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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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Heh. I guess everyone is right. Found out mix tape boy is a virgin.... hmmmm..... whatever. Keep thinking he's going to now start writing me depressing poetry. Still it's a sweet thing....

Just got back from date with Accountant boy. Tres boring. He was more interested in my steak than my tits. Hey, I got a free meal and a movie from it. So, I'm not complaining.

Men are dogs right now in my world....sad.gif My date was sucky. I keep thinking, I wore my cute bra for THIS???

Happy for everyone else though. Clerks 2 was really cute.

sassy, a virgin? omg, what fun!!
maybe he'll draw you a picture next. to go with the depressing poetry i mean. a self portrait with tears in his eyes would be good.
i made a boy a kootie catcher last year with sayings in it like "you will get stung by a bee" "i like you" and "you smell like doggie doo" in it. i know he still has it, and we're in our thirties!
i love that highschool crap, it's so fun!
Dude! What's up with you & the virgins, Sassy? That's NUTS! You're made of some strong stuff! Statistically, the average (American) person loses their virginity during the sixteen/seventeen years. Wow. You're the Deflower-nator!

Hot Boss brought me a late dinner because he knows I'm working a deadline. Yes, I slack & Bust, but I'm usually working. He pays *accute* attention & knows just how my little OCD heart likes things. Made my salad perfect down to the hand shredded red lettuce, cracked pepper, sea salt, squeeze of lemon, sliced egg, split cherry tomaters, & protein stuffs.
back, ladies. With Someone called The Ginger. I have been posting all.over. el jay land about him, but I figured I could come over and commiserate with you lovelies. =) So I've been sorta playing the field a while, dating around, seeing what's out there. But The Ginger was my first blind date in the start of all this madness. He and I hit it off, pretty well, but then he decided against romantic involvement. Changed his mind. Rinse and Repeat. Mind you, I do not play games like that. I like to play straight and just get straight to the fucking, really. What it turned out to be was much more complex than that, and suffice it to say, I completely forgave all former manouevres. In any case, he imed me after a period of not talking, and we got into the habit of talking. He asked me out again. I said yes. Since then we have been very vaguely on and off. Sort of always in contact, but never always constantly in touch. Everytime I see him we take time to get close, and it's like we have to move into each other's spaces. He asks to kiss me. I have only slept with him once, and it was last week. I am so entirely smitten that I really am scared. I've always been scared of crushes that hurt me. eeep.
I know right? I am the virgin queen. I haven't dated a virgin in a's weird yet funny knowing that I can and will deflower him one day... We'll see. He seems to have a hang up about sex, and now I can totally understand. He's only given oral on like 2 other woman. Atlhough, with a little practice, he could be great at it.

Yes, I would love a depressing self portrait. Hopefully, my mix tape will be of depressing stuff from Weezer and The Cure.

AP, that's so sweet. I need to find a boss like yours. Although, my head boss made fun on my Family Guy bobbleheads yesterday... which isn't exactly the same thing, but he was all: "OMG! I love that show!!" Head boss seems massively conservative, and would not figure him to ever watch the show.... smile.gif

So need more sleep

sassy - as someone said to me a couple of weeks ago (in here!) consider whatever you teach him to be a public service!! Hopefully he is a good student... and dillagent about practicing smile.gif
Zoya, very good advice. Thanks!! smile.gif He seems to be a good student thus far.

Still pissed at my date last night. He was so fucking obsessed with food. He had this insanely big meal, yells at me for not getting desert, and then at the movies gets this insanely huge thing of popcorn... and he wonders why he doesn't date? What a lard ass. Like I said, I did enjoy the movie though.

Ugh, so don't want to go to my crappy job.....

hee!! mr mcsqueezy has only been with four other girlies before me but one of them taught him da shit yo. i want to find that girl and freaking kiss her! do the world a favour and make sure you teach him up right.
I'm back online with the Pilot. I stole his number out of my bosses phone when he stepped out of his office this morning. I texted him and he said he had sent one yesterday. Apparently it didnt go through. But, rest assured, this time he is participating sober! WOOP!

Alright....I'm basically going to be worthless at work the rest of the day. It's been soooo long since I've felt a spark like this. tongue.gif Mile high club - too funny! It's looong overdue.

Sassy, girl you are cracking me up! Lard ass....hehe.

AP- Ohhhh I'm all about the older guys. I've just had a hard time finding them recently. I'm always saying - Dude, where do the old guys hang out? This ones a very young looking 42 with blonde hair and a nice ass and very soft spoken. I guess that's why I was surprised me when he contacted me. But, I'll take hot passive agressive ass any day of the week!

I'm thinking that after Hot Boss & I burn up, I'll take up golf. I went with him once (I sat in the cart, read, & got hammered. Golf encourages drinking & driving.) & the links were loaded with cute, single, old guys.
speaking of Older Men. sorta saw an older guy (49) for a little while for the past couple weeks. But too obsessed with Ginger. AP is right. Golf is where you find them. Actually, young ones too. All of the managers at work play.

Yummymum, pilots kick ass. I think their intelligence is really hot. Am I a dork? Good luck, at any rate!

Crikey, I tend to attract submissive or inexperienced types too. What IS that, anyway?

e teaching: totally a public service. I always feel a detatched sense of pride. Heeheehee.

Sassy, maybe he was so overwhelmed by being with a girl that he turned to food? Sounds a little freaky...

Oh, right. I knew there was something. I sent The Ginger an email last night sealed with a kiss. Now I'm freaking out, because I am a stubborn, prideful ice queen who makes others pay court first because she is in all actuality too scared to do it the other way around. Just thought I'd share. Eep. (why are all my posts ending in eep?)
On the weak men, it's strength, Ophelia, babe. They sense it, they want it. It's comfort. I have a knack for the weak, submissive sorts myself. I don't think there's anything wrong with being a hardass to get what you want, but there is a certain breed of mommy-less male that needs a firm hand. Nay, BEGS for a firm hand. I can't stand them. I've attracted them since I was twelve. I own my shit. If you can't tell me to shut the fuck up when I need to, I don't need ya. Piss off, mama's boy.
Ophelia, sassy, pepper, (and all BUSTies who go younger), I repeat my public service comment and you should get thank-you notes for what you're teaching those young 'uns! It takes more patience than I've ever had to do what you're doing.

The "she doesn't need mustneedher!" vibe just makes me wanna smack 'em with a rolled up newspaper. And it's not just boys, 'cause I get the babydykes doing the same thing.

Golf! The links are an excellent place to meet "experienced" folks! I go now and then just to keep up the skills (such as they are, I'm a crap golfer), and so I can go to Dinah Shore and shag women named Babs and Muffy. laugh.gif

sassy, forget the bad date, you have a mix tape coming!

zoya, enjoy "off the record" portions this weekend!

yummy, good luck in the "wild blue yonder"!

pepper, since you need a place to go, maybe now's a good time to teach mcsqueezie about the joys of carparks and darkened movie theatres....

ophelia, just be your regular queen-like self when you see him in person, interested but not too....

AP, it's good Hot Boss knows he needs to keep up your strength!
Thanks for the pep-talks, all.

I don't have a logical reason for it, but I detest golf. The golf course? that's where the 40ish men hang out? Hmm. I seem to only attract 27 year olds and 65 year olds most of the time. I'm, uh, 40ish myself, and kind of in denial about it. Part of my mid-life crisis seems to involve generally avoiding men my own age or older.

Workcrush is 5 years younger than me and Plan B is actually 2 years older. In the last 9 years, I've dated only two men who were older than me.. I likes 'em young.

I just started a new job last night, and there seems to be a lot of fresh meat there, heh.

But I hung out w/workcrush last night after work. He apologized for his fucked up texting last weekend, but we really didn't talk too much about it. I am loathe to start discussing his substance abuse issues with him, but I know that's gonna be the thing that eventually ends our get togethers. He was sober when we got together last night. I like him so much when he's sober. We enjoyed excellent portions repeatedly.

He said "I love you" to me last night. It wasn't in the heat of the moment; it was before we even started anything. I just let it hang in the air; I have a lot of trouble with really talking with him about our relationship. Of course, he'd barely uttered the words and then he was reciting his mantra about not being able to commit or have an exclusive relationship. So I chimed in with my refrain about not wanting a serious committed relationship.

Why can't I just get good sex, plenty of simple, uncomplicated good sex?
goddamnit! where do you girls golf? i live right Next Dang Door to a course and it is full of fat old Losers! hot older golfer dudes, hello!!! where R U? shit, this having a real job during the day business is killing me.

oh, sixel, we could make it at my house no problem, my sis leaves tomorrow. it's that one of the members of his family is his five year old (no prob, our kids are friends) but when the two of them disappear over night it makes everyone ask him uncomfortable questions like "where were you and with who?" and then there's a lot of explaining about stuff. ugh. it's supposed to be Simple.
Blargh. Thanks, ladies. I had been playing around on the side, dating two other guys just to sorta keep a hand in. I think I'm over it right now. I'm staying off aim, where he can find me. No more kissypoo messages on myspace. I will stay away long enough for him to wonder. I am pissed he didn't reply to both messages that mentioned kisses. Neither were sappy; I signed one in french, and the other was just a kiss. Nothing AWFUL. He told me to be to be more myself and pounce him last time I saw him. ha. Never, ever, will I listen to him again.
eee--I never go younger. Just, no one ever seems to know what they're doing. Not even the ones my age or older.

edna, I hate golf too.

Submissiveness in males, well, anyone really, but especially that cowed look creeps me out. It gets under my skin and irritates the fuck out of me. I hate it too. I don't WANT a backrub. Unless I ask for it, bitch. sixela--lol at the rolled newspaper!

zoya, good luck!

It's too bad too. I think I might love him if I was given half a chance.
Well I was talking on the phone earlier to Mr. (that is the guy I work with who I've had the on again off again thing with for the last year) and he mentioned casually in conversation that he has started dating someone. So no portions for me.

I'm kinda disturbed, because of course I always want him to be enamored of me smile.gif , but he did have to deal with me earlier this year telling him I couldn't see him when he was in town because I was seeing someone who knew about he and I and I didn't want to jeapordize anything. (things with that someone I was seeing ended super shitty and bad) And he also asked a few months later if I was still seeing that person, and I told him no and it was back on. So maybe he'll keep seeing this person or maybe he won't

but dammit. I like portions with him. dammit all to hell.
i'm so crazy, i'm sweating like a ten year old caught shoplifting---
moving in with security guard crush in one month. we fooled around once, never to happen again, of course, since i'm moving in and we're just friends. Man, this boy has *issues*. He's back with his ex, too. He's way too much like my ex, as well.. This is just one fucked situation. but when he talks about sex, or when we go to the gym together, it's all i can do not to want to pin him down with the weights he's using and tell him "don't be scared, I won't hurt you." but I can't be friends with benefits. It's gotta be one or the other for me (long term relationships aside, of course). Tell me, why is that?

And then this other boy who is hotter then hot, we'll call him The Coworker, and all 6 of us at this job live in the same building (we're on call) so he came across the hall, fooled around with me, wasn't any fun though, so i lost interest. After that, I was at my bitchiest becaue I didn't want anything to do with him and he was still being overly flirtatious. Yet, he's not a pushover (which is what I was expecting, and like you, ophelia and aural, i don't like it) I raised my voice at him a couple of times in one shift, and he sent me a very polite email basically saying, "I understand you're going through a hard time, but please don't do that again." And since that (a month or two later, mind, he's turned into a sweetheart. No crude/flirtatious comments, just sweetness. He told the engaged couple in the office "Hey, don't make glassk feel bad" when they hugged, and then gave me a hug. It was sweet. He also compliments me left right and center. Nice ones, too, the ones that notice the little details I've put into my appearance, or the quirks in my personality.

AND then there's the other coworker, who I just spend tons of time watching anime (something I swore I would never watch) with, and he's a total geek, but so cute. And such a virgin at everything. I think he's kissed 1 girl, it wasn't me, and it was for a Theatre production!
Okay, I live by a golf course, and all I see is really old farts. Whatever. The only cool thing about golf, is you can get hammered in the process b/c it takes forever to play....

Lardass and I are probably going to catch a movie this weekend. I think he's more into me than I am into him, but I like going on dates.

SC boy threw me for a fucking loop today. He's supposed to come up next weekend. And then writes me an email saying that he's talking to some girl that he met on (we met on that site as well), and for me not to be jeolous. He told me to think of her as a female version of Starbucks boy. I told him as long as he doesn't screw her. Yet, I'm really confused. And a little jeolous to tell the truth.

But why all the shit about missing me? Writing me letters and all? Mix tapes? What the fuck is going on? And why do I have to hear about it now?

I'm trying not to go mental over this, but it's not the best email to recieve after a shitty day at work right? And to think, I was daydreaming about him at work today!!! UGH!!

FUCK. Off to get drunk now.
Still feeling weird about SC boy, but at least he's still coming up to see me. I am glad he's flirting, but I'm hoping it's just his fucked up version of wanting to get back at me....

Got a free hotel room, so I'm really stoked!! smile.gif

Starbucks boy and I will go out next week, and catching the new Woody Allen flick tomorrow with the movie lard ass boy....

I think I'm freaking out because I slept with him. Oy. Should I message him again? Wait for him to contact me via aim or myspace? What? Ergh.

Awesome, Sassy!
I had the weirdest dream about Tcrush last night. I dreamt I was hammered, but comfortable & there were soothing voices all around me. One voice was particularly soothing & somebody was petting my hair. I slowly realized that I was in an odd, but comforting position & wasted. I was half on my barstool, half on Tcrush's lap. I started rubbing my cheek against his thigh as an indicator that I was awake, so he hauled me up & hauled me back to his place. His apartment was very spare & I flopped onto his sofa. This was where it got weird. He put on some music & there was a vase of two tulips in front of a chalkboard. He drew a "transverse bridge" & began explaining a whole bunch of stuff to my drunk ass. He put each tulip (red & gold striped) at the edges of the bridge & then drew a tulip in the middle. He put the vase infront of the drawn tulip so that it looked like it was inside of it. Then he put the two tulips back in that vase with the drawn tulip. Then he wanted to know what I thought it all meant. I thought I knew what he meant, but all I could say was, "These grew in front of my parent's house every spring." Then I woke up. God, my mind is fucked.

On a good note, he sent me a text last night that completely improved my mood.
Got the mix cd in the mail today, and a 8 page letter as well. This really improved my mood today, b/c we got into a really shitty fight last night.

Keep having dreams about my ex boyfriends.... ugh.
I spent the last 3 nights with Workcrush. We sure do have some amazing sex. I feel so...fog-brained and vague. I'm sleep-deprived, sex-drunk, giddy and lazy. Kinda worried about the whole thing and trying not to think about it too hard.
ergh, so I messaged him via aim on laviniashort's advice. Went well, but he abruptly cut it off because of work which is sort of unusual. Urrrrrrgh. I hate feeling like I did something wrong. I want to make it all go away.
So, I listened to the mix cd, and fucking wow. Not only can the boy write well (still amazed that someone would want to write me a long letter), and he really good taste in music. We were in Outwrite (one of my fav bookstores, which is gay..but it's the heart of midtown...), and there was a big display about Wizard of Oz. Anyways, I went rambling on about how much I adored that movie, and the book "Wicked." So, he ended the cd with the Judy Garland version, "Over the Rainbow." Totally forgot about it. I'm just amazed that he was listening. And stoked that he is so comfortabley hanging out in a gay bookstore, and not weirded out. One of my fav gays the other night was like, Where's your cute boy with the hot ass?? Heh.

Keep having fucked up sex dreams about my exs lately. From high school. WTF?

Edna and OM, how are you doing?

AP, how goes it in crushland?

I'm just amazed. I mean although I love having my fav crush in SC, it's awesome to be getting all this attention from other men.... smile.gif

good to see the smiley in your post, and all the reasons for it, sassy.

Ugh. I'm wrecked. I have it really really bad for workcrush. He's goofy and charming and good looking and he spends hours telling me everything he likes about me. When we worked together, we were allies because we saw things (there, at least) in the same way. We have really great sex. The more we have, the more I want.
He said he loves me.

But he's just out of a long term relationship. But he's a former junkie who's decided to end several years of sobriety by drinking way too much and going on a little coke binge at least once. But he's seeing other women. But he spends entirely too much time qualifying everything whenever he starts talking about his feelings for me. But he's really really afraid to get too close.

I don't even know what I want...I'm the one feeling dopesick here; he's my big dope. Damn it.
<delurks> that my exfiance moved out, i am dating someone else.....on the surface it's great, he's more my age, has plans for his future, he's shagadelic....i'm not sure what what is going to happen - it seems to be becoming more serious (granted, it's only been 2 months)...but i am excited to be dating someone who seems to be on my level:-)
edna, careful careful careful. count me into the ex-junkie bf experience. what a doozy.
just enjoy where you're at and don't have any expectations. love the love while you have the love girl and look out for yourself.

highschool crushie will be passing through town mid-august and is planning to 'look me up'. ha ha. can't wait.
Those SI boys can be a handful, Edna. I've never dated a guy that worked in a kitchen that wasn't pretty fucked up on some level. I socialize in a SI league & a lot of the guys are sick hot & very cool, but also coked out of their minds/drunk as a lord. My own team captain hasn't been sober but once. He's always *just* about to fall down. Smart, funny, & cute. I wouldn't fuck him with somebody else's ginch, though.

HB & I are doing well. I suppose he should be up graded from crush status seeing it's almost been two months. Last Friday we were supposed to go out, but he was obviously exhausted when he picked me up. We went back to his place & I showered him, fed him, blew him, & tucked him in for the night. I got breakfast in bed & a vigourous coitus induced injury the next morning. Wrenched knee. He iced me up & luvved me up. I'm gimpy, but I'm smilin'!

Jcrush. I'll see him later this afternoon. We sure talk about sex a lot for two people that know that they're only likely to do it if *much* alcohol is consumed. He kinda-sorta asked me to go to the movies last weekend, but again with the gimpy knee & I the fact that I hate actually going to the cinema. Plus, I don't think we should be alone together socially. Ever. For any reason. Whatsoever. There would be much nudity.

Power to ya Sassy & Ophelia!

Where be the Zoya? I know you're a busy lady, but shout us a holla, girl! We need to be all up in your business!

Tcrush rules! That is all.
Injured again AP? You must be such an adorable clutz!

Edna, have fun with the boy but I too would warn against falling too hard.

Sassygirl, I sent my Brit my mixed tape and am excited to get his. Knowing his taste I know it'll be awesome.

So, I'm in crush overload here. Not just because Brit boy, but I ran into a former crush last night.
Hes an old friend of my ex-boyfriend and I havent seen him in months. Back when I was with my ex, whenever we ran into this guy I would panic a bit, cuz I thought he was so adorable and I didnt want my ex to catch on. So, Old Crush we'll call him, came into the local bar I was at last night. His hair has grown out into a mass of dark curls topped with a paper-boy cap. He is as cute as ever. I was a little buzzed so I was all "Heeyyyyyyyy!!" and leaped onto him like a puppy. We got to talking and stuff, then we decided to go for a little bike ride. We stopped by a small park and looked at the stars. It was like a spontaneous date.
Eventually he asked for my number, and said he had always thought I was cute. I told him that I had too,...but then I said how I was in this pseudo-relationship with someone far away, and how hes gonna see me in a couple weeks. Old crush was cool, and was like, 'yeah, i've had a few of those'. I ended up giving him my number anyway cuz I do like hanging out with him. ..but gah! I cant like two boys at once, I'm no good at it! This sitch is so bizarre...I cant believe I feel like I'm in a relationship with someone I only saw once! Should I just go ahead and fool around with Old Crush, or should I keep focused on Brit Boy?
sorry to jump in...but i was lurking, so decided to post.

greenbean, your brit sounds like a good guy and everything, but I would totally screw around with the old crush too. Until brit boy or you make anything official, you're not off limits yet. Plus, if nothing comes out of the whole thing with you and the brit, you always have a backup, right?

back to lurking...sorry to interrupt.
I'm here! I'm here!!!

I've been busy busy busy with work...

greenbean - I agree with cstars. Always keep one (at least!) in the pocket..! Besides, it always seems that when I start focusing on just one, things go completely tits up with them, so why the hell not have a couple others around who adore you??!!

talked to Mr. HMCHH a couple of nights ago, unfortunately we are not crossing paths any time soon, although I jokingly asked him to be my date to a social function I have to go to.. and then said "hey, that would be a good idea! We'd have fun!!" and he said he'd see.. (it's a month away so... and besides there is the potential weirdness factor of the fact that it's out of town, but I don't care!)

HGF and I have talked a couple of times by phone, but we haven't been able to make getting together work out with our schedules. But I'm gonna be in the town where he he lives next month for a few days, so I guess we'll hang out..

I'm gonna see my ex, who I've been talking to on the phone here and there lately, next week. We are good friends, and who knows if anything would still go on there.. I'm not ruling it out. but it would take awhile if anything.. (and I dont' know if I'm quite ready to give up the harem of young boys yet...)

I'm kind of focused on other things at the moment, which is not bad... but I sure could use me some portions! Damn, I do really wish Mr. HMCHH and his fine ass were around!!

so there is the zoya update..

ps. cstars - you didn't interrupt anything! come join us!

I am giggling like a small child over an email. So so so so so sad, really.

I am still in awe of AP & HB... and the harem zoya is collecting.

greenbean, there's nothing to stop you fooling around with old-crush, but (and beware, I'm a hopeless romantic) I personally would leave it until you've seen BritBoy... or at least leave off shagging him senseless. tongue.gif

*goes back to giggling*
Strange. I was so estatic to get awesome mix CD and letter yesterday in the mail as you all know. I even wrote him a 5 page letter at work. Yes, I was really bored at work today, but that is a totally different story.

As the time ticks down for him to get here (in like 3 days) I keep starting to feel strains of self doubt. He sent me this lovely package, but was deleting my old emails, and I found the one about the girl who he is "talking to" online. This feels like a huge slap in the face.

While there is a huge part of me that is all about going with the flow, I am also very concerned. And you know that I haven't slept much lately thinking about this mystery chick. And, the fact that she's in the same fucking state as he is. One of my best guy friends asked why he would need to talk to someone else? And then the self comparissons began---are her tits bigger? Is she smarter? Does she not have seizures?

Bloody hell. I really like this guy. I so want this to work.

I'm just dreading another one of those long "What the fuck are we? We need to establish some rules...." conversations. The last one of those ended in a fucking three hour marry-go-round of basically establishing that we were dating.

Yet, I just got asked out on three dates for this week. So, do I take them up on the offer? I have had at least three dates this week. He hasn't met this mystery bitch, but what if he falls in love with her. And decides to get married. I know I'm thinking way over-dramatically, but.....

But in the same breath, he tells me that we should move into together at some point (once we're finally in the same city). Not to mention that techically thursday is our two month anniversary....

And I so need some portions with the boy. But, he doesn't want to fool around until he gets back on a decent SSRI.....

Sorry for the rant.

Oh, to be thrown in another thread. I also almost got fired today for doing something that my fucking cunt of a supervisor told me to do!!! FUCK

just met new boss. NB has a certain je ne se quois. Zoya is going to delve head first into harem of any young boys she can find because even mentioning that NB has a certain je ne se quois is bad bad bad.

Sassy, you go on those dates. You know he's dating because he told you, he knows you're dating because you told him. Both parties are aware of the situation. I'm still dating around even though I'm with HB. I made out with one guy & flirt with many more. Who I see or don't see isn't any of his goddamned business unless we sit down & have the "exclusivity" talk. Game on playa!
greenbean, would you be upset if Britboy shagged an old crush? If not, then totally go for it. Y'all haven't had that "exclusive" talk or anything, so if it wouldn't bother you if he did it under the exact same circumstances (old crush popping up, still coming to see you, etc.), it's not like you can have too much sex or something....

sassy, in the spirit of "begin as you mean to go on", continue as you began...keep those dates! Listen to AP, she speaks soothe....

zoya, the pope was wrong, dirty thoughts are never bad, even about a new boss. Go find a young 'un and call him new boss's name while you shag him....

edna, are you crushing on who workcrush could be, or currently is? I may be projecting my own sitch, but if he's not currently as is what you're looking for, I wouldn't look beyond the current fabulous sexing....

Okay, my own weekend involved my ex showing up on my doorstep with no announcement, as per usual once or twice a year. Fabulous portions were had all weekend long (bea arthur, we used to do it twice a day every day for over a year!), but I'm still not ready to have an exclusive whatever with someone who uses phrases like "I feel..." and "I believe perhaps...." more than "I think..." and "X is...(insert rational explanation here)". Whatever. C's the closest thing I've ever met to I Could Stay With You Forever, but just not quite. Bleh. But did I mention the *amazing* portions? Seriously, rivaling AP's gymnastics...but without injury, as we stretch properly first laugh.gif

oh no, sixelacat, it would be bad bad bad for me to call him NB's name.. trust me on this one.

on the stretching tip - had an experience getting portions from a guy who did yoga on a regular basis. yeah. good. very good.
Ha. You guys are too funny.
If britboy did shag someone else I would not want to hear about it. Hes jokes that my emails give him a constant hard-on and its making him desperate,..but not sure if he actually has acted on it. I would understand if he did, but I dont want to know.

Old Crush called after midnight last night, he was at a bar and wondered if I wanted to meet him. I said I was in my pjs but maybe another time. Thats the type a guy he is, not really a dater in the sense that he would ask me to dinner, more of the booty-call type. In fact I've never know him to have a girlfriend. So yeah, guess hes good for back-up sex if I need it, but at this point in life I really want to be wooed, you know? Old crush doesnt even have a residence right now (hes a bit of a drifter, just got back from guatemala and is couch surfing). Plus, hes so mellow-cool hipster boy that I dont think hes one to express any real passion or interest in me. Cute as he is I need a little more than that.

Britboy on the other hand is so passionate and classy(but crass as well), and soooo expressive. Hes one in a million really. I just wish he would get here already so I can screw his brains out....and figure out wtf this all is.
All righty. Just to set the record straight. It was the piece of furniture we were on & the position we were in. Our legs were locked, things got frantic, we were slippery & my leg came unhooked from his. Because of the narrowness, we became unbalanced & I kept us from falling. I was supporting not only my beef, but his & it took my scream of obvious agony for him to realize that & right us. That is all.
Thanks everyone. I have decided to date, and go on with my rocking self. Just in case though, I have scheduled an emergency therapy session with my shrink, b/c I was freaking the fuck out at work overanalyzing the whole thing.

I don't mind if he dates, but I don't want to know about it.

I'm so going to go all Audrey Hepburn on him on Saturday... we should have a lot of fun. smile.gif
sixelacat, yeah, I'm sorta crushing on what workcrush could be, and what he's like sober. But he's not sober very often these days. I get all mushy about him after we've had some sweet portions and good conversation and such. But he's keeping me from mushing out too much: We were together the last 5 nights, and about 3.75 of them were good. Last night he was drunk as a skunk, ranting a bit, very unpleasant to be around. I came home this morning feeling sorry for him, not sweet on him. He's fucked up. I sat here and cried.

In other crush news, moving right along...I hadn't heard from Plan B for several days, didn't have the ovaries to call Newcrush, and have been busy w/workcrush anyhow.

Tonight I found out that I haven't been getting notified about all of my myspace messages. I had messages from 2 good friends I haven't heard from in ages, and there was a msg from Plan B (who is so old that he doesn't have a cell phone and can't text). I'd forgotten that he was out of town & that's why I hadn't heard from him. Dunno how much I'm interested in hanging out w/him, but at least he's somebody to go hear music with--we like most of the same bands & stuff.

But best news is that Newcrush sent me a message. Apparently there was some mix-up w/my number, but he'd asked me what my myspace URL was. God, I'd been hoping he wouldn't remember it because my myspace page is lame as hell (his, of course, is cool as shit).

Seriously, I feel drained from the roller coaster ride that is workcrush. I am not done w/him yet, but it's heading that way. gotta spend less time w/him, get more rest, save some energy for Newcrush. And maybe other new crushes.
Yeah Edna! Go New Crush!

Sassy, wish I could tell you not to overanalyze, but I'd be a hypocrit! wink.gif

AP, record set straight! Yer adorable.

Eleven more days til I see my Brit! The suspense is killing me!
I do not deny that I am the proverbial bull in the china closet, it's just that this one time it wasn't my fault. ; )
SC Boy is coming up in less than 24 hours.....
We are going to eventually talk about setting some general rules, b/c I don't mind if he dates others, I just don't want him to fuck them. Very worried about the conversation. Yet, incredibley happy he is coming to see me.

So, found out one of my bosses at work is not gay. And, we send flirty emails back and forth. Hmmm.....He's about 45..... smile.gif

Also, going out with Starbucks boy next week!

I need some new crushes!

GB, that so rocks! smile.gif
Boy is going to be here in less than 12 hours!!!! smile.gif

Good luck sassy!
Wish I was looking at hours instead of days!
woke up to a missed call from Mr. HMCHH, so called back.. granted, it was somewhat of a drunk dial, but hey.. at least he was drunk dialing ME. (although I don't know if he was drunk dialing me when he called, but he was certainly drunk when I called him back!)

and HGF texted me to say he had forgotten I was leaving on a work trip this week, and sorry for not trying harder to get together - 'cause he thought I was in town another week.

yes, the harem lives!!

ha ha ha!!
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