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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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When I was CCGrl's age, hells yeah, I did a lot of freaking out. A LOT. At that time I was still working things out, having fun. I don't freak out much anymore unless they pull something truly baffling. And by now I've seen it all, so whatevs. Very rarely can I be shocked. As evidenced by this thread, I have only had one official freak out about a guy since I started Busting. And I was here for a long time before I got dingoed back in '05.

Basically, I figure if a guy doesn't call, there'll be another along in a minute that will. Why waste my precious time & sexy bootay on some douche that can't pick up a phone?

I disagree with the 'playing hard to get' thing. Most guys will do anything if they think they're gonna get laid by a chick they think is attractive. Usually if they don't call, they aren't that interested anymore or they have what they think is a hotter prospect. Or you've had sex with them too soon. It's not PC, but it's true. Yeah, there are legit guys that have legit reasons for not calling, but more often than not, they've moved on.

Not to mention that a lot of guys aren't very verbal in the first place. I've talked about it before, I have a male buddy that in person won't shut up, but hand him a phone & he becomes Marcel Marceau.

And let's face it, most times women are looking for a connection when they hook up, guys are mostly looking for someplace moist & warm to put their peestick. What we think is a connection can be just another roll to them. The old JCrush is a perfect example. He was hot, he looked sensitive & sweet, & he knew how to play the game. He'd fuck 'em, but when they started looking for more, he lost the digits. One night we went out & he'd slept with about eight of the women in the club. And stopped calling them to end things. After many dirty looks, a chick cornered me in the bathroom & told me that he'd fuck me over. Nuhuh, 'cause I'm smart enough not to fuck him.

A lot of women tend to over-analyze things. Look at how we are socialized as we grow up; there's subtext to *everything*. Every social interaction has a hidden meaning. It's fucked up, but it's life.

And for the record, I often don't call people back. Just because you left a message doesn't mean I'm beholden to you. And most people talk too fuckin' much about shit I don't want to hear about.

Oh, & it still feels weird to be so missed. I appreciate it, but I honestly didn't think there would be so much concern for me. I'm touched. And not just in the head.
So sorry to hear about your mother. Hope she'll be ok.
What happened with HB? Are you posting about it somewhere else? Please dish!

No strong crushes for me lately, but a bunch of small ones to pass the time (I don't think I can ever be without a crush, its like my hobby).
I made a deal with myself that since I want a boyfriend I would stop messing around w/ the obvious "not-boyfriend-potentials"...but uh, well...

A couple of weeks ago went to see a band. I went after work and a friend was gonna meet me when she got off, but then she called to say she was beat. I wasn't stoked to be alone, but hell, I do other stuff alone all the time so I just pretended I was at the movies. There was this very tall, very slim, very young looking guy that looked alone too, but I told myslf to ignore him. Throughout the night it seemed like we kept ending up near each other, but I kept ignoring. Then near the end of the band's set, he touched my arm and said, "Excuse me, are there any good bars around here?" in a British accent. BRITISH. ACCENT. Gah. I was done for. "Sure," I said, "would you like company?" And, well, turns out he did. He just arrived in LA from London the day before and was staying at a certain famous person's house (who will go unnamed) and said person was not home. He was in town for a week for a recording gig. After our drink and chat he asked if I wanted to see the view from the Entourage house up the street where he was staying. Hmmm, hes five years younger than me, way hotter than me, and only in town for a few days. What was my deal again? Blast. One beer later we're ontop of Hollywood, two beers later I was ontop of him. I caved ok?!?? But he just fell into my lap...can you blame me?

Ok, technically thats not a crush story but moving along...I also have a not-boyfriend-potential work crush. I dont know a thing about him other than he looks too old for me. He could be married with kids, I have no idea. I dont even know what he does for the company. All I know is anytime I pass him in the hall he'll give a cordial greeting and I get all flushed and cant even look at him let alone introduce myself. I dont know whats going on there.

Then theres cutie-pie boy I hooked up with months ago and we keep trying to hang out again but its IMPOSSIBLE because he works most nights and I get up at 6am most days. He young and got energy and wants to make somthing work, but I just dont see how it can. Boo.

Last, there is mystery boy. My first encounter w/ mystery boy was at a bar after a mass bike ride. He was playing pool right near where I was waiting in line to use the ladies room. He suggested I use the mens room since there was no line, and that he would make sure no one went in after me. I did, said thanks, and afterwards I went up to my guy friend and said "I like that guy, should I flirt with him?" And my friend said "No, he looks like a douche." So, I stayed away. Well, over the weekend I was at a party with a girl friend and I saw the same guy there! I told my friend I wanted to talk to him and she said, "Don't he looks like an asshole". (?!!!) What the hell? Again, I refrained from getting to know the guy. Maybe my friends are right and they can see something I dont see,..but I dunno, he seems nice to me: smiley, friendly, not too loud or showy. I mean, what if people say that stuff about me to potential suitors? I may look like a dbag but I aint!

So, mystery boy remains a mystery. I'm hoping to see him again and this time get to the bottom of it.

whoa, long post! sorry to bombard the thread ((crushies))
How exactly does one look like a douchebag or an asshole? I *am* an asshole, but people still seem to think I'm friendly looking despite my constant scowl. Doorboy watched me walk past him forever & still approached me even though everytime I passed him I was sneering at the Chads in his establishment.
See, this guy doesn't sneer! He has a bit of a swagger to him, which I LIKE, but I think my friends confuse it with someone who is full of himself. And the ironic thing is, my girl friend the other night wanted to match me up with a guy friend of hers, who she swears is soooo nice and funny...but when I talked to him I totally felt like *he* was an ass. He was one of those sarcastic types..and I'm all for sarcasm among friends...but when I first meet someone and they are like that, its totally a turn off. I mean, he said something that totally threw me off, and I didnt laugh because I wasnt sure if he was kidding, but then since I didnt laugh I looked like an idiot that fell for it. Oh yeah, I'm totally swooning.

*sigh* I HAVE to find mysery boy again. I'm really regreting not talking to him last weekend.

whats the deal w/ this doorguy AP? Have seen him outside the context of his profession?
gb, there is such a fine line between douchebaggery and cockiness. it sux cos it's hard to tell.

wow, according to how many times i had to retype both that sentence and this, i am a LOT more drunk than i thought i was. but don't let that advice deter you! your friends don;t knoiw what YOUR TYPE is, you DO. follow it rather than them.

i hung out wiith girlcrush tonight. i'm still pretty sure she has no clue i'm into her, and i'm going out of town for more than a week on friday, so everything has to be put on the back burner until then.

christ i had to retype that sentence like twelve times. i am moving on over to the "inebriated" thread. at least i walked home.

gb, we need to hang out again. one of my bffs from work lives in koreatown and she keeps talkin about having a coworker drunk night at barcade. woudl you be down? meet my coworkers AND workcrush? YEAH? i'm back in town on the 25th, let's hang out. promise iw on't rty to type when drunk.
Trust yer gut, GB. You'll run into mystery boy again.

Michael. His name is Michael. I think it's sexy when a guy uses his full name. And no, I've made a concerted effort to avoid him since I figured out that I can't stop flirting with him. He's . . . *REALLY* sexy. He's like a thinner, younger, long-haired Gary Dourdan. With many tattoos. Killer smile. And he's got stones. See, on one of my many sojourns, I passed him & he called out to me. I blushed, giggled, & kept on walking. The next time I saw him he really went out of his way, he actually grabbed me. I asked him to give me five reasons why I should enter his club. He gave five, but only two were legit. He kept stopping me after that, but because he could never come up with three other reasons I shined him. Once I realized that I couldn't stop thinking of him . . . total avoidance.

HB . . . it's complicated. We tried living together. Not so great. I need a lot of space & he just tried to pull me in tighter. Right now there is a HUGE rift. He's mad at me for kowtowing to my mother. And he's even madder that I won't let him come out here. I wouldn't even let him drop me off to meet my grandpa when he picked me up. I just don't want the family stink on him, but since he has no family he's hungry to be a part of mine. And he's curious about who & what made me me.
The only way I can think of looking like a douche is with a popped collar and Raybans. GB, if he doesn't fit that profile than hunt that bastard down! Of course, I'd have already been in the men's room, because if the lines aren't even I'm in the shortest one, period. Shit, the girls' room doesn't have urinals, so really guys have more to complain about if we're in that room than if they're in the ladies' room. Not that I've ever had complaints.

(((AP))) you're missed because you're freakin' funny AND honest. That's rare. Get over it.

I never answer my phone. If you're not in my phonebook, you'd better leave a message so I know who you are and what you want. If I want to talk to you, I'll call you as soon as I see the missed call or hear the message. If I don't call you back right away, either I wasn't near my phone and haven't looked at it yet, or I didn't want to talk to you right then. And it's not personal. I've never understood answering the phone just because it rings. Hell, I don't answer the DOORBELL just because it rings. If I'm not expecting something/someone, I'll respond when/if I'm in the mood. And if I'm not in the mood to talk to you when you call/knock, it doesn't mean I don't like you or never want to communicate with you, it just means I had other things on my mind/to do at the time. So, does that make me "male-identified"? A friend called me that once, when we were talking about this very thing. I said I just put myself first, and she said that proved her point. I still don't know if that's a good or bad thing, it just sort of is...

No real crushes to report, I'm sort of on "pause" at the moment....

eta: cross-posted with...EVERYBODY! ap, avoid the bouncer. For any and all reasons, he's an excuse to keep HB from knowing every blessed thing about you, which would be too intimate (like he's your gyno or shrink kind of intimate).

cc, I have also had ever so many cosmo-type bevvies, and should probably move one to said drinks thread...
mouse, I'm drunk too! And a bit stoned.

crazyoldcatlady, he does have a girlfriend actually. He's in an open relationship.

I don't know if I really made it clear before, I enjoy talking to this guy but mostly it's just physical. The only reason I didn't want to lose contact with him is because he is seriously the best lay I have ever had. Ever. But I also like talking to him as well so I figure, hey, why not keep him around?
katiebelle2882 glad you are alive and well. you were most certainly missed:)
We have date for Sunday! Also, Sunday is when super cute slightly geeky guy is coming back. Lordy, I'm ddrunk again.
KB, where you been?

Attagirl, candycane. move on, there are better lays to come!

Sixel, heh, no raybans on the MB. The boy just owns his environment, you know? Like that bar I first saw him at: it was a shabby Mexican dive bar and the guy friend I was with is from the South and was probably just dumbfounded to see a white guy playing a serious game of pool with "minorities" and not shittin his pants. He also made fun of mystery boy for wearing Keds sans socks,..but shit, hes a bike rider! Its more a practical thing then a hipster fashion statement.
As far as my girl friend calling him an ass, I dont know why. I'll ask her. I think she just really wanted to play match-maker and since he wsnt her friend, she disapproved.

and yes, Mouse, hangin is in order. Altho last time I was at barcade rampage ate my quarters and I swore I was never going back. But for you? Of course I will. We should also hit up frank n hanks down the street: its cheap!!!
gb, I have a date with the guy that was a bit MIA. He actually called me last night and I didn't hear my phone ringing so I didn't answer. But then when I got home he was on MSN so we chatted for a bit.

I really can't wait to see cute musician guy though. I'm hoping I can set something up with him for next week but I'll have to wait till he gets home and see what his schedule is like.
oh candycane, i was having a tangential moment/dissociative fugue. my last comment was about my own pseudocrush. but it sounds like you got a lot of pokers (tee hee) in the fire. i'm such a misanthrope that when a crush does come along, it's a mini-event for me.

but anyhoo, as i am officially usurping all the Mating Game threads tonight, I just wanted to cryptically vent about my last crush event that went sour/nuclear. i am pathologic. guy friend crush has a girlfriend; this, AFTER he kissed me. i'd like to take this opportunity to quote one of the greatest movies of all time, Real Genius:

'It's easy to lie to you, Mitch. You trust people. I'm a cynic. I'm such an asshole."

and eta (eventhough i'm 700-some posts in, i still don't know what that stands for, i confess, but contextually it seems like i can put it here):

douchbaggery is like pornography: you know it when you see it.
ohhhh, crazyoldcatlady, I think I saw your post and seeing as how it was right after mine I thought you were like "Hint, hint!! He has a girlfriend!"

Sorry to hear that your crush hasn't turned out so well though. I do not understand the guys that kiss a girl if they already have a girlfriend! (unless, of course, it's an open relationship)

My first boyfriend ever kissed me while he was still going out with another girl but wasn't sure he was ready to break up with her so in the meantime, I waited around for him! Ugh, I do not miss being 15.

And also, what the hell does eta stand for?
ETA = edited to add.

Boo on crushes going south.
I was never sure what 'eta' meant, so I finally looked it up in the Urban Dictionary. To me it always meant 'estimated time of arrival' Ah, the interwebs & it's lingo.

I think the guys kissing other girls thing is so shady, but I get it. I don't like it, but I get it. It's the same reason dogs lick their genitals & rockstars date supermodels: because they can. As women, we often see a kiss as something magical. They see it as just a kiss. It's like collecting phone numbers. They don't always intend to use 'em, but it feels good to know they can still pull 'em.

Not too long ago one of my girls was all twisted over this fella we shall call the Walker. I know the Walker, he has a real she-devil of a GF. Anyway, she got hamskied at the bar & couldn't drive herself home, so she called a cab. The Walker felt bad that she was all alone, so he waited with her. Her cab never came, the Walker walked her drunk ass twenty blocks to her place. They stopped in the park on the way & he gave her an amazing kiss. But he never asked for her number or anything. A few days later, she went to his work to say hi & he acted all nervous. She fretted for a week until I consulted another party that confirmed that yes, he still had the bitchy GF. It turns out that he had told a COMPLETELY different story to the other party; he waited for her cab to take her home & he left. Dickweed.

It's weird. I didn't know until long after the Neighbor debacle that the guy really did like me. I thought I was just an easy stop-gap measure, a transitional woman. But no. For some reason he really admires me. So he thought it would be cool to cum on me. While he was still dating his GF of five years that I really liked. Awesome.

Smell that? That's sarcasm.
Ditto on the "kiss is just a kiss because you can." i LOVE kissing. I do not love relationships. until i find a man i like, and then he doesn't love relationships---

i've been kindof not knowing where to post. the guy i was sleeping with for the last 8 monthes a few times a week was something between a crush and a boyfriend and a lover. i called him ghostfriend.... i thought he was 'cheating on me'; he said we needed a break, we made up, he said i stressed him out, i kissed someone else, we broke it off, drunk-fucked, got tested for std's together than I haven't seen him since- but we chat on the phone-- and he says its nice to hear my voice.

he made me a birthday card, then made no effort to deliver it, so i said he should mail it (because i didn't want to think about it) and then he said he'd throw it over my fence, which he did, in a liquor store plastic bag. it got wet anyways. i don't know how i feel about this. i almost wish he hadn't bothered at all; i don't know which is worse. i want him to be my friend, but mostly he feels like the dead spider i killed with windex and then didn't want to touch to throw it out, then one day someone else took care of it for me.

i want to call him when he gets off work and talk to him. try and work it out. make it work between us. he gives mixed signals, like he wants it to work, but i don't know what to do. i don't want to cry anymore, which i wasn't until this stupid fucking card.
Well glass, if you want someone who'll always keep you guessing, he sounds like a keeper. Or you could work things out with yourself so you can move on.
ouch! well-played. i know you're right. what do i work out with myself? he's the type i go for over and over again. ugh. that, and straight girls. i don't know what to do. although i think i have argued myself out of calling him tonight. i'm going to go take a bath at home when i'm done work.
Argh, he canceled on me. But he did say that he wanted to reschedule. This is not fair, I really need to get laid!
I know ouch is right... I wish internet communication could be like in person communication! What you said just struck a chord with me. I was in therapy last school year, and what I said to you sounds like what my therapist said to me.

The situation I'd wash-rinse-and repeat was pursuing guys who didn't really want a relationship with me - they just wanted me to get excited about them. My therapist and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to "catch" someone who didn't want to be around in an attempt to resolve the feelings of not having my father around. Conversely, the more real interest a guy showed in me, the more turned off I was, because they were "needy" and "desperate." Realizing this has been really helpful for me. I know I need to look at the people I'm attracted to more closely, and now I try to give guys a chance that I would've dismissed before.

So that's the thing. You have to figure out what it is that makes you want to play out this scenario over and over. This book really helped me with my outlook on my dating situation: Don't let the book's title deter you!

Hope this helps. Good job on not calling him tonight! tongue.gif

/psych consult

I've just found out someone new has a crush on me... I'm excited to see what happens later this week when we see each other at my best friend's house. He's a nice guy, good to hang with, and is a latin guitarist on top of it! His band is pretty well known around my area. Not sure if the physical attraction is there for me or not - he's a short guy with long hair (just like my geeky crush). We'll see...
wow, i think you hit every button there. right down to "don't let the book's title deter you" (i clicked on the link before i read that and it almost did)
eckk. because i am having a hard time. Going to chapters tonight!
he left a voicemail yesterday trying to make plans or suggesting I go to something he was going to, which is something totally up my alley. need. to. stop. thinking about him. (*whines* but i love him!) i wish i'd stopped this insanity 8 months ago.


Yay guitarists with long hair!


And candy cane girl, i know how you feel. smile.gif
Thanks glassk. Bachelor #1 is really more of a fuck buddy than a crush. But really, I need him around cause...I have needs!

Anyway, cute musician guy is back from his tour and he wants to see me again. We started to make plans for Thursday until he realized that he has a show that day and he's always busy on Wednesdays. I'm waiting to hear back from him to see if he's available on Friday. It was great just to talk to him on the phone last night. He's sooooo cute! And he keeps telling me I'm cute too.

What bugs me about both these guys is that they are in open relationships. I mean, that's great and I like that I can hang out with them but I kind of want my own guy to be in an open relationship with. Is that silly?
re: the guys kissing girls while having no intentions of getting to know them...

I see your point, AP about that being like dogs licking their genitals, but anymore, that shit just doesn't fly with me. I mean, with all the books about dating, bulletin boards about dating, guys with friends who are girls, talk shows, etc these days, I can't possibly believe that most men don't at least have the concept that we don't dig it if they kiss someone else (or have phone sex, or cyber sex, etc with someone else) if they're seeing us. They may choose to ignore it, but I absolutely believe that it's a complete cop out if they play dumb to the fact.

In fact, I'm really not down with the whole "I'm an asshole" or the "I just want to do what I want to do" etc statement from guys these days. The way I see it, tell me you were too busy to call / make plans, tell me you just didn't WANT to call or make plans, but don't say "I told you I was an asshole" or "I told you I do what I want" I think that blanket statements like that are a cop out, just as playing dumb to what bugs other people.

If they truly DO want to just do whatever they want to do without being bound, then they shouldn't get involved with people in the first place, and if they do, they should make it clear pretty damn early in the game. It's just common decency. I refuse to believe that as many guys (hell, people in general) are cluless about it as they'd have you believe. I think they just want to try and have it both ways. simple as that.

just my .02 cents worth..
Oh, I agree. They want their cake & to eat it, too. They know we don't dig it, but a lot of us let them get away with it so they keep on keepin' on.

And sadly, I think a lot of people are totally clueless. Or maybe just desperate. EG; I had this friend B once that had a boyfriend for a year & a half, but it was on the downlow. Like, nobody was supposed to know about it. NOBODY. She just lived with it & he got bored. He started fucking two different chicks from work instead of just breaking up with B. The next boyfriend she had lasted the same amount of time & he was even worse. He wasn't into 'labels'. Which is guy shorthand for 'I want to keep my options open & you on the line in case nothing better comes along.' She'd gone on vacation with him & his parents for chrissakes! That's gf/bf stuff! He dumped her because he had been dating some other girl while dating her & that girl demanded a label. She next dated a friend of mine that I specifically told her not to date because he was just out to fuck her until he could get at my other friend. (Coincidentally, that girl was dating the first guy that screwed B over.) She was shocked & amazed to find out I was right. B had self esteem issues out the wazoo & it dictated a path of shitty relationships.
Wow, AP, that is just horrible. But I agree with you, I think we tend to let this kind of crap happen because we're taught that if we aren't sweet as pie then we'll get dumped.

Anyway, I made new plans with Bachelor #1 for Wednesday so that's great. Plus he's coming over late so I don't have to let go of my previous plans (going to a school club thing that involves watching a movie then going for drinks with a prof).

Exactly! Be nice! Don't rock the boat! Boyfriend = happiness & security! Fuck that noise.

A couple months back I was having a drink at my local with an acquaintance. Nice enough girl, very poor choice maker all around. This total Chad (Umbro silky footie shorts, tank top, gold chain, & a MULLET. A non-ironic, poofy, permed mullet.) came up to her & started blabbing. He made a LAME joke ala, "You know what they say about big feet & big hands . . ." Yeah, big shoes, big gloves, & you're probably a fuckin' clown. He didn't think that was funny. I invited her to follow me to the patio. "What are you? Her wall?" No. She's a grown damned woman & if she doesn't want to talk to you she'll tell you. Of course, in reality I was her wall because I knew she didn't have the guts to tell asshat to bounce. She gave me a huge grin & told him to fuck right off. I like to think that next time some total douche holds her verbally hostage, she'll know what to do.

Have a good time, CCG!

I'm having to live vicariously through you all now. There isn't anybody here worth crushing on & my 'ship is falling apart. I'll be single again by the first of the year with NO prospects. Boohoo!
AP, do you mean a chav instead of chad?

What's happening to your relationship, are you sure it's falling apart?


aaaand no more procrastinating, I have been on Bust all freakin day cause I am...avoiding homework. ohmy.gif

I'm no Brit, I meant Chad. Although according to the UD, they are somewhat similar.

Oh, yeah. Going down in FLAMES, baby. He's so mad at me for jumping at my mom's beck & call he'll hardly speak to me. We just fight through IMs til the wee hours.

I just called a guy out on something along those lines - earlier on in the year I'd said I wanted to pursue a relationship with him and he said he was in a place where he just wanted to make work his priority, be able to do whatever, and not have a girlfriend. Fair enough. We kept in touch as friends, kinda spotty, but a few months down the road we got back in touch fairly steadily, ended up spending some time together sex, the whole shebang, and talked about hanging out some more. No talk about relationship, but a nice feeling of being friends and on the same page that I was fine with. Then - BAM - literally overnight he dropped off the face of the earth. Now keeping things open but in touch, and seeing each other when you see each other I'm fine with at this point in my world. But him dropping off in that way basically said to me that I was more a convenient fuck than a friend, and I told him so. If a guy is going to be straight up with me and tell me where he's at, then the ball's in my court as to what I want to do with it, but I'm sure as shit not going to be someone's on-call. There IS a difference between being open / benefits / whatever you want to call it and being an on-call. Fuck that. I'm getting much better at not putting up with that crap - and I'm realizing that sometimes even executive cock needs to be called on their shit. They are men, after all... wink.gif haha
If a guy is going to be straight up with me and tell me where he's at, then the ball's in my court as to what I want to do with it, but I'm sure as shit not going to be someone's on-call.

nice. i agree zoya, but i'm in so fucking deep right now i don't want to admit it to myself. i am crushing hard. crushee and "gf" (who was apparently more "girl he was seeing") are apparently not seeing each other now, 'cos he told her what happened.

now, i know this is still Grade-A Not Cool, but there i was at work all day, thinking about him. it's like i'm 12 and stupid again. and he's being all fucking cryptic with me, and i'm secretly eating it up, 'cos i wanna believe he's not a dick. 'cos if he is, then i misread him from day 1, and that makes me suck.

meanwhile, i have nice-guy-with-no-chemistry in the wings, and i could give two shits.
I find the Chad thing particularly funny cause well...guess what Bachelor #1's name is? But luckily he is nothing like the Chads described in Urban Dictionary otherwise I wouldn't be the least bit attracted to him.
You know what? I actually dont want a boyfriend. Everytime I say I do someone tries to fix me up and I totally backpedal. I dont want just anybody, you know? And I dont want someone around all the time. My sister sees her boyfriend every single night and really, that seems so stiffling to me. I think I just want a boyfriend on Sundays.

Work Crush is one of the most bizarre crushes Ive ever had. I almost crashed into him today as I turned a corner and I was like, so freakin bashful! Its totally not me. Usually when I crush I allow myself to be obvious and flirty. ..I guess cuz he has grey hair and its like, my first corporate job I'm just totally clueless on how to act around him. I gotta to be professional and appropriate but I just panic for fear the dirty thoughts Im having will be found out, so my head is like, "eyes to the ground! eyes to the ground!"

New crush on a youngin too. Nuther bike guy. Cute as pie. Septum peircing and tight, tapered pants..some subtle flirtn goin on.
Ahhh! I miss you girls.... been reading this thread even though have not been posting!
I have a crush who I am trying very hard not to email.
But it has been kind of a long time since I 1. got laid 2. met a man who seemed up to par. Crossing my fingers that this will not fizzle into some kind of disappointing root beer float-type dating sitch. Sweet but melts quickly into something kinda uncool. (harhar, get it? am such a dork...)

((((ap)))) going by your description, I'd say chad pretty much = chav.

I have *counts* a whole two crushes right now. the screwing-around-boy is history, basically because while I'm attracted to him, he's not all that bright half the time, and seems to be one of those who will only hang with people until he finds someone better. Crush 1 is a total dork-boy, it's kinda cute, but I just like him - in a "I'll crush on you 'cos you're sweet but I don't want to go anywhere" way. The other is a phd student, so boy has brains. and tats. I've kinda missed having crushes until now...
Arrrrgghhhh! I have had it! Chad has canceled on me three times now! You do not deny a girl sex, especially not me. I've fucking had it with him!!

edited to add that I do not deserve to be treated like this! I know that we're just fuck buddies but I deserve much, much better! Gah, I want to rip his fucking dick off and beat him with it!
Chad's a Chad.

Yeah, apparently. Gah! I need sex now!
I went to the bus station today to pick something up. On my way back out the skater with the pink toque did this awesome trick but didnt' land, so I said, "well-played" we started chatting, i got his email, headed off to work. facebook stalked him- he is totally hot and i emailed him and now I am nervous. Eh. We'll see..... He's hot in a skater-boy way but he might be lacking in the arts & culture department. So- new skatercrush. smile.gif
Gah, I want to rip his fucking dick off and beat him with it!<------


Meh. my name's all over teh nets so may as well shout it all over I HAVE A CRUSH. But nyah nyah, won't give a name. Just will say that he sounds promising, which is more than I can say for most of the guys around lately. Filth. And not nice filth.

Eek. I want to run to floggers asap.
so, there i am friday night, trying to navigate this rotunda street outside B-ton (think National Lampoon's European Vacation), and i'm lookin' at my phone for directions, when who should text me? crushboy: "whatchoo doin' tonight?"

oh HELLS no. you don't get to fuck up my world when i spent all day thurs thinking about how i can play you and all day fri about how i can forget you.
shit. or. get. off. the. pot. (okay, this should prolly go in the "letter" thread.)

i think i need to multi-crush (like multitasking, 'cos no one crush deserves my full attention.)
Okay, no more wanting to rip off his dick and beat him with it.

He called tonight and then came over and apologized for being such a flake (his words, not mine). And then we fucked and it was goooood. Watched the Simpsons together and then I kinda kicked him out cause I wanted to order a pizza just for me and watch America's Next Top Model.
candy that sounds AWESOME. i love your day.

and catlady? Multicrushing? Yay!

Skatercrush left a facebook for me to drop in at his work for a drink. I did- it turned into 4, then i went to my friends' party- he came and picked me up. Went pack to his place, got stoned, made out and fell asleep. Had to get up early cuz he had to work again. He's really sexy--- I hope we get to go snowboarding together because fucking on a mountain is on my list of things to do. If I decide to sleep with him. Since I just met him and all... but still--- he's hot!

Makes me a bit sad- one more boy away from the ex-ghostfriend I still love/miss-- but it's a good thing, too.
Yeah, that was the only good part of the day. Earlier in the day I was extremely hungover cause I was stupid last night and drank a bottle of vodka. My bedroom kind of smells like vomit and all day my head was killing me.

I managed to have almost 6 pieces of pizza and I think they are soaking up whatever vodka might have been left inside of me.
My sympathies.
Let me again introduce the concept of popcorn. Or, if you prefer, male wall paper, though they are slightly different but fundamentally linked concepts.

Popcorn are multiple crushes that you do not highly invest in so as to allow yourself the freedom to like many at once. Maybe you like one more than the other, but still. Always have a lil popcorn. Tastes nice. Even if it's just for fun.

Male wallpaper is simple as it comes. They treat us like that so fuck it, treat them as wallpaper right back. They're pretty boys to look at. Nothing more.
Sometimes, one in a million you will find one with whom you may wish to become friends or even lovers. But always remember. Wallpaper. It's necessary to remember most of them are wallpaper.

Yay, CCG! Sounds like he isn't a schmuck then. And portions! I'm just happy SOMEONE is getting some. (and hurrah for alone time...sorry about the hangover)

glassk, I feel ya. But you are probably better off, right??
I am a little wistful reading your posts and ap's. We all have our crushes that we know. It's funny.
This is so. Fucked. Up.

So I went to check my MySpace page today. And I saw I had new mail. I didn't recognize the picture & I almost trashed it, but there was something about his eyes. Something familiar. It was a guy that had a crush on me in HS. The last time I saw him was after I graduated & he & another boy were vying for my attention on holiday break. Hee! So I wrote him back & we shall see.

At this point, with things with HB being *TENSE* & being stuck in Pisswah, a cyber crush is a-okay with me. I need me some popcorn & I'll take it anyway I can.
Does having two crushes count as popcorn?

And why does my stomach still feel so bad?
yes of course darling. Here, have some more, hold the butter. The more crushies, the better you feel. Less personal attachment. I hereby declare this thread in need of some.


i've realized that i'm totally crushing on a young buck of a trainee where i'm at. hello mrs. robinson.

but, it felt good to have a crush. or have one for the next year.
ap- that's kinda hawt, having some old crush come back around. i have about 10 do-over crushes from h.s. that i'd totally violate if came across them again.

ophelia- yes! popcorn is half the calories of a normal crush!

star- trainee? as in, subordinate? use your powers for evil instead of good. wink.gif

candy- i second glassk on the awesome day, vodka or not. "you have to go because i have to eat pizza and watch ATM" should so replace the "gee, i have to get up reeeeal early in the morning to work..." and btw, you can put pillows in the washing machine if they're not feathered.
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