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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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Damn AP! :-)
The boy is into some kinky stuff I will tell ya that. It makes me giggle just thinking about it. He seems so plain... but the things he was whispering in my ear.... mmmmmm.....

Yes, Pepper. I too am interested in another musican...(one of my many crushes...)
EMAIL, EMAIL, EMAIL!!! Sqeeeeee!!
i didn't expect any hearing from for a while yet. colour me excitable. hee.

he still has something that i gave him in highschool, oh my.
WOW Pepper that's so rad. Something from high school eh? Do tell!

Starbucks crush and I are getting closer. He gave me a kiss on the cheek today, and we compared work war stories (See Work Sucks thread).. also made me my discounted mocha. :-)

Online boy sent me a really sweet email, and told me he missed my lips. Awww.... I also figured out a solution to the whole landlady thing. My landlord rents an seperate apartment to a girl in the same house. She told me that he could crash on her sofa. So, that will work. She couldn't believe that I couldn't have boys over...
sassy, just one question. is she cute? the girl downstairs i mean.

i ain't sayin' what it is, ima gonna keep that one all to myself. i have something that he gave me too (kinda), just gotta try and get it back from the b-friend who stole it offa me all those years ago 'cause it was just so darn cool.
sigh, i love boys. i love crushes. i love love.
Nope. But she's older. She's about 46. And we both think my landlord is crazy. She has a lease(I don't), and the woman (our landlord) still comes in her apartment without her being there. I find that weird. Whatever. I'm just happy I have a new friend in the building. Besides, it'll be a place very close to my house that the boy can crash. If I had signed a lease, I guess I could take it up with landlord, but I do the month to month thing. God she's annoying me lately. Just nitpicking and being nosy as hell.

Cool beans pepper.... That's so rad.

I also love boys and crushes, and the madly happy feeling of love :-) Going away singing Magnetic Fields songs....
Hey Sassygrrl
I know you've talked about why you're stuck in that place, but man, I'd be looking at the classifieds every day if I were you. Even housesitting gigs would be preferable. I've known people who can do that for months at a time to save on rent. Then again, I guess there is a slight retro kinkiness to the men forbidden thing. But 45 or not, sleeping on the other chick's couch after fooling around with you could be like the plot to bad porn.
True mel. Trust me I am looking. Not sure if the boy would feel comfortable with sleeping on the girl's sofa either. He's rather be sleeping with me. I don't know. Maybe there's a few extended stay places around here.
So tall guy has dropped off the face of the earth. Completely. Off. He was in my grille for a solid week, now nothing. He approached me, goddamnit! Now he's just like, meh. Boo hiss tall guy! I thought you were special.

Thankfully hot boss is seeing to my needs. Got a little dressed up & had a nice dinner. Kitten heels, black jersey yoke skirt, turquoise halter, wrap. After dinner, whoo! The old man is a pervert & has remarkable stamina! Post-coitally, he asked me if I wanted to be his date for the co. picnic. Uh, no. Not smart. He was disappointed, but saw my point. I'll not be responsible for ex-ex wigging out again.
Ahh, AP, the advantage of rockin' multiple crushes! *blows raspberry at tall guy* At least you still have a "workout" partner to keep you limber!
Boo to tall guy AP! :-( Yet, you're still rocking them all....

My starbucks boy gave me his digits this morning. It made my day! I was one of the only people in the office this morning....

Also, it's online boy's and I anniversary today. I met him a month ago today... God, I'm sappy. We're heading to that Bodies thingie next time he's done here....

Happy Monday!
down not done...heh.
Online boy told me that he went shopping at the sex shop today.... looks like next weekend will be hot! I so need to get my own place....I have a feeling we'll end up waking the neighbors... he even bought some nipple clamps...yay!
ok delurking once more..

scheduled to hang sometime his week with hotguyfriend. So here is the deal. HGF is young (many years younger than me - ha!), with his looks / body he could be a model, is straight, is incredibly well educated, is independently wealthy, super nice, dresses well, and has totally hit on me before. problem is, I have no real attraction to him so far other than being good friends. Believe me girls, I have made it very clear to him that I am leaving the door open. (I would be an idiot to close the door on that...!) My friends think I'm nuts. Hell, I think I'm nuts. If I could grow the chemistry on this one I would. But anyway, we are gonna hang this week. So, we'll see.

and I am *supposed* to see Mr HMCHH next week. Haven't heard hide nor hair from him in a couple of weeks, but we'll see. I did not get his number on purpose. He can call me.

BTW, after a horrendous experience recently with a guy who I really thought was *the one* I am completely over relationships for now. Fuck it. hanging with friends and crushing here and there is where I'm at. (and maybe having a boy toy or two here and there...)
zoya, as awful as this sounds, are you sexually attracted to your friend? Cause maybe you can just have a sexual realtionship? Maybe if you kiss him, you'll find the type of chemistry you're looking for, but maybe not. I think you should at least try.

I have a crush on this boy younger than me (by two years) and who also lives 6 1/2 hours away from me (see general realtionship advice thread). He's only in my town for the summer and we've been hooking up every time we hang out. And we have incredible "sex", and I say "sex" because we actually haven't had sex yet because he's a virgin. And he recently bought up the "where do you expect things to go when you hook up with people?" thing. And while I really wanted to scream that I would love to try to date him long distance, I said I didn't know and where did he expect it to go? And he said he doesn't know either, he kinda wings it and if it happens, it happens.

However, here's my fucking dillema, cause like always, nothing with a crush can ever be stress free. He asks me if I'm hooking up with anyone else and I told him honestly that I'm not. And I ask him and he tells me "Not really", but won't give me a definite yes or no answer because at one point in the conversation I called him vague and now he's busting my balls and actually being vague on the one thing I ask him NOT to be vague about. So I take that as a yes and ask him if he would care if I hooked up with someone else. He says he doesn't care. However, he said it's common courtesy to tell him if I sleep with anyone and he would prefer it not to hook up with him and someone else in the same day.

I know I'm dealing with a 19 year old virgin who (from the above rant, you can tell) needs to work on some maturity. My question is, wtf? Is it just me, or does this sound incredibly stupid? If you don't want to date me and just want to screw around with me, then why do you care if I hook up with other people and why bother asking me where I expect the realtionship to go? UGH

I'm sorry...I'm frustrated and home alone bored on the fourth. :-
ok, so... went out with HGF. He took me to a fabulously expensive restaurant, then we went to fabulously expensive trendy bar, then we just hung out. Then we made out. Then we went to my house and made out. and I might even have given some portions a whirl, except A) I have my period B) I need a bikini wax, bad!! The sad thing is, having my period doesn't even bother me, it was the fact that I am unkempt below (like not even tidied up..well, I wasn't expecting anything..) that pretty much stopped me. Vain, I know, but true.

But making out was fun! I haven't just made out in a long time.

The thing is... I don't know that I feel much chemistry on my side even after kissing him. I am just so in the mindset of not having any kind of attachment right now. And he has been a friend for so long that I can't wrap my head around it. Hell, I dunno. Honestly, I don't know that he wants to do more than just kinda make out with me from time to time, anyway..! But it doesn't really matter. He sure is a catch, though. Sometimes I think, hell zoya, just go for it! Why the hell not?!!

ps - when I say he's "younger" I mean really younger. Not quite as young as Demi-Ashton, but getting on towards that spectrum..!!
Zoya! You reminded me of that "Rule". You know, always wear granny panties and don't shave your legs on the first date if you want some good reason not to let yourself go to far. Too funny!

Chemistry.... ugh. That's what I'm struggling with right now too. Plenty of good, decent options. I even have a lot of fun! But there is no real chemistry, no butterflies, with any of them. Ugh. Sometimes, I too think that its just my mindset right now. I like being single.
ha cstars, he cares if you hook up with someone else. he just wants to leave himself open so he can if he wants too. that's funny. if he expects you to tell him, then he should tell you.

i have to say though, if you really want to try to date this guy, i think you should tell him. cause otherwise it's game playing kinda....
well, that's the thing...he says that if he was having sex with anyone, he would tell me and he expects me to do the same. But I was like, "what's the difference?" and he's like, "well, there's a chance for diseases and stuff with sex" and i'm like, "well, if i blow a guy with herpes and then blow you, you could get herpes too. So, shouldn't we tell each other if we're screwing around with other people?" and he didn't have an answer for me.

I know the issue is that he's 19, but for christ's sake! I don't know if I should press the issue of him telling me, or if I should even tell him that I have a crush on him and I want to see where the realtionship goes. Ugh...I hate this.
heh heh, 'nuther email from the highschool crushie. takin' time out on the day off to email little ole me, woot! wonder if this will ever go anywhere but i don't really care, i'm loving every step of this fun thang. crushes Rock!
That is nuts, Zoya! Enjoy it! You fucking deserve it after all the shit you've put up with. Fer reals, yo. I have the world's longest emails for you, Sixel, Star, et al. I am *such* a slacker!

Had hot, sweaty, kinky, backyard sex in the rain last night with boss man. I wound up with my pants 'round my ankles. Again. The contrast of heavenly heat & icy rain was exquisite. We BBQed, too! I will not tell you what he did with the BBQ sauce.

I swear, one of these days I'm gonna submit a one handed read to Bust.
Oh, god, rain sex is THE BEST! I swear I can never move to anyplace rainy like Seattle or I would become a total WHORE. Speaking of which....

I totally hooked up with this chick last night who is, erm, my ex's "straight" cousin. And has never been attractive to me before because she is a total idiot. Good-looking, but, well, she voted for Bush and is still proud of it. And I kind of don't care because I'd been drinking and it's been months and I NEEDED it, dammit! I am such a skeeve sometimes.....

Slack away, AP, it's okay. I figure it's just hard for you to sit for long periods of time because of the rodgering boss man's been giving you!

Zoya, do the boy already! If it doesn't rock your world I bet you could go back to being just friends, younger guys tend to be better about that sort of thing (or so my younger guy friends tell me).

cstar, does he not consider oral as sex? Being so young, how much does he actually know about STDs and the like? I'd want to have that conversation before any commitment to I'll tell you if you tell me....

Go Pepper! I can almost hear "Bolero" playing faintly in the background right now....
I guess he doesn't consider oral as sex. Which is just stupid in my opinion, but whatever.

I'm supposed to hang out with him tonight (god willing) and get some much needed birthday ass

I quit my job recently. Right after I left, on my last day, my workcrush texted me, "I miss you already."

The next time I saw him (2 days later), we boinked 5 times. Good lord.

We've gotten together every 2 or 3 days since then. We've had some chat about not having a serious relationship. It's all been good, but I'm sex-drunk now and can't think about anything except boinking him.

How can I return to being a somewhat rational human being?
edna, that is the $65,000 question.
Let me paint you busties a pretty little picture (indulge me, I am freaking ecstatic):
After many years of not having ANY form of male contact EVER (and I’m talking 19 year old uber virgin), I today for the first time ever held hands with a boy. Haha, I realize this is rather tame compared to many other posts, but it honestly rocked my socks. And to top it off I am, for the first time ever, in a romantic relationship. Ladies, it honestly does not get any better than this.
it certainly does. it's the newness (not "how far" one goes) that makes it so fantastic. So, cleo44, Congratulations! Take care of yourself, and I think that if you are reading bust and in your situation, you will. ;) Have tons of fun, and let us hear about it!
cleo, that sounds awesome. i love that feeling of fresh new like/love/lust etc. it's the best.
cloverbee, time tames that ravenous beast, never fear. enjoy it while it's ridiculously hot, so much fun!
and speaking of hot, whoo! crushie friend who comes over for dinner and to work on little artsy projects with me every now and again just left (it's almost 1:30am). we did Very creative things tonight. my OH my.
Okay. I spent time with old school crushes Ccrush & Jcrush. It was weird. Competition much?
HGF texted me today just asking if I was having fun doing the stuff I was scheduled to do today.... I said yeah, then my phone died so I couldn't text him back until 4 hours later. Didn't hear back from him.. I"m busy tomorrow, but I am gonna see if he wants to have dinner Saturday nite. He hasn't asked me if I wanted to do anything, but I don't really care. I mean ultimately we are friends so I don't give a shit about waiting around for him to call. But I did think it was kind of funny that he waited 'til the second day to contact me! haha. Oh I did not mention that he does not live here - he lives about 6 hours north of me. So he is only in town for a few more days. We'll see on the hookup tip. Honestly, I just don't know that I can do portions if I don't have "that" vibe. Makeout, yes. Portions.. not sure.

OMG, I was at a neighborhood bar with a guy friend of mine last night - and no sooner had I gotten done telling him about all these young guys, when this super cute guy who was probably early 20's comes up to me and just starts chatting me up. I swear to god, I'm like a boy toy magnet these days. I'm not complaining. I want it to keep up. haha

sixelacat - I'm with you on the younger guys being able to stay friends tip. I do think that overall they are much better at it, which is refreshing.
So, totally told my 19 yr old virgin crush that I liked him yesterday and got no response. His reply was bascially, "well, it doesn't matter whether or not the feelings are mutual cause I'm leaving soon anyway." Cause he goes back home (6.5 hours away) in 2 months. <sigh>.

However, he didn't say he WASNT interested, just that it didn't matter, so I'm hoping that that reply just wasn't his nice guy way of saying that he didn't care, just that he's afriad of starting something when he's going to be leaving.

makes me sad a little bit. :-(
AP...who will win out? maybe you should start having your own contest where you can be simon cowell with your crushes. that would be funny, or entertaining at the least...

what's up with tall crush?
Hands down, Jcrush. He's way hotter & way weirder. Ccrush is too young & still thinks I'm human. Jcrush knows I'm a voracious animal that wants to lick his bones clean. They both have such pretty blue eyes, though. Hmmmmm... menage a trois?

Tall crush can fuck right off. He fell into the abyss, apparently. It's too bad, because I really did like him. A lot. Likely it's my own damned fault. I should have known things were rotten in Denmark when he was blowing mass quantities of sunshine up my ass. Nobody that awesome on paper could be that great IRL. Bad AP, no more googling for you! A total fuckin' sham he was.

I swear, if hot boss wasn't rogering me into oblivion I'd be *HELLA* pissed about tall guy. I have been shagged into submission.

Zoya, work it work it, own it own it! The younguns abound! If there is grass on the field, I say play! Have fun & we want details even if it's just making out!
seriously dude, WHERE do you get the ideas to write like that?

Jcrush knows I'm a voracious animal that wants to lick his bones clean? rogering me into oblivion?

I am laughing so hard here at work (a new job mind you) that people are staring at me. SO freaking funny. have some mercy AP.
It's true, though! Any man that has the sense cod gave a woodchuck knows I'm mad, bad, & dangerous to know.

Katie, babe, you do know they only let me out of the asylum on rare occasion. I have to blow an orderly to get computer privs. HAH! Straightjacket be damned!

AP speaks the truth, the *whole* truth, & nothing but. Bust is where I get my yayas out. Part of me thinks I'd be a successful blogger, but I'd rather share amongst my chosen women than the world at large. I'm picky like that.
hahaha!! I feel the same way, AP, about sharing amongst the chosen women.

BTW, Mr. HMCHH is supposed to be in town in the next couple of weeks.. we'll see if he calls. Honestly, if there is any question about portions with him, I could take them or leave them, because I would truly like to stay in touch and be friends. HOWEVER.. should portions be offered, HELL NO I will not turn them down! I will take, take, take!! Mr. HMCHH is hot hot hot!! oh yeah, baby.

HGF and I have made a plan to go to dinner tomorrow at fabulous hip trendy mexican fusion restaurant. HA!

Now I am off to be awesome and fabulous at a rock concert this evening...
OMG I just realized that the lounge is gonna be closed this weekend!! aarrrghhh! well I am sure I will have stories come monday and I am looking forward to hearing others!! hahaha
AP, you would be a very successful blogger. We're lucky that you're in the lounge. Great writing but also inspiration.

I think fostering healthy competition is the way to go. I need to find some other crush material to take the focus off workcrush.

I'm annoyed w/workcrush's mixed signals. He gets way into being together, then he freaks out and starts running his mouth about not wanting a committment. He's talking to himself. We already had that talk, and I just want him to fuck me, not marry me or be my steady bf.

Okay, so totally crushing on the Canadian Idol Keith guy from Winnipeg, that sang that Vertical Horizon song this week...

(suddenly, realizes that NO ONE knows who she's talking about...slinking away in shame)
Lovin' the new digs!

Sorry. I looked him up, if that's any consolation... I don't get what's so great about our last US winner. Of course, I've only heard him a sing in a commercial. The premature grey is kinda cool.

Oh, boy have I been busy. Made out with an minor crush for a couple hours, got J's digits, boss man babied me after I injured myself. He even skipped work. Life is grande.
Hello hello hello all! Beautiful shiny new forum! (mmm...shiiiny)

Weekend stories, everyone! Details, I need details....

AP, Quels sont ces "dommages" dont vous parlez?! Just how rough are you and boss man getting?!

Sorry emtee, I have no information on Idols of any country.....feel free to elaborate, though....

vi·car·i·ous (v-kâr-s, -kr-, v-)
Felt or undergone as if one were taking part in the experience or feelings of another.
Sloppy fumbling/fondling with another guy I kinda like. It ended sweetly, though. Back to chest cuddling & holding hands. His face was scratchy & he made these lovely little whimpers & sighs. Great taste in music. Definitely a breast man. Mwah!

Still not sure why I got J's number. Baffled. Just baffled. I started to get it, then I balked & he huffed at me because I was. I took it, but didn't give him mine. He kvetched a bit more.

I'm just clumsy. I slipped, fell, & gave myself a concussion in my own home. Still not sure how. I was all bloody & I guess I wasn't sure what had happened or where it was coming from. I called boss man, he picked me up & took me back to his place because he doesn't like my cats. I refused to go to the ER. I guess I was really out of it & he had to stop the bleeding, bathe me, cloth me, feed me, & make sure I was okay. When he was checking my pupils I hit him with his flashlight. He wouldn't let me sleep for several hours because he was worried because I was cranky, incoherent, claimed nausea & blurred vision. Apparently I laid down with my head in his lap & watched cartoons while he petted me & held a cold compress to the back of my head. Eventually he let me crash. I woke up clean, head throbbing & wearing underwear not my own. He washed my clothes, made me grilled cheese/tomato soup, & stayed home from work to keep an eye on me. As far as I know the guy's never taken a sick day ever, but he did for me. His cell phone rang all day with people calling to check on him. Honestly it kind of freaked me out. I couldn't quite get my head around the fatherly thing until the touches grew a bit more prurient once he knew I was gonna be okay. It's weird to think that I'm fucking a mother hen-man that's only a few months younger than my own mother.
[color=#006600]Awwwwwww........he's so cuuuuute!

Ahem. Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously, I'm glad you're okay. My BFF (god, I'm so high school this morning!) has epilepsy and I've been through a lot of that disoriented self-injury/concussion thing with her. I'm totally cracking UP at you hitting him with his flashlight!!! I thought she was the only one who reacted like that (I hope he has quick reflexes too!).

That mother-hen thing is kind of weird, I don't know. I usually date a bit older, but never dealt with that. The age difference usually just meant I didn't have to be all caretaker-y. Weird. huh.gif

Yeah, he *was* cute. We shall see.

B had a little goose egg at his temple from where I'd batted his hand away for trying to blind me. Nary a whine after a Maglite to the cranium. I'm just glad it wasn't one of the big ass ones. I felt bad enough as it was for being nasty & bloody, but that's just part of a concussion. I woke up wearing his boxer briefs & a tshirt that spelled out the word "boss" out of the elements of boron, oxygen, & two sulfurs. That's what I get for dating a chemist. Dorky t shirts.
AP, how's your head?

Well, my boys are falling off the face of the earth. Hottie Sonic Youth guy has just stopped calling, and Starbucks boy gave his wrong number. I may have written it down wrong though.

Have new older professor crush that I am seeing next week. We're getting sloshed on merlot and steak, I can't wait! tongue.gif

SC Boy and I booked a hotel room for the weekend.... I also got my rabbit vibe and my new Elexa condoms today... Yay!!

Happy Crushing to everyone!
That sucks, Sassy. You'll just have to find some more! Make sure that you check & see if you wrote dude's number wrong. If he was just being a pussy you have my permission to make him feel guilty forever & ever.

Glad SC & you got some place to have hot, sweaty, wild, monkey love.

I still have the headache, but it's not as bad.

Got Thai food & lovin' from the hot boss. I'm thinking I may have to be toddling off to portions or something.

Have written tall guy completely off.
Yes, I'll be seeing Starbucks boy on my way to work today if he's working. I'll have to check with him.

As far as Sonic Youth boy, I'll happy that I introduced him to Sonic Youth. He was a good kisser, but that was about it. We didn't have much else, but I don't understand why he became such a dick. He said that I stopped calling, but I got insanely busy with work. Whatever.

Really stoked about new professor crush. He's like in his 50's, and newly divorced. Probably just wants a fuck, but know I know why I always got good grades in his class. Ha.

Getting portions in two days!! Yay!

Glad your head is feeling better, hot sex and Thai food always cheers a person up no?

In non crush news, Miles the Beta Fish waves a fin at my favorite busties... he's so cute! smile.gif
Mr. HMCHH portions earlier this week... oh yeah baby. oh yeah.

Lets just say zoya gave him an intro to zoya geography lesson and he is a good student.....

oh yeah. oh YEAH.

Jr. Executive cock indeed.

ETA: HGF went back home but comes back into town for a few days I think next week. I will prolly get together with him but I am just not feeling it. I know, I know. Not to say I won't check it out again, but I just have my mind on other stuff like work and shit and well I just can't create the chemistry. But trying one more time not outta the question..

also on the HMCHH tip, I still do hope he and I will stay in touch and be friends. And I could still take or leave the portions. (although, hot damn, I will even more still most certainly take them if offered! YEOW!!)
Yay Zora!

I'm getting portions tonight!!!

So, I wrote Starbucks boy's number done wrong. So, he's still interested.... wink.gif

And got very naughty texts from old professor yesterday during work (I was having such a shitty day) which made me quite happy. All talking about sex and chocolate, which are two things that I so love.

Fuck, it's too early, but I'm so glad I'm seeing SC boy tonight! biggrin.gif

Have a good weekend everyone!

Go Zora! Always nice to keep the options open....(and really, the geography lessons are almost a public service. You should get thank you notes!)

Yay Sassy for still interested crushes! And you just keep rotating the new ones in as the others drop out of the line-up. Really, harem-building is not unlike managing a sports team. (okay, I watched way too much world cup soccer....)

And ditto for AP! You guys keep me going until I feel like gettin' in the game again biggrin.gif

Sassy, to err is human. Best be calling that boy! Free coffee is free coffee & it is the sweetest. The only sweeter beverage is that which has been liberated.


Hot boss... wearing me out. I'm a pup compared to him, but damn, yo. I needs me some electrolytes.

Hung out with young Tcrush late late late last night. He was on his way out, I was on my way in. I unintentionally waylaid him. Hah! Won't see him for a good ten days or so, but he promised to bring me something back from his holiday.

*AP does nekkid voodoo dance under the stars for Sixelacat*
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