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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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I met this guy on the internet (I know,I know) and we chatted online that same night.
The next day I get this email from him saying how happy he is that he chatted to me and how I'd 'raptured his mind' I kid you not.After five months of no sex,no alcohol and living like a nun,I decided to meet him.
As the night wore on he became more and more attractive to me,of course I was getting more and more drunk.We were getting on like termites to wood,I even had a woody myself (in the female sense) So I was so drunk I slept with him (not a first for me,but after five months what are you gonna do?)
In the morning my attraction for him hadn't wained at all and I told him that I 'really really liked him'
Bad move I know.He had an appointment that morning and told me that he really wanted me to stay and could I wait till he got home.I live with my parents at the moment (to save some $$)and I knew that they would have been worried.So I went home,tried to get over my hangover and sleeping with him on the first date (the nun was still there in my head)
He called to see of I was ok ect and I replied that I was.Then I got another message saying that he was 'thinking of me' this was early the next morning while he was at a party.I replied that I was thinking of him too.So I messaged him on Sunday (the date was Friday) and asked him if he wanted to see me again his repy "Yes please!!" Then he asked me out to the movies or DVD's.I told him I couldn't cause I was busy,but I was just tired.

Today I emailed him because I wasn't sure if we'd been completely 'safe'in sleeping together.He told me we had and everything was ok and to not be concerned.
I don't know.....Have I ruined everything by sending the last email?? Should I have gone to the movies with him?He's just so attractive to me,I can't stop thinking about him.
But I think his interest in me had wained and that I'm probably not 'fun' enough.....I think maybe I'm neurotic but it sux when you have a crush on someone and they don't recipricate.I just feel like a desperate ole heel.....
Datagirl, you're definitely neurotic. Quit worrying so much! Take a few deep breaths. You only went on one date! After *five* months of living like a nun. CHILL! I don't think the email was wrong. You needed to know if what happened might effect your health & if he isn't a total fucktard he'll understand that. You didn't feel like going to the movies, why go? To make some guy happy while you were exhausted? You'd have been a barrel of laughs, non? Great fun all tired like? No. It was better that you didn't go. I do think it was kind of messed up that you weren't honest with him about why you didn't want to go though. Also, did he *say* his interest in you was winding down, because it doesn't sound like you've given him a chance to? The date was Friday, you started freaking on Monday. Listen to Frankie & RELAX! *You're* psyching yourself out, he's got nothing to do with it.

Also, I dunno how old you are or how long you've been dating, but FIRST DATE RULE NUMBER ONE: ONE DRINK PER HOUR WITH EIGHT OUNCES OF WATER AS A BACK. A girl's gotta watch her ass.

So AP is at it again. I've found that as far as *young* men go I have a a type. I was out with friends & the three guys I was attracted to were pretty much interchangable outside of height. I sussed out which one was coolest & I will likely hear from him soon. Another twenty-something!
Auralpoison you are hillarious!!! And you give great advice too.After a short period of being neurotic Im getting over it.Man,it's just too much like hard work and the lazy ass that I am isn't liking it at all. lol
Im 28 too so I really should have know ALOT better.I just wasn't that experienced in dating as I've just come out of a long term relationship so I will take a few deep breaths and RELAX.
Thanks. smile.gif
Amen to AP's advice to Relax. smile.gif

Hottie Professor is supposed to be up here tomorrow for of all things a funeral. I told him that he needs to take me for drinks. We'll see.

Sonic Youth boy and I are supposed to hang out on Weds. Maybe catch a flick.

Awww...twenty-somethings...mmmm... flirted with a new Starbucks boy today.... Yep, working on getting free coffee... Need to wear cleavage shirts more often.
Stay away from the professor! You will be spoilt! Old guys rawk. He has ruined me. Per example:

I quit taking my allergy meds. The snotty, scratchy, itch factor was high. I was sitting scratching everything but my snatch with a hairbrush. He thought it was funny. I suggested that maybe it was his cock I was allergic to & maybe I'd avoid it for a while. The look on his face was priceless. He got up, went to the kitchen & puttered for a bit. Me being me, I refused to follow. He came out with a roast pot & went to the bathroom. I heard the tub start. HB came & got me, undressed me & insisted that I get into the tub. He'd taken a HUGE length of cheese cloth & filled it with oatmeal. He'd added a whole bottle of honey & boiled it up & added it to my bath. Soothed my skin itch & aroused my *other* itch.
Hottie McProfessor had a funeral to go to today... So, we said we may see each other next month. I really miss him, and apparantly he still has this school girl fantasy of me when I was like 21.... He has kids my age. Weird I know, but he's so freaking hot. smile.gif

Awww.. AP!! That's so sweet. I melt when boys want to take care of me... one of my weaknesses.

My crushes are at a stand still right now . Sonic Youth is pulling this "I'm busy..." bullshit, and Starbucks boy is always working. I just want one of them to buy me a beer and take me the cinema!!!

He called me,we're watching dvd's on Saturday night.............

YAY!!!!! biggrin.gif

dang it. sexy ex is like that ap. totally pampers me. totally takes care of me. makes me feel all damsel in distress whenever i'm around his uber-capable caring, lovin' self.
and then he can't keep it in his pants with other chicks. sets me up and lets me down, hard. i have to remember that one. have to remember it.

on the other hand, mr mcsqueezy has gotten all sweet and attentive all of a sudden. kissing me in his car downtown in the middle of the day and shit. what's up with that? his family (mom, sister, dad and step-mom, not to mention his 5 yr old) all know about it too. that weirds me out no end.
there isn't any potential right there, we're having fun and i love it but we're too different to get along in any serious context. this i know, being 10 flipping years older than he is and having made my way around the block about a zillion times more than him. don't know how to handle that one.

i want a Serious Boyfriend. this crushie bidness is So much fun but it's trouble for me. i need something solid. meh.
Fucking migranes.

So, in a dash to read some David Sedaris last night, I realized that I couldn't find his latest book. I then realized that I had loaned it SC Boy way back like a month ago. I sent him an email, and he said he would return it next weekend. Well, I'll be out of town. Get this. He moved out of his parent's house, into an apartment. I'm not saying I will ever take him back, but it amazed the hell out of me. I wrote him back, and told him it was about fucking time. I guess my comment that no one wants to fuck someone that lives with his parents, hopefully hit home. So, I think I owe him a blow job or something, but one that he will never get now....

Fuck. So don't want to go to work. I feel sick, but I've already missed an hour due to lateness this week.

Pepper, with you on the boyfriend front. Hell, I just want someone to go out with once and a while on the weekends.
See, Data. Got yer draws in a bunch over nuthin'!

Sassy, sounds like he bought a fuckin' clue. Although why you think you might owe him a blojob (THAT HE'LL NEVER GET!) I'll never know. "Good boy, you grew a pair & moved out of mommy & daddy's house!" Why reward him for doing something he should have done years ago? If I hear your mouth has gone anywhere near his genitals I'ma punch you in the ovaries. Get your book back & move on down, move on down the road...

So this is rich. The only reason I slept with the kid was because he told me he was broken up. I thought it would be only kosher to hook his ex up with a new guy since I'd fucked the old one. Apparently she was unaware that they had broken up. I was PISSED & immediately texted him to call me. He was like, "Why?" Because I motherfuckin' said so, bitch. He apologized for "misleading" (Cos that's what we call bald-face lying now!) me & just wants to move past it. Will do. BUT. The only way for two people to keep a secret is if one of them is dead. I gave him the choice: take it to the grave or I will have your severed head on a pike.
Sassy, HE owes YOU, and he'll probably never be man enough to pay up or admit. Whoever gets him in the future owes you flowers, cash, and a nice thank you card.

AP, what a lying, fuckin' asshat. And if he opens his pie-hole I am seriously good at hiding bodies and providing alibis. I have access to stainless steel kitchens with industrial-sized pressure cookers that will turn his bones to soup. I'm just sayin'.

So, I haven't had time to post in forever since my job's been going through reorg stupidness. BUT, some serious flirting has been going on with a customer who is now finding obvious excuses to come in and chat. The downside? Starting on the 1st I will be working in a location in KC. Damnit. Cellgrrl is hot hot hot! AND interested. AND interesting. AND....I'll be moving to an apt in KC as soon as my lease is up.

*shakes fist at universe*

eta: sassy, your avatar is making me hot! He is so mine....
Goddammit, no word from Mr HMCHH for like a week. dammit!! I think I must call him.

I am seeing HGF next week.. he called me yesterday just to see how things were going.

and Mr (who is seeing someone) and I have to work together for a little while on a project. He seems to hug me at every chance he gets, which is fine because we are friends and I am sure he does that because he feels more at ease since we are "just friends" but there is no denying that there is chemistry. Oh yes. I will have him. well, I would like to have him..

oy AP, i have had that happen to me "no i am not married anymore" right.
Yea! Zoya is back safely! Glad to hear it! You call Mr HMCHH! Proactivity! Initiative! Hugs from the Mr! Good times with HGF! RAWK! So very pleased!

Re: me, what makes everything so fucked is that he's not the only person that told me they were over. At least two of our other friends confirmed that they were splitsville. I offered her sex on a stick in the form of old Ccrush. He's awesome, hella-cute, & digs her. But nooooo! El Douche-o is still holding on. He feels "awful" & claims not to remember much. Riiiiight. An amazing amount of forethought for somebody that was so out of it. Lube handy, noise cover prepared, clean-up towel at the ready. Not a hint of whisky dick.

Trust me, Sixelacat. If I get a hold of him, nobody will find him until a hunter pisses in his skull twenty-five years from now. OT, what part of KC you movin' to?

So Data... are you watching DVDs or "watching" DVDs? Hee! Sometimes HB will pop something in the machine that I actually want to see & then start getting amorous fifteen minutes into it. Retarded! Put in something I don't want to see or something I've seen before, don't wait until I'm engrossed to start molesting me because you'll have to be *VERY* persuasive or you'll have to wait.

The wedding is this weekend. Sigh. Wearing a chocolate halter dress with brown pattern/sequins, brown strappy wedges, cocoa pashmina, & big new handbag. I think I'll put my hair up, but wear it naturally with curlies 'round my face.

I lurve my dress:

also AP LOVE that clothing site and that dress is fantabulous. never had any idea it existed.
NO, not giving him a blow job. Glad he finally bought a clue though. For his sake, not mine. I told him that no one's vagina (and certainly not mine) would be anywhere near his penis, if he was pushing 30, and still living with parents. Besides, I'll be out of town that weekend, and hopefully be flirting with hot boys in Charleston. smile.gif And, yes he does OWE me, but he'll never be man enough to admit it. Asshole. I just want my David Sedaris book back. That is all.

Sonic Youth boy is being such a dickhead lately. I asked if he wanted to hang out this weekend (Sunday), and I got this very crytic text of just maybe.... ????

Hopefully, grabbing a beer with one of my new MySpace crushes.

Zoya, Call Mr. HMCHH!!!

AP, love the dress. Have to bookmark that site. It seemed really cool.

Sixelcat, isn't that the hottest pic of Eddie? Mmm....

Oh shit, did I tell ya? I'm going to go see Chris Issak next week with my flatmate.... He always does a meet/greet after the show, and the last show I went to, he told me that I had really pretty eyes. Yes, I almost fainted. So CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Data, same question. Are you "watching" movies (reminds me of the Eddie skit about going for "coffee..." ) are just watching DVDs. I never end up watching them, and fooling around...heheh.

Where's greenbean?

WTF? Got email from SC boy about Cat Power show, and basically asked me out. And then took it back, by IMing and saying, "Well, I could go with you, but you'd have to pay for your own ticket, and we could hang out..." And so I was all, "You don't want me to see me draped all over Sonic Youth boy??" And then he got all quiet. HA!! And meeting Chris Issak, pissed him off too....

Motherfucker just doesn't realize that I'm not coming back. And, I told him that he can get his damn tapes back next weekend when I'm not around. I'm afraid I'd end up kicking him in the nuts or something.
Ok so this is the latest........
I posted my songs on this site for my fav radio station here in Sydney...............
Then I emailed him about that fact.
So he went on to the site and wrote back saying that one of the songs was great,awesome ectect and that the other one needed work.Thats ok cause it was just a demo.So then he goes on to say that he has some ideas about what he could do with the song and suggested that we record it this Saturday night!!! (dvd night,yeah like I want to 'watch' dvd's,you guys are soooo perceptive lol!!)

Oh man!! me and him making music together,life gets no sweeter........

uhhh... I did not need to call Mr. HMCHH, because about 15 minutes after I'd posted that, he IMed me. ha! he had to run (work) but he asked if I'd be around later and I said yes... I'm not holding my breath, because he is pretty flaky in that area (super young, what do you expect??!) and not only that, I know he's working tonight and it's pretty all consuming, so I'm not sweating him. But still. I haven't brought up the social function I want him to come to with me, but it is coming up soon (like in 3 weeks) so I'd probably better... I mean, come on. An older woman wants to take him out of town for a social function and since it's mine, I am paying. Personally I think he would have to be a fool to pass that up.. I can see how it could be a bit overwhelming though. but fuck it.

AND... Mr. (just Mr.) text messaged me (he is in another city at the moment, we'll be back in the same place in a week) and told me that if I was there he would take me to dinner. To which I said I would take a rain check, and he responded "absolutely" Hmmm... I want to respect him dating someone, but crap there is chemistry, I swear. It's even worse now that we are just being "friends" and the pressure is off...

and HGF called last night.

Apparently the harem rides again...
*stops in to whine like a little brat*


so proud and happy for you crazy girls. honestly, you all make me proud to be a woman:)

I'm going for a bike ride with the final destination of sushi with Animecrush. (it's a 45 minute bike ride one way!) He takes pride in basically everything he does- we're coworkers- or, rather, were, because the summer job is over. I'm a basket case when he's around- way too giddy for anyone's good. oh, did i mention i'm moving an hour away next week? this is going nowhere- especially since he's only made out with one girl- who got engaged the week after- in a theatre production!! so.......
Harem may be starting back up.

Got a text from lard ass and he wants to see me once he gets done with his CPA exams next week, before I go to SC.

And Starbucks boy and I are heading to catch a flick this weekend....


He has also asked me to the movies tonight!!
TWO DATES IN 48 HOURS!! or is that 24.
I'm over the moon...........

I think we're seeing Pirates of the Caribean.(is this a good movie for a date?)
I don't usually go in for the blockbusters but it looks fun!!

Pirates is supposed to be cute. I really want to see Illusionist!
Have fun datagirl! smile.gif
Thanks Sassy, smile.gif

He said he'd call me this morning and it's now 1.51pm................
Im getting neurotic again,
RELAX... As Frankie and AP have previously mentioned.

Breathe girl....
Ahhhh, a relaxing day off! Yay me!

So very happy at the revival of BUSTies' harems! Good on ya, mates! (and other such British noises) You make a girl so proud!

Zoya, it probably just took a little time for your amazing hypnotic vibes to reach Mr HMCHH so he knew to IM you. Distance'll do that when they're young and not quite tuned in yet. You make him go with to that social function! He could use the experience....

Sassy, are there any theatres near you with make-out balconies? A good flick and a boy who tastes like mocha latte sounds like a good weekend! (and tell lard ass he needs to freakin' have a sandwich before he's allowed to see you, or you're going to have him checked for tapeworms! for Pete's sake...)

Britboy must really have turned GB out! I wonder if she'll be able to find decent burritos when she moves to London....

AP, lovely outfit, but I wanna see pictures of that PURSE! Your ginch must have amazing snake-charming powers.....have fun as the plus-one this weekend! Oh, and OT response, I haven't found an apt yet, but the new work location's in Merriam (dull), I'm hoping to find something near Westport/Valentine neighborhood but still on Kansas side (have to maintain residency for academic purposes). Drooling over some Rivermarket area lofts, though....

Data, take notes. These girls know of what they speak! Deep breath now.....

And, to round out the novel-length post, Cellgrrl has been texting me some *interesting* suggestions. I'm meeting her for coffee this evening, then maybe a little Lovegarden shopping, then....

Datagirl! Repeat after me, "He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy. He is just a boy." If you keep putting this much weight on this *budding* new thing you have going you're going to crush it to death before it can truly take root. And then you'll be gutted about it & neurotically wonder what went wrong. No more PRESSURE! He's. Just. A. Boy.

OMG! Lovegarden. Best date venue in Lawrence ever! I once hauled a grip of old Jackie Gleason records & other weird stuff back to Co for a boy I was obsessed with.

Ran into the Republican last night. I do believe he still thinks he's getting up in there. Not. You called me, like, twenty times. Thought about going to see DJ boy, but decided to hold off on that for a week or so more. Might head over to HB's after his poker game tonight.

Alcohol can do alot for a person.....
When I met (and slept with him) I was also drunk.I took his immaturity as playfullness and his sarcasm for wit.Last night we went to the movies and saw Miami Vice, the worst film I have ever seen.We were sober and weren't things hard!!I know I won't see him again so until I get another crush (I've learnt restraint the hard way) I want to thank all you very cool people on this very cool site for keeping me sane when I was obviously wasting my time on what I thought was a sure thing.I guess it just made life that little bit more exciting but in reality the guy just wasn't.
In the begining of my last relationship,this very same excitement was there.I guess I just wanted that again. smile.gif
oh yes. he is just a boy. so simple yet so hard to remember sometimes. Always a good reminder.
WC called me early last night and we went out and had normal sober conversation. he's claiming to be getting his shit together and sobering up again. I can't exactly hold my breath for that, but it seemed like a positive thing. We had great portions followed by no real sign of affection last night. When the sex is lame, he's Mr. Sweetheart, very cuddling. When the sex is hot, he passes out immediately afterward and I get no snuggly moves nor talk. Hrmph.

greeeeeeeeeeenbeaaaaaaaaaaan get your fine ass back in here and then tell me you're moving to britain. I can't deal with the suspense.

I too want a harem. I'm working on it though. Although I suspect two boys and one who lives in fucking pennsylvania does not count as a harem.

*stomps off, muttering about pennsylvania*

Where is GB? That would be so cool when you moved to Britian! I could finally have someone to crash with! I'm thinking of hanging out there in March as a late 30th bday present.

Starbucks boy and I had a long talk about boyfriends last night. I'm not sure if he was implying himself, but it was sweet to know. I am beginning to freak out about turning he was trying to calm me down.

Sonic Youth boy is becoming a dick.

Lard Ass need a major sandwich, but is still going to Tom Petty with me.

I made it clear to SC boy that I just wanted my damn book back. I'm still amazed that he asked me out again, and I guarant damn tee that he'll be emailing me a few weeks wanting to go to IKEA with me or something.

I was a bad girl and emailed two exs last night. Both I had considered marrying at one point in my life. One I thought was missing, and the other was a guy I dated seriously in college. I guess I'm just grasping as straws here.

I just miss the idea of a relationship. Does that make any sense?
And the fact that I thought it was going to be going somewhere with SC boy really pisses me off.

And yes, he is a boy is definately a good reminder.... smile.gif
It's four-thirty am. I am a freakin' & a peekin'. The wedding is tomorrow. Today, rather. This will be our first *real* outing as a unit. I mean, yeah, we've gone out & done stuff before; parties, etc, but this is a *wedding*. I don't know these people! How is he going to introduce me? "Please to meet the creamy beige hotness I call my lady." "Yeah, she's half my age & she sucks a mean dick! Bonus!" "This is the chippie I'm banging." Fuck. I know I'm fretting over nothing. I know this. So why did I leave the best fucking thing that ever happened to me sleeping peacefully in bed to come in here & kvetch? Because ladies, I am a fucking retard. That is all.

No, it's not...

It's gonna be fun. We're gonna look great together & have an amazing time. I can't wait to see him in his suit! I keep thinking about doing up his tie for him because he fucks it up if he does it by himself. A Windsor knot for my baby. We're gonna sneak nips of booze & hopefully find a dark, private corner for a quick, hard, dirty shag. I'm mad for the man. Mad, I tell you.
Okay, I need some help. I have a very big interest in this guy who works at one of the clothing stores I frequent. I know he has some sort of interest in me because...

a. The first time I went in there he tried to impress me by talking about his bike/bands that he hangs out with.
b. I went back two months after my first visit and he remembered my name and what I bought that first day.
c. yesterday I went in and he didn't ring me up but he came over while this girl was checking me out and put my clothes in a bag. he kept trying to catch my eye but (being the moron that I am) I kept looking at everything in the store except for him.

I think all this hints at the fact that he might be interested in me but I am not sure. Does anyone else think so?

Also! I need some cute ideas to initiate a friendship with him outside of the store without coming off like I am stalking him.

Thank you!
"ooh, this would go great with a ---- something i have. i need a second opinion though..."

"i'm looking for a ---- to wear to this---- i'm going to. i want to look smashing to make up for the fact that i don't have a date."

"wow, all that shopping made me humgry, i need some coffee and a snack, where do you hang out around here?"

"oops, i forgot an errand i have to run, i'll have to come back. what time do you close?" come back right before closing.

it sounds like he's interested in you, just give him an opening to make a move.
and for heaven's sake, make some dang eye contact already!! it's perfectly acceptable to blush and stammer and otherwise act like a doofus to let him know that he's affecting you. it's generally considered cute and endearing.

mr mcsqueezy wants to have dinner with me. like, out. not at my house dinner. in public. like a date. huh?
we are great friends, as friends i can affectionately smile at his bad habits and the things about him that are contrary to me. as partners, well, not so much. gah, i want this to stay simple and stress free. why oh why do i have to be so awsome and so good in bed? (heh heh.)
I second what pepper said.

AP, have fun at the wedding. Try to relax. Take millions of pictures. And have fun shagging girl....

Sonic Youth boy has vanished. Whatev. He would have been a good fuck but that would have been it.

Starbucks boy is still interested which is really cool.

Ugh. Getting over a damn seizures sucks major ass. I had to wake up to my housemates fighting over me last night b/c I was throwing up the whole night. Seriously, need to get an apartment. smile.gif
I'm back y'all!!

Whew, what an extreme two weeks I've had...I'm a little overwhelmed at the momment,
just left Brit Boy at the airport, watched him zig zag thru the security line as I cried like a baby.

Overall we had a great time, but there was a bit of tension here and there. We both agreed early in last week that we would try not to think so much about what will happen after our time was up, because it was making us evaluate every momment together instead of enjoying ourselves. By today we still dont know what to do next. We do know we want to see each other again, but both of us used up so much time off work, that we dont know when we can afford it. At one point he said I should just come live with him in London, then he retracted it because he says its still too much of a gamble to live together after spending so little time getting to know each other, and I agree.

Jeez what a mess. Why cant we just date, you know? Why do we have make drastic conclusions just to simply proceed in a relationship? Its so unfair.

In the mean time I'm def gonna go thru some sex withdrawls. Arg, i was gettin it like, 3 times a day, and good stuff, not just quickies (well, I had to surrender to a couple quickies when we were in public spots, heehee). Man is he good. I think I'm gonna spend all day in bed feeling sorry for myself.

So sweet that y'all missed me!! Sorry I'm not caught up in all your lives yet, I've got some reading to do...
you ok Sassy? I know that post-seizure feeling. Blargh. (((Sassy))) why were you throwing up?

AP, you're adorable. Have fun.

pepper, excellent advice to professor. I hope your date goes smoothly!

hey greenbean, good to see you. now you can join me in the frustrated thread...

edna, I'd take it as a compliment. he's obviously unable to function normally when the sex is so damn good. =)

hi mornington!

sixelacat, what's happened with cellgrrl? give us the update!

I've gone on a date with a nice fellow I met on myspace, strangely enough. I met him through someone who wanted to photograph me, I saw his profile and he just looked fun so I said hello. We had dinner some months ago, and then again last week.

I kind of also have a crush on someone at work.

And I flirt with a couple more people at work. Well, ok, the entire male staff. Hah. I'm bad. I love them.
But nothing really serious has come up.

I've dreamt about my ex once. I don't know what's up with that.
Dammit! I saw him. THE HIM! The one I will never truly get over. The one who has a girlfriend now but still emails me once in a great while to assure himself that I'm still madly in love with him. The one who doesn't really deserve me because he doesn't realize just how much I still care for him after all of this time. Its him. He is the one that I belong with. But because of certain cirucumstances, he will never let his guard down long enough to be with me. I know he feels the same way. He's just got a wall up.

I mean it. This sucks. It happened yesterday and my heart is still stuck in my throat. I had just gotten done getting a really nice, relaxing 2 hour massage. So yeah, I was all sweaty and oily and basically looked like hell. Sweats, old t-shirt, and (thank god for my...) ballcap. Not only that, but I seem to have something going on with my face and had gotten 3 big zits within the last few days. Of course it was then that I should be forced to see the guy that I haven't come face to face with for over 5 years. I was scanning the prices in the milk case at the evil empire that is Super Walmart. I grabbed 2 gallons, threw them under my cart while mumbling, I'm quite sure outloud, to myself.... 2 for $6.00. I turn around and there he is, literally 3 feet in front of me. We locked eyes. I said the normal HI HOW ARE YOU, and bolted faster than you can say mother fucker.

This whole thing just sent me into orbit for about the next 30 minutes. I completely lost my train of thought, practically running for the checkout counter, forgetting everything else on my list. Should I have said more? Did he even recognize me? Why did I have to run into him when I looked my absolute worst? You know I couldn't wait to get out to the car just to look in the mirror to see how bad it really was. Oh it was bad.

So here I sit. I was sure that I would have an email when I got to work this morning. No such luck. I wonder... did he think about me as much as I did about him last night? Did he just blow it off quickly? Seriously, girls.... I need to get drunk to forget about this one. The irony of it all.... the one that I actually DO want, doesn't want me.

Ophelia, I had a really bad migrane after the seizure, hence all the vomiting. I was planning on going to Chris Issak tomorrow, but I may skip it. I've seen him before, and it's in a venue that is hard to get to, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Bleh. Still feel like utter dog shit. sad.gif

One of the exs wrote me back to say he was still alive. I'm not sure if I should take this as a sign that he wants to see me again or what. I guess I just miss being a relationship, as silly as that sounds. And keep having these sexual dreams about him. I still want to grab coffee with him, but know that that will turn into full on shagging. Who knows? Maybe I need it after the shit SC boy put me through.

AP, how was the wedding?

GB, glad you're back!

Long ass post ahead. Abandon all hope ye that read here!

Motherfucker! Wow. That *was* one fast get away!

Aw, Yummymum. That's not irony, honey, that's *LOVE*. Half of the art, poetry, songs, books, & movies of the world are about unrequited love. It's weird how the greatest feeling in the world is also often times the one that kicks you in the teeth the hardest, non? Feel better, doll, for you are not alone.

For a long time I was one of those wall people & I lost a really good man because I refused to let him in no matter how hard he tried. Everything from a sledgehammer to a full on cadre of wrecking balls & I stood firm. Last time I saw him was at a party with the fiance that I'm sure has had at least two of his kids by now. I gave him a sterling silver fortune cookie & that was that. I really hope he's happy now.

Glad to hear things went well, GB! The LD thing can be a bitch, but it *can* work. My BFF & her hubby see each other maybe once every three months or so for a week or two at a time. All I can say is go with the flow.

Sorry you feel pooky, Sassy, but no sex with the ex! You leave that spoilt milk right where it is! Be patient! I admit I do talk to my most recent ex on a regular basis, but I know that if we hang out he'll try to stick it in me. No siree, Bob! I am not a receptacle! I also do have a cup of java once a month with exex. He knows I'm seeing somebody & that I'm really happy about it. Thankfully he hasn't yet realized that he works with him five days a week. He did mention that HB seemed more relaxed since exex's promotion. Hah!

So, Sixel... details! We are all up in your business! Cellgrrrl! Did you rock her world? Did she rock yours? DETAILS!

How was the date Ophelia? Why so long on the follow up? ~~~~~workcrushie vibes~~~~~ Breakin' all those poor fellas hearts! You should be ashamed of yourself.

Careful with the WC, Edna. Again, those SI boys are a handful! There's almost more cocaine than salt in some kitchens & lots of booze.

PA, Mornington? PA? Damn. That's a looooong ways away to be setting up your desert tent. I've got faith though. Snare one man & the rest will fall in place.

The wedding. The wedding was... GREAT! Short, sweet, & to the point. It was at this little place in the mountains with a pond & a little chalet-looking place. It was the second wedding for both & their kids were their wedding party. They were married on the water under a bunch of flowers. The groom/groom's men all wore kilts! The bride looked very tasteful & for the second time in my life I saw bridesmaids that didn't look awful. Oh! I almost forgot the bagpipers! The food was good, there was a cash bar with weak drinks, but there was free cheap/shitty champagne for the toasts...

But that's not really what you wanted to know about is it!?! No, *my* lovlies want the dirt!

HB looked AMAZING. I swear to cod, my heart fucking stopped for a full ten seconds & he had to remind me to breathe. I didn't look too bad either & I'm kinda surprised that we even made it to the ceremony! He didn't leave me alone except to get more soda for our drinks or to go to the bathroom. His arm was around me or he held my hand or I sat in his lap or his hand was in the small of my back/on my neck the whole time. I met a lot of people he went to school with & stuff. People he'd known for years. I laughed my ass off at stories of dumb stuff he did in college. He was a frat boy! He owned purple bell bottoms & puka beads! He streaked! He smoked pot at a Doobie brothers concert! I thought for sure I'd make a fool of myself, but whenever I looked into his eyes to see if I was getting the 'shut up' look... all I saw was pride & affection. I didn't cry once during the wedding, but everytime I looked at him I had to staunch the waterworks. And I'm not sappy. Anyway, we danced, ate, drank, & had a really good time. These people were really cool, too & their first dance was to David Bowie! I even got a few flinty, jealous looks from some women his age while he spun me around to "Perfect Day". The hairy eyeball was in full effect in the ladies' room as well until the bride came in & demanded to know why my lipstick hadn't budged all day. I let her try my lipstain & converted her into a Sephora woman. Once the bitches left she told me how pleased she was to finally meet me & how great I've been for HB. Okay. That time I cried. Just a little bit. I found him as soon as I left the bathroom & kissed him stupid in front of a bunch of men he was talking to. Many wolf whistles & Viagra jokes ensued. We managed to duck out to make-out during the garter/bouquet tossing. Our absence was noted, but not remarked upon. The bride just winked at us & the groom called him an old dog. I got more nasty disapproving looks. We left & went back to his place & made love. I started laughing about half way through when I realized that was exactly what we were doing. It wasn't just sex or fucking or hooking up or whatever the kids these days are calling it. Bad Company sprang into my mind & I laughed even harder. He gave me the 'what's so funny' look & I started singing "Feel Like Making Love" & he started laughing too. Until he stopped, cupped my cheek, & simply said, "We are, aren't we." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. Then we both cried a little bit & fell asleep in a tangle. This morning it was slow, sweet, & for lack of a better word, connected. Completely plugged in.

Oh, & afterward he made an admission over breakfast. He went over to my local & checked out Jcrush. HB... isn't wild about him. At all. I assured him I wasn't going anywhere that didn't include him.

Fuck me. I think I may be disbanding the harem. Um, I think I may be... Um. Falling. Actually, given the way I'm feeling right now it's really more of a headlong leap, but you know what I mean. I just can't say it yet.
wow AP!!! you go girl!!! you've resisted for awhile... nothing wrong with giving in!

In my news, talked to Mr. HMCHH today, bugged him about the social function... he seems kinda ambivalent so I'm thinking I am gonna get back to him in a few days and back out of my invitation. fuck it. I mean, I'll still ask him to visit / hang out at some point in the future, but I don't wanna deal with the whole social function aspect with all sorts of people I know, dressing up, etc. if he's not into the humor and hang out factor of the whole thing. screw it.

went to eat alone tonite and got chatted up by a drunk guy who is nothing of my type. nice enough, but WAY too... just not remotely my type. I did however let him pay for my meal. He insisted. over and over. So I let him. Then had a drinnk and left.
Ap. you made -my- waterworks start up, and they hardly ever do.

My date was fun. We had sushi, watched Gosford Park chez moi. Didn't do anything nasty, sat on the couch and made conversation and lightly flirty kicks. Nothing much. He and I emailed each other that we'd had a great time, do it again. He said to name the date, he'd bring over a movie and we'd watch it together.
*sniffle* shut up, yer making me all gushy over here. i feel all warm and squishy inside, it's ucky. j/k.

le sigh, the hopeless romantic in me is tickled le pink. no wait, that didn't sound quite right did it. whoops.
Jeez AP! I'm jealous!

I miss my Brit. I feel like I've been coming off a drug, all sulky and in my jammies all day.
There were times among all the mindless animal sex that we were actually making love,
where he would stare into my eyes and give me light kisses on my face as he went slow and deep....
*GIANT SIGH* What am I gonna do?

Shit AP, how does yer BFF handle the time apart? That sounds really hard!
For how long is it gonna be that way for them?
SO happy for you AP!!!! i agree, nothing wrong with giving in to someone who treats you like the princess you deserve to be treated as. its GREAT you had a fun time at the wedding.

i do however find it kinda shocking that the bridesmaids looked tasteful yet there was a cash bar, which, at least here, could be one of the tackiest things you can have at a wedding. were they non drinkers or something?
AP, so damn happy for you!!! I also agree with everyone else that giving in to someone treating you like a princess is not a bad thing at all....

Got another email from the old ex. We keep hinting at coffee, but he's made no mention of a girlfriend. Yet, at least he has a job. I'm trying not to go down that route, but I may have to meet him anyways. Just for flirting only.

OP, glad your date was fun.

Been talking to a few hotties on Yahoo personals. We'll see. smile.gif
Yup, I am a lucky girl! You should have seen the way those women were looking at me! You'd have thought I'd taken their favourite toy away! Like, how did she do it, the little bitch? I didn't simper ya pack of cows! I jumped into his lap & I've been there ever since.

Well, there was something like five hundred guests. That's a lotta booze! Personally, I think they just wanted to avoid the typical 'somebody got hammered & threw up on the bride's shoes' scene.

GB, my friends have been married for six years together for eight. Unless he changes careers, it's always going to be like this. He flies all over the continental US working on cellular systems & she's a professional photographer. They talk on the phone a lot & sometimes their paths cross when they travel, so it's not like they don't get to connect at all. She gets by because she has a pretty solid network of friends & she has a lot of hobbies. Work keeps her busy as well. Two dogs, two cats keep her company & she's been redecorating their home. I imagine it's harder for him because he stays in faceless motel room after faceless motel room with whatever tool he may be assigned to work with. The guy knows every aiport from Anchorage to Mexico City. It's not easy, but they've made it work.
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