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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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mouse, glad to hear things are going well with craig! (can i call him that?) why are you a dork- because you met him online? that's totally normal nowadays, no?

p176, i think it's a GOOD thing to have fairly high standards!

zoya, any developments?

gb, i *know* about your developments from "portions". ! smile.gif

so, boy #2 did finally call about the study date, and we did that today. again, cool guy, not so sure if there's a ton of chemistry/potential. we'll see. he's at the least quite smart and quite nice. (good manners are a big turn on for me.) i'm becoming a huge fan of the "i'm not gonna lie to you" approach-- as in, "i'm not gonna lie to you. i really study best alone. i just thought you were cool and wanted to hang out with you today." ;P it seems to go over well! anyway, we're supposed to have a beer after our exam tomorrow...

in the meantime, i have officially started shagging the ex. and it's officially fantastic. we're so goddamn sexually compatible... which makes it so hard to say no! wish we could just do the friends-with-benefits thing, but i don't think he's down/ that it's a good idea for him (or for me either, most likely).

ew, octi, no! calling him "craig" gives me the heebie jeebies hahahah. if it goes anywhere i'll dub him something later on, but i don't want to get presumptuous.

good for you for being direct with boy #2, and for having another date planned! woo! be careful about the sleeping-with-the-ex bit. it's awfully tempting and awfully comfortable, but all it does is postpone the inevitable. if you're cool with that, go ahead, but i'm just now realizing how ridiculous it is that my ex and i officially broke up TWO YEARS AGO almost exactly to the date, and i'm only just now taking steps to really get over him.

and yes, i'm a dork for meeting a boy on the internet. i'm also a dork for being giddy about it, and for being unable to talk to any boys in real life, and just in general tongue.gif

OH and "octinoxate" is the first ingredient on my little tube of kiehl's lip balm and every time i put it on i see it and think of you
I met Orion over the internet. I officially pronounce the internet a viable way of meeting people.

I am sooo curious as to the craiglist boy's locale, since I know you're somewhat near me, mouse. =)
it's viable, it's just, to me, boring and i would rather have some meet-cute story to tell than be like "uhhhh.....he posted a personals ad and i answered it".

ophelia, i actually think that this boy lives very very near you....ha....
haha mouse, sure thing, i will wait for him to be dubbed by you! yo, you should keep up the stalking, find out where he works, and send ophelia to scope him/ screen him wink.gif

thanks for the words of warning on the sleeping with the ex bit. i know it's likely a rotten idea that will end in trouble for one or both of us... but damn that boy is exciting in bed. i have a hunch, though, that the decision to stop sleeping with him will be made for me soon, as he'll call that off. hey, mouse, what do you mean by "taking steps to really get over" the ex? how does one do that? hell, i'm still not over my ex from nine months ago! and now i'm adding another to the list! eep. it was easier when this most recent one was being mean, but when he's on good behavior/ you still really care about him, what do you do with that-?
QUOTE(_octinoxate @ May 7 2007, 10:57 PM) *
when he's on good behavior/ you still really care about him, what do you do with that-?

octi, if i knew, i'd be very rich. i just meant that now i'm finally actively pursuing finding someone else to date and actively fighting dangerous situations (no dancing, no watching movies on his couch together, not being receptive if he gets flirty). it is really hard, though, and this is totally a discussion for a different thread, but what do you do when they're like your best friend? i know i have to pare down the friendship for at least a little while if i really want to get over him, but he's the person i call if i'm having a bad day or something goes wrong and vice versa, we constantly critique each other's work since we're in similar fields, and we're the closest thing either of us has to family for like 3000 miles. it's fuckin difficult, i tell you what.
Oh, I was being flippant mouse. I actually met O through a very weird series of online events, actually.

When they're your best friend--you have to stop caring so much. You have to. I swear. Not all, but as much. Just try to get in touch with more platonic friends and date more people. Good luck.

I hope he's a nice one, mouse! You deserve one.

heh, I'm always good at pretending to stalk people wink.gif
Mouse, you're not a dork for meeting someone on the internet! Like I said, you do what works for you. Fuck what everyone else thinks.


I miss crushing on someone. In the same breath I don't, because I don't want my heart ripped out of my chest then stomped on. Uhh, no thank you. Not yet.
oh mouse, i've totally been there: the best friend/ ex problem. yeah, for me the only thing that worked enough was to (like you said) cut waaaaay back on the friendship for quite a while. it's only lately (9 mo later) that we've really started talking normally/casually again--and even that is very sporadic. for me, actively dating someone else didn't really fix things, just made me feel guilty, and caused problems in the new relationship.

speaking of that next relationship: me and the (most recent) ex are totally behaving as if we were together. not only fucking now, but hanging out, making plans, etc. we talked about all this last night (and he mentioned that he is majorly disinvesting in this-- which means i should as well-- though that's kind of tough) and it looks like something's gotta give. soon. either we get back together and bust our asses trying to work it out, or we stop seeing each other altogether--not even as friends. i don't think this limbo state or being fuck buddies will be good for either of us. yet neither of those all-or-nothing options sound appealing. *sigh* maybe it's better to take a break from all this taking-risks-with-my-heart stuff, like you said CH. i love crushing and relationships, hate the end of them. maybe it's also better to get back into some volunteer work and things like that, because i find that when i'm doing things of service to people with big troubles, i dwell less on my own which are often minor in comparison.

anyway, ladies, thanks for listening and talking. i'm sorry that this is all rather OT for this crush thread (though it does relate in some ways)-- it's just that i feel shy about going into "moooooving on" because the ladies in there are dealing with so much more complicated and traumatic breakups/divorces. ya know?

mouse, any new developments with craigslist boy?

i went out for a beer yesterday with study date boy, and am way turned off to him now. i just saw more sides to him that i don't like-- turns out he has sort of crappy manners, and talks lots of shit about people, and just generally very much is a college boy. which is fair enough, as he *is* in fact a boy in college smile.gif i just don't usually date boys in college. mm. good thing i'm done with college in two days--!

CH, you don't crush on your current boy toys? is that just getting old and not exciting, or what?
I'm not crushing on boy things. Navy boy is history, and boy 2, he's really sweet, but I'd never date him. I also have no interest in dating anyone right now. I just want to have fun...and whatever comes along with that!

Octi, no worries! I come in here when I'm not crushing!
Hee! Yes octi, there have been developments. Hot, sexy developments. Lemme tell y'll, Aussie has quite a purdy mouth...LOVE watching him go down on me. I mean, he doesn't just lick my pussy, he fuckin makes out with it all slow like hes in love. Gah!! Then when I got ontop of him my thumb grazed his lips and he snatched with his teeth and started sucking on it. It looked sooo hot..wish I had it on tape.

Errr..sorry, that belongs in "portions" I suppose...but the truth is I still am feeling paranoid about him. I wish I could relax and enjoy it but its as if I'm just counting down to heartbreak. I feel as if I'm driving someone else's very expensive car and I can't let it get scratched...anyone else ever feel that way with a crush? I keep telling myself that I can't *really* be hurt by him because I dont have an emotional attachment yet, I just met him, but still...I always get attached to good sex.

Today he invited me (by email) to a show thats going on on my side of town, but since hes carpooling with friends he can't get me/asked that I meet them there. I decided to decline so that I dont seem too eager/available. Seriously one minute after I hit send on my reply, he calls me. Him: "What do you mean you can't come?" me: "err, um, I just don't like going to shows alone" him: "What? You need me to arrange a chaperone? Come'on I'm never on your side of town." To which I should have said, "Well, you need to come out here sometime to see ME." But instead I say, "Um, ah, ok I'll be there." Gah!!!! I'm sooo not good at getting the upper hand! Damnit!!
Walk by kicking.

Hi. Everything sucks. *grumble grumble grumble*
anna k
Lemme tell y'll, Aussie has quite a purdy mouth...LOVE watching him go down on me. I mean, he doesn't just lick my pussy, he fuckin makes out with it all slow like hes in love.

That sounds like a great way to do it. I hate it when the tongue is so wet and slug-like, it feels disgusting and slimy. To take in the clit like a tongue and eat it like that is better.

Spent last night giving myself orgasms, imagining my crush object watching me and enjoying it, or masturbating myself as foreplay with my head on his lap and his hand on my arm as I work it.
i talked to him on the phone tonight. he sounds less self-assured than he does in emails, but then again i'm sure i do too. he doesn't, apparently, have time to hang out until next weekend (ie, not this weekend but the week after) and i guess i'm kind of peeved about that.

suppose i could always go back and fuck my ex....
argh. need some advice please. i'm such a commitmentphobe:-(
to summarize the 2 boys, who both ive in VA. one is white, 26, a virgin, kinda geeky, not really into dancing. like, i'm his first real dating experience. things that mostly annoy me about him is the fact that he's sooooo quiet - i don't like having to be the dominant one all the time. have spoken with him almost every day either on phone or by email (since the end of september). he's pushing for something more serious.

the other one is indian (grew up in india), 31, kinda geeky, slightly more experienced than the white guy but not much, likes to dance, says he's not ubertraditional (has been recently telling me that he's willing to marry an american girl, and he does not really want a big traditional extravagant indian wedding). what annoys me most right now about him is he seems to always want me to go to VA to see him (esp if we're going out in DC) and has not come to baltimore much. he's also seems to be annoyed that i'm working 2 jobs, but not too much, it just comes out if i mention that i'm planning on quitting the pt job at the end of the summer. have been dating off and on since september. i don't really know what he wants relationship-wise.

at this point, with either of them, we need to either make it more serious or break it off completely. i have hesitations about both of them - white guy being a V and all, that definitely takes me out of my comfort zone. indian guy is not a US citizen. and they both live in Virginia.

i just have no idea. do you have any ideas?
p176, it doesn't sound like you're enthusiastic enough about either of them to take things to another level. maybe it's time to throw them both back and fish for some new catches--?
I am very VERY drunk...but I just saw this..

To take in the clit like a tongue and eat it like that is better.

and I am....lost for words......

and hard as a rock....eeeeek
edit edit...sorry mellow.gif
double double post post!
yeah, good point. you don't have to choose, p! you can say no to both of 'em. and for what it's worth, i've read a bit of your other posts on indian guy elsewhere in the lounge and he kind of sounds like a selfish douchebag. and nobody wants to be out of their "comfort zone" with a boyfriend......sounds like you should look elsewhere for the love!

good luck!

update: i think this dude and i are hanging out tomorrow night after all. eek!

he is funny, and surprisingly intelligent for someone who hasn't yet finished college at age 28. normally that'd be a near dealbreaker, but his emails read smarter than most of my college-degreed exes. i hope this goes well. meh.

ETA: eh! i am having hesitations. i guess i'm supposed to call him to figure out what we're doing tomorrow...ah. i don't know if this will be terrible or not. i haven't "dated" anyone in forever.....
Mouse! Tell me how he is! I'm curioussssss....

P_176, I agree with everyone else.

Aural! I miss you.

Anna, Anna. You should write porn. me-ow.
what do you think of guys wearing our clothes like your boyfriend or husband or just a friend
mouse, good luck with the date! GO FOR IT!! smile.gif

oh, and p: i have to side with mouse on the impression i got of indian boy. "douchebag" was an eloquent way of putting it wink.gif (no offense.)

kal's makin' me jealous- i wish i were way drunk right now! this weekend i've gotta make it happen 'cause I'M GRADUATING! (sorry to be OT)

no news in crushie land for me. those two boys last week didn't work out para nada, and so i'm left with my major crush on the ex and not knowing what to do with that right now. i need a distraction crush/ rebound, pronto!

good vibes to the crushie busties smile.gif
hey all -
not jealous of kal being drunk 'cause i was last night also! ah the joys of working in a wine store;-) free wine.
i'm just such a commitmentphobe. it annoys me about myself right now that i have the opportunity to develop a relationship with someone whom i generally trust, but i'm not willing or able to open myself more to it. i'm honestly not sure that i am capable of being "in love" with someone - part of me will always be closed off. and i think that sucks, but since i am a successful young woman, i feel also that it's self-defense, so some guy can't take advantage of me.
indian-guy-from-alexandria - not a douchebag per se (as opposed to the other indian guy, from new zealand, who most definitely was a complete stinky funky douchebag); he's going to india next week so he wants to get together when he comes back. (like when he went to italy, we made plans 2 weeks in advance)....the lack of citizenship is definitely a concern.
the fairfax guy - i finally told him that i do like him, and that the distance made me hesitate, and also the fact that there are some lifestyle/social things we do not have in common - like he spends much time on the weekends playing videogames and i go dancing, for example.
that's as far as my thought processes have gotten
AP what's going on???

p_176, I agree with octi

Mouse do you know if you are hanging out with boy?

Kel, you're post made me a bit hot! *slips into fantasy land*

GB, fuck.shit.damn!

i am--i am having "A DATE" in like three hours.


ETA: oh and p, maybe i was reading posts about other indian boy :/
QUOTE(lindseyreneecampbell @ May 10 2007, 11:27 PM) *
what do you think of guys wearing our clothes like your boyfriend or husband or just a friend

If you look in the LTAS there is a thread dedicated to crossdressing. Your post would fit better there.

Ophelia, check the Committed 2 thread. DRAMA! It is nice to be missed, I miss the hell out of you guys.

Mouse, go out, have fun, be yourself, & you will sweep said fella off his feet. Make sure you have a wank! No point in going out with a loaded gun & you'll feel sex-ay.

So. The injury has basically made it so I have not seen hide nor hair of he who shall be formerly known as Jcrush. We text until I get bored, we make plans that fall through, etc. Good. Tonight is the first time I've seen him since the beginning of Dec. I had real shit on my mind & wasn't in the mood for his glib narcissism. Being perceptive, he picked up on it, but just thought I was in a bad mood. No, you're a tool & I'd rather focus on my shit than you. He didn't like it much. Fifty bones says that when he's done with what he's doing, he's gonna hit on me. Turd.


so okay i met up with dude guy. and he is basically as good as i expected him to be. he is cute and he is nice and funny and whatever. we got coffee and then went to a bar and talked all night. we kept up the conversation quite well and made each other laugh and there weren't really any awkward silences of any significance, and we had a lot of things in common and seemed genuinely interested in what the other person was saying. we ended it a little early because he had to get up early the next morning to go drive somewhere, but all i got at the end of the night was a very chaste hug! i asked him if he would be interested in doing it again and he said "yeh, i'll call you". but i feel like i missed out on something.

it's really hard for me to be sexual at all, even in a surface flirty way (ESPECIALLY in a surface flirty way) with someone i don't know well, even if i'm attracted to them, and i feel like i should have been more overt now...but he wasn't overt either. i don't know if he doesn't actually like me and was just humouring me or if he really means he wants to hang out again......fuck. i'm so bad at this "dating" thing. i don't know how to read guys at all and i don't know how to put out the right cues and i feel like i totally fucked this one up. i actually did like him and his company and he is cute and i could have a big fat crush on him if it were reciprocated but i kind of feel like it isn't, even though we talked all night and seemed to get along. maybe there's just no attraction on his end? but there was attraction on my end and maybe i wasn't clear enough about it? maybe i'm just not hot enough? fuck fuck FUCK! i also have a feeling that even if he likes me he's probably a little weirded out about the "computer dating" thing and maybe that is why it was just a hug? or is this just how first dates go and it's expected to be totally chaste? i mean i didn't even get a kiss on the cheek but maybe it was because i wasn't projecting that.............FAHK.

ARGH!!!!!! MEHHHHH!!!!!!
RELAX, Mouse! Don't go over-thinking things & doubting your skills! It sounds like your date went very well. Maybe he's just a gentleman, so he gave you a hug. He might want to get to know you better before he gives you a kiss that makes your knees weak & your brain run out your ears. A hug is good, a handshake is not. You can build on a hug. Big ups for hugs. And I think you're probably not giving yourself enough credit in your ability to flirt. You may not be aware that you're doing anything overt, but there are a lot of subtle, unconscious moves that say "I like you & am really enjoying myself". I don't think he's weirded out about the online dating thing because, hey, he took the time to meet you, didn't he? Ya'll may lie about it down the line & say you met at a flea market, but he did meet you, you both had fun, & there is a possibility for another date here. Just breathe, & if he calls, he calls. If he doesn't, he's a moron that just passed up a very good thing.

And you are plenty hot. Teh HAWT even. I've seen pitchers. I'd date you & I don't even play that way.
meh i don't know.......he just got totally lukewarm about it. like all of a sudden he was like "i'm tired, i gotta get going" and then an unenthusiastic brief hug and an unenthusiastic "yeh, i'll call you". i texted him when i got home saying i had a good time and i hoped that the next day went well (he had to go visit a close family friend who was ill), and he replied that "it was cool." with the period after. which totally sounds completely unenthusiastic to me.

i feel like in his brain he just kind of was like "okay, if she doesn't seem like she's gonna put out by 12, i'm gonna leave". but he didn't even try anything, and he doesn't seem like any overly polite dude, he seems like the kind of guy who would try to kiss a girl he wanted to kiss.

*sigh* WHY doesn't anyone ever find me attractive, for fuck's sake?
Mouse, I having trouble reading le boy signs too. I'd like to blame L.A but I can't say its been much easier for me anywhere else in the world. Try not to overthink if *I* ever follow that advice. :/

I've been really battling Aussie boy for the upper hand and it may be backfiring on me! I've been trying to play it cool and slightly unavailable, like I have a life where I'm not obsessing about him all the time...and now hes acting weird. He still calls or emails everyday, but he stopped flirting. I don't get it. Last time I saw him he was real sweet, but like a friend. I don't know if *he* is feeling insecure and backing off to play it cool, or if he has honestly lost interest in trying to pork me again. Grrr! How can he not wanna pork again!?!

Luckily, I have a couple other potential crushies at the moment, but damn. I want the Aussie to be mine. MINE!!

AP you doing ok?
(((AP))) are you doing okay?

Mouse, I'm sorry to hear about your situation as well. I think you're attractive. Very attractive for that matter. Alas, I'm north of you.

GB, I've got no idea what to suggest. Because you are already doing what I would suggest.

I still have nothing to report on.
aw, hang in there mouse. i hate it when you are not able to tell if a guy is into you or not. i hope you hear from him. and i agree with AP, you are very cute. if that counts for anything.
Well, you know what they say, when it rains, it pours. This has been the worst six months of my life. My ankle is still all fucked up, but I can walk on it. I am homeless. I was staying in a cheapie motel, but the lady that owns it decided that she didn't like me & kicked me out for no reason. I've been staying with friends that truly don't mind, but I feel like shit about it. The HB wants me to move in, but he doesn't like cats. No allergies, they just got off on the wrong foot & he won't have it. They confirmed his cat hate. I am bleeding money trying to find a suitable new place to no avail.

In good news, I am a crushee & a crusher. I am the crushee of the new Kcrush, my friend P's best friend. Met him at a party over the weekend, we hit it off, & he shyly asked if he could give me a ride home. Since I have no home, I declined. I have a crush on Dcrush. I guess he's been there all the time & I just never noticed him, I don't know how. We talked for a few hours the other night. We got separated, but before he left he made the effort to come find me to say goodbye. It was sweet. I confessed my crush to a mutula friend & she thought we'd get along famously. He's a writer, too & kind of awkward & gunshy. The last date he tried to go on she stood him up. OUCH! That's just wack because he's really nice.

I'd like to know what's going on with DG! Where's DG been lately.
(((AP))) good to see you back, darlin'.

I don't really feel like talking about anything right now, I just wanted to say hi.

((AP))!! ((zoya))!! You two will be OK I just know it!!!

Ok, all my local crushes are on hold for the moment cuz I just got the HOTTEST email from my Brit Boy. For those of you who read my posts last summer, you know that Brit Boy is the best sex I've had in my life, and just an all around exciting person. We couldn't make it work because we dont live in the same country, but we agreed to stay in touch as friends. Well, for the past 9 months the emails stayed very cordial and platonic, with only some mild flirting. The other night though, I had an intense dream about him that I couldnt keep to myself. So I told him about it. The result opened the floodgates and he confessed that he still thinks of me all the time in both sweet and utterly nasty ways. He just bought a flat in London that he says "has plenty of places to tie you up". Gah! I think I'll be headed across the pond come June!!
GB that is really great news.

(((zoya))) sweetie.
ooh, exciting, gb! ((ap)) hope the drama blows over soon and you figure it out with hb and the cats..... ((zoya)) bustie crushie vibes goin out to you.

okay so i just got an email from the dude. he thinks there isn't "chemistry". which okay, that's fair, but i don't know whether it's cos he's not attracted to me in person (even though he dubbed me both cute and sexy from seeing photos, and while i don't have unflattering photos of myself on myspace, they aren't unrealistic at all) or whether he thinks i'm a frigid little girl, which i think is what i project before i'm comfortable with anyone. i thought i'd gotten a lot better at this in the past couple of years but now i'm thinking i haven't. it's not that i have bad self-esteem or don't think i'm attractive, but my knee-jerk reaction is to protect myself by seeming like i have absolutely no interest in anyone. if a guy gives me the eye in a club or something, my reflex is to look away and put on a poker face. it's not anything i'm doing consciously but i think it's something that's gonna be fuckin hard to retrain myself no to do.

anyway, dude says he's interested in hanging out as friends. i don't know about that.

mouse, well, i'm totally bummed out for you. but, i think it is good that you know early on. and maybe this dude wanted something else if he ended things after one date. but, i wouldn't take on all of the blame. you are hot. i've seen the pictures. so, don't worry. just keep spreading your sweet self around. it takes me awhile to warm up to someone right away. i mean, i'm comfortable with myself, but i'm not gonna be jumping on you the first time i meet you.

(((((((AP))))))))) i will PM you.
((mouse))! First off, chemistry has nothing to do with looks. When I first saw Brit Boy I thought he was downright ugly. UGLY! The only reason I ended up talking to him is because my friend wanted to talk to his much-cuter friend. After talking for barely 2 minutes the chemistry hit HARD., out of nowhere. Suddenly I thought he was the most gorgeous man I'd ever laid eyes on.

Secondly, yeah, maybe this guy does want a more 'easy' type of girl. That doesnt mean you should be. There are MANY guys out there that are very attracted to a more serious and mysterious type of girl..a challenge! Just stay yourself!!! Besides, won't it be so much fun when you meet someone that is TURNED ON by your poker face? I guarantee there are guys that are.
i've had chemistry before. i know these things. what i'm saying is that this is a failing in myself that i HATE. and it's costing me.

sure, maybe there are guys who want a "serious and mysterious" girl, but i'm not either of those things and i don't like coming across that way. just cos i don't warm up easily doesn't mean there's no chance that i actually MIGHT want to jump somebody right away. i'm fuckin sick of being misrepresented by my own facade; it feels like something i have no control over and that REALLY bothers me. i constantly have people telling me "smile!" asking "what's the matter?" or "you look so sad! why aren't you having fun?" when i'm actually having a great time. it feels like i'm trying to pick something up without any thumbs, and try as i fuckin might i can't goddamn grow new thumbs. I HATE IT. i don't want to wait around for some boy who loves my poker face, because i HATE my poker face.

but this is for a different thread. carry on.
Is it just me, Mouse, or do you want to punch the "smile" people in the face? Can I help it if the "not really thinking about anything at all" look on my face makes me look serious? Some guy on Sat night chose to be tour director & put us all on the spot personally, so I of course had to be as obnoxious as humanly possible to get him to back off. I hadn't yet warmed to the yard full of strangers, cut a bitch some slack.
AP I had a guy tell me this one time, so I put on the most sarcastic smile evah. Schmuck.

In terms of the chemistry thing, mouse, fuck him. I agree with GB.

I used to fall for men hard, now I've just convinced myself not to fall for a person anymore. I refuse to get hurt. I've turned that part of myself off. For a while.
the worst is when they go "you'd be pretty if you smiled more!" and think they're giving you a compliment. OH FUCK YOU.
People that do'd look better with my fist in your fucking face asshole.
I've been known to tell them that my mom just died. They feel real shitty then.
Actually, "I have cancer" works pretty well, too. I don't consider my failing to look like a Barbie doll when in repose a flaw. (no, I don't have cancer, like the " THERE'S a pretty zombie" people would really give a fuck).

sorry for continuing to derail this's not that i consider my resting facial expression a "flaw". it's just incredibly frustrating to me that i can't make myself come across the way i want to. i consider it a failure in terms of learning how to interact with other human beings, a flaw in my ability to communicate. i can be very verbose, especially in writing, but if i can't tell someone the truth with my body language, i'm fucked. or, rather, decidedly not fucked, as the case may be.
Oh my gawd those responses are hilarious! I once threatened to call the cops on a guy who kept asking me to smile. He thought I was kidding until I actually pulled out my phone, showed him that I had the local fuzz on speed dial, and pushed the button. I'd never seen a guy go from looking so drunk and happy to so confused and horrified in an instant. Hope that learn'd him.

I'm sorry Mouse you hear that a lot. I always feel so bad for my dad, because he the sweetest guy but he hardly ever smiles so people are always asking him whats wrong. Jeez, I must subconsciously be attracted to men who are like my dad cuz Brit Boy never smiles either...(but it makes it all the better when I do make him laugh, like I won something!)
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