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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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Damn, aural, you startin' a harem over there?! Keep goin', you're on a roll!

love the boss man choosin' orchids...tres sexie!!!

sassy, keep it up! Another crush or two and you and AP can compare harems....

I'm so jealous, KS is dry dry dry (for real life folks, anyway....I'll just have to wallow in my Izzard crush....)
AP you need to SHARE girl! man when it rains ir fucking pours huh?

and when it doesnt rain, its the freaking sahara (which would be my situation:-))
Have them bathed, oiled, & brought to my tent! The queue forms to the right, gentlemen, no pushing/shoving, & no foofy pants! I want those big feathery fans, lots of nice throw pillows, exotic fruits, & barrel after barrel of good cold, wine! Maybe some sparkly boy belly dancers!!

AP, I am so jealous, I have turned green.

*goes back to lurking in the dry dry desert*
By the power currently invested in me by the great goddesses of bootay, "Lo & give some executive cock to thine Busties. Sassy & I are reaping what you have sown & thank you heartily O mighty ones!"

Got a really cool email from tall guy today. Compliments, compliments, compliments. It looks like he got up early & sent it before he left for work. *Pumps fist*

League last night, friend's birthday tonight, two nights of dinner/movie plans with friends, and at least two dates. It's a wonder I'll have time to Bust! Ya'll may never hear from me again! And they're all taller than me!
I have officially decided not to have a crush on my crush. There. It is announced. And official.
AP, thanks for the shoutout..and yes, we can all share my lovely busties!! :-) I'm amazed that GA has any hot boys left....I'm still digging on that orchid thing...and yes, you have my permission to start an exclusive bustie harem. I believe that all of us would benefit from it.

Sixelacat, I'll share Eddie with ya... just watched Circle again, and so want to fuck him. I love a man that can make me laugh, and look good in heels..maybe that's why I hang out with so many drag queens?? Heh.

My boys are both taller than me as well. Isn't it rad? :-)
Yay! Pride weekend, lots of hot gay boys wearing nothing..a girl can dream right?? LOL

ok, I am de lurking.

working on a project for the last couple of weeks. Hotty McHottHott 23 year old manager of another department of said project starts coming to visit me in my area every day, asks co-workers if I'm in, etc. we IM. I go visit him here and there during the day. Mutual crush situation develops, only I am not really doing any of the work other than encouraging him...

End of project party last night. Pretty much hang out together most of the night at party. Both pretty buzzed. Hotty McHottHott comes back to my hotel room. Sex ensues.

he gets a B+ for technique, but more than made up for it with an A+ for effort and sheer energy!

He definitely qualifies as executive cock, because I did nothin. That boy came at me 100%. ok, well maybe Jr. Executive cock, but still..Hotty McHottHott... mmmmmm

Zoya-excellent! Executive-track cock still qualifies, esp. if they're willing to work hard! He sounds like an up-and-cummer in the company! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Sassy-Eddie is MINE! Okay, you can have him when he's in *boy mode*, and every other girly weekend (although you might need to work out something with Doodlebug, I hear she's gettin' hooked too, hee hee hee)

I just have to add, my boss at work overheard me talking about la Izzard at lunch and wanted to know who he was, so I showed him a clip of Eddie doing his French bit. He said if that's what I found attractive he'd be more than willing to put on a corset and stockings for me!!! This is from a typical middle-American ex-college football player type guy, and he was serious!


I half-way want to take him up on it to see how far he'd go...the man does speak French, too....
bah. does anyone remember that security guard i was talking about ages back? well....... basically nothing came of it, until last week where there were 3 nights of mediocre making out and fantastic spooning. and now it's been declared *nothing* and i can't even bring myself to put the effort into being friends. I feel so stupid.
Yeah. Yeah, you were lurking about in the night, right? Ciggie breaks, yeah?

Hey we all feel stupid sometimes. The hormones over-ride the sense. Human contact can be like crack.
AP I dont know much about the other crushes just yet but I have to say, given my penchant for manly,beer drinking, meat eating,tall, older men, I like boss-crush the best. But I'll wait for the other stories to make my final decision:-)
i'm in awe Aural. i can only wish/hope something that awesome happens to me. it has been a long time coming for you...good for the holding out for executive are gettin' alot of action this summer...
amen, AP, thanks. And with you such a storyteller, what on earth am I to do if I cannot live vicariously through your stories? You better have time to bust! sheesh!
Although, Good luck and all. I am with stargazer- in awe!
Dude. I googled tall guy today after another amazing email. BIG mistake. Am now feeling completely inadequate & embarrassed & faintly horrified. He's so far out of my league that we're not even playing the same game. Tiddly winks vs. Stanley Cup Hockey. Gorgeous, well-traveled (His mom is an anthropologist & hauled him all over the world.), masters degree, great job, he reads, sense of humour, he's humble, amazing family. I mean, this is *E*X*E*C*U*T*I*V*E* *C*O*C*K* OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. Why, oh, why did he approach me? Why didn't I just keep my head in my book & mind my own damned business? I am such a fuckin' idiot. I knew this was gonna bite me in the ass somehow. I just knew it. We made plans to go out this weekend & now I may fake a groin pull to get out of it.

There is a part of me that thinks this is all some cruel hoax...
No no no no no! Look at his his *resume* there, AP. Does it sound like he's an idiot? Of course not! Let him make his own choices. He chose to approach you and continues to contact you. Are you gonna decide it's not in his best interest to see you, 'cause you're not worthy of him? Fuck that noise!!!

You forgot to mention in his list of amazing qualities that he was smart enough to be interested in your shit. Own that, 'cause you must have some good shit. In fact, it's your shit, so that makes it the best shit in the world! And you have no business thinking otherwise, because you have carefully crafted your shit to be exactly what you want it to be.

Now get out there and give that executive cock some *Supreme* Executive Pussy!
wow. So I read what siexelacat is saying, and then i'm like, whoa, it can't be that bad. and then- AP!! Really?! You're not getting gunshy, are you? ;) Well, I am with sizelacat on this one. You deserve it, darling.
Sorry about my wig out & my minor flash of insecurity. I am nothing if not resourceful & I guess the information just kept coming & coming & I freaked. I thought he was just a boring, normal guy. I was surprised when turned out to be a fuckin' rockstar.

Equilibrium has been restored & all is well in the AP'verse.
Yay AP for being Mistress of the AP'verse! Have fun this weekend!
whoa AP you really scared the shite out of me for a second. that is something that normal AP would RIP someone apart for saying. i am glad things are now right in the world and you realize how fucking amazing you are!
you know is those "boring, normal guys" who are the good ones and know how to treat a lady...the "fun" ones crash and burn...he sounds like a great better not fake a groin! and you're not as cool as you think you are! be the geek you are with him...that's what attracted him in the first place....
See, now, that's why I was so surprised & freaked! He falsely represented himself & downplayed the awesomeness! I thought he was just another square that I'd suckered. A hot square, but still a square. A square that might be worth a tumble or two because he is a *good* guy. Then I come to find out that he's like, not just a good guy, he's full-blown relationship worthy. I haven't met anybody relationship worthy in ages & I guess I just got used to not being serious. It's not like I'm fuckin' every guy I'm interested in (In fact, I've been celibate since January or so.), I'm just not about the whole 'couple' thing. By his resume alone, I'm thinking that he's the type of guy that's looking for coupledom & not just libidinous frivolity. Romance & love & all that jazz. I still don't feel ready for that. I'm not the person I want to be yet. Yesterday, for about a half an hour a million scenarios of how I might eventually fuck him over down the line ran through my head until I banished them. I decided to focus on the now & worry about the other down the line. Cross the bridge when I come to it, providing I won't have burnt it yet.

Take hot boss. Hot boss is fun & sexy. He's not forever. We haven't talked about it, but it's not like he can take me to the company picnic. It'll be companionship & hot sex until it burns out. I'm okay with that.
Kick ass! Have new Starbucks guy crush! He bought me a cafe mocha.... and told me he was one of his favorite customers.... All is right in sassyland! :-)Plus, online boy is coming down to see me this weekend, and sonic youth boy wants to see me next weekend....Yes, it's raining men.

AP, glad you're doing cool...

Everyone have an incredible weekend! :-)
just breathe AP and take your time with tall guy...i have a feeling about this one...and my intuition is normally right on...i think hot boss will be good for now...just don't lose your grip on the main man, tall guy...i am kinda having the same feeling about 2 i would like to build something with...the other i can only envision having a fun time with...
Fuck. Although, I'm totally stoked that online boy is coming down, the rocker boy wants to see me too...

And, my landlord just made this policy where I can't have a boyfriend over, b/c apparantly I'm pissing off one of the tentants that lives in the house. I'm sorry that I'm dating, and she's a bitter bitch(the tenant, not the landlord). So, this is the last time that online boy and I can have sleepover... I'm so trying to find a new place. I mean online boy and I could turn into something really groovy, and then I wouldn't be able to see him?

AP, I agree with stargazer on this one. Although, I can understand your dilemnia as I'm going through it between online boy and rocker guy...

Sassy, jugglin' isn't easy, but it's fun & rather exciting, non?

What is it with asshole housemates? That sucks! Is that even legal? Is it just males or can you bring home a girlfriend for an overnighter? What if you say, "This is my gay friend, Charles, he's here to look at fabric swatches with me & then we're gonna have a slumber party & paint our nails & talk about boys?" Is there B&B nearby? A sympathetic friend that would let you get freaky at their house while they spend the night at yours? While juvenile, cars can be fun. Just watch out if it's a stick shift!

See, Star, I have a feeling about tall guy, too. That's why I'm so apprehensive! I thought for sure I'd scared him away since he didn't call/write yesterday, but late last night he dropped me a little hello & said he'd call/write me today to finalize plans for tomorrow. He's just to good to be true!

Hot boss wants to make me dinner & watch Deadwood & Entourage on Sunday night. Riiiiight! Why am I not surprised that he picked two shows I can watch On Demand whenever I want next week? Because we *aren't* going to be watching them. HAH!
Yes, I'm becoming an expert in the fine art of juggling... Heh.

It's females. So, they're probably just jeolous that I get to see a boy naked. He is super executive cock. He mentioned that he was bringing toys down, and I'm all a flutter now.. b/c he didn't mention sex toys. Me thinks this is going to be an interesting weekend. Should be here in about 20 minutes... I'm so nervous!

I'd rather live with men to tell you the truth. Gay male are much easier to live with. I wish I had a friend's pad that I could go chill with. There are B&B around. We may have to look into that option.

Cars are fun, I made out with rocker boy the other night is his....It had been years since I made out in a car. :-)Very high school, but a blast.

AP, Sunday sounds fun. I'm so in love with the villian on Deadwood... guess that goes in the fucking weird crush thread....

Everyone shake that thing ya mama gave you, and have a kick ass crushtastic weekend!
sassy, i'm pretty sure you can't be prohibited from having overnight guests. find out where to get a landlord&tennant guide and read it over. there are some things that are your right as a human being and a renter. check it out before you sacrifice your good times. and try to shag earlier. ha ha.

OMG. i bumped into a highschool crush today. we haven't seen each other for about 15 years and i had no idea he was even in this part of the country. you should have seen his eyes LIGHT UP when he spied me, holy. he doesn't live very close by but man, that hug and kiss goodbye was enough to inspire some travel. we're all growed up now and he turned GORGEOUS! oh lawd.
Sassy, I think you misunderstood my question... I know you said it was a female causing the drama. What I meant was, did your landlord specifically say that you couldn't have men overnight? What if you brought a girl home to spend the night? Would that be okay? What if your mom/sister/auntie/cousin/niece came to town? Is this a boarding house type situation, because I know that they do have some legal wiggle room in regards to rules like that? Look into it, girl. Don't let bitchy pants rain on your parade.
delurks, again.

Sassy, I agree with Aural and Pepper, that doesn't sound legally possible. But if bitchy landlord insists, I think shagging earlier is an excellent idea. You'll have fun and housemates can't complain when you usher boy out demurely at 11pm after a rampant evening session.

/vicarious thrill-seeking from everyone else's successful crushes
Online boy is a no no to shagging b/c he's a virgin. Did I mention that? He wants to be in love. I know it's a very romantic notion. It's just not really modern. However, how long is too long? I mean, techinally, we're only spent two weekends together. We're still in that getting to know you stage. We've made out intensely, he has an amazing cock.... I just don't want to invest in something without having some sort of commitment. I broke down and told him that I have been dating around. This wasn't so much as to feed jeolously (although it did, he thought rocker boy was gay), but to tell him the truth.

And, right now he's talking to his friend outside my door (a friend that used to have a crush on him) Is this to make me jeolous?? He's going up to see her for dinner, but that should give me some good time to process everything. He said he'd be home by midnight.

I know that there are rules, but techinally this is sort of like a boarding house. It just gives me more of an incentive to move the fuck out. I hate housemates!

My landlord seemed fine with it, but she didn't want to cause drama with other housemate. She kept giving me insane mixed messages. One minute she told me to "see what I can do..." and the next saying that I couldn't do anything about it.

I just don't want him to string me along. I just don't think that either of us know if we want eachother, but we both feel as though it could be the beginnings of something groovy.

And, he brought a special toy box filled with many a sex toys including the Nerve Big Bang book and handcuffs. Why would he do this if he didn't want to fuck me?

I guess we're just having intense foreplay. Then again, a friend of mine didn't sleep with his now wife for a year when they were dating....

Ugh.... I feel like such a slut. I feel guilty for making out with rocker boy. But, online boy doesn't seem to know what or who he wants... '

Le Sigh.

Sorry to the previous wigout. I'm trying to tell myself that all is right in sassyland (and I am Mayor of Sassyland...), but I'm still really messed up over the sex thing. It could be all the lust from Pride (I know they're all gay, but seeing hot men all day long....), but the rub is that the fact that he's allowing me to give him a blow job, but won't even go down on Yet, he wants to go to a sex shop to pick out vibes with me....????
Sassy, girl, online boy is a WASH. I'm sorry, but if I've put my mouth on your genitals then I deserve the same in return. QUID PRO motherfuckin' QUO. His willingness to fuck you with a a vibe, but not his dick doesn't strike me as 'romantic, I'm waiting for love,' but more as a refusal to really commit to a relationship with you whether emotional or sexual. It's a barrier. Like, "I'll assist in giving you pleasure, but I refuse to be directly responsible for it." The toy is bridging the gap he isn't willing to cross.

But that's my two cents. I could be totaly wrong, so follow your instincts.

So tall guy & I aren't going out tonight. We decided tomorrow afternoon would be better. Kinda my fault, we made plans on Wed, but I got an invite to a friend's bday party that night for tonight & I didn't think that would be a good place to take a new fella. My friends are pretty wild & I'm not ready to expose a new beau to that yet.
I know AP. We're going to talk tonight. I'm really pissed, and it didn't really seem to struck me as shitty until he left for dinner with his friend.

I do know that I like him. But, if he won't even go down on me, how can he be even be able to commit in the long run? I mean, I'm not asking him to commit right now, but fucking A. We're sleeping in the same bed for Christ's sake!

We'll see what happens tonight, when I don't blow him. I'm assuming they'll be a fight.

WORD! You are strong, warm & in command! OWN IT!


So, my cell phone just rang, and it was my OkCupid crush who invited me to a party tonight.It's just he knew. I almost feel like going, but online boy won't be back until 11, and I'm into watching Six Feet Under right now. However, we made plans to grab a few beers next week!!

Oh Yeah. I rock!

Thanks for the shout of confidence, I really needed it. And, I loved that my friend called!!
I am so going to throw that in online boy's face if he gets bitchy at me later. That a crush called me (add him to the ongoing list of 4 now... ), and invited me to a party....and keep in mind, he's a fucking hottie.
AP, you ready for the Deadwood marathon tomorrow night? Tee hee hee... :-)
Girl, I've already got my preferred condoms & lube in my purse!

Sassy, you are sex incarnate. Wow OkCupid boy!

Seriously, we need to start a brothel.

Hung out with Jcrush today. He was talkin' shit & I said, "Pshhh. Just 'cause you want to fuck me." He didn't dispute me.

Doin' laundry before I go out for the eve.
yesterday the most amazing thing happened to me, omg.
ok, two days before that i was thinking about a highschool mutual crushy who i haven't seen in about fifteen years, and what i was thinking was wouldn't it be funny to bump into him in my teeny little town that's over 3000 miles away from where we went to school together. the thought came up outta no where, i smiled a bit and let it go. then, yesterday, i'm on lunch and i go to the store to grab a few impulse items and i can feel this dude at the counter just checking me right out. i can be shy about the random come on so i just ignore, ignore, ignore. i don't even really get a look at his face or anything but he's beaming the energy at me in such an unignorable way that i finally glance up thinking i'll just make at least enough eye contact to check him out too and who is standing there but highschool crushy himself.
lordy, and he is looking FINE and he comes right over after the look on my face makes it unmistakable that i totally recognize him, gives me a super big hug, flirts mercilessly, takes me over to meet his band (they played in town the night before, the reason he was even there at all), gives me two of his cd's (which are both Awesome!), chats until the band is totally packed into their van and more than ready to go and then gives me a knee melting hug and swoops right in for the full on lip kiss. whoa. no word of a lie, contact numbers in hand i float on back to work and spend the rest of the day in a total grinny fog. dang. he turned out GREAT and he was Still (after all these years) into, into, into me.
i told him that i had just been thinking about him just two days before and he said "you know what? i was Talking about you Today." you could have knocked me right over. hmm, i wonder just what he was talking About? have to ask him.
he lives a few hours away but i. don't. care.
i am so gonna go and get me some more of that.
just yummy. that is all.
Yes, AP I am so digging the idea of a brothel. And, you reminded me that I need to go buy some condoms. ((ophelia))

So... update of sortof. Keep in mind I just woke up, and the boy is still in my bed. It rained really bad last night, so he didn't come back until about 1:30 a.m. He woke my landlord up, b/c the front door is so freaking loud. She yelled at me, b/c it was so late at night, and we both woke her up. Regardless of this happening, I'm still in the process of finding a place. I'm sick of living with 4 bitchy woman. After all, I don't know what will happen with rocker boy or Okcupid boy now... right? Heh.

Listening to Ani while drinking my morning coffee. Just ran into my landlord just now, and she glared at me.... whatever.

In good news, I didn't blow online boy. Like I said, he didn't come home until late. And, I was just acting still pissed off last night. We just curled up and went to bed. I did tell him of OkCupid Boy inviting me to a party, and me not able to go b/c I was waiting for him. I spent most of the night doing laundry and watching Six Feet Under and Dr. Katz.

This is the last time he'll be able to do a sleepover until I move. Which won't be happening for a while. My move out date is hopefully Sept. Sept is when I get my first raise at work. I'll know if he was all about the sex (or lack there of) if he doesn't come down to see me again.

I don't know. My mind is just all confused right now. I do know that we won't be doing anything sort of sex until he goes down on me.... Tit for tat as they say, or as AP so greatly put it "quid pro MOTHERFUCKING pro..."

Pepper, that's so awesome! Yummy indeed. Go get you some of that....:-)

Off to the Pride parade in a few hours. Can't wait!

yay pepper!

I got all excited for you reading that!
See Online/LDR site. So, AP's words stuck in my head, and I rolled over to boy this morning. He ended up eating me out for a while, while listening to Chris Issak. Very nice morning indeed. I was basically saying no oral sex for you, unless I get some first. We almost didn't make it to the Pride Parade!

And ran into my Starbucks guy (after the hot sex session) looking all great in that afterglow way wearing this super low cut shirt, and he gave me my commuter mug for like $10! I made online boy stay in car! I didn't want to see him me totally flirting with coffee boy.

I totally threw it in his face about the party, and all the crushes I had. So, then we're walking to the parade, and he turns to me and kisses me. He's not one for pda's in public, and so it shocked me. I asked him why, and he said. "Well, I'm dating you now. We're sleeping together. So, you're my -girlfriend sort of.." Then got all quiet, and kissed me again. WTF?

Boogled by that statement as much as the next person. Because the next second he's saying that he wants to buy a house, and find one near me, and all this stuff.... still boogling the mind. Yet, he wants to come back up in a few weeks. But, the rub is where the fuck is he going to sleep due to my bitchy landlord?

ah... confusion. I'm just trying to take all this one day at a time.

So many boys, so little time eh?

Pepper, that so fucking rocks!!

AP, are you watching Deadwood now? Heh...

I was talking to a friend last night about fantasizing about old crushes as a comforting feeling, and she had said something about the ones that we want to impress the most end up not being so impressive or being very so-so. I would fantasize about being a successful writer or reporter, and meeting him for a story (he's an artsy fellow and involved with video art and music), and being a beautiful grown woman instead of the shy nerd I was in freshman year of college.

I had been in a couple of classes with him, and the way he would look at me surprised me, like he just locked in on me. I thought he was funny and outspoken and very popular, but whenever I spoke to him, he would get very quiet and meek around me. I didn't get it, and despite that some people told me I was pretty, I didn't feel it. I wore black cat-eye glasses (very chic) and having become thinner, I didn't know how to handle having big breasts and being less reclusive and shy. So I liked him from afar, and when he'd say hi to me, smiling wide, I would beam inside. I asked him out to a movie once, but I was so shy I hardly looked at him. He asked what time, and I said so, and he said he was busy. So I dropped it, and left him alone, saying hi occasionally. A few months later, I emailed him if he wanted to hang out with me and a friend, and he said he was really busy. I got the hint, feeling like a lovesick puppy, and stopped pursuing him. The day after, we had the same class, and when I glanced at him, he was staring at me. I don't know what he was thinking, I just felt embarassed and foolish.

The next semester I got into the college plays and met new guys, including a shy but hilarious short guy who was balding at 20 (he looked like Bob Balaban to me). During the summer I worked at a movie theater, and worked as an usher, mostly around guys, and became much more assertive and stronger, being more of a "tough girl" and not being so shy and reserved. It was crappy work, but it got me to be a better person around people and around guys, who I used to fear. When I returned to school, I didn't see my old crush for a month, but one night I was walking across campus and passed by him. He stared at me, as I did him, and I said hello politely. He said hi back, and that was it. I didn't see much of him, and when I saw him become this big popular star on campus, I felt stupid for falling for him like a groupie. Once at a party, he came up to me and said hi to me, and we chatted a bit, and I was surprised that he wanted to talk to me, because of how immature I was as a flirt the year before. He was usually quiet and sweet with me. When I transferred schools to study journalism in NYC, I approached him at another party and asked if I could keep in contact with him. (I don't know why I asked, I wanted to say a final goodbye). He gave me his email, and I wrote to him a few months later, saying hi, but didn't get a response.

When I came to NYC, I wanted to be a sexy, mysterious girl, to have lots of trysts and leave in the night, to leave behind my awkwardness and to forget about my unrequited crush. It didn't work out that way. I had two awkward one-night-stands when I didn't feel sexy or turned-on, just bored and clinical towards sex. I dated occasionally, but I prefer men as close friends than as dates or bad lovers. I have one guy friend, but I see him occasionally, we're not close.

I read my old crush's Myspace. He still seems very popular, making videos and hanging with his artsy friends. I'm jealous, because I was very alone in NYC and don't have anyone I can hang with all the time. Sometimes I wish I was living this bohemian post-college life, sharing a place with friends and having them to rely on. I know that my future is my own, and I have to do a lot to make it worthwhile and to move forward, but sometimes I wish I had friends to live with and to be my family away from home.

But now, despite still being in school and living at home, I've advanced a lot. I've met lots of writers, a few local celebrities, worked at the Voice, been published in a few places of note, have developed a shapely figure that I'm proud of, have been considered pretty and attractive (after years of shyness and reclusiveness, it makes me feel more womanly and adult), and have taken ballet classes and felt more graceful and learning a new talent (not that I am talented at dance, just learning it). I hope to be able to provide for myself after school, be turned on by a lover, and be paid well for whatever I do.
YAY for Sassy & Pepper!

I shan't walk/sit right for the next few days. Have no idea what happened on Deadwood or Entourage. Was busy from about seven pm 'til about one am. I'd give ya'll some dirty details, but it was too wanton & nasty even for the locker room LTAS. Hotchacha! We watched a little Adult Swim, had a popsicle, I started gathering my shit. "Um, I'd really like it if you'd stay." Woke up all cuddly & went for the next round. I feel like I lost fifty pounds & my feet can't touch the ground.
ohhhh pleeeeeeeeease AP, just a few dirty details?
SO happy for you, FYI.
AP, I'll share some details if you share some with us... . My body still aches, and I had trouble walking today.... although, I somehow can't quit smiling... :-)

Pepper, how ya doing?
Honestly, I don't think I could actually write anything down without my monitor bursting into flames. I blush now just thinking about it.
waiting 'til he's done the tour with his band to see what he has to say when he gets in touch. because he Will get in touch. i sent him a brief but very sweet email avec pictures that'll be darn hard to resist. nothing naughty, just me looking adorable.
i've been listening to his music non-stop, it's ssooo good. hmm. i promised myself i'd never date another musician again. ya right, ha ha!
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