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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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you will get through this...
mantra. executive cock. You eat the popcorn. Not the other way around. We'll be here.
((((adnarim))) *singsong* doooooouuuuuuche-baaaaaaaags!

you'll get through this. we are here to bitch to. there are better fish in the sea.


not that anything will happen (i don't know if i've mentioned this before, but he is my coworker) but am looking forward to dressing up and being silly and tipsy and unprofessional with everyone. hope i don't make an ass of myself.
(((adnarim))) I don't even know what to say except that you'll get through it.

Mouse, yay for Christmas parties!

I'm pretty much spending this weekend alone but I don't mind too much because I just need to relax and start packing for the holidays anyway.

by the way, is it bad if you think that you might still be attracted to your friend's ex?
quick drive by -

((adnarim)) fuck that guy. (not literally)

mouse - yay for christmas parties! I'm still hungover / kinda buzzed from one last night (see letters thread and inhebriated ramblings thread)

executive cock! but until then, POPCORN!! (and licking the wallpaper - except for your bosses 21 year old nephew wallpaper. he doesn't get licked. even if you are liquored up on 5 martinis at the work christmas party)

ps - hockey jock (that is his nickname this week) is still texting. he texted me from the road last night (they have an away series right now) I will admit it, I like the attention. wink.gif


Mouse, how was the party??

Zoya-attention from the wallpaper is necessary and proper sometimes...

My latest is allowing my mind to create. So even if this turns to naught I have some literature under the belt. Yay?

Nose to the grindstone now: 2 1/2 pages to go.
warning: long hungover post! sad.gif

i JUST got home. a coworker (not the one i wish) is passed out on my couch. i stayed at the party until they kicked us out, moved on to a karaoke bar until they kicked us out, and spent the night in a hotel room downtown with five other people. i did not get any action, but apparently everyone else did mad.gif

the party was fun. everyone got real drunk, sang karaoke, took pictures, won stuff from the raffle (i did not, but my friends won, respectively, twenty bucks, a playstation, a car wash, and two fat bottles of patron). wcrush didn't really pay much attention to me all night. he was vaguely flirting with some random chick (someone who doesn't work at our company, but not someone he brought) and i was PISSED, especially because i didn't have anybody to complain to about it since my coworkers don't know. i was sending my other friends drunk'n'angry texts about it all night. so yeah. no wcrush attentions at the party.

then stuff wound down and friendgirl decided that we should go find a karaoke bar to continue the night at, and i convinced wcrush to come along, and he and i ended up waiting on the sidewalk together for her forever, and then he dragged me back to the party to get a ride with someone else. it was a weird mix of people and we got there so late only one person had time to sing and we didn't get to finish the giant beers we bought (prolly for the best).

then i went with friendgirl and a few other people to a hotel room (where everyone was making out but me--UGH), and wcrush went on his way to wherever. i was drunkly making eyes at him hardcore all night (though admittedly my tactics are not foolproof and i usually think i'm being way more forward than i am--he probably didn't even notice) but he did not act flirtatiously towards me at all, just friendly. he told my merchandiser that he thinks i'm a great artist. which is nice, but i wish that admiration wasn't just professionally directed. sigh.

i found out, though, that a couple months ago he was actually dating someone in the company, which is a: disappointing, because i thought i was the only one who found him attractive, and thus had a better chance, but also b: promising, because clearly he's not opposed to dating at work.

i don't think my other coworker's belief that he has a crush on me is true after all.

i wish this would just go away. nothing's going to happen with it, and i'm just going to get more infatuated and more bitter and disappointed. it kind of sucks, and i'm sad.
I am feeling much better. Guy #1 (original crush) and I are becoming just friends again and things aren't awkward and it's ok. As a friend of mine said "When a guy says he's not ready for a relationship, accept it and move on." Guy#2 (the bandmate who is hung up on his ex) is deciding that he needs to get the hell over his ex and move on. He is am amazing musician, so last night he left a party we were at early and went home and wrote and recorded a song basically declaring that he's done with her and moving on. It's a great song. I am definitely considering giving him another chance but it's gonna take time.

Mouse - WTF! Maybe you really weren't being forward at all and he has no idea?? What a bummer. I was expecting to hear very exciting work party stories. Is there a New Year's party?? (practice obvious flirty faces on the mirror!!)
Hah, Katie, Bcrush's first name actually starts with a 'R', but I call him by his last name (cuz its a rad last name) which starts w/ a B.
I may have made a dumb move with him...I texted him and asked if I might hitch a ride w/ him over the xmas break, from the bay area back to LA (5 hours or so) since I'll be up there at the same time as him (I have a diff ride up). He said 'sure', but actually we wont be in the same city and one of us would have to go out of our way to meet up. I think I wanted to see if he would say yes or no, but now I'm thinking maybe I should just fly back cuz its more conveinient. Eeesh. And if he has been flirting before, he must not feel like it this weekend, cuz i havent gotten anything from him.

But in other new, I got portions last night! (portions thread)

Everyone in Crush land, hang in there!!

Mouse that sounds frustrating! But I think you are looking at it from too close a perspective. If he at all respects you, then of course he admires your work. You just need to find out whether he finds you attractive. He might be unaware that he could be on your radar. I NEVER notice if someone likes me, unless they're completely creepy about it.
Continue on with your awesomeness. Absolutely nothing attracts like power. I am teh cheeseball of the thread, but seriously, younger men like older women a lot of the time because they have the chance to conquer something that has more power than they do by societal default; and there is a whole market for bdsm precisely because it involves power exchange under controlled circumstances.

*I'm slightly creeped out by the second portion of this post myself, but analytically speaking it's what I've noticed in the real world. Oh well-we're social animals, right??
UPDATE: girlcrush has just texted to ask me out for a beer "somewhere dark and divey". i should not go have a beer considering i am still nursing my hangover from last night but who am i to refuse bones the universe so diplomatically is throwing me!??

oh, life!
ha! O, you are so RIGHT about that power thing. I lost my power with my Feb-Sept, and now that I'm getting it back he is all hanging out with me again. (I just am enjoying pulling him back in, but if he goes for anything which i hope he does, I am looking forward to shutting it down, quid pro quo.) fantasy land. hee hee....

Have fun, Mouse!

Also, there is this uber cute girl (my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend) who I've been chatting with online, and we are so much alike, we're hanging out before & after Christmas, and she's 17, with a 4 yr age difference, but on her own since age 15, and .... its soooo wrong but I"m still looking forward to it.

and skaterboi has just dropped off the radar. oh well, he was too 'incrowder' for me. i am so not that cool....
mouse, yay for beers with girlcrush! Just don't drink too much!

also, sorry that your work party didn't turn out so great. I have been in the situation where it's like i'm in a room full of people making out and I know how depressing/uncomfortable it can be.

I know I've kind of brought this on myself but sometimes I really feel sad knowing that blondie and I can only ever get so far. That's why I was a bit apprehensive about seeing him in the first place. I guess I should just be thankful that we can at least have the chance to date but he's just so damned perfect and cute I wish I could have him to myself for a bit.

But I know myself, I really don't think I could be with one person forever. I mean, basically what I want is to be committed to one person but still have the freedom to explore other relationships. I guess what I'm saying is that I want what he and his wife have.
drunk, returning from girlcrush "date"--SO

she is so fucking hot and adorable and i have such a fucking ginormous crush on her and the entire time we were hanging out i wanted to jump her goddamn bones BUT i also feel like this is somethign that needs to be approached delicately (or else i kind of think EVERYTHING needs to be approoached delicately but that is neither here nor there). it was reallyt fun and actually pretty flirty. GOD SHE IS SO HOT. and it was just her and me and we were getting drunk and talking about whatever everything and it was rad, i haven't really hung out with her much one on one so that was pretty great. now of course i am kicking myself with all of these "oh, i could have said squawk squawk squawk and that woudl have changed blah blah blah" but i do think that this is somethign i am going to need to be SURE about before i make a move.

case in point--she got HIT ON in the fuckin BATHROOM by some woman who was sitting in the booth next to us with her presumably boyfriend!!!! this girl gets fucking hit on by crazy women/people everywhere i ever hang out with her, and i was talking to her about it and she was talking about like not "Settling" and having standards and i really didn't think that was the appropriate tim eto be like HEY LET'S GO MAKEOUT as much as i WANTED TO (ohmygod i wanted to--FUCK am i ever sexually frustrated you guys) because i don't want to be added to the list of crazy people that hit on her.....but we hung out and we talked and we were actually teasy and flirty and i felt some tension there (at least i hope i did--hope i wasnt' making shit up out of hopefulness) and i KNOW that there will be other times for this so i am not TOO disappointed that she is not here naked in my bed right now even though that is what i want 100%.

god, i am so fucking depressing with my unrequited/unrealized crushes. if only they knew how much i was into them...but then again it might creep them out, which is of course why i shut my goddamn face.


ETA: i forgot to add that this is the very same bar where if any of you rememebr grr_arrg she was bitching about how a lesbian couple got kicked out of this bar because they were todl it was a "family establishment" (even though the fuckin bartenders are clearly also prostitutes). i can support their adamant resistance to the gentrification of my neighboorhood, but only to a point...anyway, we didn't make out so we didn't get kicked out. but GOD i wish we had. made out, that is, not kicked out. but there will be chances in the future. it;s pretyy good to have to such majourly smitten crushes. SIGH okay i am going to go climb into bed and [redacted]
mouse, oh you are cute. hopefully, that doesn't sound terribly patronizing. rolleyes.gif smart though not to play things to aggressively. so, she is bi? or she plays for the same team (i.e., lesbian). i guess you could look at it as building a friendship with her. my ex and i were friends for about 2 months. we both had huge crushes on each other and didn't tell one another. we were trying to be cool and just be friends. but, eh, that didn't work. we dated for 6 years. so, i think you are handling things right. keep us posted!
quick one..

great LA crushie dinner with mouse, greenbean and ophelia. They are all very cute!

update on the bosses nephew.... see letters thread. oof.
DAMN you're fast! hahaha

good luck with nephew. be ballsy!
I'm glad you ladies had a good time together!

And zoya, your letter made me lol.

"deck the halls and all that?"
hi sweet peas!

Dinner was lovely! It was great to see Zoya again, and to finally meet Greenbean and Mouse.

eta: Zoya, best post ever re letter thread. haha!
mouse - it helps that my house is right around the corner from the restaurant!
hahahahaha GB that is relatively hysterical. although somehow not surprising given our many similarities. although that one happens to be very bizarre.

glad you had fun mouse, tis frustrating though i know.

so, i dont really have a problem, per se, i am just wondering how to go about something. basically, i have been in 3 serious relationships in my life and not once did i bring up the "define the relationship" talk. the guy always did. well its been two months with rcrush and not once has he said anything. however, i have met his family and he talks about the future together and calls me his girl. so my question is, is that talk necessary (please keep in mind my extreme aversion to ever acting like a typical annoying girl who needs labels and whatnot) or do i just assume we are exclusive? hes not the "date lots of girls" type and i am the first one he has dated seriously since he broke up with his fiancee 3 years ago. sooooo i dont know. i cant even believe i am asking this. it makes me feel so, i dont know, annoying lol.

hope everyone is doing well and i can say that i am very jealous a bunch of you guys got together!
so, i'm i guess i have news. not a crush. well, i'm not the one crushin'. but, this guy asked me to have dinner with him tonight. we were both waiting for take out. he was kinda nervous and awkward, which made him endearing. i could tell something was gonna happen cause he was staring at me the whole time. he offerred me his number and i refused. giving him mine instead.

oh, and he is a musician.

lord. they are like moths to a flame for me. don't know why. but, it will be cool if anything materializes out of this. going on date could help inspire me to get back in the game.

i guess 2008 will be about dating for stargazer. weird. blink.gif

and double weird that i referenced myself in 3rd person. laugh.gif
katie, from what you've said, I don't think it's really necessary to have the talk with him.

star, yay for being the crushee!

I just had a really fun date with blondie. We made cookies together and made out a lot while they were baking. He's so sweet and he even got me a little Christmas present. smile.gif
god i'm such a voyeur. you kids have interesting things going on.

candy, the baking thing is hot. i envision like, burning the cookies, and then laughing, then a playful batter fight, followed by fervent making out on the kitchen counter top wink.gif

star, you don't sound too into this guy? i guess just go out, have fun, and watch the other boys come around, because when it rains it pours.

katie-aahhhh, the DTR. i gues you can approach it two ways. passively: "hi mom, this is Bob, my boyfriend"-- and see if he corrects you. OR, aggressively: "yo, before i fucking blow your mind in bed, are we exclusive or what?". i have a hunch that there's a middle-of-the-road option, but i'm an extremes kind of ho.
katie - the way I've approached it (and this was on the advice of a guy friend - a musician, no less!) is to just take responsibility for my feelings, share them, and then try to let go of any expectation of what I want his answer to be. I think that guys get kinda gunshy when we hit them with questions, and anyway, it's more a strong woman thing to do to just communicate your own feelings with him, and see what he says. I think that a lot of guys are used to the 'pressuring girl' thing, and when you just do your thing and don't pressure, it pretty much blows them away. (in a good way!) It's usually worked out just fine when I've been in a situation like yours, where you're pretty sure anyway.

For example, when I was first together with my ex, we'd been going out for a few months, but he'd never brought the exclusivity thing up. So I said to him (I actually wrote it in a letter, because I was traveling at the time and really just wanted to get it off my chest) "I've really enjoyed spending time with you, I've learned a lot about myself and I really like the things we do together - and I find myself not wanting to see anyone but you. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what I was thinking." And I just left it at that. I was traveling so I didn't get a reply for a few days (I was in europe and it was years before I did email on a daily basis) so I was a little freaked out - but I think that he just needed time to digest it and make up his own mind. And he replied "thank you" and that he felt the same way. It was really great, because I had just communicated with him how I felt and I knew that his reply was for real, not because he felt like he HAD to answer me. So it was rad.

anyhoo, that's my .02 cents.
Katie, it was almost four months before HB & I had the big convo. He brought it up:

HB: "So . . . are you seeing anybody else?"
AP: "Not particularly, no. Why?"
HB: "Because I'm not seeing anybody else." BIG PAUSE. "And I'd prefer if you didn't, either."
AP: "M'kay."

And that was that.

I have a minor crush on the guy at the liquor store. He's a typical Kansas guy, but he seems kinda smart. I talked a little sass last week & he responded in kind.

Star, we both know those musician types! Lick that wallpaper! I wonder if his snozzberries taste like snozzberries?
katie, i agree with the others. just have the convo. i did it after 2 months of dating my ex cause i felt strongly about pursuing a relationship with her. so, just be straightforward.

cocl, well, he wasn't immediately my type. but, the convo flowed easily...for as much convo as 2 people can have waiting for chinese take out. i'm not really expecting anything to come out of it. but, the attention was nice and helped my self esteem in regards to how i feel with men lately. so cool for that. what's up with your crush?

cocl, there was no batter fight but there was a towel fight. He somehow managed to use his tea towel to actually get my tea towel! There was a looot of kissing and making out but not enough room for it to take place on the counter top.
hey all--

aw, katie. Don't stress about it. Do what Zoya advises. Inaction will only make you worry more, and you don't want that.

stargazer!! nice! You are on such a roll lately!

CCG, that's freaking adorable. I love baking. Although the reality of sharing my kitchen with someone...hrm...tried that with Otoy hah such a disaster...
Glad it worked out for making out for you though!!

candycane_girl, yah for making out!!!

Well I have a bit of a crush on a lady that I can't figure out if she's straight, gay or bi... I work with her and she's the newbie so it'd kind of be weird to ask. I can't figure a good way to bring it up in conversation. even at that who knows if she's single or taken! she makes me feel all flustered and silly. I actually feel myself blushing around her!
O, it feels like that. that the universe is pickin' up on my vibes or something. which leads me to share my campaign slogan for the next year...

"stargazer...gettin' ass in '08"

let's see if it comes true...
I lurk here every so often, I figure it's time to come on out and say hello.

Star, I think I can guess which Chinese restaurant this is, hee hee. Give me two guesses and I think I'd get it right on the first guess! Awesome.

So anyway, I just wanted to say I'm traveling to a Spanish-speaking island for Christmas, and I'll be damned if I don't get to make out with a stranger at some point just so I will have the chance to be all "aye papi" and everything.
thanks guys, i knew i could count on some great advice from fellow crushers. i think i realized that what bothers me the most about this situation is that it bothers me not to know! i am just not used to caring all that much so its like wow, wait, whats going on here. and i guess feeling a little out of control emotionally-wise bc i like him alot. oh well, i think the next time we are having a few beers together i will just bite the bullet (yes alcohol is necessary in this instance ha). i agree, inaction is going to make me crazier then i already am! i have already started to be alot more forthcoming with the questions. hes the type of guy that doesnt offer but will answer freely when asked about his past, his family, his personal life. i was just trying not to be too over the top or smothering, but i realized thats stupid and it was just me being a big baby bc i like him so much. i hate myself when i am like this bc i dont feel like the strong woman i am used to feeling like.

anyway, stargazer, are you going to hang out with him? i have always wondered that muffy, how do you approach the "are you gay or straight" thing if you are indeed a lesbian?

AP-i remember that whole thing with HB, i remember thinking thats exactly how my shit always went down and now i am freaking out cause its not!

thanks everyone. i missed you guys in the months i was MIA

katiebelle2882, I know the "where are we going with this?" makes me cringe. I know with my last actual relationship she brought it up and not me. I hate being that girl whose all clingy but then again, knowing is kind of nice too. good luck whatever you decide to do.

I just don't think there is a good way to ask someone if they are gay, straight, bi, or whatnot. Most straight girls I've come in contact with have a way of just causally mentioning their bf's in my presence - I must give off some serious gay vibes, or someone has already told them. My favorite is when they don't know if the people around them are accepting so they use pronouns instead of saying, "I went to dinner with this girl last night..." Instead, they'll say, "yeah I went to dinner with someone last night..." Its a dead giveaway, because I've done it and every GLBTQ person I know has used it at some point. I'm hoping this gal I'm crushing on will use pronouns!
Star! ahahhahha! Your slogan make me inhale gnocchi, ajahahahahkhds! Now I want one.

Katie, I know exactly how you feel...being used to not caring and then going to caring is incredibly frightening. Obvious but when it happens is yikes for me and I resist tooth and nail.

Muffy, I would not function in the GLBTQ community. I am the opposite of subtle. Eek. good luck!

raisin! have some popcorn!!

fuck. i'm thinking of doing something drastic, like, now.

sack up, catlady!
Drastic? What Catlady? Dish!

Portions boy asked if i could go on a date this week (so cute)! But as I am working so hard to meet end-of-the-year deadlines at work I really dont have time or mentality for a date date,..but suggested he come to my house tomorrow --which I'll have to myself thanks to BOTH roommates going outta town! (rarity!) and suggested, um, dominos....(heres looking forward to LOUD action all over the house!..eeeee!)

...and Bcrush is still semi-flirting in text form, and wants to hang out with me in SF when we are both up next week...could be dangerous...or utterly awkward..
anna k
I went out to see a singer perform at a dive bar, and tried to use the opportunity to flirt. It didn't really feel natural for me to flirt with guys I didn't know, who were preoccupied with other things, and I was alone and didn't have a friend to introduce me or act as a winglady. I talked to a guy sitting next to me, asking him how he knew the singer. That was it, I didn't really have much else to say without seeming weird. There were a lot of shaggy-haired bearded guys and geek-cute guys there. I like those types, but a lot of those guys in one room can look generic, I have to just know one of them one on one to get an interest. When I worked for this PR company I liked having a nice work friendship with a co-worker, but never asked him to hang out outside of work. Ah well. I still had a good time working with him for a few months.
"dominos" laugh.gif
hahaha... mouse, I think that greenbean has inadvertently come up with another euphemism for portions.. ie: "we played dominoes last night.." hahahahaha!!!

in other news, I asked you-know-who out last night. I was at a local bar where a bunch of people I knew were (including him) and I was so nervous that I got really drunk first. God, now I know how guys feel asking a girl out. It was awful. but he said yes. oh man, I am SOOO playing with fire.... (and I'm hung over as hell)
QUOTE(stargazer @ Dec 19 2007, 05:57 AM) *
"stargazer...gettin' ass in '08"

Hee!!! Go for it, star!!!

so, i was psyching myself up, because i got it in my head that i can't go on vacay far away next week without one more encounter. i sent a text, held my breath, and pressed send: "i'm going to see (insert curret indie flick) later. wanna come?" then i left, and went into town for an appointment, phone off.
45 minutes later, no text. there's a voicemail: "hey, i got your message, i'm just leaving work now, hope you're going to the later showing? i'll totally come."

i wish i could give more details, but i've been paranoid about posting in here lately. i feel like i'm leaving BUST footprints all over the place IRL and if anyone took active notice, it wouldn't be hard to do a trackback. but i digress.

i had an awesome time. movie was good, we laughed (inappropriately; is there any other kind?), and the conversation and jokes flow like wine. the first 30 min of the movie though, i was dying inside. dying. i am ridiculously smitten. after the movie, we walked out into the falling snow, the streets quiet and lit by only a few errant shop window lights. he asks me when i'm leaving, and when i'm coming back. and i won't be around for nye? we had a sutble parting, the tension either completely fabricated by my smittening illness, or palpable and tangible and able to be cut with even a butter knife.

our recent past illicit, drunken kissing completely avoided in general conversation, but silently at the forefront of, at least, my mind....

1 week....

"catlady. sackin' up in '08"
ugh lately I have been feeling hideous due to weird breaking out. Have possible date tonight, ack!

CCL! woo! awesome. I know exactly what you mean by leaving footprints, is why have not been posting myself.

anna, that so isn't natural for me either. It's hard, no?

Go zoya! I will cheer as you crash the plane (and walk out unscathed, probably wink.gif)


okay, I need to obtain flour (what happened to mine? what?), wash my hair (yes, really), stick some heels on, and go.
EEEEEEEE! zoyaaa! awesome and a half. hey, if you're both in on it--it's a: easier to keep secret if necessary and b: easier to split the blame if you do get a talking-to. but man! let us know how it goes. soooo exciting!

i am looking forward to a drunken sarcastic happy hour with wcrush and friendgirl tomorrow. this entire week has felt like the last day of school--after the work party, everyone can't focus at all, and on wednesday we had a big lunch potluck and there was beer, and then there was smoking on the roof, and then that afternoon was shot, and there have been muffins and chocolates and popcorn and clementines in the office all week (every day i give myself a terrible sugar high and regret it an hour later...EVERY DAY. i do not learn, apparently) and everyone has been gossippy and restless and no one gets any work done.

will be spending new years with gcrush in a two bedroom cabin with about 14 other people. said cabin has a hot tub and said people are the kind of friends who like to get naked in hot tubs (which i am really not so comfortable with) so this will be INTERESTING.

today i had an unexpected conversation with a smiley enthusiastic countergirl and was halfway out the door before my brain went "hey! she was cute! was she flirting??" but by that time i was already outside and she was probably just being friendly anyway. like muffy says, it's hard to tell!

anyway, in the frustration thread AP kinda called me out on being a pussy about things (which, okay, i understand where that is coming from, but it's misguided) so i'd like to say that, for the record, i've been ballsy in the past and it has rarely, RARELY worked well. there's something to be said for letting something gestate and not jumping any guns, or making moves before sufficient interest on the other parties' part has been shown, especially when what is at risk is a pleasant work situation or a comfortable circle of friends. i just wanted to get that off my back--and dear AP, i hope you can understand that my "SHUT UP" comment was in bitter jest.

O!!! tell us how it goes!!
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Dec 20 2007, 06:13 PM) *
we had a sutble parting, the tension either completely fabricated by my smittening illness, or palpable and tangible and able to be cut with even a butter knife.

Oh, I hate that crazy confusion stuff. But congrats!!!
I suppose this should go in the portions thread...but you have all been on the journey with me... (giggle)

aaaaaaaaaaalll night and day....heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I haven't been in here in a looooong time. Well, lurked a few times, briefly.

Anyway, looks like there is crushie action going on all over the place! Yay! Been doing some catching up, nowhere near totally caught up.

Ophelia, congrats and yays on the portions! Was this Aussie guy or someone else.

So bummed I missed the LA crush Bustie meet-up. I'm in San Diego but I get to LA pretty regularly and would love to meet y'alls.

I have a crush that . . . well, it's probably safe to say I am . . . if not smitten, damn close. The other day I noticed that I had been added to his top friends on myspace. I became a 13 year old for a bit there, so ridiculously excited. Looks like we are going to have separate New Years plans though. Boo. Anyway, I could ramble on about this for days and I'm just coming back after being away for quite awhile so I'm going to leave it at that for now.

Happy holiday crushing! I've missed you guys!
barefoot doll, next time message one of us. love to see you!!! I know, it's a little hard to avoid the 13 yr old thing on myspace--lends itself so well. In a good way, right?

Yes, tis the Australian-british person. he is nice and tasty ahhahah. ahahhaha. Don't double up on portions doncha know.

Mouse. You KNOW we want full details!!!! (and she probably was flirting. I totally flirt with girls...mmmm yes I do--besides, you're adorable! /flirt)
ophelia--damn! yay!!

back from happy hour. it is kind of obvious that wcrush does NOT, in fact, have a crush on me. he was staring at friendgirl all day and all evening. not surprisingly...friendgirl is EXTREMELY pretty. sigh. i knew this would happen, but i kind of hoped that he'd think friendgirl was out of his league and i was more his style. alas, not the case. the sad thing is, i don't think friendgirl is interested at all. yay, everyone loses.

he and other dude coworker walked me and friendgirl to her car, and then they walked me to my car, and i gave them a ride to other dude coworker's car. other dude got out of car, hugged me, and said holiday greetings/goodbyes etc, and then there was wcrush, doing the same. i was like, i can drive you to your house if you want (it being about three blocks away) and he was like "oh, no i'll just go with other dude coworker". who turns down an offer like that? i mean, motherfucker.

whatever. i'm pissed, but i'm not exactly surprised. and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why i don't ever make a move. because they're NEVER interested. this is not self-pity, instead it is fact. what the fuck.
ok... just wrote big post re: kamakazi guy ... then I felt like I might be leaving way too many bustie real life footprints which could possibly be followed in this case so if anyone wants to know the update, PM me....

reaching that category myself, zoya. No longer feel this is an appropriate place to post right now...

Ah, well mouse. Time for a new batch o' popcorn? xox

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