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Full Version: is it called a crush because that's what it does to you?
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Aural poision, awesome! So jeolous! Keep us posted....
AP, now what about his CD collection?
Online crush boy is coming back in a few weeks! Also, have new crush on a guy who I'm going to Sonic Youth show with... :-)
YEEEHAAAAAAAAAW AP. hahaha ex football players, lol what did i tell ya:-) and you arent a slut. ha. I.LOVE. IT
I haven't called him yet, but by his age alone I figure his CD collection is probably heavy with Zep & the Dead. Probably classical, too. If he's down with the Who, I'm a goner. Hell, if he's got the Captain & Tenille, I can overlook it. Fuck. I am such a WHORE. Ex-ex is gonna have such drama about this. He *knew* I had the hots for hot boss. Why invite me to spend time with said hot boss? Hot boss knows me as 'the one who got away & I'll regret it for the rest of my life'. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuckity fuck fuck. I want to bang him like a screendoor in a hurricane!

In other crushie news, Jcrush is gonna fuck me soon. I'm very raw with him & he seems to like it. We spent two hours or so dancing around the issue today. I'm gonna fuck him, I'm gonna fuck him, I'm gonna fuck him! I'ma dirty his vanilla ass up!
hahahahahaha like a screen door in a hurricane. that was amazing. seriously, where do you come up with these sayings?

Now I want to make out with someone in a car. I love doing stuff in cars.

FWIW, aural, I actually think you showed impressive restraint, but maybe that's just me... :-) Sounds like a fun night.

a crush update! actually... a multiple crush update:

1. workboy - i'm still very smitten, and still very in love, and still adore our dynamic. and I'm seriously thinking of quitting this job (proceeding to post in work rants after this), so this could actually work! Now I'm not sure if I want it to work. See next point.

2. myspacer - this guy messaged me on myspace because he found my paintings sexy. There are no pictures of me there, so he actually wanted to comment on the work. He's also a male version of me, we spent the entire weekend talking online and it's serioulsy scary. Same interests, same books, same music, same websites, same sense of humour, same everything... and he looks so much like my ex (love of my life) that it's frightening. So now I'm inviting him out to a jazz joint with me and friends tonight. Send me crush vibes because if he's a loser, I'll be heartbroken. I also got new pink satin sheets this weekend (pms impulse shopping), so all kinds of thoughts are running through my little head. I'll be devastated if he's an asshole. Deeply devastated.

Now - I'm jealous of that incredibly sexy car story. It makes me want to go and rant in frustration. My love life recently has been reducing to crushing on people.
I am *boycrazy*. They're all lookin' pretty good right now.

He called! He called! He called! He left a nice message & I'll see him later this week.

In other crushie news... hung out with the Tcrush last night & made Jcrush jealous. He even admitted it! WTF? All of the sudden I am awesome & having to turn them away. I dunno what gives, but I ain't complaining...
Heh. AP, I think it's that time of the year. My online crush (which may turn into something serious...) sent me a really sweet email. I just found out that he may be able to be my plus one for a work party next month... (see more in Long distance/online relationships thread).

Music crush and I are heading to Sonic Youth next week :-) He has such a sexy voice.... and a great taste in music.

Myspacer crush also wants to take me to dinner to celebrate my new job...

Not complaining one bit... :-)

gah...........i have developed a crush on one of my newest, dearest, closest friends. like hardcore. we made out once a few months ago, but i think it may have been a fluke, and since then we have had numerous awesome friend-adventures (many trips involving sleeping in the same bed--agony!) and i do not know what to do. i do not want to ruin the friendship because it is SO GOOD....but maaaaaan. i have a crush. and i feel like the more we hang out as friends and the more beds we sleep in together, the more resentful i'm'na get about it. urgh.

AP--Still jeolous about car story. That's so rad!

Online crush is being all guy about it and not knowing what the hell he wants from me or life, so I'm still going to crush on the other two....So stoked to being seeing Sonic Youth next week!
mouse, how do you do that? i could not, NOT sleep in the same bed as a crushie without finding a way to take full advantage of morning arousal. no WAY. they're just so freaking vulnerable right then. hint hint
i luv you AP! You know you always have your game on!

i know what you mean though about men who are not intimidated by a strong woman...i remember making a comment to a guy telling him how i can't play stupid, i'm too smart for my own good...and he said something like,"you're doing ok." damn. i liked that. makes me feel good.

oh...and the old boss man sounds hot. such a turn on. in the words of fall out boy, "sugar you're going down..." yeah, you're crushin on him big time...

and wasn't this from the woman who said she is only the crushee...not the crusher. lol much props AP!
Sassy, you are strong, warm, & in command. Make that shit yours! I'm catching Sonic Youth with the Tcrush...

Sybarite, had there not been a large Maglite smacked into the window... muchmuchdirtydirtynastynastyshaggyshaggy!

Stargazer, in flames, girl. IN FLAMES! Burning wreckage is imminent!

Mouse, I agree with Pepper. She's a smart gal! Listen to her! SMARTNESS! How do you? I mean? Morningwood! I have a strong Circadian rhythm, so I always woke up before my ex did. I was like, fuck the coffee. Waking him up by blowing/mounting him was awesome! You are made of stronger stuff than I.

Also, Jcrush is very much a friend first & a hump second. I'd LOVE to fuck him, but somehow, I think he deserves better from me. Cripes. I think I may be developing a *SOUL*.

I wanted to call Boss Man so bad today to enumerate the ways that I could violate him nine ways to Sunday (With my mouth alone.), but I refrained. I don't want to seem too over eager. Yes, I all but raped his mouth (And anything else I could get my hands on!) last week, but I'm feeling bashful now.
mouse, i am RIGHT there with you. That has happened to me (still is a year later) with my crush. slept in the same bed a few times, been hammered together countless times aaaaaand still nothing. hes my best friend, and its all i can do not to jump on him an rip off his clothes when hes merely standing next to me. ugh. sucks.
Fuck. E doesn't have money to go to Sonic Youth. I'm hoping to go with my My Space crush instead. Either way, it will be a kick ass show.

AP, How is Boss Man?

There's a Viggo Morrision lookalike that works in the library of our building, that I would be all sexy librarian to in a fucking heartbeat. He doesn't work in my direct building, but the building across the way. I wish to hell I could come up with an excuse to go visit him again. I wanted to rearrange his card catalog something fierce!

I can tell it's summer, I'm hornier than hell lately...
We're having lunch & going to the Natural History Museum. He hasn't seen the Bodyworlds exhibit. Squee! The perfect date. Food & dead, plastinated people. Here's to hoping we make out in the Hall of Gems. Nobody's ever in there...
beware AP. A male friend told me that after he saw all the exposed testicles at the Bodyworlds exhibit, he couldn't perform sexually for a week...
He's a doctor & I'm *VERY* persuasive... I think we'll be a-okay.
auralpoison, I lurk in this thread and I must say that I am happy to live vicariously through you. Please keep the steamy stories coming and write a book for god's sake! An intelligent and true romance novel, would sell like hotcakes!
AP, we have an exhibit like that here called Bodies. I'm thinking of going, I may take the online boy in a few weeks. :-) Have fun!
hey sassy let me know how that is. i heard its good but i am also kinda freaked out about how it might gross me out big time.
I want a crush, too! Y'all sound like you're having so much carefree fun.

I'm considering letting myself crush on my (twenty-something grad student) teacher, in large part just so's I have something to keep me from dwelling on my impending break-up with the boyfriend. (It's gonna be some sad stuff.) I'm trying to figure out if crushing on this dude is either a.) dumb and bad for me, since he's my teacher and probably off-limits, and/or b.) unethical, even though we're not going to *do* anything at all... after all, I'm not officially broken up (yet). Hm...
octinox-people have crushes even when they are married, and as long as you dont doing anything i dont see anything unethical about it. i often think crushes are great distractions when in the midst of a breakup. thats just me thoguh.

crushes arent always necessarily fun, seeing as i have had an unrequited one for a year now. AP though she rocks the crushing to fruition thing:-)
He's gonna be here in an hour & a half. I wanked, took a shower, & am now debating my ensemble. A wine coloured silk tunic, jeans, & maryjanes or pale blue cotton summer dress, black cardigan, & flipflops.
i say first ensemble but thats cause i'm not a dress girl. whatever you feel more comfortable in AP!
I agree with katiebelle, but I'm more of a jean girl myself. Whatever you feel the most kick ass rocking in AP. Have fun, and give us the gory details later! :-)
_octinoxate, long ago, in a land far away...okay, just kidding, but I introduced the concept of popcorn crushes here. Get it? Just for fun! Do it! Male wall paper! You don't need fruition to have fun with crushes.

Sigh, I think I might be back for a brief period, women. I'm depressed about a boy, and that doesn't happen unless I actually like him. Argh. Make it stop!
pepper, it's not like i have any strength of will, mostly i'm just terrified. plus it's a lady, so the whole morning wood thing is a little

we made out at a club on my birthday and we were both incredibly drunk, and then she kind of made her friend make out with me, too, on account of it being my birthday and on account of us joking to see how many people i could make out with on my birthday (i never do that, just for the record. i've kissed like, 11 people in my entire life). said friend was very forceful (not in a rapey sort of way, just a WHOA WE'RE GOING TO MAKE OUT A LOT! IN THE BATHROOM LINE!) and even tho the whole time i was making out with her, i wished i was making out with my crush....i feel like that drunken, birthday event may have tainted things, makingoutily. i dunno.

i think i just have to suck it up and say "so are we ever going to make out again?". if we have become such good friends after an awkward makeout, what's to say we won't remain good friends if the answer is "no"...right?
ooh, that is different isn't it. hmm, what to do? are you at all interested in a threesome with her? perhaps it's an easier segue into something sexy with her (is that dishonest? i think it might be). maybe you could just tell her how you feel.
Gah! Just... gah!
pepper, ew no, not at all. it's not any sort of bicurious thing. she is not into dudes atall at all. plus, i don't have any dudes (or even any ladies) at the disposal. and, yeh, i'd rather it just be her.

i think i just need to find (create?) a moment to reference the birthday hookup in a "maybe that shouldn't have been a one time thing" way.

mouse, I think you are right.
Katiebelle, I think I may be going to that Bodies exhibit next weekend with online crush boy... he wants to do something scientific, and we can't afford the insanely expensive aquarium yet... (it's like $50 a person!).

Going for coffee with myspace boy tomorrow, and then going to Sonic Youth with him on Monday. :-)

AP, how did the date go? What did you end up wearing?
Yay! Just spoke with MySpace crush for two hours! We are definately heading to Sonic Youth show tomorrow night! :-) I would have done dinner with him tonight, but I feel yucky today.... bad migrane.
GAH! It's been a couple days & I'm still walking on air. GAH! I even got the morning after call telling me what a good time he had & that we should do it again.

I went with the dress & I'm glad I did. It showed off the boobehs nicely, accentuated my waist, & showed a little skin via the cleavage, shoulders, & stems.

I've never been on a *ten* hour date before. It was too, too good. We had a nice lunch at one of my fave divey joints. He eats meat! He drinks beer! YES! I was giddy like a school girl, I tells ya. Bodyworlds was CRAZY SICK MAD cool! If Bodies is anything like it, you *MUST* roll. Anywho, lots of giggling, groping. I had forgotten how much I like being publicly groped. We did Bodyworlds, then wandered off into the dead animal dioramas. Usually they creep me out because I think, 'wow, they went out & killed all of these creatures to do this,' but Bobby is into ornithology & told me lots of cool stuff about the endangered birds. I'm so lame! Why am I turned on by a man that knows the history of squab & carrier pigeons? Because I'm fucking mental. The rest of the museum was pretty barren & we made out in the manatee room. The manatee is the only fake animal in the exhibits & is bathed in a cool, faux, oceananic blue. Bobby has such pretty blue eyes. The press of body to body & soft kisses on the tops of my breast will never be forgotten. Big, rough hands cupping my ass. Mmmmm... Thank you white baby Jebus for well-worn cotton because it transmits heat so nicely. He had a semi going on & it only made me wonder what it was like when he was fully hard. YOW! I'm not a size queen, but colour me tres impressed. I so wanted to blow him, but he was too paranoid about losing his museum membership to let me. He also made the point that it was way too soon. Who says no to a bj on a first date? I do think he may be the first *gentleman* I've ever dated! After the museum we walked City Park & made out some more in the grass. The date should have been over, but we both agreed that it wasn't. He took me to Twist n' Shout, a local record shop & we both walked out with a grip of stuff. GREAT taste in music! Like, SUPER GREAT. Hunger set in & we went to My Brother's Bar (Local legend. They have a great patio & they only play classical music. I was spot on with his love of classical/opera.) & had dinner. He fed me french fries & I was stoked because he doesn't like ketchup, either. We both had a JCB & it never occurred to me that jalapenos would make both of our mouths more sensitive. FUCK. Hottest. Kisses. Ever. I am truly suprised my lips aren't still swollen. Fuuuuuck. Spank me hard & call me Margaret. I am knee deep in lust... Breaking from a particularly passionate kiss:

Him: "I can't remember the last time I did something like this."

Me: "What, PDA?"

Him: "PDA with a beautiful woman that I can't get enough of. Few & far between."

Le sigh.

AP, write this shit down in book form... makes me all hot... Don't you just loove musuem dates? Going to one next month with online boy (the Bodies exhibit me thinks). If it makes us as hot as you and Bobby were, we may get kicked out...Heh. I tend to like to kiss him a lot.

Awesome! Good thing he has a great taste in music, and how kick ass about the morning after call... :-)

WOW ap. incredible.
you should get this stuff published auralpoison!
So. So. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous. keep the stories coming AP, when are you seeing him next? cause even i cant wait! man, i know all of us other crushers are living vicariously through you.
dude .. ap .. I'm so jealous! Wanna share? ;)
why oh why does my crush have to be married??!!! Ohhhhhh.....nooooooooo......
*on the verge of tears*
AP, you managed to get me hot for this guy w/ that story and I have never even seen him!!
Dear cod! BOYCRAZY! BOYCRAZY! BOYCRAZY! I cannot get enough. Young guy(27), boss man(49), tall guy(36). Ccrush & Jcrush still lurk & an *ancient* crush kissed me last night. My cup runneth over. I'm gonna have to start passing them around & sharing the wealth. I think maybe even my cats love me more now than they did a month ago.

I got flowers today... pretty purple orchids.
HOLY SHIT! I never thought a Myspace date would go so good. I met him at a restaurant near my house, and I saw this ugly thing walking my way... I thought oh my god, let that not be him.
It wasn't. Online boy has this scruffy beard, earings, and tattooes.... and hotter than I don't know what. I wanted to fry an egg on his great looking ass.

I of course wore a cami that showed off excellent cleavage. He paid for dinner, and we went to the Sonic Youth show. And he drinks beer... I'll say it again, he drinks beer and eats meat. Holy fuck, I'm in super lust.

Let me say it again, I'm crushing hard core again on Thurston Moore. They were amazing. Two hours and two encores. And, online boy kept grabbing my ass, my tits, and kissing my neck.(near my tattoo)... and we had a hot and heavy make out session in front of my house.... like giggley teenagers. I couldn't stop kissing him, and he had a major hard on going on in the car. Also made a joke about fucking in the bushes, and I almost took him up on it. But then realized that I rarely have sex on a first date (although I wanted to!)

I almost fell asleep in his arms, and realized that I had to get up early in the morning. Strangely enough, we ran into his roommates at the show. They were like, "Keep this girl! She digs good music...."

I'm seeing other SC boy this weekend, but he's giving me so the run around lately (see long distance thread), that he make have competition now. At least online boy is in GA.... and he's got extremely kissable lips....Well, shit they both do. But, SC boy is being such a dickhead lately. Not knowing who or what the fuck he wants.

One boy is 26, and the other is 28. So, both are near my age.

AP, which crush gave you the orchids? :-)

giddy still and will be for days.... yay!!

Awesome sassygrrl! Sounds like a real hottie and a smokin' date!
ap, send some of that wealth up this-a-way- things are a touch dry on the Canadian prairies...
things are damn dry here too. we have a) the crush, which is such a good friendship it most likely will never turn into something else, and b) the ex, who i should never ever sleep with again, but probably will, dammit. and that's it, and neither of those two are real prospects.
You GO! Sassy! Awesome! Keep us posted.

Boss man kicked down the flowers. They had to be a hundred bucks worth of orchids. I've been chasing the cats away from them all day.

Taking young guy Tcrush to Bodyworlds next week, I figure if it worked once, it'll work twice.

Having drinks with tall guy this week. 6'3" & built like a brick shit house. Yummy! In the immortal words of Dorothy Parker, "I require only three things of a man. He must be handsome, ruthless and stupid."
Fuck. It's too early to go to work. My lips are still swollen.... :-) It sucks that I won't be able to see him probably until next week. I'll have SC boy to keep me busy this weekend...

AP, that's so rad about the orchids... and I agree with you on the Bodiesworld exhibit. I may take SC boy to that next time he's down here.

Awesome Dorothy Parker quote. I want to order that martini lust from the boobtique once I get some money, and the what would joan jett do t-shirt... :-)

Ugh. So don't want to go to work. :-(
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