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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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Zoya's totally right about the "what are you doing this weekend?" question. And I like the "I'm doing this, but otherwise..." answer.

Stargazer - just to clarify: mcrush is definitely not around in my life anymore. What I meant is that I can still find my old posts about him on google - they're cached. Actually, I haven't seen mcrush in over a year and a half. thank god! but i hate that that part of my life is archived on teh internets. oh well...

i have to say, it's sorta nice to be back in this thread, both literally (i always loved this thread) and in the sense that it's nice to have a crush again. it's been sooooo long!
Actually, my response was more like that (I'm doing this on thurs and this on saturday but nothing on friday) and he asked me to go to a show with him tonight! I'm not sure yet if it will be just us two or a gang of people. I hope its a group thing, but again since I'm new to LA I dont really have a lot of people *I* could collect as a group, so its kinda up to him.

..and no, it aint snowin here!
Greenbean - How did everything go at the show?
AP - I think that my dislike of Chemistry has more to do with the awful Chemistry teacher I had in high school than the subject itself. Now, I have this block in my head about it. I'm trying to get over it.
Datagirl - You have a rattie? I have ratties! They are the best pets!
P_176 - Bummer about the bad week. How did dinner with the VA boy go?
Ophelia - Congratulations on the new crush! I'm so excited for you. And I'm seconding the "Details!"
Stargazer - Yeah, the friends thing with Bcrush is probably the best thing.
Culturehandy - That boy was not worthy of you.

Hello all the rest of you lovely crushies!

Ok, so this executive cock thing, what exactly is executive cock? I'm just wanting to make sure it has the meaning I think it has.

Last night I went over to see Crush du Jour's new place. This morning I left Crush du Jour's place and I've been grinning like an idiot ever since. There would be some serious silly happy dances but, um, I think I need to recover from last night a bit first before I do them.
Well Imdancingbarefoot, congratulations!

I found out my next assignment for work is back at the office where I met the former crush. So, now I have to work with him, and I'm actually really alright with this. Really.

Any new developments with the crushes after the weekend, all?

Y'know, I still kick myself for not saving the Manifesto of Fuck to my own papers...

Executive Cock is cock worth waiting for. The good stuff. The whole enchilada. The cock that is dangling from a MAN, not a boy. He's smart, he's funny, he's cute, he's gainfully employed, his baggage is minimum, & he loves you because you are amazing, beautiful, strong, & give just as good as you get. You are exemplary, why waste time on anything less than yourself? That, m'dear, is Executive Cock.

I've managed to hook yet another one. Will I never learn? I know I gotta throw him back even if he is a keeper.

Dang. I gotta read over all this & come back. I've been out of the loop!
Yay for Executive Cock! AP, did I ever tell you about the time I spent like half an hour combing google caches, looking for the Manifesto of Fuck?

::sighs:: I can find my entire pathetic Mcrush debacle, but not the Manifesto. Oh well...

LCrush continues to be delectable. He's as loud and brash as I am, but his voice goes all gooshy and soft when he runs into me. That "hey" he gives me makes me weak. I almost jumped him in the library tonight...

I'm curious about everyone's progress as well!
ok, I have a crush on this guy who I've just been on a work project with (not the unavailable guy) I'm not certain if he's single or not. He's become part of the group of people I've been hanging out with, so I've gotten to interact with him on a pretty regular basis over the last week or so, and he's really nice.

So, that said, here's my quandry - The project ended yesterday. There was a wrap party last night. I was running around with my friends a good part of the time, but would talk to him here and there. Just prior to leaving at the end of the night (like within the hour before I left) I ended up talking to him more. I told him I was staying in town an extra day and was like "maybe we can grab dinner or something tomorrow night - meaning tonight. (he is staying a few extra days)

I feel like I kinda kept bugging him over the course of our conversation, brought it up a couple of times. He wasn't non-responsive, but was also not sure what he was doing today.

When I left the party and said goodbye, I gave him a big hug and he kissed my cheek and held my hand, but the kiss was defintely more than a peck.

SO.. the question is, do I contact him (ie: text) today and ask if he wants to get dinner tonight? or am I bugging him too much? tonight is the only night to get together because I leave tomorrow morning. I don't wanna be a pain in the ass.

I do have an ulterior motive - I think it would be awesome to make out with him.

so, any advice?
well, I texted the guy, he just called back and said he took off to a friend's house outside of town and was going to have a mellow evening, so that's out. I think it's ok, I know I was kind of drunk and coming on a bit strong last night, but I don't think he's avoiding me, I think he's just doing his own thing and not particularly invested in hanging with me. I don't mean that he's not interested at all, I just think its one of those things where you like a person, but not invested enough to go out of your way to change your plans around to hang out with them. So that's ok. I still would have liked to make out with him.

I'm having people withdrawls. I usually love it when a project is done, but I am so bummed that this one is over. I had some really great people around me and we all just clicked really well. I already really miss them being around and the project just ended yesterday. It seems like things with my unavailable crush are moving in the direction of being friends, which I think will be good (challenging for me, because he is such a fucking awesome guy that every new part of his awesomeness I see makes me like him even more, but at least he's showing me that there are truly awesome guys in this world who give a shit. now I just need to get one who is all my own..) I miss the shit out of him already. and I miss my other friends. wah. I'm trying to remind myself to look at it not as things coming to an end, but the beginning of truly being friends in real life, not just because we're thrown together to work on something.

Shyguy emailed with me a little this week, I semi-drunk texted him from a bar, but just to tell him how lame it was, nothing bad or incriminating. He texted me back, and the next day emailed me a quick funny email. That was the 2nd and I haven't heard from him since. I'm not really that wrapped up in it, we all know he's a wuss and a dork, but still.

I'm premenstrual, and I'm super out of shape (my fault, I've been drinking up a storm, eating like crap, and not exercising one iota) and overnight I've gone from having a bunch of people around me to just me. that equates to feeling a bit lonely and gross, magnified by the premenstrual mind fuck I always go through right before my period. bleh.

I think I'm gonna send shyguy an email. fuck it. what do I have to lose?
I'm sorry your fun project is over, but at least you had some crushie fun while it lasted?
Shyguy does sound like a wuss, have you ever flat out came on to him? maybe thats what he's waiting for...and no you have nothing to lose but a text buddy!

Dancingbarefoot, hows the recovering doing? Sounds like you had fun!

I had an excellent weekend. Potential crush is still just that: potential. We hung out like friends, only a wee bit of flirting and nothing physical. He makes me laugh. Hes like sunshine. Could just stay in the friend direction tho, we'll see.

I met a hot-ass Swiss guy at a party. He was giving me the eyes but didnt ask for my number, and a friend said hes just divorced, so that might be a messy sitch to get into. Damn cute tho.

Making a new bike this week, I can finally get back outside! Its like summer here!
Greenbean, I just wanted to say that i've been giggling over your signature line for weeks. My crush is Catholic and I may just have to share that with him!
lunasol, you actually googled about your old crush? that's funny. it seems like alot of us had Mcrushes around here.

imdancingbarefoot, leaving in the morning?? please inform us dear of the delicious nasties that happened.

zoya, i would make the guys work alittle more. i don't think you sounded desparate. you were just hoping something would happen. who wouldn't get excited over a potential make out guy? i would start throwing your magic around to some other mens. stop texting shyguy!! especially when drinking.

no new crushes on my front. haven't seen magboy at work. he'll probably come in when i least expect it. i always get thrown off by that kid.
hey all, like I said, i'm just pre-menstrual, partied out too much and feeling like a slug. and this great experience has come to an end, and now I'm on to the next thing. so it's just natural to have the blahs I think, for a little bit. I know it will be ok.

besides, a guy from another department on this project called me up last night -he's nice and cute, but does nothing whatsoever for me... after a couple drinks, he confessed he's had a huge crush on me for weeks and so we ended up making out and I got some portions. Not executive cock. Not even executive cock in training. I think he'll always be upper-middle-management cock. but it was pretty fun and something to do.. (did I just really say that?) Didn't help take my mind off unavailable guy or shyguy (who frigging EMAILED me one of the cutest emals he's sent WHILE i was in the middle of ahem, things) but whatever. heh.

greenbean - there are some reasons that I would not just flat out come on to shy guy unless I had more solid footing with him. I'm not gonna go into them, but suffice to say, I think it's best to let him do the work, because I suspect that he has been able to be in his shyness / weirdness in the past and not really do much work. Dangling an email to him now and then is fine with me, because I'm not getting all personal in them, so I'm not really doing the work. I haven't put out there at all when I'm going to be back in town. if he wants to, he can ask.

what I really need to do is focus way more on work, because I'm starting to get behind. So it's not a bad thing, I suppose
Hi All!!
It's been a while since I've posted so I thought I'd just play catch up!!

So Frenchcrush is back in the country.I've spoken to him on my cell phone and the conversation was well....
hard. Anyway, so a couple of days later he messaged me asking how I was.I asked him out to an art gallery (not expecting him to say yes) and he did.I'm lukewarm about him again.I hate this.Anyway so I cancelled the art gallery as I was too tired/depressed.So today he messages me again asking me out.I said yes (just to get out of the house really) and he's cooking dinner. I am looking forward to it though.We talk quite freely when we are together.I don't get my feelings though.One things for sure,I get to be myself now that my stakes arnt so high.
Ugh and Possumcrush (a sort of crush from last year) kept calling and emailing.Today I just had to end it already and tell him that I'd met someone else and to stop contacting me.So then he emails me and tells me that he knows that I've been married before and doesnt want to know someone like me????? WTF??? I have never been married.Whatever.What a weirdo.........

I'm dancingbarefoot!! Ratties are the best pets!!.Thats one of the reasons I haven't been on here lately.One of my girls has been a bit ill,though she's fine now. smile.gif And her vet is too!! wink.gif
zoya, just thought I'd point out that hidden deep in the bowels of my last post is the fact that I got portions... more like some watching tv boredom snacking portions, but portions neverless. And apparently (and I quote)"I could suck the bumper off a cadillac" is that a good thing??
I too got portions last night x3!!!!

Yeah's on...hopefully.My faith in Frenchcrush has been restored.Not only that but he messaged me just now to check if I got home ok last night (le sigh).

Zoya,sucking the bumper off a caddy is not only excellent but gifted too!! Be proud of your abilities! wink.gif
wow, datagirl, frenchman must be good to go at it x3.

zoya, are you braggin' about portions? yeah, i got the hidden sexual undertones of your post. smile.gif

looks like spring fever is startin' early. crushies are gettin' lucky...
~pops head in real quick~

Ok, I will give more details about last weekend as soon as I can but this week is getting really crazy. I fear I have taken on way too much.

Portions . . . is this code for what I think it is code for?

~dashes out to give the ratties some cheese and crash into bed~
Imdancingbarefoot - yes, portions is what you think it is. I have no idea how that moniker for.. well.. portions - started. but that is what it has ended up being referred to here in the lounge. haha

again, this is probably better served being in the "inebriated ramblings" thread, because I am about 5 glasses of sake into it, but screw it. you are my girls. I fucking want to have hot, hellacious monkey sex on a regular basis with someone I totally love and don't get tired of. why am i not doing this? I have no idea. except for the fact that the main people I've met lately are complete wusses or completely unavailable. yes I got some the other day, but it was more of a sip of unfiltered well water in the middle of a tiny oasis swimming in a gigantic desert.

but hey, at least I'm getting some I guess - and it was with a hottie who admitted he'd had a crush on me for weeks - even if I just find him ok (I have no idea why, all the other girls on my project drool over him. but i just think he's ok. I appreciate his cuteness to a certain extent, but that just can't carry things.. anyway, I digress...)

oh, well, he IS 9 years younger than me, so I can't complain too much.

I'm just kinda drunk


yay datagirl!!! 3x portions is awesome!!

are you going for 4 next time? if not, you should seriously try to break your own record. Why? to make up for my lack of meaningful sex.

oh lordy. I'm drunk

ok, ignore this.

i love you all
good night.

ha ha!! At first I was like "whoa, zoys is drunk at 9 am?!?" but then i realized its prolly not 9 am where you are.

Congrats on the (albeit upper-middle-managment) portions!

Zoya, your ramblings are making sense to me (chuckle). I too am meeting too many wussies and taken men. Jeez, I have been so consumed with sex these days since i'm not getting any, that I forget what I want in a guy besides sex appeal! Honestly, I was talking to a friend last night and she asked me what my ideal, dream-guy would be like, and all my answers were sexual! So I'm really trying hard to decide on what other qualities are more important, and look for a guy with those. I guess I'm just sick of meeting, nice, good, intellegent guys that need a teacher in bed,...or the alternative being true assholes.

Sigh. Potential crush and I are planning on hanging out again. I think hes great but i'm scared hes too wholesome for me. Maybe with time he can prove me wrong.

Congrats on french-crush, datagirl!
oh good god. I'm so hung over. I can't believe I posted that.

I'm not gonna take it off, though, it makes me laugh.

and yes, greenbean, I'm in a way different time zone.... haha. (although being drunk at 9 am would probably not have been out of the question if we hadn't gone out early)
How awesome is it that the menstral godesses made the crimson tide flow AFTER the portions I had.They came the very next day.Is someone shining on me or what?? I would have been really bummed if I had left a stain whilst in the throws of it rolleyes.gif .........Did I mention that Frenchcrush also gave me the gift of a beautiful orange and pink shawl from his travels?I really like it too!!! I've draped it over a chair in my living room.

I'm going to let things cool a bit before I contact him though.It was so intense the other night.I don't really know what to do next.So I'll just settle for a bit.....

Zoya you are hillarious!!! I love this line.."it was more of a sip of unfiltered well water in the middle of a tiny oasis swimming in a gigantic desert." hahahahaaaa

Mega crushie vibes for all busties and portion vibes too!!!
QUOTE(greenbean @ Feb 7 2007, 12:19 PM) *

I too am meeting too many wussies and taken men.

same here greenbean. too many immature guys or guys who just don't do it for me. blah.
Wow I've missed so much since my last post.

It seems like everything is either going really good with you guys (Kudos!) or not so well (join the club).

By the way, given that I'm probably being a dumbass about this. But what exactly is portions? I missed that memo.

Since the last time I posted, not too much has happened. Well, enough has happened to make a post.

So last weekend, I finally got up off of my butt and went out with some friends to a greek program. Had fun and met new people. Met a cute guy, but I couldn't figure out if he was taken or not. But he was definitely crushie material. His friend was interesting, but not as attractive, in my opinion.

Got back from the program, and I got a call from my ex. Apparently his uncle that adores me was in town and demanded that my ex contact me. So my ex and I talked for a bit, and he admitted that he missed me. Of course there were waterworks on his account. I tried to stop him from crying on the phone, but he did it anyway. I continually told him that I'm not that into him right now and I had a crush on someone else (his best friend?). He agreed to just be my friend and nothing else. Otherwise, I threatened to not talk to him again.

Talked to another friend of mine whose like in love with me, but I'm not interested in. He convinced me to email moonboy, or the guy that I had the encounter with in Jan. I did so on Thursday, and still no reply. Although I know that he's been online quite a few times since I sent that message. So I guess it's safe to say that there isn't a friendship there anymore. Although the friend said to hold out until next Thursday to see if he responds.

Oh, then on wednesday (sorry I'm not going in order), I was out on a assignment for the magazine that I work for. I went to see Pan's Labyrinth at this tiny independent movie theater. While I was there, I chatted with a few people about the movie basically in order to get quotes. Well this random guy came and sat by me. During intermission, we started talking. He wasn't very attractive me, but it was a fun conversation. Well, I asked about the movie and he said that we should talk more afterwards so he could give me a good quote. After the movie, I was so tired I walked out with my roomie without conversing further. Well he followed her and I out, and wanted to continue the convo. I did so, and collected the quotes needed. I got his number for quote check purposes. And adds in "Yeah, call me sometime. You know so maybe we can catch a movie."

Of course, I was said "Definitely!" like "Yeah right! That's not going to happen." But I dunno, maybe I should give it a chance. Who knows maybe it will help me hate or push past moonboy.

What do you guys think?
Portions = gettin' some.
I thought so. Thanx for clearing that up, aural.
Ok so I had Frenchcrush over for dinner on Saturday.I cooked roast chicken,borrowed silver cutlery,ect ect.
It was really great!! We played piano,he met my pet rats,we talked for ages then of course we had portions.
I had my period,but he didn't mind at all.I must admit though that it did make me a tad uncomfortable......
He stayed till 2am.Strands of his hair are still on my pillow...................
I have no idea what he wants (I'm too afraid to ask) so I'll take it as it comes.Aparently french men tend to be a bit slow on the make.But well worth the wait.
ok guys. Potential crush is officially a full-blown official crush. We'll call him Dcrush. He invited me out the other night to ride bikes around with a couple of other guys. All three of them are hot, skinny, stylish bike guys. One of them is a model who looks like the singer of Bloc Party, to give you an idea. I think bike guys are the new bands guys for me, as in I wanna surround myself with them all of the time tongue.gif .

Anyway, since we all live in Koreatown we decided to do a neigborhood bar hop, which was awesome cuz all the bars around here are dives and very anti-hollywood. We closed down a bar and headed back to Dcrush's place for more booze.

The guys got silly and started arm-wrestling. It was all very homo-erotic. I suggested leg-wrestling and we did a bit of that as well. By 4am I said I should head back home, but DCrush insisted i crash (eventho he has a studio with nothing but a mattress on the floor). The other boys must of heard the bro-code and took off. DCrush asked if I'd like some pjs and I said yes. He gave me some little shiny blue shorts (his waist is about the same size as mine) and when I came out of the bathroom he was wearing nothing but the exact same shorts but in red. "Heh, it looks like we are boxers in the ring." I said. "totally", he said, and put up his dukes and did a little shadow-bowing infront of me, then got up real close in mock intimidation, and then kissed me! We swiftly made our way to the bed and just made-the-fuck out. Finally!!! (raises arms above head in praise heaven form).

No portions though, which is very very good cuz I was too drunk and tired to do my best work. He didnt even try to get me naked, i think he was content with just kissing,...but from what i felt bulging against me through those little shorts, there will be much more fun to be had in the future. Heeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, we just sorta fell asleep and when I woke-up the next morn I was wrapped in his insanely strong arms. The boy is skinny but his whole body hard as rock its crazy sexy muuuuah!!!

Best part is, hes a short bike ride from my place, AND i just got a job that is also within biking distance. In L.A, where commuting is a nightmare, this is fucking insane luck. I cant believe how happy I am right now!

Time to do Snoopy dance!!!!!!!!! (greenbean does Snoopy dance)
ok.. utterly out of the blue. Totally out of left field..

I met this guy.
he's scottish. yes, lives there and everything.
he's friends with a guy friend of mine, and in town for a couple of days. We went to a bar two nights ago with all our friends and ended up getting left there at 3 am because we were deep in conversation with one another (until 4:30 am)
then last night I went out with my friends to another bar and one of my wise, wise guy friends called him and invited him. (well, ok, I asked him to)
we ended up being up all night talking and walking around until the sun came up.
at which point we had breakfast
then made out.
I'm 100%, completely, utterly, totally smitten.
He asked me out tonight.
... have I mentioned he's scottish?!!!!!!!!!
YES!!!!! Big ups for GB & Zoya! Much praise for the cyclist & the Scot!

Girl, I so want to call you & get the dirt, but you're probably, um, busy. *winkwink nudge nudge*

Data, pick up some Instead. Period sex without the mess. HB actually asked me if I even had a period because I never say no to sex even when surfing the crimson wave. Instead makes it rouge free.

Shiny, all I can say is do whatcha like. We all learn through experience.

Me? I'm DREADING VDay. HB has something up his sleeve.
two new crushies off eharmony (i'm going to be actually glad when it expires this month) guy is a redhead canadian, and the other guy is an indian from new zealand....will keep y'all posted.
the VA guy gets back from egypt this week....not sure if i will see him or not though, 'cause i have surgical stuff going on this weekend:-(
/crossing all appendages for zoya!!!!!!

Hi everyone!! I missed you guys =)

My crush Orion is no longer a crush--it is now a blossoming relationship. I pray, hope, fervently desire never, ever to see it end.

I see ms. lunasol is back! hiya lady!

zoya, that post! Amazing. You seriously rock my world.

p_176, I'm sorry your luck seems to be crappy lately=/ I will send some vibeage your way.

greenbean, datagirl, and imdancingbarefoot seem to be cleaning up! Their crushes are working out smoothly.

(curtsy at stargazer)

moonrox, never date someone you're not attracted to. It's trouble. My two cents.
hey all - leaving the office now 'cause of the 'snow' (the ice is more of a threat, really), but i have a date with the canadian guy this weekend (barring, of course, surgical procedures that may or may not happen....) ,and the indian guy from new zealand finally posted his pic on eharmony....lightskinned man with green eyes, yum.
we'll see.....
My slightly complicated crush story:

Right before Christmas I flew up to Chicago to visit one of my really good friends, and also to see if I like the city since I might be transferring to a school there in June.

Turns out one of his roommates is absolutely amazing. We flirted a lot the entire time I was there and had some really nice cuddle time the last few nights. (And got caught making out one night by my friend. dry.gif )

So I definitely think there could be something between us, except the fact that now I'm back in Texas and the only time we get to communicate is occasionally online and even more rarely on the phone.

On the plus side, I might get to see him over spring break. I have to go back to Chicago for an interview at the school. And if that goes well I will more than likely be moving up there! He also mentioned, though rather casually, possibly coming down here to visit me.

He has definitely gotten under my skin in the most wonderfully way.

i didn't read the archives...but i am here to post my first crush!!!

i have a crush on the guy that works in our rail yard at my work. we were supposed to go out last weekend, but we (like idiots) did not exchange numbers. so when i got off early i had no way to get back in touch with him. i spent the whole weekend thinking about him and what we were going to do. hes so mcdreamy!!! lol

geeking, i know! its fun though...i havent had a crush since my bd...
i cant wait to see what develops wink.gif
scotsboy called me last night....!! there's only one issue at the moment, we looked at our work schedules for the next 3 months and there is only ONE DAY where we will be able to see each other. (as in, we will be in completely different places except that one day) ugh. But if there is anything I know, it's that things always work out, and that if you want something to work, you make it work.

so. as ophelia says, appendages crossed. all of them.

i am completely smitten. completely.
I'm going over to Frenchcrushes house tonight to watch dvd's.He hates Valentines (I secretly wish that he liked it).
I saw that he's been on the dating site recently. That bummed me a little.I'm not sure what that means.
I don't want to speculate but I can't help it.
Damn Zoya, you found yourself a Hot Scot? (This is one of my favorite sites to visit btw). Too bad about the conflicting schedules, but the brogue phone sex will be awesome!!! Ask him to call me while your at it, I'll pay 5 cents a minute!

So, havent had the time to see Dcrush again, although he says he wants to meet up this week. Now its in the weird phase of "ok, so we made-out, now what?". My roommates joked that its a real bad time cuz with V-day and all, he prolly doesnt know what to do. It sucks cuz I wanna see him cuz I LIKE him, not for the novelty of having a v-day date. oh well. patience greenbean.

"I pray, hope, fervently desire never, ever to see it end." Awwwww, thats so sweet Ophelia!! Makes me want to feel that way too.

Hugs for all the (((crushies)))!!!!
oh that website is hysterical!!! wow, maybe I can rent him out for phone...erm...'conversations!' haha. well, like I said, things always work out and if you want something to work, you make it work. so.

yeah, the V-day thing and new, undefined relationships is always a weird mix. Its like, well, you don't want to seem overbearing or like you're jumping to conclusions if you get them something, and you don't wanna seem like an asshole if you don't. I think that works from both sides. I think like you said, patience. it will work out.

ophelia's got a beau! hee hee

Hello my lovely, lovely crushies and Happy Valentine's Day! ~runs around the room and kisses everyone~

Ok, so I have not been in here at all lately and I know I owe you ladies an update about Crush du Jour. I apologize and I must ask for a little more time, i am running auditions for <I>The Vagina Monologues</I> at my school. It's a valid reason, yes?!

Anyway, I am supposed to be seeing Crush du Jour Valentine's night, I'm trying to convince him to do <I>Lost</I> night with me and my friends and whatever else we do. I don't know if he realized it was V-day when we talked about hanging out, he was talking about getting together tonight or Thurs night but I have class until 10 pm on Thurs. I don't know, I kind of hope it isn't super Valentine-y because the only thing he is getting from me will be the candy I am giving everyone tomorrow! Yep, I'm one of those who believes celebrating V-day is about celebrating the love one has for all.

I promise, I will catch up soon.

Anyway, who likes red wine, I've got some merlot! ~pours some glasses and leaves a few unopened bottles on the table~
Ok, one more. Been looking at previous posts and need to toss in a few things. It should be noted that I have saved one of those bottels of wine for meself.

Ok, so portions are what I thouhgt they were. I'll give a quick rundown for those wanting to know how things went with Crush du Jour and I about a week and a half ago . . . a portions in his living room, one on the kitchen counter, two in the bedroom. First one was in the bedroom and that funny and awkward and causing much laughter but it was a good thing, I think we most definitely have an inside joke now. "If the Marx Brothers did a porn . . ."

Anyway, greenbean! You are in Koreatown?! That is where the dude I've been dating lives! Not Crush du JOur, other guy. That is probably going to go to just friends after this last weekend, ah, I'm complicated. Anyway, I must visit you next time I am up there!!! If that is ok with you of course.

Zoya! Scottish, oh how sexy! I am crossing appendages for you also and thanks for the portions info! I could swear there was soemthing else I needed to mention to you real quick but . . . um . . . kind of drunk at this point.

Seems there is much good going on with my ladies, I am so stoked! I also noticed a few crushies I haven't seen around, hihi!!!

Again, i want you all to know I will be thinking about you all tomorrow and that I think you all rock. Will you be my Valentines?
Data, if I am recaling correctly, Frenchcrush told you in the beginning he wasn't en exclusive type guy, so seeing him on the dating site is probably just that. He's still trolling for other womens. Enjoy the sex, but be careful with your heart as you are likely not the only gal he is shagging.

Good luck, everybody else with the crushie festivities.
Yeah AP sort of.He just said that none of his relationships had lasted more than 6 months.Although one lasted three years but she was married! lol

Last night I asked Frenchcrush if this was just a casual thing (after sex mind you) and although he didn't say yes he didn't say no either.His opinion on relationships is this.If he decides to get into one he gets really paranoid that the other person will automoatically want marriage and babies even if they havent mentioned it or even want it.He told me that he was used to being single whereas I am used to being in a relationship (which is true). I guess I just thought that I was different for him and that he would suddently quit being single and want to give us a go.But he really is in a very difficult headspace where relationships make him uncomfortable.I feel sorry for him actually.There is nothing like being in love.And of learning about someone and loving them (the good and the bad).To be afraid and even uncomfortable is just so sad to me.He reckons that relationships = marriage period and this freaks him the hell out.He doesn't see any other type of thing.Other than the casual thing of course.It was actually my ex fiance (were're still really good friends) that suggested I just ask Frenchcrush what he wanted and quit going crazy about what he might be thinking.
I asked Frenchcrush to just give us a go without making any plans for the future and I then I went on to say that this would involve taking his profile off the site.He wants to keep looking and he even mentioned that he likes the chase.He then went on to say that there was alot of chemistry between us and that he just wanted to kiss me whenever we were together.He also said that he had confided in me and told me more in the two months we've known each other than any of the other people he's been with.Maybe I asked too soon.But he said he was actually waiting for me to bring it up.I'm not a clingy person in the slightest,hell, I love living on my own and my own company and the freedom to do whatever I want.So I would never expect someone else to give up their freedom either.I said this too but I don't think he was buying it. So to say I'm dissapointed and confused it just the tip of the iceberg.

This hurts today and probably will tomorrow but it was inevitable.
I knew I recalled you saying something about him not being a long term guy. I think you also said he had a roomful of toys in his house & that just screams Peter Pan. The first thing my buddy Eric did when he decided to get serious about his girl was start eBaying the toys he had *displayed* all over his house. He was like the Forty Year Old Virgin!

It sounds good that you had the talk so that you both know to take this as a day by day, moment by moment thing. I say keep your own profile up, running, & active as long as his is. No reason for you to stop looking if he's gonna keep his eyes peeled for new prospects.
You're right AP I am going to put my profile back up there.And I can't imagine him selling his toys for anyone!! lol It's too much of his lifestyle.I mean the guy travels O/S just to check out the scenery from B grade films.But that's also something that I really like about him.
He's childish.It's just a pity that he's a kid in every aspect of his life.

I messaged him on myspace today saying that it would be cool if it was just to be a sexual/physical thing.
We did some light spanking and restraint last night and I really liked it.The chemistry is there so maybe this could be a way of slowing things down.I don't know.I am wanting to explore different aspects of sex and this could be a way of doing it without putting either of us under any pressure, yet still being physically close to each other (which we both like).Who knows? Maybe he'll reply maybe not.
god, I'm having SB withdrawls. We are both traveling for the next few days so I doubt there will be much contact. I'm really really smitten with this one, you guys.

more parts crossed.
oops double post
hmmm....sounds like french guy has some issues with communication.....why would he assume that someone would want marriage/babies if they had not indicated that?
the guy in VA sent me an ecard for valentine's day, which was a really cute card. (he's travelling for work this week). talked with indian guy from new zealand last night - he called to wish me happy valentine's day. we were on the phone for like, 2 hours, and it seems like we have similar ideas on how a relationship should be. so we'll see.

I have no idea P_176.
Guys are very strange......
Anyway he did message me today saying that he was glad that I was ok as he had been concerned about me.
He said that he'd like to 'catch up soon'. I regret sending that message about it just being a physical thing.
I want everything else that goes along with it too.The more I see him the more hurt I'm going to get.
This is a BIG crush that I'll have to refrain from.Sorry about being a thread hog.... I'll stop now smile.gif
This is why I thought you shouldn't see him in the first place, Data. You knew from the get go that he didn't really have LTR potential even though that's what you're hungering for. Not just hot sex, but a deeper connection. Executive cock, remember? I hope you've got your mouthguard in, cos this one is gonna hurt if you persist.

Zoya is smitten, Zoya is smitten, Zoya is smitten...
date on monday with the indian guy - going to a museum then possibly for coffee or lunch.....will keep you posted.
crossing appendages;0)
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