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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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screw you people, pisceans are where it's at!

Feb 10th peoples!! Although, I hate that I've had some exs combine the whole bday and vday present, which is so not cool. Aquarius apparantly tend to have an obsession with watches. I owe like 10 of them. Crazy, one of my best friends is a Pisces. Ya'll rock the house!

Yes, rocking the David Bowie t-shirt. smile.gif Just got back from the movie. Hollywoodland had male nudity in it baby! Saw that great muscle on a man that leads to his umm..nevermind. And Affleck from the back. Male nudity is fine with me!! And considering the group of people I saw it with where many of them were boys. Two hours in the dark with Brody was fine with me. Honry for Brody, yes I am!! Heh. I'm keeping it, even though that was a drunken typo.

Okay, so my date was good. He has a bit of an accent, and he's liberal! I don't find many of those in GA. The only problem is that he's short. I'm used to guys that are like 6'1 and up. McCrush is 5'5, and I'm 5'8. But, he was a really nice guy. Divorced though. Gotta find more information about that. But gainfully employed, and owes a house (reads: does not live with mommy and daddy like previous SC boy!!!! Hoorah!) and car are very good things.

The funniest part is that we went to this awesome restaurant called Flying Biscuit ( after the movie. It was my friend Andy, Bjorn, McCrush, myself, and this asshole. Asshole guy just popped up after the movie to tag along to dinner. However, he knew we were going to a healthy vegatarian sort of restaurant. He started bitching about the fact that the restaurant had NO MEAT(except turkey) , the fact that he hated midtowns, and fags, etc. Shit, you don't say that in a gay part of Atlanta. I hope our waiter jacked off in his coke.

Not to mention that he put down my writing career, and other things. I think all of us wanted to stab him with our dinner forks. I'm glad that we all had a dislike of him. What an ASSSS!!!

However, my date and I have a date for Tuesday night to go see a free preview of the Last Kiss. He even mentioned the word "relationship/dating...." and I was like "Um, can we date??" You gotta love those awkward after the date car situations. Good vibes all around though. Just mutually hatred for the ass we had dunch (mix between lunch and dinner) with.

GB, I want to see a picture! I want to dye my hair red again. Right now, it's still jet black with some auburn thrown in for good measure. smile.gif

Happy crushing to all, and thanks for the good vibes!

Gotta go watch The Simpsons and Family Guy now. Yay!


Ok I have a new crush....... rolleyes.gif
I met him on myspace and he's an indie producer.When he sees I'm online he messages me.
He's soooo freakin hot.He gave me lotsa cool advice about home recording and laughed at my jokes
about my new webcam.......
Did I mention he's so freakin hot.
Yay me, ok,ok I know what happened last time,but this guy is totally into the music man. cool.gif
Data, love me some musicians as well. Good for you girl!!

Omg, saw the freakiest preview for this movie called Jesus Camp. I guess this belongs in the movie thread, but holy shit. It really scared me.
Sassy, congrats on the date!
Left a picture of the new hair in "Say Cheese"!

So... HOLY SHIT! I asked Nurse Boy out! basically anyhow...
B and I were calling G all day to no avail, so I figured, 'fuck it', and I just went to the nerd house. Rang the bell, and a girl answered. Thought I had the wrong place but it turns out it she was a new roommate. I asked for nurse boy, she yelled for him,...and BAM! There I was, no turning back...
"Um, hey, sorry I left that day without saying goodbye, wanna hang out sometime?"
"Yeah!" he says.

So, gave him my number. Its in his hands now. We'll see what happens!

Good times Data! Sounds like a worthy crush!
GB & Sassy, all I can say is WAAHHHAAAAYY! to both you!

The 'no turning back' part of the meeting is hilarious,......that feeling of WTF have I done, knowing full well you cannot back out. BRILLIANT.

As far as the hair goes, you desribed yourself to a 'T'
a wild, slightly intimidating chick
but from your actions, can see the little lamb in there! Nice pic wink.gif

I will be watching from afar, g'luck with NurseBoy
drive by!!!

I am a Gemini. Leo rising. watch out. smile.gif

Mr HMCHH is totally awol and I am too busy to IM him when I see him online. I do still want to get together with him and have fantastic sex. Dammit.

HGF won't stop texting me and I did him a huge favor this week and now he keeps telling me how he's gonna take me out for a fabulous dinner and how we need to do something by ourselves soon, etc etc. Goddammit. He's young, hot, single, brilliant, and wealthy. AARRRRGHHH!! why can't there just be some chemistry on my end? but it's Just. Not. There. Dammit.

Gonna see other young hot thing in a week. We had been texting a little and talking on the phone last fall, then one night we were out with some friends and he walked me to my car and I gave him every opportunity to kiss me and he didn't and then he just kinda dropped off the face of the earth. Well, I did find out he moved across the country and enrolled in school. So that might have had something to do with it. But still. The only issue is that he is straight edge. I dont' care about the no drinking, smoking, or drugs, but I do care about the lack of sex (yes, he is THAT straight edge) But I have heard from reputable sources that oral doesn't count and he is good. So that makes me happy. However, I am jumping the gun, considering I have not seen him in almost a year. But I do need to call him so we can hang out when I am in his town (he emailed and said he wants to!) I hope I'm not too busy. Dammit.

and I am kinda missing my ex lately. He is doing really well, has really made some great changes in his life (which was my beef with him and our relationship) and I just really like him and always have. so I dunno. Dammit.

(all about the Dammits today)

well that was a little longer than a drive by, but I wanted to update.

hmmm, I've never heard of straight edge guys who wont have sex,.. but hey, I guess no harm in seeing how good he is at oral!

K, it was funny when he came to the door to greet me, it was as if it was perfectly natural for me to show up like that,,as if he had expected it any day now. He has a surprisingly mellow confidence to him, surprising I guess cuz he looks like such a nerd,, like he should of been nervous and stuttering and pushing back his glasses with one finger.

I'm really curious if he falls into that clean-cut group that is looking for a crazy chick, or could he already tell that behind my 'look', I'm really a nerd myself.
I think I'll be able to find out, cuz I'm pretty sure he's gonna call. Shit, I hope he has a bit of a bad boy in him, so far he seems like such a GOOD guy,...which is great outside of the sack,..but, you know, I need him to have a dirty side or else I'll lose interest.

Happy crushing y'll!

i think some straightedge guys who wont have sex also wont do anything involving sex.; hopefully hes not that kind!

i agree with the idea that the nice guys at the very least need to haver a crazy side in bed.
As long as we're telling our signs:

Aries sun, Aries moon, Libra ascending. Watch out, as Zoya so eloquently stated. ;)

AP, honeybun, I was just teasing. I think the amount of levity you add to this thread is fabulous!

So! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have this slightly oldish/new crush. I've been talking to him since I met him on Nerve months ago. He went on vacation, and recently came back. Just friendly im chat. Anyway. Things are heating up a bit! He has asked me out to a local museum to hear a lecture on a poet we were discussing. Yipe! I hope I get along with him. I do not like being disappointed.
GreenBean, the confidence thing is a sign that he should know his way around the bedroom. Sounds to me like you might have a silly grin on yourface at the moment....or a sly one at least, the one that makes people around you wonder what you are hiding/thinking.

Some of the nice guys also need to be 'told' whether verbally, subconsciously or visually that they can get their bad side out. Not everyone wants the 'bad guy' to make his appearance! One's that are saving themselves, for whatever reason (germs, religion, politics....) and don't WANT to have sex, well they have their reasons, might not be worth busting your head over that...

My crushie is away, at this rate, I am going to have to find another fact, I am going to do that anyway!

Ophelia.....sun? moon? something ascending smile.gif. ok I am going to have to do some more research....
well if we are going all the way with astrology i am an aquarius with a cancer rising and a leo moon. the emotional cancer balances out my tendency to be a cold hearted aquariam beeyotch a tiny tiny bit;)
Wow. Kal, I hope you & your crushes' schedules eventually line up! That's wicked not fair to either of you. Of course, it does give you time to pine... or plan!

XedgeX boys are a tricky lot! Most of them are willing to engage in sex if they are "in love". They merely frown upon the casual aspects of carnality.

Oooooh, Ophelia! Poetry! *Raps self upside head* Knock on wood!

See, GB, girl, I told you so! I knew you could do it! Would you turn away a cute guy on your doorstep that you'd had a moment or two with? NO! You rock that shit, girlie!

Glad to hear your cup still runneth over, Zoya, you sexy thing you!

Pertty uneventful weekend. I was in too much pain to have anything but missionary/side sex, but HB made the effort to only kiss me on the side of my mouth that wasn't swollen & painful. Which only made me want to eat him alive despite the pain. Sigh.

Nurse just called! Wants to go on a date tonight!!
I haven't been on a date in so long!! All the guys I've been with since my last long term were hook-ups.
Eeep! I'm all shaking. At least hes already seen me pig-out, so guess I dont have to be too composed at dinner...I'm just worried about awkward silences and the like. Jeez, this is weird. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes! Kal, I hope your right about him knowing his way around the bedroom (although I dont think I'm gonna sleep with him tonight,...gotta see this old-fashioned dating thing through first, ...a kiss perhaps?)

Btw, I'm a Cancer: very sensitive and tender with a tough shell on the outside.
...and good luck Ophelia! Sounds sexy!
Yay GB! Go with a kiss! I think that would be cool.... Have fun! smile.gif

I have a second date with McCrush tomorrow. We're going to see Zach Braff's new movie. I got a free preview pass. I'm so stoked. And we won't have asshole guy along to annoy the hell out of me. He wrote me a really nice email (McCrush not asshole guy) this morning before going to work. I've decided to take it slow with him, as I realized that I took it too fast with SC boy. We'll see. We haven't even kissed yet, which is weird for me.

I have no idea what my ascending signs are. I'm just wondering now if I would get along with Taurus, as that is what McCrush is. Aquarians get along well with most signs I think, but I think fellow Aquarians, Aries, Gemini, and Libras are apparantly good love matches. Need to do more research.

Ophelia, poetry date sounds awesome!!!

Kal, how is the crushie schedule going??

Happy Crushie vibes to everyone!
w00t! GB's got a date, GB's got a date! Relax, get comfortable & you kiss that boy good! don't forget to have a wank before you go! No sense leaving the house with a loaded weapon.

Cool! A real date with Mcrush without asshole guy. Good luck & have fun! If you feel like you gotta take it slow, do.

Of course, I can't say I'm one for slow going. If ya'll recall, HB & I didn't even go on a date before I jumped into his mouth.
Sassy, generally aquarians tend to get bored with tauruses who arent as open minded and aventurous as us. but who knows you may get lucky. its all generalizations anyway
GB, kiss the boy!! And report back with details!

He seems really open minded. I'm amazed that he wasn't freaking out over midtown (most straight men freak out in a gay part of the city), so in a way that was a bit of a test.

I know they tend to be stubborn, but so am I.

I don't know. I tend to be such a slut normally. We'll see. It was a weird car conversation, and it was like, do I go in for the safe hug, or what?? So hug won out. But, I may kiss him tomorrow, as it will be our first official date.

Heh! So nervous and excited all at once!!! Great feeling! smile.gif
May even work a skirt tomorrow! Who knows?

Time to go drool over Eddie now..... mmmmm......

i almost lost my dinner all over my computer with that "i tend to be such a slut normall". seriously one of the funniest things i have read in awhile. yeah, i always shock myself when i show some restraint as well sassy, which is probably why i laughed so hard cause i know the confused feeling with myself when i do.

i agree with the "gay part of the city" test. and yeah, those horoscope things are very general, which is why you cant always go by them. i was however reading a book in B&N recently called "sextrology" and i am telling you, it had some observations that were so dead on regarding people i knew of all signs.

for aquarius women it said something about how you love the rough looking men who are big and burly and blue collar-ish to look at, but you want a really really smart guy underneath whose all academic and stuff. could not be truer for me anyway. i love guys who are artsy and brilliant but dont look and and are all manly and yummy. i had never seen it written down on paper though about an aquarius but it summed me up perfectly.
Glad I made you laugh katie!! Heh. Yeah, I told one of my co-workers that I didn't kiss McCrush, and she just stared at me for about 3 minutes going WHHHATT??

Should be interesting tomorrow. Indeed.

I'll have to see if I can find that book. Sounds cool.

Yeah, I'm totally like that. I've dated every one from ex Marines to farm boys to professors. And it's that great contrast of burlyness and like wanting to quote Dante or something after fixing my kitchen sink.. hell, that made no sense, but I'm a little drunk. Can ya tell??

holy crap, i got the L word.

fuckity fuckity fuck fuck fuck.


maybe he's just being friendly.
Oh fuck....

love? ugh oh
Kal, we're waiting... whole pic!!!

Ok, you got it, for a short while only!

I found this from a year ago......I love wearing dresses, with no underwear tongue.gif been on the date already? And you already got the L word..... laugh.gif what an eventful evening....

Sassy, what a great feeling huh! Got the hug in, now see if it can go on......I likey likey.

AP, these injuries still from your multiple fall-downs/general clumisiness? Recover soon, and at least you are still getting it in the interim..

My crushie should be back this evening, but not going to go over and attack her as she arrives home, thats too damn desperate. Going out with some peeps tonight that are a fun, naughty bunch, always get some trouble breweing with them.
no, not gb. the L word happened to me.
i talked to my exex today and whined to him about it.
he says if i'd just stop giving out those killer blowjobs boys would stop falling in love with me so damn fast. laugh.gif

i hate him. dry.gif

*singing* i saw your picture and you're a cutey

i'll post one of me sometime but just for a second so BE ON Guard!
hafta be careful of stalkers. wish i was kidding.
wow, all of those crushie vibes seem to be working out for everyone. i hope it happens for me...

i too loved sassy's "i'm just a slut normally."

probably cuz my nerves get the best of me on dates and sometimes i force things to happen quicker than they should. oh well. live and learn. and i know AP says to wank one good...uh, that doesn't work for me. maybe i'm just that horny. really. i've done that and still had sex. yeah, i'm not like other women.

buy sextrology. i own the book. love it, love it, love it.

i love talking about astrology and it's not bad to look into to help understand your crushes. just don't use it as a guideline for how you will relate in real life. then again, sometimes it is right on. weird.

so, i guess i will share too....virgo sun, leo rising, sagittarius moon. sun sign represents your true self, rising sign is how your project yourself to others, and moon sign is your basically i'm like a wildfire in the forest...i'm always, throw the whole latina thing...and i'm quite the spitefire. wink.gif

*~*keep the crush vibes flowin'*~*

ps kal~go after that woman! stop playing cool. remember the line from "say anything"...don't be a guy....there are alot of guys out a can do it!
Eeeep, I finally have something to say in here!

So picture this: Me, in my rattiest jeans, a worn out old Led Zeppelin tee, & flips flops, my crazy mass of curls piled up and clipped willy nilly, all sweaty after scrubbing out the fridge and on my way to the dumpster. The only hottie in the complex and I almost collide as we are both turning the same corner from opposite directions.

Him: "hi there." *huge grin*

Me: "um, hi." *blushes & wants to sink in to the concrete*

"like your shirt. are you the one with the 'more cowbell' sticker on your car?"

"yep, that would be me."

"I like your eclectic taste. and space ghost is cool. and the flaming lips." *smiling*

"thanks. yeah, I always think how lame it is for people to have too many stickers on their car, but then I went and put too many on my own car. guess I'm lame huh?" *nervously twirling my hair*

"nah. I think you're cute when you twirl your hair like that. we should hang out some time. come over for a beer?"

"heh. well, honestly I loathe beer. got anything else? I like water." *silly grin*

"well I'm your man, I've got pure flo, and it comes out cold even."

"can I have a rain check? it's late and I've got some crap to finish up but your offer is tempting"

"sure, but don't avoid me. that would just be awkward" *cheesy grin*

we both laughed like dorks, he told me his apartment number (which I already knew, I've seen him whilst walking my pooch) and made me promise to come by and check his music collection. squee, a cutie, in my building, who is a music dork too.
dangit, how'd I miss seeing a picture in here?

Now some guy from Nerve I imed months ago imed me back over aim and wants to chat. Huh.

oooooh, I just read that yuefie!!!!!!!!!!
Kal, did you post it? And you had go all Eddie on us.. ha! And yes, be totally like Lloyd Dobler. Ah, if every guy was like John Cusack.... Or, is it in the Say Cheese thread?? Pardon me, hadn't had any coffee.

Boy is buying a guitar, and you knows I like boys who play guitar. So, I may turn into a slut after all.... haha! smile.gif We're storing it at my house, until we get back from the movie. So I was up cleaning like a mad woman last night.

Yuefie, rock on baby!

GB, how was your date??

Pepper, when exactly did he say the L word? Was it during the bj??

Okay, off to work.

Oh off topic, but I lost three pounds! Yay!
erm, sorry pepper, got my innernet friends mixed up there......need to be fully awake when I read the posts...killer blowjobs will get you more than just the L word, they could get responses like *pant pant pant* "Where would you like that extra room built" and..."would you like me to rotate the wheels on your car?" and...."How many carats you say?" laugh.gif

Aha Yuefie also has a neighbouring crush, mmmm, lets see how she hadles this one.....I see you already played the acceptance/rejection thing with him....*orders popcorn*

Guitar players rock! tongue.gif Sassy, come over here, I'll serenade yer! Yeah, I withdrew the pic.....that one could get me in a WORLD of HURT if seen by anyone that knows me...internet village is tiny you was me in executive transvestite makeup though!
why dont you post one of you in PANTS so then you can leave it up and not worry;). stargazer, i definitly need to buy sextrology-it was so comprehensive.

here i am in the crush thread with no real serious crushes. besides 3 guys at work (i swear i cant work with men i always fall for one or more of them).

assistant boy-half korean half white so adorable i want to eat him. sexy too

IT guy-flirty and goofy and sweet

account exec boy-way out of my league but hot nonetheless. just a tad too skinny for me.

nothing will come of any of these, they are just reasons to be at work:)
yuefie, apartment crushie! yeah! fun even if it goes nowhere... more fun if it does!
sassypants, nah. it was during dinner. ok, then once in the sack but nothing much was happening yet even. and the L word during a BJ? forget it, it totally take those ones for granted. heh.
kal, no one has ever offered me a ring or to rotate my, ahem, 'tires' exactly. what i end up getting are ferocious demands for More! and 'OH DON'T STOP!!!' don't know how that benefits me materially in any way.
ok, wait, i did get the non-commital to consider a shack up. and the ex-ex apparently talks to my best girlfriend back home and asks her if she thinks we'd ever get back together again. hmmm, man succumbs to marriage due to outrageously satisfying oral sex? wouldn't that be funny!
my ex-ex always whinges about how once people get married the sex dries up and you can just forget about oral sex all together. i alway laugh at that 'cause i actually Like it and have always done it for myself. imagine not wanting to anymore because you've got a ring on your finger. that would be weird.
then again, i'll take a little midnight sex even when i'm pissed mad at the bastard. i hardly EVER say no to nooky. what's wrong with me?
hahaha i have heard more then one guy say that. more then one guy say that once they got married it was all over. personally, i cant imagine the EITHER pepper but i would venture to guess *most* women arent as cool and as sexually ferocious as the busties here;)
... hell, I'd take ANY sex right now!! The only guys I'm gonna see in the forseeable future are Mr. (who I work with and have a history with, and who is seeing someone, and who I still have great chemistry with - probably more so now that the pressure is off - and that is frustrating, and well, I'll just leave it at that)

...and Straight Edge Guy. (who I will hereafter refer to as SEG) Not much of a chance for action either place. Oh, and BTW, yes - full on Straignt Edge includes no sex. Like I said, though, I've been told by a very reputable source (ie: his BFF - as in "best female friend!!") that SEG hits "everything but the home run." If I could get me some good oral, I'd enjoy that..!

And on the topic of oral, Pepper, I'm with you! I LIKE doing it. And I, too, hardly EVER say no to sex. The last time I shied away from getting a little sometin' sometin' was when I was making out with HGF (oh lord, how I wish I hadn't gone there...) and he was pushing to give me a little sometin' sometin', but I hadn't had a bikini wax in a month, so I shut him down. Had the make out session occured 3 days later, after my waxing appt, he probably would have gotten some.

The funniest thing is that I was on my period too, but that never would have stopped me. blood = no problem with sex. Due for a bikini wax = no dice. I'm so vain.

Hey y'll!
Whew, theres been a lot of traffic here since I last posted! Took me 15 minutes to read up...

So, yeah, the date with Nurse was very very nice. At first when we met up I was like dang, hes shorter than I remember! which I dont wanna let bother me,.. but I am glad I didnt wear heels!
Anyway he took me to a very cute Lebanese restaurant,..there was even an accordion player!
The conversation went smoothly, and we decided to go to a bar afterwards. Since it was Monday the bar was pretty quiet. We talked politics and religion and family and all that stuff, but it never went into flirting territory. Finally, I asked him why he had wanted to go out tonight,..I figured he'd say 'cuz yer hot', like a typical guy, but instead he said, 'cuz yer a lot of fun to talk to'. Since I was in a foward mood, I just leaned in and kissed him. Wow! Boy is a goood kisser! Very tender, stroked my hair a lot, didnt try to get fresh, just plain ol' sweet kissin! We left the bar, walked around a bit, kissed some more and then he offered to drive me home (I had taken the subway there). I accepted but said I wanted this to be an old fashioned date, so not to be offended if I dont ask him in. He said that was a lovely sentiment.

So, prolly see him again, although we both have odd work schedules so not sure when.
Brit Boy emailed today, which seems like odd timing. Dunno what to think about that...

Keep with the updates people!
I missed the... Kalevra... uh... godamned... how did I? Sumbitch!

I actually hung out with Ian MacAye several years ago. He didn't mind that I was drinking beer & actually encouraged me to write him because he'd "remember" me. XedgeX is what the person believes it to be, there are no hard edge lines unless that's what the person subscribes to. Anybody that tries to be the XedgeX police is a dick.

Um, I like sucking dick, too.

Dude, Zoya. Me & HB had to come to an agreement. He'd shave his face if I'd stop waxing my cooch. He comes from a generation of men that *expect* pussy hair. Were you not able to get the Instead to work? I've a wonky vag, too, it just takes practice to get it up there just so...

GB is so romantic! You GO girl!
Yeah, I wasn't really trying to play the whole acceptance/rejection thing with him though. I just was in the middle of cleaning and all grubby. And it was really late. I am stopping by later tonight. I bumped in to him on my way out this morning and he asked me to come by this evening for some of that cool, cool water. Heh. He is soooo cute. Dark hair, piercing eyes, kinda stocky, tall, a little shy with a little cockiness, and funny. "We'll see", says the cynic in me.

Yay for good dates! And all the hot crushies and possibilites. And good blow jobs. Heh heh. BUSTies are a randy bunch! And, um, the L word? Eeeek.

Oh and AP, I DID have a solo session before the date, heheh.

(weird coincidence, Fugazi is one of Nurse's favorite bands...)
McCrush is picking me up in like 45 minutes!!! Listening to Garden State soundtrack (going to see Zach Braff's new movie) to get in the mood, and plan to do a solo session if I have time... definately honry tonight.....


Just hope Asshole guy isn't there!!

Kal, post a different one then!! Damn... sad.gif

AP - oh, I had no problem with the instead.. that was the night I saw Mr. HMCHH and he was all weird - you know, the only time my failproof method of getting some (ie: my hand around the morning wood as he wakes up) didn't work. so never even got to try that. No... the time I was talking about was when I made out with HGF like a month prior, that was before the instead night.

I need to call SEG today. But I have so much work to get done and I've been distracting myself with other stuff way too much today

***drunk and emotional ALERT****

I am probably going to regret a lot of what I post here in the next hour, but I am fearless, shameless and loveless right now, so IDGAF....

apologies in advance ladies


Sorry you missed the last one......this is from many years and my pussy... smile.gif

IPB Image

Cat's name was Soc, beautiful specimen, American silvertip according to his owner. He loved me and sat on my shoulder ALL day and drooled down my clothes......I called him CARROT ( Cat thought he was a parrot)

This pic will not be here long either...

To hell with alchohol..... mellow.gif
crushie alert!!!!

I recall postin earlier that crushie was back tonight, and I said I would not 'attack' her straight away.. BIG MISTAKE!!! I also mentioned that I was going out with some funlovers instead....yeeehaha, fun!

This is how it unfolds..:

Meet up with funloving crowd, and after the first glass of 4 yr old chardonnay, I get a text..." You home? I am back in town, but leaving early tomorrow, would be nice to see you"


I reply....."where you going to tomorrow? thought you had leave coming up in 2 weeks..."
response "leave approved early, got another weekas a bonus!'

devastated.....I should. have. stayed. home. tonight. why .....why did I play the the waiting game? *sadneess*

So I go out anyway, hit on by 2 girls, both quite attractive (looks wise, personality? no idea, never bothered to find out) and all I could think about was not seeing my crushie.....this sux, and I am going to be chastised by the ladies here, but I dont care, I LIKE the fact that I miss her....


GB. your evening, as you describe it, would be a PERFECT first date, if I was the guy you were with, mmm lotsa kissing (expectation kissing too)...sounds like you had fun. *imagine knowing your date had a solo before meeting you* mmmm

AP///? ...there is a generation of men that EXPECT pussy hair?...WOW! Fur is nice, no fur is also nice, but too much, well that just infringes on good head, right? As a guy, I keep the pubes trimmed.....not fo looks, feel or anything else, but courtesy. I hate a mouthful of hair.....*cough*...

Oh and, I like giving head as much, if not more, than receiving it...

K'thanks, thats is all.

Going to sleep now


~~~we loves us some boy in the thread. mmmhmmmhmmm. yes we does. ~~~

ok, things are coolio with the L word. i think.
i visited today and he was his chill but affectionate self.
said his bff told him to take me out already and asked me if that's what i want. i said "nah, things are fine with us the way they are. i like it easy." he looked happily relieved that i don't have grand expectations.
i feel better. and pretty damn happy that a such a fine man 'loves' me in a friendly way. that's awsome.
Off to the waterboy's now... wish me luck smile.gif
Kal, can you whoo me with your guitar any day of the week and twice on Sunday... yes, we love us some boys in this here thread. Yummm....cute pussy too.... (laughing)

Well, got home from horrid day at work. Decided to put on massive cleavage shirt, and just go out with McCrush, and drink. We ended up missing the movie, and going out to eat. He paid (You don't know HOW big a deal MONEY was with SC and I) both for the movie and dinner. I did most of the talking, which is cool b/c boy is shy. We ended up finally going to see Little Miss Sunshine. FANTABULOUS! I won't say much, but just go see the flick. I know that I should be posting in a different thread right now, but it's the damn beer talking. I need to so buy the movie when it comes out on dvd.

And he gave him back his guitar(I had stored it in my room), and kissed me long and hard by his car, and told me that he was seeing me on Sunday. He's got "strong lips" to quote from Pretty in Pink.

Hot damn.... my friends.

Chiming in that I love to give head. A LOT.

GB, sounds like you had the PERFECT date. smile.gif

Pepper, glad to things are coolio with you and L word. Isn't that the best feeling?

Yue, good luck!
Shit, I'm giddy tonight.

Going to bed now...fuck, I'll probably be watching the Golden Girls. What am I saying??

((All Busties....)))

And just to clarify, Kal love, it's cool that you miss her....
Gah. I need a kick in the pants. Or perhaps a boot to the head.....

Been texting with cellgrrl. She says misunderstanding, only someone else told me that's her HUSBAND. Why do I even care? Oh, yeah, cause she's hotter than Calcutta in July. Damn. I think I'm just trying to distract myself from work and moving or something. Bleh. Still....

Kel, that SUCKS! Pining for the fjords for the next two weeks, then?

Go Sassy, you vixen! McCrush sounds like an actual grown-up! And you are overdue for some grown manly attention, my dear....

GB, loved your old-fashioned date! Sounds like an old-fashioned game of Doctor is in your future cool.gif

Zoya, it's the age-old problem of juggling harem and work. How do modern women do it! biggrin.gif

Yuefie, have fun with the waterboy! Love thy neighbor with drinks and good music. Six 4:13

And I too love giving oral, but I do have a preference for a clean workspace, and provide same....

pics up in the say cheese thread. only for a minute though.

Hee, I finally got the see the infamous Dr Pepper! (how's the font? still a pain in the ass to read?)

I wish I had better news to report and could say it was toe tingling and fabulous. But the truth is, it ended with a fizzle-pop. Okay, so he has a roommate. Who is an jealous hag. And he is clueless. And I have no patience for that sort of nonsense. So either he can pull his head out of his ass and see what a rude witch she is, or they can go piss up a rope together. Ah yes, I am feeling bitter.

We hung out solo for a bit and the convo was flowing. He mentions he has a roommate and that she will be home soon. The *she* part threw me for a loop only because I was sitting there, fighting the temptation to get up and start tidying the sty. We are hanging out, discussing movies, our love of Six Feet Under, who's hotter - Lauren Ambrose or Kate Winslet, the virtues of caller ID, when he leans in and plants a kiss on my forehead. Awww, sweet. He pulls back and smiles and continues on talking like it didn't happen. I thought, okay, I can dig this. He put on a movie and motions for me to sit leaning up against him, with my feet up on the couch. I take my shoes off, but I'm wearing socks. We are enjoying the movie when the demoness flings the door open. She takes a look at us on the couch, looks at my socks, scans for my shoes and then looks back up at us. I swear if looks could kill I would be six feet under! She says "Oh, isn't this cozy in a hurry?" with the nastiest, fake, joker grin. He jumps up and makes a feeble attempt at introducing us, which she cuts off to say "Yes, this is the neighbor girl you were talking about. A pleasure." placing emphasis on the girl part. Then she turned and stormed her skanky ass off to her room. I sat there, stunned and like WTF??? He turns to me and says "She must have had a bad day at work. She'll calm down and then I can introduce you guys to eachother." Um, no thanks. I told him I was uncomfortable and we could talk about it tomorrow and bailed. So that was my night of hanging out with the waterboy.


Pepper! rushes over to see pics.... Gotta agree with you on the font of Yue's...heh.

Yue, what a cunt. Can I come over and slap the fuck out of her? And him for that matter? Acting like a jeolous girlfriend is seems. Weirdness.

Next indeed....

Still high from that kiss last night. And the boy reads!! That's such a plus in my book... Dating yet another engineer, but at least this one doesn't live with his parents! Ha.... Speaking of SC boy, he was in town last night, and sent me this really rude email telling me that he didn't want to see me at this concert he was going to. I wasn't going to go anyways, but.... ugh.
The more I think about him and that whole pseudo-relationship, the more I'm so fucking glad it's over. We were so WRONG.

Ex is emailing me still, and don't know how to take it. Although was reading his live journal, and he was bitching and moaning about that he wanted to get rid of all his friends, so we haven't talked for a while. When he gets into this funks, I tend to leave him alone.

Oh, new internet crush that I will call Jocrush. We're going to Tom Petty next week!!! smile.gif Yay!

Oh, and tough call on the Lauren vs Kate. I'd go with Lauren right now, but I just got over watching all my 6 Ft Under dvds again. Good stuff.
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