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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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gb, i would go with the friends who say play it cool and see what happens. don't get emotionally (or even mentally) involved, and see what he does. and if having another 'drink alone' with him would make it hard for you not to get attached, then def stay away from that.

oops, sorry edie! totally missed that. what the heck was crush doing with a girl?!?!?! darn boys!

gb, i think you might be right. so i just got a phone call from A2. last week this guy i used to date called me to let me know he was in town for an hour and a half, and could he come over? i said 'no' because i wasn't up for a booty call. anyway, i'd told A2 about it. A2 calls me up and says 'hey jkat, i'm in town for an hour. wanna get together?' and i totally did not catch on to what he was doing, so i just said 'um, in town? as opposed to where?' and the joke kind of died there. he's not very good at jokes. but he wanted to call to plan out our week and see if he could meet me at school tomorrow to work on something. these are the things that make me think he has a crush on me and is too weird to do anything about it. but i'm not overly concerned. he's too old to be this awkward.

as far as A1 is concerned, i am not taking myself off the market any time soon. nope. he's being really sweet and calling or texting me every night, and he's made plans to come out and visit me at the end of june. so that's nice. and i'll get a little hockey boy action which is always VERY nice.

good luck this week crushies!
Zoya, that totally rocks!

GB; see how things go, go with the flow, that's what my philosophy is! Listyen to what you want, not what others think is best for you!

Jkat, two! that is fab!
GB; Following the flow and your own instincts is always a good philosophy, especially given that your curiousity is definately awake with this. Being wary is only necessary if you're at risk for falling into or getting hurt by anything. And yeah, I suppose I was slagging the bulk of the male contigent out there with what I said, but that was more for a matter of being cautious. Although a touch cynical, I've found that understanding that most people are not great helps ensure I can find those precious few who are smile.gif. It's held in my experience that it's doubly true for guys.

Best of Monday for everyone!
Recall my warning of the ides of best friend guy? How we hadn't spoken for a year? He helped me move (Of his own accord, I didn't call him.) & it was like we didn't miss a beat. GRRRRR!

Fighting with HB. GRRRRR! Haven't had sex in more than a week. Our nine month was last weekend. Assclown,
Down AP, down girl! You are GRRRRR alot!

Orion welcome to the lounge and to the crushie thread. Make sure you introduce yourself in the newbie thread!

jkat, quite frankly, I'm so lost with you As. But, it sounds like you are having fun.

Zoya is smitten!

GB, well, I wouldn't mess with the dude. If you go looking for trouble, then you are gonna find it. Good luck if you do persue anything with the dude.
star, join the club! i'm lost myself. i think i just need to forget about what's going on in A2's head and leave it at that. i'm not even really interested....i think just bored, and maybe looking for some kind of affirmation.

i think my life in general has been so all over the place lately, that it reflects in my thought processes in other areas of my life.

but i am having fun with A1, and that is all i'm going to worry about for now.
Wow AP, I've never known you to be mad at HB! Hope all is ok!

For the record, I am not *pursuing* Ncrush,..I'm just not avoiding him either. I adore the group that let me in and if I avoid him I'd have to avoid them all and be miserable. I just gotta be cool and act like nothing happened unless he brings it up, at which point we will talk about it like adults. If he doesn't act like anything happened and continues with the other girl, I'll just have to accept it and simply settle for his deposit in my spank bank.
'allo, Crushies!!!

(((gb))) something interesting on the back burner can be so annoying! Does he see me (in all my fabulous coolness), does he not....."whatever" on him! All you can do is keep on groovin' your cool self, the right men can't help but take notice eventually.....(never helps for tonight, of course, but that's what vibrators are for!)

AP, of course bfg shows up right when HB is being (insert whatever assclown thing he did here). The Ides know all........fuckers. So, what direction does this crossroads point? (i.e., what did HB do......)

Orion, how lovely to see you! I hope you are keeping up with Ophelia's appetite for art and sex (like the two are inseparable!) Do let us know how it's going....

((((star)))) just 'cause. May you find many new crushes in Boston!

jkat, A2 indeed has a crush on you! Silly boy, step up or get out of line! Take everything he says at face value (innuendos not interpreted here!) Either they will articulate or blunder off. (and I keep thinking of A1 and A2 as Thing 1 and Thing 2, a la Dr. Seuss.....and I think "A" stands for my mind)

data, darling, can you do "friends with benefits"? I think that's what he will you handle it? Don't bruise your own heart, it's too valuable....

As for my own crushes...I have no tangible ones. I'm a bit self-focused right now....I have crushes on odd things like cities. Like picturing Chicago from the Hancock Center, at night, with the surrounding lights laid out in a grid, and scattering out from there in a touch and go manner, as if they were exceeding expectations.....this is what gets me "moist".....sigh......eventually I will get around to actual people.....

'allo, Six!!

New story! New story!

I've got myself a distraction. Last night I went to see some bands with an old friend and I ran into AF. AF is a friend from waaaay back, met him when I was in high school and havent seen him since I was 19 and still innocent (I was a good catholic girl for a long time.) Anyway, he was a baaaaad boy. Total manwhore. Of course I had a crush on him (and his two brothers that were equally slutty, the three of them had the heroin-chic, dirty puppy thing down!) but i was way too angelic for his liking. He let me tag along to parties with him, sure, but never tried to mess with me. I think he got a kick out shocking me (he was the first straight boy that I knew who would kiss other boys for fun, ..oh and once I walked in to a bathroom and caught him getting head by this girl *I* had introduced him to....oh, the torrid memories are all coming back to me!)

Aaaaanyways, back to last night, there I saw him, in all his tall, lean and tragically hip glory. Yet apparently, I have changed a lot. He didn't recognize me at first, which I gave him a real hard time about, to what he says, "Well thats because you got hotter! I don't know anyone that got hotter since high school!" Oh smug little me. He was laying it on thick all night. We were on a couch and i was in an a-line skirt, and at some point during our fuzzy catchin-up he put his hand on my knee,..and started inching his way inside. "excuse me, where is your hand going?" I did my best to sound cross, but who am I kidding? "I'm taking you home" is his response. "i don't think so" i laugh. "Come on! just like old times!" he says. "Old times were never like this!" i say. "Well, they should have been" he says, and then, the kiss. Ohhhhhh the kiss. Years of wanting this boy and now hes putty, putty I tell you! All slit-eyed and grinny and tugging on my hair like a schoolboy.

Amazingly, I stood ground and did not go home with him, tho he begged oh did he beg. Sometimes it feels good to say no, eventho i'm horny as hell. But i did give him my number, so hopefully he'll keep trying,..I havent kept a boy at bay for so long. Its fun! I dont ever see the boy as being boyfriend material, but booty material? Most def.
anna k
That is such a great story, greenbean!

I have crushes on odd things like cities.

Mmmm. I'm dreaming of spending a month in Lisbon, just chilling there and hiding out for awhile.
Oh greenbean, your story is so much better than mine is, but it reminded me so I want to share.

When I was in tenth grade, I was infatuated with a boy. Taller than me with a mohawk, he'd come into my work and I'd give him free donuts, and he'd ask for a hug. I was all, 'Not in front of the surveillance cameras" but of course I agreed. We hung out at the youth drop in center with our other friends. I was the only one who maybe didn't need to be there.

And I just heard from him this week. Five ish years later, through myspace.

"I just got out of jail, trying to stay out of trouble. What about you?"

ha. ha. ha.
anna k
I saw my old crush last week, and I didn't feel any excitement. He just looked very ordinary to me. Funny because he's a very accomplished and popular guy, yet looks so unassuming. I didn't talk to him, I just walked past him with some other people. Sometimes I feel like my libido is dead, and it only takes my own masturbatory strokes to get me excited.
gb what a great story!

Anna, your libido isn't dead, it's in hibernation. Mine did that for a while. Then it came back, with a vengance. It was one of those "mother's lock up your sons! CH is out, and damn".
AP, if you need to let off some steam we're here =( We luff you!

Greenbean, I nearly howled in victory for you! That's awesome!

sixela!!! I'm so happy to see you're still alive and well =)

glassk, what did you say!?

I think you just have fine tastes Anna =) Executive cock.


Anna, you are my hero. You know who you are and what you like, but you're not arrogant enough about it to say "I don't/won't ever need anyone." You are *instinctive* about executive cock, while I am laughing at my attraction to petty criminals!

And in other news I haven't heard from poet crush in 4 days; last I heard from him he was drunk and I had been the reason he had a good day after leaving me in the morning. I tend towards paranoia/ wanting to be with someone 24/7 so I am trying to think about something else. Mostly because I haven't had this great of sex in my whole life so I sortof want it all the time. And he's a great guy too. (Not a criminal)

It's good.


Anna, you are my hero. You know who you are and what you like, but you're not arrogant enough about it to say "I don't/won't ever need anyone." You are *instinctive* about executive cock, while I am laughing at my attraction to petty criminals!

And in other news I haven't heard from poet crush in 4 days; last I heard from him he was drunk and I had been the reason he had a good day after leaving me in the morning. I tend towards paranoia/ wanting to be with someone 24/7 so I am trying to think about something else. Mostly because I haven't had this great of sex in my whole life so I sortof want it all the time. And he's a great guy too. (Not a criminal)

It's good.
Greetings n salutations (a few not too liberal cheek-pecks too) to all the crushies....

I am guilty, not for the first time I might add, of appearing for a short while then disappearing again for a long time...I do apologise.

Well lets see, I went back a few pages, and read some of the posts of late, and it appears all is moving along swimmingly in crushville, albeit with a few dead-ends, a little portions, some minor infidelity, and a touch of sadness...but otherwise business as usual. wink.gif
We also have a new feller here *extends hand to Orion* pleeezed-tameetcha!

Well thats enough about you lot, let's talk about me for a while biggrin.gif tongue.gif

Lets see, whats new...NOTHING!

Got my heart broken (I am used to it now, and that in itself sucks) but sometimes things just never work out. And I have no crushes at the moment. This is mainly because my extensive travels...and I get all the great places to go to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, whooopeee-frikking-ding.

So for the time being, I am going to sit over here *dusts off hard bench* and watch you all,.....and think about getting my confidence back up while this gracious tattoo artists, adorns my shoulder blades with the latin phrase "sperate miseri, caveat felices" in a semi gothic style print....

Please proceed smile.gif
Hello Kal!! *waves*

welcome back!

as usual, no crushie news here. too busy focusing on other things right now. not that i'm not looking.

six, um, i'm not expecting any miracle in boston. my crushie situation will probably stay the same. i don't sound too jaded, do i?

GB, very cool. Flirting is so much fun. Hopefully, you hear from him.

glassk, i forgot about poet crush. remind me about him again?

Hee! I'm still beaming from that night. It was pretty surreal when I think about it...the fact that nearly ten years ago I was watching him chasing tail and wishing it was me...and now it IS me! So this is what its like! I havent talked to him again but I think he called last night and didnt leave a message (someone did and I dont know his number so, dunno). I aint gonna count on it, but it would be cool to get together with him again,...and hopefully keep the chase going. Actually, teasing him is probably more fun than sleeping with him. He's such a primadonna I'm not even so sure that he'd be a good lay. He doesnt even have a drivers liscense for christs sakes, he always has groupies (boy or girl) hauling his ass around. Ooooh the power of cute.

Glassk! A sucker for the bad boys too I see? So did you respond to the 'ol jailbird? Maybe that'll help distract you from the good boy!

Kal! Sorry yer still hurtin. Two Busters in the crushie thread! Yay!

anna-portugal is a great place to crush on!! I know I do. Never been to Chicago or Boston but I hear both places are loaded with boys...albeit more of the roughneck variety (this true?)
anna k
Tonight I worked at a PR event/party, and had a lot of fun. I liked that I was flirted with by young cute guys when I wasn't trying. I would be grooving to some music, not dancing but enjoying the music, and a waiter would catch em and smile at me, and another waiter would recognize me and go, "Having fun?" And at the end of the night, my male coworker, who I had been talking to a lot, kissed me on the cheek when I said goodbye. Awwww!

It feels good to have that mojo working when I get dressed up and be less of a wallflower.

Mmm greenbean. Your flirty guy reminds me of of when i was 17 and worked at a movie theater, and this guy who looked like a rock 'n' roll Johnny Depp slacker worked there, and he would flirt with me and wink at me, and I was too much of a dork to do anything about it, but I liked his attitude.

I also had my college crush, and after feeling embarassed about being socially inept and dorky at 18, I moved on and met other boys and became more social. And despite how popular this kid was (he seemed like he had a lot of female fans), he was always quiet and sweet with me whenever one of us talked to the other. He was ordinary-looking when I saw him last week, but I still think he's a cool dude.

I'm just glad to be a sensual-looking young woman and to be able to flirt and be flirted with and enjoy the attention.

Haha my libido will probably explode in my 30's, or some dude will set it off in me and I'll be in heat.
That's awesome Anna! You sometimes it's better not to be all crushed out and/or horny- you're way more in control. I have a crush on someone I barely know and I'm making up stuff in my head and thinking about him way too much. Bad news.

My (male) roommate, who's kind of a player, insists that I have to play the game. He thinks I should flirt, and then put on the indifferent/disinterested act- he says that, as a guy who gets a lot of female attention, this is the only thing that really gets him. If someone shuts him down (after drawing him in first with the flirting, and assuming he's interested), he just wants her more. He likes the chase, and wants what he can't have.

I'm okay at the ignoring part, but not so good at the flirting (when it's someone I really like, that is, if it's just some rando I can pull this off!). And if you just have 2 people ignoring each other, obviously nothing's gonna happen!
Oh right, the reason you haven't heard about poetcrush is I think I went to post and it got deleted....

He's executive cock except for he seems to have a lot of baggage he doesn't want to talk about. (I'm so curious) And he reads a lot of poetry to me and we have a lot of sex when we hang out. It's good.

But I definately responded to my favorite jailbird. But he's halfway across the continent, so I doubt anything will come of it. I also have a crush on a girl at school, who's got confident and brash and funny and cute/casual. And reminds me of the girl who broke my heart by accident.

And greenbean, I know what you mean- isn't it sooooo nice to get somethin' you thought you weren't getting? Although he sounds like he's all candy floss and no substance, I like havin' the sweet tooth.

Anna I think you do have a libido- you think about it way too much to *not* have one- lol you sound enchanting.

Hey kal. I sortof have a crush on travelling- I'm jealous!
Hello crushies! How is everything, things sure are quiet in here.

I have to say le man, is so executive cock.

Any new updates on crushies? Anything at all?

Le Sigh.
hi CH - glad to hear things are going well with you

things with SB moving right along so far - we've talked the last 3 nights for quite awhile, so I'd say that is definite forward movement on the communication front.

yes I think we may have some executive cock here. Now if I could just HAVE some of that cock at some point soon, I'd be a happy girl...

I kinda bummed myself out last night (you can read about it in the confessions thread in ATWT, not gonna cross post here, cause it's kinda long) I don't want things with SB to get off to a weird start, everything has been more or less so easy and there's no way in hell I'm throwing even a little wrench in there. I think maybe I'm overblowing it a little bit in my mind and just need to get back to being all positive and stuff.

but anyway, yeah, still smitten. way smitten. probably more smitten now. still crossing parts. but it seems to be moving in a favorable direction.... smile.gif

so there you go.
p_176 crush....
wait....first, let me back up a minute....last time i posted, an old friend had emailed me and we had dinner a week or so ago.....have not heard from him much since....he's been off backpacking with his Venture group (an older version of boy scouts). friday night about 2 weeks ago, went dancing with some friends, and this new guy was there (yes, unfortunately, he's part of my social group), and the vibes were crackling back and we emailed back and forth, and the following friday, i met him at his place after i got off work (we both wanted to do something chill, since it had been a long work day for me, and we both had things going on the next day), so we watched a movie, shared a bottle of wine....ended up getting physical blink.gif talked the next day....made plans for the following monday after work....and the next weekend, two dates in a row....have basically talked almost every single night......
conversations are really good, we seem to have a fair amount in common, similar interests....
the hitch is, he's 6 months out of a 3 year long relationship that was (according to him) fairly make a long story short, his ex had issues, and basically, his life went down as hers went up [as she resolved her issues]. the end came when he wanted to move back east, and she did not want to move.
so, for someone who says he does not want something serious immediately, he's certainly calling a lot. i'm not sure if it's because he's interested, because he's bored [he's waiting for his job to start], or because he's rebounding. i'm trying to play it cool 'cause i know that you can't rush into something serious....but he has definite potential to be a serious relationship unsure.gif
Ok, here is a little anecdote that might prove interesting to some of you, and I am curious to see what sort of feedback I get from the opposite sex..

I go on a biz trip to present a seminar, and part of the deal is that we hire an events company to do tasks like sending out invitations, fielding the registrations, preparing venues etc etc. The company we hire I have worked with before, and have met some of their staff, but the girl who has been selected by them I have met before, she is a year or two older than me (I would imagine, I am crap at guessing ages, particularly of girls) and we recognise each other. We arrange to meet at the airport comes leaving day as we are booked on the same flight.
I go through customs, and am lurking around the duty free, and from a distance, I see her walking along towards where I am.....Now, although I have met her before, with no fireworks, all of a sudden, I see this beautiful, tall, blonde woman walking along, and I am instantly aware that I am rather intrigued. Dressed the way she is, neither over nor under-stated, I cannot help but think she is looking fantastic. So what do I do, I stand away and watch a little from a distance, not in a perv, stalker type of way, but just out of can tell differing things about a person when you watch from afar. Forward to boarding, I see her and go up and say Hi, this is after all, someone who is essentially working for me, so it is all very formal and we have a little chat, small-talk blah-de-blah and we get on the plane. The small talk reveals that this is the first time she has been to the country we are off too, so for some reason, my stance changes a little. I become concerned......nay, protective in that now the job is not the only mission, but the safety and well-being of my 'colleague' is also an issue.
We land in foreign country, and although we were not seated next to each other, I wait for her to get to passport control and a good thing too, the VISA section has no record of her application. I tell her to wait, while I pass through control and go to the hotel reps, who have found her docs, and they hurtle off forthwith to submit them at the correct area....Needless to say she is VERY impressed by my dealing of the matter, but even more RELIEVED that a potential nightmare has been averted. I, being my usual cool, calm and collected self, feel like a knight in shining armour! We head off to our different hotels. We meet again in the morning, and dutifully go about the success of the event, yet all the time, our eyes meet, there is a little smile, and that pale attempt at averting our eyes from each other, I feel a little sinful, but wonder about whether she feels the same....or if she feels anything at all (maybe grossed-out by the mere sight of me, who nows). Event is a success, and now, with some of my other colleagues and her, we all sit around talking crap, and she insists on sitting next to me...a colleague of mine is engaged, and the marriage topic comes up, and I sense from her that marriage has never been on her agenda, and seems distant. So now there is a chance she is single, I still avoid asking the direct question...and now, she is starting to look even nicer (aided I should imagine, by the fact that she has 'slipped into something more comfortable', namely a pair of light jeans and a simple white blouse).
We get on the plane, and all through the airport, she is firmly at my side, and now seated next to me. We talk some more, and both of us (I am assuming this is not my imagination) seem more 'relaxed'. Work topics are discussed, and at some point, her long-time boyfriend comes into the chat. I never asked, but it came up anyway. And what happens next, is beyond comprehension....we start getting a little flirty with each other?!?! WHY-OH-WHY? Seriously, not over-the-top flirty, but a little brush of the hand from her, a naughty innuendo from me and it was like a HUGE weight had been lifted from us both....we leave the airport, on our own way, a little (harmless) peck on each cheek (it's the Euro way laugh.gif ) to say goodbye, and off we go!
I know I have a crush on her, I know it is NEVER going to go anywhere, but it was really nice to have a little flirt with someone, in a totally harmless way....I feel I am on a little high, and I am not sure why.....


P.S This is probably the most boring crushie story EVER, but since it happened no more than 3 hours ago, I had to relate it to yers... laugh.gif tongue.gif
kalevra -

how cute!! (I mean that in the nicest sense) here's my take on one thing - the reason I would bring up the long-time boyfriend without being asked is if I did feel an attraction to someone I was talking (or working in this case) with. Bringing up the BF would be sort of a way to tell that person what's up - and I would probably say it at a point where I knew definitely that there was a vibe between us, kind of to remind myself also. If that makes sense.

I would have to agree with you when you say that it won't go anywhere, unfortunately. yuk, she sounds nice. But If I was telling a guy that I had a vibe with about my BF, it's because it's important to me to stay with my BF and not fuck it up. Otherwise I'd probably just go for it.

so there you go - my .02 cents

Z, I hear you...and I understand....

The thing is, I believe that she let me know about the boyf, so that the situation was clear to BOTH of us....I may be reading WAY to much into the whole episode, but I think it was so damn cool to have a litte flirt with someone, and let some clarity reign at the same time. Deep down, I wonder (and hope) that she felt the same, with absolutely NO threat from me trying to intervene in her affairs. I am a VERY shy person, and flirting for me is not easy. I am (been told this on a number of times, I frighten people) a rather imposing looking person so it is all the more cool to have someone react the way she did, so calm and happy-go-lucky. Thanks for you input...
Oh noooo, Kal!! We are in the same boat again. Damn unavailable crushes!!

Ncrush and I have been gradually getting back into friend territory. Borderline flirting but trying to reign it in. I honestly dont know what the deal is with him and the other girl, but I did hear that originally she had hooked up with his maybe sharing is not so awkward within the group? (wishful thinking I know)

AF and I hung out all weekend but the novelty of gettin booty from him has worn off. The other night was merely an ego boost. We kissed a bit more but there are no real sparks, just like kissing my gay friends: silly, easy affection. Its cool to be friends with him again. Hes a real peacock and knows everyone, so I get to meet new people. Coincidently, he knows the girl that Ncrush is dating, and he doesnt like her. I cheekily told him I'm trying to steal her boyfriend and he said to go for it tongue.gif I know, I know, totally evil. But I'm not really evil I swear!

Been meeting a lot of cute youngins, and it occured to me that it wouldnt be illegal to date them...I've never dated anyone younger than me before,..and the idea has been peaking my interest!
on the young guy tip, eh, why not, greenbean? I went thru this thing last year where I was hooking up with all these young (like REALLY young - anyone remember Mr. Hotty McHott Hott?!!) and it was fun. But eventually I realized these guys, though lovely, were not really guys who were relationship material. It was great while I was into it, but since then I've drifted out of that. Mr. HMHH has become a really good friend, though. so that's cool.

So I guess what I"m saying is do it! but be well aware that the young guys are not guys, say, in their 30s, who have it a a lot more together...

I got the idea from you, Zoy!

But it really hit me today that it was an option. I went on a vinyl shopping spree and the cashier was wearing a Bauhaus shirt and super cute (but prolly between 20 and 23) and was sooooo into what I was buying. He seemed so excited, like he'd never met a girl with the same music taste as him. We were chatting for awhile until the cashier next to him shot him a look, and then he kinda got all nervous and professional.

So yeah, dont think I'd take a record store clerk seriously,...but oh, to be adored by a young horny novice is mighty tempting..
and seriously, I've been with plenty of guys in their 30s who acted 18.
Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

I have a crush on lawyerboy again! I was doing so well. Yes, I thought he was hot. But, I also started to think he was gay. I gave myself the whole "don't piss where you sleep" pep talk. It pretty much worked. I mean we hardly ever talked for more than a few minutes and it was always civil. Well that was until things started to change at work. Then he corners me to talk to him alone in his office. He was checking on how I was feeling about the crap that went down in my office. The he repeatedly says hello.

Last Friday, he wants to talk to me and I suggest that he come by my office for a chat. He did and we had a nice chat until my coworker got involved. Sure it was about the business, but he came over.

Yesterday, I wished him happy birthday via email. When I had to call him, he's been a little chatty. Not like I totally mind, but it's making me uncomfortable. Now I want to kiss him and tell him he's beautiful. Ok, I want him to kiss me.

p.s., greenbean, young boys are hot. i say go for it.
Hmm....seems like a lot has happened since the last time I posted on this board. I came here a few times during the earlier part of the year. I guess I got kind of busy and just fell off the board. I didn't expect the board to be different by the next time I came.

It seems as though all of guys have gotten new crushes and so forth.

New....prospect...crush. I don't really know wht to call him. Hell we don't even know what to call ourselves. This guy, RT guy, well call him since I met him at an movie theater with those initals. Anyways, we've talk to each other every couple of days. Usually when we speak, we talk to for long long hours. I think that he might be attracted to me, but since my "attraction to me" sensors are all off the majority of the time, I can't really tell.

I'm not really interested in him though, I don't think. I still sadly, have a crush on the guy that's friends with me, moonboy. Yet I can't seem to get over it. I hate hormones.
Kalevra -

oops, I didn't see your response at first... that's what I meant. If that was me in that position, I would have said something about BF for BOTH of us. so it's a good thing that she said something - I would totally take that as acknowledgement that she felt a vibe also and that the flirting was understood. Congratulations, you read a woman correctly, I believe! smile.gif

sooooo the guy who lives in VA sent me an ecard, because apparently yesterday was the 6 months anniversary of our first date. wub.gif
aaaawwww. he's a sweetheart, but he lives in VA....hour and a half from me.....oy.
p_176 - an hour and a half ain't shit. Try 3000+ miles.

just sayin.


So shit has returned to normal. It cost me two boxes of Girl Scout cookies & countless mea culpas, but things are no longer pissy with the HB. Fuckin' queen that he is.

So last weekend... my friend T invites me to a BBQ. I say sure. It got rained out, but we went over anyway. Eight guys sitting around drinking keg beer, playing video games, & watching NCAA. Fun, right? NOT. I was getting bored until *he* walked in. Pretty in a A&F kind of way. Y'know, that corn-fed, overly shaggy-haired, I wear a baseball cap all the time, & it's molded my head this way way. Outside of his build, NOT my type at all. An uneasy mix of A&F & Hot Topic. T jumps up & asks him, "Hey Marky, you remember Aural-lou?" Meaning me. I'm pretty sure I'd remember this guy, so I'm bewlidered. It was his little half brother that I hadn't seen since he was thirteen & I carried him to bed after a NIN show in his little tie dyed skivvies. He was a cocky little brat even then & had tried to get me to take him to see NIN & not his brother. We hung out, we had fun, we flirted until I get bored of toying with the kid. I decided to leave, he offered me a ride. I asked him to stop for booze. "Cool, cool. I was gonna ask if you wanted to get a drink myself, but you beat me to it." No, I want you to take me to the liquor store, dummy. I'm going home. He seemed disappointed & said the booze was on him if I agreed to go. Free booze with a cute boy? Duh! I needed the ego boost. Conveniently, there is a cozy little bar across the street from the Liq. I got a double Maker's neat on his tab, we chatted, we flirted some more. My heart wasn't in it since I was saving my best for dealing with the HB later that night. We left after our drink. He pulled into the lot & asked, "What are you doing tonight?" Making out, hopefully. "I thought you'd never ask!" Um, I didn't mean with you, kid. "Y'know, I'm not thirteen anymore, I'm twenty-six." And I'm not fucking up something good over a mere boy. Even if he is kinda cute. He left all pouty & vowed payback for thr tease. He's called three times this week. I didn't give him my number. *Rubs eyes* Boys.

Glad to hear ya'll are well. Good luck & always remember: Executive cock.
Haha, AP that is a great story. It sounds like you did a number on that kid. I appreciate it.
Oh AP, to have the power to totally screw with people, you have no idea how envious i am of you!

Kal, im SOOO with you on the latin tattoo... although im not sure where i want it (heh heh, maybe i should specify... im not sure where i want a tattoo, i know EXACTLY where i want IT... tongue.gif )

I miss Sassy... where did she goooo? has anyone seen her around the other threads?

I only really read this one and the sex forum... I suppose thats pretty telling of my nature...

ps: hello all, i decided to de-lurk and finally post... hopefully ill get over this "jaded and cynical at age 18" thing soon and have something fab to report, but until then ill join Kal on the bench (penalty box?) and watch!
Hey crushies!

Zoya, I'm glad to read the things with you and sb are going well!

AP I love the story.

Kel, I agree with what zoya said.

p_176, how are things going?

Any other crushie news?


I wrote a letter in "Letters You'll never send"

And the situation is this;

Poet crush has been rather distant lately- and I'm feeling it- and just feeling like he's ruined everything interesting for me, if he's not there, I don't care. But if he's not actually into me, I need to get over it and move on, right? But he's amazing, and I don't want to scare him off.

My brother, and my other male friend, have said I ought to guilt-trip him into asking me out. I'm not a guilt-tripper. So I wrote this letter. Which is in "Letters You'll Never send." It's straight-up, and maybe TOO honest? I don't know what to do!! Two nights ago he read me poetry on the phone that he wrote, talked about Sesame St and a few other banalities, but he still said he felt antisocial. I haven't seen him in a week and a half. It drives me nuts. I was doing so independant/so single/so calm, cool, and collected, there wasn't a mood swing in sight. He shows up, and I'm up and down. Up when I see him, down when I don't. I hate that!!

What to do??
hi glassk -

good for you for posting it in the "letters" thread and not actually sending it. I'd say, don't. I think that it will put you in the position of "the chase" somewhat, when that is not your intention at all.

what to do is a hard one. question: how old is he? Just curious.

yeah I know about that up and down thing, I think it's just a fact of life... heh. (and blech)

re: SB... yeah, things are moving along quite nicely so far... I feel like an ass today, though...I didn't see him online all day yesterday until really really late. I IMed him and said hello, he had just gotten home and was super drunk. I was getting ready to go out and had had a drink and was buzzed enough to try and be chatty on IM.. ugh. he was like "go! go out! Ignore me! I'm fucked up!!" and I was typing full sentences and trying to be funny, etc. Finally I left. I went online a couple times today and he wasn't on (he usually is) so of course my brain goes to this place of "is he avoiding me because I was a dork on IM last night" ugh. Although I have to say, I am in absolutely no shape today to do anything, even IMing. (see "inebriated ramblings" for my mind/body state) So now I'm like, ugh.
hmmm, thanks zoya

ah. i just want to be done with him. he's 26.

Zoya, maybe he's avoiding you because he feels like a right fool for being all drunk and inane.

Glassk, I feel your pain(not to make this about me, just thought I'd empathize), I'm being subjected to the delightful treat of seeing my ex (whom I am still, saddly, very into) and his new gf tomorrow. Personally, I wouldnt advise for the guilt tripping and would suggest that your gut instinct of not being a guilt tripper to be the way to go, but judging from my former sentence I think we can all judge how great my dating senses are! hang in there dude, and maybe patience and compassion will pay off soon, he could legitimately need some time etc.

over and out, J-O
Cancelled.....sorry guys..
i'm hurting. i got laid off today and didn't get to say goodbye to lawyerboy. sad.gif

i'm going to miss him and his dorky self.
hey all - i'm quoting myself here.....the guy who had some more potential.....i heard through the grapevine that he was trying to kick it to someone else - not realizing that i knew this girl blink.gif so needless to say, he's gone, i'm disappointed but not devastated - can't date someone you don't trust.
hanging out with the VA guy all weekend.....

QUOTE(p_176 @ Mar 27 2007, 08:19 PM) * friday night about 2 weeks ago, went dancing with some friends, and this new guy was there (yes, unfortunately, he's part of my social group), and the vibes were crackling back and we emailed back and forth, and the following friday, i met him at his place after i got off work (we both wanted to do something chill, since it had been a long work day for me, and we both had things going on the next day), so we watched a movie, shared a bottle of wine....ended up getting physical blink.gif talked the next day....made plans for the following monday after work....and the next weekend, two dates in a row....have basically talked almost every single night......
conversations are really good, we seem to have a fair amount in common, similar interests....
the hitch is, he's 6 months out of a 3 year long relationship that was (according to him) fairly make a long story short, his ex had issues, and basically, his life went down as hers went up [as she resolved her issues]. the end came when he wanted to move back east, and she did not want to move.
so, for someone who says he does not want something serious immediately, he's certainly calling a lot. i'm not sure if it's because he's interested, because he's bored [he's waiting for his job to start], or because he's rebounding. i'm trying to play it cool 'cause i know that you can't rush into something serious....but he has definite potential to be a serious relationship unsure.gif

DG?? What's up?


p_176, fuck that wanker. But yay on VA guy!
culture - thanks for that. i'm really annoyed with myself for even beginning to trust him.....on top of everything, i was irresponsible and left my favorite ring at his place. he's getting it back to me, but is getting an attitude with me, like oh you just want your ring back/you don't want to talk to me.....and i'm like, you're the one who fucked up, so i'm not taking any attitude. i know he wants to talk to me about his talking to this other girl, probably to make himself feel less guilty (because of course all he can say is, he does not want a girlfriend), which, i don't really need to hear about it - i don't really care. besides, even if he's not looking for a girlfriend, and i'm not his girlfriend, if we're getting physical, then he should at least have the respect enough for that situation and not be trolling around among a social network that we have in common. (did that make sense?)

and i hate to think that i'm dating the VA guy because i don't have anyone else..... i don't think that, i do like him and i like spending time with him...... i think i have a complex because he's still a virgin, and i know he wants me to, ahem, take it......i'm not sure how physically attracted i am to him.....i'm accustomed to guys who know what they are doing, but with this guy, i have to start slow and train him....which has its perks, i know.......damn i need to take some time off. we'll see.

the guy i dated in college told me when we were breaking up that no one would ever love me again/that i was such an awful person that all the guys i would date [in the future] would treat me badly [in some form thereof].....given the guys that i've dated since college [who were either borderline abusive or moochers or liars].......i'd have to say he was right. and i know to stay away from guys who even show one sign of being a moocher or a liar.....and yet i'm still meeting freaks. sad.gif
p_176 -

ooh, yuck! I had an old BF say something similar to me when we were breaking up - he said "I hope someday someone does the same things to you that you did to me" (I was young and I will say that when I was younger I had a lot of issues, I did cheat on boyfriends, it was bad. But I have resolved those things and I am not that girl anymore. anyway..)

At any rate, that statement followed me for years. I couldn't get it out of my head and it completely fucked with me for a long time. Sometimes now I think that I kind of "lived up" to that statement, choosing people who would treat me terribly.

Now I think that it's all in really learning one's self, learning to love oneself and truly know that you are a person worth loving. I think that once you truly feel that, you start drawing people to you who mirror how you feel about yourself. For me, that took not dating anyone for quite awhile and just really learning how do to my own thing, and get gratification from that. (some therapy helped, too...) Yeah I had crushes here and there are got some portions here and there, but overall, I was just getting with me.

I've heard people say "you can't get played if you're not playing" which I think is just another way of saying that you attract what you are putting out there - I think that when I was willing to put up with that shit (even though in my mind I wasn't - obviously I was if I was letting them stick around) I was playing into that.

Anyhow, just an obvervation. Don't let that thing your ex from long ago said get to you. It's not true. You are an awesome woman who deserves great things and people in her life!
zoya - i know this intellectually and more or less emotionally also - but it still seems like i start trusting the wrong people, or the guys i date decide after a quick bit that they no longer know what they want, or they say or do something to 'bring me down' (like the guy who said i was too voluptuous, to make himself feel better for being attracted to me). i mean hell, i know i'm not perfect, and i'm not always the clearest communicator, even though i try to be, and yet i still feel like someone is always yelling at me for something i said or did that they did not get or misunderstood, because either i was not clear, or i was interrupted when i was trying to be clear........<sigh>

the recent guy (who is having my ring couriered to my office today......oh wait, i just got a phone call from the front desk - the person came to bring the package but did not wait for me to come and pick it up but took it with him - i think it was the actual guy - what's he doing holding my ring hostage??) - he's all angry with me for wanting my ring back - now it's been at his place for a week or so now, and he's sick with a bad cold - and normally i would not be all like, i want it yesterday - but since he pulled the stunt of trying to talk to my friend, i don't trust him and don't want to deal with him. and he's accusing me of not listening/ignoring him when he said he's sick, he wants to see me later to talk and i can get my ring then. i'm like, there's no need to talk - he does not want a girlfriend, as he's made pretty clear, so whatever. he messed up and i'm the one getting yelled at? am i crazy? i felt like this when i was with my exfiance - he accused me of being indecisive most of the time then when i made a decision, i wanted it done immediately. that may have been true but it did not always have to do with him.....

maybe i'm indecisive about what i want - but i know i want a relationship - i guess since i'm putting up with crap, that energy 'shows', and therefore attracts guys who are indecisive also?

i'm sorry i'm such a mess right now. if i had never left the ring there, it would not be a problem!
thanks for listening.
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