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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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yay, I'm glad cash works wink.gif

Mouse, no more portions because I never count on something that wasn't sure to begin with. As you say, there are things I wish to post on this forum, but it is not password protected.

I am totally betting on you making out with more than three people. I am BETTING. But, as I hold to, quality over quantity. mmm yes. That was the most amazing description. Zow.

Okay, I think I will withdraw to a password protected site now. Cheers.
dry spell over. jazzman was a nice sip of water. not a torrential downpour. but, a nice way to get my campaign rollin....
star, you go girl! tongue.gif

still no word from Cash sad.gif He's had a full day and some change since the note... this doesn't bode very well. Ah, well, maybe it'll still happen (after all, i invited him for lunch in the coming week--he could just wait until the workweek commences to make those plans). If not, nothing ventured nothing gained, I suppose, and I just get to feel cool about my smooth shot at it wink.gif

missed a call from LadyCrush earlier today. why am i such a dork and haven't called her back yet?

just got back from hanging out with an old crush... i posted about him before, calling him prettyboy. he was the one who was oblivious to the moves i was putting on him-- and turned out to be (as i learned through a mutual friend) just 100% disinterested in dating, period. anyway, we went out to dinner with some other friends and oh gawd, do i still have a crush on him. wish the damn boy would come around!

i hear y'all about the password protection! i would be in the LTAS threads a lot more if that were the case tongue.gif
squeeeeeeeeee! He emailed me!

That is all, please return to your regularly broadcast crushing.
stargazer -

wow... I thought I felt some sort of seismic rumble over here... wink.gif

I got my drink on with a couple of cool busties last night. now my head hurts. that's the most exciting news I have to report....
HAHHA! holy fuck, zoya, the second i read the "seismic rumble" part, a HUGH chunk of snow fell off the roof and cascaded down my window. perhaps i should go check to make sure it wasn't a jumper....

...okay, it was snow. DAYUM, star, seismic activity up north! i need to hire your campaign strategist.

word on the password protection.

oct, whatevah happens with that dude, what you did was straight rockstar. what'd LC have to say on the voicemail? (did she leave one?)
ccg- what'd the email say?
mouse- gettin' mad skillz in '08
glassk- i'd swing her way based on your description alone. jam out witchyour clam out.
jam out with your clam out?????? O M GGGGGGG cocl, that is the fucking funniest thing i have ever heard. hells yes.

STAR! sweet goddamn! congratulations on the end of your dry spell. your campaign is off to a good start and you know, primaries don't always hold that much weight on the outcome of the election wink.gif torrential downpour in store for you i'm sure.

candy, squee for email!

octi, call your chick BACK! and i hope cash calls you...some stupid people don't appreciate charming notes mad.gif

i think this year feels promising for me. i don't wanna jinx myself but love is in the air for like everyone around me and it must be catching, right? plus, i've met a lot of new boys in the past week (not all of them cute, but still! new people!) and i've been having deliriously crushed-out dreams as well--not about anyone in particular, but amorphous flirty chaste makeouts and backrubs and nervousness, etc.

so, yet another friend is convinced that i need to hook up with this new mild boy. he's cute and he's smart but i dunno, i just don't feel a spark. but whatever, this is the year of being LESS picky and jumpstarting my game again. kickstart my heart, as it were. i'm not sure whether the fact that everyone else thinks we're perfect for each other should make me think twice about him, or whether i should just be cranky that my friends are so way off about my type...anyway, i'm open to that happening, but it's not gonna be some grand romance.

i met another cute boy last night! who is also on the periphery of this group of friends. and i actually made myself talk to him and he seems cool and he lives near me and i'm sure i'll run into him again soon. so this is promising. it's all very preliminary but it's more prospects than i normally have by about 200%, so i'm pumped.

furthermore...i finally broke down and told friendgirl that i like w. she whooped and was like "i knew it!!" but she promised not to tease me when anyone else was around. she said that she had been thinking we would be perfect for each other for a while. which is promising, but still has no bearing on what HE thinks. but she says i should just try talking to him more at work; she pointed out that it goes both ways, which is very true. i just have a tendency to overcompensate--or rather, undercompensate--by not talking to someone at ALL if i like them. we'll see.
*~*~*sending out playa vibes to mouse*~*~*

you can do it mouse! i know you can. keep talking with w. i figured that is what i need to do with ecrush. keep talking with him. and i have a feeling things are gonna be awesome for you this year! just do away with the expectation that each guy has to represent "the ideal romantic situation" and you will be surprised with what you discover. get your mack on!

cocl, omg. that comment is hilarious. you gotta comeback to cambridge so we can hang.

good luck to octi and glass!

um, i think us busties are getting an early case of spring fever.... wink.gif
laugh.gif omg, cocl. I am sitting here farking dying @ jam out witchyour clam out!

This sure is a spirited group! So yeah, I'm gonna still lurk in here even tho' my sitch has moved on from crushing to commited. Wait, did I just say that? Yep, I did tongue.gif

Go mouse, go mouse, get yer mack on...
Ya'll got some mad skillz, ladies. So have fun with 'em!
Star, it does sound like Spring Fever has hit early 'round here wink.gif
~~~~fruitful 08 vibage abounds~~~
QUOTE(stargazer @ Jan 4 2008, 07:05 PM) *
kitten and you, silly bees. what virgos you are!! tongue.gif reality test! you are dating! *giggles*

Oh shut it star cool.gif . I know, I am a big freak. I know I am in a relationship and I really couldn't be happier. It just still feels so weird. Kittenb, happy in a relationship. It is odd that Chicago is so warm today considering that hell has frozen over. Maybe I'l even venture over to the "Committed" thread. But I am happy for you too. smile.gif

Happy crushes to all!
mouse, I do the same thing! (the whole not talking to someone if I like them) It's so hard, I guess it's because if I talk to them I'm afraid I'll act all swoony or something. And hooray on more prospects!

cocl, the email just asked how I've been doing. He told me that he's a bit busy but he wants to see me so he told me all of the times that he's available to hang out.

Is it bad that I have googled blondie numerous times? Gah, I'm so lame sometimes.
hey bunnies

my cod, that clam remark had me dying too!!

Star! Yessssssss, very nice very nice. Details...?

Mouse, I am so glad you told friendgirl. It is relieving to tell someone in those cases. I totally undercompensate, as you put it, too. bleaaargh. And I think the more prospects you have, the more you get.

hey Zoya =)

awww...kitten and yuefie have meeeeeeeeennn...

Candycanegirl! YAY!!!! And no, sometimes I google when I'm bored or if I do not know the person well. I'm paranoid!

ok, COCL, you need a slogan for the New Year now too.

oh man octi, you piqued my curiosity!

about my salad: no, I really was eating a salad, but I did slip over into metaphor there with the chocolate. Sometimes I think my life is reality and metaphor combined.
man, so much activity!!

it pleases me that everyone thinks my baby bat is hot. (I mean baby bat in a totally complimentary way, as in "hey baby" and "vampires are hot", way) jam out, I will.

Ophelia and Candycane- I am a total stalker. Babybat has NO web existance- no facebook, just email- so I can't stalk her, but my ex is a writer. I wish he wasn't because stalking makes it SO HARD to stop thinking of someone. It's just rather comforting. I also, secretly, hope that they are web-stalking me, as well. Everywhere but here, of course.
Ahh, the thing about blondie is that he is a musician so he does have a web presence! I have listened to some of his songs, seen his promotional pics and gone through various parts of his website. Lordy.

I would feel mortified if he could see what I've written about him here or if he found my blog. But then again, that uses a pseudonym so who knows if he would ever catch on.

I am feeling like crap today, I am very glad that I didn't take him up on his offer to hang out this afternoon.

by the way glassk, that girl sound very hot.
babybat is an awesome name. makes me think of francesca lia block!

soooooo in addition to two potential crushies already, an exsortofboyfriend from a while back who lives in town now (but whom i never see) wants to hang out. he's not one i'd revisit normally, but this year i want quantity, not quality. ahahahahahaaaaaaa
anna k
I love it when I get good flirty vibes from guys without even trying, it always takes me by some surprise.

I went to a bar to hang with some people I met in a volunteer meetup group, and talked to a guy who I had met before. I'm not attracted to him, but he was nice and friendly. We sat down and talked, and I noticed that his arm was stretched on the couch behind me. I didn't know if he was just stretching out or being flirty, but it felt nice.

I even talked to a girl who seemed really cool and smart, and was getting attracted to her, despite me not being a lesbian. I just found her really beautiful and intelligent and creative and funny.

Today I started my new job at a bookstore, and this tall grungy-looking young guy works there. When I left at the end of the day, he winked at me. Very flirty and cool of him.
Last year I met a guy that worked around the courner from me. He was very sweet and hot as hell, but we only talked and saw each other at lunch time. I began to think that he was married, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt until I couldn't take it anymore and I stopped seeing him VIA e-mail......10 months go by and I get an e-mail from him asking why I stopped seeing him......I e-mailed telling him that I just thought we were both too busy to get involved, a lie, I was smitten over this one. I just couldn't get past the whole only at lunch thing. So he wants to get to together.....what do you guys think? unsure.gif
sexysandee, this doesn't sound like a crush. you might want to post in the dating advice thread. that being said...i think everything you said should be communicated to him. if you are comfortable, then i say you should meet up with him.
i'm not the only one with crush news, am i?

well, i saw LOTS of ecrush this week. i think i will rename him loverboy. hee. so, the fact that i saw loverboy ALOT this week made it a great week for me. we had alot of interaction. see mouse, keep talking to wcrush. you need to make him so intrigued with you that he wants to keep talking with you outside of work. anywho...back to, i swear...i thought he was gonna ask me what i was doing this week. he stopped himself and asked if i was gonna be by the office at a certain time. unfortunately no. so, it feels like something is there. don't know what it is...but, maybe with a little nurturing...who knows what will bloom. needless to say, i look forward to what next week brings...
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tonight at happy hour w went on at length *against* a certain ceo of a certain company of dubious "do-gooder" status/misogynist advertising and work environment/unpleasant billboards etc who is dealing with various sexual harassment lawsuits coming to a head currently (please bear with me, i am trying like balls to hide from search engines as i am really trying to not be public here, but YOU KNOW what company i'm talking about)--mostly against friendgirl, who likes their product. i could've swooned. who would've expected him to be such a cynical bastard and a latent feminist to boot? plus he squeezed my shoulder affectionately when he got out of the car (after teasing me about not being in the department he, friendgirl, and other dude coworker are in, at which of course i pouted) and claimed that i was one the only decent artists we have. who knows if there'll ever be any sort of attraction there, but at least i know he likes and respects me.

i really wish i had a brain scanner. motherfuck.

maybe this weekend i'll see one or two of the popcorn. i want to make out with someone superbad.
i got a text mssg from babybat when i woke up... hee hee...
"everyone at work thinks you're super hot. i told them your taken cuz you're my future wife...the guys are teasing me that i can get hotter chicks than them. haha that's right boys."

aww, she's so cute.
i totally have a zit on my chin i can't stop touching.

mouse, i know who you're talking about. company wise. hee hee...... i think intelligent conversation as you describe is ridiculously attractive as well...... i am enjoying these stories and i think he likes you too. smile.gif
Alright, maybe I'm just stupid but I have no idea what company mouse is talking about.

glassk, that is awesome!

I have a little date with blondie tomorrow and I can't wait. I haven't seen him for a few weeks and I just want to kiss him and tousle his hair.
pm'ed ya, cc.

i'm paranoid about being too obvious here, even though i doubt anyone knows who i am.

it's enough to make me convert to livejournal.
i have LJ!! i like it!! i write for a different audiance there tho. mouse, why are you paranoid? i don't get why not to say it on here?
Fate MUST exist.

I'm not really prone to crushes. I don't mean that to sound condescending, I just rarely get all swoony and stuff over anyone.
Until F.O.B.(Fat Orlando Bloom), a guy in my writing class. He's dorky and not a very good writer, but I love his good-natured attitude and the way he seems so excited about everything.

The whole time we were in class together I was with someone, so I couldn't make a move. It bothered me to just leave everything open when the semester ended.

So yesterday I'm stomping my patented grouchy walk down the main hallway at my college...and BAM! There he is, standing in line and looking as cute as ever. I go through a mini fight with myself whether to say hi, but he beats me to the punch and starts talking to me. Eventually I have to go, and curse my lack of courage.

Two hours later I'm trolling through a local store, and I round a corner, only to smack right into him. After fighting about which one of us was stalking which, I walked away while shaking my fist at him.

Ugh, he even mentioned a story I had written earlier in the class!

I'm sure I'll see him again, right?
Ugh. more blondie for me. He and his wife want to start a family so they're going to be exclusive now. Which makes sense but still, I just didn't expect it to happen so soon. Oh well. At least it had nothing to do with me.

Ah, I got my little tiny thrill from liquor store boy today. He questioned my choice of purchases, I busted his balls. He turns to the other register guy & says, "This is my favorite customer. You give 'er shit & she gives it right back."
hungout with dorkface. was cool. but, towards the end of the night. i found myself getting bored. alittle. maybe annoyed. the novelty of being with an oversized kid in his late 30s is not thrilling anymore. other things bothered me tonight too. i mean, we still got it on.

have my sights set on loverboy now....

*~*~*crush vibes for everyone*~*~*
soo...i've hung out with the Captain twice already (the one that came to visit me at 1 AM at home)

I just looove being around him he just makes me smile and laugh annd we are able to have those intellectual conversations that you guys were talking about and yes we still talk every night until 3 a.m. on average (wow I'm starting to sound like him and his mathematical lingo) something is so there...buut Stargazer what is this 'nurturing' that you speak of, exactly??

he's gone to Tahoe this weekend so I wont be seeing/speaking to him in a while, I bet....
I made him a mix cd because he wanted me to recommend some relaxing music...I hope he thinks of me when he's listening to it happy.gif

sooo i'm stuck dunno what to do at this point because we are still friends and well just because in the past things have gone wrong
as far as the extremes of "frustrating friendship" to the "moving too fast" appraoches go.
And I feel the Captain is definately a keeper....

the flirting has just been too subtle than I am used to I guess...


Stargazer, hahahah I love it...

Rubi, I hope you made it an interesting cd wink.gif

i made sure it was interesting....
i said i'd give him a massage for wining our poker game....hmmm how about a nice sensual cd mix next?......what do you think hehheh wink.gif
glass, i just don't like the idea of my words being out in public view, especially for such a thing as personal as a crush that the crushee doesn't know about. i don't use this username for anything else other than the lounge, and i don't think i've ever used my full name here, but i have posted pictures of myself and i've said enough pertinent information that someone could, if inclined, pretty easily figure out who i am. and with minimal effort i could be stalked here through other places--minimal being, if i were the stalker, i could find myself wink.gif

i have things i want to say about w. but i think i might be done saying them here. i feel like i'm going above and beyond what is appropriate by gushing here (this is just my personal opinion on how it makes me feel, i'm absolutely not passing judgment on anyone else). it's one thing to talk to a friend in person, but to have all of my words about one specific person in one place, finite, public, is striking me as borderline obsessive, which is of course not the case but when everything is concentrated like this its' not that comfortable to me.

it sucks though, because i don't really talk to people about this shit. even with friendgirl, i'm pretty closemouthed. i love the lounge, but i'm not sure i love talking about w on here anymore, because it's gone on for so long and because it's getting ridiculous. i stopped posting in the sex threads for that very reason (oh, right, and the reason that i'm not getting laid anymore...but the former was before the latter) and sadly i think it might be the same with this.

anyway, i have a sunday dinner party where the guy everyone thinks i should hook up with will be. meh.

i'm already kind of over my new years resolution....*sigh*
bustirubi, you mean me nurturing the crush with loverboy....well, i mean treating tenderly...not pushing for him to ask me out....just use the opportunity i meet with him to get him interested enough to want to see me outside of the workplace. that's it. and if it happens, then it happens.

mouse, there was like a week where i got superparanoid, but i think it was just my own insecurity about my thoughts and feelings being discovered. but, tis me. i hope you can still feel comfortable to talk about parts of your life here within parameters. then again, pisces are terribly suspicous with a touch of paranoia... wink.gif
mouse, i feeeeeel ya. i would love to spew intricate details, but whatevs. i teeter between uberparanoid ("holy fuck, i'm being soooo obvious") and unconcerned ("who cares enough/is pathetic enough to be following my online footprints?") how does this magical land of El-Jay work, exactly?

it's so spring-like out today, i want to go play wink.gif

I got outed as a Bustie & it wasn't too bad. It was weird hanging out with a guy that already knew my business, but he was upfront about it, "I spent several hours laughing at your posts!" Now I could give a fuck.
yeah. i've never been outed, and depending on the person, i wouldn't care. i did, in the last incarnation of the lounge, say some things about a boy at the time that later i wished i could delete (and it was the old lounge, so you couldn't!) when i realized that it was a pretty big violation of his privacy--just because you're telling them anonymously to helpful strangers on the intarwebz, they're still secrets.

that's one aspect.

another is, i've reached the point with w where if he were not my coworker, i would absolutely ask him out a million times. but i'm not yet willing to risk ruining the really great social dynamic at my work or add an uncomfortable element to the situation. to me, there's not much point about recapping what conversations we had or whether he gave me a hug at the end of the night, and it just seems overkill since it's been going on for so long. i would not like for w to find this (though i can't imagine why he'd even try to look) because it gives a skewed perspective of my crush. it's all i talk about, but then this is the crush's certainly not the foremost thing on my mind in general, just here. but it needs too much explanation for me to feel comfortable. i also wouldn't want someone who i work with to find it, for the same reasons. plus, some people i work with can be mean spirited.

anyway, i'm not swearing off the crush thread by any means. just, i think, about talking about w, because it has plateaued. i will keep y'all updated on boy-who-everyone-thinks-i-should-hook-up-with and last week's pretty karaoke boy.
I can totally relate to the paranoia. Especially since I started linking my blog here which is very dirty and graphic. But I would die if blondie read me going "squeee!" over him emailing me. Gah, I need to stop being lame. new crushes. Obviously. But I'm going to a party on Tuesday so who knows?
Hmm...... all very good points. I had never thought of them.

My feb-sept poetcrush sent me an email after our one-night-stand last week. He wants to make me cornbread. He does NOT want to date me. I really don't think I want him if he doesn't want me, but GODDAMN he is really hot. and smart. Hmm.... is this the wrong thread for that?

Babybat is on my mind often!!! I hope she comes to visit soon.
[font="Book Antiqua"][/font]
okay, bear with me, as i'm new here. and this is kind of embarassing, so i've never told a soul. but i really need to let it out.

has anyone ever dated a younger guy(or girl), knowingly, only to find out they're younger than what they originally told you?
I've been kind of seeing this guy, joe. i'm 22. he told me he was 17. gross, right? wait a sec. i've known him for the last 7 years of my life, and he's proven to be a fantastic friend, reliable, trustworthy, honest.. he's always been a really good friend of mine, and so as we grew up, we kinda naturally developed feelings for each other. he came out iwht it first, and i was very opposed to the idea of dating a much younger guy, not to mention he's jailbait. but the feelings were there with me as well. in the last 10 months, things really kinda blossomed, and i thought it was too good to be true. no one knew about us seeing each other, and i figured we'd just wait for things to be serious when he turned 18, which is in a few months.

well tonight he told me he was actually younger than that. he's 16. i had a hard enough time accepting my feelings for him before, and i dont know what to do now. i love this guy... i know that he genuinely has feelings for me, too. but, fuck!, this just sucks, and i have no fucking idea where to go from here.

help! sad.gif
poet- i can't not be emotionally involved. but if he calls, i'll go over and fuck him and leave. no more sleeping over. i can't bear the thought of going cold turkey, it makes me unhappy. maybe he won't call?
As long as it's moving along it doesnt matter how fast/slow we're moving I think it's great as long as we can get somewhere with it.
Stargazer, I understand what you mean now happy.gif

I think I've showed him my interest in him enough for now...i'm leaving it up to him for now...
hempress, stay away from that kid!

glass, I hope you're doing alright smile.gif I'm the same way, it's too hard to not get emotionally involved.
Hey y'all, its been weeks since I've written, mostly because I've been (GULP) with a boy like, non-stop. I mentioned him briefly before..hes a friend's old buddy from Ohio and when I met him he was playing pool and exuding an irresistible confidence. Well, he asked me out right after xmas and its like the date never ended. And its kinda freaking me out!!! Its been so long since I've gotten this intimate this fast with another person. I'm just like, "whoa, shit, am I ready for this?"
anna k
That's really great to read, greenbean.
Greenbean, that's scary and awesome too!

I've just been lurking as of late, due to nothing interesting to add, just more moping over PocketBassist...until Friday! I went to see one of my favorite bands, and said band has a new drummer who is just as cute as a freaking button. More damn musicians, I know. Anyway, my friend and I accosted him after their set and spent pretty much the entire night chatting with him, and before we left I dragged him off into a corner and kissed him. Yes, at the venerable age of damn near 27, I made a move on a boy for the first time ever. Woooo! And this boy is some seriously high quality caramel-coated popcorn. I have his myspace, but I think I'll wait until next week to add him as to be nonchalant and all. wink.gif

The issue of anonymity on here is interesting...anyone who knows me well would know immediately that it is me, but that's ok. I think (hope?) that random acquaintances wouldn't, though.
Sooo, I’m a total lurker and I just wanted to delurk for two seconds to express a sentiment: I don’t post in this thread, but I love it. I’m in a long-term relationship and I still get crushes, I just can’t act on them. Part of my love for this thread is the vicarious aspect of sharing in other people’s giddy, potential-filled rendezvous and trysts. I miss that! So, even though some of you are talking about whittling down your postings, I hope they don’t whittle down to nothing, because they will be missed. Just wanted to share that. Also: you ladies are all so freakin’ awesome, I know it’s only a matter of time before you all find lads/ladies worthy of your charms! wub.gif

Okay then… re-lurking….
yay greenbean!! awesome to read.

saw loverboy and talked with him at work for a looooong time. *le sigh* but, i think that boy is on a different path. at least his presence gives me something to look forward to at work.

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