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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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mouse, i think there is nothing wrong of expressing your interest in your crush to friendgirl. i think it would so great consideration on your part and not doing anything sneaky. you know. if you are serious about pursuing anything with this guy, then i think you should mention it to her. but, tis me.

what's wrong, ophelia? blink.gif
well, precisely. Agree with Star.

oh mouse, sweetie. I understand so much.
star--i've told friendgirl. she knows. the underhanded business would be asking her to suss out how he feels about me. it feels disingenuous and sneaky and immature.

however, i am not about to suss it out myself, since he has really given me no reason to think that he sees me as anything more than a friend. and in my own fucked-up way, i feel more comfortable not ever getting laid than facing blatant rejection. i've been through that already too many times, and i'm simply not willing to risk it again. call me a coward, but fuck. i have ABSOLUTELY no desire to see his face all awkward and squinchy trying to find a kind way to tell me he's not interested. FUCK THAT.

i am so fucking bummed right now. i just got back from hanging out with him, od, fg and fg's new boyfriend. i like her new boyfriend. but he is one of those dudes who kind of gets off on making other people feel uncomfortable, in a mild way. he was touching my boot in a joking way and i was kind of joking back, being like "don't touch me!" and he took it all serious and kind of went off on this tangent about how i don't like to be touched. i guess it's true, to a certain extent, if it's not the right person, and i will fully cop to that, but i also don't want to be one of "those people" or have any sort of abnormality about being touched or make a big deal about it. but still, i can't say i enjoy being touched by people i don't want touching me. later on that night, right after w had copped out and gone home and i was bummed out enough by that fact, fg's bf was "jokingly" giving me a quick backrub on the street corner--mostly to freak me out and have it be funny, i guess. i could deal with it, whatever, i don't care, but it just ended up reminding me about how i haven't been touched by someone i wanted to touch me in a really fucking long time and it fucking made me really sad. and i hate that. and hating it just makes me sadder. and i am really fucking sad right now.
i had. the. most. amazing. mindfuck. lastnight.

and i'm kinda intellectually smitten.

me, bestgirlfriend (BGF), BSG's Boyfriend (BGFB) and BGF's local friend (BGFLF), who's young as shit and still in undergrad, hung out last night, went drinking and dancing, etc. BGF and BGFB went to bed, later on in the night, leaving me and BGFLF talking... and i have no idea how we got so intense so fast--i think it had something to do with me lambasting his favorite author, hemingway, as a misogynistic drunken hack, and then confessing that i'm jealous he's an english major. but we talked books, and literature, which is like phonesex to me, and segued into religion, and death, and depression, and suicide (seriously, this all probably sounds way lame, like emo-territory, but it was intense, and even though we talked about all these fucked up subjects, the whole mood was anything but; it was almost energizing)

but i felt like i knew this kid...he was asking me all these point-blank questions, straight up, no pretext, that i don't think even my close friends have the guts to ask me. and i answered them all honestly, which i don't even have the guts to do to my close friends. and we talked/argued/spooned until the sun came up, which is a hard thing to do in these parts in fucking february. but there's these cons. he's fucking young. he had a 20sec relationship w/ bgf, if you know what i mean. last night, there was no funny business. he tried to kiss me, but i said no, 'cos i got a motherfucking bad track record of ONLY getting kissed while drunk, and a bad case of kissing friends of friends, and that isn't cool to me. (ie, don't shit where you eat).

but mouse. i wanted to just be wrapped up with him all night. it felt good. and it's been a long time. and i hate myself for thinking all of that. so i get where you're coming from. now what do we do???

ophelia, what are your sins?
COCL, that complex. I love discussing and love that sort of thing, but yes. I would avoid the friend thing if at all possible.
No sins. Just realizing I am worthy. Of everything.
cocl, that sounds so fantastic for you. i disagree--FUCK the friend thing! if you guys really had a connection--which it sounds like you did--i say go for it. that's exciting!

i am still fucking bummed as hell. i'm just fucking tired of none of it ever going my way. i ran into guy-who-everyone-else-thinks-i-should-date at a cafe today and i smiled and said hi, he looked at me like he had no clue who i was but was trying to be nice anyway. i was with a friend and so was he, so we didn't have an involved conversation...i asked him if he was going to the party tonight and he said yes, still with that "where do i know this girl from???" look on his face.

seriously, WHAT is wrong with me? i'm not even hopeful or righteously funnily angry about it anymore. i'm just fucking bummed. and tired. and that is thisclose to self-pity, which makes me feel ever worse. i hate things.
mouse -

one word: ditto.

fuck this shit.

mouse. Me. Too.

And then there's when it's someone I want to touch me- but i know they don't mean it- it's worse, too. like the ex-ghostfriend. or the girl that broke my heart.

fucking sucks.
um, jeeze guys, sorry to crash the collective pity-party i got started but uhhhhh I MET A GUY AND HE ASKED FOR MY PHONE NUMBER AND HE IS REALLY REALLY CUTE AND THIS *NEVER* HAPPENS ZOMG

!#Y&!*#&^!%#!!!@!!???!!?!!!&^#$ ohmy.gif blink.gif huh.gif ohmy.gif

sew........i went to this party last night. as soon as i got there guy-who-everyone-thinks-i-should-date tapped me on the head and was like "i am soooo sorry! i didn't recognize you this morning! it took me like ten minutes to figure out who you were!!!" i knew it! but he finally remembered and had clearly been waiting for me to show up so that he could apologize so that made me feel a whole lot better about things.

so you know, party party, dancey dancey, drinky drinky and the night went on for several more hours. i'm sitting on the porch with my ladies lamenting the dearth of cute boys when this trio shows up, one of 'em supercute scruffy twinkly-eyed dude who looks like the brown-haired version of the blonde-moustached guy i was crushing on a few months back. one of my ladies is like oooh he is cute but she looks down and sees that he is wearing flip-flops and is all "dealbreaker". i'm thinking, i don't give a fuck, he is ADORABLE and i am not in a position to be picky. i'll take him! but he is REAL cute so i am expecting him to be totally out of my league and not even look at me, blah blah. so they go inside, and then a bit later me and my ladies go in to dance, and dude zeroes in on me right away and starts dancing, and i'm all trying to not be nervous and trying to be cute and dance well and not FREAK OUT because a cute boy is apparently paying attention to me, and then we end up taking over the ipod to dj (it was the Worst Ipod Evar, btw--it had nicole kidman on it!! who knew she even recorded anything????) and got more people dancing and then we went outside and he introduces himself (his name, hilariously, is the same as wcrush's, but there are so many weird name things going on in my life right now that it's hardly surprising) and we end up talking for like the next two hours about politics (dude's a libertarian...eeesh), history, the transcendentalists, chef pants and safaris (cocl, another hemingway--what the hell is it with these dudes??).

i probably should've tried to make out with him right then and there, but his friend wouldn't leave us alone and besides, you know, baby steps. anyway, he asked for my number and told me he would call me because his band is playing in a couple weeks and we could argue politics some more, and he gave me a hug goodnight and went with his friends back to the o.c. (yeah).

i doubt he will call, honestly. but if he does, it will be a pleasant surprise. however, i just realized that the day he said for his show is the day after i get all four wisdom teeth pulled, so i will most likely pick up the phone knocked out on pain meds, slurring about huckabee with bloody cotton balls wedged in my cheeks. sexytime!!!

anyway, this is the first time this has happened since i moved out here (admittedly the first two years of that i was kind of preoccupied with fucking my ex, so i wasn't really looking) and it was REALLY needed because clearly i've been super down on myself. so--ego boost, lively conversation with adorable scruffy boy (i guess i really have a thing for moustaches, damn... ), and slim possibility of maybe even hearing back. but even if i don't--it has helped.

here's hoping you all had a similar tiny renaissance.
YAY mouse!!!! You were so due for this!!

I'm officially crushed out on the young guy I work with that I mentioned a while ago, and I'm going to let things happen with him slowly and organically, since I'm still trying to figure some things out in other parts of my life. I couldn't handle getting hot and heavy with someone right at the moment. I gotta work myself up to that.
Congrats Mouse!

Nothing really new for me. Bad date on Wed., and a new crush that lives in...Texas?

Yay mouse!
yay mouse =)

I am so just a noisy lurker now.
yaaaaaaaaaaay, mouse!

that's all from me smile.gif
mouse, congrats! i knew you had it in you. wink.gif

cocl, follow my advice i gave to mouse. he sounds adorable. and call me if you need some outside perspective from your hommies.

damn. how could kal drop a bomb on us and not check back in about his crush? mellow.gif blink.gif huh.gif
thanks for the congrats, kids smile.gif

honestly i don't expect to hear from him again but at least i got a tiny smidge of mojo back.

it's funny, in all the pictures from the party, i look really cute! i generally don't take a great candid picture but they're all really flattering. i guess i just had it going on that night. heh. should happen more often.
confidence is sexy, mouse! don't you love it how you just say, damn it all to hell, and then something like that happens? tell us what happens!

star, i probably will end up calling you at some point, if nothing else but to discuss how many hot toddy's were going to get sloshed on soon wink.gif but yeah, i keep thinking about BGFLF... i'm wondering if maybe in my head i'm making it to be far more enticing than it was... and that i'm smitten... but this is not the same flavor of smitten as the work crush a while back... and how young he is... and how i kinda like that... and the mindfuck which was better than any realfuck i've had in a while... and how i'm a total emo fucking nerd... and to boot, BGF says he called her & left a vague voicemail msg, and she's like, he never calls me randomly, i think he has a crush on you. i mean seriously, here we are, all professionals and adults (except for BGFLF, HAH!) and we're talking like we're teenage girls. and i'm gonna feel out BGF soon, but i want to tread carefully... (awfuckit, star, i'll call you here eventually...)

and kal, where ARE you??

ophelia, you SUCK as a lurker. come back and vomit your exploits like the rest of us!
COCL, what a good sign then! If she really had a problem with him having a crush on you, she wouldn't have said that, you know? But double-checkin is always good...

Mouse, oh goodness, that is what I mean! Mojo. All you need is to feel your confidence just a little, you know and then BAM you can explode into sexin' gloriousness!

sigh. COCL. My exploits have been few and far between now because they are all with one person. I do not post them because I am attempting to be discreet...
The crush formerly known as AB is the person, and I have been in contact with him up until this point.

In other news: I must attend a Valentine's day party as part of a business opportunity. Ehh.
so it's VD, y'all. and i'm at home, cleaning my apartment, packing for a weekend trip, and decidedly NOT getting loved up on by anyone. but i'm not all depressed about it. maybe it's the music i'm listening to, maybe it's the beers i had with some work ladyfriends (not friendgirl, she was with new bf, of corpse) and wcrush (the girls were already at the bar when i left work and they told me to go get him, i didn't have his number but they did, they gave it to me and i waffled for a bit being like oh is this weird, but i ended up texting him anyway and picking him up and whatevs, fine. i'm permanently smitten, like a stain on a rug in a house with no shout in the cabinets, but it is what it is and it will continue to be what it is until i quit or whatever. i will put a fetching little coffee table or something over the evidence) but i'm feeling unperturbed.

i mean, i could think about how long it's been since i've made out with, let alone had sex with, someone. i could think about how hard it is to meet boys, and how rarely it is that any attraction to or from me is mutual or long-lasting or hell, convenient. i could compare myself to those types of people who post flagrantly and often in the portions thread and complain about days with no sex, and then go off on a deep self-pitying cliff of "my god, if a week/a month/two months/six months is bad, WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT ME??? HOLY GOD THERE MUST BE SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG WITH ME I AM DOOMED MY LIFE IS UNFULFILLED I AM A MERE SHELL OF A PERSON"--or i could not. i'm not that person. as much as sometimes i wish i were, i never have been. and i should accept that.

i mean, of course this is not to say that if the opportunity arrives i will not jump at it or even help nudge it into place, but the dwelling and the self-pity and the comparison isn't helping anything. something will happen eventually. in the meantime, well. i'm not going to be an idiot if it's unecessary.

excellently put, mouse.

I will just say that my VD was ridiculous.
I have to tell you all, since I've been so coy lately. I went to a VDay party, in hopes it might provide some work for me. A photographer had invited me, saying he liked my portfolio and that his cousin was throwing this party at his club, and would I like to come? It sounded like a great business opp from our discussion, so I said sure. I am not a bar person, you may have guessed from my posting style and the salient fact that I do not drink. So. I ventured out and waited for this mysterious person and ended up talking to someone dressed in a toga pretending to be Eros all night long who apparently knows this photographer. BUT. I never once saw this other photographer all night long. So I left and got Taco Bell at midnight. Teeheehee. So it goes.

But I have worked out a plan for my schooling and my writing for the next year, so you know? I think there is a season for all things, as the song goes.
here here, mouse. couldn't have said it better myself.

I figured out early last year that there has always been a part of me that thought I'd meet some guy and he'd be the catalyst for me going somewhere, doing something else.. because I'm the kind of person who doesn't really care where she is if she's with someone she loves, and the work I do is condusive to meeting people from all over the world so I think I always subconsciously figured that's what would happen.

But I realized that clearly that isn't working for me, so I might as well get on with it and figure out where I want to be and what I want to do - and just do it. Cause ain't nobody helping me along with it. So that's what I spent last year doing. Now I'm where I wanted to be, and working at a job I wanted to do, taking some classes, and just trying to focus on me, make some friends here - make an identity for myself here. I figure eventually the relationship part will fall into place (hopefully) but until then, at the very least I'm going to have a world full of stuff that I can be proud of and not feel (like mouse said) unfulfilled or a shell of a person. And it's only going to help me NOT build my world around someone, or the idea that I NEED a relationship, or sex, or whatever, to make me feel like I'm ok.

And when I say I don't NEED a relationship, I don't mean in some militant feminist SCUM manifesto kind of way, but I mean - I've got it going on. I want a best friend to share that with. To be my partner in crime. Someone who's got it just as going on as I do and we just wanna share it with each other, have fun, and all that good stuff. (and hot sex of course) Not NEEDING someone to complete me - I wanna already be complete. I want them to be the icing on the cake. Yeah, the cake is totally baked, yummy and complete without the icing. But the icing takes it to a whole new level of completeness.

ok, done with ramble. Anyway, yay mouse.

(ps - I'm not that person, either)
I have to say that this was the first VD that I did not care about being single. Honestly, my biggest concern was whether or not there would be a repeat of Ugly Betty on last night (sadly there was not). I ended up watching Soul Food and painting my nails and eventually going to bed.

p.s. mouse I post in the portions thread, I hope you're not talking about me sad.gif
*delurks, um, again*

Mouse, just wanted to say I love this: 'i'm permanently smitten, like a stain on a rug in a house with no shout in the cabinets.'

Gorgeous. Who wouldn't fall for someone who writes like this?

(FWIW, I'm in a longtermer, but spent VD on my own as himself was travelling in asia. He had a short window to get away, so I'm happy for him. Just wanted to establish it wasn't all candlelit dinners out there...)
Zoya! this is exactly what I feel!
"And when I say I don't NEED a relationship, I don't mean in some militant feminist SCUM manifesto kind of way, but I mean - I've got it going on. I want a best friend to share that with. To be my partner in crime. Someone who's got it just as going on as I do and we just wanna share it with each other, have fun, and all that good stuff. (and hot sex of course) Not NEEDING someone to complete me - I wanna already be complete. I want them to be the icing on the cake. Yeah, the cake is totally baked, yummy and complete without the icing. But the icing takes it to a whole new level of completeness."

I may have my waffly moments due to illness or whatever, but on the whole I am always confident in my own ability to exist. I want to be challenged by my partner. I am a competitor at heart. I love working towards perfection in myself. I want someone to be outstanding with, really. Someone who will understand me--a tall order to be sure, but I want a best friend with hot sex, exactly.

And that is the reason why I am willing to not be with anyone if need be. I would rather be alone than face the world with someone I didn't respect on every level.

/waves at sybarite
I have to agree with the cake/icing thing so much! I'm glad that I have the parents I do, they never acted all "Ohh, you complete me!" with each other. They were already complete and then they met each other and things just got better.

I like the idea of having a "partner in crime"!
Mouse: I have a friend who hasn't had sex in two years. I applaud her, because she's decided to only have sex when she REALLY wants to. I wish I could be a little more discerning.

And ditto to everyone in finding someone who's an equal, not just a piece to fit into the jigsaw puzzle of life.

Can you have a crush on someone you went on a date with?

I went out on a FIRST date on V-Day with this guy because I forgot Thursday was Valentine's. I mentioned it to him before we went out.

When I showed up? He had a rose, and said, "Happy Thursday."


The bad? He looks exactly like my ex:(
um, so i got i text. he got my number, and i got a text...

eta: thread killah! ...and i'm seeing him tonight. and i got bgf's blessing. this is gonna be interesting...
yeah for crazyoldcatlady!
The boy I have a mad crush on told me I was silly because I was trying to walk across a large patch of ice with my expensive phone he held me up so I wouldn't fall.
He is completely aware of how clumsy I am and tries to prevent some of my many accidents. I know it's corny, but I love it!
eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, cocl!!! hooray! keep us posted!!!

ava, that's really cute smile.gif

fuzz--see, it's not that i'm really discerning. i mean basically i want to have sex all the time. it's a matter of lack of opportunity, not restraint, really...

candy--more power to those who post in the portions thread! i wish it were me! my whole post, though, was about trying to come to terms with the fact that it's NOT me, for whatever reasons, and that comparing myself to that ideal is only going to make me feel shittier.

and yeah. i am definitely not of the opinion that being in a relationship "completes" you. ideally it should be two people who *benefit* each other, who complement each other, but not who couldn't exist without the other. that's unhealthy. i do get my back up a lot about those studies that come out and say "having sex regularly makes blah blah blah and boosts your serotonin and immune system and will give you three million dollars and a pony and ice cream". when i hear that shit it makes me feel like i am living in the arctic circle with seasonal affective disorder. motherfuck.

flip-flops never called. whatevs.
I need a new crush. I'm not over the moon about Wolfee anymore. What at first attracted me to him now bothers me, and I'm finding him to be more stressful than fun. ooops.
///end drive-by
When I showed up? He had a rose, and said, "Happy Thursday."

that's cute, it warms my cold, cold heart wink.gif

gb, the buzz wore off? that just means you gotta find a stronger, stiffer (ahem) drink

hm. ok. so, i'm gonna be paranoid here, but suffice it to say that i'm smitten, and i underestimated the boy. seeing him again this coming weekend. bgf's over the moon and more than encourages this, which is awesome b/c that was my only barrier. i've never felt this intense about someone so fast (and apparently vice versa), so i'm trying not to let the cynical part of me ruin the shithead giddiness i have daily... just ridin' the wave.... mini-swoon.
gb - come visit me. we'll get your crush situation sorted real quick wink.gif

as for me... too. fucking. busy. don't. give. a. shit.

the one cute guy I've interacted with that I think I could get my head around having gratuitous sex with works with me. So that's out. (In my line of work, you'd better be DAMN sure it's executive cock before you decide to shit where you eat. and he's definitely not executive. just cock. not worth it. and anyway, I'm pretty much like "meh" about it anyway. too fucking busy.)

yay COCL. one thing I can say in my experience - if a guy turns you on in a nuclear blast kind of way, take it REAL slow. but it sounds great! yay!

Busty Ladies, I'm at a loss.

I'm sure some of you are going to hate me for the rest of this post, but I need to talk about my current *crush* problems. I am a woman plagued by too many options.

So first, there's J, who I went out with on V-Day. Handsome, funny and a little too cocky. He wants me, and I like him, but his fetishes are a little weird, even for me. He's into mental humiliation....and paying the woman he's dating. He wants to "keep" me. Part of me is thrilled and the other part is seriously freaked out by his need to own me. We have not had sex.

Then there's K, who I went out with as a friend, and we ended up having amazing slightly kinky sex. Of course, for those of you lurking about in the portions thread, he's the one my Dad walked in one with me. huh.gif He's polygamous, which doesn't bother me, but it's difficult to explain to potential new dates.

And then, do you guys remember FOB? The cute guy from my writing class? I ran into him on campus the evening after my embarrassing sexcapade, and I was slightly feverish, exhausted and totally hysterical. Our conversation is as follows:

Him: Oh hey! I almost didn't recognize you with the new hair.
Me: Yes, I changed it.
Him: I really like it. The blue was nice, but this suits you.
Me: Uh huh.
Him: So you look like life's really been treating you well.
Me: What?!
Him: It looks like you've lost weight.
Me: What an incredibly weird thing to say.
Me:I mean, it sounds like something my maiden aunt would say.
I then apologized, and explained my slightly feverish exhausted state, but he really started beating a hasty retreat.

I am an idiot. Someone slap me. Please.
I'm contemplating looking him up on the student registry and apologizing for my social ineptitude. Why must I be such a bitch?

And then there's like two other guys who want to go out with me??

I know, there's worse problems, but I'm terrified of making the wrong choice.

Thank you, if you made it all the way through this.

P.S. Zoya, word to the not shitting where you eat. It's a big rule of mine.

crazyoldcatlady-ride that fucking wave. Roll around and giggle into your pillows!
ahahahaha fuzz! best response. maiden aunt! it's true though, that is a really bizarre thing to say--but honestly, and i think i've said this elsewhere, i think it is a thing boys say when they want to compliment a girl. clueless but well-intentioned. look him up! and second guy too. first guy seems a little sketchy--those kinds of fetishes aren't necessarily something you really spring on someone the first time (or before) you've had sex. they're also the kinds of fetishes that involve deep trust and communication--not something it sounds like you guys have, or something you really might want to have with someone who tosses that around lightly. sounds to me like he's trying to brag, honestly. better to play out such kinks with someone who seems like they know what they're doing and aren't just trying to freak out/impress you, perhaps?

ok. advice over. i came in to say.....OMIGOD FLIP-FLOPS CALLED MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

...and i have a mouthfull of bloody holes and vicodin. perfect, perfect timing. i knew his band was playing the day after i got my wisdom teeth out, but i didn't really expect him to CALL! christ! what the hell am i supposed to do?? one of the major rules of wisdom tooth aftercare is *NO SUCTION* ahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahaha

well, mouse, you don't have teeth in the important spots, right?

basically i have to say "another time". i am all but knocked out on vicodin, i have giant bloody holes in my mouth, and everything is very painful and i am not feeling attractive in the least. i am going to call him back and see if he wants to hang out another time. plus...i don't really want to go see his band, which is what he was calling about.
I was only teasing you =) Another time sounds like the best course of action! Discretion being the best part of valour and all.
Yay to the crushie action in here!
well, we have a tentative hang-out next weekend i guess? he was cute on the phone. his goddamn voicemail message is him singing the "believe it or not, george isn't at home, please leave a message!" song from seinfeld substituting his own name. super adorable and hilarious.

i have no desire to date this guy. he is too young, too dumb, too republican. but damn, if i remember correctly, he is super cute. i don't want to have to cultivate some fake relationship--can i just be like, come over and watch a movie at my house? by which i mean make out. i am terrible at these things but this is my chance. ahh!
Mouse- Yeah, I love the old "come over to my house to watch movies. And by watch movies, I mean attempt to touch your stomach lining with my tongue" trick.

Do it.

I have a date with J, the creepy guy tonight. I'll decide then.

And I looked FOB up and sent him an apology.
mouse, dude, just invite him over. chill girl. sounds like you two will have fun.
QUOTE(stargazer @ Feb 23 2008, 10:40 AM) *
mouse, dude, just invite him over. chill girl. sounds like you two will have fun.

Damn, I need stargazer over here to give me this pep talk so I can ask out my youngin' co-worker!

I am terrified of rejection. Terrified. Thanks a lot, anxiety/depression!! I'm making a way bigger deal of the whole thing than I need to.

BTW, I think that sounds like a good plan, mouse.
flanker, just think of it as popcorn and it won't be scary. Mantra. Popcorn. Wallpaper. Snack food doesn't bite.

mouse, yay! Um, yes. Cultivating relationships is irrelevant in this situation. You just need an excuse to be alone for an extended period of time, imho.
QUOTE(mouse @ Feb 23 2008, 01:22 AM) *
i have no desire to date this guy. he is too young, too dumb, too republican. but damn, if i remember correctly, he is super cute. i don't want to have to cultivate some fake relationship--can i just be like, come over and watch a movie at my house? by which i mean make out.

mouse, i think you should use this entire line verbatim when you talk to him again smile.gif and hey, at least the vicodin will take the edge off when he does come around. and ditto to what ophelia just said.

I am terrified of rejection. Terrified. Thanks a lot, anxiety/depression!! I'm making a way bigger deal of the whole thing than I need to.

i love how completely honest busties are. at least you know where you're at, flanker. you can own it. say to self, "self, fuck all that; you're older and hotter now than if you were at the youngin's age, you've probably got him in awe and intimidated anyway. how's he going to say no to such a presence? mrs. robinson ain't got nothin on me."

fuzz, let us know how it goes with questionable dude. and i bet FOB's gonna come around again...
COCL - I read the portions thread. spill the beans.

Zoya, I'm crossing my fingers I win this years dateahotscot drawing for an all-expense-paid trip. Otherwise, I'll be saving up!
blah. Mouse, i'm with you- -wanting someone to come over and make out in front of a movie but I don't even have anyone to ask. geeze.

I slept with my ex-fuck buddy yesterday but that a quick fuck and nothing new.

I have a crush on the most awesome boy at work who is my friend but he is fresh out of a 5 year heartbreak and is not the kind of guy you fuck around with. I think the girl is an idiot for breaking his heart and i don't want to be that girl. so i'm just gonna be friends with him, but MAN I look forward to seeing him all week.

I want to make out with a skater boy.
COCL - I read the portions thread. spill the beans.

okay, so i'm not being coy, i was just about to come in and spill, but then i got a call from, ahem, someone...

dry-spell pulverizing portions!
okay, so the night started out a little weird b/c hey, in reality, this was only the third time i'd seen this kid, despite already having spent hours with him. and he's doesn't exactly live close, so the get togethers have been on the weekends. the week had been spent sending vaguely sexual texts. i get to his place, there's some fervid front door kissing... we take off for dinner, and it's so bizarre to me, being confined to this standard dating scene. i hate the whole dinner-and-a-movie type of thing; so i kinda felt like i was pulling back, being reserved, second guessing myself... we go back to his place, and it's all right again. i get wooed with some awesome downtempo music, some amazing conversation (again. damn i'm a sucker) and cigarettes. and it's so intense, and we're all over each other minutes later, major everywhichway sweaty crazy portions. more cigarettes. more conversation. rinse, repeat. finally, we make it to bed. in the AM, the same, so intense, but only heavy passionate making out; i had to get out of there sometime.

so. this could very well be sugar sweet lust. grade A , 100% lust. i'm not sure. i think i have to be careful though, i'm actually very... scared? that this is gonna go sour when i least expect it.

BUT. on to you ladies:

glassk- even if you don't want to go anywhere with workboy, it's still fun being giddy from afar. like ophelia would say, enjoy the popcorn

flanker, anything with youngin??? (holding breath)

star- haven't heard from you lately. whatchoo hidin?

ophelia- no news is good news?

COCL is rockin' the sheets! Woohoo!

Nobody else? Nothing going on at all? *hears crickets*

Liquor store boy is still hanging from my bra strap. Gave me 20% off the other day.
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