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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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OMG. I am soooooo tempted to take Zoya over to meet he who shall be formerly known as Jcrush. Let her see the purdy motherfucker for herself.
Ok,so just as I was getting over being crazy about Dr Crush he sends me an sms this morning at 8AM???
Hope you had a good christmas.Best wishes for the new year.
I thought maybe he sent it to everyone in his phone??It wasnt personally addressed to me or anything. This guy is soooooo hard to read.
About a week ago I sent him an sms and got no reply??
He is so hot and is totally playing with me.
This sux.
That said I met another guy online last night.He has the cutest lips.I wasnt that attracted to his pic at first but no, he deffinatly has the cute factor going on.And he has an earing.I love earings on guys.
Time will tell I guess.......

I wanna see Jcrush! so I can report in.. (and it's always nice to have some nice scenery to look at, hahaha)
Fer reals, though. I think only Stargazer & Katiebelle have seen him. He's purdy. And the really fucked up thing is that he's smart & funny & cool. Hot guys aren't supposed to be delightfully dorky. He even texted me a Merry Xmas today!
merry christmas/happy holidays everyone!
My myspace crushies have died down... Boo.

I hope everyone had a great holiday! smile.gif
ah, but the hottest guys are dorks.

yeah, the dude formerly known as J Crush is purdy.

i think zoya should see him in person. in the quote a blondie song. then she could report back into us.

wow. we should so covert here, huh?

what happened to kal?
yes! I have to call AP - AP I will call you tomorrow, if you are reading this!

I will report back if I see him in the flesh. I will also report on AP and actually getting to meet her!

maybe kal is busy getting some from the girl he was smitten with!

So, the neighbor has been sniffing around again. He's been quite worried about my ankle & all & has volunteered to do everything for me. Laundry, even.

Don't let my answering machine freak you out, Zoya. I still think I have the number you called from last time & I have your cell, too.

We won't be able to see him until Saturday unless I call him & bug him. His days off started today. He is single again, natch. Tossed his gf's shit out when he found out she cheated on him.

Of course with the fabulous *new* blizzard coming to town who knows.
well, we'll figure it out... somehow!

yeah, what's up with this new blizzard? Back to back blizzards never happen here. it's usually one bllizzard, then weeks of sun with just a few flurries here and there. Global warming my ass.
Not to mention this one is coming in waves. If I didn't know SoCal was gonna fall intot he ocean one day, I'd move.
i havent been around in a bit, just crazy cause of the holiday season, but i wanted to wish all the crushies happy holidays. and yes, Jcrush is smokin'. yummmyyyy zoya i am jealous you get to see him in the flesh. please report back to tell us if indeed AP has, what i suspect, is the willpower of a goddess bc she hasnt hooked up with someone that hot. yikes!
hi katie (and all) well I haven't seen jcrush in the flesh yet.... there was a snowstorm for the last two days that stopped everything in the city.. so I haven't been able to hook up with AP yet. BUT the snow is done, the sun is out... so hopefully she'll call me (*hint, hint*) and we'll hook up / I'll get to see Jcrush. I will report back fo sho.

ok, so here is a new one.. so I've been talking a little more with shyguy, and I feel like just about everything he says (or at least a lot) I agree with, or am into. There have been a couple times when I've mentioned something I'm into and he likes it too. I'm totally being myself, but in a way I feel like he might think I'm being disingenuous - trying to be like "ooh, I like that too" But I'm not. I know that's kinda stupid, but I get all weird when I think it might be mistaken that I'm that girl that is all sucking up to a guy by figuring out what he likes and morphing into it. I'm sooo not. In fact, I tend to be not only NOT afraid to disagree with a guy, but actually kind of WANT to disagree sometimes to keep that balance. (maybe I'm weird) It just seems that we like a lot of the same stuff and agree on certain things. I guess there's nothing I can do about it, but ick, it makes me really uncomfortable. Anyway, whatever, I guess. All I can do is be me.
Shee-it. I've been slacking. You're out & about by now... lunch tomorrow?
ugh! I'm going snowshoeing with a friend and I think I"m gonna stay at her place (it's up in the foothills) dammit! dammit!

Damn, snowshoeing!?! I'm at my folks place in the OC and its hard to believe that its actually WINTER in most of the country. I'm going to the beach today! Granted, I won't be in a bikini,..maybe I'll go sandshoeing! (ok, that was dumb)

So, no crushes for me. I'm in transition right now, going from SF girl back to LA girl, staying in OC til I find the right apartment in the city. Never been much of an OC girl so I've been really anti-social this week. I did have a little fling with a majorly cute German right before xmas. He was visiting my German friend in SF and they offered to help me move down. We bonded in the car, talking about politics (he works for German public radio and was in Guatamala for 3 months covering a story about the Guatamalan/Mexican border. The guy can speak German and English AND Spanish...yeah, I felt like a dumb American). He had serious dry humor and was extremely polite (did I mention cute?) I knew right away I wouldnt be against a little *wink wink* but I figured he wasnt interested. Germans are very mysterious that way. Well, eventually he told with a very stoic face that he "found me enchanting" (hee) and things sort of fell into place after that. He's gone back to home, so now he is just another international pen pal (keyboard pal).

Send me crushie-vibes to LA! I think I'm going to start hanging out at the deli where newly-available Adam Brody hangs out tongue.gif I've always had a thing for funny Jewish boys. And funny British boys,..I wonder where they have out..hmmm..

Have fun in the winter wonderland most of you seem to be in!!! and Happy New Year!! biggrin.gif
hey crushies--I'm jealous of AP and zoya for even getting the chance to meet up...2 of the coolest Busties ever...

I'm waiting around for my NYE date to call (he's supposedly calling in an hour and a half, so I'm just spinning my my wheels and trying to decide whether or not to put on some make-up). My date, FCrush, is somebody I've known socially for almost a year. Whenever we are at the same gathering, we end up huddled in a corner talking for a long time. Friends are always like, 'when are you and F gonna really hook up?' but he's never made a move of any kind. 'though I like him and obviously have lots in common w/him...there's just no big spark...not enough to motivate me to be making any moves.

And I actually have a cold sore right now, so I'm not giving out New Year's kisses. Cripes.

The old Workcrush has been in touch...I got some mushy "i love you" merry x-mas texts from him and some late night calls that I missed 'cause I had the phone turned off. But I'm pretty sure he's either drinking heavily or strung out again and I gotta stay away from that mess. But I do miss the messed-up fool.

Here's to new crushes for the new year for all of us....
Sweet Jebus! Zoya & I stayed up on the phone crazy late & didn't manage to hook up. SIGH. SADNESS.

So I ran into old school Ccrush. Still dreamy. Still way too young.

Hung out with my bud N, his CRAZY gf's friend digs me. I dunno why. Can't seem to shake him. I got his number at his insistance, but I'm not gonna call him. He wants to spank me. I likes my spankies.

Met deliciously shy boy. He plays oboe. He is a dork. I likes him.

HB bought me the most beautiful winter white herringbone coat for Xmas, jammies, too. The jammies are WAY too big, but I appreciate the thought. The coat is PERFECT, though.
someday AP and I are GONNA meet up. DAMMIT. yick.

First email of the year (wishing happy new year): shyguy. 12:15 am. Hopefully a good start to the year.

yay for nice guys buying nice presents! ('cause there's nothing wrong with being treated like a lay-dee)

So a bit of a catch up......
The first time I posted here I was a crazy grrll...some of you may remember.It was my first real online meet in real life crushie.Anyway we met up I fell for him them he got all weird and wanted me just as a fuck buddy.That was when I was living with my parents.So now I have my own apartment and my own piano (ive played since I was seven) So I'm playing the piano and who should call on my cell but him.I had actually erased his number in some sort of disgust.So he invited me to the movies.He came over saw my piano and apartment,we saw a movie,got a pizza....had sex!! And it was good tender like sex.He wanted to keep going but it was fruitless..when I cum, I cum,I can't continue, end of story.So we had a fight about that and he left.
Then he writes me this long email,saying that I'm selfish ect ect and that sex is not all about coming.
There is a very strong attraction between us and I emailed him back and told him that everything was ok and that I;d like to do him again.He is soo hot.....
So while he was here I got a call from this other guy from the dating site that im on.
This guy is the real deal.He's french,a doctor of science and the hottest kisser I have ever had.
This man is the shit!!!I've met him twice,the second time last night.We met in a cafe then went to this huge bookshop in the city.They don't close till late and just as well becuase we were there for ages.He showed me some science books and it made me very excited.Brains completely turns me on.We talked about politics,relationships,activism,love,self harm...alot of stuff.When we got out onto the street I comented about the full moon, it was at that point that he took my hand in his and kissed me so deep and with so much passion that I could've cried with happiness.We continiued to kiss as we walked down the street.Then had dinner at a Japanese restaurant.Afterwards he walked me to my car,and then I drove him to his where we kissed again and again.When he got out of my car he came up to my side and kissed me again......
When I got home I had to change my panties such was the state they were in.............
jeal-ous. awesome for you datagirl! french doctor sounds perfect really.... and i will be the first to admit, there is nothing like a good kisser and what it can do to you. usually, it makes me unable to control myself;)
Totally Katiebelle,
He told me his name on myspace and so I messaged him there and wished him a happy birthday (he was 43 yesterday, I'm 29).I've always gone out with older guys.They just turn me on.I think it may be the knowledge and experience thing.I told him that I wanted to kiss him again in the message and he got back to me and said "if you play your'e cards right ;-)" he's so cheeky.He turns me on,I know I said that before!!!
Crushie vibes for all Busties!!!!
I have a date with shyguy next week.

that is all.
Finally! Did he suck it up or did you do the honors?
he did. even after i had to ask him to change plans twice because of conflicts.
Good for you, zoya! So, next month: hand holding? biggrin.gif

AP, how goes it with HB? Settled into domestic tranquility? (you know, I can't even *picture* that tongue.gif )

datagirl, your Frenchman sounds lovely! Remember, slow and steady....

sassy, is McGeek still being McPissypants?

new crushes!!
1) indian guy with gaw-geous long curly hair. we've been emailing a lot - met him on friendster
2) i work at a wine store pt, and this guy came in a few times (he's from miami but moving up here to md), and we were talking over a wine tasting (i was working, he was tasting), and i asked him for his phone number, and we may go out this weekend:-)

the other guy i've been seeing, he is hinting that he wants it to be more serious, so we are pondering how that would work, since he also lives in another state.....

if i ever find a great guy and <gasp> settle down, it will be shocking:-)
Just popping in to say: auralpoison, you were in my dream last night!! Weird. You weren't doing anything in particular except surprising me (both about seeing you IRL and about how you looked IRL... much less girly than I apparently thought, in my dream).

Ok, to add something on-topic: I'm newly single again and free to crush away, guilt-free. There don't seem to be any good prospects, though. I did meet a very pretty boy yesterday (who I approached, tres suave, go me!) but he lives across the nevermind. But who knows-- maybe someone else will stumble into my path and send me reeling straight into this thread!

I'm brand new to this thread and, um, well, I'll just get right to this. I have a boyfriend, we've been together for almost 5 years but it's . . . a weird sort of relationship. We were friends, hooked up after a party, been together ever since. He moved to LA for work in March (I live about 2-3 hours away). Anyway, I know this is supposed to be about crushes and I am getting there, I promise! Few things about current relationship: it's always been an open relationship, he says he will never fall in love (although he likes me quite a bit), and . . . ah, I guess that's the important stuff.

So, that's boy number 1. Boy number 2 is . . . well, yeah, he qualifies for fuck buddy status. I met him at my friend's "Lost" nights, we got to be friends, hung out one on one at the beginning of December did some drinking and . . . things happened. Very, very good things. ~grins~ These things have happened on a few other occasions and it seems they are very likely to happen again. At the moment this is quite solidly in friend-I-occasionally-get-naked-with category and that seems to be fine with us both, I'm not really interested in pursuing any kind of romantic relationship with him at this time which brings me to . . .

Boy number 3. Crush du Jour. I met this guy many years ago when we both were in theatre at the community college. I had a bit of a crush on him then but I was very much in love with my boyfriend at the time so we were just friends. We went on to other colleges, ran into each other here and there, that whole thing. Then he found me on myspace. We exchanged messages and hung out in person in September. Heavy flirting all night, pub closed and our conversation continued in my car which then led to . . . other things. Turns out he had a major crush on me back in the day. I'm stupidly happy and grinning like a dork and also bummed because I wouldn't be able to see him for a few months. He was traveling in Eurpoe from September until the very end of November. A few weeks after he got back we hung out again and made out in HIS car. So . . yeah, we don't see each other real often, like once a week or so and there has been some drama which was solved. Last time I saw him was New Year's Eve which was kind of weird and I'm wondering if some other drama has somehow cropped up. I guess we'll see. I feel so goofy, dorky about this guy, like I'm in high school, I didn't know it was still possible to feel like this. :-) It's also such a weird thing . . . I've known this guy for a long time but not really. We were friends awhile back but not super close and there have been a good 5, 6 years between then and now with lots of life experiences and such so it's like meeting someone totally new too, you know?

Anyway, um, thanks for reading all this, I hope this isn't off-topic or anything. I'm not really looking for advice on this or anything right now, just somewhere to talk about all this. The boys are on Myspace and/or Livejournal so . . . yeah, I'm not really posting any of this.
Man, I would kill to have an even semi-persuable crush right now. One of our actors at work is a total hottie (gak, that sounded a bit Cosmo-esque), but I think he's too wrapped up in looking like a Ken doll to take seriously.
So does that mean if you pull down his pants he has a molded lump of plastic in the front & the word "Mattel" stamped on his ass? HAH!

ZOYA! HELLS YES! They have plans for Monday night, ya'lls. We best be getting details, yo. And promptly!

Octi, what did I look like? I'm not very girly IRL. I can be, but I'm lazy as hell. I went out with HB Thursday, wore a black silk blouse with short princess sleeves & a bow in front, jeans, red crocodile heels, & my spiffy HB bought new white coat. Big red suede handbag. I'm curious....

So He Who Shall Be Formerly Known got canned. I'm the first person he told. We've been texting all night. I've got to kick this addiction.

New crusher. K. He's nice enough, but I'm not really down. He does know that my lipgloss tastes like marshmallows. I wouldn't let him spank me, though. No matter how many times he asked. And asked forcefully.

Oboe guy. I have a crush on a male nurse/teacher/oboe player. He's painfully cute. And shy. And unassuming. And he thinks I'm so pretty that I have the "power to melt men's eyes".

Married guy. I've had an on going dalliance with a married guy. The only reason it hasn't come to fruition is because I won't let it. I almost succumbed last night.

Ran into old Ccrush. He misses me. Still cheesy, still gorgeous as hell.

HB & I have been having drama. I don't deal with long distance well & his sabbatical has been stressing me out. I've needed him what with my ankle & all, but he's not been here for me. Plus, he harps on me for some of my more base habits. It's not like I'm unaware, I just don't need to be reminded. A regular fucking nag, he is.
...actually we already did a little bit of hanging out. Just a bit. As in neither one of us being able to sleep a few nights ago, texting, then getting together to watch some TV at 3 am. Shyguy is nice. Shy, yes. (well not quite so shy when he's on his own territory, I've discovered, but still kinda shy) The verdict is still out on him, but I like him.

hey AP - how did you know we have plans for Monday? Are you a secret agent?
You told me, you dork! Your bestest friend was in from MA, so screw weekend plans with shy guy. Hence Monday. I say milkshakes at the Cozy, but that's just me. Does he do dairy?
oh yeah, duh. I dunno. I feel like ass, though. I was hungry in the middle of the night, so I actually got dressed, walked down the street, and ate a big ass stir fry. I feel like I have a rock in my stomach. How come when uber late night eating is fueled by alchohol, it's no problem, but when it's just eating, it makes you feel like ass?
AP, in my dream you had real short medium-dark brown hair (maybe it's something they call "ash brown" on hair dye boxes) that was styled really plainly, no makeup, and were sort of short and stocky. I remember thinking that I would have expected you to have more of what I'll now call a "vamp" look-- dramatic eye makeup, red lips, long black 1940s-styled hair, and so on. Which is closer? smile.gif

BTW- your date outfit sounds fuckin' hot.

Nothing OT to add (sorry!). I've decided I'm tres happy without romance/sex in my life for now so I don't anticipate lots of giddy crushiness. But have fun and best of luck to you all!
Zoya! Have a blast tonight!
Frenchcrush phoned me on Saturday!!!
He has THE sexiest voice on the phone.I gave him my home number as his cell was hard to hear.So he called me back and we talked about my music and his students ect......Then I asked him if he had a nice time with me the other night (lotsa passionate kissing mmmm)He said is was fantastiiic!! Yknow in that french way!! Then I asked of he'd like to do it again...he said yes!!
He's going to Vietnam next week so we've arranged to meet up sometime this week.We didn't make any official plans.I'm killing myself playing this cool and calm!!! I just want to jump his bones already!!

I hope he calls...... cool and calm,cool and calm.......
i have a date with the indian guy on friday night. unfortunately i'm working until 930 so we're not meeting until around 10....i suggested going out for tapas, or to play pool somewhere....any other late-night-first-date ideas? that don't involve drinking?
no go on the shyguy date last night. Shyguy was busy (although I did not know this...) He texted me halfway through the day to tell me so, but didn't make any other plans. I didn't text him back. (I was busy and didn't really want to text back just off the cuff) haven't heard back from him, although I sent him a friendly email this morning (nothing to do with getting together, just something random and friendly sort of halfway responding to his text) so. Who knows. We get along great. I'd like to see the guy - I honestly think that he's just kinda flakey - not that that excuses it or anything - but I don't think it's malicious or thought out. I just think he's kinda spacy and weird. who knows. so. there you go. I'm hoping I'll see him at some point, but I'm not gonna do all the work.
zoya~he sounds kinda flakey to me. and, i would've been pissed that he "texted" you instead of calling you to cancel plans. are people that socially incompetent that they cannot call people anymore?!? sorry, i am annoyed with people who utilize texting as their main way of communication. i would get yourself out there and spread your sweet stuff around. get that dust off your shoulder...

imdancingbarefoot~um, you know i want to stalk his myspace page since i'm on there too, you know. myspace is great for stalking crushes. it sounds like you are having fun with alot of crushes. happy flirting!

datagrl~frenchman sounds awesome. i hope things work out.

p_176~there's bowling. or, the good coffee stand-by. let us know how things go for you!

AP~are you starting up a harem early for the spring season?!?
yeah, I know. well, our main mode of communication has been via text and email as we both are texting kinda people. So there is a precedent for that. However, he does have my number - and he didn't exactly cancel - it was just like "unfortunately, I had to do .....etc" I didn't get back to him until a lot later. It's kinda just back to the surface emails again, (he's shot me a couple random ones) I'm like "whatever" I would like to see him / hang out. I think he's a genuinely cool guy (albiet flaky) but at the moment I'm not sure if I want to shoot him an invite for a drink or something. (and BTW, the only reason I would do that is because I'm only in town for a few more days before I have to leave on a work project for a few weeks)
I have a date with Frenchcrush tonight!! I'm going over to his place first then we're going to the beach near where he lives.He heard my songs on myspace and wrote back saying 'wow your songs are gorgoeus' or something like that.... I really want to jump this guy so much so that I'm squeezing my thighs together just thinking about it!! Is it too early to do it on the third date??? rolleyes.gif
I know that if we kiss like we did the other night AND we are somewhere private,it's inevitable really.

Crushie vibes for all busties!!
Y'know, I've always been of the mind that if we both want to do it & we both know we're disease free, then we do it. I feel weird imposing a time limit on it. As long as everybody's got a clean bill of health go for it.

Poor Zoya! Hiatus is almost over & dude still hasn't gotten it together. I'ma text-kick his skinny, pale behind!

Stargazer, doll, I'm grooming them as we speak. I gots me five little crushie mens. A little flattery & they eat from the palm of your hand. Suckers!

Bobby the Younger wants to babysit me during my recovery & come to hospital with me. So does Bobby the Elder(HB). I think I'll just take my iPod, a book, & have one of the guys drop me off/pick me up.

thanks AP. I know. he's killing me. the thing is, when we spent some time together, it was totally easy and a great hang out. whatever. it will be if it's to be. it will be fine. to be continued.....

(but you can come kick his little ass, AP!! tell him that zoya is da shit and there ain't no foolin about that!)

hell, datagirl, go for it if it feels right. I mean I didn't go there with shyguy because it just didn't feel right since we hadn't really spent any time together at that point. However, if there is a 3rd date ever, you bet your sweet ass I'll be all up in that.

AP, you are such the pimp. play-on playa...
have not really talked to my date for tomorrow night - i'm a little nervous that he might stand me up....

So I had a 'date' with frenchcrush last night.A bit of a disapointment.I went over to his house.It's very nice,but like a childrens playhouse.One room had all of these toy figurines in it.Wall to wall starwars.
In the middle of the room was this toy model of god knows what.I really tried to keep an open mind.But he's 43,like cmon!! This didn't bother me as much as the fact that his whole house seemed to screem I"M STAYING SINGLE GOD DAMN IT!!!
Then we went to the beach had fish and chips then he starts talking about the time when he was interested in S&M and invloved in swinging ect.He's not looking for a long term relationship (long-term for him is six months) fine,we have different values.We did have quite a snogging session in my car though.But I just wasn't feeling it.
I was a bit intimidated with all the sex stuff that he's done.But then S&M does nothing for me,neither does pushing the envelope sexually.So I begin again.But for now I think I'll have a little rest. wink.gif
Zoya ~ Bummer about the no-go on the Shyguy date, hopefully you'll be able to get together another time.

P_176 ~ Good luck with the date tomorrow night! I'm sure it will go great! Has he called yet?

Stargazer ~ If you'd like I can message you their page addresses. ~grins~

Datagirl ~ Bummer that Frenchie was a let-down. I want to hear your music!

AP ~ Damn, I thought I had my hands full! ;-)

Ok, so I'm wigging out a little about Crush du Jour (he was #3). I haven't talked to him since New Year's Eve. Well, New Year's Day technically. It isn't that weird, it's been over a week and we usually only talk once a week when we're talking about getting together. Sometimes it would be a little longer, like when the holidays happened and all. Thing is, I have this suspicion that there is maybe something weird going on. I don't know if it's just that I'm paranoid because I am really digging on the boy or if i should actually be worried. There were some other issues resulting in weirdness awhile back but that was all settled. Anyway, New Year's Eve Crush du Jour invited me to his friend's place to hang out. My sister and I met him there. It was really small, him and four of his friends, another girl who came by later. Crush du Jour and I were quite cozy and good and we kept taking some lovely little walks outside. :-) After midnight we took one, talking . . . and such . . . then he goes "Ok, well, I'm going to take off." I was a little surprised, I figured he'd at least go inside and say bye to his friends but he just took off. So, I go back inside, the friends who were still there were like, "Where did he go?" I told them he left and . . . the rest of the night is quite fuzzy for me after that. I think I may have been kind of obnoxiously drunk but my sister said I was only really annoying her.

Anyway, it just seems weird to me that he just took off like that, I keep wondering if there was something that set it off but . . . nothing. I mean, there was copious amounts of alcohol but my brain gets real fuzzy after he left. Also, his friends are all great but I had only met those people once or twice before, I thought it was kind of rude that he just took off. I finally called him on Tuesday and left him a message. I haven't heard back yet but I'm pretty sure he's moving this week (he's been at his parents since he got back from Europe) so he could be waiting until he's done with that, I don't know. I'm sure this is all in my head but . . . I guess I'm paranoid.

Ack! Confusing boys! I swear I have, like, forgotten how to date or something.
To quote Carlito's Way, "Well, I guess I'm a workaholic."
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jan 11 2007, 05:51 PM) *

To quote Carlito's Way, "Well, I guess I'm a workoholic."

lol, I love it!
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