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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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Hey all.

Appreciate all the greetings from the crowd, and warnings too! I am of the opinion that if there were a third sex, men wouldn't stand a chance :-) Thats not being meek, thats just an observation.

Sassy, a similar thing happened to me about 2 weeks back, my soulmate, the first (and possibly only) true love I have ever had, told me she was getting married next month, it hurts a little, but we are the greatest of friends, separated by distance, joined by the soul, ...and I gave her my blessing. As she has a torrid relationship with her parents, she told me she would prefer to have me give her away at the occasion, I kindly is the job of her father, and I would feel weird doing it. Unbelievably, I was not weirded out by it, and under other circumstances I would have done it. Her future hubby knows me, knows our past and was happy that I (of all people) gave a blessing. But it still hurts a bit.

GB, 100% correct observation on your part, the love needs to be developed before the distance is added. Otherwise the worth in the relationship will be qustioned...been there, done that. You seem to have much to keep you occupied right where you are ;-)

As far as my crush goes, well, I am back in town this weekend, and being neighbours, will undoubtedly mean our paths will cross. Thinking of backing off, but there are other factors to consider. One of my worst qualities (is it a quality if it is a negative thing *muse*) is that apparently I am an 'imposing' person, from a physical perspective, so I have to let the 'fear' factor subside in people before they see my 'nice' qualities......maybe some time and mutual activities will help my effort...

There's a portions thread??!

Favourite IE comment: "What is this? The gospel according to St. Bastard?"

fun day to all!

ophelia~yeah, can you tell i'm stressed with searching for residency programs?
but, yeah, i just had a fondness of the guy...just too ambiguous...he did have to go on the road for, who knows...i'll say more to school...
Well, apparantly the ex isn't married but is dating people. WTF? So his friend either lied or he did. Regardless, still really bummed the fuck out.

And Hottie professor claimed he didn't come down last night b/c he was afraid of having sex with me. I told him to grow some balls.

Yes, there is a portions thread!

Go pepper!

Oh, IE news! There is a series that got picked up by FX with him in it, and will be premeiring in late 2007!! Yay!

le sigh. had lunch. i lurf him. not love but definately something...

kalevra, imposing *how*?

At 6'3, 220lbs some find me imposing....that and the fact I was born with a frown on my face :-)

A great girl friend of mine once said:
"Looks like a grizzly, heart of a teddy"
uh huh. brutus. sounds yummy.
perhaps you should be aiming for a girlie who can appreciate that kind of quality, hmm? why waste it?
my last tres serious fits that description pretty well in fact. works security, gets cast in acting roles as a cop, villian, gangster or crimmy. could effortlessly pick me up by the ankles and fuck me upside down (sorry i'm so crass, wtf eh?).
like i said, yummy.

ooh, is it rotten to crush on the ex? uh, i need a minute here... ahem.
Dude! That ain't imposing, that's *HOT*!

Oooooh! Crosspost!
hee hee, AP great perverts think alike (and at the same time apparently).
not sure why, but I always end up with the petite women, and consciously I do not go for them,.....same as blondes grab my attention, but I invariably end up with brunettes/redheads...

pepper, that ain't crass, it's interesting *contemplates the act described by pepper* Can that be done?

news on neighbour-babe, she's away for two days, so no interaction and no crossing of paths...
definate crushing going on.....I am actually missing her! Ahhh the heart & soul working together, leading me down the primrose path to heartache, which lies not far away.
hahahaha pepper and AP i was thinking the SAME exact thing. 6'3 220? Bring. It. On. loves me some football player sized men;)
psst, I like large men too and I am petite. I don't think they are at all intimidating. But maybe that is because I am intimidating to others?
Ha Ha! Pepper and AP posted the same thing at the same time! classic.

So all quiet on the crushes front it seems?

Old Crush texted me the other day (guy who was friends with my ex, I ran into a couple months ago...ring any bells?)
Anyway he is living in a sublet near the restaurant I work at and wants to drop in when I'm working. I havent responded yet. In a way it would be nice to have a crush again, but I'm not sure about him. Hes very cute but is a Bay Area hipster, and like the Portland guys brought up here before, BA hipsters are terrible at romance. It sucks cuz I'm attracted to their look but shit, they are really lazy about dating. Right now I need a Prince Charming type, you know? Not some "yeah, I dunno, lets hang out or something" type.
Kal, why can't I be your neighbor!! All about tall large men!! Please!!! I make a mean martini....mmmm... martinis......

All quiet on the crush front here. Sonic Youth boy popped up for a second, but turned into a total dickweed. Starbucks boy and I are still flirting, but no signs of any progress.... think we both may be scared or something.

GB, that's how my Sonic Boy is... he's all "let's go grab a beer....." and it just pisses me off. I think he just wants to fuck. And I'm totally not into that right now.

Yes, rotten to have a crush on an ex..but I have a crush on two exs.....

Happy weekend all!

We already are neighbours the global village tongue.gif

Martini's you say! I am not a big fan, but then I never really gave them a chance....might have to though, neighbour is a martini fan, so I guess I better learn to like em. I hate olives, this could present a problem.

She not back yet so no crush activity, but I attended a farewell party yesterday, and I had sooo much fun flirting with the girls, even the ones that are 'involved' (not the married one's, thats just wrong) and I think they had a lot of fun too, knowing that they are going home with their 'love' and yet they are still up for a little flirt, so cute, but I could see how it could lead to temper probs from the other guys, so just made it very low-key. This is what I miss about being single....not being a slut, but just flirty harmless fun.
Also met a girl last night who is my height, and taller in her heels. Lovely blonde beauty, very graceful, but for some reason I was not 'grabbed' by her so to speak....if I see her out again sometime, I might have to investigate further.... I was pretty flipped from too many mojito's, so I opted to stand back and watch, rather than make a fool of meself.
Fun weekend.
kalvera~i think you will get very spoiled with attention in here. smile.gif dude, it sounds like you're crushing on the neighbour (which is what i think we should stick to calling her in here--i like it--sounds very Australian soap opera-y) right now even without her here. keep flirting with women you come into contact with...married, gay, straight, whatever...practice those skills so when the neighbour comes can put that talen to work. don't settle for less. AP would say something about executive cock here, but i don't think it would work in your case....maybe executive pussy....don't know. What do you think AP? oh, and maybe it is not the obvious like height and weight that intimidate women...maybe you are just a stud to women. i like men who are taller than me too. their presence makes me feel protected.

so i had a dream about a guy i use to know through a friend. i will call him bcrush. his appearance is somewhat similar to my other crush...who i will call Mcrush. it was a weird scenario...too charming and it came off superficial in my dream. don't know what that means.

Mcrush will be coming back to town this week. wondering if our paths will cross. my karma is really out there, man. i tellin' you ladies and gents. probably why i've been more nervous lately walking down the street. while i hope to run into the same time, i am scared shitless. i literally melt in his presence, lose all ability to speak, become all dorky...ugh, i'm sure classy. biggrin.gif i've been trying to work the whole flirting thing myself with the men i work with in the mean time...

AP, i think i need you to do some ceremonial dance or something for me...

~*~*~sending out good crushie vibes~*~*~
"*contemplates the act described by pepper* Can that be done?"

most certainly sir. and then some.

sigh, he was such an acrobat.

dang it.

nothing much to report. a phone call every day, pretty flower blooming on my windowsill to make me smile, my bed still a rumpled mess (i can't bear to straighten it out just yet). nice, gentle crushing. heh.
Mojitos rock... and martinis are good sans olives. I like vodka too much I guess. Ah, such a lush I am. Heh.

New crush news. :)

Been flirting via email with a guy off Yahoo personals calling him McCrush(not to be confused with Mcrush of stargazers), and we're going to catch Hollywoodland tomorrow. It's a bit of a blind date(never seen his photo) , but we're going with a group of fellow movie fans. And, hell the movie has Brody in it, so if the date sucks, I can drool over Brody. And I'm going for free! Only problem that I can really think of he is pretty short. Like 5'5. Into tall men, like 6'1 and over. My last crush was 6'3. So, we'll see. Cross busty fingers and toes. I'm actually a little nervous. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

Also, flirting hard core with IT boy at work. He has awesome tattooes.

Kalvera, yes executive pussy. Go with the flirting....

Pepper, you're saying bed being in a rumpled mess is a bad thing?? Heh.
ick to the executive pussy thing. i don't want my stuff called that, Ever.

rumpled bed, it's a good thing. it's the view straight in from the front door though, ha ha. have to keep my b-room door closed.
Hmmm...we need a different name for it. AP, where are you?

Sassy, don't you love that nervous feeling before going on a date, I love it...and it can turn good if your date is able to get into comfortable mode quickly, the tensions drop and suddenly u are not on a date you are with someone who you can talk with, fun fun.
Alternatively it can turn into one of those loooong, uneasy sessions that you hope never happen. eeeee! no likey those....anyways, hope your is the former....have a blast!

stargazer, who doesn't like attention.....! this neighbour thing is surreal, she's back tomorrow....going to have another flirty week methinks..yay! The height/size thing sometimes bothers me *I get looked at like Kurgan out of highlander* and sometimes I LIKE it...can put a little power trip on, in a *parting the crowd* manner.

pepper.....I am STILL working out the upside down thing, and drawing some blanks here.....that would mean forcing something DOWN, that wants to stand UP..... huh.gif hummmm

and as for the executive *body part here* thing, nah, not even going to suggest something here...maybe AP could explain how/why the term was coined...?
Erm, I guess I havent been on this thread long enough,... what is this executive cock/pussy term mean exactly?

So, I dunno if its cuz I'm on my period but I have been in a total hopeless romantic mood.
Brit Boy hasnt emailed in two days and I'm just about ready to throw in the towel with that whole thing.
I want to feel cherished, you know? I wanna feel like I'm with someone whos making a real effort to make sure I'm happy. He was like that in the sack, fer sure, but outside of it? Not so much.

Still havent texted Old Crush back. If he really likes me, he'll come into my work and see if I'm there. I'm not gonna go chase after him.

Stargazer, I had a crush dream last night too, and I woke up like, "holy shit! I'm an idiot!!"

Lets back up,...the dream was about this guy I met (irl) on the 4th of July. That day (I'm talking about real life here) I was roaming the streets drinking whiskey with my friend B looking for something to do. We were in her pal G's neighborhood so we knocked on G's door,..she didnt have plans either so she suggested we see what her neighbors were doing,..they were these two "nerdy" guys as she described them. They let us into their place and yeah, they were a bit nerdy. I was already buzzed and real chatty with one of them. Hes an ER nurse and was making deviled eggs for a bbq in the nearby park. I mentioned that I hadnt eaten lunch and he offered me some eggs. Like a drunken pig I prolly enhaled like, five. At some point I told him how I just had a birthday days before, he asked if I got any presents and I said I got a couple but no one got me champagne which is what I really wanted. Anyway, time went by, we went to the park, watched fireworks and then went to a bar. Even more buzzed now, I remember there was a sharpie on the table, so I took Nurse Boy's wrist, rolled up his sleeve, and drew a Teenage Mutant ninja turtle on the inside of his forearm. He smiled at me, then said he had to go get something. He came back with a bottle of champagne, "here, for your birthday" he said. B and G start whispering in my ear "omg, hes in love with you! You two should date"..etc. But, this was when I was head over heels for Brit Boy, so I decided to ease up on the flirting with Nurse Boy.

After we closed down the bar we went back to the nerds house. They put on some surprisingly good music, and I passed out on the sofa. The next thing I know its morning and I'm in a bed with B. Apparently the nerds got me off the sofa, pulled out the bed, and tucked B and I in. (yikes! was I drunk!) B was super embarrassed (we just met these guys, ate their food, crashed their pad!) so we left without saying goodbye (the nerds bedroom doors were all shut).

Now, months later, I have this dream about running into Nurse Boy on the street, leaping into his arms and hugging the shit outta him. Strangely enough, I woke up to my phone ringing, and its my friend B. Before I say hello I'm all, "B! We gotta hang out with the nerds again!!"
The thing is, G has since moved, so it wont be easy to just 'drop by'. What should I do? Should I do something crazy like leave him a note? What do I say? "Um, hi, remember that drunk girl that made a fool of herself and left without saying goodbye? Wanna go out?"
sigh. He prolly has a girlfriend by now. I feel like such an idiot! He was sweet, generous, listened to me, has a good job that requires brains and compassion....why did I not pursue it when it was right in front of me?!!!??
stupid Brit Boy and his sexual prowess.

any thoughts anyone on my ridiculously long post?
I have a thought....

You were able to drop by last time, you could quite easily do it again!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained eh? Has he got any way of contacting you, like through B maybe?
You are making the assumption that he has a GF by now, but there is only one way to find out....and that means contacting him right. If you don't, you'll never know! wink.gif
Thanks K.
I guess I'm worried about seeming too foward. I'm really sensitive to other people's feelings, so like, if I'm gonna be foward I wanna know fer damn sure I into him, cuz if I'm the one pursueing him then I feel responsible if it doesnt work.
meh, gb. just go with no expectations what-so-ever. that way whatever happens happens and no one is accountable for anything. just go, relax, you have nothing to lose but a few moments of your time.

yes yes, an acrobat and he has an incredible, bendable penis. really, truly stellar what that man could pull off position-wise. BIG too, big all over big man big. all muscley and shit.

crushie-crushie-crushie-ex-crushie. le sigh. again.

the executive cock thing arose from AP's manifesto of fuck. sadly lost to a dingo attack.
maybe if we search the web? i'll take a look but i ain't making any promises!
McCrush even asked me to go to see Plan 9 from Outer Space with him tonight. Eliva is going to be there! I think I'm too nervous to go, so I think tomorrow will be the best bet. I'm nervous, but I love the feeling and I hope it turns out to be a fun time.

GB, I agree with everyone else. Just go do it with no expections at all.

Ex crushie again. Got a weird email from ex from years ago (the one I thought was engaged) and his friend gave me false information about him (that he had bought a house) and it was this sweet email about how he should have married me, etc etc.... not that I'm going back, but nice none the less (being I've had a shit week, and am majorly pmsing right now)

Bendable penises are nice eh? haha.

mmhmm. now i'm obsessively thinking about his stuff. damn it.

he really could get us into any postion and fuck the daylights out of me in what seemed like an effortless manner. bendable but still super hard, nice and big. he is prolly the only guy i've had any success deep throating because he'd bend to accomodate my all my angles. not a lot, just enough. (oops, wrong thread!)

shit, i miss him. not just the sex either. gah.
alas for the loss of the manifesto. Gone too are the days are of popcorn and male wallpaper. This used to be a thread of more lightheartedness =)
Hey now! I think we're still fairly lighthearted! I try to be amusing! It's not my fault that my crush turned into a full blown relationship! I didn't want it to!

I am liking the Kalevra. That's one purdy eyeball! He should be happy he's on the other side of the world or I'd be chasin' the poor bastard down the street. A welcome addition, sir.

GB. You rawk. You are hotness incarnate. I see no reason why you shouldn't turn up at the nerds' house. You will be welcomed. "Hey. I didn't know when your birthday was, but I brought champers anyway." Who turns away a girl with a bottle? Even if he has a girlyfriend, you can use him for practice, non?

Go, Sassy, go! Sonic Youth & SC are unworthy tools! Work the new crushes!

Stargazer, I'ma make a special grisgris bag with your name on it! ~*~*~*~*~Good crushie vibes~*~*~*~*~

The manifesto has long since gone the way of the dodo. Every now & again I kick myself for not copying it somewhere amongst my own papers, but hindsight & all that.

I dunno what to call the supremeness of ginch. Most women raise their eyebrows at me calling it a ginch, but it's mine, I own it & will call it what I want. Executive implies a suit. A suited penis I can see. A suited vag, not so much. Not even if it was Chanel. I'm working on a one act play called "Magnificunt" right now. Obvious, really, but it's a working title & it tickles me to see it in print. Lemme think on it some & I'll come up with something. There's gotta be something to designate the holiest of holes.

Hung with the Jcrush & the Tcrush today. Jcrush has come up with an absolutely horrid nickname for HB. Tcrush is a man of many talents. I am saddened that he's moving to NYC, but hopefully I will be hot on his heels. He gave me a big stack of books today & played me some of his music. We hung out on the balcony at his apartment. It was nice.

The mens are abundant. Ecrush, DJboy, 80220, & the weird Maine guy with the knife fetish are all sweatin' me. Oh, yes, AP is a BFB. But she's a BFB with a busy social schedule.
AP wrote a manifesto of fuck and I dont knwo about it. wow that must have been spectacular. Kalevra, i wanna see a WHOLE pic of you. HAHAHAAHA i was thinking about our reactions to a single man in the room. we are all such honry perverts. makin me laugh.

Kal, we're waiting... whole pic!!!

We are some honry pervs aren't we? Not that there's anything wrong with that... um hmmm.....

Fuck Sonic Youth boy with a 9 inch dildo. I just got a myspace message from him bitching and moaning at me b/c I didn't feel good (tis the truth) today, and he was saying how he didn't want to go to Sonic Youth in the first place... bleh. Fucktit. And how fucking dare he insult thurston moore like that??

AP, BFB with a social calender rocks baby! And say hello to Jem for me!
Poor Katie! The Manifesto of Fuck was an inspired moment on my part.

Wait. Wait. No. He. Didn't. To paraphrase my signature, you don't fuck with Thurston Moore & just come back from that. That's like starting shit with Mr. T.
When was the Mannifesto of Fuck??

Yes AP, He did. And he knows that Thurston Moore is one of my imaginary boyfriends, as I was insanely drooling over him at the show. He does not look his age, and still looks so punk and so great after all these years. Then again, this is a dude that listens to heavy metal. Hell, even one of his roommates was like, "educate the boy on some good bands (like Sonic Youth)" after we ran into them after the show.

His loss.

In other crushie news, why can't I just date John Corbett?? Hot damn he was hot on Northern Exposure!!

Last... April or so? I'd gone without for a couple of months & went batshit.

Y'know, Thurston is only two years younger than HB! KG is a year older than my father & still rocks her shit like no other.

JC was mega-hot back in the day. Rumour is he lost his spot on SATC 'cause he was balding & getting pudgy. I say BRING IT ON! Corbett is sex-ay! I want to lick his tummy.
honry? is this like pron? i likey.

and what's wrong with magnificunt? that's terrific. i'd take that for my kitty any day.

it's a brave single man that ventures into these parts unknown, lemme tell ya.
any dude with even a couple of good girly buddies knows how we actually talk about our partners and the deed. we ain't no delicate flowers, that's fer sure!

Magnificunt it is then. Executive cock has found it's counterpart!

Weirdly, Tcrush called me a delicate flower last night. My response was, "Fuck you! I may be a cripple, but I can still kick your ass!"
Magnificunt is great.

Wicked indeed.....

Yeah, apparantly JC is now starting a music career. Apparantly, has a CD coming out....I just want to lick him all over.... yummy....

Delicate flower? You, AP!??? When is he moving to NY?

Magnificunt.....mmm, ok. I get the idea of the suited penis now. I would venture to offer Significunt as an alternative....with subtle pronunciation of the U, you could slip it into everyday language, and everytime you hear the word you will think of here, this discussion and significant vag.. laugh.gif

Pictures, mmmm, maybe later, I like it here for now, not wanting to get chased away just yet, but I will put something up for you soon, but then I expect some reciprocation, right!

You girls are so funny, your reaction to the new boy has changed a little, and I am flattered by your change in atttitude towards me. I have been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have had lots of girl friends to discuss things with, and on a number of occasions I have had to remind them I am in the room when they start mouthing off about sex, males, bodily functions etc etc.....sugar and spice, and all things nice....mmm yeah right! rolleyes.gif

The Manifesto would have made for some interesting reading, I despise its demise.... sad.gif

AP be a writer of plays? Have you any completed works, or is it just the one in the pipeline?

erm, methinks I have strayed off thread-topic, my apologies... mellow.gif
ooh, significunt. that's excellent.

AP, sumbuddy's givin' you a run for da money honey.

nice one.

AP girl, i am missing something here? when and where are you a "cripple"? just being your saucy self or what?
Kal, my attitude hasn't changed a bit. Basically, if you aren't obsessed with takin' it in the nuts/spamming the shit out of us, we're cool. I count my fave Bustie boy as a most cherished friend. When I don't hear from him I worry about him. I'd give the fella the shirt off my back & suck his dick right proper. We connected because I threatened to sexually assault him over literature. He's a good egg & I'm honoured that he considers me a friend. AP means business, sugar.

Re: my being a cripple: Just more clumsiness on my part. I tripped the other night & whacked my head, face, upper right arm, right elbow, both hands, lower back, ass, & legs. I am a walking bruise. Friday I slipped in some wet soil & rebanged the elbow & wrenched a knee. I went out with one o' the boys tonight & he thought I might have been a victim of domestic violence. Except he admitted that he'd hit Chuck Norris before he even thought about hitting me. Yeah! When I jump into a pool, I don't get wet. The pool gets AP.
i so love this thread... are such the Sagittarius...Sags are terribly cousin twisted her ankle just walking down the sidewalk and spent the rest of the night with her ankle swollen...

crushes are so entertaining and draining. i was at work when one of the customers came in who i have a crush on. *sigh* very cute. he comes in by himself. i never see him with a girl. he just comes in and reads the music magazines. i'm trying to see if i can work some angle to try to talk to him.

i've realized i get crushes on bald guys. don't know why i love bald guys. my one coworker said it is because they make me think of penises. funny. i never thought of it that way. seemed more punk rock and less pretentious to hair was frivolous and they could do without. oh, and i love guys with glasses...preferrably dark rimmed glasses. that's nice. mcrush is bald and wears glasses. one weekend when i was trying to get over this whole crush, i was infiltrated with bald men with funny glasses everywhere i went....i was so close to just stabbing my eyes out....terrible...

greenbean~i think you should go for it. but, that's me. i'm a risk taker. i've met guys who appreciate that i've made the first move by talking to them. just be your gorgeous self and go with things. obviously you made an impression on him the first time. who knows if he isn't thinking about you right now?

thanks for the crush vibes AP!
Clumsy, yes, but we are oh so charming!

Two weeks ago it was the ankle. Some freak on a bike saw me fall & since it was late offered to take me home with him. Riiiiight. Then he wanted to come home with me. Riiiiight. I'll just sit here on the ground a bit longer, thanks.

Apparantly, Aqauriuses are also clumsy as well. The stairs just beg me to fall over them.... I did bruises all the time from banging the shit out of my knee on my desk at work or random coffee tables.... heh.

Got the blind date in a few hours. Shit, what the fuck do I wear? Where is my best gay when I need him???

Star, also have hot crushes on bald guys. Could be fascination crush on Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville (dude that plays Lex). There's a hottie that I've been emailing who is bald and delicious..... damn, that makes him sound like an apple or something. Now, I'm hungry.

And ditto with boys with glasses..what is that Dorothy Parker quote. "Only make passes at boys who wear glasses" or something. Tis early and sassygrrl has not had her morning coffee yet.

ppsstt AP don't forget about the chair/knee incident.
it happens so often you forget the best ones?

i'm going to track down my x. not the indredible bendable penis, the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad alcoholic. not that i retain a crush of any kind on him, just that i have some of his stiff. oops, i mean stuff. Stuff.
gah, maybe i still want to fuck him a little. what can i say? at least he was good for something...
Heh. smile.gif

Rushing in to tell ya that I have decided on a cool david bowie tour tshirt circa 1979 and khakis and my chuck taylors. Yes, I'm in a retro mood, and my cute jeans don't fit me right now due to being all bloaty.... ah well.

I'll report more later!

Dude, stargazer, my last long term relationship was with a bald guy who wore thick black glasses!

Thanks for the support guys! You make me blush! (gorgeous? hotness incarnate? Y'll are spoiling me!)
I dyed my hair black yesterday after going all summer with my natural reddish brown. We'll see if this gets more or less male attention. I've gone black before and it seems like it makes me more approachable, but usually from very clean-cut guys who wanna try a wild, slightly intimidating chick. Then they are surprised to find that I'm really a soft little lamb.

So consensus is to pursue the boy, eh? Don't know if I have the balls to show up with a bottle AP, ...but the birthday excuse is a good one! Like, I can try to get G in touch with him and tell him I wanna buy him a drink for his birthday,or something..
I'm going to a BBQ today with B and we can plan my attack. Look out Nurse Boy!

Good luck on the blind date, sassy! The look sounds good!
sasssyyyy whens your bday i am an aquarius too! and yeah, i am kinda klutz sometimes. i am athletic, but like walking can be tough for me lol. pepper, yeah honry, i kinda messed that up. i was writing while i was laughing about how we are all OVER Kalevra.

greenbean, you definitly need to go for it!

sassy, you'll rock the BD, and i think i speak for everyone when i say that. i hope hes awesome for your sake.

AP-I am very sad i missed the Manifesto of Fuck, bc I know it would have been hysterical. Not to mentioned incredibly original.

I think its funny when people call me a delicate flower, usually they dont know me from a hole in the wall. with a mouth like mine it only takes about 5 min of even listening to me before you realize you are talking to the most decidedly undelicate person you may have ever met. sometimes i wish i was slightly more delicate (i know my mother definitely does) but whatever.

crushie vibes for my busties.

hmm, but sassy spelled it the same way right after so i'm gonna keep it. it's funny.

honry. hee hee.
I too am an Aquarian, 22nd Jan! I too am clumsy, to the extent that I do not wear a watch anymore from trying to cut corners and smashing said timepieces on doorways, desk corners and wallstops.

Crush news: She got back yesterday eve, and leaves again this eve, 2 more days,.....and not even a sighting! Damn! This is weird, between our travel arrangements, this is going to be tough.
Everyone loves a challenge!

Sassy....retro night huh! mmm, sounds good, hopin' it is a great BD! I sense confidence, a good start!

GB, yeah, thats the spirit, if it's good its good, if it goes the other way, you will both live through it regardless. From his reaction the last time, when you were uninvited...he seemed interested right? And now you have a POA....class!

Katie all girls are delicate.... wink.gif you read The Taming of the Shrew?
i DID read it Kalevra-her name was Kate too I believe (there are lots of coool strong Katherines in the movies and literature, the only thing i like about my name)

My bday is Feb 8th.

My exes in jan 22nd and he was the same height and weight as you Kalevra. weeeeird.

Aquarians really are just some of the coolest people i know.
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