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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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I'm going to see two old crushes/good friends/friends with benefits now and then, over the next two weeks, and I'm pretty sure I could hook up with at least one of them if I wanted to (one had a girlfriend, but hasn't talked about her since around christmas and I haven't asked, so I don't know about him) but it's been so long since I had sex that I can't even get my head around just doing it for the sake of doing it. Like I don't even know if I want to go down that path and just add another thing to deal with to my life.


greenbean, oooh. nice.
GB, that always happens to me. I can *never* remember what the crush I actually like looks like. It's my brains way of saying, ok, it really wasn't that great. And then I see them and get all fluttery or something. ???

Zoya, I'm not sure what would happen if that happened to me. Sex seems a little boring even though I sort of abstractly want it. Does that even make sense?? goodluck...

Mouse, I was so sleepy I didn't see that! YAY!
I couldn't pick Liquor Store boy out of a line up if he mugged me.
QUOTE(opheliathemuse @ Mar 29 2008, 04:28 AM) *
GB, that always happens to me. I can *never* remember what the crush I actually like looks like. It's my brains way of saying, ok, it really wasn't that great. And then I see them and get all fluttery or something. ???

i agree ophelia. sometimes, i wonder if the fantasy in my head would match my reaction to a specific crush.

*~*~*crush vibes for GB*~*~*
oh, the art shows things aren't nearly as cool as they sound. one is a small show put together by a community i grew up in back east that my mom has been bugging me to give her something for (i don't really consider myself a gallery artist, but she threatened that if i didn't give her something she'd put in a terrible self-portrait i did the first year of art school instead!) and the other is through my crazy ex-roommate, which means it's about as reliable as a bridge made out of embroidery thread :/

greenbean, nice to see you last night! what a surprise! oh and i have your number, i did get my old phone back. longgggg story with that. i hope this mysterious new man gets in touch with you! you're more than welcome to use me as an excuse to spend more time in that neighborhood, btw wink.gif

i just had a dream about making out with a friend who's been on my mind because i have a jacket his friend left at my birthday party and i'm supposed to call him and i've been procrastinating it. dreams usually precipitate a crush, so now maybe i'll have someone else to focus on.

friendgirl's boyfriend was giving me shit last night for not having made out with anybody in six months. he's the same one who gave me shit about not liking being touched by people i'm not fully comfortable with. dude probably thinks i'm a frigid bitch. yay. wonder what he'd think if he found out i haven't had sex in a year. whoopdedoo.

Gnnh, for some reason I have the feeling that something is going to happen tonight
when his club has its big re-opening down in the harbour, or maybe I'm all wrong.
He probably will be way too busy running around fixing and DJ-ing and saying hi to
various people to even talk to me, I just feel like it's building up and building up and
I might do something mildly stupid under the influence of cheap beer.

Have to take a shower now, and oh what shall I wear?

completely random again mouse but i love your mysterious production of eggs avatar. i heart a.bird, altho i heard his stuff played over a hotel commercial and i was saddened.


i'm drunk AND philosophical!
(completely off topic)

oh cocl, i LOVE HIM! he blows my mind. and my opinion on "independent" artists i like selling the use of their songs to commercials is as follows: firstly, it is giving him money to continue to do the amazing things he does, and secondly it is exposing his music to people who may not otherwise have heard it. what's wrong with that? it's not like he rewrote the words to "nervous tic" to be the big mac song....

no crushies to report. i may be hallucinating it or w is vaguely ignoring me. i wonder if someone spilt the beans.

I had the Talk with K yesterday when I visited him at his place and we had some wine.
He said "it feels like we're dating", and I said "well, are we?" Then he told me that he's
still very burned from his last relationship and bitter about the whole heterosexual idea
of a relationship, how you easily fall into patterns although you don't want to,
and he really didn't want to go there again.
I said I understand, but that he has to know that although
I like him very much as a friend, I'm attracted to him as well.

He asked me if it was very important to me to take it to the next level,
become girlfriend and boyfriend (b/c he just couldn't do that right now, he'd freak out),
so I said truthfully that I hadn't given it much thought, I only know that I think
of him a great deal, that he always makes me very happy and that I want to see
him a lot. That was it.
He said he felt the exact same way about me, that he has saved every text message
I ever sent him, that he can talk to me for 6 hours without noticing the time,
that he feels like a better person with me than with anyone else. That I bring out sides
in him he'd almost forgotten about, sides he really likes about himself.
He also said that if you feel there's something there, there IS something there. You don't
usually just walk around and feel vibes that come from your head alone. And that he wasn't
turning me down, he just felt emotionally vague and confused, and he was sorry about that.

He asked me if I wanted to stay the night. I wondered how he felt about it, if that would
be weird, but he wanted me to stay. So we slept in his bed, cuddling and holding hands,
but nothing more. He kissed me lightly on the lips when he went out to buy breakfast at noon,
and he's overall pretty physical with me now. I don't know, I'm confused but I think we
have a good thing still. But it also feels like I'm walking on eggshells.

Argh, bust just ate my post! Anyway, long story short I've sort of had feelings for a friend of mine but I tried to ignore them because I don't want to ruin the friendship. Friday night he was over and we ended up being drunk, as always, but we ended up sleeping together. The sex was great and then when we were sober again in the morning we did it again. But now I have no idea what to do. I really hope this doesn't fuck over our friendship but at the same time I wish we could sleep together again because he was so amazing. Help!
hooked up with a friend (who has previously been named in this thread as Hot Guy Friend or "HGF") he's been trying to hook up with me for years - subtly though - we're friends first, but he's always had a thing for me, and I've tried but not any chemistry for me... but I've spent some time with him here and there over the last couple months and he's definitely starting to improve. somehow he grew his hair out, got some more tattoos, and got cute. (he was always hot, but now he's kinda more rough hot which is how I like 'em) Anyway, we had dinner and went to his place for a drink and I ended up staying over and having full on sex with him. It was good sex - I mean, he needs a little work on the oral skills, but he's clearly into doing it... - but other than that, good and hard and stuff... but that's about it. He's such a nice guy, and he's definitely a guy who's down for being relationship material, just in general. So I had to tell him today over breakfast that I'm really happy not being accountable to anyone right now, and that I didn't know if he was thinking anything in particular about me, but I felt I needed to say that anyway.

Part of the reason I had to say that to him was that I've realized that I'd want someone to say that to me way earlier in the game if that was the case, if they were really dead set on not pursuing any realtionship, I'd rather know up front without me inquiring first. So I figured if I want that from someone else, I have to also be that person if that's the case with me. It's crazy, because this guy would actually probably be really good for me - he's totally hot, super intelligent (as in he's in a phd program and has been published and all that) totally has his shit together, likes music, loves to travel, is well off monetarily.. etc. oh, and he's 10 years younger than me. But 1) I just don't want that in my life right now - I told him I didn't mean to sound like a shit, but it's kinda all about me right now. and 2) even if I did want it in my life, I'm just not full on hot for him. there's a certain chemistry, and if I was with him I wouldn't exactly feel like I'd "settled" but it's just... there's no FIRE. it's just too mellow around him.

anyway. at least I had sex.
this thread is empty these days.

coela, tread carefully. he seems like a sweet guy but i'm always wary of a situation in which you have to "settle" for less than what you really want. him pulling back like that lets him get to call the shots and makes me feel a little nervous for you. i'm sure he's telling the truth, but putting the ex issues in the forefront of everything conveniently gives him a nice excuse and out should he ever screw you over sad.gif but maybe i'm just jaded.

ccgirl, how are things with the friend boy? i think in a situation like that you should keep doing what feels right, and if at some point you get the feeling that he doesn't want to do the same things you do, have a talk. hopefully things will work out fine if you guys are close enough. i've done the casual hookup with friend thing and it has worked out just fine and no friendship was ruined at all. though it was kind of unspoken that neither of us wanted to date. good luck!

zoya, congrats on ending the dry spell!!! WOOO! but you know--if you're having so many doubts about it already, that's a good sign it woulnd't work anyway. you deserve somebody who lights you on fire. it's not about HAVING a man, it's about THE man. don't force it if it isn't there.

as for me, i'm officially giving up on w. over it. officially.

i am going to seduce mild boy. this should not be difficult or interesting, but hopefully i'll at least get some play. my standards are shot to hell. beggars can't be choosers, y'know.

Mouse, sorry to hear you're giving up on W. I hope seducing mild boy will be rewarding though,
in one way or another. :-)

We had a freak out situation this weekend; he virtually dumped all responsibility on me
for us becoming more romantically involved, like he was just being passive and I was the one
who's been invading him or whatever. At first I was in shock, very confused and upset,
and he felt bad and said vaguely that we'd "work it out". Then after two days of tears, anger
and confusion on my part, I got wasted and mailed him to ask if he felt like absolute shit or
if that was just me, and he said he felt like somebody had died; then I wrote him a couple of e-mails
and told him exactly how I felt, that he's trying to make me look like Clingy Girl when it's really mutual,
and he has made just as many advances as I have. He admitted that I was right, he wasn't denying
there's something between us or that he feels the same way about me, he's just being panicky.

I said it's ok to be scared and that we can go super slow, I don't mind, but he can't just explode
on me like that, it's hurtful and scary, and it makes me lose trust in him. He can't just pretend there's
nothing between us every time he gets scared, that's hurtful and it makes me fucking angry.
That's what I wrote. And he got the message.

It's ok now, I think, but Saturday was godawful. We ran into random people everywhere who yapped
about relationships (freak out situation was Friday night/Saturday morning, in my bed. In my chaste bed,
I should add) to no end, and also - YAY - ran into one of his exes, who was an opera singer and hott.
"Oh no", he murmured when he saw her approaching us. "I went out with her for 2 years". She was nice
enough, but the timing sucked. I also found out he went out with an acclaimed poet(ess). Or should I say
haussed poet. :-P I don't usually think too much about exes, but I'm feeling a bit threatened here.

mouse, I agree, this thread has been pretty empty lately. I wrote about my friend on my blog and the end pretty much says it all. I want more, he doesn't. I lied and told him I was fine with that because honestly, our friendship is very important to me and I don't want to compromise it by making him feel weird. But I keep remembering the part in the Royal Tenenbaums when Margot says "I think we'll have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that" only for me it's one-sided.

Gahhhhhh. He's not even open to another casual hookup. And he has a perfect cock! sad.gif
Just when I think I'm out, he sucks me right back in.

I thought I kicked my Jcrush habit. It's been seven months since we last spoke . . . On the phone for FOUR hours last night. FOUR HOURS. There is no reason I should be on the phone with anybody that long. My heart is bought & paid for. Why do I torture myself with such pretty things?

ETA: I am also running game on liquor store boy. I've been teasing him so badly. I'm awful.
((AP)) argh. blergh.

Greenbean met Mr. Hottie Mc Hott Hott yesterday. Briefly. He was waiting in the car and we came up with an excuse for her to come out. That's all.
omg, zoya! is gb over there? or are you over here? i want to play *whine*

w quit. along with pretty much everyone else who holds the company together. somebody else got fired. i fear for my job stability.

i went to the neighborhood cafe where i tend to run into mild boy today but he was not there.

that's all.
Um... I have been away for a little while but back to say:

Ghostfriend was putting on an event with his new girlfriend (that is not me) so I needed to bring a boy. The nice shy one who's been wining and dining me was working so I brought a friend's friend and we made out and acted the annoying sickening couple the whole time, left early, and now I have a new boyfriend. Where do I post?
so, the other shoe finally dropped. it's over.

back to square 0.
damn cocl. we shall drink and mingle when you are in town on friday.

The thing about Jcrush is that he really does get me. There are things that I dropped in the relationship thread that people commented on & they were waaaaay off base. But he totally got it when I told him. It's awful. I won't talk to him again even though I really want to. I think I'm going to be using the caller id religiously from now on.


K makes me nervous. I think I get him on one level, but at the same time
it feels like I haven't got a clue to what goes on in his mind. Some of the time
it feels like we're def. dating, other times like he's trying to keep it neutral.
We're doing the whole "relationship interview" thing all the time, like checking
each other's values and ideas about relationships out. And it's the same there -
most of the time it sounds like he's planning to have me in his life for years to come,
and other times it sounds like we're talking very generally and lightly.

I don't feel very free at the moment, and it's annoying.

blah. i know exactly know the dynamic you talk about.

AP, smart thing with the J crush.
oh, coela. i hate to say this but this boy sounds like he is more trouble than he is worth. he is calling ALL the shots, and it seems like he wants you to be whatever HE wants in that moment. he will not take responsibility for his messed-up-ness and is transferring it to you. this is a very bad sign. he's being a fucking selfish asshole douchebag, but he's hiding it under this facade of hurt confused sensitive boy. he probably doesn't even know he's doing it, but he's not about to stop anytime soon, and you will just get hurt more.

so, i'm so sorry, but my advice is, sooner than later: stop it. stop before you get too smitten and are *used to* giving up your wants for his. tell him clearly, either we are friends or we are dating, but if we are dating we do not act like friends and if we are friends we do not act like we are dating. draw the lines, and if he doesn't follow them, you might have to take a break from him. as much as he may sound like he likes you and wants you in his life (and my god, i know how addicting that can be) he's not doing the most basic, ultimate thing he would do if he *really* wanted you--respecting you. he's taking you for granted and he's stringing you along while he tests the waters and tries to sort through his stuff. and that is NOT fair, and guarantees a terrible end with you possibly as fucked up as he is now.

i've been in a really similar situation to this. i was still getting laid, but the boy had clearly said "i'm not interested in a relationship *right now*". so i hung around in the hope that he eventually would want one, and he got everything that comes with being a girlfriend (regular sex, comfort, companionship, advice, adventure and hanging around hungover on sundays watching tv and eating cereal) without having to call me his girlfriend, and still feeling free to occasionally make out with other girls. i thought it was rewarding to me because i got those things back, and we were so CLOSE, and good friends and tender and intimate with each other--but he never wanted the relationship, and i ended up with a broken heart and a lot of time wasted on a guy who from the get-go told me he wasn't interested in what i wanted.

see, if one person wants X, and one person wants X minus're not going to compromise on X. you're going to compromise on X-5, which ends up not being a compromise at all, because that person is getting exactly what they wanted in the first place.

if he TELLS YOU he doesn't want a relationship, BELIEVE HIM. and put your foot down, and respect yourself. if he does want it eventually, and you are still available, then that can be tried again, but if he's taking advantage of you already--listen to your gut. don't listen to your heart or your vag--they are both easily confused. but i think you know deep down how the situation is. i'm really, really sorry and i hope you find someone who respects you and WANTS to give you what you want.
Mouse is making a good call here, Coela.

I knew a girl that had a low self esteem *pattern* of hooking up with noncommital guys. These weren't even smart guys, she was just so desperate not to be alone that she swallowed their excuses. The first one dated her for TWO years in secrecy & he used work as an excuse. Meanwhile, he started sexual relationships with two other girls from work. He moved in with the one girl & dumped B. She was crushed. The next guy was technically her boyfriend, but he used the "I'm not really into labels" excuse. Another two years where she provided girlfriend duties without the title. Met the parents, went on vacation, etc. He broke up with her because the chick he was screwing on the side finally put her foot down about the label situation. She started dating a friend of mine even after he stood her up & I told her not to. And he fooled around with her until he could start sleeping with the girl the first guy moved in with. His excuse was that he was just out a relationship & he needed to explore more. I kinda lost track of her after that.

Yeah, I gotta stay away. He's like CRACK, he is. Smart, funny, sexy crack with big blues & a rakish grin. Not to mention that rack! I mean, Star, Zoya, you've *seen* him. How could you not soak your drawers over that? The packaging is wonderful, but the inside is cool, too. It's like the heart of Steve Buscemi lurks in Brad Pitt's body. I think for the first time in my life, I am well dickmatized.

Mouse, I hear you, and I'm semi-thinking what you're thinking, on the one hand.
On the other hand I've been in a very similar situation as yours, and when I interpreted
this with K as the last one (because I am NOT going there again), and acted on it,
everything went very, very wrong.

I think he just wants to take it slow, and "mend things" between us - we've already talked
about that we over-interpret situations based on bad experiences in our past.
But you're right - one person can't make all the desicions, and being sensitive isn't
an excuse for stringing someone along, if that's what he's doing.

I have to think this over for a while, and then talk to K about it.

... AP, I don't think I've seen him.. actually I know I haven't seen him. send pics!
holy FUCK mouse. like holy FUCK. like, cut-n-past eveything you said, and apply it to my life and what just happened in my situation, because it was very similar to coela's...

everything you said verbatim i realized this weekend, like right down to exact words, "see, if one person wants X, and one person wants X minus're not going to compromise on X..."

all of this i realized on friday, and ended it. and yeah it sucks to be back at square (negative) one again, but ultimately, this is a good good thing... that i didn't follow my old patterns, and that i had the insight to realize that i need to respect myself to not waste my time on someone who only wanted me x-minus 5. so, really, it's some twisted win-win for me. wink.gif

and as a corollary for me--and maybe it applies to you coela--is that ultimately, the whole experience is not a commentary on self-worth. it is what it is, and you are smart enough and magnetic enough... that this is not the end of the relationship road for you. (or me.)
Hello Crushies, haven't posted in awhile.... hope all is well with all of you and your crush action. smile.gif
Dunno if you remember about my younger popcorn musician dude, I'll probably be seeing him this weekend, his band is playing at our local club... last time was fun, didn't really get to talk to him much though.
I met a guy at work a couple weeks ago that just blew my mind the second I laid eyes on him... wtf is up with this?!!?!? I've never had that happen to me before, usually I gotta at least have a conversation with someone before I start crushin. Now I can't stop thinking about him and it's driving me mental!!!! why such intense emotions... blink.gif
Maybe you just really want a relationship with someone? I've found that I've been having this happen to me a lot with girls lately, where I'm liking almost everyone I may see, and it doesn't always happen that way for me either. Though I think certain people, I'm more into then others. But anyway, that may be part of the cause of this.

That, or it might be fate. By that I mean, maybe you are meant to be with this guy, hence the reaction you got at the sight of him.

hmm I haven't been in a relationship or even dated anyone in a loooong time, and the last time I got even the slightest bit of play was a few months back when I "accidently" kissed one of my friends... so you could be right.
The thought of fate is a cool idea, but there is a possibility that I could never see this guy again so I try to not to let my imagination run away with me too much... even though it's fun. wink.gif
spent all day volunteering for big sunday. mild boy was there. he has more of a sense of humor than i realized. and he IS pretty cute, just not what i normally would go for. but i cannot afford to be picky and he is nice. we spent all day planting things and talking about gardens and as he lives in my neighborhood and has a small plot of land he offered to let me use part of it to start a garden, or that we could work on a garden together. if i had any time in my life at all, i would take him up on it. meh. maybe i'll ask him to come out for a drink sometime this week and then ask him to make out. sigh. maybe not.
i ran into mild boy today. i think i have definitely succeeded in developing a small (mild, if you will, HA) crush on him! he's cute and enthusiastic. perhaps next weekend i will garden. perhaps that will become a euphemism.

perhaps not.
I accidentally posted this elsewhere when it really belongs here.

Yeah, so this is all mememememe.

ARGH! I have managed to resist calling Jcrush. Going strong. But there is a new one. And he's WILD about me. And he's gorgeous! He has this super-sexy Eurasian thing going on. Black Irish & Korean. He's simply sinful, dirty deliciousness. We are casual friends, but I know he wants it to go further. He knows about HB & seems to think out of sight, out of mind. I will stay true & not fuck him, but I will be wanking furiously until HB comes back & does me proper.
This place is so weird.

I got cruised tonight. I do mean *cruised*. By my creepy cousin. HAH! BUT. There was a new bartender. A kinda "lame, but since there's nothing better" cute. Kinda gothy. He digs me. I didn't notice, but the drunk redneck was all over it. We hung out after hours. Awesome.

I miss smart men. I do. I actually had a conversation with this guy tonight where he was insightful. *said like Craig Ferguson* I KNOW!
hooray for smart men! i ran into mild boy (mb from here on in) at the coffeeshop today and we ended up talking for a long time. it was really enjoyable. he is definitely growing on me. he's a brain and he's funny and more interesting than i had thought. i don't know if i'm on his radar as far as being a girl, so i want to find out whether my friends have bugged him about me the same way they bugged me about him.
dancerboy who I met a couple weeks ago hasn't called me yet to say he's back from the long weekend trip......ergh! that because he's not back yet, or because he's not going to call?

I really like him which makes me simultaneously want to be pro-active and make him work for it......just like how dating is simultaneously awesome and yet sucks large.
Juggling chainsaws yet again.

I have had an off & on long term sexual relationship with J. Years long. Nothing more to me than sex. We had a falling out when HB & I first hooked up because he suddenly wanted to define our relationship as more than sex. We recently stumbled upon each other in cyberspace. Um, he thinks he's in love with me. Seriously. I don't know how long it's been since we . . . whatever. I just don't like fourteen messages detailing his love for me. I stressed to him that things were just about fucking from the beginning, but he's ignoring our initial agreement. Buttnugget.

And way old Ccrush has popped up, too. He's gained some weight. And it's HAWT.

I have managed to hold out on Jcrush so far. If he calls I am going to politely end things, if not then I'm just gonna keep on keepin' on.

Liquor store boy now has a name, D. He's so weirdly cute. And he likes me.

This so sucks. Why did I have to fall in love? The boy fields are ripe for springtime/summer plucking.
I was thinking about you this week AP. i was gonna create some reward system for you with the whole Jcrush thing. Man, that is a tough nut to break off. Dude is pretty. But, pretty only goes too far. His fawning sounded cute in the, it just seems tacky. While a begging boy is nice in the beginning, um, it becomes boring after awhile. *yawn*

Crushes seem to pop up with springfever, huh? i've got nuthin' so far.
The beggar isn't Jcrush. J is a different guy entirely. The kind of guy that's been 39 for five years, is a musician, & he's thin & blonde. He's no hunkahunka burnin' love. BUT. We had the most fantastic, mind-blowing, bed-burning, raunchy, dirty, nasty, insane hott sex together. Strictly booty call. We never went for a drink, we never had dinner, we just rutted like rabid wolverines. I knew I needed to kick him, so that's when I decided to be celibate for a while. Xmas '05. Six months later & I was well hooked up with HB. It'll be two years June 10th.

Jcrush wants me to drive 364mi to see him next month. He sent me a message on MySpace to that effect, anyways. I don't think so.

I need to get rid of the MySpace. People keep popping up like bad pennies.
Now i gotcha. 2 years with HB!! wow. well, it seems like you are doing alittle spring cleaning with the old crushes/playthings. so bravo to you!
Despite being in a good longterm relationship, I experienced a serious mutual crush last summer with someone else. Did my head in, completely. I feel your pain.

I've been in a very bad place this last month because of K. I asked him straight out 3 times,
once a month, how things are between us, and it wasn't until the last time that he could give
me a straight "no". I was crazy upset, is still upset, and seriously I had to ask him what the Hell
his problem is. I mean, I'm obviously one of his 2 favourite persons, so why am I not girlfriend material.
He said I am and he considered it in the beginning, but he's hurt and he's scared I'll go a little psycho on him
since I have a history in that department (but that was years ago). And he has a way of attracting girls who
are a little crazy, it's his pattern. As well as it seems to be my pattern to go after guys who are fucking weak
and scared of life. How sexxee.

Just a tad bitter, me. Unfortunately, I still think he's the best thing I've ever seen.

I've been asked out twice since then, first time by a really wealthy guy who's sweet but not my type, politically
or otherwise, and I was in the countryside visting my parents that week so I couldn't go anyway.
The second time by a guy who's good looking, fun and has great taste in music (perhaps not so much in books,
but God is he trying to impress me all the time!). He's been trying to take me out for coffee for a year now.
He could be a great date if nothing else, but he doesn't live here, he's just here over Summer, so..
still, it's better than crying on the couch. At least I lost 10 lbs just from going crazy over this shit.

Mouse was of course right all along. Which I felt in my gut, but my heart wouldn't listen. Blah.

ugh, kick that guy in the balls. i'm so sorry, coela.
I just made contact with a long-time ex who, in our history together, is bad news.

However, I am confident this time I can handle it.

I think he will make an excellent addition to my harem happy.gif
Ahhh..... I'm out of hibernation. And truly missed being round these parts with all yons (southern for you's guys). tongue.gif

((Zoya))----well, to answer your question... this is an entirely different guy. Much has occurred since that last post regarding ldr.... He was a great guy, helped me move knowing that relocating would essentially aid my "bring me back to myself" journey, was keeping the relationship going for the most part, thoroughly attentive, etc.... but a few snags came into play and shifted my once content with the state of our relationship to where's the actual concrete future in all this....

Meaning under his overall geniunely great guy exterior with a flair to "daddy" a girl a bit was a very insecure soul-searching man not yet divorced, out of a job, a son to take care of in ALL that, and without any prospect of ever living anywhere else then where he was/is. At first, I was relatively okay with his predicament...he made me happy in the moment, filled a void in me that needed some healing... (I was basically still trying to pick myself back up after a 61/2 yr relationship). But that's just it.... we were healers to each other, that in the end... I realized he wouldn't be able to give me what I really wanted....

So, as Im tooling around myspace laugh.gif I come across a guy I knew 10 years ago....kick off communication... becomes phoning... becomes him paying my ticket to paradise like the Eddie Money song. comes... more phoning for hours and hours...then his visit to me... move to him. WOWSER!!!!! I know this sounds completely bonkers. but, somehow this is the only thing that has made complete sense in a long ass while.......

Enter Mr. Luv

*peeks in*
"Mr. Luv" eh moon? wink.gif love the nicknames

wow, it's been quiet in here....
well, seeing as i've failed miserably at meeting any boys in real life, i'm back on the internet dating kick. we'll see how this goes. it's not that i'm against it, i just HATE the idea that i can't do it without it. but. hey. beggars can't be choosers, right?

still ass over teakettle for w, but he's a solid friend. unless something miraculous happens, that's not going to change. mild boy...ehhhh i'm just not interested enough in him to do the work. i can't fake it. i learned that with the lawyer. it's a shame i fall for people so rarely.
QUOTE(mouse @ Jul 8 2008, 03:00 AM) *
well, seeing as i've failed miserably at meeting any boys in real life, i'm back on the internet dating kick. we'll see how this goes. it's not that i'm against it, i just HATE the idea that i can't do it without it. but. hey. beggars can't be choosers, right?

My best friend met her man online. (yahoo personals I believe) They are so ricockulously perfect for each other. He's the male version of her, and yet their strengths and weaknesses also balance each other. To me it's not about "beggars can't be choosers" but rather what works for you.
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