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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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oh jebus you ARE crazy lol. i dont think any woman should use her hormones as an excuse to be a raging psycho bitch. i mean thats like letting a man use his hormones as an excuse to not be able to keep it in his pants.

i agree that hormones do have a big impact but it doesnt mean we women should be allowed to get away with it!

you may get skewered here for saying that women have emotion and men have logic, esp since i am always the one without emotion and with logic in my relationships. then again, its pretty obvious i am not your typical girl (which is the case for many women here at bust thank god).

however we love you here so you may get away with it i dont know:) i am sure some people agree, i think AP may not but we will wait for her to weigh in.
So I know the place for meeting soul-mates is NOT the bar, but I met this uber-cute sponsered snowboarder which is tres-hot despite the fact that he hit on everything in a skirt. Now, how do i manipulate him into snowboarding with me. Do I call him during the next 3 days he's in town, do I wait till I go to Whistler and mention he should show up or what? or should i just be like, screw it, i don't need this phone number/email address, and toss. it. I'm still tipsy, but Let Me KNOW!!!
I love all of you busties! You are like Excellent, Trusted Friends!
Katiebelle......Mea Culpa!

Allow me to rephrase (before AP gets here and tears me a new one huh.gif )...

Men are PERCEIVED to use more logic in their thinking, and women have the ABILITY to involve emotion... that better....? rolleyes.gif

erm, as far as the hormonal thing goes.....well, men have hormonal changes too, but I somehow doubt that it is the same troughs and highs that women experience, I am no medial practitioner, so I will stall on that level...I don't think this gives women the right to become raging psycho bitches, but I am sure that there is no 'switch-over point' when they do, it is a gradual thing, that slowly puts its tentacles around her until *snap*...empathy on a male level would help relieve some stress, but then, men typically have not learned the power of empathy, or so I believe.

On to the crushes...ciaocrush was invited by me for lunch, as a belated birthday offering...and got blocked, as some of her colleagues have organised a little party for her...meh....crushes suck, I am going back to being a troll sad.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

ah, kal. hang in there. you can still invite her to another lunch...or how 'bout dinner? good luck with everything!

glassk...if you want to just have fun, then call him. just enjoy yourself. no harm there.

crushes do suck, kal...but, so addicting. *sigh* the story of my life...
glassk - from one who has been around many many snowboard boys, I say just balls out and go for it. 90% of the sponsored ones (unless they've been doing it for a long long time and are total career guys) are total dogs who are gonna do just what you said and hit on everything in sight. So I say screw it - go for it, have some fun, just don't get your hopes up for anything more than that. But hell, why not!! smile.gif

(just don't keep going for it with the sponsored boys cause then you might get lumped in with "pro hos" and girl, you ain't that!!! )

and let us know how the sponsored rider booty is! hahaha!
ahh yes Kal that IS better;).

i know you meant nothing by that, but i just wanted to explain how i felt about it.

definitly ask ciao crush out for a bday dinner!
Y'know what? I'm not even gonna weigh in on the matter. I was so pampered over the weekend that I am a warm pile of vaguely humanoid goo.

Jrush is just J now. No more crush. Gonna see him perform tonight & we're having a working dinner on Wed @ my place. So good to have him finally out of my system.

Mcrush & Bcrush, though. Hmmmm. Mcrush is a guy I knew ten years ago that I got reaquainted with online. Gorgeous, tatted up, scooter fellow. He's sooooo off limits though because he's married with sprogs, but I enjoy flirting with him anyways. He's trying to be all shady & get some on the side, but I ain't that kinda lady. The neighbour was an accident because he lied about being broken up. Bcrush is a sweetie, but I'm not gonna go there. I'll crush on him, but since the, um, incident, things with HB have accelerated. I will likely be in the committed thread more often.

On the neighbour... he's kept his mouth shut. I ran into him & his cute friend G the other night & we are reprising our Halloween haunted house fun. I hung out with the neighbour's roomie last night & he was pretty sure that he's got a lil' somthin' somethin' goin' on. I was just like, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised.
yeah for AP! i like HB. especially after your horrible incident. a true gentleman. and can it be are in a committed relationship. *gasp* wink.gif happy for you and that you've moved on from the crushes.

yeah, i'm tired of crushes. i've cleared the table. no more crushes. i'm tired of 'em wasting my mental space. reality is better.
I likes me the HB, too. He's a good man. I dunno how I got so lucky! He treats me like nobody else. He cooked for me all weekend. I usually cook because I like taking care of him, but he wouldn't let me lift a finger. HB inspected my burns, cleaned them, & bandaged them perfectly. He gave me a bubble bath & washed my hair all "I hahd a fahm in Ah-fricah" stylee. We watched movies, laughed, lounged, & made slow, lazy love for two whole days. Heaven. I still keep looking for his Viagra stash to no avail. He's wearin' me out, ya'll. Leaves me a boneless pile o' girl goo that has to be shifted out of the wetspot 'cos I can't move of my own volition.

Oh. And he told me he loved me. And I said it back. And I actually *meant* it. Fer reals, yo.

My mother is going to have a coronary. She wants to come to town soon & I'll not expose the HB to the she-devil that birthed me. The fucking harpie.

J & I were talking about it & he wants what I've got. But he's not gonna get it until he grows up a little bit. He wants cute, smart, funny, etc, etc. CUTE, though, is most important to him. He'd stick it in a tree stump if it looked good naked. I admit that I find HB to be insanely sexy, but it's mostly because he's smart. The other stuff came later. I mean, I noticed immediately that he was well-made & handsome, but it was the other something that drew me to him. The way his feelings run across his face. How he's interested in EVERYTHING & so very curious. How he likes to share. The intense focus of his gaze. I've never felt like the only gal in the room & he does that to me. It's fucking miraculous.

J was a total dick the other night. He started texting a good hour before his show because he thought I was gonna blow him off. I get there, I do my thing. Now, I admit, it wasn't my best work. The lighting was shitty, their set up was not so great, & I didn't really have much choice as to angle/position. Not to mention I had a girl grinding on me & squeezing my naughty bits while I tried to shoot. She even bit me on the ass! Anyway, I was using my digital cam because I didn't have batteries for the flash on my 35mm. I did the best I could under the circumstances. His band mate loved them. But. J. Is VAIN. J. Is FAT. Period. Still absolutely gorgeous, but FAT. The only way for me to make him not look fat was to shoot from above. I tried to be inconspicuous, I stood on a chair off to the side of the stage so as not to obstruct the view of the hipster A&R guy or whatever. Of the dozens of images I took, J only deemed two or three to be good. I told him that once they were photoshopped they'd be fine, but no. He'll take care of that himself. I TOOK them for them from the kindness of my own heart. I'll be goddamned if I'm gonna let him just tinker with my shit. He was so obnoxious. Every girl I showed them to squealed in J delight, "He's so cuuuuute!" He can fuck right off, because I'm not fucking with him tonight. I'm really thinking of ditching him all together.

Oh, & his child sperm receptacle (He's actually called her a blowjob technician in my presence. Klassy with a K, J.) is even more of a moron than I thought. She's attending the same art school that I went to, same program even. But. She thinks she's learning to be a fine arts photographer. NOT. If you want to do fine art, go to a fine arts school, not a commercial arts school. She tried to insist that there were fine arts classes when she didn't know I was an alumni. There are a couple, but you're being trained to do catalogues & shitty stuff like that. I knew I was fucked as soon as I was asked, "Who would buy this," during my second month there. Amusingly, EVERYBODY hates her. Grinder girl & I talked MAD shit about her because we're catty bitches like that.

And ex-ex? Unemployed. He went on a bender & showed up at the lab drunk & pissed. Thankfully, security got him before he reached HB. HB is pretty badass, but Ex-ex does the Krav Maga & could have seriously caused some damage. Sayonara, sucka.
yeah, me likes HB even more now! biggrin.gif

and J sounds like a real narcissist and uninteresting. i agree with the ditching him altogether thing. and would you really want to be with someone who calls his girlfriend a blowjob technician. jerk.


do you mind if i use that?
i mean for myself, of course.
that's f-ing hillarious yo.
Fellatio facilitator? Oral administrator? The cocksucker general?
Hi ladies i'd like to hear your thoughts on the length of time to have a crush linger on and what it might mean. I've not been able to get a certain guy out of my head for over 2 years now, and i am wondering if i should read into this a bit more. The scenario: we hooked up while my current bf and i were on a break (well, we were more long distance so it was more of a 'don't ask don't tell' situation). Another random coincidence: the crush and my bf are of the same european nationality and i am north american. When i met the crush, i felt like i had met the right one. We have a lot in common while my bf and i are total opposites, but that has worked out so far. We keep in touch platonically by email but everytime i get the odd email every month or two the old feelings come surfacing back and it affects my current relationship. Why is this still happening to me? We only spent a total of about 2 months as friends and maybe 2 weeks as lovers. It makes me second guess my relationship i'm now in and i have all these stupid fantasies of running away or starting an affair. Why? What does it mean and should i do anything about stop corresponding with the crush...or talk the the bf...your advice would be much appreciated.
guapa~i would focus on your bf, the man in front of you. someone who is into will not be playing games with you. or, would make more of an effort to be in your life. i'm sure this crush is a nice guy and all, but he sounds like more a friend.

AP~cocksucker general? are we talking about monica lewinsky? ok. i'm bad. tongue.gif
Thanks stargazer, you are right. I'll have to try to see the crush as only a friend from now on...
Guapa, I think a lot of times it's easier to get totally hooked on someone that we did only have a short amount of time with, because we get to fill in all those gaps however we want to-- usually, with the best case scenario. It's really easy for those sorts of people, who are only in your life for a little while, to get idealized. It's a totally unfair advantage over the real, permanent guys in your life who you get to know (and love) with all their flaws. You know?
having those feelings come out is more indicative that something is wrong with your relationship with your BF soooooo i am not sure i would concentrate on him per say, but i think maybe you should reevaluate your relationship in general, aside from this crush. obviously, you arent all that happy with him. of course you could try and work it out, but maybe its something that cant. just think you have to decide.

we always crave, that which we cannot have. dry.gif

the man you are currently with, he thinks along the same lines.....

what is stopping you, is the same thing stopping him.

talk to him, even if he knows not how, it is reassurance you both need, and only the two of you can reassure each other.

all this talk of blowjobs, and I get to sit and stare into nothingness...FUN
bleah...i oughta be in that thread for intoxicated rambling...

i ended it with workcrush on monday. The boy is a mess. he's talking about going back to rehab. He is having some physical health problems, flare-ups of vascular problems from the shootin' days. He's not drinking because of the meds he needs now. But the craziness in his life just keeps escalating, and I am exhausted. A few weeks ago, his behavior put him on my shit list, and he called me crying and begging for forgiveness, swearing love and fidelity forever. Last monday when I said no more, he was just, "oh, sorry you feel that way." I'm kinda crushed by that.

I know I needed to end it; it's just hard...i care too much about him, but i can't be his mommy. I'd be his friend, but he wants us to have a fuck-buddy thing, and i can't be fucking such a fuck-up...damn. I am missing him a lot already. Spent the evening drinking w/ a cute boy friend who is spoken for but still a good buddy...he tells me i'm too good for WC, which is what i need to hear right now. Thank god for good friends. I'm gonna get over this, but it's hard right now. Damn it.
The neighbour. Again.
ugh oh! smile.gif
And J has already started calling today.

And dinner/slumberparty with HB tonight.

And I have a chat date with M tomorrow.

And I'll probably talk to BtY all weekend.

And drinks with P on Monday.

Why am I juggling chainsaws?

Glad to hear you're letting WC go, Edna. It sucks, but it's for the best.
edna~yeah, i would put some space with workcrush. he doesn't sound good for you. he needs to take care of himself. learn from what happened to AP. he needs to treat you with respect. fuck buddy status is not treating you with respect. not to offend anyone in here. it just sounds like you want more of a relationship with him...something it doesn't look like he can provide you with. take care of yourself.

AP~dude, you are juggling chainsaws! just don't cut yourself. your weekend schedule tires me out. have fun.
Edna,......methinks the consensus is that you have done the right thing, that does not mean you are going to hurt any less, just means that the future looks brighter.

AP....yeah, that is a frightening schedule right there, may the force beer with you!

Just so you are all aware, I have decided to put crushing aside as of a week lasted at least 5 mins.dry.gif

ciaocrush has been away again, and I see that this is going no further, my energy levels have 'waned' in that dept...dunno if you have had any such situations, but when your efforts are seemingly in vain, you just kinda get up and say...neh, and move on right!

Some Junior crushes have been on the with a girl who I have known for a while, always had something that made e look again, ...and again and she is an all in all cool chick. With a long term BF. Anyways, he is a giga-asshole and has been unemployed for months, is a stalker and a drain on those he meets....she bust up with him, now we will get to see more of her, but hey! who wants to get into the 'rebound' fanks.

I am in between jobs now, so doing lots of flirty little lunches with my girlie buddies....loving it! Will have to start work again in a few weeks, so will make the most of it for now.

apart from that....*sits down*......I think I might have developed narcolepzzzzzzzzzzz
oh, whoops.
had dinner with mcsquee tonight, first in person contact since our amicable split and my reunion with the bad ex. things were going along just fine until i found myself being thoroughly kissed in the kitchen, eep! dang tequilla, wtf!?!

oh well, we had some sweet, dreamy moments and a long talk about regret and such. and he called me a couple of hours later to appologize and make sure that i was ok and reaffirm that he wants me in his life in whatever capacity. le sigh. if only, if only... meh, don't even go there girl.

and i got an email from the highschool crush as well. ooh, highschool crush! *sparks fly*

i am hoping that sassy is having the time of her life with this new fella and that's what's up with her. fingers crossed that she drops in and lets us know what's up eh? the last couple of times she posted on the board it wasn't in here though... verah strange.

sorry 'bout yer dilemna there kal, must be so frustrating. i really, REALLY wish i could help you out. heh.
oh crushes are great, sometimes, aren't they? my problem is, i think the guys i date, think that i am only dating them. how to not hurt feelings?
Sassygrrl update

She just got out of the hospital. She had a bad reaction to some new seizure medication. She wanted me to let everyone know that she should be back on by tomorrow.

*~*sending sassygrrl some get well soon vibes*~*
oh, thank you SO much for the update. let her know how much we all miss her k? thanks!
Bleah! I've run into WC on the street twice since our 'break-up,' and both times he was holding hands with other women. Different ones each time. Bleah!

Damn, I gotta get me a new crush; the sooner the better.
Hey my fellow busties:

So, good news is that I'm out of the frigging hospital. I'm in SC with parents, but should be back in ATL by Sunday afternoon. Bad ass reaction to this Keppra shit (they are so getting a letter..the drug company that pushes it. and I'm telling not only Epilepsy Foundation of Ga but warning my few epileptic friends), and one a new one called Trileptal. Also, on a new sleeping pill. But, it's temporary and non habit forming. So far so good. No panic and no seizures.

I apparantly have only been off work for 2 weeks, and so they have me covered for about two more weeks. My plan is to start back Nov 6th. smile.gif Hope they don't fire me. Hell, they saw me "fall out" at work.

The boy is still calling (yay), but I'm also trying to give him some space. I really don't want to run him off.
I fear he may. The word "needy" has been used to be a few people (not on the rents, but a few of my friends). And unfortunely for the boy, he met me in the middle of all this panic and seizure bs.

And being the rents isn't doing much for my self-esteem...yet there was no other option at the time. I understand it, and I know they love me. But there's a reason we live in different states.

I have a lot of reading and catching up to do....

I've missed all of you so much!! biggrin.gif

On an unrelated note, Man of the Year was a really great movie! smile.gif

Nutella and kisses and hugs all around!

Hey, I know I just posted like 2 hours ago (it's about midnight here in SC), but I just spoke with the boy, and he's picking me up at the airport on Sunday.



SASSY!!!! Good to "see" you up and about, girl! They are also missin' you over in Kvetch....

So, how did the boy/'rent meet go? And if he's picking you up at the airport, it sounds like he's handling the being sick thing just fine.....remember, this one's a *grown* man, unlike the last fool....

Blech, summer's over, the end of "harem season". Looking forward to wintercrushing, more of an individual sport....
yeah sassygrrl!

i knew he would pick you up. i agree with sixelacat...he's a *grown* man...

omg. i saw my customer crush yesterday. actually, i rung him out at the registers. so, i made small talk. aw, he has nice eyes. something about his face that is warm. i was asking him about some of the magazines he was buying. i told him how i like punk planet...he kinda got excited about it...unfortunately, i couldn't keep talking with him 'cause...well, i had a line backing up...damn retail...*sigh* i was so flustered about talking with him that i forgot to find out his name when i swiped his credit card...damn...but, i'm not too luck he's probably got a girlfriend...only the ones i like do...oh, plus, my skin is horrible right my own personal carrie mask...ah, it was sweet to talk with him though...
Yes, he does seem like a grown up. smile.gif

The meeting the the rents/mcgeek went fine. I know he was nervous as hell(as was I), but he was holding my hand the whole dinner. And we got into a weird fight on the way home (to my house) about his ex, so that was tension. Yet, it was a very big night.

Then I saw the parents again the next night without him.

It's no wonder I had two seizures the next week. Ahem.

I still don't know where we stand as a couple, but we'll just have to discuss this tomorrow.

I can not wait to get home! smile.gif

Stargazer, don't give up hope honey!! smile.gif

AP, winter crushes are a blast....

Sassy, HIIII!
No crushes to report, been in a drought. I am going up to Portland next week and I tend to get lucky when I travel,,so we'll see! Hopefully I'll *at least* get some flirting.
Take me with you GB! smile.gif Have a blast!

So glad to be getting out of hell(i.e. my parent's house) tomorrow.

I need a drink and a lay in the worst way!


sassygrrl~what was the tension about the ex?

greenbean~here's to you hopefully getting lucky in portland!

*~*sending out good crushie vibes*~*
Long story long, I couldn't stay at his house that night, b/c she was picking up her dog (and not her cat). Now, doesn't that seem a little unfair to her cat?? Sorry, I'm an animal lover. So, if she was going to pick up her dog, her cat got screwed. Weirdness.

Weird fight about the ex-wife, and although he still cares for her (duh), and I still care for a few of my exs (yep, but not that assole guy that lived with his parents before McGeek. But, there are a few that I still remember fondly. 3 or so). Anyways, I asked the question rather bluntly (no, me blunt? Heh)" Well, this be happening for a looong time?"
(i.e. the splitting up of her shit, and the dividing of the animals)
He praticeally (okay, busties it's like 12:20 AM, and the English major cannot spell) stopped the car in the midst of Buckhead (we both hate B-head, please anyone ever visting Atlanta, this is so NOT the cool place anymore! I will take you to the cool places ) traffic, and told me a very stern "NO. That is a fact that I do know." And the subject was then dropped.

I mean, I know I'm not her, and he's not my exs. I just have to kept reminding myself of that. It can be hard sometimes though.

GB, have a blast, and take a bunch of pictures. smile.gif And good crushy vibes are getting some in Portland. Many a hottie there!
Today I was informed by he who shall be known as the former Jcrush that he is collecting AP minutiae. That is all.

Wait. No, it's not.

Fucking ASSHOLE! Cut it the fuck out! Or quit so I don't have to see/deal with you anymore, dammit! I don't need this shit. I don't need you to remember everything I've ever said to you. I don't want you singing to me. Don't call HB silly names because you're jealous. Don't notice when I've gotten a hair cut & don't notice when I'm on a date. Don't get even my most of obscure jokes. Just fucking *don't*. You like the idea of me, but the package doesn't suit your shallow needs! You want me but you don't. It's BORING. Fuck off!

Of course, in twenty minutes I'm off to see him.
You KISSED ME. You kissed me & you meant it, you FUCK.
((AP))) Smack Jcrush for me! Asshole!!

Okay, update with McGeek. Of course, my flight was delayed for no apparant reason. So, I didn't get to GA until like 6:00 or so. He didn't pick me up until about 6:45 pm (due to traffic). I really believe he is one of the only people I know that

So, I'm just happy to see him and get back to my life here. He turns the radio, and says quietly, "I need to tell you something."



"Well, techincally I'm still married."


"Yeah, I didn't have to even tell you this (um, asshole!), but apparantly the divorce will not be final until Dec 12th."

"So, do you want to re-marry her?"


I asked him later on in the night, how long had he known. He told me that he had known for three weeks. Although, that's when all this hospitalization started. And we had started dating two weeks prior.

"I don't even know you." That is such bullshit. I mean, if he really wanted to bolt by now, he would have (with the seizures and panic attacks). He wouldn't have met the parents, been with me in the hospital, and some of my stuff still wouldn't be at his house.

"I just want to make sure you are okay" (I guess he was referring to the whole seizure thing). This new medication seems to be working. That is a good thing.

Should be back to work next week.

Oh, and his damn dog bit the shit out of my right leg in the middle of the night, and one of the cats pissed on my suitcase. sad.gif

Still flirting with a few boys just in case....


NO AP!! Stay away from JCrush!

Sassygrrl~things are still early for both of you. take care of yourself. and the whole cat/dog thing...well, they are HER animals...maybe they are getting back at you for being with him...yeah, i know i sound like a nut...but, who knows...
I have to agree with Stargazer on this one AP! Stay away from JCrush!

I don't know what to think about McGeek right now.
About his animals, I did consider that. I mean, that was/is "her" dog. Yet, his cat pissed on my suitcase. Could definately be jeolous. That doesn't sound too nutty.

Right now, I'm trying to really focus on getting myself better.

I've agreed to a coffee date with a friend of mine from MySpace this week. It doesn't say that I can't still flirt. smile.gif

Also, going back to work next Monday. Took a bunch of phone calls, but being off from work for three weeks instead of 3 months should tell them something. Still a lot of red tape. Yet, I do work for the government. Duh.

I haven't spoken to McGeek in two days. I'm trying to tell myself that this is a good thing, and maybe he's just having an insane work week. I will NOT call him. Besides, there is some really good tv on tonight.... Heh.

Where is everyone? AP, you out there?

i'm here! i'm lurking! smile.gif

i don't post much in here because my crush life bores me, so i can imagine what it does for ya'll. Politcal Crush is like a fart in a windstorm, pulling wackier hours than me (and i have effed up work hours), often precluding doing anything other than getting drunk together every 3 weeks or so.

and as a side note, it pains me to realize that my circle of friends, 99% male, have made not-so-subtle passes at me. 2 years ago i'd think it's a joke, but these days there's no mistaking it. and WOMEN are the ones with the ticking clocks? gah.
I feel your pain crazyoldcatlady! I would say 85-90% of my friends are guys. Not one pass. Or the ones that do eventually make a pass at me, just don't seem right to me.

McGeek is pissing me off, and I really don't know why. I mean I don't want to appear too desperate, but I'd like just a phone call checking up on me. WTF?
Yet, this is from a man who doesn't even own a cellphone. Bleh.

Sidenote, I can't stop listening to the new Scissor Sisters
The boy and I talked tonight. We're heading to Lewis Black on Saturday. We got into a little tiff about me paying for it (he started saying that he didn't want me think he was an chauvist pig for not paying for it. Does he not realize that I make my own money?), and I'm cool with paying for it, as long as he at least gets dinner or something.

Okay, back to South Park..heheh.
Glad you're feeling better, Sassy. ~*~*~*~*~no seizure/tiny seizure vibes~*~*~*~*~

Just drama. I'd like to abandon J all together, but our project is too good to just ditch. We work together famously. I think he's gonna breakup with the sperm receptacle. Though this does not bode well for me. *I will not do something stupid*
AP - stay strong! don't do it!! eek!

and hang in there sassy! (thanks, btw)

As for me, I'm pretty much over the crush thing right now. I'm over the harem. Just over it. I've been in this mode where I'm just clearing all the crap out of my apartment, getting rid of shit I dont' need, etc. And I realized that I have all sorts of shit that I bought cause it was cool, but I really dont' need it. Or ever use it. So what's the point? That's kinda how I feel about crushes at the moment - especially the young boy harem. I mean, they're more like the shoes in my closet that were the splurge of the century, that everyone oohs and ahhs at. they're real pretty, but I don't need 'em. Don't need to show 'em off, etc. I just dont' want 'em. I'm busy with work, so I'm just doing that.


but whatever - I'll read all ya'lls stuff!
AP, stay strong! Thanks for the non-seizure vibes.

Zoya, I understand about that. I mean I guess I'm dating McGeek now, but some of the crushes are still lingering...but none of them are making much of an effort to call or even see me. And who needs any more drama? The ones that haven't called back in a few weeks, I've deleted them basically from my cell phone. I too cleaned out of my closet. Funny, I wrote a short story in college comparing dating to shoe shopping. It won an award. smile.gif

Yet, there are a few new MySpace crushes. So, I think we'll just be new friends. Unfortunely, most of the men on MySpace just want to fuck. I'm sure R does as well, but he knows I'm dating a guy. There are no laws saying I can't flirt.

I need more coffee.

Happy Crushie Vibes to everyone....
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