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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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Thanks GB!

I'm just glad it's over. I wasn't too serious about him (I realized this on his last visit), and he was treating me more like a friend than a possible girlfriend. And ,I was considering to break up with him anyways (due to all the mind fucking games)

I'm worried about Brit Boy!!

Watching Golden Girls and eating chocolate ice cream is helping tremendous. As my mother said (and AP I believe) "Men are like buses...."
And he was someone to pass the time with, and I did appreciate that.
And as my best friend said: Shit honey! If he can't appreciate how fabulous you are, he is not worth your fucking time...."

I so love my friends and family. smile.gif

Zoya, babe, all is well, non? You made it safe & sound to your destination? Your computer is intact & in your possession? Such tsuris! They aren't even allowing books or *sealed* fluids on flights from here. How the hell does somebody get a peroxide-based explosive into a *sealed* bottle of Aquafina or Evian?

Poor BB, GB! Hope he doesn't have to spend the night in Houston. *AP crosses all available appendages*

Ophelia, it's all about currency. Most women concern themselves with what they -think- a guy -needs-. I say fuck that. I'ma find out what he *wants* & exploit that shit to the hilt.

Edna, I think he chose the big purse because it was the only one that would accomodate the *LARGE* plastic flask he bought me as well. Did you know that you can get an entire bottle of wine in a Nalgene bottle? Ha! I hate weddings, but, yeah, it's a lock. He just better not expect me to line up with the other "single" women to catch the bouquet. When they start throwing bottles of single malt scotch, I'm all over it.

HB is all about he gifts, the sneaky fucker. It's not what I'm used to. The nice-ities. I am more familiar with gifts that benefit the gift giver. Like, "It annoys me that you blahblahblah, so here's a blahblahblah to circumvent the perceived problem. Aren't I thoughtful & clever?" No, you're a self-serving douche that doesn't care about me at all because the gift is all about you, motherfucker. Anyway, I am nearly gagging at the sweetness here. We fell asleep last night at opposite ends of the sofa with our legs intertwined. HB, he's got the SOMETHING.

I am actually considering returning the purse. I doubt I'll ever carry it as much as I coveted it.

Tcrush? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's over. Saw him last night, had full opportunity to wow him. Instead I groused about the hipsters taking over my 'hood with the guy behind the counter.

I don't ever consider a man's needs, I don't think. I'm not maternal enough. I'm usually pretty good about reading people in general and exploiting it as well, but this one slipped through the net. But that is a good way of putting it. I've never used it to my material advantage though.

How was Sonic Youth Boy, Sassy? What's the deal?

I'm sorry GB! I hope Brit Boy shows up sometime soon. I hope, in fact, that by the time you read this you'll have been well satisfied ;)

Ap. Someday I will visit and I will see you in action. (giggle)
I take that back. I have actually used my ability to my own material advantage; however it was when I was a child only. And only rarely when I really wanted something, heehee!
Okay. This is fully mental. I went up to my neighbor's place for late night bevvies. He *had* a hot girlfriend, whatever. I wound up naked & writhing & he came on my belly. I didn't encourage him to make me come, but I'm weirded. He knows I have a relationship & he confronted me & made me cry before I pseudo-fucked him. Then he all but fucked me. He came all over my belly. If we'd have had condoms... he kept reaching down, but it wouldn't have done any good.
Hi All!

I'm at an airport at an internet kiosk right now.. just flying within europe, though. Didn't have to check hand luggage at all since we're within europe.

so I'm getting ready to get on a plane, send good vibes.. it's still a little freaky!!

ok I will write more later. There are lots of hot guys here, BTW. YAY Europe!!
Yay Zora! Europe is so full of hot boys! Good vibes! I'm so going there for my bday in Feb. One of my closest friends just told me that he and his wife may be there for their one anniversary too.. yay!

Sonic Youth boy's mom got into a car accident. We may hang out today. Then again, I haven't felt well all weekend, due to the whole dumping situation. I wrote him an email (SC boy) and encouraged him not to go BUSTing anytime soon. Asshat. Plus, I'm broke as hell right now, so maybe we can hook up next weekend when I have money....

AP, WTF up with neighbor? When is the wedding again?

GP, what's the word on BB?
Brit Boy's plane was only delayed a half hour, which means he most likely will catch his
connecting flight. Shit! I'm going to see him TONIGHT!
I'm freakin nervous,...its almost like meeting someone that I met online, cuz most of our
communication has been thru email. If I think to hard about it I get really weirded out.
I shouldnt have had coffee this morning cuz the combo of nerves and caffeine is making me
shake. ARG! This is nuts!

Thanks for the good vibes everyone!
If you dont hear from me for a while you know why!
girl, have a bath, a nap, some herbal tea and DO Not let your nerves make you fuck with the spots on yer chin (fingers crossed they're gone anyhow. i've been keeping my hands off my face all week in prep, it's SO hard). give yourself a mani-pedi, that always distracts and calms me down.

have a gorgeously raunchy time!!!!!!!
I agree with pepper.

GB, calm down. Everything will be fine. Slow down on the coffee. Have a glorious rauchy time!

Talking to Sonic Youth Boy. He is trying to cheer me up, and we made a tentative date for next week.

All is good.

I feel much better. smile.gif
ok, I'm hammered. Europe. Red wine. Irish Coffee. cute boys. drunk posting. mucho crushes (oh wait, mucho is spanish.. oh well..) I'm about 2 seconds away from drunk dialing Mr. HMCHH in the states. Or at least HGF.

I don't care.


Zoya, yay for being drunk in Europe! Whee!

Sonic Youth boy keeps calling me every few hours to check up on me. "You're beautiful. This guy was an asshole, if he didn't notice it....." Heh. Makes me happy. smile.gif

Why the fuck am I IMing the boy now? FUCK.
because you want to send him the message that the way he treated you was alright?
i dunno girl, why are you?
Not sure. I'm just really pissed. I blocked him on IM, b/c I just spurted out all this stuff about how I was hurt by him, and that I had three dates this upcoming weekend, and that he was a total dick. Then he said, that all his relationships fall apart.

GB, she's busy, yeah. Won't be seeing her for a bit.

No IMimg! Bad Sassy! He's a WASH! SC, dude, if you're such a dick that you're reading this, you don't deserve the Sassy. You still live at home & are a virgin. Get yer own place & dip yer wick, ya big baby!

WTF, indeed. I have no idea what that was about. I don't do things like that. I just... don't. I got ROYALLY hammered yesterday because I couldn't get past it. Like, I started drinking at nine am. Needed the brain bleach. I wound up picking up not one, but *two* guys. Sweet Jebus. I flirted like hell with a little Asian, lesbian lumberjack. How I got home is a mystery to me.
oh god.. I drunk dialed Mr. HMCHH at 2 am (it was early evening his time) I caught him in the middle of a dinner or something, he asked if I'd call back later and I was like "it's 2 am" and then I proceeded to tell him to get his ass online today and IM with me and oh god...

.... I am preparing to write him an email acknowledging that I drunk dialed him (but not apologising for it!!)

Zoya, at times like these I recall my aunt's mantra: never complain, never explain. Especially if you're just fishing to see what exactly it was you said (um, because that's what I've done in the past). It happens. Blame the jet lag/pressure of work.

Sassy, if I may, I would suggest something similar. Do. Not. Engage. At all. My 2 cents.

I am drunk in Europe fairly regularly, but then again I live here. smile.gif

oh no, I know what I said.... I was like "I"M IN EUROPE!!!!! IT'S AMAZING!!!!" and told him he needed to get online today so that I could show him pics. and I was like "ok, I'll let you get back... but DUDE!! I"M IN EUROPE!!!""

... hey, I was excited and just wanted to share with a friend since I'm here alone. Seriously, that was my drunken motive. I remember it clearly.

I'm just more wanting to write an email acknowledging it and what I was doing at the time and that it seemed the most natural thing to ring up a friend and be like WOOO!!!!

I dont' care what I said, I know it was all in the name of just sharing some radness with a friend.

but still.....
I just got home. After not getting much sleep last night, almost had a seizure at work. Probably due to no sleep, stress from shitty breakup, and period coming on. Not good. So, I ran home. Weirdness. My boss was both sympathic and really pissed at the same time. "Sassy, you gotta do what you gotta do!" And then just gave me death glare. I mean, I was practically turning green in my cubicle....

In another weird work event, my flirty boss hugged me and said that the boy wasn't worth it. Bossman is so cute.... We still have this weird flirtation thing going on.

Should be getting my dvds back in a few days. Debating about sending back his shit at all. Fucker.

I want Sonic Youth boy over here so he can cuddle with me. And bring me matzo ball soup. smile.gif

Read something in a book where you're not supposed to have contact with an ex (it's that book by the dude that wrote "He's not that into you...) for like 2 months. May stick to that rule. And try not to drunk dial him this weekend.
Stayed home from work today. Fuck it. I was sick. Going out with a guy that I met on MySpace this weekend for a drink. We'll see. I think it's just to compare love war stories, but whatever.
count down to the sexy ex. tonight or tomorrow. will i keep my hands to myself? hmm, only time will tell...
Go Pepper! smile.gif
Have blind date with a dude off MySpace on Friday night. smile.gif Also, seeing Sonic Youth boy at some point this weekend. Trying to get back in the game. Go me!!! smile.gif
Ugh, I hate this. Just when I'm zooming, I get an email from dickweed saying he wants his shit back. And he sent me a bunch of photos of me, and I looked really happy. And really cute. So fucking sad right now.

I know I'm better off without him, but why did have he have to turn into such a dick?
I have been kissing so much ass my fucking knees hurt. Seriously. I can't say I feel guilty per se, I just feel like I should make it up to him. I think he thinks it's payback for the purse.

I'm cooking up a storm! Some meals were consumed together, some I made for him to eat for breakfast/lunch the next day. I'd rather him eat leftover fresh food than styrofoam carry out. I've made:

lemon-oregano chicken with couscous & grilled veg
pannini with said chicken, mortadella, & marinated peppers
grilled salmon over saffron rice, & spinach w/toasted pine nuts
my extra special red beef tortilla soup with maters, black beans, green chilis & fresh cilantro/onion for the top
steak, baked taters, a cold tomato/green bean salad
smoked trout hash

Tonight is grilled apricot game hen. Not sure what I'll serve with it. I was thinking about some kind of stuffing...

I'm even doing all the goofy shit he loves to do that drive me bonkers. Spending the nights, lots of cuddling, napping, letting him play with my hair, etc, etc.
I have a crush at work. eeeee! He makes my knees wobble. I went to high school with him, but for some reason now he looks extra yummy. I think it might be the fact that I'm ovulating?
Or just a raving nympho.
Interestingly, I read some study somewhere that said that when ovulating we go for the macho, masculine Russel Crowe types & the rest of the time we go for the sweet, funny Ewan McGregor types. Me, I'll take what I can get.

I wonder where HB falls?

One of the guys I picked up on Sunday has called numerous times. He left his stuff at the bar & I was kind enough to give him the heads up. Yeah, he's a Republican, but he has a nice body & pretty eyes.
Okay, so Sonic Youth boy falls into the Ewan type then. He was so sweet.... I texted him frantically at work (had a bad day, but that's for a different thread) and was all, "What can I do honey???" SC Boy would have NEVER said that. Sidenote, I got my shit back today. No note or anything. But, at least my Eddie Izzard tapes/dvds are back in my hot little hands. smile.gif

Also have a date with a boy that I met on Myspace set for Sunday afternoon. Then dinner and a movie with the gals on Saturday night! Go me!

AP, please have me over for dinner!!!

OP, also have new IT work crush. With awesome tattooes. Could also be that I'm ovulating as well. Did break down crying in the bathroom today. Ugh.
See, I think HB falls somewhere in between the two. He's very masculinely built & played high school/college football. He still gets a lot of exercise. He's very stoic at times. If he doesn't have anything to say, he's not gonna talk. When we go places & we talk to different groups of people, he'll stop to kiss me on the cheek/temple/neck & place his palm in the small of my back. He'll move on without a word, he just wants to remind me of his presence. When he feels like manhandling me a little he does & he can be frighteningly passionate in the sack. I have a wicked bite mark on my shoulder & a hand shaped bruise on my hip to prove it! *BUT* he's also a big, sweet, snuggly baby. We fell asleep on the sectional last night with him laying betwixt my legs with his head tucked beneath my chin. Every now & again he'd rub his cheek against my breast bone & sigh. When we watch tv (He usually reads.) he wants me sitting in his lap or with my head/feet there. We've gotten the sleeping thing down (He tucks me in first & waits until my breathing evens out to join me. A charm! Once I'm out, I'm out. For all I know he's fuckin' me in my sleep.) & twice this week I've woken up to him staring at me in my sleep. He's a fuckin' octopus, I might add.

OMG... I think I may be fucking the Brawny Man! He can chop down a tree & weep for it later!

Thinking about it, hooking up with the kid was like being groomed by a fellow cub. Being with HB is like having the alpha lion carry me around in his mouth.
AP, I want one! wow!
mufasa ex is visiting me Right Now. he had a super long week of work and so he fell asleep with my kidlet in my room a while ago. i just. can. NOT. stand the flipping cuteness that is the two of them all snoring and cuddled up together in mutal unconsciousness. ugh. he's been working out and is all buff and tan and gorgeous too. damnit all!!

someone remind me why i broke it off with this faboo, lovely, wonderful man who wanted to marry me and give me babies...

oh, right. he liked to sleep with other girls unprotected. right. that's the one.

word, glassk! omg!

I tend to want anything all the time too, AP. I don't go for macho types only when I'm ovulating. Actually, when I posted, I was lusting after a shyer one. Today I'm calmer and meditating on a more macho one. (shrug) I love manly men. Because I am very feminine looking, and have feminine habits but I have a very strong force of character and personality. Don't like wimps. I don't see why studies have to pigeonhole us like that.
my crush situation is on the fence at the moment..

Boy who I've had on again off again thing with for over a year (we'll call him Mr.) is now dating someone. He had to put up with me earlier this year telling him I was dating someone, so I guess turnaround is fair play. Mr. is someone with whom I've been kind of working on a friendship anyway, so I'm not too bent outta shape, although I feel like he's putting off the friendship part, and I think he's kind of being an idiot for that. We've been through a lot - enough that he should know that we can be friends. duh.

Mr. HMCHH has been kind of AWOL as of late, but I know he's busy, so I'm not sweating it too much. I haven't brought up with him the social function I want to bring him to lately, but I'm really hoping he'll not be a wuss and let me bring him in from out of town to be my date. It's not any weird thing, nor do I have any ideas about us.. I just think we'd have a fun as shit time and I sure do need a friend to go with me to this thing no matter what, it's much more fun to take everyone with a grain of salt at these things when you have a partner in crime!

I've been out of touch with HGF, he doesn't text or do IM so its been pretty much cut off, but I know I'm going to see him in about 2 weeks anyway..

exboy and I have been hanging out a little. (he's working on the same project as I am, only in a different department) I wanted to stay over with him the other night, but he kicked me out because he had to get up really early the next day. It's probably for the best, but I think I am going to go visit him sometime this fall. who knows..

Why is it that the boy with most favored status in the harem always has to be the one who doesn't want to play along with what I want when I want it??!!!!! (damn you MrHMCHH!!) It's probably why they are the most favored one..

Send me good vibes girls, I am flying home tomorrow.
Holy shit. Was just thinking of you & here you are. Good vibes & a safe return, doll.

Note to self: Britboy must be knocking Greenbean's boots but good. Girl, get in here as soon as BB bounces. We want details, bitch!
Sigh! The pilot is in town. And after a couple of weeks of texting, late night phone calls and much dirty texting over the last 24 hours, I think we are going to get together tonight.

Oh boy. I know this could be a little bit dangerous, as we have decided it best not disclose our relationship to our common business interests. Wait a minute... relationship, smelationship! He lives in another state! I think this could just be a fling. I'm not sure. If he lived closer it could be more. But what the hell... I'm just going to enjoy myself and not worry about the details. I soooo deserve this after months of no chemistry with anyone. And really, I'm open to anything - friend, fling, fuck-buddy, or future.

AAAAHHH!! I can hardly sit still thinking about it.

Ain't nobody's business but your own. Have FUN!
Yum, girl go have fun!! smile.gif

BB must be rocking GB's world. We want the dirt honey!!

Zoya, sending you good vibes babydoll.

I heard from Starbucks guy today and Sonic Youth boy and hottie professor. I have four dates this weekend!! Starbucks guy and I are going to hang out if lardass (remember him?) and I don't hang out. Besides, lard ass just wants sex (along I need some bad...), but no physical attraction at all. He's a good guy to go to the movies with though. Sonic Youth boy called me all concerned b/c I was seriously having bad meltdown at work again....Aww....

SC boy who? I got my shit back, so I'm happy about that. Not even a FUCK YOU note. I told if if he wants his shit back, he'll have to drive his ass down for two hours and get it. I don't feel like mailing him 10 tapes.

Exboy and I have been emailing, but the second it turns serious(like actually seeing eachother) he bails. He can't even commit to emailing me.... asshole.

SC boy can suck my left one! Good riddance to bad rubbish.

GB, pip pip, tally HO!

Texting with Jcrush, slacking. Enjoying some Duran Duran, though.

maude-damnit! i have yeast!

oh well, it keeps me from doing something stupid right? focus on the upside.

so hard, he's being so good to me. gggrrrrr!
Hmmm.. Maude, John Gray books? Isn't he like Dr. Phil or something? Ugh. Yay for # 3 crush for finally giving you his digits. smile.gif

AP, so love Duran Duran.... Amen on the GB tip...haha! And funny my best friend had a similar comment about SC in an email: He can suck my cock, and he'd probably like it.... Really beginning to think SC was gay... I mean had a very weird obsession with anal. Not that makes one gay. But. Shit, been living in midtown too long perhaps. Regardless, boy is finally washed out of my hair. Thank Gawd.

Pepper, sucks about the yeast. Ick.
Hung out with Tcrush for a few hours last night. We left & went our own ways. He called a half hour after I got home because one of our friends kicked him down a bunch of music & he was all excited.
Well, Sonic Youth boy's car broke down this morning. He texted me piss as hell. So, we may hung out tomorrow if his car is better. It's okay. I had killer cramps today anyways.

Starbucks boy has to work on Sunday, so I'm hanging out with a good gal pal instead. And Lard Ass has an CPA exam to study for over the weekend that he has to take Monday.

No biggie.

Going to just shop this weekend, and rest. smile.gif

Happy Crushing everyone.
sexy ex is on his long drive home. gah, thank goddess, that was a bit too much. like Nothing has changed between us even though we haven't seen each other since november. i can't tell whether i'm still in love with him or if he just feels that familiar. i'm so glad for the yeast though, it kept us from screwing. we rolled around this am for a bit before i had to haul my ass to work and it was to painfully delicious. i mean, really, we did next to nothing, no smootching even, just... rolling around together. that was enough, damn hot that man is. and so kind to me. boo hoo. tragic.
Sorry I coundn't pop in until now! Yes Brit Boy has been boinking me non-stop,..the boy is an animal, and
his dick is bigger than I remember it, and he likes to go really deep...I'm quite sore at the momment actually *devilish grin*...My poor neighbors! Hes had me screaming at 4 am and again at 8 am almost morning!..surprised no ones knocked on the ceilling with a broom!

We did get into one fight tho, was silly..he was pissed that while we were at a fine dining joint our entrees didnt come out together, and he started acting real mean and snotty about it (thank god he didnt yell at the server tho, that would've been unacceptable) anyway after we went at it for a bit he apologized, saying that he was just a bit under pressure with this whole thing, and that he knows he can be a pain in the ass and I deserve better. Since then things have been really good, guess we had to get that outta the way.

He told me on the second night that he thinks hes falling in love with me,..then last night he says, "remember how I said I think I am falling in love with you? Well I take that back...I am COMPLETELY in love with you". gah. I should be over the moon, and I am, but I'm also crushed because I dont know what we are gonna do once the week is up.

Hes at a coffee shop right now as I'm supposed to be doing laundry and packing for our trip down I best hop to it! Good luck with all the crushes ladies!!
Pepper, I know that feeling, not knowing if you really love someone, if the giddy desire is just physical need, sentimentality and/or nostalgia, or real deep feelings. Go roll around with a few other men and see if it still makes you feelthat way to think of him.

greenbean, just enjoy the present, take it as it comes, have all the fun you can while he's there.

Speaking of neighbors and screaming, be very careful...

Um, I kinda did my part to get workcrush kicked outta his apartment. He keeps crazy hours and has many a night played his stereo a bit too loudly a bit too late and things like that. His building is mostly young crazy SE PDX kids who don't care about that shit. But he got a new neighbor in the apt. next door and didn't really realize it. One early morning, we were having noisy vigorous sex, and the neighbor next door pounded on the wall. WC got all pissed off, but we tried to keep it down. We joked about it and shushed each other every time we were in bed after that.

But like 3 nights later, we were having (in our perception, at least), pretty quiet sex--no screaming, no loud moaning, and there's no creaky bedsprings or anything like that--but it was 4:30 AM or so. Neighbor pounded on the wall again. WC was fairly inebriated, and he was furious. He got out of bed and put his pants on, marched down the hall and knocked on the neighbor's door. Neighbor didn't answer, WC came back to the bedroom and ranted loudly about the fact that we hadn't been making noise and about how he pissed off he was that they pounded on the wall.

In the morning, he got a 30 day notice slipped under his door, saying he had to move because he'd had 2 noise complaints and the next door neighbor told the landlord that WC had tried to break down her door (he hadn't, but he did pound on their door about as loudly as they'd pounded on his wall).

WC says, "evicrted for fucking! I can't believe it! If I can't fuck here, I guess I don't want to live here anyway." Gah. It's all been fairly embarassing.

I hate having to be quiet though...I can't help it, I'm a bit of a screamer at times.
screamer. count me Right into that group. if i ain't screamin' you ain't doin' it right yo!

ok, mr mcsqueezy made an appearance today. we rolled around on the floor for a bit and it was just fine. the plan is for him to come back a little later on and we'll see what happens. i think i'm ok yeast-wise but i got it because of him anyhow so we at least have to talk about that carelessness. and i feel like it's a good detox from sexy ex. some distance and something else thrown in the mix to give me some perspective.
i'm a bit surprised though, last we spoke things were off between us for sure. huh. well, whatever, i need a little distraction at the moment and i Know he rocks and is respectful and all that jazz.

kinda wondering what's up with highschool crush though, he was supposed to be passing through town and looking me up mid-month but this is past mid-month and still no show. perhaps i've been crossed off that list.
no matter, he'll come around again for sure, of that i have No doubt.
Count me into the screamer group as well. Heh. I also got one of my exs almost kicked out of his apartment.

Just got a call from Sonic Youth boy. His car is fixed! We're going out for beers sometime this week.... smile.gif

Exboy sent me a email, and wants to see me. Entertaining the thought, if nothing else just for some good ex sex. (and no, this is not SC boy, who I am sure pinning away in SC... being the super schmuck that he is).

Starbucks boy and I are supposed to catch a flick as well.

So, back to crushing again... yay!
Thankfully the kid lives in a corner apt. BUT. He did feel the need to close the windows & put on the loud industrial fan. He still kept telling me I was making too much noise. I barely made a peep. Jackass. The only kind of breast he knows how to handle comes on a plate with a side of rice pilaf.

He stopped by yesterday. I ignored him. I am now a prisoner in my own apt.

Suddenly, now it is known that I am occasionally promiscuous, I've been perved on twice. Creepy G tried to get me to come back to his place to get stoned. Yeah. Not enough weed in the world. Then Jcrush casually let it slip that he prefers to have sex with cool chicks (He thinks I'm really cool. WTF?) he's already gotten to know rather than ones he has to woo to get the goods.
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