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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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well put katiebelle!

timing is definitely a big thing when it comes to a relationship. especially where a crush is concerned. i have terrible timing. seriously. it is almost laughable now. it is a wonder i can dance.

saw my little store crush. i was hoping to talk with him when he checked out, but, alas, he ended up being rung up by someone else. damn. i was all ready to start the smooth conversation. oh well. he seems to buy really cool music/art magazines. yeah, i'm curious. of course, i get hit on by all of the crazy customers at my store. and i do mean CRAZY. if i could just get hit on by someone i like...but, that is my life story...

AP~i think pepper said it best. you sound like you are taking on way TOO much of the responsibility for this relationship. whether or not he's gonna relapse. whether or not he's gonna react. well, he is gonna react, darling. he's human. you have to allow him to react to the news. but, you are not responsible for his behavior. it sounds like you've been thinking more about him in this situation. just be straightforward. you can't avoid the situation anymore. seriously.
Hey all my busties....

What a FUCKED up day yesterday was. We had the big talk this past Sunday morning about the seizures. And things were going tremendously well. And, I was fine with it. We're both talking, and talking is a very good thing.

So, we decided that we're dating, and I wasn't going to see him until Columbus Day weekend, as this upcoming weekend I just wanted a weekend to be with my gal pals...whatev.

At work.... it was about 11:45 or so. I then apparantly woke up in the hospital. I had had two grand mals at work!! So, I started crying and freaking out. I called my father, called my roommate, my therapist, and lastly McGeek. He came to the hospital along with my roommate.

And he stayed there for like 5 hours until they released me. smile.gif

He then bought me some comfort food, and took me home to his house. I stayed there last night and today.

Apparantly, I had not eaten anything yesterday, and dranken copious amounts of coffee. They said like 7 cups, but I think that's total BS. I don't drink that much coffee in one day.

He talked to my dad via phone last night, and mentioned something in concern about "being the card we're dealt" about the whole seizure thing. My dad is super impressed by that.

Parents are coming up this weekend to mainly see me, but they want to met him too. We finally defined that we're "boyfriend" and "girlfriend..." I'm cool with that. Shit, we've only been dating like 2 weeks anyways.

AP, Pwppwe, Kal how is everyone?

((crushy vibes))
i was reading along thinking "oh goddess, oh goddess, oh no. well at least she's alright, she has to be ok if she's posting this..ok ok" then i got to that last part and started laughing, What did you call me? ha, whatever it is i'm just glad you're typing.

he sounds like a good guy mistress sassy pants. keep him.
and no more coffee for you young lady, bad baddy caffeine on an empty stomach! just say no to the burned bean water, k?

ap, know what? it sounds to me like you're leaning on that crutch of responsibility pretty darn hard to keep from having to leap.
either that or you might be the one holding out hope?
i'm just guessing here, only you know what's going on. but Something is going on for sure. it's hard to see the forest for the trees when you're in deep woods, i know. take a step back and see how you really feel for a second.
(((sassygrrl))) i'm glad you're ok!

i went to check out this yoga class near me with a friend. omg. the instructor is hot. we were both gaga. and it almost feels pornographic when he helps to realign mid pose. he has the softest touch and the smoothest voice. some how i was able to stay centered and focus on my poses. i never lost my balance.
Hey girls (and boy)! I just wanted to say thanks for the great responses. It really helps to have people tell you like it is, rather than "He's crazy, he'll come around"....all that jazz. I have thought about it, and I am not going to contact him. If he wants to talk to me, he will. If not, oh well. I know I'm going to run into him in the next few months though....and this will be awkward. We're both classical musicians, and this is not a big city so it's inevitable. It's how we met. Ah, well....cross that bridge when I come to it.

In the meantime, I've decided to have a crush on a completely adorable nerd at school. He even wears cute glasses. With his baseball hat. And he has big armband tattoos....such an odd combination.

I hope everyone else is doing well; I'd offer more advice, but clearly I haven't got a clue what I'm doing....I need to take a course, read some books perhaps... blink.gif

Oooohh....stargazer, those sexy yoga instructors can be veeerrryyy distracting in class! And they have such pretty posture...hehe
Hey All,

Sassy, sorry to hear about the GM, but it seems that you have all the support you need in he 'boy', the seizures etc are a part of your life, and I spose the 'card you were dealt' attitude is the one most appropriate. This sounds stupid but it also becomes a 'trait' that defines you....dunno if you get what I mean by that ...I worked with a girl years ago (she was HOT HOT HOT and I had a proper office crush on her) she used to have seizures as well, I never really found out what the actual condition was, but she used to go rigid as a board sometimes, and other times she used to shake like crazy, it was difficult at first to react to it, as a bystander, you are not sure what to do....but as time went by, and a few trips to the hospital later, I learned how to deal with her when she had them. I will never forget this faraway look she used to have in her eyes, like she was looking at you, but couldn't see you...I felt so sorry for her, not in a condescending way, but she used to experience frustration and panic when they were happening, so much so that my heart used to ache for her. After a few months, her nickname became Jitter-Bug, and although you might think it is cruel, she loved the name and it became an endearing thing..... cool.gif

My crushing has come to a bloody standstill.....but I have bigger fish to fry at the moment work wise, so will wait for CiaoCrush to return...then I will fire up the engine room that operates the crush factor.

jkat.....your decision is based on what you know, which is more than what I know, so I hope you can get by without contacting him (although you know you want to cool.gif ) a nerd with sleeve tattoo's. I bet you he is not the nerd you think he is, probably a total deviant.... tongue.gif what instrument do you play?

pepper, yep keep postin in the crush are allowed to have crushes whilst on a relationship, as long as they dont go any further....aren't you?.... blink.gif

Yep. Based on what I know kal, which is not much. The things we have in common are overwhelming to the point that I don't like to dwell on them too much...makes me sad/frustrated. But I do know that I want the upper hand, should he decide to come around. Also, a very small (alright, maybe not so small) part of me wants him to feel like a complete ass when we do run into each other. Not only do we work in the same field (we are both pianists, he is a singer, and we are both music teachers, although I teach privately), but we live a couple blocks from each other. And there are not a whole lot of upper level pianists in if he gets stuck needing one, it ain't gonna be me. Well, maybe if he begs...on his knees. Anyway, it's inevitable that we run into each other. I just hope I can keep my cool.

See, I didn't think nerdy crush was a nerd until he sat beside me on the bus the other day. And he is a complete, albeit very cute, nerd! Talking about our classes and homework, then about computer programming! His tattoos aren't entire sleeves, just those...armbands, y'know? But you may be right....I might only have seen the nerdy side that corresponds with the glasses....there may be a 'deviant' side that goes with his tattoos, which isn't entirely university appropriate.

Good luck with ciaocrush when she gets back! It's fun to have someone to look forward to seeing. And good luck to everyone else with crushes!
Kal, one of my new nicknames at work, no lie, is Fall Out Girl. My parents are coming by on Saturday and bringing all the Monty Python we can handle. I have a very bizzare sense of humor, you sort of have to to deal with this.

I'm just worried about the "Poor Girl" looks I'm going to be getting from the church goers at my job.


Need more coffee

((crushie vibes))
sassygrrl~that's funny. fall out girl. "suga you're goin' down..." i'm glad your sense of humor is keeping your spirits up. i think your coworkers will support me from what you've told me about the close knit group they are. you have nothing to be ashamed of.

jkat~good call. so, there is a reality that you will see him for logistical reason, i.e. music. this professional relationship will help you to get to know him as a person and see where things progress. that's cool. in the meantime, use your skills on the nerdy boy! he sounds adorable...

and i must be really centered and trying to take care of me if a good looking yoga instructor didn't make me feel inhibited with my yoga. that's pretty cool. he has amazing skin. like buttah. gives me something to look forward to at yoga.
ugh. the internet ate my post.

but it can all be summed up by saying that there are no worthwhile crushes at the moment, Mr HMCHH is far away with no meetup date in sight, HGF is crushing on me and it makes me feel icky (dammit), Straight Edge guy can fuck off for blowing me off, there is a guy who I worked with in Europe earlier this year who is emailing me, but he has a live-in GF (so he can fuck off).

oh, and I want to have sex really bad.

and I see exboy next week. Who I get along with really well, so who knows. (slippery slope, I know)

there you go.

I have not read down very far, so I will comment later when I do. Suffice to say, I love you all!! (((((((())))))))
Funny. I went to work today, and EVERYone was like: "Sassy, NO coffee, and eat...!!" I still only worked half a day, and went home after lunch. I had a really bad migrane, and the migrane happened before the two seizures last time. It's not a direct cause, but anyways.

Everyone was cool as I thought they would be. People were hugging me, and those "poor me" looks were given with looks of like "whatever" by me. tongue.gif

McGeek plays cool is that??
I know he's a little flipped out my meeting the parents, but I dig the fact that I finally have a real "boyfriend." Anyone who stays in a hospital for 5 hours with you is cool. And my dad totally digs the "hand your dealt" comment. I don't think he puts up with the "pity" card much, which is a sign.

I started crying (duh) at the hospital, and he looked at me, and started singing that Lyle Lovett song Here I Am.... "Here I am/I'm just the guy that reads the newspaper over your shoulder/take my hand...." I almost started crying more just for the sweetness of it. Normally, that would make me want to just be like, ??? but it was just right... smile.gif

((happy crushie vibes))

Funny. I went to work today, and EVERYone was like: "Sassy, NO coffee, and eat...!!" I still only worked half a day, and went home after lunch. I had a really bad migrane, and the migrane happened before the two seizures last time. It's not a direct cause, but anyways.

Everyone was cool as I thought they would be. People were hugging me, and those "poor me" looks were given with looks of like "whatever" by me. tongue.gif

McGeek plays cool is that??
I know he's a little flipped out my meeting the parents, but I dig the fact that I finally have a real "boyfriend." Anyone who stays in a hospital for 5 hours with you is cool. And my dad totally digs the "hand your dealt" comment. I don't think he puts up with the "pity" card much, which is a sign.

I started crying (duh) at the hospital, and he looked at me, and started singing that Lyle Lovett song Here I Am.... "Here I am/I'm just the guy that reads the newspaper over your shoulder/take my hand...." I almost started crying more just for the sweetness of it. Normally, that would make me want to just be like, ??? but it was just right... smile.gif

((happy crushie vibes))

Side note: So, I found the X's name. Not on purpose per se. I was trying to find his number, so I could call my work, and tell them if they needed me to call me at his house. It's name is Sarah. So not digging that name anymores yo. No offense to anyone in Le Lounge that has that name, but now it just gives me a bad vibe. And, you know me! Total not jeolous. I forced myself not to go in "her" room.

Also, his next door neigbor is her aunt! So, luckily, I didn't run into her while taking out the dogs. I would have been total Kate Hepburn about it. "WHO ARE YOU?" "Fuck off..., and taken drag of ciggie....haha.

oops double post... brrgh.
sassy, NO COFFEE!! good workie folk looking out for you.

ok kal, i'll stick around.
had a talk with him today, told him that the feeling of half-heartedness coming off of him hurt and upset me. i realize that he's stressed but still, so am i and that loving vibe is still flowing from my end.
it was better after that. much.
Heh. smile.gif

No coffee.....

I love reading this thread- it makes me so happy these days!

Sassy, I hope you're doing okay- and stay away from the coffee!

My crush is just absolutely fantastic. I was on the phone with him last night until almost 2am, because he was reading me a collection of short stories. I don't think anyone has read aloud to me in more than 5 years. He's so adorable- and I never imagined that happiness like this could exist. But should I find out he's seeing someone else, or if he suddenly stops calling me or something typical, I might leap in front of the train.

It's a damn good thing I work in theatre, what with all the melodrama!
Hey everyone:

First off, staying away from coffee.

WTF?? The second McGeek started to show any interest in me, and this definately happened this week, exs have been popping up left and right. My first true love in college (tattoo boy) is just emailing me as we speak.

I don't want to fuck up things with McGeek, so the more harsh I am the better right?? I know that Tattoo Boy and I are so in the past.... He was a great fuck, but he couldn't handle me.

And major freak out, b/c my parents are coming into town to see me due to the seizures. Meeting the boy. Ugh. I know that this is a huge step, and I fear I'm going to need a lot of red wine tonight....

So damn nervous....

Is anyone out there?? sad.gif

so i love this girl, we're best friends. but she's straight. only way too affectionate. with me, and then the overboard sickening pda with her boyfriend. i went to visit her, and you'd think she'd a. stop sleeping in the same bed as me and holding my hand and b. kindly refrain from spooning/makingout with her boyfriend when i'm around. what the hell is wrong with her, and why do i feel like it's my fault that she's chosen her boyfriend over our friendship that always threatens to be more? and why did i offer to go and get her birth control? fuck.

Do you want me to kick her ass?

So freaked out about tonight, which is why I'm up at like 3 AM watching SITC trying to calm the fuck down, and get some sleep....

I really don't like my family much, and it's going to very interesting.
emtee~wow. that sounds great. a man reading to you is close to talking during sex. great either way. makes me think of the movie threesome, where josh charles is reading moby dick to laura flynn boyle in the library. or, john cleese is speaking russian to jamie lee curtis in a fish called wanda.

glassk~i'm not liking this girl. sorry. but, i think it is really shitty of her to sleep in your bed and hold your hand. that is more than being alittle overly affectionate with you. does she know how you feel about her? maybe put some distance there if you could for your own sanity.

sassygrrl~breathe gurl. i'm sure mcgeek is smooth enough that things will go fine. taurus men are quite smooth. i mean, it's how he got you, right? wink.gif
Emtee, there will be NO leaping from trains smile.gif not on my watch! I would love to know what you are thinking whilst he is reading to you....are you listening to the story or are you thinking about something how cool it is to have your crush read to you...mmm.

Sassy, the parents will be cool this weekend, I predict that McGeek will have them eating out of his hand! And I am in the same boat when it comes to family, I love them with all my heart......especially when they are in a different country laugh.gif rolleyes.gif

Ok here is question for you all .....

Is it possible, when you have entered 'the friendship stage' with someone, to break out of it....?? Allow me to explain the sitch, maybe you can all offer some advice...

Had a crush on someone ages ago....I think it was a mutual crushing for each other....flirting with each other all the time.....casual friends with mutual acquaintences.....then I met and started dating my the flirting was deliberately toned down by me, and as it turns out, my ex and her were acquaintences, and positive about each other....sooo, 2 years down the line, I am single again and although she has some suitors, none that I know of are getting very far with her....she is lovely, very pretty and a personality that I find intriguing and to be honest, a little in awe of....but we have entered the friendship world.....and that was fine...then...
But then she went and cut all her locks off, her defining characteristic (in her words....alongside her eyes and great tushie)....and you know what.....? VA-VOOM (Archie comics expression)...I.AM.BLOWN.AWAY!
dunno if I want to just be her friend anymore.....HELP?! becomes an important part of a single persons life, they have LOTS of meet someone, and your space is there space now, and vice versa.....but then you know that, you know him, you know what to do... smile.gif
Kal, just do a little flirting and see what happens! Something like, "wow, thats a really good look on you, it brings out your eyes" and then look in her eyes a bit too long..heh heh.

I'm crushless at the momment. unless you count Alex Kapranos. *sigh*
If there was a Scottish-boy phone-sex line to call I'd be dialing it right now.
GB, yeah, that has already been done, and I always get glimpses from her, its been this way since day one...every so often I hold her gaze a little and the naughty smiles start between us.,...I need to spell it out.,.....but dammit, I am not into the rejection....from someone I dont know, rejection is not a problem, you both walk away and no harm done....but when it is someone you know well, rejection isn't just's a whole bunch of ...UUUURRGH ...right there.

What's with you and the Scots then? you likey the accent or what?
Shoot me. Just... shoot me. Just... gah. I am begging you white baby jebus, come down from heaven & strike me down now. I am weary of this torment.
AP... laugh.gif in the words of the baby Jebus..."Pray, Tell?"
GB, all crushes count!

Sassy, how did the weekend go? Did the boy get along with your folks? And stay AWAY from exes! Bad sassy!

Speaking of exes, AP, did you talk to the Man Called Exex yet? And white baby jebus (WBJ around the 'hood) needs to send Jcrush on an extended business trip to South America....

Kal, end the torture and ask her out! And where is ciaocrush? (it's a new month, I get to ask tongue.gif )

glassk, some straight girls just like see how far they can go without *actually* going there. Giving her the benefit of the doubt as your best friend, maybe she doesn't realize how much this is torturing you. I doubt it, though. Just draw some clear boundaries for her (no hand holding, etc.). End the needless wondering! (and let sassy kick her ass, it'll do her some good....)

Thanks Six! I'll continue to lust away...I'm so pathetic, last night I watched a Franz Ferdinand interview on You Tube over and over,..I get particulary soppy when Alex says 'loan' cuz he says it like 'LOOwn'...

Kal, just ask her if the naughty smiles are intentional. That way if she says something that sounds like rejection, you can blow it off...but it also gives her a chance to say what she may be thinking.

Oh and glassk, maybe she is curious? I have a friend from college who was seemingly straight but then started shes full-blown gay. Just ask your friend whats up.
Six, I get yer, you would think that that would be the easiest thing to do....but in reality, not so easy, but who knows, maybe it is the time to 'face the music' will see how the next meeting pans out.

ciaocrush is supposed to have gotten back last night....but she said she might delay the holiday a little... *maybe THIS is why I am not keen on moving on the other crush!!*

OH NO! I am a typical male...I want more than one woman.. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

...even more terrifying....I COULD NEVER HANDLE EVEN ONE....!!!

GB see above smile.gif

erm...OH YES! GB, does the Scottish accent do it for you? Seriously, I know some people that say that it is not even English...sometimes does not even sound like it.....accents are pretty weird be honest, most of the US girls I know sound really WHINY, I know this is a generalisation but based on them, the American accent does not do it for me...maybe I watched to many movies.. tongue.gif Scottish accent on a girl can be either VERY yummy, or .....mmm, a bit to harsh...anyhoo...Scots for GB

dry.gif sassy gone AWOL
Yes Kal, is that so wrong?! I aint saying any Scot will do, I certainly have to understand the boy!
I loved Brit Boy's accent cuz even though he lives in London, he grew up in northern England so his accent was not as chirpy as some of the other Londoners I met.

A guy friend of mine was saying that I gave BB "30 extra points for the accent", and he said it in a disapproving way...but then I remembered that he is married to an Argentine! so I gave him a look and hes all, "hey, I didnt say guys dont do it too!"

BTW, I hate my own accent! Totally valley girl. ick. I cringe when I hear it recorded.

kal~nothing wrong with spreading the love. it is good to get out there and date around so you don't feel you have all of your eggs in one basket so to speak. i mean, you're still into ciaocrush. it helps to have other crushes and prospects to not feel so desperate.

i can't wait to hear how everything is going with sassygrrl. unsure.gif

greenbean~i'm sure you'll get someone to crush on soon...there are so many prospects out there...

in other news...

i'm an idiot.

yup. insecurity run amok.

mcrush came into my store yesterday. i was just getting off break. i've been feeling like crap. really sick. gross. and i see a customer using one of our computers. and i'm thinking, "he looks familiar." and i wig out. not feelin' on top of my game. he looked so adorably cute and geeky. and i felt like a dork cuz i feel like i missed an opportunity, but really, it just motivated me to call him. i had some coworkers who said, "if he couldn't handle the way he looked, then he's not the guy for you." i laughed. but, true. i really felt like a wreck though.

i did call him and left a message btw.

yeah, i'm hopeless.
best sex i've had has been with friends. sometimes it leads to more, sometimes it burns itself out quick and you're left with just friends (you have to be so cool and connected to pull this one off).

spent the weekend. some of it was So good. and some of it was meh. and some of it left me breathing heavy, and not in such a good way either.
dang, this boy irritates me like, erg, nothing else. i actually told him to fuck himself at one point, not something i say out loud very often. and then we had a session that was, wow. amazing. dang.

so, what to do? if i could keep this light and fluffy i would, i would so love to do that. but it's an all or nuthin' situation between the two of us so... what to do, what to do?

where be the pants that are sassy? fretting over the 'rents no doubt.
ummmmm jeeez i have a new work crush. i kinda talked about him before but now its starting into full crush mode. yikes i hate this, the last one broke my heart (even though we are still good friends). went out to lunch with him just he and i. we went out yesterday together too but with other people. made plans to go to union square tomorrow, and lie in the grass and eat ice cream during lunch. all HIS idea. hes all flirty and stuff, and we had a few of those long looks earlier as well. you know the straight into the eye looks. and now i can feel myself falling for yet another coworker, ugh so annoying. but god hes so cute and sweet. and yes i said cute and sweet, but with just enough asshole, which i always need to stay on my toes.
i said cute and sweet, but with just enough asshole, which i always need to stay on my toes


there is something SO wrong with the way men and women perceive each other sometimes..

KB, I am not insinuating that you are wrong to be cautious, all means, look after yourself. But it would be so refreshing to hear you parade your feelings as you have here:
made plans to go to union square tomorrow, and lie in the grass and eat ice cream during lunch
and have no cynicism about where you want it to should have butterflies, right? There should be that EXCITEMENT, of going on an innocent date, wanting to spend some time with that person... and yet, we are called upon to be suspicious...


ah are so awesome. i really liked what you had to say...and i think it applies to both katiebelle and pepper.

that is one thing i noticed about myself when i saw mcrush. my reaction was different. well, it was the same initial reaction, but, i just felt i had more patience with the getting to know him part. maybe because i already had the sex part with him. i don't know. but, i just sense that i wanted to spend time getting to know him. doing simple things with our time together. and if it doesn't happen with him, then at least i'll remember to have patience and remember myself with the next guy...

i'm definitely learning to not force things into a resolution or having an ending to the storyline...i just frustrate myself in the process...

i think that is why crushes are so great. there is definitely a strong attachment to fantasy, desire, the same seems so masochistic at intentionally inflicting some torture of an unrequited love...that is probably why i've been telling myself to just go ahead and make the initial move if i like a guy...i'm tired of living a life of fantasy...reality is more fun...

wow. i hope i don't sound totally crazy. biggrin.gif but, it seems like alot of Busties in here are dealing with the conflict of these 2 dynamics. having crushes, having real life interaction, and the potential for something...whatever that is...happen....sounds pretty cool to me... cool.gif
So things went exactly as I thought they would. There was violence, he had to be restrained (Thank you WBJ for barista Andy!), the police were called, & he was hauled away. I pressed charges. Another black mark on his record. Fuckwit.

My jaw is swollen & I have a pretty nasty burn across my thighs. I refused medical attention. Nothing they can do to soothe my pain. Ice for my jaw & I have burn ointment.

Later, I made HB dinner. Jasmined brown rice, Asian slaw with a chili/lime dressing, & grilled chicken. Some steamed Thai eggrolls with shrimp, glass noodles, & mint. He was horrified by the swelling of my jaw. He's ready to kill Ex-ex. I talked him down. Ex-ex may still lose his job over a second conviction for assault & battery. HB brought me home a few hours ago because I was tired. He knew better than to argue with me.

I wanted a drink, so I went to the liquor store. Who do I run into? Jcrush. I could tell he wanted to ask me what was wrong, but instead he just asked if we could spend some time together this week. I agreed, but I couldn't look him in the face. I just felt too ugly & too stupid & too tired to deal with it.
Oh, for fuck's sake. ((((AP)))) Get some rest, sug.


I just sent you a PM.

oh no Kal i didnt mean it in a "i am suspicious of him way" i meant it more along the lines of, i just like a guy who isnt necessarily an asshole to me, just not overly sweet and saccharine and cheesy. cause really the only thing i am suspicious of in this situation is A) to fall into yet another "in love with a good guy friend" sitch (which happened with the last coworker) and cool.gif dating or hooking up with a coworker at all.

but damn he is just the cutest.

thanks though Kal, i do think you are right in general.

AP i pm'ed you. sad.gif

ummmm that smiley face with the glasses is supposed to be a B to go along with the A but thats what happens with the combo of a b and a perentheses....annoying, but kinda funny

I have another date with readaloud guy tonight, and I'm pretty excited. He's meeting me after work for dinner and then we're going to see a play. I don't think I'll be leaping in front of city transit anytime soon, but I have one minor (HUGE) concern: He hasn't kissed me yet.

Not that I believe he has to kiss me first, and anticipation is fantastic, but c'mon!! He left me this long-winded voice message after our last date, essentially saying that the great thing about being young is that when you decide you want something, you know you have time in the future to get it, and that you don't have to go for it right away. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm trying not to dwell.

in regards to jcrush...why is it when you are feeling your worse that your crush comes along?

take care AP.
AP dry.gif

Dunno what to say, dunno the history well enough.....what I can suggest is that if there is no reason to be anywhere near a person like that, then rather just stay away.

Any man who raises a hand to a woman, whatever the the lowest form of life on the planet.

I'll stop there. Take care AP.
thanks ((busties))
AP, take care, sweetheart. you're smart- you offer good thoughts/advice for us so we want to give them back to you. thanks for sharing.

argh. it's been a hell of a week after that visit with *that* girl. i'm a wreck. my roommate was on the verge of sending me home to my parents to get my act together. however i think i can deal with this stuff here.
on the bright side, i fooled around with a cute girl i'd been eying and finally got the chance to meet. and then what do you know but she thinks the same. so i'm hoping we stay friends. I feel a little bit awful cuz she's sortof a rebound and not at all a replacement for the girl, but she's sweet and more jaded than me, as far as I can tell.
on the boy side of things, i got a sweet apology from the crush who didn't come to my dinner party the other night. so......yes.
and my ex has suddenly gotten his act together and is still sweet even when he finds out how I have started fucking (almost literally) everything up. too bad he's so far away.
Eh, Jcrush was a coincidence. Our whole lives are within three blocks of each other. We both like booze. It makes sense that we frequent the same liquor store. I run into Tcrush there all the time, but he buys wine. I buy vodka & Jcrush buys Beam.

Thanks, crushies. I appreciate your thoughts & support. Here's to some executive for ya'lls.
oh, AP that's dreadful. what's with the violence? i never understand that in a person, no matter what the reason. it is just so incredibly out of control and ugly.

a girlfriend told me for the second time today that she doesn't like how that man talks to me. i agree. she has a history of abusive relationships so she's red-flag sensitive, but then again, so am i. i see it too, i hear it too. he's being sweet to me mostly and it's definitely way, way better than it was but... it's not right. he's kind to everyone around us and just a little bit shitty to me. it sucks.

where is sassy?
where is sassy?

this is what I want to know.... dry.gif

pepper.....WTF!!! Is the 'honeymoon phase' over already in the rekindling of your relationship with this guy....he should not be talking down to you....that ain't right.

ciaocrush is back from her holiday, I have not seen her yet, but know she is home. It was her b'day yesterday, and I assume she was on a plane most of the day, will have to send flowers to her today.

I had two of my little concubines around for dinner last night, they claim not to have eaten home cooked food in ages, so I did a nice roast chicken with sausage, sage & apple stuffing, roast potatoes and veggies. One of them is the one I spoke of earlier, my 'friend' that I realise I would rather be more 'friendly' tongue.gif with, but it was not the right timing to do anything about it last eve, three's a crowd after all.
I just really enjoy the female conversation direction, it is amazing how different they perceive things, very refreshing over male banter.
We were watchin a cartoon movie afterwards and I was amused how emotionally involved the girlies become, in a cartoon smile.gif ..soooo adorable.

Girls ROCK! biggrin.gif
I'm having my first crush in ages...things were going along fine until he confessed that he was not long out of a breakup. I don't want to be so cautious that I miss out on living, but I've been rather enjoying the absence of drama in my life. He has said this break up is still weighing pretty heavily on him. Should I tell him to check back with me in a few months, or just take it one date and one step at a time?

A little history--we knew each other many years ago, had a crush then and never acted on it. We've been out 4 times, last time leading to a little fooling around. Definitely some chemistry there. I'm having to hold myself back and writing here in part to resist contacting him.
Whee! AP I like vodka too. Thought I'd uh, throw that in.
Yay! He kissed me. Squee, and all the rest!

I'm quite excited. We were walking past what used to be this town's swingingest gay bar, (but is now a bakery), and casually mentioned, "aww, they used to have the best Kink night in town." I agreed...not the reaction I think he was expecting.

I also didn't think he was expecting to find "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails on my top played tracks list. He even mentioned it again when he called me tonight! This mild-mannered drama geek has some surprises, that's for sure...
So i think i officially decided that i cant possibly do this to myself again. which would be falling for someone who i am friends/co workers with. i can see this going far, but only in the friend capacity, which, therefore, is something i cannot handle bc i would inevitable AGAIN fall hard for a boy who i cant have. its something i have already done to myself, and cant do it again. no.freaking.way.

hes not even here today cause its korean thanksgiving (yeah who knew they had that, not me!) but damn, he is the cutest. yay for all crushies who have it work out!!!!!!!!:)

Kal, its funny you think thats cute cause usually its that stupid girl stuff guys try to not deal with. i for one agree, i try to stay as far away from the typical over emotional whiny female as i can, which is probably why i end up with so many male friends. i think guys have such a great perspective, not everything needs to be analyzed, and not everything is a dramafest. it is what it is sometimes.
QUOTE(katiebelle2882 @ Oct 6 2006, 09:31 AM) *

Kal, its funny you think thats cute cause usually its that stupid girl stuff guys try to not deal with. i for one agree, i try to stay as far away from the typical over emotional whiny female as i can, which is probably why i end up with so many male friends. i think guys have such a great perspective, not everything needs to be analyzed, and not everything is a dramafest. it is what it is sometimes.

remember this last line katiebelle. don't rush to a conclusion just yet. with an ex, i just assumed we would be nothing more than friends and ended up dating for 6 years. never say never. just enjoy your time with him. i really like the time with my ex when we were just getting to know each other and talking alot.

where's sassygrrl? unsure.gif

~*~*~sending out good crushin' vibes~*~*~

I have a confession....and it is not going in the confession is going here!

In my last relationship, early on, I could not understand why my girlfriend would lash out at me, for no reason (or at least what I thought was no reason) sometmes she would question my feelings for her, other times she would tell me I was a mean, nasty person.....I thought I was a troll.
One day it materialised....she was PMS....and I was guilty, no matter what I did....

The confession is this.....when I realised that my little love, my baby, my confidant and friend, was being puppeteeered by her hormones....I fell even more in love with her...

that stupid girl stuff guys try to not deal with

we like that; as boys, we dont always know how to deal with it...

but men have the logic, women have the emotion, and yet a team, we seem unable to harness each others terribly.fucking.sad.

our search continues.....

ciaocrush visited me yesterday.....she was so happy to see me, and I hugged and kissed her hello.....and I promptly turned into a mass of crushed-jello. unsure.gif
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