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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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thanks COCL. I ended up putting my pillow in the wash anyway, I don't have feathered pillows cause I'm allergic. Ugh, 5 loads of laundry plus super strong cleaning stuff and now I can finally sleep in my regular bed.

I didn't actually tell him my plans I was just like "gee, I really should do my homework" which was kind of true. But first I ate pizza and watched tv tongue.gif
Heh, pass the popcorn over here, ladies!

Ok, small rant, but what the hell is wrong with my cynic-ass friends!? Ok, heres the scoop: On Saturday me and two pals, a guy and a gal, went to see a band. There was a cute boy ahead of me in the audience that I noticed kept turning around and looking at me. After the band played I went to the bar and the boy came up to me and said I looked familiar, had we met before?..I really dont think we had but I was so glad he came to talk to me so I played along and said, "Hmm, was it at J's party?" He said, "Yeah, thats it! We should hang out, can I get your number?" and I'm thrilled because seriously, its rare that a boy flat out asks for my number. When I went back to my friends I excitedly told them what happened and they rolled their eyes, and said stuff like, "wow, what an original line" and "jeez, what a cheeseball"...I mean, totally bursting my bubble sad.gif ... And these are different from the friends that called Mystery boy a douche. What the hell? Do all my friends want me to be all horny and lonely forever?
I mean, A. Maybe it wasnt just a line and I really *did* meet him at J's party? (which would be weird because I would totally have remembered him) and B. Whos cares if it was a feckin unoriginal line!?! Better than boys standing around staring at their shoes trying to think of a witty way to approach a girl and then--oops! shes gone/too late.

Now I have to wait and see if he's really gonna call.....
Dang, yo. You're getting all kinds of negative vibes from the friends, GB! Don't let them piss on your parade. All that matters is that YOU feel good about it. Fuck them, they're probably just haters.

As far as the "line" goes, it could be a line but it also could not. I've used it in both capacities & had it used on me both ways as well.

You enjoy your popcorn, girl!
GB - dude, those friends can fuck right off! You are fucking awesome, gorgeous, and you rule in not just a girly way but a badass way. SO. fuck 'em.

and I agree with AP. I don't think it's necessarily a line. and besides, screw anyone for telling you it's 'unoriginal.' that implies that someone needs to come up with something 'original' (ie: lame) to try and 'get' you. This guy actually had the BALLS to just straight up ask you for your number and say you should hang out. Hell, if that's a line, I'd take that ANY day over some lame-ass, bullshit, try and be all original but come off as a fucktard thing to say. Throw in the fact that you're in L.A., home of the "I'm gonna hit on you in the most 'interesting' way and them lame out on you" guy, and I'd say that every indication this guy has given you (obviously turning around and looking at you, then straight up saying you should hang out and asking for your number) bodes really fucking well. Hopefully he calls, but even if not, at least you can rest assured there are some guys who are at least not trying to work some lame-ass, "witty" way to approach you.

ok.. end of rant. (btw, that was fueled by copious amounts of red wine)

no fucking crushes for me.... I have my own life trajectory that I'm following through on right now. I'm not even gonna so much as LOOK at someone until I get where I wanna be. I'm in big life change time right now, and I need to focus on that. (ok, well I might THINK about someone, but whatever.)
GB- I'm with everyone else who is excited for you! It is always nice meeting new people! And exciting!

I'm trying to figure out if there's anyone in my old hometown I can fool around with when I'm there for Christmas. X-bf is in a relationship, so is X-fuckbuddy (but he still talks to me?) ...... no dice. Argh.

Facebook exchange between me and skatercrush: me: "come snowboarding saturday?" him: "maybe. I'm already going on wednesday, but I'll let you know. I might have to work, but I'd rather be shredin" me: "sounds good. have so much fun. PS. saturday was fun too"...

I don't want to make too much of it, but at the same time- dude, let's hang out more and start a relationship based around snowboarding and sex. like, RIGHT NOW, it can last just for the winter. That is what I want.
gb, I say fuck the haters. I used to hang around some super cynical people until one day I was just like, "You know what? I'm sick of this bullshit" and I up and left that group. I couldn't handle being around so much negativity!

As for the whole looking familiar thing, hey it happens. One of my friends thought that maybe she went to school with someone in our program until she asked and found out that the person grew up in a completely different city. So who cares if you actually went to the same party, at least he wanted your number and wasn't afraid to ask for it!
Word. GB, a cute boy asked for your number. There is nothing bad to be found in that, in my opinion!

And please pass the popcorn this way...getting over PocketBassist is not going as well as hoped.
QUOTE(greenbean @ Nov 27 2007, 01:27 AM) *
I mean, A. Maybe it wasnt just a line and I really *did* meet him at J's party? (which would be weird because I would totally have remembered him) and B. Whos cares if it was a feckin unoriginal line!?! Better than boys standing around staring at their shoes trying to think of a witty way to approach a girl and then--oops! shes gone/too late.

amen, GB. took the words outta my mouth.

saw crush again today, and i'm being retahded. i'm the one who's acting weird now, and i can't help it. i actually--no lie--was telling myself over and over in my head: "porpcorn, catlady, he ain't nothin' but popcorn."

maybe *i'm* the one who needs to shit or get off the pot. lay it out. start some shit. call his bluff.
this sounds like a terrible idea.
or maybe i'm a pussy, too.

Thanks all! You guys really cheered me up! The boy hasnt called yet but its only Tuesday...and about those "friends", they are more like people I occasionally hang out with. People I consider my real friends are back in my old city or spread out over the world. I'm so happy I can gush about my crushes here without judgement! ***~~~Busties Crushies Smackeroos all around~~~***
yay GB!!! I want to say more, but everyone else already did!

Crazycatlady, just do it. I've done it before and sometimes it's best to deal with people like that. They are likely to give you honest answers and just in general aren't expecting it. Go for the gold! Then again...sometimes I'm a little assertive. So, there you go. But, in my experience I've always gotten answers at the very least.
(*love* that you were mantra-ing popcorn...hahhaah)

I think, zoya, that is where I need to be. Excellent place.

Stargazer is back! yay!!!!!! xo

/hands out chocolate and popcorn to all and sundry....

currently knowing I really want chocolate and thinking possibly I might only get popcorn. Metaphorically speaking.

I feel unable to keep up my reputation as an ice queen. Just too much damn effort, now taking world by very courteous storm.

I went on a very pleasant date, and seem to be having an issue discovering whether the gentleman finds me attractive. Quite confused, but also going to consign this to non-concern at this point until something major occurs.

I suppose I am so used resorting to physicality that any attempt to get to know me baffles me. Is that pathetic or what?

ladies! i have been away. but i have returned! (nods to my NE busties and the PBR and the burgers--y'all know who you are) and yet again, i am crushposting drunkish. yay $3 dewars!

skimmed a lil--glad everyone has at least got a bit of popcorn--here's hoping for chocolate for you all. don't get bent out of shape about dudes who aren't worth it, don't listen to what douchey friends say (we all know that ultimately it's about how YOU feel about the crush), and keep yourselves occupied with wallpaper whenever possible.

i thought i was gonna possibly get some play over vacation, but no dice. firstly, the dude that i stayed with who i have kind of been FWB with in the past has kind of let himself go, and as much as i feel like an asshole being superficial like that, i wouldn't mind the extra weight gain if he at least had decent hygiene. dude admitted himself "yeah, i should do laundry so my room doesn't smell like my dick". friend, if that is what your dick smells like, then you have not showered in WAY too long for me to even THINK about going near that. i did not witness him shower the entire time i was staying there; i stayed there from tuesday to sunday. G-ROSS. i mean seriously, okay, i love this guy SO MUCH, he is in my top five favorite people ever, but CHRIST! if you are not absolute top dog in the looks department, one thing that will HELP is BATHING REGULARLY! the most shining personality will not help you if i can smell your dick fifteen feet away. GAHHH@!&$#*(&!^$*! okay end rant. but seriously, this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine and i know SO MANY awesome dudes who would be attractive tenfold more if they only paid attention to this very basic human necessity.

secondly, it was brought to my attention that a supercute boy i hung out with last time i was in the area (we fell asleep on the same couch at a party and i woke up kicking him in the face, in fact) actually wanted to get with me. i believe my reaction was "what the fuck, why didn't he try something! i totally would have hit that shit!" and i was super pleased to learn that he was supposedly coming to a big party the dudes i was staying with threw...but alas he did not. also, one of my exes who did come to that party, drank an entire bottle of strawberry cisco and fell asleep under the kitchen table. oh, vacation.

anyway, i am being drunkish and verbose so i will get to the point, which is, GOD KNOWS WHY, but i am still ridiculously smitten with workcrush, and only getting more so the more i get to know him. we hung out last night with another coworker, getting drunk and playing old school arcade games (also learnt that he was some sort of champion at one of said games and was published in a magazine being such at age 13 (precisely the year i was born, GAH) which somehow makes him even more endearing) and getting in arguments about things. he is very argumentative and i love it. at one point he was getting heated about something and i said "you know, i'm pretty much just playing devil's advocate" and he goes "oh, i know, and i appreciate it". a dude i can verbally spar with! who is fucking intelligent and humorous and very unconventionally attractive (in fact, i think i may be one of the few who actually find him attractive. but oh, do i)! anyway, he walked me to my car and i drove him home and i had asked him advice on a work related situation (i want to switch departments and it's a total political nightmare), and not only did he give good advice, today he actually did some research and went to bat for me on the issue! without me even asking! all of his own dear volition! AND he had met some dude at a party the week before who wanted a freelancer, and *I* was the one he came to with that! so not only am i smitten with a dude who is THINKING about me in GOOD WAYS, i also might have a: a better position at the company i work for, and b: some new lucrative freelance work. HOORAY. now i just have to get him into bed. though the company party is coming up, and apparently last year he and a few other people including my girly art director ended up at a divey strip club with a certain scruffy ne'er do well superstar of movie and television fame, so WHO KNOWS what could happen!

christ, i wrote a book. sorry if you read this far. LOVE TO ALL! CRUSHES FOR ALL! $3 DEWARS FOR ALL! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand BED.
mouse, the work crush sounds amaaaaazing!

I'm hoping to see cute musician guy at the end of this coming week. I wish I could just spend like, a week straight with him, he's so damn adorable and we never run out of things to talk about. And I love, love, love cuddling with him. le sigh.
dude admitted himself "yeah, i should do laundry so my room doesn't smell like my dick". friend, if that is what your dick smells like, then you have not showered in WAY too long for me to even THINK about going near that

snarf! you had me crying, mouse. and your workcrush must be smitten too because he's going above and beyond the call of duty of colleague to get you set.
AND.... who was the celeb? (it's like the Blind Item.... I'm gonna guess Jeremy Piven, but he ain't no superstar, so I might be off...)

DEWAHS! (Boston Dewars for all!)

i'm approximately 80% still smitten with crush. my friend--who technically has the inside line on gossip from him but has yet to substantiate any of her theories--keeps telling me that it's soooooo obvious he is too, and that when we're in the same room together, it's sooooo obvious to everyone there, and that a move may be imminent but subtle since he's trying to be cautious.

wtf is that supposed to mean?
at this point, i'm almost having *more* fun with the run around, with these little tidbits she's feeding me. gives me something to think about in between work and unconsciousness.

ophelia- details about the "pleasant" date. don't get hung up on what he's thinking. and i know you're a smart girl and don't need to be told that physical attraction doesn't always manifest into something physical. maybe you're just too smokin' hot for him, and he's too intimidated to act like anything other than a brother. or, since you're a straight shooter, just be like, "yo, you wanna fuck or what? 'cause the hills is on in 5 and if you're not in, i got some popcorn and sweatpants to attend to."
Cisco?! Sweet Jebus! To wit, "Strawberry Cisco has a bouquet similar to that of Frankenberry cereal fermented in wine cooler with added sprinkle of brandy for presentation."

Jumbos Clown Room, Mouse?

yes ma'am, he is that kind of classy guy. he is also the kind of guy who drinks cisco for the pure ridiculousness of it rather than out of any sort of need or affinity. *rolleyes* however, this was in boston, not thai town.

catlady, i'll give you twenty-four guesses wink.gif
mouse, your novel totally had me crackin' up. hilarious. and i'm gushin' over your workcrush. he sounds cool. and i'm WAY into banter. it is very much sexual tension, teasing, and foreplay. so, i'm thinkin' the feeling is mutual. wink.gif

speaking of verbal banter...that's what i have ecrush. yeah, that's what i'll call him. and one of my fellow trainees totally noticed how flirtatious we were with each other and pointed it out to me. gawh. at least it gives me something to look forward to during my week. oh, and crazycatlady, he is not a subordinate. well, not until i'm on top! tongue.gif

well. Peterbilt (don't know if any of you remember him, he's mainly in el-jay land now...) and another male friend did suggest the possibility that teh O hotness makes him scared. But that sounds so ridiculous that I can barely type it without snorting. Cheering, but ridiculous.

Also, am not looking for just sex. Am looking for a ltr, just completely rabid for sex because have not had not been nailed properly for months. He knows of my slightly crazy familial, health, etc background, still talks to me, knows am looking for a ltr, still talked to me, but here. Will explain what happened.

Meeting was not awkward for me...actually rather like the im conversations only with a little more blushing and inability to speak. We conversed well and only when he started to tease me I clammed up. He left after a 3 hour date (avg?), essentially saying he knew that I liked him and was glad of it. No touching. Kind of ran out of my front door, actually.
Am so used to people letting me know they like me via touch that anything else leaves me completely at a loss. He's to date complimented my writing, my reading, my shoes, my feet, my eyes, and my shirt. Also, we continued chatting that night.

I'm totally baffled. I really like him though. I keep telling him this. Sent some of my creative stuff over this am to make peace.
double post because you ladies deserve a separate post.

Mouse, that post made me so happy. If you were a boy, honestly. smoooch. But oh yay! work crush, that sounds fantastic! things are going really well for you it sounds like! send some of that good karma over here!

Crossing all toes and appendages for CCL. Let us know! Thank you for the calming.

CCG, will also be crossing things for you too...I want to at least live vicariously wink.gif

Stargazer...god you're so cool. I can usually do the banter thing just fine but this one has me speechless. Send me your wit, ladycakes. Mrm. Kind of hot that other people noticed...!
anna k
GB, those girls defintely sounded like jealous wenches, not that I'm the first to say it here.

I joined a local gym recently to lose weight and interact with people in classes. I had fun in a kickboxing class. I had a cute instructor, a young slim guy who had been doing Muay Thai for 8 years, and liked interacting with all guys, alternating kicks and punches with pads being held up by them. I liked him being supportive of me, letting me kick his sides and push him in the chest, even laughing when I asked about a way to get out of a attack maneuver, and me realizing it wouldn't work. I just felt good being active and having partners to play-fight with, and being the only girl in the class for the night.

I haven't dated in several months, due to being busy with changing patterns in my life and not feeling sexy or attractive, but keeping a food diary and joining gym classes is really helping to make me feel better physically and emotionally. The last time I flirted with a guy was in August, getting turned on by a young skanky-looking cab driver but being too intimidated to make a move on him.
Okay, I'm a little confused. Does chocolate...mean something?

And what is Cisco? I am a bit sheltered when it comes to alcohol.

anna, good for you for getting yourself in shape and feeling better about yourself. I really need to do the same. Basically I need to stop ordering pizza so damn much and also stop eating Pizza Pops. sad.gif Did anyone else try to live entirely on pizza when they were in university?

ophelia, it sounds like he likes you. I'm kind of the same though, I look for physical clues and I'm confused when I don't get any.

I, too, am a lover of banter. I like being able to debate with someone without them taking it personally. It's fun.

cocl, I love it when other people are like "whoa, you two are really into each other!" It just kind of reaffirms it for me when other people can see it as well.

Ack, why am I awake at this hour? There was a snowstorm that kept me up half the night but now I can't stop looking outside my window at the pretty snow covered buildings.
I take chocolate to be in the Annie sense. As in the line, "You think you're chocolate, but you're chewing gum." Chocolate you savor & enjoy. Chewing gum you spit out when the flavor is gone.

Cisco is basically cheap fortified wine that can cause insanity. A wine cooler on meth, if you will. More kick than MD20/20 aka Mad dog. It will fuck you up but quick. Several years ago they were forced to change their slogan/add a warning label to the shit by the FTC.
(oh! thanks AP, i was confusing cisco with crisco! tongue.gif)

i'm just skipping in here after a fun (third) date with my new girlcrush. she's a ton of fun, really sassy chick. and smart, to boot. one of my favorite date moments: the first date, we were at a local bookshop, chatting, laughing, and semi-flirting with this nice old man together... and upon checking out with our wares, the cashier said to us, "you two look like you're up to no good!" ha! i sure hope we're not ... tongue.gif
oh AP. maddog. why you gotta take me back to my teens?

octi, that sounds awesome bout girlcrush!
Woohoo, Octi! Sounds like a hell of a broad.

If anybody's gonna go there Star, you know it's me. As far as I know I was the only one of my friends that was able to drink the Dog without hurling. The "Red Grape" variety is something like 18% alcohol, the rest are 13%. Cisco varies from 17.5-19% ABV.

Still low crushieness. Have been exchanging mail with cyber boy. HB called me on my birfday. It was . . . tense. Again he importuned that I leave this place & come home to live with him.
personally, I'm a fan of the MD 20/20 orange flavor.... granted I haven't had a drink of the stuff in over 10 years, but I used to be a big fan...

no crushes. still in the same place with my opinion of the whole thing.

However, I did make out with the captain of the local pro hockey team a couple nights ago.. hey, a good snog never hurt anyone wink.gif (plus he's like 13 years younger than me... uh huh..)
woohoo zoya!

it nice when you can lick the wallpaper. i'm thinking the scene in the original willy wonka where they licked the wallpaper and could taste the fruit. yeah, it good to make out with crushes and not expect anything else.

and, i've realized i look forward to the early part of the week cause i get to see ecrush. and i can't wait to flirt with him on wednesday. i mean, they don't call it hump day for nuthin'...
Yeah...exactly AP. Chocolate is something everyone wants and the best way to eat is slooowly...

Well, said crush has mailed me back once, and not again after subsequent emails. Checked on my profile online, so whatever. I have no time for fuckwittage. I do, I mean. But I get very impatient with it and consequently get angry about it. I am so tired of life with uncertainty in that regard. I am going to concentrate extremely hard on schooling for the next few weeks--world will not come to an end if do not have male in it as well we know. Celibacy is actually rather...freeing in its confinement. Still, nothing like portions for creativity.

My cod you say it right stargazer. Does taste nice once in awhile when you can lick it--as bpal knows!
Oh I have a crush. A bad one. And he seems to be in the habit of having short term "things" with girls ten years younger than him. I went out the other night (to see his band play) and overheard him talking to his friend's girlfriend saying how he never feels like he can approach girls and he feels shy and awkward and she said that one day a girl would just approach him, to which he rolled his eyed. At that point, they noticed me standing there and I said "Maybe you should try a woman, stay away from silly girls..." To which he raised his eyebrows. Of course I was far too chicken to take it farther than that. For now.
psh. At this point, I am sick and fucking tired of men behaving like children. No offence to your crush, adnarim, since I know -exactly- how it feels and probably behave very similarly sometimes. But am coming to the point where I am just going to be demanding what I want, in polite tones. Everything else seems to be a waste of my time and effort.

I too get really awkward and shy when I like someone a lot. Maybe he just needs a little pursuing?
I like that - demanding what you want, in polite tones. Maybe he *does* need a little pursuing. Or maybe I should just write him a note and give it to his friend to give to him that says "I like you. Do you like me? Circle one: Yes or No"

Adnarim, that might be too passive...
He sounds like he likes younger girls because they make him feel like he is in control.

I often scare away men because they discover I am really aggressive despite my fragile appearance. Oftentimes those types of gentlemen need to feel that they are in control. What has worked for me in the past (argh!) is to use a version of what you are heading towards. Heavy flirtation marked with periods of rest. Cold hot cold hot. It's sick but it has worked. I've done it before a couple of times for periods of nine months or so. It requires patience galore, but then, it's a fun work activity or mildly entertaining social thing to do. Especially if you are sadomasochistic.
If any of you remember Sonic or the Ginger, they both required this technique and this amount of patience. Still friends with them both...

If being direct interests you: 1) just ask him out 2) you can let him know you like him or 3) wait for an opening and re-suggest yourself as a woman instead of a girl. It may or may not work. I'm one of those people who has NO IDEA that someone likes me unless they shove their tongue down my throat, so you might want to be realllllly obvious, because honestly? Who cares? Life goes on, there's always more wallpaper.
i thought i detected a note of tongue-in-cheek in adnarim's post...however, i have been known to woo boys through notes--not, perhaps, that blunt, but nonetheless a note. this has not, however, always worked. pursuing is good. the "try a woman" comment put you on his radar for sure if you weren't already. keep goin with that, and good luck!

o, i am the same. i am terrified of everyone i'm attracted to until they're two inches from my face. i can never tell if someone likes me--probably due to my not beleiving that anyone could really like me, but that is neither here nor there. not being self-piteous, btw, just honest. meh.

octi! SQUEEE! you lucky bastard! keep us updated.

*I* wanna lick some wallpaper. i wanna lick SOMETHIN. goddamn.

i guess bandcrush is my wallpaper; but i rarely see him. his friends were at a show on friday night but he was not.

i am pretty intense about this workcrush thing. it's really frustrating and it's been going on for so long. i'm happy that i'm getting to know him better, but the fact that he's my coworker--and the fact that we only hang out when other coworkers are present--is really kind of prohibitive of any sort of blatant flirting that could make him infer that i liked him. basically, if i make it obvious to him, i make it obvious to other people, and i'm not comfortable with that considering my job. i've had this crush for half a year. something needs to happen, or it needs to go away. argh.

girlcrush is having a party this weekend. nothing will happen with that. nothing ever happens.

well....I did too mouse...I was kidding about it being too passive too wink.gif

...I'm terrible at this communication stuffs....sigh.

I know mouse, I know. I mean, my friends are all says this person sounds like he likes me, but I'm sorry, unless he's making out with me, he isn't showing it. That isn't an ultimatum or any kind of...requirement. Just my own stupid problems.

Mouse, you can work it out! I have faith.

oh! I didn't even SEE octi had a crush! yeehaw!

Oh, yeah. Definitely tongue-in-cheek. Though it seemed to work in fifth grade....

argh. argh. am simply not at work enough for regular popcorn although have reinstated some old wallpaper for kicks and begun grooming some youngns for amusement. I miss my old section when I worked harder than the men and they knew it. I love competition. Now am relegated to two days a week and feeling slightly like a Victorian waif in some respects, although I worked a night last night and regained a bit of my former feeling. Nothing like working your entire body to make you feel alive. That's kind of clicked things into place: I miss the stress of fight/flight feeling of my old position at work which often involved flirtation because I worked more than 40 hours easily each week. I want that same intensity of feeling back. Hm, no wonder I am impatient and posting instead of writing my paper...teehee.

Zoya...seriously. How on earth do you find them??

hehhe....hump day...sigh.

vibeage for the thread!
Cute musician guy has not yet emailed me back and I was hoping we could go out sometime this weekend. wtf?

He's said that he likes me, thinks I'm cute, etc. I know he said he would be really busy until Thursday but I just want to make some plans to see him. Dammit, why must he be so cute?
apparently I have a fan. Hockey captain keeps texting me. He also called to 'see how I was doing.' urgh. It's nice and flattering. it's just that though he's an absolute sweetheart, he is SOOOO not the guy. And I just have so much of my own shit on my plate that even if he was, I would need to focus elsewhere right now. No harm in talking and making a new friend, though, I suppose..

ophelia - I don't know how I find them. Honestly, I just stopped looking. I don't do the internet dating thing (I want to meet guys organically) and I don't try to meet guys - I'm honestly just too damn busy right now. I think what has done it is that I work with a whole bunch of guys (I'm one of the few women in my field) and they have become like my big brothers.. I really enjoy going out with them, and a lot of times I just end up talking shop with their friends.. it doesn't hurt that they're all huge sports fans and know a bunch of guys from teams they hang out with. So that's how the hockey guy happened. ps - he has all of his own teeth, at least...

my only suggestion is to get so damn busy and focused on your own shit that you don't even have time to think about getting some. pitiful, I know. but it's working for me at the moment. I barely have time for a snog.

anyway, it's not like i'm meeting them left and right. that's two guys I've met this whole year. and I've had sex 3 times this whole year. with the same guy. (which I'm not complaining about, but still) ok, gotta run and be busy. my boss is calling.
yay CandyCane!!

Heehee....the wallpaper wants more, Zoya! Aw. You know, the last time I stopped looking or caring O found me. I think the universe has its own way of doing things.

On that note...abandoning all wallpaper and popcorn attempts in my life. It's just too boring/painful. There is just the one man I am interested in, and he is 100x more interesting than the wallpaper put together.
Alrighty, I was being silly, he emailed me later today. Lordy I'm impatient!

Also, I spent all day writing an essay that I should have written yesterday which has kind of pushed back my studying plan and right now I'm so tired I'm just going to have a nap and then study later.

zoya, why is he not the guy? He sounds cute. Of course, as a Canadian girl I guess I have a weakness for hockey players. But I am by no means a puck bunny!

ophelia, sometimes it's better to just forget about dating for a while. Of course right now I feel like I have ADD so even though there is a lot that I should be focusing on (ie. French exam!) I have been spending all my time on here and on livejournal, oh and looking at various internet comics.
I knew he'd email you =) yay! Any plans?

quick post and back to writing...
Yes. Yes I know. but I would like some executive portions+love or at least some liking going on. Because well, I have one life that I remember, and I want to own it.
hmmph. skaterboi is apparently off work and supposed to call me, like, now. geeze. i have no patience. still. maybe he had to work late? if he hasn't called by six i'm going out with a member of my fan club because i'm pretty sure i did a near-fail on my final exam this morning and i need out of the house.
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Dec 4 2007, 05:09 PM) *
zoya, why is he not the guy? He sounds cute. Of course, as a Canadian girl I guess I have a weakness for hockey players. But I am by no means a puck bunny!

Candycane - you'll be happy to know that he's also Canadian..

as far as not being the guy - he's just not.. well, he's just not my equal in a lot of ways, and that is something I need in anything that goes further. Have to have an equal. Not saying that in an egotistical way, or saying that he's a dumbass - he's not. He's cute, sweet as pie and a smart guy. A lot of it is just life experience and all that. But that's ok. like I said, I made a new friend, and also nothing wrong with a little attention.
AP, mouse, ophelia, thanks for the enthusiasm about GirlCrush. Guess what?? I made out with her last night! It was really, really sweet and nice. She's out of town on business now but emailed me from her hotel tonight. Hopefully there will be more of this loveliness when she gets home.

"bunny puck"? love it.

mouse, why is nothing going to happen with your girlcrush? the shyness thing? come on, "visualize success", like they say!

zoya- i know what you're getting at, and it doesn't sound egotistical. that type of equality or equivalence is hard to find, no?
Aww...yay for sweet and nice making out!! (sigh)
The tension that comes from having a crush (does he/she like me, do they know I like them and think I'm a weirdo, am I wasting my time??) is actually kind of fun and exciting, but at the same time, I feel like I'm just too old for this and over it. I'm not really old, but I do have a kid and that makes me feel old. Anyway, crush's band mate told a friend of mine that he (not crush, band mate) is "in love" with me. He is young. And not crush. But then friend (who doesn't know how I feel about crush) said that they were "totally fighting over me all night". Which made me giddy.....I hung out with band mate last night, though, just for kicks. Nothing happened, we just made soup and watched movies. It was fun. I'm hoping I have a new friend. And now to focus my womanly attentions on crush.
Happy Hump Day ladies!
octi - oh, I met my equal...I totally met my male doppelganger this year. it's just that at this point in his life, I think I'm the one that's popcorn to him... maybe more like sweet kettle corn, or a big popcorn ball, but popcorn nevertheless.... it's all in the timing, and timing sucks ass sometimes.....

octi, yay for awesome makeout sessions!

zoya, send the boy my way! *drools at the thought of sexy hockey players*

No exact plans with cute blondie yet but he emailed and explained that he's not sure what's up with his schedule yet. However, he did say that he wants to see me whenever he can!
oct, woo! making out is always lovely...

Pah, am beginning to feel like popcorn myself, zoya. Resisting the urge to fight back, that's so not nice.=/ What's wrong with honesty, everyone? The most successful relationships I have had have been me meeting and falling for the guy in less than four days and vice versa.

ophelia- maybe we just need to make another bag of popcorn. i'm going to resist the urge to be all frumpy tomorrow b/c i'm bloated, and imma gonna get all polished up and make some eyes at some new people.

ccgirl- puck bunny? loves it! the canadian version of a jersey chaser. yay for email!

octi! that's awesome about your crush! keep us updated; i like to hear happy endings smile.gif

The tension that comes from having a crush (does he/she like me, do they know I like them and think I'm a weirdo, am I wasting my time??) is actually kind of fun and exciting.

i agree, ad. the old axiom that the chase is half the fun. i think i'm infatuated with the idea of being infatuated. or maybe i really am.
but yeah, it's obivous, i'm not kidding anyone. a friend always calls me out when we talk about crush: "your face changes everytime his name comes up... your eyes glass over and you get a little microscopic smile..." she stoked some fires today because we were feeling evil, so we'll see if this moves anything forward, or if it's another week of wheel spinning.

so, if that above is a "tl;dr" situation, in summary: catlady + presence of crush= giggling, general embarassment and awkwardness consistent with teenage girl and unbecoming of a professional woman.

i think cupid shot me in the ass.
ccgirl - ...we always called them pro ho's .....
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