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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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Sweet jebus, ya'll! It's not like I've got Buckwheat locked betwixt my thighs! I used to go the full monty, now I leave a neat, trimmed triangle at the top. Anything that would be involved in oral is neat & clean still.
Heh, AP, thanks for the explaination, we were all thinking, "shit, AP gone the way of 70s porn for this guy!"

Oh no, Yuefie! Waterboy sounded cute to me...maybe he'll grow a pair, tell roomie to F-off and invite you to hang again. You still kinda like him dont you?

Sassy, I agree with six, sounds like a grown-up!

..and six, so what does she say the misunderstanding is? That she really is into you and the fella is just a beard or something?!? Cuz is does sound fishy. Some hot girls just like to collect as many lovers as possible, feelings be damned!

Oh and, *ahem* a game of doctor with the Nurse is highly possible,...except I'm really paranoid that he's not gonna live up to the standard that Brit Boy has left me. Nurse just seems so damn DECENT, dunno if and how I can bring the pervert outta him. Any suggestions?
dude, same. it's called "pie" for a reason.
i can't handle teh bald but dang if i'm gonna put up with

*ptooie* *ptooie* (sound of hair being spat out)

in the middle of a session.

i don't want to be on the recieving end of that one either. have you ever gotten one stuck right at the back of your throat? OMG brilliant awful.

sorry, i had to nix the pix. the trollery 'round about these parts is enough to make the idear of my little wee one's face being splashed about the net in some who-knows-what context... n/m.
if i can find a picture of me without him i'll stick it up some other time. it's hard though, he's cuter than me, he makes the picture better.

so, up until the wee hours on the phone with sexy ex. i cried. a lot. i hate that man so much sometimes. why why WHY do i still have to be so hung up on him? i need some new crush distraction and soon. i can't be bothered to make myself up these days though, it's all i can do to drag my sorry ass out the house to drop kidlet at school. if i actually meet a man in this condition and he's interested it'll be because he's insane or because he's fallen instantly in love with my 'energy'. damn hippies.

greenbean, i thought mcsquee was going to be all innocent and shit but OMG did he Ever show me!
have some faith in the boys natural talents. and practice being a demanding woman in your spare time just in case.
i hope he's awsome!
so, all of this psyching other people up to go after their crush has me thinking how i should handle mcrush...i think i just need to get over myself and call him sometime...i'm still mulling it over...

yuefie~i wouldn't count him out of the water yet. i mean, i have a male roommate (he's gay), but i'm definitely attuned to how a guy responds when he finds out i have a male roommate. insecurity often arises and fantasy about me, my pussy is not that powerful to turn a man straight...but, it has been known to turn a few tricks...

when i went to a bar with mcrush...he introduced me to this young woman (mere child--about 22/23 yrs old) he first, i was pissed thinking, how can he take me here, and go talk to another, i sat there...talked with someone i knew...i went to the bathroom...walked right past them so he would notice me....working the room...making sure to strut my i was sitting back down in my seat...i noticed him walking towards me to introduce this woman to me...i made small talk, asked why she was leaving so soon, she said she had school, i said i remember those days...she told me to have fun with him in a catty way...i went home with him that night...

now, if she wanted him, then she could have sat next to him and kept chatting...i don't fight over a man...i'm just myself with them....i don't play games....i know my shit is good....and i think he was impressed with how cool i was the whole time...

so, timing is really the thing...when to be straight forward...when to play it cool and tease...that's why women are so powerful...we set the rhythm of the relationship...remember, your shit is good yuefie....make him work...
sadly it seems this is not the first time she has pulled a stunt like this. I ran in to the the only person I've ever talked to in the complex (who lives accross from them) in the laundry room and she said his last girlfriend broke up with him because of her. apparently they've been friends for a really long time and she is just a jealous bitch who keeps his balls in her purse. of course this is only hearsay and I will talk to him later, but it does seem to add up. she said from he has said to her (neighbor) he thinks of her like family because they grew up together, but they have no sexual history they are just close like siblings. I guess thats her beef, she's pissed because she feels like she owns his shit. and I don't have the patience for that type of bs, especially not so close to home. I mean really, if you are going to surrender 'da boys, can you at least be getting some magnificunt out of the deal? he's cute but not cute enough for baby's mama drama sans baby & mama. feh.

and AP, magnificunt is teh most fabulous term. evah. you don't just rock the kasbah baby, you tear the mutha effin' roof off!

I'm with pepper & AP, completely bald squicks me out cause I'm a woman, not a 10 yr old. that being said, the shit needn't be a forest ya gotta whack your way through. there are plenty of devices for trimming the hedges, and a nice neat kitty is pretty!

sixela, maybe he is a beard? hmmm...

yay for TP show sassy! my best guy pal is taking me on the 27th, beck is the opening act smile.gif

nurse and doctor, heh. bat those eyelashes, hot mama GB!

(((pepper))) hippie boys, they'll break your heart every time *sigh*

~~~~vibes for all the crushies~~~~ may ya'll have better luck than I am!

Fucked up yuefie! She seems like a total jeolous bitch. And some random band is opening up to TP, and not Beck. Boo-hoo.

McCrush sent me a really sweet email this morning, saying he was up last night playing his guitar thinking about me. I am sure his ears are red b/c I was running around my office, going "I got kissed!!" Dork that I am.

Bald freaks me out as well. I like it to be trimmed, I may need one actually if McCrush and I get any more serious. If the boy can kiss well, we'll see.... heh, what a slut I am.

Six, sounds like a beard to me.

GB, hot mama indeed. Shake it sista!

((pepper)) Hippie boys always tend to break my heart....

((Good crushie vibes....))

apparently they've been friends for a really long time and she is just a jealous bitch who keeps his balls in her purse.

LOL... mental image. But dayum! She needs roped in.

OKay so anyway, I was lurking rolleyes.gif
Not normally a thread I frequent, esp. since the last Crush ended abruptly, and I'm too old to continue playing those stupid ass boy-girl games. Guy was my age too!

BUT i digress...

i just wanted to say that you people have fascinating stories. smile.gif

(off to sort through the Confessions thread, as i see it has imploded in the 24 hours i have been away from the board)
hollllllly crap. I've been a lurker, and somebody please remind me why..... unless you think this is amusing:
I'm on MSN with the only 2 guys I've had sex with- the long term boyfriend and the uberhot acquaintance who pounced on me.

LTboy is all, "I love you, miss you, want to take care of you, want you back, you're perfect noone compares" and i"m eating it up like a dog with chocolate. (Yeah, he's poisonous) He admitted he murdered our relationship. So I kindof want to say, "I give up", and go back to the sex and steady relationship. I can't though, so shouldn't I stop listening to the fantatically irrealistic things he has to say?

AcquaintanceCrush (BH) who came over to smoke cigarettes before I moved last year, and pounced on me. He was too hot. Well he's NOT executive cock except for that he's so freaking hot. He has no job, is back with his parents, but he's got all the looks. (the quirks that I find irresistable, like 2 lip rings) He asked me to write him a letter, and I did, and I haven't gotten him out of my head since he wrote back. He's so hot. He's fucking gorgeous. Or, he fucks gorgeously. So, he talks to me when he's single. (Am I his rebound ego-boost?) He's also so far away. So.....screw.

I'm a horrible person. However, these 2 boys are provinces away. So, tell me, what can I do here and now, besides pine.
glassk scope the territory. i swear, i am going to make myself look human tomorrow (or the next day, heh) and go out on the town. i have the whole damn day to myself and i am gonna lounge around and have coffee and scope until my eyeballs fall out of my head. this is my vow. right after i find some energy and clean this dang house up. i ain't allowed to leave the house until it, and i, look presentable once again. there.
Both of you gals go out of the town. And look SASSY (sorry the spirit of Phil Hartman just entered me...been thinking about that "Mayor of Sassy Land" skit all day long for some reason) smile.gif

I plan to look all dolled up on Sunday for my date. McCrush has only seen me in khakis and work clothes.
Um, is it wrong that I still crush on dearly departed Phil? Mayor of Sassy Land indeed.

So we talked. And I don't quite know what to think. He says she is just very moody and not good with other females (duh, go figure). and that there is absolutely nothing between them, and there never will be, save for the "family" like bond of growing up together. I don't want to punish a cute guy because his roomie is nutso, but I also don't want the drama. If there ends up being a next time we are going somewhere or hanging at my place, that's for damn sure.

dr. peppa (hee) what you need is a cute crush to come by and help you clean the place up. heh. I know, dream on.

glass, you don't sound like a horrible person to me huh.gif just confused, and crushes will do that to ya.

I really miss Phil Hartman. sniffle.... Think I'll get his Best of SNL dvd this weekend.

Gawd, I have such horrid PMS this week!

Hmmm... see what happens the next time you hang out perhaps? I just wouldn't want to deal with a crazy jeolous roomie. Those are icky.

Glassk, you're not horrible at all. Just confused, and that happens.

yuefie~maybe this situation will give you both the chance to go elsewhere to spend time together. and i think you should make your place where you spend time if you don't go out. 2 is company and 3's a crowd. if you end up getting serious about this guy, then i would just confront this chick. but, that is me and i am very direct. it doesn't have to be aggressive. i would just be like, "i'm not going anywhere." she is probably use to intimidating people. but, those are things that are left for when things between you and the crush go elsewhere...but i would never let another person dictate my relationship with my man...just me...

so, i'm kinda nervous about tomorrow...yeah, i'm going to a bar for some after dinner drinks to celebrate my bday (which was tuesday) and afraid of running into mcrush...hopefully i won't run into him...don't feel ready to tackle that hurdle yet...i know i am wimping out...but, at least i'm not gonna avoid the place like i originally planned to...ah, crushes can bring out such insecurities in me...
The "misunderstanding" was me thinking she was majorly hinting at some kind of threesome or something with her roommate (what is up with the "more than roommate" roomies?!). That he liked me and thought I was cool was fine, it was the "he thinks you're hot" 5 or 6 times that just got....weird. And then someone who works next door to her shop told me they were married, but I don't think they know for sure. She says she was just glad he liked me.....I might be a little gun shy, I don't want anything too serious (or freaky. or freakier than I already am, anyway!)....

Damn, some corporate asshat scheduled a 7am meeting an hour away.....I should go to bed....


yuefie - why don't you and neighborcrush just hang out at your place??
Yue, I agree with zoya. Maybe try hanging out without evil roomie...??

Stargazer, how you doing?

As you all know, had really SHITTY day at work (see Work thread or Depression thread) and had really bad nightmare last night about Canada shooting. So I was calling everyone frantically at work making sure everyone was fine.

Even called McCrush. He sent me the sweetest email. And was just super shocked at what went down at the workplace. I can't wait until Sunday! smile.gif

Six, corporate asshats suck. Threesome with roomie? Too freaky for me.

((lovely crush vibes))

McCrush is making me dinner on Sunday. We're cooking!! How groovy is that??

((Happy Crushie vibes)))
Well, I just ran in to waterboy while taking my dog out to potty at 3 am. In my bathrobe, heh. He was coming home and got stuck parking at the very end and had to walk past my door. We are going to hang out again soon, probably go catch a movie. I saw wicked witch roomie when I was coming home earlier, she pretended not to notice me rolleyes.gif

((((good things for all crushies))))

Yay yuefie! smile.gif When are you headin to a movie?

Tell wicked witch roomie to get her broom and fly away... damn, I really need to rent Wizard of Oz again and buy Wicked cd....heh.

We nixed the movie idea on Sunday b/c we've both seen like 2 movies this week (not a bad number for me, but I'm more of a movie freak than he). Besides, I want to meet the pets. But, what to make for dinner? Nervous vibes starting again....

((good crushie vibes))

Happy Friday everyone! Off to shitty job...ahhaha!

Hi everyone, I'm another lurker in this thread. I love reading about your crushes. Is that so wrong?

Ho-hum. I don't even have anyone that's crush-worthy in my life. I'm trying to work on changing that, but it's hard when I'm around women most of the time, don't have any guy friends at the moment, I have never been one to ask a random guy out, and don't want to date anyone I work with (that's a line I will not cross).

Sometimes I think dating would be so much easier if I were batting for the other team, but it's too bad I'm not wired that way.

Back to lurking.
Yeah Yuefie! Yeah Sassy! {{{new crush vibes}}}

raisingirl, nothing wrong with lurking, we all do it!

So, I read some online astrology and it turns out Nurse is a perfect zodiac match for me (me: Cancer, him: Pisces) and apparently behind his sweet, compassionate exterior there is a sassy lover underneath! (crosses fingers!!) Also, according to astrology Brit Boy (Libra) is apparently too much of a partyboy for my homebody tendencies (true), and doesnt understand why I get so emotional about things (so true!!). It also said there tends to be immediate attraction, eventhough its not meant to be, (sadly, again, true)..

So I may be a convert to this astrology thing and I'll have to get that Sextrology book y'll mentioned.

~ Have a good weekend y'll!
Heh. I'm on amazon right now looking up that sexology book. Think I may get it.

The guy taking me to TP next week is a Libra. McCrush is a Taurus. I don't think I've ever I've dated one. Most Aquarians get along with most signs. All I know about Taurus is that their sign is the bull.

GB, that's great!

((happy crushie vibes))
McCrush and I are going to cook dinner on Sunday night. One of Alton Brown's recipes. I'm making nutella wontons. I'm so fucking nervous, but excited still....

Going on massive shopping spree tomorrow for dvds/cds and some new fall clothes. smile.gif
*I* thought it would be easier batting for the other team, raisingirl. bahaha. But I don't, because .. ... it isn't. And I'm not sure I'd know what to do if it was.

Speaking of which, Pepper suggested scoping the area, however I can't do this sober...
So maybe this belongs in portions. Because they were the best ever, (i'm somewhat ashamed of myself) and I"m never going to see this guy again. He's effing married (i found out and it was toooooo late. i feel awful) I've got too many hormones to maintain a crush who's nearby.
Although there's my roommate who's never home, thank god. I think he's amazing, not that he's good looking AND he's a taken jerk.
Ok, after that, I need a normal human crush. Someone who's not a sex toy or ridiculously unavailable. Or both. (I feel horriblly guilty) Anyways.... scoping.... wish me luck. argh!
Bleh. Fucking Insomnia.

Keep having dreams about ex boys. And old ex boys, from like high school and college days. It's probably old anxiety creeping in. And the fact that they are trying to contact me again (some of these are old fuck buddies....) Others are just old (see Frustrated Singles thread).

I really need a shag, but I know if I rush things with McCrush that would probably be wrong, b/c I did that(well not really if you recall) with SC boy, and that was probably just insane lust. But, I'm hormonal as hell, and had such a crap (literal) week.

Glassk, this is why I don't live with boy roommates anymore.... my last one ended up in a delicious fuck buddy. However, good luck scoping smile.gif

Raisingirl, I have wondered the same thing. In fact, co-worker and I were having same conversation like yesterday about it. I tried it in college, but it didn't work. Guess that would make me bi.

Happy crushie vibes to all this weekend!

AP luvie, you out there?

GB, Cancer and Pisces do make a great match. I just was trying to read up on Aquarius and Taurus (and Libras) last night.... I know I don't want to date any more Capricorns... for some reason, I got into a habit for a while of dating nothing but them. Not a good match at all. We're very much free spirits, and they are extremely controlling in relationships. So. Not. Cool.

Ugh, back to sleep or something that somewhat resembles it. sad.gif

hmph, *capricorn*.
and so NOT controlling either, so there! i'm the one with no jealousy or attachment issues, remember? but maybe that's just because i am such a Special capricorn...
capricorn and pisces, all my boys were pisces for about 15 years. earth and water, together we make what? that's right, mudd. ugh.

sassypants, yer only bi if it Did work, not if it didn't work. haven't we all given that one a go? meh, i love girls just not so much in my mouth. (sorry, tmi, TMI!!!)

had 'that conversation' today with mcsquee. the whole' i don't want to get serious with you' thing, yadda yadda, while he's holding and stroking my hand. uh huh, me thinks he doth protest too much. the boy is talking himself into keeping things status quo. fine with me though, i like it easy-peasy anyhow.

compulsive ex thinking and calling, oh no. so not good! can't leave them alone, all Three of them! gah. i am a lunachic.

Pep, I was mainly talking about men capricorns, b/c I've only dealt with them. Sorry! Perhaps you're a special capricorn? I don't know. I just got into a habit of dating nothing but virgos (which were hot in bed, but much else was random) and capricorns for about 3 years.

Heh, TMI but true. I can appreciate a woman, but I don't want to fuck her. And the fact that most of my lesbian friends have almost a harder time in relationships than us straights. I guess relationships are tough all around.

Still wigging out about weird high school ex. not good at all....

Crushing hardcore again on Jeff Buckley. smile.gif

QUOTE(pepper @ Sep 16 2006, 02:16 AM) *


I love it! Thanks pepper!

ETA: oops,sorry, wasn't going to de-lurk quite so abruptly, but phone rang, and gotta fly.... I'm a libran- what can I say?
virgoes are so annoying. the men anyway. god i have been in LOVE with a virgo for over a year now and hes such a painh in the ass and really so messed up emotionally. the virgo women are so anal and unadventurous. but i ahve just had bad experiences. i HAVE heard they are hot in bed though sassy
Virgo men are SO messed up emotionally. I know b/c one of my exs who I still crush on is one. And he's one of the moodiest people I know. But, the sex was always AMAZING.

Can't wait until tomorrow night! We're heading to Best Buy and then food shopping for dinner... heh. Cant' believe I'm getting excited over errands....


(((sassygrrl))) sorry to hear you had such a bad week. sad.gif and those bad dreams. makes me wonder if the possibility of something new happenin' is causin' these dreams. reconciling relationships of the past...oh, and i sent you a PM...let me know if you got it...

for you astrology lovers...i insist on buying the sextrology divides things into men/women and straight/gay...which is what i really love about, i use some of the same sex part to dissect my female friendships...Freud was spot on when discussing me people it is part of all of us...just dig a little deep...we're all looking for our mothers & fathers in our partners...and this info is from a soon to be psychologist...oh, and the being in a relationship with a women...been there, done's no with a gay male....been there, in the middle of doing it...uh, no better...he only does the dishes and takes out the trash...he doesn't like to clean or decorate...yes, there is no xanadu people....

speaking of...i'm a virgo...and, yes, i'm great in, i can cook a great meal and keep the place tidy...i'm all that and a bag of chips. thank you!

Tauruses are very sensual. Simple...they love all things and sex. Think of Homer Simpson. He's pretty simple. Probably why I love him.

I didn't run into mcrush. Whew! While leaving the bar, this guy I was talking to, wanted me to walk with him, and i'm like, "i need to catch a cab to go home." walked a little, next thing i knew we were kissing (i was drunk after having celebrated my bday...details a little blurry)...damn, he was a good kisser...strong kiss, little nibbling...and i was content with things the way they about progress...i think i burned myself out by jumping into bed with past lovers...what a kiss though....

yuefie~yeah for you! good luck! keep us posted...and i don't understand that roommate...i don't understand women in general who treat men as trophies or objects to be won...i don't understand the whole competition thing with women over guys....
If I remember correctly from a dream book I once had, death is supposed to be a symbol of change no? Hmmm.... and with all the upheavel at work and new relationship? I guess a change would be welcome right now.

Star, thank you for my PM. I was just thinking about doing some research on Thank you.

Heh. I lived with my gay best friend. He was basically just another guy.
Not extremely decorative or anything. It made me laugh, b/c he just acted like one of the guys I lived with that was straight. The myth that gay men are clean is pretty wrong.

Okay, off to watch Fight Club. Drooling over Ed Norton. Damn.

And nothing wrong with loving Homer at all. Which reminds me, we'll probably watch The Simpsons tomorrow night after dinner.. smile.gif
Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush. Will stay away from Jcrush.
AP, what happened??
AP, did Jcrush cross the line from fantasy to reality? hope you are ok.
He's just fuckin' with my mind. I've been avoiding him kinda lately, so yesterday he started with the really sweet text messages. He missed me or so he sez. Your mouth is a liar & your heart is a whore, sir. Goddamned him for being so pretty & making me smile & laugh so hard things shoot from my nose.
Ap, Boo on Jcrush! sad.gif

So, wearing new jeans, new underwear, and brown t-shirt and my birks. My hair is down, and my glasses (which match my shirt...) are on, and clean.

AP, nooo!
How are things with HB??

Stargazer, who is this Mr. Kissy??
Jcrush has been pressing for more personal one on one time. I'm not sure how I feel about that. As long as we don't drink we should be okay, but we both like to drink. I don't want to wind up with my knees pulled up to my chest wondering why I'm having sex with this guy; oh, wait, he's really attractive & we get on like gang busters & I want him naked so bad I can fucking taste it. Fuck regret.

Not really. He'd need bolt cutters to get through my resolve hooch or no. I may be a total playa, but only a hustler knows a hustler & only a hustler knows.

HB & I are fine. Except. I've always had a problem with commitment. I've got a good thing going with HB & I don't want to fuck it up, but. I am twenty years younger than he & have more options. Do I think he loves me? Yeah. Yeah, I do. Do I think I love him? Maybe. I feel very strongly towards him, but it didn't stop me from fucking the neighbor or making out with John or flirting with the variety of men I flirt with. I keep many irons in the fire so to speak. We still haven't had the exclusivity talk, nor have we out & out said the raw, "I love you." We've come close, but it still hasn't been said. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to say it to me for fear I'm gonna balk & I don't wanna say it to him for the same reason. I'm just confused. I've never had this problem before. My wants, needs, & priorities have always been clearly delineated.

In short: I need to grow the fuck up. That is all.
aural, the ones who are "trouble" are always so much more fun!
I know, I know. To paraphrase Lloyd Cole, "She's inappropriate, but then she's much more fun." Generally they're more fuckin' heartache, too.
Okay, so I know as of late, I've been quite bahhumbug in regards to dating and men in general, but after my horrific experience with speed dating, I felt I deserved to be. But, the only way to get back on the horse is just to get back on and let 'er buck, right?

So this morning, I had breakfast (was just supposed to be coffee) with a guy I 'met' online, which turned into comic book shopping (I'd never been, and I know nothing about comic books) and a walk around my neighbourhood. He is really quite sweet- he bought me a historical graphic novel! about one of my favourite canadian historical figures!- and I was just shocked. I'm totally crushing.
Virgos are annoying? If you say so.

My best guy pal is a Virgo male and one of the finest of the species I've ever known. If he hadn't finally figured out that he really does dig the dudes more than the ladies, I would've scooped him up. He is just terribly smart, cocky yet still maintains a sense of humility and get's things on a level I've yet to find in another man. Besides that, our birthdays are a day apart. We agree on most things and often have conversations that seem shockingly short and abrupt to others. It's only because we don't need many words to communicate with eachother. *sigh* Why is it really true that the good ones are gay?

And the Virgos I've bedded have been FAB. Some have been emotionally stunted pains in the ass. But yeah, great in bed.

As a female Virgo I've yet to have any complaints, especially in regards to being adventurous.

And some might not see being anal as a bad thing. IPB Image

I admit I know almost nothing about astrolosexology. I've been told I'm very Taurus, in a sensual and stubborn as fuck kind of way, with a bit of Aries thrown in b/c I'm only a week into Taurus. My general response is "okay, sure, pass the lube..."

So! I've decided to nix cellgrrl after all, not so much because of the roommate/boyfriend/husband thing per se, but because she didn't bring the shit up honestly. Not trustworthy enough to be anything more than a booty call, which I'd of realized right away had I not been so freakin' HONRY! So, back to battery-operated fun....

yuefie, personally, I'd nix waterboy, just because you are too fabulous to NOT have an already grown man waiting on you hand and foot! He seems to have some baggage he's not ready to set down yet....

and W00T sassy for fun shop dates with *men*! Hope dinner went well tonight....

AP, so, what options do you think you'd be giving up if you told HB you loved him? I mean, beyond Jcrush, who you probably would have taken if you thought he was a better option than HB, what exactly would you be giving up that you couldn't get back if you changed your mind later?

(((zoya and all crushies)))
Funny you should say that sixela.

He hung himself anyhow. He used to the term "rug muncher"s in reference to another neighbor and when I prodded to see if he was being facetious or really is a homophobic dolt, he proved to be the latter. I asked him, "You know my brother is a fudge packer right?" The look? Priceless.

No quicker way to make me bolt for the door than to show me a shred of homophobia. I may not be batting for the other team, but only because I was hard wired to be a cock loving SOB. I love me some women. I just physically am drawn to men in a way I can't fight. I've been called an emotional lesbian by my lesbian best friend. But really, aren't most of us?

I've yet to tango with a taurus. My first real relationship was an aries. Those were some serious fireworks. In and out of the bedroom. I have had mad fun with scorpios, they are some bad ass mofo's. And sag's, I need to stay away from. Always a disaster for me. The piscies I've *tried* to hook up with have always flaked on me 'til I can't stand it. *shrug*

yuefie, I SO understand! I'd be a gay male if cock didn't remind me so much of a turkey waddle! I've been told numerous times I've got the tastes of the happenin' homo: the techno/house music, fashion, etc.....I'm just hard-wired for magnificunt love! Can't wait until they isolate that gene.....what did Eddie call it? Penis ambivalence, something like that.....

And feh on homophobic ignorance. I'm having to train a whole new group of co-workers that "that's so gay" is only acceptable if the object referred to is glittery and fabulous....otherwise I have to substitute their first name whenever I mean "stupid asshole"....that usually gets the point across....

Although in lieu of "coming out" to them I let someone know my computer login was "queergrrl", that seemed to spread the news quick enough....
It doesn't suprise me seeing as I live in the armpit of San Diego. The area I am in, Santee, used to be referred to as Klantee. A lot has changed since, but gayness is still not huge 'round here. Well, that's not entirely true either. There has been a bit of a lesbian explosion in my sisters condos. In her building, aside from her and the vacant place nextdoor, all the other units are lesbian couples. But I don't really like it out here at all, Still, having family nearby is important and very convenient for my sis who is a single parent. I don't see myself sticking around here too much past my niece graduating. I need to live where the rainbow stickers are as common as those damn jesus fish in are in the 'burbs.

I think the best part though was the look on his face when I asked if he knew about my brother. My bro is not someone you would pick out of a crowd and say "Now there's a queerio". He's all about punk rock, scruffy, tending toward the slovenly side, and a baseball fanatic. He wouldn't be caught dead listening to techno and couldn't put a decent outfit together if his life depended on it. His idea of fashion is a Dead Kennedys shirt, jeans and some Chuck Taylors.

Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained right? Now I know.

Your office "coming out" is rad. I'm sure it took all of 5 minutes to get around. You know there was probably at least two dudes who had placed a wager anyhow. There is always the one idiot who bets and another who is stupid enough to accept.

(((((((crushies))))))) ~~~mutli purpose vibes~~~

Okay, I'm going to be so damn tired today at work. It is now 5 a.m., and I didn't get home until around 1. I'm not saying this is a bad thing.

McCrush picked me up early, and we went to Best Buy, where I bought GA season 2 and Last Kiss soundtrack. Ran to Petco to buy animal food for his pets. And then to Kroger for food. He proceeded to take completely control of the shopping, and then got all embarassed by it. And, then paid for it all.

Nervous as fuck still, btw.

Get to his house. I had brought Dress to Kill DVD. We watched that, as he had never seen it, and just heard it. Wow. Not only does the boy like Le Izzard, but he also can cook. Made me this incredible steak with this cognac sauce. And those Nutella mud pies were fantabulous. Amazing.

We must have seriously necked on the futon for about 4 hours. I drank the majority of the wine, which could explain my hangover. And I didn't want to leave.

We're hanging out again on Tuesday night smile.gif

So, yeah Taurus are insanely sexual. We didn't fuck, but the boy made me pratically come just from kissing me. Which shocked both of us. Hot Holy Damn.

Ugh. So don't want to work today. sad.gif

((all crushie vibes))
QUOTE(sixelacat @ Sep 18 2006, 12:16 AM) *

AP, so, what options do you think you'd be giving up if you told HB you loved him? I mean, beyond Jcrush, who you probably would have taken if you thought he was a better option than HB, what exactly would you be giving up that you couldn't get back if you changed your mind later?

Um, Six, my fucking heart. Every tiny shriveled, little black bit of it. With nary a whimper or a bang. I can't change my mind about that. Once it's gone it's gone.

I made a grave error last night.

Pleased to hear everybody is doing well.

Never believed too much in astrology. My inability to move like a normal person is a genetic betrayal on my mother's part. Best sex ever: Leo(HB), Taurus, Aries. Worst: Scorpio. I was with a really great fellow Sag once, but we needed a cleaning crew once it was all over.
We must have seriously necked on the futon for about 4 hours

Sassy, at least you are getting some action ...! 4hrs of necking, sooooperb! Cheese & Rice, with wine an' mudpies you coulda had me in a glad you had a good time.

AP, my heart too is a crooked dirty hotel full of rumours, and I pay the rent for ALL it's residents....but the basement is still uninhabited, I think I could squeeze another in might have some room left in yours too.... wink.gif
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