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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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datagrl~i was totally thinking of the 40 year old virgin when you mentioned the toys. well, except i take it the frenchman is quite experienced with the ladies. what a shame. i'm sure the fact that he was all about the booty was quite a turn off. get yourself back out there...

imdancingbarefoot~hells yeah, you better send me their profiles. either PM me or send 'em to my myspace account. *devilish grin*

p_176~i hope he has called you.

AP~well, you are ALWAYS workin' it! cool.gif

ok guys - I'm tanked. this probably belongs more in "inhibreated ramblings," but what the hell. got drunk with the ex and now I'm alone and I have written (but not sent ) an email to shyguy. it just says "do we get to get together before I leave?" should I send it? is anyone up? oh lordy.....

zoya, send it, it sounds innocuous enough....

*blows kisses to rest of crushies*

eta: But spell check it first, just in case wink.gif
Stargazer Ilmfao!!!
Yeah I was totally into this guy.He told me he wanted to get together when he gets home from Vietnam to show me the photo's.Whatever. I asked him if he wanted to sleep with me so I think that maybe that's what he's hanging out for.I'd feel really intimidated if we did because it would only be 'vanilla'.I hate that even sex has levels of exstremety.But then of course it would!! He just made me feel yuck the other night is all.
He's so damn cute though...oh well....
Hey, if you felt yuck, you felt yuck, Data. If you're looking for more than just hot sex, I say move on from le Frenchman. And you're not vanilla, he's just kinky. Some are, some aren't; it's nothing to beat yourself up about. The kink didn't sound like it was something he indugled in regularly, so I think he'd be fine with a simple shag. What man isn't? You wanna fuck 'im, fuck 'im & don't look back.

Juggling, juggling, juggling. I've really got to stop doing this. I've got a good thing going on, but tonight I still felt compelled to juggle three diff mens. le sigh.
Thanks AP!!
Although I had an ok (some parts were boring) time with frenchcrush I still can't stop thinking about him.I go on the dating site just to see if he's logged in recently (yeah I know tongue.gif ) and to see the pics he's put up there.He hasnt logged in since the 10th.Why do I care and why am I doing this?

Your'e right AP I better haul ass and move on......sigh..
Data, I've said it before & I'll say it again: Men are like buses. Wait ten minutes & another will be along shortly. And he'll be full of possibilities.

I so could have gotten fucked nine ways to Sunday by some strange tonight. But I've developed a (GULP) soul. DAMN you HB! Why you gotta treat me so good? Why I gotta love your wrinkly old ass? GODDAMNIT!
Zoya, I'm so behind on this but I second the sending. And there is a section here for inebriated ramblings?! Where?! Where?!!!!

DG, I'm seconding what AP said about the kink and vanilla. Thing is too, there are so many . . . flavors? of kink, two people could be kinky but in very different ways. Also, I believe there is some sort of drug in crushes' myspace/dating profile/blog page that compels us to check them 15 times a day. At least, that is my story and I'm stickin' to it! biggrin.gif

AP, Juggling is fun, and takes great skill. biggrin.gif Who is HB? I don't remember reading about him when I came into this thread. Maybe I didn't read far back enough.
imdancingbarefoot~ HB is the man who went from crush to *gulp* being the MAN to get AP into relationship-mode. what an amazing fete.

AP~please inform us of this stranger. temptation is a terrible sin. i love tempting others though.

datagrl~cuteness makes it hard to move on. yeah, if you don't want booty, then move on. there are other guys who deserve your awesomeness.

zoya~how are you doing with shyguy?
I need more crushies.... smile.gif

Where the hell is kal?
I know... I miss Kal, his crushes, and invaluable insight into the male mind. (plus he's nice)

re: shyguy...well I'll wait until I have more to tell... I'll just leave for the moment at... he's shy. or weird. oh he's weird. or somethin.
Hey everyone. I've been lurking, and skimming when I get the chance. =)
so, I moved on from my barely legal crush to a more my age crush--I love work crushes. They keep me entertained. It's not a good idea to date at work, right? How would I even let him know that I like him??

data, the Frenchman sounds like someone who's trying to impress a girl with how sexually active he is rather than someone who actually does do all of that?

I like juggling--that's the one thing I CAN do! making people like me. If only I could make them ask me for a drink.

p_176, what ever happened with your date?

imdancingbarefoot, that boy just sounds bizarre. What a rude thing to do. Did he ever show up again?

Kisses to my other fellow crushies!

Ah, ok, thanks stargazer.

I'm also going to pretty much second everything stargazer said. smile.gif

Kal? Who is this Kal? He must come back, yes!

Zoya, I'm feeling you on the weird boy thing.

Ophelia!!! Hi!!!! I haven't heard from the boy since. I'm not really sure what to think, I'm a little bugged but there could be some other circumstances, I don't know. He's supposed to be moving into his own place finally this weekend and I don't know when he's doing grad school applications, I'm thinking that might be this month also. Work was pretty hectic for him too. Things were really casual with us, someone would call towards the beginning of the week, we'd make plans to do something later in the week, rinse, repeat the next week. When he took off I was like, talk to you later? And he said Yeah but we had also been talking about him finally moving into his place so . . . maybe it was a talk to you after that stuff? I don't know. I called him on Tuesday and left him a message, haven't heard back yet. I'm thinking I'll try later this week after he's done with work and then that's it. Yeah, I think it was pretty rude that he just took off like that. I don't get it. He has said that he wants to keep things casual with all the other stuff going on in his life right now which I completely undersatnd and is more than ok with me. However, he is . . . really really affectionate with me when we are together. It doesn't bother me but it also doesn't seem super casual, especially when it is in front of his friends. I don't know what to think. Or if I should think anything.

Yeah, come on back to the five and dime, Kal. Maybe change your avatar.

(I think he has a girrrrrrrl friend)

smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Last night after coming home from the beach sunburnt I sent Frenchcrush a message on Myspace.
It went something like 'I wish that I had ended up in your bed and that I'd made a move sooner.'
So he's been online today but hasn't replied. I think I only like the idea of him. I guess that's why I sent him that sort of email.If he outwardly rejects me that's ok.The truth is that I actually do want to sleep with him today but I just didn't last week.I guess I'm just testing his level of attraction for me.
I talked to a couple girls at work about my crush. Apparently they've talked to him way more than I have. One is older, she's old enough to be my mom, and the other is a little younger than I am I think. The older one thinks I should ask him out. See, he's made little remarks to me, just a couple of times. Like, "you should wear skirts to work" (I work in a refrigerator, so this was a joke) and "you should wear your hair in braids" and when I was talking to someone else, I said I didn't bite--unless asked, and he said, "I bet you do" or something to that effect, and then I was doing spoils in the back when he was breaking down the load, and I said something about not paying attention to anyone. And he said under his breath that I did, or something like that, looking at me to see if I got it. I don't know if he even likes me, but it -sounds- flirty, writing it all down.
I don't know what to do!

imdancingbarefoot, that IS weird. Maybe he meant REALLY casual. Hmph.

excellent deduction, wombat.

data, glad you sorted that out =)

Zoya, what's the deal with shyguy?? you've got me all curious now...

Sixela darlin, have you any crushies?

Sassy and Stargazer, I see you two are still here--but no reports! What's up?
Ophelia - I'd say ask him out. I mean, at least then, you'll know. Maybe ask him to do something kind of innocuous, like get a coffee or something..?

re: Shyguy. god. So I sent that email, and he got back later in the day saying he'd like to, that he was just getting up because he'd been out all night, etc. and asking when I was leaving. We just ended up not connecting that night, so the next day I texted him and was like "are we going to do something, or are we going to do something some other time?" ('cause that was the last day I was going to be able to do something) and he gets back and says that that day is kind of tough because he has a work thing earlier and then has plans to meet some friends from out of town for dinner - but maybe after that. Then he asks what my plans are. I told him that my plans were for early, so later was good. So I did my stuff and then really late, he got back to me and said that he'd just gotten back from dinner and that he was really tired and he was sorry we didn't get to hook up. He followed up with another email a little later saying something funny and asking what I'd done that night and wishing me well on work. Since then, it's back to a couple of random emails from him. which is fine, I certainly don't mind them, but geez. I really think that on his part this is about 50% "hmm, I dunno" and 50% being totally clueless and flaky. He really is a busy guy, I know this, but whatever. He's just weird. I guess to be continued.... heh.

exboy and I have been talking a lot. who knows what will happen there.
Wow, I have done this in awhile, but I hope you crushies won't mind me joining in on the conversation and asking for a little advice. I apologize in advance for the long post. You can scan it if you want.

Well I have or had a crush. I can't quite figure what it is yet. Well this friend of mine and I had become friends again. We went out back in high school before we went to the same school. But it was such a brief relationship, it doesn't even deserve to be called a relationship. It was more like just two people that took to each other really fast and realized they knew absolutely nothing about each other.

Well he ended up introducing me to my ex. At first it was a revenge thing on my part to get back at this current crush, because he tends to assume things about me. Since I love taking challenges and proving people wrong, I went out with my ex. We went out for four years before I broke it off with him. Well fast forward to present, this crush (lets call him Moonboy), befriends me. He sincerely helps me get over my ex and I help him work though his relationship with his girlf at that time.

During this past summer, we hung out a few times since we were both single. Each time it seemed as though you could sense the sexual tension between us. I had a blast with him, which is always weird for me. Even in high school, when we hung out I would have a ton of fun with him, but then it always led to something else. After summer, we went out separate ways since I go to school out of state and he goes to school in texas. We talked for a bit during the beginning of the year, but then we got busy right before midterms, and I didn't talk to him again until he called me for my birthday (dec). That's when I kind of found out he had a new girlfriend.

So over Christmas break, I made it a point not to talk to him. Although a little before Christmas up until New Years, he called me everyday like 5 times a day. Until finally a little after new years, I called him. He told me that his ex broke up with him at the beginning of break. He comes up with the idea for me to come visit him at school. I don't usually believe that one should visit a guy that's not a boyf, because it could lead to other things. My friends told me I shouldn't go, but my elders told me I should go. So since elders are more experienced, I went.

It was good the first day until one thing lead to another the first day. I said out loud in the middle of the makeout session that 'I don't want to get used.' After that we laid down and just talked. I admitted that I was attracted to him and he admitted likewise. I told him after the "undone deed" that we probably shouldn't talk to each other for awhile. He said that we should at least try to act normal for the rest of the stay. The next day, we barely talked to one another. That night we had huge fight when we went out to dinner, and he hit on our waitress. Since I wasn't his girlf, I didn't really have a say so. So since he felt bold he enough to flirt with her, I told him to go ahead and give her his number. At this time I started drinking, which I usually don't do when I'm angry, but I guess it's a first time for everything.

We watched a movie that night which allieviated some of the anger. Later I guess he called his ex (whom he had talked about the whole time I was there) on the phone and told her I guess about what had happened between us or something. But the next thing I know, he's crying over her. I tried consoling him but he said there was nothing wrong. I gave up. We barely talked on his way back to drop me off. Needless to say, we haven't talked since.

Strangely, I just don't know what to do about this situation. I know this sounds weird to ask, but : What would you guys do?
.. i'm just wondering, if you are attracted to him, and he is attracted to you, and you are both single, why don't you just go for it?? what's stopping you? what makes you think you're going to get used?

just curious...
oh my god Zoya, what a jerk! He sounds like my old crush/relationship The Ginger who was flakiness personified. Bleh, sorry about that.

shinymoonrox: I'd not talk to him for a very long time. Not out of ire or pain, but because you two need to grow seperately and take some time to not have girlfriends and boyfriends in the wings. I think remaining in touch is ok, like having each other's permanent contact info, and an email once in a while, but maybe try some time out.

yeah, I know. I mean, there is no reason for me to stop being in touch with him or anything, but I'm not gonna push or anything. This is a guy who was making the moves and was the one who wanted to do something and now he's back to flaky. (btw, I did not think that our little time hanging out last week should negate our actual plans.. uh. whatever.)
Um, not a goddamned thing. I dunno how old you are, Shiny, but you sound young. Move on & let homeboy fall to the wayside cos he isn't over his ex & even though the attraction is mutual, you aren't gonna get doodley squat out of this except heartbreak. Word.

Ophelia, I don't generally shit where I eat as a rule. It always bites me in the ass & there are few things more awkward than having to share cubicle space with somebody that's seen my O face. But work crushies can sometimes be irresistable. I always like keeping them crushies just for the sheer thrill of, "My job sucks & I hate it, but damn, I do get to flirt with XXXX for eight hours. So, I got that going for me." I worked with a guy that I was all about & slyly went about flirting with him *anonymously* for months. He got hamskied at our Xmas party & declared, "I really, really like you, but you don't like me. Why's that?" I confessed that I was the one that had been leaving him little coy messages & he was dumbfounded, but stoked. We had a few weird times after that, but when he quit & finally gave me his number to hang out, he never called me back. Up your ziggy with a wahwah brush, Zippy!

I miss Kal, too! Last I recall, he was smitten, so he's probably hooked up. He's not had time for us, his crushies. Boohoo! I am still annoyed I missed seeing his pic. Yo, Kal, hook a sista up!

Data, I'm gonna agree with you. You don't want this guy. You don't like him, you like how he makes you *feel*. Like you're in some cool sixties Godard film. All Bardot & shit. Sex-ay & wanted. He's talked up his prowess & basically told you he doesn't do long term. I'd say don't fuck him. You'll just feel shitty afterwards. You know this, sug. Hold out for the executive cock or at least wait for one that doesn't make you feel icky.

So my crushie boys:

1) Lcrush. Sweet, sexy, newly unattached. I like flirting with him & I enjoy the fact that I can get him to ignore every other bitch in the house cos he's so smitten. Constantly blowing sunshine up my panties. I'm so smart, I'm so pretty, I'm so funny, he claims I'm "bonafide". Too, too charming! Who doesn't love flattery?

2) Dcrush. Sexy, arty, opinionated in a way that may never get him laid again. I appreciate that he stands by his ideals, but I also know that he won't be getting any action until he learns about compromise. Or to at least lie well while trying to score him some poontang. A shite liar, but he makes me laugh & I always make him feel better. Just not with my hands, mouth, etc.

3) Bobby the younger. What to be said? He's everything HB isn't. He can be so vile, crass, disgusting, & just, well MALE. But then he can be so sweet & endearing that I forget what a creep he can be when he wants to. I almost think the creep thing is an act for my benefit because he likes me so much & wants to keep my attention. Even negative attention is attention.

4) The *NEW* Jcrush. YOUNG. YOUNG. YOUNG! A poet. Basically me with a cock. And we all know what kind of trouble that would be. Killer smile, excellent chops. He knows his shit.

5) Kcrush. Meh. He's okay. He wants to spank me cos I've been naughty & that's always good. Lives in my hood, goes to my local regularly. I've seen him around, he finally made a move a couple weeks ago. The problem (Besides HB.) is that he's my friend's GF's friend & she's a lunatic. Straight up, crazy bizznatch style.

The fucked up thing is that I actively engage all of them even though I am spoken for. I had three of them going at once the other night unbekwownst to them. I can't seem to stop. My lawn is perfectly manicured & I've got one HELL of a pool boy, but I keep peering over the gotdamned fence on the sly. I *know* what's over there. Trouble with a capital T, which rhymes with P, which stands for strange prick up my hoohah.

Oh, & the old Mcrush is back. We talked for five hours on Saturday. The man is a puzzle wrappped in an enigma shrouded in a conundrum. I could be naked in his bed with a bow on my tits & he'd still be confused about what to do. The man loves me, I know this. Always has, always will. We just have different needs, so never the twain shall meet. I still enjoy fucking with his head though, cos he fucks with mine.

Stargazer, so the strange... (Cos that's what we're gonna call him from here on in.) & I have had a... dalliance for quite a while now. Bi-weekly dates for *conversation*. I knew the guy ten years ago & had a MAJOR thing for him then. He was my buddy's flatmate & I saw him nearly naked & passed out in the living room once & HELLZAPOPPIN'! The guy is hung like a mule! He's still got that badboy appeal even though he's corporate & has a family. (I know, I KNOW better. It's not kosher to be fooling about with him, but I've instituted STRICT restrictions on contact between us. I'm not gonna be the other woman. No judgements on those that are/have been, but I'm just not going there. Plus there is the HB to consider & I've already fucked around on him twice. Admittedly, we were not exculsive then, but still. I've fucked around twice.) So, we talk. A lot. Today he sent me the most delightfully FILTHY email. He's dirty, degenerate, nasty, wanton, needy, & incendiary panty burning hot. He wants to fuck me so bad he can taste it. Or me, rather. HAH! Today I can't stop thinking about him with his green silk boxers around his ankles, panting & hard just for me.

I am going to HELL. And I've got a management position with benefits all lined up. Gonna spend eternity shoving pineapples up Hitler's ass.

Zoya, I'ma kick his ass.

That is all.

I guess I'm afraid to get used because of my ex and because I have this intense fear of getting duped and hurt. Everyone really thinks that we are both alot alike. I guess after spending that weekend and the past year being friends, I realized we are alike in some ways. And I think that's what scares me. Like in high school, we had our history and we were on and off friends. And he was always the dork who like a major crush on me. I never really took him seriously. Until we started spending time around one another.

We've talked about hooking up many times, but we don't believe in long distance relationships. That night we talked about it, but he wants a girl that lives is his college town just like I want a guy from my college town. Plus we both have busy schedules in college right now since we are both getting close to graduating. There another problem of him wanting to date girls with the same interests as him or he says, but since we got to college he only dates girls outside of our ethnicity.

Ophelia, I think you're right though. I think that we shouldn't talk for awhile. It just feels weird since we became really close before all this happened.
shinymoonrox - well, i think that if you have this many questions and apprehensions, it pretty much makes it impossible to just jump in there and see what will happen, so I would have to agree with the other girls - back off.

AP - will ya? The boy don't know what he's missin. just sayin. or maybe he suspects....
*AP gets in stance, bounces on the balls of her feet, does some shadowboxing. Takes a few random swings, but gets her haymaker ready.*

I will fly like a butterfly & sting like a bee for ya, doll.

Later... I can't get "Cos I'm a shadow boxer, baby," out of my head.

I have a feeling you could prolly deck him with one swing.
Well, we both know he's not the biggest of fellows. Compared to me he's Polly fuckin' Pocket.
anna k
I read my old crush's Myspace, and before I had seen that he had linked to a clip of an small movie that I had seen and liked in 1997. Now I see his friend, who I also liked, posted a clip of a scene from the Ninja Turtles movie, that I just borrowed from my brother last week, and the scene featured Elias Koteas, who I had a childhood crush on when I was 7. Seeing this makes me want to write, "I know this! Let's hang out sometime!" but it isn't going to happen because I would look like a freak. Still, seeing this stuff makes me slap my forehead and roll my eyes.
Frenchcrush replied to my email and wants us to hang out when he gets back from overseas.'to see the photos'.
He can't email them too me?? NOOooooo he wants me to come over to his house.I'll go cause he's hot.
AP, I can't hang out for executive cock.I wish I could,but I'm not that patient.And you are right I love to feel "all Bardot and shit"!!

My first crushie (the one I was crazy about on here first) called me up on Friday wanting to hang out but I was too tired.I hope he calls back. But not in the next two weeks though. I'm going to be busy improving myself........

((( crushies)))
Data, I'm pretty sure you don't need to improve yourself. I'm sure you're great just the way that you are.

Excuse the cliche-ness.
aaaaaaaww thanx Shinymoonrox!!! smile.gif
I was just thinking about how bummed out you were after you shagged the last cat & he kept you hanging, but I guess if he called, have at it.
hi ladies!! gosh, all that i have to catch up on when i don't check here for a few days. But, am now getting internet at home, so it'll be easier.
so...i mentioned awhile ago that there were a few guys who had been sniffing around, trying to spark some interest, but they had drama going on (like being divorced or recently out of a relationship) ..... the one who is divorced with a kid had a wine tasting at his house over the weekend, so i went over there after work 'cause there were a bunch of people i had not seen in a hot minute there, so it was cool.
so the guy has been telling me that i'm beautiful, that he's been interested in me ever since he first saw me (i met him last summer at another wine tasting; he had a girlfriend at the time), that he really enjoys all the (limited) time we spend together etc thing led to another and we had a sleepover......i just am off balance with this guy 'cause i can't read him, and that's not normal for me - two of my friends have told me that he's involved with some girl who lives in another state; he tells me that this girl in another state is simply his best friend.....i just don't know. there's nothing jumping out at me that makes me think he's lying to me, and my friends don't really have a reason to mislead me, so ...... <shrugs>

ok. on to the DATE. the indian guy called. we met for sushi, had good conversation, went somewhere else for dessert, left there for Dave and Busters, then when D&B closed, we ended up just sitting in the car listening to Bob Marley and talking for a few hours. indian guy was more relaxed at this point that he had been (though he totally denied ever being nervous, but i could tell....i mean heck, first date jitters:-P
so he started playing with my hair as we were talking then he FINALLY kissed me (have i mentioned that he has great, long, soft curly hair??), and he says, i guess you were wondering what was taking so long, and i said no, it's up to you to make the first move, and he said he was thinking to himself, come one! what's taking you so long! do it!
not sure when we are going out again, but at least he was not upset over the fact that i'm adopted - most indian guys want a "traditional" indian it seems as though i have a fighting chance with this one:-P

Oh wow, lots to catch up on! This is going to be long again, sorry.

Ophelia, I agree with being cautious about dating someone you work with, you do have to be prepared to deal with them at work if things don't work out. How closely do you two work together? However, I know a few couples who started out as co-workers and such and it's worked out beautifully. Go for it!

Shinymoon, I don't think I have much to say that hasn't already been said. It does sound like you two should not be any more than friends at this moment or maybe just back off completely for awhile. It sounds like he's pretty confused about things on his end. Also, I think it was totally rude for him to have hit on that waitress in front of you. Whatever your status was, you guys had been more than friendly the night before, to hit on some other girl in front of you the next day is just not cool.

AP crush stories! Yay!! And now I can't stop singing Shadowboxer to myself. Damn yous!!!!

Data, I agree you don't need to improve yourself. I am curious though, what are these improvements you are undertaking.

P_176, good luck with your boy!

Zoya, I hope things work out with you and your dudes. And if someone else is needed to give shyguy a punch to the nose . . . smile.gif

Anna K, depending on the who the person was I would totally be lame like that.

Ok, think I got everyone.

I haven't talked to Crush du Jour since New Year's. I left him a message last week of the "Just saying hi, call if you get a chance" variety. I don't know what to think, I feel like something's up, but I really don't know what it would be. I guess . . . I'm just still kind of weirded out with how he left on New Year's. I'll probably give him a call tomorrow night or the next. If I leave a message and he doesn't call back, I'm going to have to write him off for the time being. I really, really hope I don't have to. Also, a few of his friends added me to their myspace after I met them and we've done the im and messaging thing. If something has gone bad with the Crush, I know it's probably kind of weird for me to be hanging out with them or talking to them a bunch however, I don't know if there is weirdness. Anyway, I guess for now I just go about and do my thing. I'm probably overthinking this all way too much.

This also reminds me that I should call Party Boy. I met him at a party last weekend amidst very heavy drinking. He's called me a few times but I haven't called him back yet. He's cute, could be fun. Here I sit complainging that some dude hasn't called me back and I've left this boy hanging for about a week.
anna k
Anna K, depending on the who the person was I would totally be lame like that.

Yeah, I'm resisting the urge to write given that I last saw the person four years ago and I would look weird.

It's not a big crush, but there's a cute security guard in my building who is small with a shaved head, he looks like Pharrel Williams to me. He's a sweet guy.

Hanging around guys, they are demystified to me and I lose interest in developing crushes. They're just regular dudes to me, nothing I get too turned on about. It's a dissappointment, but that's my reality.
Frenchcrush messaged me on myspace 3 minutes before he boarded his flight.It went something like
"I have three minutes till I get on a plane so have a great time writing music and spare a thought for me not having a piano for 2 weeks"
I was stoked......(umm that's Australian slang for very excited!!) And I've been listening to Edith Piaff ever since.I know I'm lame!!

Can't wait till he gets back!! I've changed my feelings for him again.I was premenstrual when I saw him last........wink.gif

Hmmm Ok the improvments can be read in survivors space in the f word thread.......
Exboy just emailed me and told me he wants to get coffee next week. Hmm...
We shall see. Mcgeek is being a bit of an arse right now.
ah, i haven't reported anything lately 'cause i haven't really left the house much since the depression (and i mean my own!). but, i am slowly getting out. i leave for my internship interviews thursday. hoping to have some cute insta-crushes in san antonio and boston. oh, i'm gonna take a ride to austin one of the days i'm in texas. southern booty! should be nice...

i'm also going back to work. and the whole time i've been off from work....i've been thinking about MagBoy ( how i refer to this customer crush since he comes in to buy magazines all the time). i miss cruising guys at my job.

AP~and so, the harem has begun....

datagrl~well, have fun with frenchman when he gets back.

imdancingbarefoot~get back to Party Boy! i would let Crush Du Jour contact you next. that's jus meh.

sassy~be careful with exboy!
Anna, ooo . . . Pharell look-alike, yum!

Stargazer, just dropped a quick email to Party Boy.

And, um, yeah, I should really be doing more Chemistry homework.
p_176- Glad to know that indian guy had decided to make an exception for ya.

dancingbarefoot- It's good that you've gotten in good with Crush du Jour's buds. Sometimes if you can get close enough to the crush, you can leak their friends for information, unknowingly of course. But also, in those types of situations, I've learned that you have to be careful about getting too buddy-buddy with a guy's buds. I agree that it probably wouldn't be best to talk to Crush du Jour until he contacts you. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that Crush du Jour contacts you soon, but in the mean time, I would be trying to find out what party boy is all about. I dunno, maybe that's just me.

Datagrl-Excited to hear that things are going well.

sassy- I agree with stargazer, beware and be careful.

stargazer- Good luck with her internship interviews!! Don't forget to visit the Riverwalk and the Alamo in San Antonio if you have time. In my opinion, they definitely make San Antonio a place to remember. I have to admit I definitely miss my Texas homegrown boys.

Due to the wonderful innovation called the Internet, I found through one of my networking websites that Moonboy is in yet another relationship. I'm not surprised though since guys tend to believe in order to get over one relationship, they must enter a new one. Yeah, since we made the agreement to back off from one another for awhile, that seems to stand true for the moment. Right now, I'm so intertwined with furthering my career/education, I don't really have a crush to report.

Although, I found out that an old flame still holds the torch for me. Is bad to want to just date someone to just past the time? Or could that just be defined as the essence of dating?
Hello ladies.....I'm baaack!

I apologise for having gone AWOL for the last while, but as was correctly surmised by some of the wise gals, I have been with a lass for a while and have been thoroughly enjoying it....more on that later, but I gotta say, I have missed your insights....and having browsed over the last 5 PAGES or so that I have missed out on, I see that some have missed me... rolleyes.gif *where is the blushy emoticon*...aaaawww!

Ok seems like some have been busier than others *pointing at AP*, and some not so busy *passign glance at sassy* but the crushies continue unabated, good good good!

Well now lets see, the lady who has held my affection for some time has made me smile, we have had no disagreements, had some lovely sex mmmm, some tender and gentle, and sometimes we are in sync for a good ol' fucking....this is fun. This girl comes within minutes of me entering her which is a little odd for me, I know the statistics show that most girls are not able to achieve this, and in my world, this is means I don't get to go down as much *damn shame* but hey, at least we have fun....
recently though, her past is starting to raise it's ugly head....the ex-boyf was booted only a few weeks before we started dating, and everything was cool then, but now it seems it is becoming and issue. I know we are supposed to be supportive of all that happens in the past, but it should not be an issue alll the time right? I have been burned before, so I am more keen to back off from a potentially heartbreaking, but I should be supportive....I feel selfish.....but self-preservation is also a goal for me...

Anyway, I am going to scan the lost forums, and then get on with some crushing......probably with all you girls... tongue.gif and maybe some of the new recruits here....LOL. *jk*.....Hi to all the new ladies, and big kisses *with a hint of tongue* to my usual suspects wink.gif
that's the trouble moonrox--we all try not to let it degenerate into something like "Or could that just be defined as the essence of dating?" but it so often does! Which is why I'm in here more often than the dating threads. I hate lowering my standards.

In any case: does anyone remember Sonic from a couple years back? He was from work and I didn't have problems. I had a major thing for him--we flirted hardcore for over 9 months until we -ahem- resolved the issue in his truck on our lunch break one day. That was the end of it, and that's all I wanted it to be. So I'm pretty sure it'd be ok, if I ever do get around to getting with this chap. Meh, I'm already kind of over it. On to another. But I'd still like to get laid.

ps! loves to you crushies, I'm falling asleep here!
<sigh> indian guy is having a death in the family, and so all his relatives are coming over from india, so i am not sure if he's breaking it off (already), or if he's just offering me a way out, since he'll be so busy over the next few weeks.....
delurks to go hug



I'm in an LTR but I still have crushes. Nay cheating. Just crushes. Flirting makes people feel appealling, does it not?

I just wanted to pop in and say hi to KAL!!!!

Sorry to all the crushies, I havent been reading here much on account of the drama in other threads...I must get caught up later...good vibes for everyone though!!!

(no crushes for me,...well, one possibility I have to investigate more)
A big hug to KAL!!

Considering not seeing exboy, but still not sure... In my mood right now, I know there would be fucking b/c the sex with Mcgeek has dried up.

I just want to flirt again.

((hugs to all my crushies))
HI KAL!!!!

**does drive by kiss blowing**

Sassy, I can totally agree with you about just wanting to flirting again.

It's funny because this time last year, I had like a ton of crushes. This year, I have like none. Just can't seem to run into a guy that's worth crushing on.

I'm starting to wondering if I've become numb to guys at the moment. Is that even possible?

BTW, hello Kal, it's nice to meet ya.
~squeals and bounces~ I just talked to Crush du Jour! I just talked to Crush du Jour!!!!! ~more silly happy dances~

Ok, so I haven't been in here for awhile (damn Chemistry) and I need to catch up.

The famous Kal! He is back! Hello, I'm one of the newbies. What issues are coming up with your lady's ex-boy?

I think dating is about having fun. And booty. ~grins~

p_176: Bummer about Indian guy. Are you looking for a way out?

Hey wombat! Definitely agree on the flirting thing. And you know what they say . . . just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu. ~grins~

Greenbean! Do tell more about potential crush!

Ok, so yeah. Seems the drama with Crush du Jour was all in my head. He just finished moving and I'm probably going to go check out his place later this week depending on how things go with the other things I need to do this week. I emailed Party Boy and he emailed back, I'm going to give him a call in a week or so when some of my life drama settles down.

And now I should probably return to the Chemistry. ~grumbles~

~hugs all the crushies~

~squeals and bounces~ I just talked to Crush du Jour! I just talked to Crush du Jour!!!!! ~more silly happy dances~

Ok, so I haven't been in here for awhile (damn Chemistry) and I need to catch up.

The famous Kal! He is back! Hello, I'm one of the newbies. What issues are coming up with your lady's ex-boy?

I think dating is about having fun. And booty. ~grins~

p_176: Bummer about Indian guy. Are you looking for a way out?

Hey wombat! Definitely agree on the flirting thing. And you know what they say . . . just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu. ~grins~

Greenbean! Do tell more about potential crush!

Ok, so yeah. Seems the drama with Crush du Jour was all in my head. He just finished moving and I'm probably going to go check out his place later this week depending on how things go with the other things I need to do this week. I emailed Party Boy and he emailed back, I'm going to give him a call in a week or so when some of my life drama settles down.

And now I should probably return to the Chemistry. ~grumbles~

~hugs all the crushies~
Ok, I think I'm all caught up but forgive me if I accidentally leave anyone out...

p_176, just be patient and understanding with Indian guy, he probably just needs family time right now.

opelia, I had a similiar thing to what you and sonic had. I worked with this one guy and there was sexual tension for years before we finally got together,..but afterwards it was like 'thats it'? Wasn't something I cared to repeat, but it was a relief to get it outta the way.

shinymoon, I too am having a chrushie drought, but when it rains it pours, and hopefully the rainy season is coming up!

Sassy! What happened with McGeek?!? Or did you post about it some place else?

Kal, AP, Data, glad y'all are gettin some action, well, with AP I wouldnt expect anything less..(and Data I think the term 'stoked' is universal tongue.gif )

Zoya, sucks about Shyguy, persisely why I avoid shy guys. Too wishy washy.

Stargazer, hope you met some mens on your travels!

Imdancing, hope the silly dances continue!

And since you asked, I know very little about potential crush.
I just moved to L.A from San Francisco, and I'm trying to get into the bicycle scene here (I used to ride with a 'gang' in SF, and like to join/start one here). Anyway, hes a bike guy (and I mean in the punk rocker sort of way, not the spandex Lance Armstrong type) and when I met him we talked about forming a gang. We were at a party and an old punk song came on and we were debating who sang it, I said The Weirdos, he said The Screamers. After going back and forth "Weirdos!" "Screamers!" several times, he blurts out "Ok I'll thumb war you!" it was so cute and silly and totally sent a spark through me. Naturally, he won because his thumb was twice as big as mine, but as you know about me I like me some dominant men so with that small gesture, perhaps without knowing, he signaled to me that he is not the type to 'let me win'....but, it gets better, being the brat that I am I pointed out that just because he beat me in thumb war does not mean hes right about the song, so I set out to find the party-thrower. Sure enough, party-thrower says it WAS The Weirdos, and I was right! Potential crush laughs in humble defeat, showing that he can handle a woman being right. Anyway, being that it was a party we both started intermingling with other groups and when the girl I came with wanted to leave, I couldnt see where he was and didnt say goodbye.

I may never see him again, but since the bike community is quite small here, (its hell-A, everyone drives) I have a feeling we'll cross paths again. I hope. If anything to find out if he is really crushworthy or just a good bike-buddy to have.


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