i feel like if he reciprocated i would know, and we wouldn't be 'just friends' after living together for six months. but maybe i've been reading too much "he's just not that into you". it's hard to understand that just because i have these strong feelings for him, it doesn't mean he sees me as anything more than just someone whose laundry he doesn't mind doing occasionally.

sorry for the long rant that actually has very little to do with crushes. i just need to get this off my chest, and seeing as he's my best friend, there's really nobody i can tell. and no other thread seemed right for it.
my little crushies, how I love and miss thee!

bklynhermit, you have all my sympathy and help vibes, really.

It must be spring, as I've now added a new crush to my office boy. This one is worse, much much worse, and NOTHING will ever come out of it because I've already sworn it wont. A homeless guitar-playing buddhist hippie. Yes. To top it off, an orphan, 24, and with a former drug addiction. Is there something critically wrong with me? Can't I be attracted to males who are available? Who don't work a meter away from me or live on the streets?

I was walking to a Blockbuster yesterday, saw him asking for change, smiled, something shortcircuited in my head. So on my way back I ended up smoking a cigarette with him, chatting (for almost an all...i was supposed to give a cigarette, smile, and go go go), and eventually giving him an apple out of my purse (could I possible be more tacky/symbolic??). But seriously. Isn't there a law against homeless people looking so incredibly indescribably hot. Not cute. not nice. just hot. In a tanned long-haired hippy sort of way. Jesus Christ. I had to flee the scene because there was too much of a spark there, and I'm much too frustrated, and hope to god I won't see him again. But I probably will, because this is Montreal, and Montreal is a small city.

*le sigh*

And yes, on my way to work, I now pay attention to homeless hippies to make sure he's not one of them.

natulik. i admire you! the spontaneity! the bravery! the crush!
you are crazy, oh doctor, are you ever! i panhandled for an hour once to see what it was like. it was great. but noone fell in love with me! I think that story just made my day. I know what you mean, by, "what am I thinking!" yes, you really just made my day with that story.
oh my god! i am in the buffalo area and about a year ago - my friend and i also encountered a homeless guitary playing hippie. we scooped him off the side of the road and brought him to a bar and had a couple drinks with him. after we drove him to the nys thruway so he could hitch hike from there. he was really really attractive also. he came from oregon i think and was making his way to nj i believe. all he carried with him was his guitar and a notebook tied to some twine he wrapped around his body. i convinced him to take my umbrella. i wonder if its the same guy.
melina marie, i say call him up and ask him to hang out. you MUST he clearly likes you. and you have chemistry! go for it!
melina - call him. If you're sure there's a chemistry between you, go for it. I'm curious to know why your relatives don't want you to see him, but unless you think their reasons are valid, ignore them.

I'm in-between crushes. It's rather dull - I see a bloke, I crush briefly, I see him the next day and I'm no longer crushing. times like this I long for a university where there are more than a handful of blokes. Or a social life...
Melina - definately call him up! Why not? There's clearly something there....

Little crush update: about 15 seconds ago my work crush boy sent me an sms that he just drove past my place.

Apparently he never knew where I lived until last Friday. We were talking about apartments with another girl who works with me, and I mentioned that I live across a Toyota dealership which he apparently drives by all the time. So he promised to let me know each time he does.

And now he did. And I was about to call back and scream "well! coooome up! NOW". But I didn't. Because things would happen. And we work too closely together for things to happen.

I've moved on from the "moooving on" thread after the end of a 4 year relationship and now have a crush. It has very effectively helped me forget the ex, but now I'm back in the world of phone call politics, cryptic dating behavior and wondering.

Our first date was one of those "tell the grandkids" stories. Really quite wonderful. We then had one date where he brought a wing man and one where I brought wing couples. We have slept together but even prior to that he acted very boyfriendly in public.

It's been years since I've started a new relationship so I'm not sure if that's what is happening here. He's much younger than I, which is a disturbing trend of mine--but that's a whole different thread. What I'm curious about is what cues to look for to understand what his interest level is. I won't take it personally yet if he doesn't want something serious, but would love to have a little more insight into what's going on before I let myself become too attached. It seems like it would be a really bad idea to ask point blank at this point.

Last time we spoke was yesterday morning. Haven't had a phone call yet. I realize every man is different, but I would appreciate any new crush/sex partner words of advice/warnings.
Mel, all I can say is that men are retarded. Every last one of them. Who knows what the fuck they're gonna do at any given time? All you can do is roll with it & enjoy the ride.

Bad Natulick! No hippies! Bad bad bad!

Melina! Call him. NOW. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. Call him!

Jcrush is punishing me right now because I make him act like a great big baby. It's got to be killing him that a big goofy girl makes him act like a big goofy girl. HAH!

Ran into the old Acrush. He was like, "Do you miss me?" I say, "Why miss you when I can replace you?" He's cute, he's twenty-seven & he is the lovely new Tcrush. Sweet! Take that up the old chocolate whizzway, biznatch.
Well he called shortly after I posted. I know why it is they wait to call. They don't have much to say. I am going to roll with it and not try to figure it out what he's thinking or even what I'm thinking. I should just be glad I'm not crying into my vodka tonics anymore.

I love the way auralpoison talks. This is one of the more entertaining threads.
Girl, I write the way I speak. Sometimes the truth hurts, but the truth is all there is. Mel, if you dig my shit, toddle on over to AbFad & the grossies thread. I was in my cups the other night & dished out a *doozie*. Don't drink while you read it or stuff will come out your nose.

There is a part of me that is still galled by the whole "Do you miss me?" thing. I mean, I walked out with the upper hand, but still where did he get off asking me that in public? He HAD to know he was begging for humiliation in front of his peers. Who does that? Smug, self-satisfied pricks, I say.
He's still acting like a baby?

And mel....if thats the only reason then who cares what they say! mostly bc its probably an old fashioned judgement and elitist. i wish you luck!
Yup. Poor bastard has the AP fever bad. The man is thirty years old. Do they ever get over this retarded junior high bullshit? He acted like *such* a pussy on Saturday. He was all bitter to me because I wasn't paying enough attention to him. I suppose if I really wanted it from him I would stop fucking with his head for the sheer entertainment value. Somehow it seems much more fun than coitus 'cause it takes less work.

Some guys are just not phone guys. I have a friend that when we're face to face cannot shut the fuck up to save his life. Put a phone in his hand & suddenly he's Marcel Marceau. Retarded!
good lordisa, do i ever hate having a crush, and one on a "shy boy" at that.

why, tell me WHY? do i put up with any of this?
oh, i have it BaD for a fella that my girl says is bad news. it sounds like hearsay but, but buttttt argh! do i give him a chance to prove her right or not? dang it all, i never crush, what the f is up with me? must be spring fever. it's a sickness, it'll pass right?
Newbie to this thread.
I have a crush. This is a big deal because it's my first crush since my ex and I broke up almost 10 months ago.

I've been interested in a couple of people, but it's been all about sex, but this time I'm not thinking about sex at all (well, maybe a little), but a relationship.

I like that I'm finally interested in someone in a real way, but I hate how anxious and bitchy I get with everyone because all I want is to ask said person out.

Anyways, I would like to ask him out but I've only met him in person once, and talk to him online a couple of times. We'll see how things look in a week or two.
I'm definitely in love with the work crush M-boy.

It's really bad. It's not even a high-school style little lust problem, I could deal with that... But I feel like I'm attached to the guy on an emotional level, despite not even knowing each other that well.

It's as if we're keeping a certain distance from each other knowing that a lot of would happen if we didn't. Very. Frustrating.

I had a dream about him last night. It went something like this: I'm in a room, doing something on my laptop, and I overhear a conversation next door between M-crush and my other co-worker. The other co-worker tells him that I love him. More specifically, that I told her I'd get jealous if he started seeing someone else. I don't hear his reaction.
He comes in, and it's very obvious that I've overheard them. We just sit around and talk, without mentioning it. Eventually leads to making out, can't keep our hands off each other, etc. It doesn't really lead anywhere, because we both have to leave. Somehow end up at my friend's house, acting all cute and couple-like, and it all just feels so right and happy and in love.

I haven't woken up in such an amazingly elated mood in a very very long time. I used to have the same dreams about a long-distance relationship I was having, and they'd also put me in this absolutely joyful morning state.


This is bad. This is really really bad.

oh god natulik....i was there with you not too long ago. man i feel for you TRUST me.
i'm totally crushing on my contractor....but i'm living with my fiance (we got engaged,but have postponed the wedding....i'm not too happy right now and am considering moving on)....the catch is a)he knows about the fiance, and b)i have hpv.
what to do? any advice please?
80% of sexually active people have HPV. most dont know it. take precautions and treat outbreaks, use a condom. i know it doesnt totally prevent it but chances are, he has it too. also, while its gross and a sexually transmitted disease, it has no health effects for men whatsoever.
Holy shit! 80%? I've never even had a yeast infection & I've been sexually active for fifteen years or so. I had no idea the stats were that high. I'ma be all paranoid now.
My crush was a bust (and not in the good way). It was the classic three date, 4 phone call catch and release program. It's a formula. Then nothing for almost a week and now weekend unbooked (just tired, not waiting on the phone).

Fairly certain I won't be hearing from him again. To anyone who like me persists in letting hand-holding and arm around your shoulder in public appear as a sign of impending commitment...don't. It's just like pissing on territory. They don't think twice about it unless it's tallying potential bedroom points. So, guess I'll be back around next crush a bit the wiser.
He noticed the weird dimple in my cheek. In ten years nobody has noticed it nor mentioned something about said dimple. This was in LOW lighting, ya'll. He also assured me that someday we'd take a nap together. I dunno what that means, but I ain't gonna complain.

Sorry, Mel. Like I said, they are retarded. Thankfully they're also like cross town buses. You miss one & another will be along in ten/fifteen minutes or so.
yeah AP tons of people have it. However, much of the time you dont get an outbreak, or you don't notice it, and you get one and then never see it again. at this point, with that new vacination coming out, i would recommend getting the HPV cervical cancer one, bc that is the only kind of HPV that is harmful to health. The other, like i said, can be gross, but dont do anything to you whatsoever in terms of actual health effects. and, again, sometimes you dont even see it.
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