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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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Hey y'all, in my case, no crush news has been bad news...

For one, the latin guitarist dude is just too too short and shy for me. I feel totally akward around him and there is just no physical attraction at all. And geeky dude got together with another chick in the last couple months. He's planning to find a new job and move 1.5 hours away to be with her already. I found out while watching a mutual friend perform in a play. We laughed in unison an errie amount of times throughout.

So... yeah. Still looking for some chocolate. I'm glad so many of you ladies seem to be finding people that are to your liking! Mouse, that is lame about wcrush. Hope things heat up with gcrush.
I am single. Liquor store guy is starting to look good . . .
hello everyone, I am a long time reader but have just recently started posting heh.

man, just thinking about the guy I've had a crush on for just a bit over year now.
When I moved away I dated a couple other guys for not too long and now that I'm back home for the holidays, I just cant stop thinking about Charlie :/

The thing that gets me is that I'M always the one to call him. And he doesnt mind talking to me and we talk for quite a while but for some reason we don't really get to see each other(before I came home he had said he wanted to see me happy.gif...). I mean, I haven't been making much of an effort to see him as I used to but I feel like I shouldn't be the one making the effort anymore.

I don't know what to do anymore, I try not to think about him so much buuut. What can a girl do?

I haven't called him and last time we talked he said he would call me Saturday...he didn't......
busti, I wish I knew what to tell you. I can never figure out why guys don't call even when they seem totally cool with hanging out. I've had that issue with one of the guys I'm seeing (and by seeing I mean fucking).

Anyway, no crush news to report cause I'm home for the holidays. However, I can't stop thinking about blondie musician, dammit, why must he get in my head?!
Busti, my advice is to, as Zoya has said previously, lay your own thoughts* out to him as an indirect way of asking of what the hell is going on. Then let him be. Don't call, don't write. Don't ignore him if he talks to you of course, but don't bother making an effort after that. Zoya has very accurately pointed out that men do not like being asked direct questions. However, if you give them enough evidence to work with oftentimes things will work out in the way you'd hoped all along.

*I say thoughts and not feelings because they are much more dangerous to discuss, engage in, etc. Seems silly, but words matter.

AP, honey, welcome back.

flanker_ji, where'd you sneak in from??

CCG, any NYE plans?

I have had an interesting Christmas. Very, very interesting indeed. AB, as I will now call him, and I spent the 24th/am 25th together, mostly in states of undress. My bottom is bruised and I am sore. In a nice way.
busti, i would follow their advice.

O, um, sounds interesting. wink.gif sounds like someone is getting more than their fair share of portions.

AP, bummer. sorry to hear you are single again.

crush news...won't see ecrush for another week with the holidays. oh, and scrush called me last week to take a car trip with him. um, dude, i haven't gone on a date with you. crazy. i mentioned he should call me this week. we'll see.

i really want to do something fun and laidback for NYE that doesn't include men in any way. seriously. raisin, i hope you are lurking. i'm totally down for a girls only NYE. cocl, you should make the trek for it.
*delurks after long hiatus*

Busti, I'm with Ophelia. Zoya gives great advice.

((((Ophelia)))) woohoo, sounds like it was a good time, girlie!

~~~chocolata vibage for flanker~~~

((((mouse)))) urgh

(((dancingbarefoot)) funny how MS can bring out the 13 yr old in the best of us wink.gif

(((zoya & AP & cancycane & star & cocl))))


I haven't had a reason to post in here for a long, loong time but... there is a new boy in the picture. And man, I feel like a loon I'm feeling so nuts over him so quickly. As a rule I am the take it slow & see kinda girl, but that has flown right out the window. He has the stamp of approval from bff & the siblings, and didn't run screaming from their embarassing questions, or my sloppy drunkeness on x-mas. So yeah, so far so good. We have less in common, interest wise, than any guy I've ever dated. Well, aside from the liking to cook thing and our shared odd sense of humor. He's a culinary arts student and made me a divine dinner on our second date. So yeah, he's mr punk rock/psychobilly, and I'm more of a, I dunno, hippie-ish weirdo chick... yet I feel far more of an actual connection with him than any other. Crazy, eh? Damn, it sure feels good to have someone to be crushing on again after a long dry spell.
thinking my portions will end after today. oh well.
Thanks Ladies. For now i'm just facing the fact that he might have some growing up to do. But till then or till never i'm moving on..
talking to a guy 3 years older than I, we go to the same school. So far it's mostly online talking but we had very interesting conversations earlier if you know what I mean....crush developing on Older Guy!

MsYuefie, don't you love having that love to cook thing in common. Once this one guy who I now call the drama queen and I cooked a brunch together for a bunch of friends and the bonding was wonderful *sigh* those were good times before I knew the drama he would cause......

Anyway, Candy cane, musicians are so hard to get out of your head aren't they ugghhh...Charlie is one of those, but then so am I happy.gif

Ophelia, dayum gurl, If only I was back sharing the portions with someone again. You go girl.
heard from jazzman. date on saturday night. oy vey.

he's a musician too.

defintely feeling that the best place to be is in the giddy, butterflies-in-stomach, crush phase, rather than the now-he-knows, isn't ready for anything, still can't stop gazing at him (esp. when drunk) phase. though now i am also on the other side of a crush and the crush-er is so not my type (i don't think) and it's kind of sucking, too. it makes me feel guilty to know that this guy gets excited to see me and makes a conscious effort to call me and say hi and his face just lights up when he sees me and now i'm feeling that maybe i'm not ready for anything. pretty full circle, huh?

sooo jealous of portions, ophelia.....(sigh)
Didn't mean to sneak up on ya there, O - my crushes seem to progress more slowly than everyone else's, so I've been lurking when I haven't had anything newsworthy to post. I'm sorry to hear of the end to your portions... sad.gif

But, YAY for dates/crushes/portions after looong dry spells!!

My living situation is about to improve a bit, and I'm looking forward to feeling a little more free to bring a dude home. At the same time, I've really got to push myself to work hard so I can get to the next "level" in my living situation and career. It's hard to want two things so much where I'm afraid getting one will inhibit getting the other. But hey, life is nothing if not a balancing act, right?
teehee, np some more today/last night too, so I'm in a great mood wink.gif I'm just happy to see you in here!

um, word about the balancing act. right when you think ignoring them to get ahead is the right thing to do, a tasty nice one drops into your lap.

Busti, thanks!! bwaahhahahaha.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Yuefie's baaaaaaaaaaaaack!! smooochies!!!

Star!!!!! I'm giddy for you, eeeeeeeeeeee!!!! what's he like...?

Adnarim, oh babe. I know that feeling. I guess just enjoy the moment and try your best not to hurt him? That part is the hard part. Urgh.


Got a visit from the older guy last night (I'll call him "Captain") at 1 AM- the only time he could take the car out wthout a licence heheh
He asked me what I wanted for my birthday I just said I would like to see him he said I could see him anytime and that isn't a gift...but not at 1 AM at my parent's house while they're sleeping..yes I got a lecture.
So his excuse was to bring me my Birthday gift...*sigh* I was pleasantly confused by what happened...

Hopefully going out dancing with a girlfriend of mine tonight....what do you guys think of flirting and dancing at clubs? I kinda need to get out now. I can't wait to go back to Santa Cruz because I'll be able to see him at more conveniant hours over there haha...ya know?...
ophelia, no New Year's Plans. For years I was dragged to horrible parties and then finally I actually started going out for New Year's and it wasn't much better. I would end up getting way too drunk and doing really stupid stuff and feeling like an idiot the next day.
OT, does anyone know of some good movies to rent for NYE?

o, what do you mean by him testing your head?

I am having some...I don't know, weird feelings about someone that I've blogged about. Basically, after saving up all my money and going to see him (we went to a sex conference) I was extremely disappointed and felt like I was in a constant battle with another girl for his attention. And she won. I felt absolutely horrible. I've told him how I felt and I've tried to move on but when I read his blog and just see her comments it brings me sooooo far down. It's fucking awful. I can't get over how horrible this girl made me feel. I almost want to visit him again just so that I can actually have a positive experience but that is impossible (I'm broke). I just wish that I didn't feel so fucking jealous because I know what his lifestyle is like but I hate that this horrible bitch is a part of his life. Honestly, I just hate the thought of them being together. I can handle him being with anyone but her.
oooh, busti, he lectured you? that is hot. sorry. heehee. re clubs: not my style, but if you like dancing, then go for it.

CCG, I watch movies on NYE too! I don't know what I will do this year. Probably watch the new HP. I don't know. I want to have a slumber party (teehee) with one of my girlfriends but she's moving so maybe, maybe not.
Oh no! What a horrible experience. I'm so sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately the best thing to do is usually to make a clean break if at all possible. You are too interesting a person to pass up for long. Don't let yourself be wallpaper. You're too good for that.
Yay stargazer! Tell us how it went.

candycanegirl, my suggestion is to indulge in whatever kind of movie that you normally consider to be a guilty pleasure. Like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or a Doctor Who marathon. Something you know you will love.
well, i got back from hanging w/jazzman. i think i made a new friend. disappointed? yup. it is easy to hangout with him. but, we are pretty different. he's a sweet guy though.

there's still ecrush....

i am proud for going out with him. at the same time, for those of you who have met me...meeting new people is pretty easy for me. i kinda freakishly social.
Hey star! I'm proud of you too!

I still have my IKEA crush, but it's sort of waned. The guy isn't even old enough to buy booze yet. It just makes me feel too Mrs Robinson. Whatever. I'd still fuck his brains out. Totally.

Think I may do the NYE moviethon. Mcgeek is being an total asshat, but that's a different story for another thread.
I decided on the latest Harry Potter movie. I don't really have any guilty pleasures when it comes to movies, well, maybe some chick flicks like Bridget Jones but the last thing I need is a movie with any kind of love or romance in it (I already feel incredibly lonely) so I figured that I would just watch good old sexless Harry Potter.
yay star!! I'm proud too.

sassy! glad to see you. Mrs. Robinson crushes are awesome.

CCG, I am too. I am going out and buying the new one tomorrow.

hi, ladies. ccgirl, i dunno what to suggest--it's damn hard to find a good movie without a romance in it. maybe something entertaining and suspenseful, yet not die-hard-esque? i love "the usual suspects", but it's an older one and it's never as good as the first time you see it. that's the only one i can think of...oh, except anything hiyao miyazaki does. i love him so much--and he is a feminist! and romance doesn't count if it's a cartoon, right? wink.gif

i agree, ophelia is getting more than her fair share of portions, even if it is popcorn. spread the love! mad.gif but i do hope you get chocolate asap. and that goes for everyone.

i almost had a dangerous slide into sleeping-with-ex territory over xm-ass break. however, this one is from a good 8 years ago so not too dangerous. anyway, didn't happen so i'm safe. i doubt i would have regretted it, though...hah!

apparently i missed an "epic happy hour" last week. friendgirl ended up at wcrush's apartment because he thought she was too drunk to drive home. oh jeeze. i don't know if anything happened--i feel like friendgirl would have told me, but she was on the phone with other people around. her voice didn't sound like she was keeping a secret though, but i can be pretty dense about those things sometimes. anyway, whatever. if they hooked up or will hook up, i will be so sad and feel betrayed. but i'm not allowed to, because i never told her i liked him. *sigh*

tonight i am spending new years in a cabin with way too many people. gcrush will be there, but when the place sleeps 8 and we've got at least 15, i can't imagine there being any privacy. oh well, it'll be super fun nonetheless.

i want my new years resolution to be the year of mouse the slut. but i doubt that will be the case.


My new year's motto will be Otm, year of the chocolate.


Mouse--definitely seize power! Become ravenous! rawr wink.gif
my new year's motto will be "zoya, year of focusing on work and not getting distracted by boys who aren't interested in anything other than wallpaper"

oh, and also "zoya, year of being a lot bitchier"

which means it will probably also be "zoya, year of not getting laid and wanking a lot"


well mouse, I'm sending you my good vibes for having the year of the slut..
.. and ophelia for year of the chocolate
..and star for year of gettin' ass
.. and everyone else, year of miscellaneous crushes and/or whatever you want!!

Just popping in real quick to wish all of you a Happy New Year! Any interesting New Year's kisses?

Will hopefully pop in later to actually catch up.

~blows kisses to everyone~
Hi fellow crushies,

I've been lurking around these forums for some time but haven't posted in awhile. I just need to vent right now...

No good New Years kisses here. sad.gif
anyone have experience with crushing on a younger boy? This is completely new to me, I've always liked em older. I happen to know he likes me too... but he's what I guess you would call "wallpaper", heh. Our families are close and we've known eachother since we were kids, so this makes it really weird. And the age thing is kind of an issue for me....but I just can't help but want him...He's such a nice kid and pretty much everything I want. I've been crushin on him for about a year and a half now, and it just seems to get stronger every time we see eachother. I makes me crazy in a way, but I guess a good kind of way... sort of.

Happy crushin to you all in '08 wink.gif
I'm really hoping that my 2008 slogan can be "candycane_girl: year of getting laid and falling in love"

cheesy but I hope it comes true.
hey sniggles darlin'

looks like he got upgraded to popcorn, if you don't mind me saying =) How much younger? And why does it bother you? Or does the family closeness bother you more than the age issue?

awww, CCG.

I have had the most interesting New Year's. I spoke with AB, and I believe he is upset with me. Unfortunately I do not know why. Otherwise it was a cleansing time: I went to the beach alone and watched the stars, wrote a little, and listened to Mozart. The most restful time I can recall since my father died in 2003.
Hi ophelia,

He is 20, I'm 25. It may not seem like that big a difference, but it is huge to me!! I'm really not sure which bothers me more, the age thing or the family-closeness thing...believe me I've given it a lot of thought. The two issues together definitely make eachother worse!! I saw him at a NYE party for this first time since summer, and toward the end he was all over and dancing with some other chick, which is seriously bummin' me out. I know I shouldn't make a big deal outta that stuff, but that's just how I get when I like someone. I can't help but wonder if he was trying to get a reaction from me, or just being thoughtless. I really feel like a fool for being upset over it and reading so much into it. I seriously wish I had some chocolate, or at least a fresh batch of popcorn to distract me from him. rolleyes.gif I just got a call from the ex sayin he'll be in town for the weekend and wants to take me to dinner. Not worth getting all excited over, but a welcome distraction nonetheless. I feel so lame saying that but what else can I do? sigh.... I'll be seeing popcorn fella again in a couple weeks to see his band play (yes, another musician.. which is partly why I thought he belonged in the wallpaper category) so we'll see how that goes.
I'm glad to hear you had a nice New Years!! I'm starting to feel like I'm taking a huge risk when I go out on NYE. Which this time was the case, cuz I came home feeling all depressed sad.gif Not just about popcorn boy... the whole thing just seemed like a high school reunion which is not really my thing. I think next year I'm just gonna spend some quality alone time, like you did. sounds good.
CCG, getting laid and falling in love sounds really good to me as well.

**sexy lovey vibes for everyone**
blah. NYE is so overrated. i hate the expectations that go into the person you kiss at midnight. you know, i was dating someone one NYE and it was the last time we talked with each other. so much for symbolism.

sniggles, nothing ventured, nothing gained right. i would go with your intuition and just see where things go. but, i'm a risk taker. so, i might not the best one to take advice from.

heard from jazzman tonight. there is something sweet about how awkward he is. there is no censor with this guy. he mentioned in his voicemail how he should've sent me an email to say how much fun he had. he wanted to get together this weekend. no good for me. so next weekend is an option.

it's kinda nice to be the one crushed here. and i will totally admit i like the attention. heh. and i'm ok with that for right now.

lame that i'm looking forward to seeing ecrush next week. wee!
okay, so i've been lurking for like, the past two weeks. i got nothin' to add other than vibes (((crushies)))
hi girlies! i've been away but i read the last page of archives to catch up a bit...

sniggles, i'd say go for it. it's not like you're robbing the cradle or doing anything REALLY naughty. and hey, the fact that y'alls' families have known each other for ever might even be a GOOD thing-- you know him better and he knows you better.

catlady, vibes right back at ya! ~*~*~*~*~*~

candy, i do believe that harry potter movies are cooler and more enjoyable than about 95% of the men i meet. for real. in fact, when i was reading the books i would routinely blow off the guy i was dating for harry! :0

yay for miss ophelia getting action smile.gif

star, i hear ya about how awkwardness can be smooth. dorkface guys can be so endearing.

mouse, any cool news to report from NYE? anyway, good job not sleeping with the ex smile.gif (i'm working on that now, myself... but luckily i have new crushes to distract me from that!)

there are two sweet new crushes lately: one is this chick i met at a new year's eve party, who was just a total riot to dance with, and smart to boot! plus she's jewish-- why am i such a sucker for jews? ha! anyway, we traded numbers, i got a blown-kiss goodnight as i left the party, and she invited me to go out yesterday! i couldn't go but we're planning to reschedule for the weekend, wish me luck.

crush #2 is my banker. SO hot. pleasant as well i suppose, and speaks Spanish which is cool for me. but yeah, mostly just super hot. he's a former professional baseball player. anyway, we met (at the bank) on new year's eve day, and then (o miracle of miracles) i ran into him at a local restaurant on our lunch breaks today. i got the nerve to chat him up some more despite the fact that i wasn't cuted-up very much and was making a huge mess of a burrito wink.gif i'm planning on tarting myself up and cashing a check tomorrow, with the aim of asking him out. again, wish me luck smile.gif

((((((((everyone)))))))) ~~~~super duper 2008 crushie vibes a plenty~~~~~

I'm all gaga for the new boy and it's just sick. Sick I tell ya. My girls keep making gagging noises at me and I really can't blame them. He came down and stayed with me for three days before work & school resumed and it was faaaabulous. Portions galore and feeling spoiled in a way I'd forgotten existed. Too bad it's over now and it's back to the grindstone. *Le sigh*
ee! new boy and portions, yuefie? hooray!

octi! two crushes. fab. keep us updated!

sniggles, good luck!

o and her portions. your new years eve sounds lovely smile.gif

yay for star being crushed ON!! and for tension with ecrush...always fun.

everyone--keep on keepin on! this is the year!

i am bummed, because my two major crushes have fizzled. wcrush has gotten much closer with friendgirl than with me, and i'm cranky about it. i don't think she's interested but he's obviously more invested in her than me even friendwise (she works with him much more closely than i do) and whenever i have anything to do with him now, it's through her. i also found out some dubious/disappointing things about him. so sadly, i think this crush is over.

gcrush apparently has a new girlfriend--some chick from her hometown, which is ridiculous to me because it's a good 2k miles away, but apparently they're superclose all of a sudden and talk on the phone all the time. urgh. i'm kicking myself for waiting on this one.

but i guess it's kind of appropriate for the new year, yeah? out with the old, in with the new, and all that?

there is a new boy in my circle of friends that two of my lady friends have now suggested i go for. he's passably cute but he just seems really mild. incidentally and incestually he is the ex of the girl who is now dating one of my closest friends--who i was crushing on for a while a couple years ago and hooked up with drunkenly once (the friend, not his ex). we talked a bit on new years (and yeah--i've already seen him naked thanks to some hot tubbing. not bad, but nothing to write home about) and he seems really nice and yeah he's cute but he really just seems MILD. but as gcrush (grr--i'm so fuckin bummed about that) says, you need to get the "stink" on you to get back out there. so maybe i will try to practice casual, disastrous, disingenuous hooking up with this dude to try to get to better things. wish me luck.


ETA: there is also another male friend, cuter, imho, than said new dude, but i have been duly cautioned that he is significantly under-endowed. GODDAMIT.
Pah, everyone. I very highly doubt I will be gettin' any more portions anytime soon.

Yuefie!!! poooooooortions! I wanna hear about in the appropriate threads wink.gif Boy sounds nice, coming to visit for three days, mmmmmm. Nothing like three days of dirytness. arrrrrrr.

Star, anytime men want you more men want you, isn't that always the case? Weird how they smell each other on you kind of. Dorkface, as I will now call him (heehee) sounds sweet. Awww.

CCL, ((((((((diiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyytttttttt vibessss!!!!)))))))))))))))))

octinoxate, I love it. Tartin' yerself up. Teehee! Ahahhaha...the HP movies/books are sooo my guilty pleasure. I watched HP 5 earlier on NYE with a girl friend.

Sniggles, 20 and 25 are very different, maturity wise between most women and men. Not all, but a lot. However, if you really like him/and or just want him to play, then have at it. Youngns are eager learners. About him dancing with some other lady: he might not even have a clue you are interested. As Stargazer says, nothing ventured... Easy for me to type, I know. But hey, send him an email? text him? However you feel most comfortable communicating. And on your terms/turf.

Mouse honey,

All good snackfoods have to come to an end, right? okay, I'm trying to make you laugh. I'm glad you've already for new prospects though =)
Sometimes you just have to remember it's all just part of the scenery I guess.

And I love your description of disastrous, disingenuous hookings up. bwahaha. so true. so so so so so true.

dorkface! hahahahaha! love it. new name for the crusher. and he does have a big nose too. hee. dorkface sent me an email which was rather sweet. i can tell he is being very conscious not to crowd me. which is very cool with me. cause i like my space. and he seems pretty flexible. it is so awesome that i don't get that he is expecting anything more than what i can offer. that makes me feel relaxed.

mouse, i think it is time to work on your flirt. seriously. and i know you will tell me you have no skills. but, i know you gots 'em.

*~*crush vibes for mouse*~*

yuefie, congrats! and um dear, i think it is more like a dating relationship than crush. ahem. kitten and you, silly bees. what virgos you are!! tongue.gif reality test! you are dating! *giggles*
I don't really know why I'm posting this in this thread, but I'm eating an amazing raw sea veggie and kelp noodle salad and kombucha. I feel very...peaceful. And despite my longing for chocolate, I can see being healthy is so so good on so many levels wink.gif

so, absence *didn't* make the heart grow fonder. in fact, i think it snapped me out of my juvenile infatuation. i think i'm out; no, i'm definitely out. i got to thinking how one-sided it had all become, and how i'm too top-shelf for that. sorry, but fuck it/you. it's actually kinda freeing. and as soon as i'm not bloated to high hell, i'm gonna go get my drink and my snack on.

i still love reading all you other busties' adventures:

ophelia- sounds like you had awesome bubblegum. if the taste is gone, time for a new piece. get diryt.
oct- tell us what happens!
mouse- re: new guy's endowment: that's when you say, "no, you're not done yet. get down there and use your tongue." i predict hot game for you in '08.
sniggles- nye is totally overrated. the best nights i've had involved staying sober and in sweatpants.
yuefie- yay!
star- dork love is hawt. have him read you Proust while servicing you or something. wink.gif
Yeah star, I suppose you're right. But it took a fellow Virgo to be able to point it out that I don't belong in here now, 'cause when my sis said something before I was all "but it hasn't been that long!". You know how we Virgos can be rolleyes.gif. But um, yeah, we are officially dating. I knew after the conversation we had where he asked me if he could refer to me as his girlfriend when speaking to his friends and family. Heh. And the fact that it didn't freak me out, not one bit.

(((((crushies))))) ~~~fluttery hearts, wobbly knees & portions a plenty~~~
crushie update: LadyCrush called me back last night and invited me over to play games with her and some friends. a fun time was had by all, and we had a hug goodnight that felt a bit extended wink.gif the only problem is that i *think* my roommate may have a thing for her. seeing as how he introduced us to begin with, and how i value peace in the house, i might have to back down for the sake of keeping that peace (even if she doesn't dig him in return) sad.gif we'll see.

i also breezed through the bank today, got some cash from hot banker (any crush name ideas, ladies?), and then smoothly slipped him a pretty little notecard that said i'd love to make a point of "running into" him again soon-- lunch or dancing. let's see if he calls!

COCL: more power to you! hold out for better--i like that saying, "top shelf".

mouse, i second the thoughts on mr small: size ain't everything. i would way rather date a small guy who gave great head than vice versa tongue.gif
octi, i'm sure mouse is lovin' the note you gave to bank teller. heh. sorry to tease you mouse! wink.gif i hope he calls you octi. and um, i'm not completely sure why you gotta back down from wanting this chick. that doesn't make sense. i understand wanting to keep the peace. are you sure he's really into her?
octi- call him Cash? Excellent work there, cherie. And I must side with star on the LadyCrush. Maybe discuss with roommate before backing down entirely? Or at least explore a tad more? No reason to always play nice.

Small men stimulate the g-spot more easily. While they are toe curling in some regards, you might find something that rings another bell.

Yuefie, you're so cute!


okay. back to business.
Argh! Okay, so I called cute blondie on New Year's Eve just to say hey. We talked for a while and I told him when I was coming back into town. So I called his place on Wednesday but he was out and he still hasn't called back. Why hasn't he called back? Did he not get the message? Is he busy? Gah, I really like him and I want him to call me back!

yuefie, yay for new relationships!

cocl, good for not settling for less than you deserve.

octi, you have guts! I could never get up the courage to give a guy a note like that.

ugh, I'm tired. going to bed.
it's busy in here!

yuefie! YAY! bbbbbbboyfriend!!!

o, why no more portions? but your salad sounds delicious...that wasn't a metaphor, right? tongue.gif

re: size--yeah, i hear y'all. i like the head, but i also like a good sound rogering, and while i'm not really a size queen, apparently this dude is kind of exceptionally small? but then again, friend who told me (secondhand, not even from her own knowledge) IS a bit of a size queen. whatever, it's WAY too early to even think about these things really, it's more just me desperately casting my eye around for someone who might possibly be passably attractive and open to makeouts or whatever.

star--it's true, i have no skills. but this is the year of developing them. who knows? i might even make out with THREE people this year! it'll be a record-breaker for sure! rolleyes.gif

i know i said i was over w but tonight i ended up at his place and i'm not as over as i wish i were. urgh. it's weird how he doesn't talk to me at work really at all, but will happily talk to me when we are out at a bar. i do really wish this place was password-protected because i have a lot of things i really want to discuss but don't feel at liberty to on a public forum. meh.
it IS hoppin'!

mouse: maybe w is just really serious about his job? or feels like the boss is watching or whatever? i know i'm waaaay less chattty at work than i am outside it, for fear that folks would think i were slacking.

~*~*~*~cute-blondie-calling-candycane-vibes~*~*~*~*~ Shit, boy, do it!

O, i LOVE the nickname Cash. perfect. (as of right now, no word from cash. but i am still feeling like a total badass for puttin' the moves on like that tongue.gif)

star, o, thanks for your take on NOT backing down regarding ladycrush. no, i'm not 100% sure that the roomie is into her- it's just a feeling i get from his behaviour around her. i feel like i'm pretty perceptive about that stuff-- like say, the body language that happens when someone is diggin' on a person. also, he's a little bit evasive about when HE hangs out with her, almost like he doesn't want to tell me who he's going out with for fear that i'd want to go along and encroach on his time with her (or his territory?). you know? but yeah, maybe i shouldn't put the cart before the horse: i'll wait and see if she and i are making something happen, and then have a chat with the roomie about it when there is actually something to chat about.

*~*~*~*~good crush vibes for busties~*~*~*~*

p.s.- i am SO proud of myself for not getting back together with--or hooking up with-- my recent ex. yay for doing stuff that's good for you! smile.gif
so awhile ago i was contacted by this girl who was, at the time, dating my ex-boyfriend. The scumbag was being a dick to her and she wanted to know a few things he wouldn't tell her about. I'd been there, done that, and she reminded me a lot of myself a few years ago. I'm 21. She's 17.

Now, she's broken up with him and came to visit me, and our conversations tilt round to how its too bad we didn't know each other back in the day so we could've tagteamed the scumbag when he was still hot. Nevermind that, she's just plain HOT.

apart from all the reasons why this crush is going nowhere (mutual tho it may be), she is fucking smoking, and I just want to brag a bit.

she has a voice like a lounge singer, delicate as a martini glass with symmetrical piercings up both ears, eyebrows, nose and a spike from her lower lip. she's a mechanic, and doesn't wear heels, but she wears long black gloves and fishnet stockings and says she likes to look like a lady. she has a fuck you attitude i admire but also a good head on her shoulders to see the big picture and has bang-on first impressions and says "I'm a pot smoker who's going places." she's as cheap as i am, evidenced by our thrift-shopping prowls.

So. She's gone back to our hell-hometown and I'm still here.

Maybe one day the stars will align and she will also be older. Right. We had a lot of fun while she was here though!
glass, sounds like a sexy girl and sexy times! i LOVE that you met her through the scumbag ex! here's hoping that it might go places for you in the future... smile.gif
QUOTE(_octinoxate @ Jan 5 2008, 12:23 AM) *
mouse: maybe w is just really serious about his job? or feels like the boss is watching or whatever? i know i'm waaaay less chattty at work than i am outside it, for fear that folks would think i were slacking.

HA not hardly. besides, he's social with friendgirl. i kind of really want to tell friendgirl simply because i want someone who knows him to talk about it with (and i want to make her think twice if she ever gets the chance to hook up with him). it's not that i don't trust her, and i think i have her loyalty as a friend, but she loves to gossip and even if she didn't say anything outright she would definitely tease me and joke that she has dirt on me in the presence of people i really DON'T want knowing. meh.

octi I LOVE THE NOTE! cash! let us know how it goes.

and glass-fuck, she sounds hot.
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