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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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hello ladies! after being disconnected with the 'net, time away, trouble loggin onto this new lounge, but always lurking...i'm back to posting in the lounge and, most importantly, in the crushie thread. alot of stuff happening here...

congrats on all of the good crush vibes going on in here!

lots of mini-crushes for me with the boys i work with. good practicing for the real thing. i don't date co-workers...i don't like to mix business and pleasure. plus, they are all in their early to mid 20s, searching, finding themselves...i was into the fix-it thing in my more...

actually have my sights set on 1 crush...actually spent some time with him early in May...pretty random...but, that man tore my life upside down...and i mean that in a good way...just when i though i knew what was good for me...he totally made me sucks to get blind sided...

oh...and know i like to keep it real...but, um, lady...your man is no longer a crush, but the real thing...yes my dear...i think you have move into reality and are in a a *gulp* relationship...shocking i know...
Whew! What a weekend AP! Very romantic. It does sound like pink slips for the harem. biggrin.gif

(((Sassy))) hope you're feelin' better, babe.

(((yummymum))) Alcohol was invented for moments like that! Just remember, his disinterest is his fatal flaw. If he was perfect he'd know how awesome you are! Heard from the pilot lately?

greenbean! Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Desire=invention. You guys'll figure it out as you go.

zoya-silly, silly boys. Mr HMCHH just hasn't learned how to have that kind of fun yet. The drunk guy had me laughing, that happens to me too! Silly.

ophelia, If he liked Gosford Park this time, Quills should spark some interesting, um, conversation!

Friday evening with cellgrrl was very nice! We didn't make it to Lovegarden, it was pouring so hard we stayed at JavaBreak most of the evening talking and getting wired on caffeine, which led to walking/running in the rain to the park around midnight before giving in and taking refuge in the gazebo in the middle of the park. Which lead into what was damn near public sex, had we not eventually been interrupted by the city's finest (the park is next to the police station). Lord, I think I may have actually *blushed*, as the officer is one who comes into my workplace fairly often. Sheesh, how high school! We do have another date this weekend for First Fridays, an artwalk/street party in the Bottoms (KC). I almost hope it rains again!
Shhhhh! Don't say it out loud, Stargazer! I'm not ready for that yet! I went from planning on going to see DJboy this week to like, fuck 'im. I almost always make the effort to catch Jcrush. Not this week, no siree. I still *feel* crushy. Giddy & excited just from hearing his voice. Argh!
oh, I love Quills! Good idea. Thank you!
Glad your rendevous went well!


This is not really crush related, but yeah. ExOtoy's lil lady is reading his myspace messages. !!!!

And HELLO Stargazer! Welcome Back!

Greenbean, you're making me jealous....grrrrrrrrr! I'm sorry he isn't here right now though. Know how it goes.

miss katiebelle, any crush news for us?
Mmm... Quills.... love that movie in a weird way. It's phoenix....the whole priest thing.

Chatted up with Starbucks boy today at work via text messages. We're supposed to be going out next week when I get back into town. Yay! It made my shitty day at work seem like shit like. smile.gif I was texting him stupid things like, why don't I have a boyfriend? And shit like that. Yes, going thru a bit of weird self esteem bs right now.

Also, have resisted the urge to go get coffee with ex. And SC boy will be comnig by (when I'm not here) to get his damn videos this weekend.

Six, sounds like you had an awesome time!

Katie, any crush news?

AP, dare I say you're getting romantic on us? That's so rad girl!

Stargazer, welcome back!

GB, glad you're back, and can understand you missing Britboy. Know we're here for you.

ap, now he needs a new name girl.

mcsquee smootched me silly at his place of business today. it was the highlight of an otherwise shitty week. is it ok to change my mind about liking him fer real?
Ok girls. I'm over the oldex. I just needed a few days, an awkward email exchange, and a few beers to help me get over it. You're so right, SIX, his fatal flaw is not appreciating my feelings. His loss-- REALLY!

The pilot. Ohhh... the pilot. We did end up getting together that night. Had our much needed little fling. And one thing that I found out about him, outside of the workplace, is that he is maybe not so smart. Not to be mean. I mean, he's not dumb. Hes good at his job, got a lot of common sense..... but just kind of DUHHHH in a way. Do you know what I mean? Ok well, this coupled with the fact that he lives in another state has allowed me to move on from having a real CRUSH on him. But it was fun for a second. And that's really what I needed, slut puppy that I am! hehe

In other man news- a potential blind date that I had been really looking forward to may not work out. This guy is hot, professional, smart, devoted father... all good things. But he hasnt dated since the Big D and is afraid of the whole blind date scenario. Just my fucking luck. Why are the good ones so hard to come by? Yet, I seem to attract the freaks in mass quantities.

Speaking of freaks, my ex boyfriend from earlier this year is pulling some really freaky shit with me lately. He will just send me these totally off the wall texts in the middle of the night just to get my attention. Of course, I never fall for it. But its honestly making me start to question his mental state. First one was several weeks ago... 4am.... "HELP". WTFF?? Are you that desperate for my attention? I didnt respond. The next time I talked to him he tried to tell me it was because he had woke up at a friends house and didnt know where he was. Alright, retard... so you take the time to text me some psychotic crap like that? Whatever. Then last night it was.... "My therapist was right..." Again, what the fuck? Once again, I didnt respond. But this one really pissed me off! It was 130am and i was actually sleeping well. What a jackass.

Ok so last night I met up with one of my coolest girlfriends. We had a couple of beers and I indulged in some yummy-bad-for-me-barfood. I ran into a guy that I had met at a NYE party this year. He has recently broken up with a LTR. We sat and talked for a while. He's kinda cute-- for an old guy. I wouldnt call it a full-fledged crush.... but it was fun.

Thats it for me people!

AP- Congrats on the warm fuzzies! Is it ok to call it that?!

Pepper- Of course its ok to change your mind. You're a woman! smile.gif

Welcome back Stargazer!

~~Waving Hi~~~ to all of the other crushies~~~~

Yummy, I feel you with the Pilot thing. I've been crazy for a guy and then after bagging him realizing he was a giant snore.
And way to get over the ex! Keep it up!

Well, Brit Boy and I are back to dirty emails. Its weird, its like, 'back to square one'.
I think I latched on to the idea that we would fall crazy in love and I would move to London,,
but the reality is the relationship still needs time to develop. Fantastic sex is a good place to start,,
but is it true love? Not sure yet.

Kudos Six! I haven't been caught by a cop in years!

Brit Boy and I did have hot public sex *without* getting busted (per se). One time he bent me over a fallen redwood the night we went camping, was right in front of a blazing fire so we were certainly on display,..but I dont think anyone saw,.. we were pretty secluded.

The other time (now I'm giggling) was after getting drunk in the 'saucy' part of town, I innocently took him to a peep show for the kitsch of it (yer in a private booth and a girl does a strip tease behind a glass window). Our dancer looked like a tattooed Maggie Gylenhaal, and she was real flirty with us (prolly refreshing to get a young couple in there as opposed to the usual seedy old man)...anyway she encouraged me to take my top off and for BB to kiss my neck,.. then the next thing I know BB banging me from behind as our dancer is squealing telling us how cute we are.
The shade went down (its on timer depending how much money you give) and BB and I finished in private.
Thank gawd for the complimentary tissues in the booth! (Ha!! gross I know.)
BB and I ran out of there and into the sidewalk traffic (it was only like, 5pm! The sun was still out and businessmen were leaving work). We couldnt stop blushing and laughing for a good half hour after that.

Prolly the craziest and most spontanious sex I've ever had. Arg!!! Hes turned me into a fiend!
GB, way to go about the hot public sex..... smile.gif That's a lot of fun.

Got some dirty texts from hotty professor today. I think we just taunt eachother a lot, and know that neither of us will ever follow through on the act of it.

Flirted with cute IT boy at work with the groovy tattooes.

Met a few decent boys online, we shall see. Right now, it's just emailing....

The ex hasn't emailed me recently which is a good thing. I'm not saying that I'm still not tempted to meet him for coffee and a shag, but at least him not emailing me, isn't keeping up the flirtation. Shit, is that making any sense??

Kudos to everyone on all crushie news!

Don't feel weird Katie,..I actually never went on a date until I was around 23, and even after that it was pretty rare. I'm like you where all my relationships were either friends first or random encounters.

Just don't drink too much, and if you go to dinner make sure the food you order isnt messy.
Good luck!
oh no, make sure the food you order IS messy and make sure he eats it too. nothing like a few laughs and mutual face wiping to break the ice and suss out his real personality.

i recommend ethiopian, eaten entirely with hands.
you know, i prefer the "friends to lovers" dating. the whole "official date" stuff seems so... artificial.

that being said, i have a movie date tonight with Political Guy, which as of late has felt like hanging out with my old guy friends. which is great.

(but i still need that little hit of liquid courage pre-get-together because i suck.)
anna k
you know, i prefer the "friends to lovers" dating. the whole "official date" stuff seems so... artificial.

I agree.
well, it was supposed to be this week, but he got sick. Hopefully soon. y'all are making me impatient, to, ahem, have a man. ;)
not bad
Way to go!!!
I'm so gald you had a great time!!

My net date from 2 weeks ago is STill messaging me.I was obsessed with him.That was a tad embarrasing. I'm walking to the markets with my mother,when I get an SMS from him asking if I wanted to be his fuck buddy.I was pretty incensed.So I didn't waste the 20 cents on an sms to him but emailed him when i got home.

No I do not want to be your "fuck buddy"
Please stop contacting me.

How could I have been so wrong!!!
katiebelle. woot!! geeky lovin', yeah!
i haven't noticed the thing with older guys having a hard time givin' me a hard time. i mean, now that i'm 'older' and am hanging with older dudes and all...
whateves, maybe he was just nervous, or maybe that's just him. try again and see if he makes the grade.

datagirl, i'm laughing. did he think that was cute or something? t-ac-ky! ugh.

so, we have this lovely night, middle of the night, morning thing, so much fun, totally rockin' hot love, and then we have to go and spoil it all by doing something stupid like talking about stuff. blah, yes we are incompatable and we both know it, and yes we both want something more just not with each other, and yes things are getting a bit intense and, uh, 'interesting' at times but... can't we just relax and keep on having fun for now? can't we?
i prefer the 'friends to lovers' thing too but look where it's getting me. grr. *frustrated*

(if you got that vague simpsons reference there you are my best friend.)
Datagirl, girl, you was dickmatized! You were so stoked by the prospect of getting the HBI that you let it mess with your perceptions of what a spectacular douche he was.
Maybe I've just led a sheltered life, but I've never heard the expression "dickmatized" before. That's genius, Aural Poison.
I do think it's origin lies with those of us that are proud, strong, black women. I cannae claim it as my material. I first heard it about five years ago on the Original Queens of Comedy. Sommore coined it, I do believe, but I could be wrong.
Nice. I wonder if there's a similar expression for me....hmmm....ginchmatized? Something like that.....

So, yeah. Great fun was had Friday night, cellgrrl moved into full blown crush status when she revealed she was um, packing (sorry if tmi). Girly girls who do that are rare, and a major weakness.


Met after work Saturday, and things are good. Slow, somethingmatized me finally starts to wonder why she's mentioning her roommate every other sentence now. Like, he thinks I'm cute, we should meet him later, he really liked me, etc. I'm like wtf? Her roommate....oh. ooooohhh, her roommate, i.e. boyfriend. Duh. Um, not interested, thanks. Seriously, tell me this shit up front, you know? Damn.

So, pretty drunk now. Bastarding hell. I need a larger dating pool.
Go 'way, fuckwad.

I have it on ignore, I'm just annoyed at seeing this thread with his username as last posted. Need more drinks.....
Dude... cellgrrl is *packing*? That's just... wow. Unusual. That's ususally territory reserved for mega-butches/kings/transmen. Sucks about the sitting on the fence roomie thing. Why can't some folks be honest.

oh six, sorry chica. that crap bites.
made me laugh with the other bit though, ha. like i could ever fit any of my toys into my pants. hee hee, well if i did i wouldn't have to actually go and mention it to anyone. ~~funny~~
Yeah, last week she was in jeans and definitely wasn't, but Friday the flow-y skirt had hidden surprises. A very, very nice and unexpected surprise, which is why Sat. sucked. I don't usually let myself get strung along like that, but whatever.

And a belated GO KATIE! That formal meet-up dating can be so awkward, good for you for going for it!

datagirl, if you're lurking, just take your time and go at your own pace....

pepper, maybe he just wanted to be clear on the boundaries? No reason you can't have fun while looking around for something serious....

Speaking of something serious, how's HB, aural?
Fuck. Why do I even go home? All I got all weekend was why I was so fat, no relationship (apparantly my little tryst with SC boy got all over SC or at least the part that my parents live in.. .jesus christ! I have only met some of these people twice!). Hell, at least I got my David Sedaris book back. tongue.gif I found it sitting on my desk when I got home.

Got into a drunken fight with Starbucks boy about why weren't dating. It was weird. Whatever.

Go Katie!

Datagirl, just go at your own pace.

Been chatting with a few internet boys via myspace. Should be cool if we ever decide to meet.

good busty crush vibes to everyone!
sassy, your family suck if that's all they have to say to you. you're awsome.

i don't know what is up with this dude. we are talking on the phone almost every day that we don't hang out and it's nice but it's weird. we are definately decided that we'll just stay friends with some fun on the side so what the heck? i need some kind of therapy, i swear to maude.
Thanks pepper! smile.gif

My mother sent me a really nice email apologizing to me, but it still doesn't make it right y'now? I spent the whole rest of the day crying....My parents are assholes.

That's weird about the boy.

Strange to think SC boy was in my room without me knowing it.

HB was testy for a large part of the weekend, but he made it up to me yesterday morning. His birthday was last week & exex & the boys from the lab thought it would be cute to give him a hard time. There were dried black roses, they all wore black arm bands over their coats. Over the hill ballons & a tombstone shaped cake. He was not amused. We went out to dinner Friday night (I looked FABULOUS, I might add!) & he sulked the whole time. I gave him what had to be one of the top three of the top five hummers in the history of mankind. He *still* pouted. The next morning I got up & said fuck it & went home. We were supposed to go up to the hot springs, but I wasn't going to go all the way up there to share a room with him & his PMfuckin'S. No pissy man syndrome for me. I left my cellphone behind when I went to visit Jcrush & he gave me static because I don't spend much time with him anymore. WTF? So I hung for a few hours to satisfy him, came home, HB'd called a few times & Tcrush called once. I called him back, he wanted to know if I was still coming over. I asked if he was still being a drama queen & we bickered a bit. He explained & apologised & said he'd behave. In between our talk & my coming over he'd chatted with his neighbor lady & she picked the absolute WRONG time to harrass him about robbing the cradle in regards to me. The foul mood re-descended before I even got there. He stomped around the house while he made dinner & he glowered through the whole meal. After dinner he settled down in the living room with a magazine. FUCK THAT! I straightened up the kitchen & disappeared into his bedroom. I puttered around long enough that I knew he'd get curious, but I also knew he was too stubborn to come see what I was doing. I came out in a pair of his boxer briefs & a wife beater & went down stairs to the tv room. I got comfortable on the sectional & watched tv. He came down & asked if he could sit with me. I let him, but kept the remote. I acted bored & aloof & rebuffed every attempt to talk to me/touch me. "Nobody with a bad attitude gets to touch my titties." The AC was giving me wicked THO. I wriggled, I squirmed, & stretched all over. No punches pulled. By the time I finally relented he was going crazy. He apologised profusely & kissed my palms & fingers. I pushed my shirt up & made him scratch my back for an hour. The ineveitable happened. Sunday morning I woke up all warm a snuggly with him kissing my neck & back. I just laid there & quietly enjoyed it until I realized that he wasn't just kissing me, he was whispering words into my skin. "So sorry, so sorry." "So lucky." "Love love love." "Beautiful." "Sweet." "Soft." The inevitable happened again. And again. We lazed around all day until I had to come home last night.

That being said, Tcrush & I are going out on Tuesday night to a show. Oh, & I think I started beef with Jcrush, but I'd had a bit o' whisky & am unsure.

Parents are evil. My father is dead & I am deeply estranged with my mother. Sorry you had to deal with that drama. They had no right to horn in on your love life business. Feel better & be glad you're back home.

BTW, who tells their parents that type of shit? I don't tell my mom anything because she just twists it all around.
ah, your stories make me all smiley and shit. goop. i loves it.

i tell my mama just about everythang. she's an old hippie and if she ain't done it, it can't be done (or so i glamourize in my mind) so i feel like she can take it. i called her when i was sixteen and on my first acid trip to tell her about "the colours". she laughed and said, i know honey, i've done it too. funny mummy.

hee hee, "pissy man syndrome", HA!
Ok, here we go with a contribution, I am very interested to see how my little 'crush' compares from the opposite end of the gender spectrum!

Having been in a relationship until 3 months ago, it lasted almost 2yers by the by, I have been reluctant to get out on the dating scene, for the simple reason that as much I respect other peoples 'space', I like mine too, and have been busy doing MY stuff (hobbies, and sport as well as other things that bring a smile to my face, some to silly to mention here) Anyhoo, the social scene here where I am is hard to explain, being an expat community of literally EVERY nationality on this little globe, the social scene is a RIOT, drinking is like the mational sport, and in the heat of summer, any outdoor activity is a non-option, so people go OUT, with intent. Its fun, but can be a little hedonistic to say the least....
One fine morning, I walk out of my apartment, only to confront what I can only describe as a goddess....I tried to introduce myself without being a gibbering idiot, and only JUST managed to pull it off....I then exited stage left, she was on her way somewhere, and I needed to gather my well strewn thoughts, it was fitting.
Over the next few weeks, we have bumped into each other in the gym, hallway, local bar, beach etc etc, and strangely enough, I thought it might be down to stalking, but I know no-one she knows, and vice versa, so I am not stalking *phew*. All the time we make idle banter and it is fun, silly talk, real ice-breaking type stuff...all is good, but I am now develping a serious crush on this little beauty. Turns out, she is European (she would be riding around on a Vespa saying CIAO! if she was at home, for those of you IE fans in the know :-)
Have asked her out on a date, got on swimmingly, joined her friends later in the eve and we all got well wine'd up. Body langauge and the signals she is putting out all point to the fact that she is interested, and I feel myself putting over similar signals..( I rarely do this consciously uless I am genuinely interested in someon, I suffer fools badly) We get home and the goodbyes at her door are close enough for me to assume it is time to go in for the gentle kiss, and wait for a reaction.... the reaction is not what I expected, but not altogether a BLOCK.....mmm, ok, now I am embarrased....right? RIGHT! Next day I feel like a fool, but she reassures me that it is HER...and not me (heard this before) hehe...
So life goes on, and we see each other everyday almost, when I am in town (business takes me out of town randomly)...its been another 3 weeks and we are still flirting ....not sure if this is a 'test' I am undergoing, but her friends have now got into the scrutineering too...very flattering, but a little unnerving too! I am reluctant to let this stop, purely because I am honestly attracted to her and cannot bring myself to refrain at this point. I have no 'harem' as u peeps call it, she is the focus of my attention at the moment.
On a side note (I was reading the small-breasted posts last eve) and I have to admit that she is flat-chested, now before you plan to have me drawn and quartered, I think it worthwhile mentioning that it took me a WEEK to notice this...I am not a 'breast' ex was an A-cup....
anyway *sigh* will update this in time....
This has got to be my favourite thread at the mo!!!Auralpoison your are ass crackin funny!!

Anyway,so I get an email back after the fuck buddy invite and
he wrote.
Hi Data,
Yeah that was tacky,
Good luck with your music.

Ok so I've gotten rid of him.It was my first real dating try,I'm forgiving myself.One day at a time..lololol.
I am a fuckknuckel sometimes. laugh.gif So last night I went to the ex to visit my pet rats.I love those girls.
Ex and me spoke for ages but I'm not telling him about my dating exploits he doesn't need to know about that failure.It would hurt him too much anyway.He'd be a really good shrink if he ever decided to become one.As we were talking,I was wondering why I left him and why I was so unhappy.I'd like for us to get back together one day. We were engaged after all.To think,this time last year I was picking out the wedding reception venue.Now I'm busting about some
half assed guy on the net that I was projecting my feelings into. Pepper,I wish my mum was an old hippy!!!Yours sounds awsome!!
six, i just want to be clear on this. cellgirl has a penis? but shes a girl? i am so confused lol. or maybe just sheltered and retarded.

katie, i think six meant the girl had a dildo with her,..right?

So, I feel 'crushed' today. Brit Boy seems to be losing interest. He still emails but they are becoming
more friendly as opposed to dirty or romantic. He told me a few days back that he didnt really think about the consequences of starting this type of relationship, and I had took that as a sweet thing, like he really likes me,..but now I think he meant it like hes not sure he wants it.

This sucks. To make matters worse I have ZERO crushes here. Even the guys I moderatly crushed on before BB visited, just do nothing for me. I met a guy this weekend who tried to ask me out, but I turned him down. I look around and all the guys I see are just 'meh'. Even if theyre cute, its like they exude boredom to me.

Sorry to be Eeyore.
Packing = strapping on. I went to a drag king show & had bois with soft penises (penii?) & testes grinding into my lap. I had no idea that they made "soft" faux genitalia, but they do. I was curious so I asked the boi that had been grinding on me the most about it. Turned out we shopped at the same sex store, I just never noticed the soft ones. I looked at them last time I was in.

Any word on the Professor? Did she hook up with store guy? "Professor, what's another word for pirate treasure? Why I think it's booty, it's booty, booty, that's what it is!"
um, hello? has no one but me noticed that there is a BOY IN THE THREAD?!?!!

hi. umm... yeah, hi. please join our filthy disgusting delicious conversation.

cellgirl had a weenie and she was Wearing it. you ain't sheltered girl, why in the world would you ever need to know about that kind of thing? i know 'cause i'm a pervert but hey, i never said i was anything but.

i had lunch with that boy today and it was nice. sweet. some smootching in the change room of his store first too, hee hee. he's hot.
oh wow i am such a moron about the packing thing. it was either that or she was carrying a gun in her skirt. which would be odd, so i was sorta hoping it was something like a dildo. theres a boy in the thread? see, now i am totally confused. didnt read this thread for one weekend and i feel like i left for two weeks!

GB, that sucks about BritBoy, although perhaps with such a ridiculous distance btw you two it might be for the better in the long run? but really, nothing ever makes that kind of thing easy.
There's a boy in the thread? Well, welcome I guess.... smile.gif

Sonic Youth boy texted me after like 2 weeks of nothing. We may catch a movie, but he was being pretty vague about it. Hottie Professor is supposed to be up on Weds. He wants to get me drunk, which I'm fine with.

GB, that sucks about Britboy. Maybe he's just freaking out about the distance?
kalevra, you ARE a man, yes? i am thinking yes even though your name sounds kinda girlie. not that there's anything wrong with that...
Funny, Katie, it didn't occur to me packing would cause confusion (although I guess the gun wouldn't be totally out of the question, this IS the midwest tongue.gif )! Aural got it in one (although cellgrrl didn't have the more realistic-looking soft bits generally used for drag, just a silicon dildo, tucked. Erm, pulled back between her legs so she wasn't walking around with a hard-on tenting her skirt).

Kelevra is a guy, he referred to himself as such in his post. And named Kelevra as in Slevin Kelevra, yes? Pepper, did you see the movie Lucky Number Slevin?

Ah yes, a fair few BUSTies are Izzard fans, kelevra (hence my avatar, as well as sassy's). Crushing on Le Izzard is what started me posting in this thread! Have you made another date with your Italian yet?

((((Greenbean)))) have you chatted with Britboy on the phone since the arrival of the "friendly" emails? It sounds like he's trying to talk himself out of wanting you like he does because of the does he sound on the phone?

Crap, laptop battery running out. Happy crushing everyone!


A bit of both I am, definately male anyway. I did post in the newbies thread before posting here, more details about me over there....

GB, in my opinion, if BB is now concerned about the consequences of this relationship he has started, I would take it as doubt creeping into his mind. I may be wrong, but not knowing the tone in his voice when he said it (which could be why you saw it as 'sweet') tells me he is backing away.

Six, no, not asked her out on anymore dates, I am mulling over whether I should let this go, or just blatantly ask her what her feelings are....I am out of town for a day or two from tomorrow, so no point in anything ...

Le Izzard has quite following here. When I first saw one of his shows I was all! wtf is this? It was the dressed to kill show in SF and at the end I was well impressed. Any comedian from the UK, who cracks a SF crowd, and does some of his show in French....pure comedy genius.
Saw HGF a couple of days ago.. we were hanging out with a bunch of friends.. when I had to go, he walked me out and I could tell he wanted to kiss me, so I kissed him real quick then hopped right into my car. He texted later on saying that we needed to do something by ourselves soon. He called the next day (left a message) and asked if I wanted to have dinner. I didn't call back. I suck. He's just so nice and not a fuck around guy, and I am totally in the mood to fuck around right now - and besides, I still have ZERO chemistry with him on my side. So I wussed out and just didn't call him back. ugh. Now I know how all those guys who don't call me back feel.

Mr HMCHH is awol. Granted, he just moved last week, but still.

more later. I need to sleep.
Zoya!: "Now I know how all those guys who don't call me back feel."

Thats totally me right now but the other way around! If y'll can remember that far back, I was trying to give a courting guy the hint by responding to his emails with the 'we're just friends' I'm getting those emails!

Everyone is right, BB is having doubts. And really, I am too, it just hurts that he is!
I have known a few LDRs that have worked out, BUT they all had plenty of time to fallin love BEFORE they had distance between them. BB and I have the distance right away, and its really hard to develop true feeling from this distance.

The thing is, when I think about what I like so much about him,..the first (and most prodominant) thing that I think of is the MIND-BLOWING SEX!! How can I let go of the best shag of my life? How are other guys gonna compare? Seriously, I never realized how important sexual chemistry is until I met this guy.

But take that away and really, hes not THAT incredible a guy. In fact, hes kinda snooty and more than once was a pain in the ass. And he can be a bit irrational and totally anal. (these butt references are just expressions btw!) Basically, hes not the fantasy I had projected on him.

Anyway, sorry to be a thread hog.
Welcome Kalevra (altho I warn you to be careful, you are a boy in a mostly girls' treehouse..)
((greenbean)) Sorry honey! That sucks. Don't worry about being a thread hog....

What I thought was a typical day at work turned weird. I was on my way to lunch, and I ran into one of my ex's friends. He then proceeds to tell me that G is getting married. And I spoke with him (G) before the Labor Day holiday, and he mentioned none of this. So, I got really depressed. Not that G was the best guy by any means, but it just blew my ego for a landside. Needless to say, work sucked ass after that.

Starbucks boy called to try to cheer me up. I think he may want to date me, but right now both of us are coming off weird relationships, and he's trying to focus on school.

Hottie Professor became a dick and didn't show up. Figures.

Grrrggh.... Men suck (okay with the exception of new Kalevra... btw, have you spoken to you "Ciao" Vespa girl recently)

Gotta go watch Eddie now and drink....

*drives by on a vespa*


"I'm the pope...Ciao!"
greenbean~sorry to hear about the boy having second thoughts. i guess they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. plus, it sounds like you are trying to see what you really had in common with him. and at the same time, don't overthink it. it is easy to rationalize the hell out of anyone's behavior. besides sex, how did you feel when you were with him...and not in a sexual manner? sex sure can screw anyone's brain.

kalvera~welcome! i don't mind men being 'round here as long as you know who is in charge. wink.gif it is good you are putting some distance there with the girl. i don't know how i feel about inviting her friends into the picture so soon. it is still early. let her know how you feel...her response, or lack thereof, will be a sign whether or not to move on....

crushes do suck...the brain matter out of me. ugh. terrible. epecially when i was content with it being just a one night stand...then, met up again....some drinks...back to my place....the whole thing was just weird....he was the first man in a LONG time that i looked at and thought, "i wanna talk with you"....remember what i said about sex screwing up your wasn't so much the sex...but what he said after sex about feeling comfortable with me...of course, i haven't heard from him in months...letting go sucks...double ugh...why do men say stuff like that and then disappear? i hate being sideswiped.
where the HELL is the portions thread?!
oh man, do i Ever need it... whoo.
Doodle's the one we all crush on ;)

Hey everyone! I missed so much! I feel like I've been gone for ages. I dunno, there's delicieuse male wallpaper all over the store now that we have some new hires and transfers, and also I'm talking to some other guys. No portions on the horizon though. Which is, of course, what I am on the hunt for now...

Sorry to hear about these crappy goings-on, GB and Sassy.
Greenbean, so don't worry about it. I had the best sex of my life in one relationship but the actual mental relationship was really boring. It slowly degraded until my opinion of his mind, manners, deportment, and etc seeped into the sex. You can't fall in love with sex. Unfortunately. It sounds like he isn't the cat's pajama's anyhow. ((((GB)))

Awww, Sassy, I'm sorry! Stupid hot profs have big heads very often.
Here's to your dating life: ((((Sassy))))

Stargazer: whoa, what was that about? Did I miss something, pea?

Hey Katiebelle! That sounds lovely! I'm so glad it turned out well; I remember asking if there was anything up...and up it came...

Datagirl, I remember you and your rat girls! Don't worry. You'll be fine---with us to corrupt you ;)

sixelacat---soooo sorry cellgrrl didn't work out. That effing sucks.

AP--your posts continue to make me melt. (sighs dreamily)

Kalevra--sounds like a lovely woman; however, I wouldn't ask her out on any further dates. It's her move now. Then again, she might be waiting to see if you'd ask her on a second date. But all in all, avoiding a kiss? I wouldn't avoid one from someone I found attractive.
She may just enjoy flirting for the heck of it. I know I do. Of course, the other people in here may differ.

If I missed anyone, I lurv you too, and I hope your crushes are coming along nicely as well.

(passes out popcorn)
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